Tempers Run Hot

June 07, 2015:

Zee hosts a Primal Force team catchup…. tempers run hot

Shadowcrest - Gotham


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Zee has invited the members of Primal Force to Shadowcrest, to get to know each other and to discuss the threat of Master Darque. With everything that's been going on, it's about time.

Shadowcrest is hard to find. Even though it's located in Gotham, it's only visible to magical senses and… as could be expected of the Zatara's … it's well warded. As such, each member of Primal Force who have accepted the invitation have been sent a token, with a passphrase, All they need to do is hold that token in their hand and speak the word to be transported to the front hall of the house.

Oh yes, the token came with a request that as they enter the Library to concentrate on finding information about Master Darque. Zee's not sure if there is more information in the Library, but it does respond to peoples needs and provide books based on that.

As each member arrives, they're shown to the Library by one of the Shadowcrest staff. The Library is large, larger than expected, but Shadowcrest is a bit like the T.A.R.D.I.S, with floor to ceiling bookshelves and two or three ladders on rollers. In the centre of the room is a couch and several armchairs, positioned around a coffee table.

Today, there's a trestle table to one side laden with food and drinks: baked goods, cheese, fruit, soda, water and of course, tea.

Zee's there, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, greeting people as they arrive.

Reese came for the food. The good eats. She didn't care for the company which is why she hardly ever came out. But if you say food? She's there. With bells on. And without Max.

But there she was, following along the hallways with the person who leads her into the library, the stick itself sashaying back and forth upon the ground, the roller ball a little ragged due to a bit of over use.

"Seikatsu Takeda." The staff announces.
"Just Reese. Or Takeda Seikatsu if you're proper."
"Very well."

She leaves the staff to their business and heads straight for the table. First come, first serve. Anyone reaches over her plate? Bye bye fingers.

"So, does this technically count as a business lunch?" Sara asks as she steps into the library, tipping her head back and turning a circle to get a good look around the place. She's still dressed in her work clothes, the simple black slacks and jacket and white button-down that passes for a uniform, with her crystal on her keychain in her pocket.

Master Darque, Master Darque, Master Dar… Oh hey, food. "Folks." Paul greets as he walks in and then heads over to the table as soon as he notices it. He nods a greeting to Reese, recognizing her from their one meeting in Ireland then studies the selection before loading a plate with dessert and some cheese and fruit as well.

Ugggn teleportation that isn't her own 'bouncing' god Charlie hates that like nothing else. She considers trying to bounce herself in along the wards. If it isnt warded against.. eeeh screw it. Charlie clutches the token and says the passphrase and is teleported to Zee's place "guh…. I may be ill…" she notes to the nearby staff member. Then the girl reaches up to pull her goggles down and adjusts them. "Right then." onward Misfit heads slinking into the library and pausing to look around "Woah books."

It's been how many months now? More than enough that SHIELD Agent Melinda May really shouldn't be weirded out by it anymore, but … well, there are way too many Harry Potter similarities for her inner skeptic to NOT start speaking up. A portkey? Really? Okay, fine, whatever.

Stepping into the library after glaring down the Shadowcrest staff that were waiting for her in the entryway, she looks around the illogically large area filled with books and Pezzini just ahead, the small but comprehensive buffet set up nearby with Reese and Paul already making dents in the offerings there, the seating area with their host already seated and waiting, and… right. Master Darque. Should be concentrating on any information that would help apprehend the man.

She turns to look at the young woman who just slinked past her, then moves further into the room to greet Zatanna, which it seems like NONE of the others have done yet.

Zee smiles at May as she greets her and gestures to the trestle table. "I think you'll like the tea on offer, May." Misfit gets a hug, Paul and Sara waves and Reese a "Hey Reese, glad you could make it."

"Thanks for coming, I thought it might be nice for everyone to get together when we aren't under fire." because that's when Zee gets the see them most.

"I've also got information to share on Darque, so we can kill two birds with one stone." Pausing, waiting for people to get settled, the teen mage does the hostess thing "So… let's get the introductions done. I'm not sure who's met who…" and for the benefit of Reese so the woman can get to know the voices "It's probably best if you introduce yourselves. I'll start, I'm Zee.."

