Security Breach: Step Into My Office

January 25, 2015:

Fury returns from Peurto Rico just in time to clean house, Melinda May, Steve Rogers, Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter and Leopold Fitz all enjoy the man's sunny mood.

Fury's Office - Triskelion - NYC



NPCs: Veronica (Fury's secretary)


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Nick Fury stands in a large open room that looks very much like it has seen better days. A massive gaping hole is where his focus appears to be fixated. Currently the Director is staring at a large crane that is moving stacks of debris from a half crushed Quinjet floors below. The Hudson River looks cold today - flakes of snow fall upon New York. Supposedly they'll be getting several inches tonight, supposedly. That'll leave for some cold office spaces in the Triskelion.
"Afternoon Agent May, sleep well? I'd invite you in to come and sit down but as you can see that ain't happening. Would you like a drink from my mini-bar? Oh wait, no, that is in the other fucking room. Did you know there was a 1955 Glenfarclas bottle of scotch in there?"
"Anyways, come join me by my new window, Agent May, we need to talk." Obviously since he is the one who called her up.

Agent May did not, in fact, sleep well. After seeing the last of the building's impromptu defense team out, she'd promptly gone to the command center to help get things back under control. She'd actually only managed a few hours of sleep after Coulson had all but forcibly sent her off to Medical for the small cut near her temple and 'whatever else is being hidden'.

Back to her usual self barring the tiny bandage near her hairline, May steps over toward Fury and the gaping hole in the building that he's using as a window. "Sir." She's not going to try to offer explanations, she knows better than that.
"Part of the job, right?" Fury says with his usual brusque manner, "Fastest I've had to fly from Peurto Rico in my adult life." An exhale and the man turns putting his hands on his hips staring down at the woman with that singular eye. "We've determined the source of these dimensional anomalies? These worm holes or whatever the fuck they are?" One topic at a time. He is getting to the rest. "I've skimmed your sitrep on what transpired now I want to hear actual damn words. Then we can talk about… " A hand lifts up and he issues a 3D holographic projector, it displays all of those involved in the incident with a quick scroll. "So, your words, what happened?"

"You know about Jericho Trent. He refused to be put on the books with SHIELD. He's been tracking HYDRA movements for months now, and around Christmas the HYDRA facilities started including occult equipment of several different schools." She looks out of the gaping hole in the building's wall briefly as she continues to speak. "Since then, HYDRA's been attacking more and more frequently, and against bigger targets. And they're using a mix of spellcasting and demon summoning to help do their dirty work. The inter-agency gala was the first one directly against SHIELD. Then the remote R&D office. Now here. Trent's getting close to figuring out what HYDRA's intentions are and how to stop them, and they're escalating accordingly." Fury is probably one of VERY few people who hear May say quite that much all at one time.

Hunter lets himself in with Bobbi right behind him, as much as one can with no door, strolling in and leaning against the wall, settling there and just waiting in silence. He and Bobbi flew back from Hawaii as soon as the demand was in, and now the pair of them are here. The joking and teasing mercen… independent military adviser is missing, replaced by his more serious counterpart, his work face on. The brief glance he sends Bobbi is thoughtful, waiting for the Calvary to give orders.
Bobbi follows Hunter in, a cheerful smile and quipping between them cut off abruptly and replaced with seriousness at the gaping hole in the wall. "The one time I get a mission in paradise and the whole place goes to hell while I'm gone," she mutters, finding a spot to stand.

Doctor Leopold Fitz had gone down quickly during yesterday's assault on the Triskelion. One of the very first portals had opened in his research lab, and he'd taken a nasty blow to the head. Half of the engineer's face is puffy and swollen, and there's a bandage covering his left eye to aid in the healing process. His right arm is in a sling as well, since it had quite literally broken his fall. Fortunately, it's just a sprain.

These injuries to the body, however, do not stack up to the damage his scientific mantra has taken. In the past week, he's seen things that cannot (yet) be explained by science, nor can they be explained by any sort of logical rationale. Demons. Alternate planes of existence which apparently are not similar to the scientific theory of multiple dimensions and timelines. Artifacts that may have a direct link to Biblical events. The short, Scottish scientist may look worse for wear, but the glum expression upon his face has nothing to do with physical injury. Still, buried behind the glum expression there is a smoldering anger often not seen in the man. It's only something one might notice if they happened to look him square in the eye.

