Not In Your House

June 09, 2015:

Fenris calls a meeting with May and Zee to discuss what happened

New York


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Fenris has, after some consideration, called a meeting. Between he and Zee and May. It's good to have meetings when you're not feeling homicidal. Which he was, recently. It may be the situation, which has him a bit tense what with missing most of his power but the fact is he reacts in many ways much more as a wolf than a man. And there are some things you don't do to a wolf.

Not if you want to keep your hand, at any rate.

So here he is, in a park not far from his house, waiting.

May arrives promptly enough, walking into the park and seemingly meandering until she nears Fenris. She nods to him and moves to join him, whether he's seated or standing. She'll follow his lead in that case.

Zee ports in, with a soft 'pop' sound, about the same time as May arrives. Appearing next to the Wolf-God, the teen mage looks a little anxious still…. she may feel better about what happened but she's still disappointed in herself and it shows.

"Thank you both for coming." Fenris says quietly. "So I've had a chance to calm down a bit and consider what exactly the hell I ported into the other night." Clearly, not real happy about that, still. "So, I understand there are some concerns. That I will address and be happy to hear your input on. First things first though. May, while I understand that Paul and Sara were upset, and possibly justifiably so, if that ever happens again there will be blood on the floor. Mine or theirs." May's a straight shooter, so Fenris won't beat around the bush with her.

Melinda May nods to Fenris. "Understood, and I plan to have a little discussion with them myself." She looks at Zee, then does something likely very uncharacteristic. She leans over enough to bump her shoulder against the younger woman's. Buck up.

Mays shoulder bump has Zee looking at the agent with a faint smile and a nod. Message received. Still, she watches Fenris carefully. There is nothing she can think of to say that won't sound defensive or remotely passive aggressive, so Zee keeps her silence as they talk.

"Good." Fenris blows out a sigh. "Now, that unpleasantness out of the way, I do want them to feel comfortable speaking their minds. It's simply that there's a difference, to me, between 'speaking your mind' and 'hurling insults because your blood is up'. Kara is not 'my girl' or 'my puppy' or any other such thing and frankly that's as insulting and aggressive to me as it may be to her." Hence his warning. This is the growl. The next time he bites.

"Now, I will deal with Kara personally." Beat. "Since apparently that's required. Since we've all had a day to cool down, can someone tell me how this all started? You two are probably the coolest heads that were present."

And now it's time for May to be cruel. She looks at Zee, clearly expecting the younger woman to explain. Maybe it's another test?

Called out on the carpet… Zee hangs her head. She's thought about this a few times since then. "I didn't control the meeting." She resists the urge to shrug. "I asked if there were questions and Paul asked if Kara would argue about doing what was necessary to stop Darque in the middle of combat." Standing up straight, raising her head high "It was the way he phrased it though… it was aggressive."

"It stems back to when she argued with us at that hellgate. Paul, at least, I guess is worried that she'll do that in the middle of a fight." Zee sighs "And Kara used words that seemed like a threat to us." beat "I didn't pick up on any of it soon it enough. And then Kara called you." Zee's not happy about that bit.

Fenris nods slowly. "Paul is right to be concerned about such things. The ability to trust one's team mates is key to working together in the face of what I have asked you all to deal with. And from the sounds of it, our kryptonian friend could have responded better. But, to be frank with you Zee, he should not have been allowed to provoke nor she to precipitate, a fight in your house."

How to put this? "I have not placed any ranks on any of you. This is with a purpose. I expect the natural leaders among you to rise to the top, a process which is always a bit stormy. So you are not 'in charge' of Paul, nor he of you within the ranks of this band. However, I expect you to be the Mistress Absolute of your own house. If Paul, Sara and Kara wish to 'discuss' their differences in whatever manner suits them, I will not prevent them. But they should not do so in your home, in defiance of your hospitality and to the shame of their hostess. Its not about controlling the meeting, Zee, its about controlling your home. I expect a wolf pack to snarl over who is the Alpha, but a wolf is the master of his own den. I expect that to be the case in the future." He doesn't say that as her 'superior' but really as an older friend who is concerned and knows that, really, this isn't just about this one fight or this group of people.