As the people filter in, Reese pretty much lingers by the table, loading her plate up carefully with whatever she touches, not wanting people to eat in case she carried germs. Once the plate was filled, she stops as she hears Paul, grunting a quiet reply, her plate shuffled with her cane. "Hi." And.. that was that.

It takes her a minute to find a seat, listening to the sounds and the voices, her cane searching against the floor, plate juggled again as she touches along the back of a chair, which was soon pulled out and plopped into. And then she digs in, her ear turned in Zee's direction.. if they were going to start introducing, she might as well get hers out of the way.

"Ifm Vleesh."

And.. that's about it! Back to the grub-a-dub.

Being part of a whole team is still weird for Sara. She knows how to be a partner, she knows how to be part of a precinct. But working closely with a whole team of people is…not her usual method. "Sara," she offers in laconic introduction, stepping over to Zee to offer over a hand. She knows the mage, but hugs are not her thing either. "Nice place," she adds with a small smile before going to join Paul at the table.

"Paul." he introduces himself and comments "You could have just made name tags." to Zee. "Like some Shriner's convention. Except weirder." To Sara, he points to a pastry and says "Try those. They're good."

Well Misfit has a uniform or well costume and she is in full gear. Cause well she doesn't know everyone showing up. So everything from utility belt to goggles in clear view. She totes returns Zee's hug with familiarity, fellow Titan and all then steps away "So many books.. oo food." and she is off heading that way with a hunger "I'm Misfit!"she says chipperly as she makes her way. She recognizes some though, like May, and Paul from that one time with the faeries.

Offering a nod to Pezzini and Manning, May moves to take a seat as well while Zee speaks up. She'll get some tea after the introductions. She looks over at the food-focused Reese, having already gleaned the purpose of the cane and the young woman's extra careful movements. "May." Yeah, that'll give the blind kid LOTS of opportunity to place her voice. Not.

Nametags wouldn't help Reese, perse… but Zee chuckles a little at Pauls jest. It was a jest, right? Taking Sara's hand, Zee offers a smile, Zee doesn't hug everyone, just a lot of people.

"Right so… " Zee lets out a breathe "I've had a few run ins with Darque in the last few weeks. With some of you and I know some of you have had too. I've also been speaking with Fenris about it." Zee had hoped the Wolf God would be here, but he'd been detained. "I thought it would be a good idea to pool our information… each time I go up against his minions, they try to…. " she sighs "turn me. And yes, Paul, I'm working with Fenris to work smarter about that…"

Looking round the group as she sips at her tea … "What I know so far is that Darque is here on earth and he's stealing power. We all know, I think, that he's taken Fenris' divinity and we've intercepted his minions stealing power from Japan, Ireland and Greece. Old magic, strong magic, godhoods… he's amassing power… and sending it to the Darkzone. I've managed to track it that far." Zee casts a look at Sara "The minions are also targetting the Angelus, stealing their power. I've seen them do it three times now."

Gah. Master Darque. Reese had the quick run down in Japan, afterwards? She's heard nothing else. But, that's possibly why she was in the dark with most things, showing up late or not at all. At least the food here is good. But, other than that. She was quite useless. "I have no information to pool. Sorry, folks." There was a little pause, and a wrinkle of her nose. "Now, when you say turn you.. do you mean turn you dark?" A hand lifts to idly scratch at her head, one of the benefits of being blind.. you can't see anyones bitch face when you speak out of turn. "Perhaps you need therapy to fix some unresolved issues." Hey! At least before she's put out on her behind, she's paired the names with the voices. Except for May, she had a certain monotone thing going about her. "And what's an Angelus?"

"I've knocked off one or two," Sara nods to Zee. "Though I'll admit, I'm sort of fuzzy on the metaphysics of it. It's a primal force, if you'll pardon the pun. It's light. I can't decide if that makes it the stupidest prey for this sort of scheme, or the smartest. You can't take out the Angelus by attrition. It's legion. You kill one, it makes another. You can't lessen it by soaking in its power. That's like saying by sunbathing or using solar energy you're making the sun dimmer."

