Patience Wolf-Pet

June 10, 2015:

No ruby slippers or yellow brick road when a pack of flying demons appear



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Fade In…

Jericho has a lot of things to keep an eye on. Nyx is not, generally one of those things. Neither is Wanda. Well, until recently. There's something moving in Limbo and while it mostly stays confined to Limbo it's been reaching out. It's looking for something. Or someone.

Tonight its eyes are on Samantha and Wanda and Zatanna. Eyes, we say, for eyes they are. Small flying demons. From limbo, quite unmistakeably. A small cloud of them. Watching. That was what got Jericho's attention. Or rather it got K'nerts and K'nert got his attention. They're staying well back. Keeping to the high skies. But there's a magic to them that can be felt. The little pinpoint glowing eyes have something else watching through them.

Wanda returned from Limbo and spent the night with Zatanna…in the same house, that's all. Though she did sneak out once it looked like Shadowcrest Manor was hosting a convention. After some time with her vampire friend…and dealing with some Watchmaker creations…she then set out to find Nyx. She has a present for her friend. One that she hopes will help her out. Wanda also has a present for Zatanna…or Bobby. She undercounted her friends when she ordered them so now she will give it to the first one of those two she meets…and she still has to fix Bobby.

The 'convention' that Zee had hosted was a Primal Force gathering that …. didn't end up all that well. It's taken a few days, and spending some time with Fenris hunting, for Zee to feel a little more Zee-like.

The feel of that many demons in the air, sets Zee's teeth on edge and concentrating on what she's feeling, murmurs her teleportation spell. Disappearing from where is, the teen mage appears with a soft 'pop' sound, on the ground, looking up at those flying demons.

"And I forgot my ruby shoes…" The Mistress of Magic murmurs to herself as a light starts flickering in the depth of her eyes. She'll wait and observe at the moment.

Nyx is chilling on a Gotham rooftop. She has been doing a lot of contemplative chilling. Mostly Samantha has been contemplating and chilling. Nyx has been working on chewing through Jarvis and incorporating all the hacking gear from that damn helmet still. Stark's security well, not bad, not bad at all. The overwhelming rush of all the Wifi/Radio/Etc has died down though which is super good. There is a blink from Nyx though as she feels the pop of magic, not just flying limbo demons. When she feels it though she can almost feel the Limbo too now. She turns to look that way eyes narrowing.

The winged demons circle and wheel. The ones shadowing Zee and Nyx know they've been spotted. The ones shadowing Wanda… keep doing that. Then they all seem to scatter, almost like crows at the approach of something big. Jericho lands near Zee, wings glowing. K'nert's on his shoulder hissing in his ear about… something. "Evening Zee… I see the flying monkies are out in force." As he watches they congregate after scattering and a portal (oddly not a disk) takes them back. "Mmmm… and Nyx I see over there. Who was that they were following…" His eyes travel toward where Wanda. There's a sense of power for the woman in red. And for Nyx. Like something is trying to touch their minds.

Wanda's head is not a place where many would want to visit. It's not…safe. Up is down and down is off to the left just behind the fairies. There are no maps and not even any familiar landmarks to those who read minds often. Wanda stares up at the skyscraper. She knows that Nyx is up there but it is so far away. A frown as she considers her dilemma. And then she starts to rise. She is wobbly…and quite surprised she is levitating…and Wanda grabs for the side of the building. Flight may still be a bit too much for her. "Nyx!!" she calls upwards.

"Jericho." Zee is distracted as the Demons disappear "Mmmm, and there's no yellow brick roads around here either." She's already sensing Wanda and Nyx, and turns as the Scarlet Witch starts levitating. Eyebrows rising, Zee casts a sidelong look at Jericho "Those demons didn't leave because you turned up, there's something else about to come through or something" With a lift of her chin, the teen mage asks "Shall we join them, then?"

Nyx looks down at Wanda and then over at Zee and Jericho. Christ. Can't a girl try to collect her jumbled and chaotic thoughts. Son of a bitch. She shifts and her wings spring forth. They are back to almost pure white. Even if flickers of limbo juice occasionally slide through them. With a thrust of force (no movement of wings) she launches up and archs down to land by Wanda. "What?.. Demons… where…. is this your fault!?" to Jericho.

Jericho sighs and glances over to Zee gesturing in a 'Shall we?' kind of fashion. His wings flare again and he glides on down to where Wanda is on street level before folding them and letting them fade away. "Why on earth would it be my fault?" Jericho says glancing up and then down again to look at Wanda.