The anger has everything to do with the report in his hand. Within a folder stamped 'CLASSIFIED' is a list detailing every piece of missing equipment from Fitz's lab. Even some of the projects Doctor Simmons had been working on were unaccounted for. It takes a great affair to put a seed of malice in the geek's heart.

"I have something for Special Agent May." He's addressing one of the secretaries outside Fury's office, and his tone is uncharacteristically cold. "May I please be directed to her… location." Its only then that he notices the absence of a door into Director Fury's office.

Blink… blink.

"I'm well aware of HYDRA's pattern. This magical bullshit is new and Jericho Trent is mixed right in to the middle of it, which also seems to bring you with. You see another pattern here, Agent May?"
Fury pauses as he catches his voice rising with a steady crescendo and now realizes they have an audience, "CAN I FUCKING HELP YOU!? Does my office door say come the fuck in?" He is glowering at Bobbi and Hunter.
"Oh thats right, I got no door." His head swivels to May. A hand lifts up and he pinches fingers down on to the bridge of his nose.
"Morse, Hunter get in here anyone else out there get your asses in here too." He could really use that mini-bar that is neatly embedded in to his bathroom wall right now, bottles smashed to pieces on the floor, thousands of dollars worth of premium liqour pooled in a cocktail that is leaking to the level below. Maybe someone is smart enough to set up a bucket.
Melinda May nods once to Fury, then turns to look at the doorless entryway into the office. She's got a small bandage near one temple along her hairline, but otherwise seems to have fared better in yesterday's attack than Fitz did. She keeps her expression very pointedly neutral as she looks from Hunter to Morse and back, though a very brief flash of concern might flicker past the emotionless mask when she sees Fitz's injuries.
Hunter's expression hardens when he sees Fitz' injuries, and he folds his arms across his chest, tightening his lips. The usual jokes are missing entirely. Fury's bellow doesn't make him flinch, but he shoots a look at Bobbi, pushing off the wall to move into the office. "Yes sir." The murmur is soft, a tiny touch of the ironic to it, "Come on, Fitz, he won't bite." A heartbeat's pause, "Often."

"Sir, yes sir," Bobbi replies automatically, and steps further inside, to stand to May's right. When in doubt, be near the most dangerous person in the room. The agent is dressed casually in jeans and a vintage Atari t-shirt, with her hair in a loose tail. Blue eyes sweep towards the destroyed mini-bar and she grimaces. Not only is Fury angry, he has no good booze to take the edge off. This is bad. Like a Twinkie the size of New York bad. She exchanges a look with Hunter.

Fitz nearly jumps out of his skin when he hears the shouting. It's at least enough to temporarily kill the brooding, and almost on instinct, he comes hustling through the… ahem… opening and into Fury's office. Once inside, he absolutely stares at the top dog for a moment. One might imagine the internal dialogue, but for sake of tl;dr, we shall not divulge.

"Uh, Director Fury, sir." Damn good thing he didn't stutter or ramble. May seems to have trained him well. He promptly turns to May, offering the file with his good arm. "I needed to deliver these to you, by hand." He then spares a brief look toward Hunter and scowls. Scowls! That's not his usual faire. Turning back to face Fury, he adopts a stance to the other side of a Agent May.

Then, he very quietly takes a step back. Then another. That's better.

What used to be the Director of SHIELD's office is now little more than an open room with paperwork scattered across wreckage laden wasteland where there was once a nice wall spanning window there is a hole gaping hole that reveals the snowflake spitting sky of New York. Nick Fury's office due to last nights attack is no more. Clearly the man is not happy about that.
"He won't bite? We will be testing that theory here in a minute Hunter if this conversation doesn't go the way I want it to. Security is a major fucking concern right now. Priority ONE sort of concern. " Once again the man's trench is thrown back and his hands are on his hips, "Sci-Tech!" He barks at Fitz, "Get on some extra-dimensional counter measures ASAP, I don't care who you have to contact I want you to figure out how portals opened up in our sandbox and I want it NOT to happen again. You're on lead for that one."
The man pauses to let it all absorb and to calm himself down. A booted toe pushing over what remains of a speaker, a speaker that was attached to a record player. Old, vintage, expensive and irreplaceable.