She picks up a pastry, headed toward one of the chairs. "Long story," she replies ruefully to Reese. "The Angelus and the Darkness are two basic forces of creation. You know, in the beginning was the dark. And then the light. Angelus is light, order. Darkness is dark, chaos. Not exactly good and bad, honestly, they both tend to be dicks. The Witchblade's their offspring, and the balance between them."

"Agent May." Paul says as he nods back and takes a seat. "If they can steal some god's divinity and they can steal power from the Angelus, I wonder if they can do the same with an artifact." While not phrased as a question, it certainly is one and he looks from Sara to Zee. "Speaking of which, there's a new Magdalena in town and she's reclaimed the Spear of Destiny. She might come in useful in dealing with Darque." After a moment, he clarifies for those who might not immediately know what he's talking about. "Jesus' great granddaughter and the spear that stabbed him in the side."

Melinda May looks over at Pezzini. She's briefly tempted to argue the assertion that the sun isn't made dimmer by using solar energy, but she mentally stops that train of thought and puts her attention back on Master Darque. At Paul's contribution to the discussion, she nods slowly. "I've seen the Magdalena once already." Yeah, she's still rather monotone. "I would not automatically count her as an ally, but she did take exception to Darque absorbing one of the Angelus attacking Trent." She slammed him into the ground with something heavy, if she's remembering right. That was either her or Moontree.

Misfit hums softly "Darkness sounds like a chaos lord…" she helps herself to a plate of pastries there. "I met her.. I helped her excorcise a demon.. she seemed real unsure about me but we worked pretty well together… as for Darque I want to get Fenris's power back from him. We need to do that if we want to stand a chance."

Zee's pretty certain that to get Fenris' power back, they're going to have to defeat Darque, first, but she keeps her thoughts to herself.

"I've met The Magdalena, I'm glad she found you." Zee glances at May "She's… interesting, but she seems to have some level of common sense." She sensed the dark spots on Zee but believed that Zee fought for the light… and she hadn't attacked Jericho on their first meeting. "I wouldn't count on her, but we could ask her for assistance."

"That's a good question, Paul … without knowing how the artefact works or is keyed, I wouldn't know." Nodding as Sara explains the Angelus and Darkness, Zee clarifies for Reese "They try to kill me and raise me as one of them, a Darque minion. They got close once… and if it hadn't been for May and Fenris…." Zee shivers at the memory of the necromantic taint that had taken hold of her.

"I've already passed warnings to Phobos, Thor and Loki. Phobos took it relatively seriously, the Agardians…. " Zee shakes her head "I might understand why Fenris avoids them." Another sip of her tea "I asked Fenris about exploring the Darkzone… it's … not really possible. It's a place of nothing, really. Which means that Darque is hiding out in this dimenson, which means ultimately, he is findable."

"I would like to meet one. Or them. Or it." The Angelus. She was sure if she could somewhat get along with Satana without being maimed or killed, she could possibly get along with them. However, it wouldn't be in the means to make friends. Curious is as curious does. Problem with being old as the day is long; its boring.

There was really nothing for her to add, the only real dog she had in this fight is to heal those that have been hurt. But it was a hard thing to do, especially if she just keeps herself hidden. There are a few good things about this meeting, the voices are becoming a little more familiar with each answer and tradeback of information. This was good.

"They're pretty much minions without a lot of free will," Sara grimaces at Reese's request. "The angelus herself is…" She trails off, shaking her head. "I've never met one, but the 'blade remembers. And what it remembers is that when the Angelus takes a host, there's not much left of who they were. There's just the Angelus. I try to steer clear of them, honestly." She takes a bite of the pastry, looking between the others. "Do we have any idea what he wants to do with all this power?"

"I wouldn't be quick to call her an ally." Paul agrees. "But rather the enemy of my enemy kind of thing. If we make sure knows Darque is evil - and we can all agree that's pretty much a given, right? - we can aim her in his direction. Cause whatever he wants with all that power, it's certain it's for nothing good."

