Culture Clash

June 11, 2015:

T'Challa comes across two scientists from THINK. Cultures clash. It gets awkward.


A museum with a Wakandan exhibit.


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"There's nothing here." GoGo says. Outside, the sun is shining. Inside, the museum air conditioning system is humming. "I know Wakanda's supposed to build their tech into artifacts but this stuff's all been made safe. No one's stupid enough to ship live tech to a museum like this. It begs for a robbery." She and Honey Lemon are walking, side by side, through the museum. Occasionally, they even touch.

The museum is crowded, so the tall man who walks behind the pair in a stark white dress shirt and charcoal grey pants isn't immediately recognizable. He's not tailing them, certainly, but he does happen to overhear Gogo's comment. He raises an eyebrow as a smirk begins to come across his face.

The tall, thin blonde at GoGo's side sighs. "That's too bad. I was really hoping to get a look at some of their technology. I've heard that they are very advanced, and that their approaches often verge widely from so-called 'accepted' methodologies." And Honey Lemon always loves to open her mind and try new things. "I wonder if maybe they sent along a minder for the artifacts who might be able to tell us more?"

"Would you let hundreds of years of your culture out of your country without a minder?" GoGo asks as she leans in to examine a spear. Her eyes narrow. "See the grooves? They poured something into the hilts in lines, parallel to the length of the handle. Vibranium, maybe. The sample Stark keeps at the lab isn't enough, especially since he won't let us test it."

"Not officially," T'Challa of Wakanda says with his hands in pockets behind them; his dark eyes take a look at the exhibit in the foreground; a defibrillator that, according to the placard, was created in 1943 by scientists from the small nation. Then his eyes trail over towards the exhibit GoGo is referring to. "Vibranium is sort of a trade secret; I hope you understand."

"Tell me," he says, his accent vague. "Of which Stark do you speak?"

The blonde turns around, looking at the tall man of visibly African descent. "Would I?" she queries, and shakes her head. "No, probably not." She's honest. "Vibranium is a very rare metal with incredible properties, if the literature is to be believed." Hey, Howard won't even let them test it, so Honey can't say it's right, or wrong. "GoGo and I work with Howard Stark at THINK." And while Honey has met Anthony, she has not actually formed a connection to him like she has Howard. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, hey, look. A mysterious guy with a Wakandan accent shows up to answer our questions. That's not suspicious at all." GoGo mutters as she turns around. "If we get attacked by nanobots I'm going to hurt someone." She eyes T'Challa as she casually undoes the zipper of her tote bag.

"Curiousity," T'Challa answers simply. "I had heard that Howard Stark had miraculously reappeared. I have not had the pleasure, to this point."

The Wakandan raises his eyebrow at GoGo. "I trust you do not know to whom you speak, young lady. I assure you, if you were to be attacked by nanobots from Wakanda, you would have the opportunity to hurt much of anything."

"How is Howard to work for? I imagine he pays you well."

Honey Lemon lightly lays a hand on GoGo's forearm, trying to ease her back from the edge of insulting, even if it doesn't quite work out that way. "Well, none of us have introduced ourselves, so I imagine none of us really knows who we're talking to." Except for Honey and GoGo, who clearly know each other quite well. "Allow me to introduce myself. Doctor Aiko Miyazaki. Otherwise known as Honey Lemon." The blonde then extends her hand towards the man, waiting to see what happens. "We've fought tiny robots before. They can be beaten. It's not easy, but it can be done."

"Actually, we don't work /for/ Mister Stark. We work /with him/. It's a cooperative venture." Honey corrects, respectfully.

"Oh, look. A condescending man touting superiority and disregarding our abilities." GoGo says, mildly. "I feel like I'm thirteen and back in college all over again." She doesn't introduce herself. Let Honey Lemon be all friendly. GoGo's the bad cop. In case bad cop is needed.

Or, you know, Honey Lemon is in the mood for handcuffs later.

"In my experience, no one really works with the Starks. They are far too glory hungry for that." T'Challa chuckles at GoGo and shakes his head, not even bothering to respond to her. "My name is T'Challa. It's refreshing to meet some who do not recognize my face. Or Stark is slipping."

"T'Challa?" Honey Lemon glances at GoGo momentarily. "I read the materials on Wakanda before we came here today. That's the name of their King." Clearly, these ladies are not dummies. "For the record, my friend here is Leiko Tamago. She is also known as GoGo. As for the Starks, the only one I know well is Howard Stark. And the way he set up THINK, it is a cooperative venture. We are partners in our ventures." They'd never agree to become mere employees, not after what they learned in San Fransokyo about corporate responsibility and science.

"There you go again, assuming we're not capable." GoGo points out, "Is it because we're not royalty, we're not African or we're not male? I'm curious which lets you decide that crap." She folds her arms across the chest and gives T'Challa the hard stare. Which, granted, won't do anything to a man of his experience. But it is a good one.

"It is because of your over-defensiveness over a clearly trivial matter," T'Challa says with a shrug, finally regarding GoGo. "Quick to anger, slow to wisdom is the saying where I come from."

"Good day, Honey Lemon. Good day, GoGo." T'Challa gives a curt nod and a half smile and looks to be walking on towards the next exhibit."

"GoGo does not care for being dismissed or trivialized." Aiko offers. She doesn't, either, but she's not getting into this contest. There's no winner to be had. "I think you'll find, King T'Challa, that Leiko is quite wise and exceptionally capable. She holds multiple PhDs, as do I." That said, since the king seems to pretty well dismiss them, Honey just sighs and turns back to regard the display they had been examining earlier. "If it's something poured in, I'd assume it to be a toxin of some kind, intended for distribution to the targets. Not uncommon with muscle-powered weapons against larger threats."

"No, look." GoGo says, seemingly content to let the King go his way. She turns back to the display and points to the base of the sphere. "Too short. There was a power source plugged in there. I bet the Vibranium was used to help channel an energy of some kind. The spear's designed for tasering."

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