Hunter lets Fitz' glare slide off him, and he looks relaxed, his attention passing to Bobbi briefly, with a look for her, and then to Director Fury, who is well named. "Yes sir." The reply is serious though,and he waits it out, watching the others thoughtfully, his arms folded. He doesn't join the others by May, leaning against his wall by himself, considering it.

Melinda May accepts the folder from Fitz with a small nod but doesn't try to look at the contents right this moment. Right now, she's in the middle of being called to the carpet for her part in yesterday's attack. And it's being made EVER so much better by having spectators here. Really. Especially ones that weren't even here yesterday to help. Yeah, that's gonna be a very carefully hidden sore spot for a while.

Oh dear, the carnage of Fury's personal stuff seems to be insult to injury in this case. And potential injury to everyone in the Director's line of sight. Bobbi swallows and folds her hands behind her back, standing at parade rest. Supernatural things are definitely not her area of expertise. Put something human in front of her and she can subdue, kill, or seduce it. But magic and all that gobbledygook leaves Mockingbird feeling a bit small in a very big world.

There's nothing like being barked at to light a fire under one's arse. Fitz's eyes go wide. At first, he's absolutely balking at the project that was just handed to him. Very quickly, the wide-eyed stare takes on a very subtle change. A direct order from Nick Fury means virtually limitless resources. A vision of the Triskelion lined with prototype, trans-dimensional barrier reinforcement nodes flashes through his mind. The engineer is about a step away from drooling. Sure, there's a part of him that's still very much angry about the contents in that folder, but, again. Barking. Fury is like fire to May's ice.

"Yes, sir. I'll need to— but if—" The babbling comes to a screeching halt, for fear of biting. "On it, Director."

Dear God-I-don't-believe-in, please don't let Agent May see me wince.

"We'll call that Operation: Wand." Fury can be heard mumbling about his command towards Fitz who is now the lead in a new project. "Get with Vanessa after we're done here." That would be the secretary out front.
"Hunter, you're my new Trent guy. I want you to find out everything about this hacker, I want it all in the Codex, who he is, what he can do and what he knows. He can refuse, deny, evade all he wants but he is too involved with HYDRA to remain working around our skirt. He's seen our panties and I feel just a little fucking embarrassed, you get me?! Get him in as an asset or make sure he is well aware he will have a list of warrants in every country we can from cyber terrorism to stealing from girl scouts." The man stops again and pulls up that 3D image projector again and begins shifting through files, reports and renders of those who were present last night, "Outsiders? Titans?"
"Yes sir." The reply is simple, and Hunter straightens, pushing up off the wall, a gesture that might be an almost salute finished before he heads straight for the door. Apparently willing to act on that right here, right now. No questions asked.

Melinda May glances after Hunter as he leaves, makes a mental note to warn Jericho, and turns back to look at Fury again. She's keeping her neutral mask very firmly in place because this is all, to her mind anyway, very very bad. And having been the ONLY senior field agent on base to help repel the attack, the assistance of a handful of … unlikely individuals seems to May's mind to be where Fury is heading with this. But, she hasn't been with SHIELD as long as she has by mouthing off to the Director or trying to make excuses or throw someone under the bus. This was her shit show, she's the one dealing with the repercussions.

"Sorry sir, I was supervising the treatment of Hawkeye and his protg after they suffered nitrogen poisoning and just returned back to New York this morning. The situation on Maui has been resolved satisfactorily," Bobbi notes, "and is now in the hands of the Hawaiian Division of Forestry and Wildlife." It was a blissfully natural issue. "I'll go run through our contacts outside of SHIELD who are familiar with magic and see if anyone has any word on what's up." Spy stuff! She's good at that. "Something this big and coordinated had to have left a rumor trail at the very least." She doesn't wait for the yelling, she just hustles out to get to work.