Misfit mutters as she nibbles on a pastry. "Probably to destroy the world.. or conquer the world.. I mean really what else do these toolboxes ever want to do. It is either destroy or conquer. End Life or Control Life." she just sounds upset there for some reason. "I could warn the Fey.. though I think we did when we stopped them from taking the Sidhe."

Kara had arrived rather quietly, having introduced herself to anyone who didn't know her (Only Reese I think IC?) as Kara Zor-El when the round of introductions was given. She didn't seem to be eating though, instead her efforts were focussed on reading through as many possible books as she could with her abilities; trying tofind information that would be helpful.

"Darque has also been active in South America, twice. I'm not sure if he still is though, Fenris might know more. I faced his zombies and cultists there, but I don't have much more information on that. The first time was a few months ago shortly after I got the Ley Pendulum and the second time was after, Orleans." Kara maintained a cheerful demeanour despite mentioning the prior soft spot for her.

"Sorry I don't have much more to share." She says as she nibbles on a pastry before going back to the books, so many books to look through.

Melinda May shakes her head no to Pezzini. "I've had analysts compiling the data, but SHIELD really doesn't have a comprehensive enough database to work from. It's going to be slow until we have more to base off of." And, unsurprisingly, the magical community isn't really all that forthcoming when asked for information from a huge entity like SHIELD.

"If you have a contact within the Fey, Misfit, I'd do it." Zee's being overly cautious "The more beings who are on the look out for Darques tactics, the better." Kara's comments get an interested look for the teen mage "I had forgotten that… I haven't checked the location in South America. That might be something to do… it might give us some insight into finding him. Although, Fenris recommends we hit him through his minions, reduce his powerbase, so to speak."

Looking at Sara, Zee agrees with Misfit to a degree "The darkforce is used by his minions, it's… formidable. The last necromancer I came up against, was well trained and using the darkforce, I only stopped him, he got away." It had taken a discussion with Fenris for Zee to realise that wasn't a failure… but still not capturing him or taking him out of the picture had hurt. "Remember too, the Sorceror Supreme is missing. He, in this case, safeguards the worlds magic. It doesn't surprise me that Darque is making a move."

Moving to the trestle, Zee gets some fruit and cheese on a plate before turning back to the group "Fenris got me some of the minions effects, I'm to…. examine them…. see if we can start predicting where they'll hit next. But" the teen mage gives a shrug "they're a little old, he had to retrieve them from his sister. If I can get ones that have been recently used, it would be better."

Reese turns ever so slightly to regard Sara, or at least listen to her more clearly. "Its understandable. But.." It takes her a moment to find Paul, his words ringing true. "He's right." She likes this Paul. Use people like hammers. Perfect. "In my time, I find that it's the goal of almost everyone who wants to do bad or good. Change the world to fit their image even though it is less than perfect." She says to Misfit. More than likely, it all is rather personal and has nothing to do with the main objective."

And then she goes back to her food, her empty gaze falling towards May's direction. SHIELD? She's never met one of them before. Could it be why she sounded so.. dead inside? "Can I visit SHIELD.. May?" Cause, why not.

"Minions," Sara echoes, hiding a grim smile behind her pastry. "Sorry. Just. Minions." Bad cop, no cookie. "Ironically, it almost sounds like this is the sort of thing it might be better to fight mundanely. If they can feed on magical energy, then maybe we ought to stop giving it to them."

"That's not a bad idea." Paul agrees then turn to May. "I'd like to requisition Armory." There's a certain tone in his voice that says he's already coming up with a list of weapons to ask her for; the more destructive the better.

Misfit nods to Zee "I'll talk to Fenris first to make sure I'm not screwloose then I'll talk to Robin Goodfellow and let him relay it to the faerie courts…" right like who is even surprised that Misfit knows Puck of legend.

