Fists over Feast

June 08, 2015:

A quick spar between Bruce and Diana.

The Batcave, Gotham outskirts

The Batcave


NPCs: Alfred


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The Batcave is alive at all hours, day and night. The ancient cavern is filled with thousands of bats and the continuous mechanical whir of a supercomputer. The cave has a life of its own.
Thuds and thumps resound throughout the cave network, a trained ear would recognize such things as strikes of meat and bone against solid unyielding in-organics. Which is exactly what it is, Bruce Wayne is in one of the sub-tiers a training platform overlooked by a shutdown air assault vessel known as the Batwing. The obvious theme evident here. It's who the man is after all.
A layer of glossy sweat coats Bruce's muscular frame. Impact after impact has his body shuddering as the Wing Chun dummy is abused this specially modified version used by students of Jeet Kune Do - hosting a modified neck and metal leg. Both of these points covered in small dents, most not older, some more recent.

The Batcave is known to Diana, having come here a few times on invite and of her own extension. Systems read and admittance has her walking into the mouth of the monolith proper and deeper within.

Diana can hear the echoes and thuds long before she sees what is going on, but the cacophony alone is enough to bring her no alarm. The rigorous sound of training nothing foreign to her, but she has her sisters to train with, dummies..

Once in view she reaches one hand to the next, checking her vambraces and their locked position with a small smirk tugging at one corner of her lips before she speaks. "I come as you requested, and accept the offer!"

A statement of her ready to do battle with Bruce, after all, that poor dummy looks like it is no challenge and on its last leg.

"I requested your presence?" Bruce questions only to offer a sidelong glance at the reticent Alfred who stands with a towel over a forearm. "I suppose I did." No doubt his caretaker felt the man needed a distraction who better than Diana after all.
"Offer? Oh? yes. A quick spar. Why not."
A shift in Bruce's posture to face his guest and his legs slide apart a knee bent with the other extended. Both hands up one in a fist the other a knife-hand like posture.

When Bruce seems clueless on the matter a well manicured brow arch's higher and the cerulean gaze full of amusement now falls on Alfred. The smile is something heartfelt, deeper even in the fact that it was so slight and could be easily overlooked. The man was a dedicated friend to Bruce, and one such as him, everyone needed.

Diana's hands fall to her sides, her left hand lightly grazing fingertips over the golden lasso when she stepped up to the training floors edge, her hands rissing then. One to fist before her plexus, the other to open and then rest over the other in perfect meet of palm and knuckles before she bows to Bruce.

Stepping upon the mat she has no position that meets the grace of Bruce's own, in fact she falls into one that closes it's final booted plant with a resounding meet of planted heel upon the mat. "So. Why the request, Bruce?"

"That one isn't going to slide is it?" Bruce manages to smile just a little. It will be fleeting but it is there for a moment.
"I'll leave the two of you two your sparring. A pleasure as usual, Lady Diana, if you would go gentle on him. I fear he is once again lacking in the sleep department." The word sleep inspires a yawn from Alfred who turns away to casually stride up the steps and eventually the lift that will bring him back to the manor.
"Thank you, Alfred." A look given and he is turning his focus back towards Diana with his focus comes a dash forward and three quick swipes of a fist. Normally he would remain on the defensive and let Di slip up but he has a workout regimen and his heart rate needs to be kept up.
"Bashanfan, you familiar? Transitions very fluidly in to Ying Zhao Pai… " Where Bruce learned such things is always a hard story to get out. He talks only in spurts about his tutelegde and respectfully keeps much of it secret. Fortunately Bruce is no stranger to Diana's Themysciran Pammachon techniques - a reason why he is using this Fanzi mother form, at least to some extent, quick with transitions in to wide defensive sweeps and mobility of Eagle Claw.
Bruce Wayne is ever the student and enthusiast it shows in the display of martial skill to follow (and the reverence in which he speaks).

"Thank you, Alfred." That warm smile once more splitting over Diana's features, a gesture that gives light where shadows should be cast. Perhaps it is the truth and honesty in her adoration for the older man. A respect.

The fleeting smil finally lets on that Bruce understands the jest, and instead of elaborating on the visit in reality, the stance and explanations are met with her own, especially when she suddenly switched! "Themysciran Pammachon derived from Pankration. Hercules refined this himself." Let's let that history go unsaid, but none the less leave it to Amazons to take from the bad and make it good.

Blows are felt, though when they hit upon corseted torso, the fabric is reinforced, solid, bearing little give on the surface of a rubberized overlay, beneath - metal boning. Daily attire and she moved well in it, his hits taken when she failed to parry in the varying fighting stances between them, but when she came in on a final blow she attempted to get a quick enough hold on Bruce that would land him on the mat in an arm barring lock, if not it would leave her back wide open.

Anticipated in style. Diana is the sort who doesn't change what isn't broken. Little known to those who are not adequately informed or personally acquainted whether through training or actual combat are generally unaware of what an amazing grappler the Princess of Paradise Island is. This skill in combination with Wonder Woman's superior strength and flexibility is daunting and not something Bruce Wayne is inclined to accommodate if he cannot help it. Use of almost 30 of the 108 Yue Shin San Shou techniques has kept him relatively free throughout the engagement.
A slip-lock has Bruce rolling away from Diana in a full body evasive tumble. A last resort option as he comes around to face her with a palm out, "Time. We're good for now… if I push it I'm going to throw off my schedule and maybe even pull something." One of those rare smiles re-appears. "As much as I enjoyed this we have more important things to talk about and I'd still like to get something to eat before… " Before Bruce Wayne goes away and Batman comes out to play.

If Diana also was not as durable as she is some of those blows would be felt beneath the reinforced attire and likely leave bruises that purple or blackened on impact, going deeper then skin to muscle and bone cracking levels. There is no holding back permitted for Bruce nor Diana in their sessions, but they ended quickly enough for the great differences despite the similarities in technique and skill.

When he rolls away, her body is pivoting, the stomp resounding as the heel of her boot just misses a landing upon his shoulders in his rise back to a stand, one that sought to keep him down and finish him locked between thigh and calf. Instead he called for pause and her breathing is evident in the rise and fall of trained steadiness, those eyes pering to him from over the curve of her arm and framed by the uplifted forearm and flash of gauntlet.

Done just as quickly as began. "You would only do so much of you forgot your breathing or even so much as let me get a grip on you. we both know that does not happen." A smoothing of hands over gear to ensure all in place and together, smoothing her hair back out of her face to fall back down over shoulders in ebony waves. "We need you back."

"I expected this conversation again, Princess." Picking up the towel Alfred left behind Bruce dries himself off before nodding his head up the direction his butler departed. "We'll talk over a hot meal and something to drink."

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