"May, I do not know Kara, Paul or Sara well enough to claim any special insight. But I should expect at least the bearer of the Witchblade to know better than that. May I ask what you intend to address?"

"I am going to remind Paul that there are far better ways to ask if someone is going to earn having trust placed in them. Likewise for Sara, and I will remind them both that while there are no ranks in the Force, there are within SHIELD and in my presence they're to adhere to them as if they are on duty." May takes a deep breath. "They were both out of line, and it's my fault for not making them stop to think about their words."

"With due respect, Fenris." Zee swallows audibly "I didn't call you and I was about to ask them to leave when you arrived. I wasn't going to let it continue… for much longer anyway… but you did arrive… and " and now she does shrug. "Your point is taken and the lesson learned." beat "Would you like me to talk to any of them?" because she will.

"I would not like or dislike you to talk to any of them. Do as you feel you appropriate considering you have been as transgressed upon as I have." Fenris says quite simply. "I shall deal with the fallout of this as best I am able. I suspect Kara may not hear anyone but me if emotions are running hot enough though I do always try to give people the benefit of a doubt." Something that is much more difficult for him than others. "As I will Sara and Paul. I've said my bit, the matter is concluded so far as I am concerned. Do what you think best, May. And understand that though I snarl, I really do like all three of them." And in particular he admires the the Bearer of the Witchblade. He's known a few over the centuries and he knows how difficult it is and how often they come to bad ends.

"Now with regards to the concerns that you expressed to me before, May, Zee, I will ask no one to go into the field with someone they cannot trust. I will not force people to work together. I may suggest that we are stronger together than apart but… one cannot force a group. Either it comes together, or it does not. And I am grateful that the both of you, and indeed all the others, have agreed to help me with this. I need the help, and more than that, this world needs you."

Melinda May nods. "I know that Pezzini and Manning are both fully aware of that. But I will make a point of reminding them. I know part of what rankles them is that they are both trained and skilled fighters, and it's sometimes difficult for them — for US, to remember that even someone who isn't similarly skilled can bring something useful to a mission. But I'll do my best to try and not let these conflicts compromise your objectives."

"It will need to be managed carefully, but I want them all by my side when the time comes." Zee's been terrified in all of this and Primal Force is her lifeline. "I…. I will try to speak to all of them…. individually. I like them all. And what we're doing…. it's important."

Fenris nods. He knows that the group needs time. Needs to come together. To learn to respect one another and learn to trust. Whether or not they can is another question but he can't force it. And he won't try. "It is. More important than me, or you, or any combination of lives." A point he intends to press home to Kara. "I'll leave you both to it. One final thing though, May, please understand that I am not saying Paul and Sara's concerns are invalid. They are most concerning indeed. I'll do what I can to make sure that they're properly addressed. In the mean time… be careful and be safe. Darque has been quiet for near two weeks. Which can only mean one of two things. Either he has what he wants or he's gearing up for something big. Since we're not all dead yet, I'm guessing it's the second."

The Old Wolf stands. "Anything for me before I go?"

Melinda May nods. She'd already guessed as much. "No. Just keep me in the loop."

Zee shakes her head, she's done here and with this topic. It's time to move on… she's learned her lesson. "You did say you would take me hunting, Fenris." Zee looks to the God-Wolf "I'd still like, very much, to that." If he doesn't, she'll try to understand. Yet another lesson in life for the Mistress of Magic.

Fenris tears open a Way and turns back to Zee with a smile. He doesn't answer her. Not in words. But he does hold out a hand, inviting her. "Of course I'll keep you in the loop May. Be safe and swift, Child of the Dragons." And then, with Zee if she wishes, he steps through and vanishes.

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