Melinda May answers Reese curtly, but not harshly. "Not a good idea." Then she looks at Paul when he says he wants to requisition Armory. "Get the forms started to employ an outside asset, I'll get them approved." Armory has been listed as an asset before, so it'll be easier to get the approval this time. Her eyes pause on each person there briefly. Darque has no clue what sort of effort is going into stopping him, and she prefers it stay that way until it's too late for the villain to mount any sort of defense.

Kara nods to Zee and offers, "I could go out there with you to take a look if you like Zee, I'm at least a little familiar with the area." She looks back down at the book before adding, "If anyone else needs a hand, I'm free to."

"Funny you should say that, Sara. Phobos said something similar, no matter how potent the wizard, it's no proof against a knife in the ribs." Zee settles back on the couch "I've been working with Fenris to come up with other ways to combat them that isn't a head on, brute force attack." Taking a piece of fruit and eating it slowly "I can distract them, upset their powerflow so you can all get to them. Trust me when I say I would rather limit the head to head I do with these guys." The teen mage is learning. "I like Armory, she'd be useful to have in the field." Zee acknowledges Pauls request.

Sara's Minioning, has Zee smirking "I know… but that's how I think of them. I'm not sure how much self will they have left." and then nodding to Misfit, Zee smiles "Sounds like a plan." Reeses request to visit SHIELD has Zee's brows rising "Is there a reason you'd want to do that, Reese?" As to South America? Kara gets a look "Thanks. I'll speak with Fenris too, I could use his experience there as well. But Kara, keep doing what you're doing. Answer the calls, provide the help you have been. Everything, every little bit, helps."

"One last thing… unless any of you have more to add. An old family friend turned up this week, seems he's trapped one of Darques min…. people. Fenris will be speaking with them in the near future." Interrogating more like, and Zee plans to be there. "But if we can get more to …. speak with …. it will be very helpful."

Blank stare gone to May. "Okay." She probably would wind up there either way, just because. Soon as she figures out where it is, what back streets to take, or a cabbie idiot enough to drop her off at the front door. Everyone else is listened to, however, all the while polishing off her food, the plate slowly set upon the floor as her cane was snagged up and her hand goes to the arm of the couch to push her to a stand.

"Is there a reason to do anything anymore?" Besides, she's old and bored. Entertainment comes in droves when messing with the government. "But, it looks like you kids have everything all worked out. If you need a healer, give me a ring." She taps the hidden pendulum beneath her top. "If I don't hear it, I'm probably fooling around inside of a ley-line.." And with that? She ambles on out. Cause goodbyes are for suckers.

"I'm not sure how much contact I'd like the Witchblade to have with them, either," Sara nods to Zee. "Definitely feel like I'd be more comfortable with my gun. But I'll keep my eyes open. Try and stay alert for anything that feels like Angelus, if they're targeting things there, too."

"Awesome." Paul says with a grin as May okays his request. Then he murmurs "I wonder if she can create Predator drones?" He probably didn't mean to say it loud enough to be overheard though.

Misfit doesn't seem to be in any hurry to vacate. Food to be eaten. Books to browse through with hopefully clean hands. She keeeps doing both best she can. "They seem to be targeting anything with supernatural juice."

Setting down the book, Kara smiles a little at Zee, "Of course. It's been a little quiet for me lately though." She wouldn't divulge what she was doing in her non-superheroing time though; some secret identities were better kept secret.

As Reese starts to leave, one of the Shadowcrest staff appears at the door of the Library to escort her out. "See you later, Reese. Thanks for coming."

The books at the moment, are showing pictures of the Darkzone, just as Zee had described it and Darques minions, specifically the tattoos on their necks. Seems there is still little known about the man and his power.

"That's correct, Misfit. Anything supernatural. Darque is warehousing that power. Each time we find a point, I track it. So far, I get as far as locations in Asia and then it disappears… I'm assuming that's entry points to the Darkzone. But like I said, Fenris doesn't recommend we go there." Whether that was a yet or never, Zee's not sure.

Sara gets a nod and slight smile in return "It was pretty shocking the first time, I saw them do it. Oh yeah, they were summonsing a hell lord… but not bringing it through, that's why the Angelus appeared. So watch out for traps there." Pauls comment gets a cant of her head "What's a Predator drone?" and Kara gets a smile. "Just do what you can, Kara."