Steve has only just gotten back from the battle with HYDRA up at the arctic circle. He comes in, only having paused to take a shower. He nods curtly to the director, and then back to the right at the others. "Guys." He exhales wearily as it dawns on him, again, that while he's been gone on missions, twice now in a month, New York and the Triskelion have been attacked. Worse, they let HYDRA get Red Skull's body. It's a string of losses that Fury won't likely be pleased with.

Fitz has begun to fidget. Fury didn't dismiss him. Not yet. He knows better than to leave until being told to leave! Either way, after a few moments of fidgeting, the engineer just can't help it anymore. Out comes a SHIELD encrypted smart phone, and he starts batting at it with a be-slinged finger.

Before Bobbi can truly run away, the scientist looks after her. "Oh, Agent Morse! Do let me know who you find!" The words are already out of his mouth before he realizes that yes, he just, in a roundabout way, confessed to the possibility that magic is real.

"Bloody mother of…" he murmurs under his breath, but cuts himself off when Steve shows up. Fitz turns to look at him with a hopeful lift of the eye; he hasn't yet heard about how the Arctic operation turned out.

"Namor and Partisan? TWO… " Fury pauses as Mockingbird gives him the hasted update. "Good and.. " The woman is off, a hand lifts up in the air and Fury looks dumbfounded at her flighty exit, "We serious? Can't say she isn't motivated at least." Nick will deal with that later.
A look back at May, "This is a lot of unauthorized and limited intel threats right up in our business. This is ugly, very ugly and makes us look like amateurs. The press is going to have a field day with this. How is the United States let alone the rest of the world supposed to feel safe and secure in their beds at night when we got straight up rolled on our own doorstep?."
Fury sighs and pulls up a knocked over and dented file cabinet. It is then used as a stool to seat himself upon, "Rogers, welcome home. We're doing a little bit of renovating if you weren't aware yet."
Fitz gets a stare as the smart phone makes an appearance. A blank one so it's fairly unreadable.

"I'd call your decorator and get a refund, Director," Steve says as he then looks to Fitz. The look sort of says it all. They didn't get him, despite totally demolishing HYDRA forces at the Arctic. But then, something Nick says intrigues him. "Namor?" Steve tilts his head and looks between those seated or standing in the room. "You know Namor?" Steve was friends with Namor way back when. He had thought that the sub-mariner was surely dead. There /is/ only one Namor, right?
May glances at Morse as she flees what is left of Fury's office without so much as waiting to be dismissed the way Fitz is doing. It's not really the scientist's fault that he's fidgety. That seems to go hand in hand with being a scientist, from what she's seen. Captain Rogers' arrival simply gets a neutral look from May.

Turning back to Fury, she tries to explain what she can of the … unexpected assistance. "The Partisan is an as-needed wetware asset, and I will personally vouch for her in that capacity. She was in the building picking up a check for her last op with SHIELD when the attack began. You should be glad she chose to help, Director. She could have very easily just sat there and done nothing." She doesn't remember dealing with anyone named Namor during the attack, but then there was a small group of metas in the basement.

Fitz stifles a wince at all of the yelling. He's beginning to understand the whispered rumors about Director Fury. Soon enough, he feels the heat of a stare upon his face, and looks up from the smartphone, eyes raised. "Oh, I was just…" He actually considers making a joke and finishing that sentence with 'tweeting'.


"… making initial contacts." The phone gets turned around so the others can see. Then, a notification pops up, an encrypted email from Virginia Potts, and he spins the phone back around. "Already got a response from Stark Industries!" Beat. "Sir."

The look Steve gives deflates him. That shouldering anger that was in his eyes earlier just came back, and Rogers happens to get an eyeful of it. Somewhere deep inside the unassuming scientist, a sense of vengeance is forming. Then, he turns his eyes upon May, and eyebrows raise at how she just spoke to Director Fury. Speaking of ice!