Zee can feel the presence now. There's someone… projecting here from a great distance. And then a light sparks behind Wanda and grows, coalescing into the form of a short hooded woman. Her features are obscured but even from the projection the power is obvious. "Well well. Such an auspicious gathering. Two meddlers and two prospects. Coincidence? I wonder."

Wanda jumps back down to the street as the others join her. A warm smile offered to everyone…so she is a bit confused why everyone is biting at each other. "I don't think it was anyone's fault" she offers…though she also didn't see the demons. She studies the three of them, eyes narrowing, before she adds, "There is someone behind me…and you can actually see them for once." Wanda turns at the sound of the voice, stepping back towards the others at the same time. "I did not mean to meddle" she replies in half-apology to the image.

Zee gives Nyx a flat look and as the projection appears "Definitely not his fault." Swallowing, Zee steps to the side to get a better look at the form "You can't have either of them." The teen mage is sure she knows who the meddlers are and once she get's a better look at the woman… she'll know who she is.

Samantha snaps her wings shut and then her arm starts to glow a brilliant white, with just a smidge of smutty red limbo black. "Oh yeah we totally see her." she notes to Wanda and then eyes the new hooded woman. "Who the hell are you?"

"You're not the meddler dearie, they are." The figure points to Jericho and Zee. "And as for who can have whom, I think that's rather up to them isn't it?"

Jericho's eyes narrow and flash indigantly.

"I'm… well, I'm someone who wants to help you. What good have these two ever done you, I ask? If I'm not mistaken, Angel of Metropolis, the glowy eyed one attacked you quite savagely. And Wanda. Dear Wanda, really, have Zatanna and Jericho really been your friends? Have they helped you get anything you wanted? Or did they just try to 'fix' you? You don't need fixing. Neither of you do. I can show you how to use the powers growing within both of you."

The woman's words cause Wanda to step in front of Nyx in a protective way. "Don't lie to her…us…" she warns the woman. "I made Nyx sick and they helped me to make her better. Nyx is going to be the greatest hero ever one day and if it wasn't for them then that would have been ruined. And as for me…" She frowns before glancing over at Zee and then glaring at the projection. "Zatanna is the person I want to be" she admits softly. "She understands…and she helps me…and she doesn't think I am crazy…and she took care of me sometimes when I was on the street…and she wants to help the world…all of them. I am lucky to know her. And all three of them have helped me learn that what I /want/ might not be what I need. So if you are here to recruit me…us…then you have wasted a trip."

Zee hasn't tried to /fix/ Wanda, ever. She's just tried to be a friend. What she did to Nyx the other day hurt her too…. And yet, Wanda's words floor the teen mage… and she's speechless for a long while, which is probably a good thing.

"Who are you?" she asks the figure quietly. Being called a meddler… well she's trying hard so it's good that her efforts are rewarded.

Well Samantha while she truly wants to be a hero has a long hard road. Wanda's comment about her being one of of the greatest hero ever one day makes her blink and look sidelong to her frined. Still she lifts her hand and levels her palm towards the hooded figure. "We asked you a question." very firmly put.

"Who am I? Why…" The woman chuckles as if something were intensely funny. "I'm the Ruler of Limbo. Well, that title's somewhat in dispute but it's mine by right. And I'm quite willing to make it worth the while of those who support me but I've also learned that… well, people often think as you do. It takes some doing to bring them around. The question is… are either of you worth it."

"Just what do you think you-" Jericho starts. And then there's magic. Even he can feel it. Zee certainly can. The projection lashes out mentally, probing, seraching, specifically Nyx and Wanda but Zee as well. It's not an attack per se but it's not pleasant. If it takes effect at all. Jericho seems spared. Possibly because she already knows what she'll find, possibly because she can't probe him.

That's what Zee had been worried about "It's her, isn't it?" As her own magic hits them… Zee's eyes blaze blue

~~ dleihS mehT morF ehT kcattA ~~

She's not going to let anyone be hurt by…. her.

Well Nyx has no damn clue who her is, but she does feel the probe and the probing spell starts to latch onto the limbo inside her. Then Zee manages to save the day and Nyx takes several quick steps backwards and fires off a lancing beam of particle energy. Who knows about the wanna be demon queen but the building over yonder doesn't take it well.

With a snap of her energy wings Nyx vacates, more Nyx than Samanthan ow as she pops above mach 1 much to low and blows out some windows and probably booms at you all.

Jericho has his sword out by this point but the woman in the projection laughs. "Patience wolf-pet. There's time for that a plenty. If it comes to that. I may have other tricks. As for you, Zatanna Zatara…" The image begins to fade. "I'll remember that."

And then she's gone.

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