Paul looks up at the question. "It's a… umm…" Overkill. Probably. Hopefully. "A weapon. Hopefully we won't need one." But he's never piloted a drone before. Maybe SHIELD has some training programs for it. "I do have a question." Instead of looking to Zee, he turns to Kara. "Are you going to get on your high horse again and argue about doing what's necessary to stop Darque in the middle of combat? I can do without the insults too where you imply we're going to kill prisoners in cold blood."

Misfit considers "Well I can always play mailman Misfit and drop any sort of mystical or conventional ordinance on a site I guess…"

Kara raises her eyebrows at Paul, replying firmly, "There are always ways to avoid killing, I hope for your sake you figure some out before we move on Darque."

Kara adds, "I'm referring to the human minions of course, not the magical."

Paul gets a vague nod, Zees already reaching for a book but she stiffens and turns her eyes on Kara. Speaking softly but firmly "That may be true and it may not. But it's not your call. Paul, Sara and May are the only ones trained for this thing among us and I'll follow their lead." Blowing out a breath "If that's an issue for you, then I will understand if you don't answer any of my calls for assistance. I won't stop people doing what's necessary to get this job done."

Kara's eyebrows do not lower, but she does narrow her eyes a little at Zatanna, "You're a member of The Titans as I recall, who do not condone killing. So is Jesana, who I have seen kill someone first hand. You should keep that in mind Zee, because right now, we're going to enter a situation where I will be making sure members of Primal Force won't be killing Humans. I'd rather it not come to that."

"Honey, you don't want to pick that fight," Sara says over her napkin, licking heir thumb clean of the pastry. "Talk to Superman about whether or not I can take you down if I have to. You don't call the shots around here. You don't call the shots for professionals. You want to make your personal choices, that's great. You get in our way? We're going to have a problem."

Right, this is going to be a problem. "Then you are a danger to us and to this mission." Paul tells Kara bluntly. "You are going to get one of us killed and I don't want you with us."

Melinda May has been almost uncharacteristically silent up until now, but at Kara's last statement, she levels THAT look at her. The one that is likely going to make Misfit hide under a table. "We do what we HAVE to, Kara. We're not just this side of unkillable, like you are. If it's a choice between killing or being killed and I have half a second to decide, I will kill. I have killed. And I will do it again in the next half second if that's what it takes to keep people like Darque from taking over this planet." And now, finally, she stands and goes to get a cup of that tea that's been waiting.

Misfit murmurs with a wince "I don't kill people.. I try very hard to make sure they aren't even badly hurt just taken down… it is a Gotham and a Titan thing yes. Undead necromancers though… not so much. Also if it came to saving one of you.. or not.. I would save any of you." and live with the PTSD.

"Then you're also going to have problems with Fenris, Kara." Zee looks to blonde. "I try not to kill Kara… and that's what nearly got me turned." The teen mages face hardens "But that doesn't mean that I will stop others doing that… and if it comes down to it, I will and live the consequences of that. If that means the Titans don't want, so be it. I'll be alive and the world will be safer, it's never black and white and it's time you realised that."

Pausing a little "And if you feel that you need to threaten your team mates, maybe you need to reconsider that too." Zee will probably hear from Fenris on that… "We can't afford to have this type of in-fighting. We must work as a team."

"I'm sorry Paul, Fenris recruited me into Primal Force long before you and I will continue to do whatever I need to fulfill my obligations as a Guardian of the Ley Lines. You don't call the shots either and if you believe I am a danger to this mission, I will undertake it on my own, getting my own help. I think you would like that even less, than avoiding killing humans. I've seen the shield ice guns that stun people instead of killing them, you want to kill because it's easier and you're a coward. I made that mistake once, being a coward like you and taking the easy way out. It's not something I'm going to stand by and watch happen or be part of."