"Namor was one of our decorator's last night. Though, from the footage it appears he was well intended, surprisingly. Still, unauthorized and unwelcome." Fury responds to Steve which brings him to another topic. One he will address momentarily, "Files need updated then, Agent May. If Partisan is on our payroll I best know these things before they show up to SHIELD invite only parties."
The Director goes quiet as he bristles at the woman's response,"I'll decide what I damn well should be glad about right now, lets not start the pillow talk just yet May, we've just started to dance on this floor."
Its touch of a button and a male's voice can be heard, fighting sounds in the background and SHIELD alarms - audio footage from last night: "If you've got people trapped, Illyana can get them out. Also we need to get down to the weapons labs and experimental armory. Any chance you can clear me to look at the manifest?"
A female voice responds, a familiar one: "Overwatch, tell them to LET Trent in. Yes."
"That right there makes me very uncomfortable. I'm starting to worry about your loyalties, Melinda. You're mixing with some bad company. Some dangerous company." The Scientists fidgety nature forgotten for the moment. Who can be cross towards Fitz? That is like stomping on a starved kitten.

Steve looks between May and Fury—he'd had the same concern months ago, but it was laughed off then. He makes no mention of it, however. "Sir, Namor and I have a past. If you want to discuss it later; I'd be happy to talk to him. Frankly, I didn't realize he was still alive. He might listen to me."

Melinda May doesn't change her posture, doesn't narrow her eyes, doesn't so much as twitch at Fury's words. "I made a command decision in a moment of crisis, Director. I stand by that decision." Internally, she's SEETHING. She made her decision based on MONTHS of working with Trent during her off-duty hours on non-SHIELD based problems, and he told her himself several times that he did not WANT to access SHIELD systems. Really, it should have been HILL's call to make. But where WAS Hill? She sure as shit wasn't in the Triskelion at the time.

"Sir…" Fitz is certainly hesitant to speak up, and he sounds nervous as hell. "I mean no disrespect what so ever, but, I believe in Agent May. If she… if she makes a call, I trust her to make the right one." Beat. "Everyone makes mistakes, but not… I mean, I wouldn't say that your concerns aren't warranted, they certainly are, but I…" He bolsters himself. "I trust her, and we should all trust her, too."

"Fitz, you're dismissed. Veronica will be in touch." Fury cuts in on Leo's commentary. He has to commend the loyalty but right now that isn't the point.
"Agent May, you're on administrative leave until Hunter gives me more information on Jericho and I determine you're fit for active duty again. Both of you are dismissed, get out." He then looks at Steve, "Namor is busy exhausting himself against Hydra, do talk to him. If you can get him to stand down that would be great but i find that unlikely. I need you to oversee security measures until Hill arrives then she will take over. She and I are scheduled for a whole 'nother conversation."
The Director of SHIELD is going to be busy. It's obvious.

"Sir," Captain America says. He doesn't quite salute, but it's about as respectful as it gets around here. That's one big difference between then and now. Back in the day, a response like Fitz gave would have gotten him peeling potatoes for a week. Most of his superiors really didn't give a crap what Steve thought, even despite his powers.

Melinda May nods to Director Fury and turns to leave the doorless office. She REALLY need to get in touch with Trent now. The faster Hunter can collect the data that will appease Fury, the sooner she has a chance at going back to active duty. She looks at Fitz, then offers him the folder back. "I guess you'll need to give this to whomever is taking over." She has an idea what the folder contains, based on the barely hidden anger in the young scientist's uninjured eye. "They'll make sure everything is accounted for."

Fitz finds his back straightening, and he nods his head crisply. "Of course, Director." He turns immediately to depart, but his steps slow a bit when May offers the folder back. He looks at it, then back to her, frowning. Lot of unspoken stuff in that frown. It's only a brief pause, though; the engineer has a crap ton on his plate as of approximately four minutes ago. He's soon rushing out of the office and toward an elevator, cell phone already coming up to make his first call.

Having gotten his orders, Captain America dips out the door looking to get to work. Almost immediately, he's on the cell phone with operations, "I'm going to need all of the information I can get regarding security. Everything from secteam IDs to records to the feeds from last night. I don't have an office—find me one."

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