She looks at Zee puzzled, "How is me saying that I'll make sure Primal force won't be killing humans a threat? Your head and judgement is majorly clouded lately. The fact is, none of you even entertained the option or alternatives on how to deal with humans. You just jumped straight to the killing option, THAT is the problem. We can bring Fenris in though, if he's not busy because I'm getting sick of the attitude that killing is the first solution."

Focussing on her Ley pendulum she thinks into it, «Fenris, are you there? We could use you here.»

"Excuse me?" Sara arches a brow, crumpling her napkin and standing up. "Little girl, you don't get to call anyone in this room a coward." Tendrils of Witchblade start to curl around her fingers, climbing up her arm. "Paul here's a marine. He's literally been through Hell. Agent May's a decorated SHIELD agent, which means she's been through more battle zones and covert operations than your pretty little head can count. I worked ten years in the NYPD, eight of them as a detective. When it looked like my partner was going to be executed by gangsters, I threw myself in front of him. Bullets don't bounce off of me, by the way. And you think you want to call us cowards, because we're willing to make a hard choice?"

Things are starting to turn ugly in the Shadwocrest library, as members of the team face off against each other. "Keeping your hands clean doesn't make you better than anyone else in this room. You don't want to kill? Fine. No one here's going to make you. But you'd best shut your trap before you start flinging around judgements."

By the time she's finished, there's armor to her shoulder, barbs curling around her temples and the faintest amber glow behind her eyes.

Paul's gazes goes flat as he stares at Kara. He opens his mouth then snaps it shut as Sara beats him to it. Yeah, this is going to be a problem. And to think, he debated whether to bring it up or not.

Misfit blinks as well "I'm…. pretty sure no one is advocating killing first. I mean.. undead isn't killing…. and I think many of us said we would do all we possibly could. We just aren't ruling it out to save people's lives… like our team mates…" she is speaking softer as everyone gets heated. Probably doesn't like the fighting.

Melinda May stops with her hand mere inches from the teapot. "Kara, I think you need to leave. Right now." She moves back toward the others, though why might be difficult to ascertain if one doesn't know her well. For Sara and Paul, it's clear that she's bracing to stop a fight before it gets out of hand.

Paul, Sara, May, Misfit, Kara and Zee are arrayed in the Shadowcrest Library. A trestle table is in the corner with food on it, but the occupants seem to be at odds.

Zee takes a deep breath and speaks in slow, low voice. "I'm sorry you feel that way, Kara." Zee stands to help herself to more food, a calming behaviour in light of the emotions in the Library.

"Perhaps I misunderstood when you said you would take action against Primal Force." Zee's at a loss, she hasn't felt this clear in a long, long time. A hard earned clarity, too. "I'm really trying not to offense at your judgement of me either, Kara." pause "Before you do that, maybe you should walk a mile in each of our shoes and then tell us how you feel."

A Way tears open and Fenris comes through. He looks tired as often he does these days. Sort of a side effect of having most of your being ripped from you. It doesn't take the Old Wolf long to gauge the mood in the room and he blows out a long side. "I'm not going to like hearing this, am I?"

"That depends." Paul says to Fenris. "How much do you like hearing a Valhalla serving wench calling you a coward and trying to teach you strategy and tactics when your life and the safety of your world is on the line?" Unlike May, he has no intention at all of trying to stop a fight. His partner has this.

"Probably not." Kara nods her head towards Paul, "The new leader of Primal Force saw fit to ask if I would 'get on a high horse' about them doing what needed to be done. I made it clear I'd not stand for humans to be killed and nobody cares to look at the alternatives." She looks over at Sara rather dismissively, "The fact that she's ready to fight me over defending a stance of not killing, it's easy to see why she would not be open to alternatives in dealing with the human minions." She rolls her eyes at Paul, lucky for him, she wasn't interested in crushing a bug.

"It's the you not standing part we're having issues with," Sara drawls, leveling a flat look on Kara. "And I hate to tell you, but it's my willpower that's standing between you and a millennia-old artifact that would really like to rip some holes in you right now. Granted, it's feeding on some anger issues that are all me, but I'm pretty sure you're not smart enough to understand how it works." She glances back to Fenris, grimacing. "Your puppy thinks she's calling the shots here for the rest of us. Best we work it out before we're in the field."

Melinda May looks over as Fenris arrives, but she stays where she is, ready to stop whomever decides to take the first swing or possibly to pull Misfit clear and LET the others have at. She doesn't speak up and add to the chaos, Kara's doing to a perfectly adequate job of digging herself a nice, deep hole all by herself.

Misfit rubs her face and then moves her goggles up off her eyes onto her cowl. "Guys. We should calm down a bit. I am sure Kara wasn't threatening to hurt any of us for self defense or saving each other…" she looks between everyone, settling on Fenris with a do something sort of look.

Zee …. just shrugs. Kara's doing a good enough job of highlighting why the emotions are high. She won't even look at Fenris… just keeps stacking food on her plate, not that she could ever eat that much in one sitting. Maybe someone will remember this is her home.

Fenris sweeps a look about the room and lets the a breath out. "Okay. I see things have gotten quite far here. Meeting adjourned. If there's to be fighting let's not have it in Zatanna's house. Zee, I will want to speak with you later. Kara, you as well. Everyone else, you all know where I live. If there are concerns by all means come and see me about them. I do not charge you with any structure of rank, and I trust you all to sort things out but do remember that we are all on the same side here. The things we deal with, the threat we now face, it can be met by no others. The JL:A doesn't know what way is up when it comes to magic. The gods are too self absorbed to see the threat until it is at their very doorstep. The magi of the world are scattered, disorganized and vulnerable. The few allies I have have troubles of their own. Make no mistake, magic will rend this world asunder if we do not find a way to prevent it. And the people in this room, each one of you, are the only ones able to do so." He blows out a sigh.

"Now, does anyone have anything to say to me?"

Paul glances over at Sara and May then stands up. "Yes. The issue is very simple. She has threatened to act against her own team mates /while under fire/ to enforce her own standards of morality. That means I can't trust her." A small shrug and he's done. The rest of that should be obvious. "Thank you for the food, Zatanna. The pastry was great. When we're ready to meet again and plan, let me know."

"Your girl stops hitting dark mages to hit me in the middle of a fight and I'll save the INS and gut her myself," Sara summarizes for Fenris, voice flat. "Zee, thanks for hosting and reading us in. You know how to reach us if you need us." And then she's tipping her head toward Paul and the door. "Let's go."

Misfit just holds her pastry and looks very dismayed by everything, she nods to Fenris though and bounces >pinkurple> vanishing from Shadowcrest in a slash of smoke. Back to the Clocktower.

Melinda May continues to remain silent as the two former police detectives make their final statements and Misfit just poofs away. "Pezzini. Manning. We'll talk tomorrow." That's as much a dismissal as a farewell. And she has every intention of discussing what just happened with Fenris as calmly and rationally as possible. There will likely be tea involved.

At Fenris' words, Zee's shoulders tense and she turns to face the group. As each take their leave she nods in acknowledgment. The Shadowcrest staff can do the rest of seeing them out. There's really nothing to say.

"Threatened to act against my teammates? Your mind must only be filled with violence. I said I won't stand for the killing of humans. Maybe you should take a moment to clear your head of anger, hatred and whatever is eating you up and realize, violence is not /always/ the solution. Of course, that's your problem not mine. If you don't want my help dealing with Darque because I don't condone you murdering people who could be redeemed or should even be made to face justice for their actions as the first line of action or thought? Then that is fine also. I have friends and I have allies as well, many of them who share my rationale on killing."

"Threatened to act against my teammates? Your mind must only be filled with violence. I said I won't stand for the killing of humans. Maybe you should take a moment to clear your head of anger, hatred and whatever is eating you up and realize, violence is not /always/ the solution. Of course, that's your problem not mine. If you don't want my help dealing with Darque because I don't condone you murdering people who could be redeemed or should even be made to face justice for their actions as the first line of action or thought? Then that is fine also. I have friends and I have allies as well, many of them who share my rationale on killing." Kara says before turning to leave, heading for the door.*

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