Watchmaker 2.0

June 08, 2015:

Wanda tries to hand out some presents but of course the Watchmaker decides this is the time to test his new toys.



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Wanda has had a hectic time lately. Threatened by strange redheads. Ending up in limbo to undo her wickedness. Even seeing her brother. And that's just the good stuff. So she has decided she wants to spend some time with people who don't hate her and to offer them a gift for their patience.

Wanda has finally changed clothes into something more akin to her 'costume'; so black boots, red leggings, red and black corset, scarlet coat. She's even showered! The witch has chosen a little cafe in Greenwich Village for the meeting and she sits nervously on her seat, anxious about who will show up. She can barely sit still at the moment.

Nighteyes needed to see to Goliath's dinner first, it’s slightly different than her own. She's dressed in leather pants, boots and belt, her knives and daggers hidden beneath the brown leather jacket she wears over her dark blue tank top and inside her boots. The metal tube that extends into her bo is hooked to her belt and visible but it’s not likely anyone knows what it is. Her eyes are focused on Wanda, admiring her witch's outfit. She ignores the looks of everyone in the cafe as she enters and sits next to Wanda.

Brinleys out, she needs a bit time away from X-Red, so she's out walking in Greenwich Village dressed in jeans and a light T-shirt. Her path takes her past the window of the Cafe the two women are sitting in, she's not moving fast, just strolling, enjoying the evening air and, to a degree, the solitude.

And there is one of the friends Wanda wanted to give a gift to…walking past? She gets to her feet and rushes to the window, banging on it to attract attention…and it attracts plenty from the staff. They suggest that she should sit down again and she nods to them while gesturing for Brinley to come in and join them.

Nighteyes turns and gives the people making suggestions a glowing red-eyed stare that suggests they shut up and get to doing their jobs, not telling *her* witch what to do. Then she looks outside to see who caught Wanda's attention. She doesn't think she recognizes the other woman.

The banging does get Brin’s attention and she turns to see Wanda gesturing. Entering the cafe, she smiles apologetically at the staff and takes a seat at the couples table. "Hey, Wanda. How are you doing? Better than the other day?"

"It has been some hard days" Wanda shrugs to Brinley before glancing over at the street outside. "Is Bobby with you?" Brinley seems to be his designated carer these days. "It doesn't matter. I have a present for you both" she smiles to Brin and Nighteyes. She picks out some small boxes from her pockets. "They are from Transia. If they work…they should protect you against…witches."

The three ladies are inside a Greenich Village cafe - late afternoon on a lovely summer day. What can possibly go wrong?

Nighteyes nods to Brinley as she sits with them and then smiles as she watches Wanda. "I'm sure they'll work wonderfully love." The vampire leans back in her chair, balancing on the back two feet and earning a few looks that quickly move aside when her eyes meet theirs. She grins a bit but keeps her fangs hidden. No need to really scare anyone.

Looking at Nighteyes, Brinley frowns a little "I'm not sure we've met? I'm Brinley" she'll offer her hand to the other woman. "Bobby's safe in X-Red HQ for now." She's certainly kept an eye on him over the last few days. Taking the package from Wanda, Brin looks at it… "Do I open it?" She's not sure how charms work.

Red heels clicking, Betsy cuts a path down the street. Even in New York, Betsy stands out- in a city full of models and actresses, she fits right in. She wears a tight red camisole to help offset the lingering summer heat, the sun beating down on her bare, strong shoulders. A pair of wide-lensed sunglasses in amber frames provides plenty of protection from the scorching sunlight.

She crosses the street near the patio the girls sit at and stops not far from their table, tossing her distinctive purple hair over one shoulder with an absent flip. She shuffles a shopping bag in one hand and eyes her cellphone in the other, responding to a text message coming in.

"It is an amulet on a necklace" Wanda explains about the presents. "But if you could not open them until you get home…" If they work they will make Wanda rather ill. "I am glad Bobby is feeling better. I…I fixed another person I made sick the other night. But she had to go to Hell first." So probably not a good idea for Bobby. She jerks her head to look behind her then nods at nothing before looking forward again, frowning. "Brinley is a doctor, Angel. I think we will need her in a minute."

Nighteyes nods. A doctor…well that’s good. She turns and blinks at Wanda. "You did what?" She looks rather alarmed. "How…oh." Nighteyes sighs and shakes her head as the rest of what she said catches up. "We are, are we." The vampire begins scanning their surroundings. Still leaning back in her chair, apparently unconcerned. Or at least looking like it. "I must figure out how to conceal a sword." She mutters.

Brin smiles and drops the boxes into her bag "I can wait till I get home, sure." Home, D.C.I has become home to the mutant. Listening with interest, Brin frowns a little and then her eyebrows rise "Oh… " she knows how Wanda cured, well she thinks she does "If you've done it once, you might be able to do it again." A quick shake of her head "Not a doctor, not even a nurse… I just helping out a friend a one day. I'm more of people person."

It's then that she recognises Betsy out on the street… "Mind if we invite another?" Her hands already rising to get the other woman’s attention.

Betsy almost starts moving before she catches a flicker of motion out the corner of her eye. She turns, quizzically, then blinks behind her glasses when she recognizes Brinley.

She walks around the little balustrade that keeps the tables separate from the pedestrians, stopping near the table, and tucks her cell phone into her purse, slung up high on her shoulder with her shopping bags cradled on her forearm. "Hullo, Brinley," the leggy British woman says, her Asiatic features somewhat contrasting with her height and tones. "Nice to see you today," she offers, her neutral and flat tones much less inviting than her polite words. "Friends of yours?" she asks, looking at Wanda and Nighteyes.

Wanda nods to Brinley's request. "She will be safer in here" she notes before the other woman is already on the way. Wanda smiles up at Betsy. "Hello. Yes…I am Brinley's friend." Her voice has a heavy Eastern European accent and she may even appear a bit…simple…at least on first impressions.

The witch looks around at the three women with her. "We should all duck now" she informs them in a light tone and bright voice before she ducks her head under the table. The street outside erupts with an explosion that sends stone and tar high into the air. Dust fills the air as people scream and run in all directions. A couple hobble out of the dust cloud, blood trickling down their dazed faces. Shadows move in the clouds of dirt. Flames erupt from a ruptured gas line. And then there is the grinding of metal upon metal emerging from the hole caused by the blast.

Nighteyes doesn't do more than glance at the new woman before Wanda's words register and she's under the table covering the witch's body with her own and hoping the other two were fast enough. The vampire winces at the noise. "An explosion. That is new." Maybe she won't feel the need for a sword after all. She's made do so far without it anyway. The vampire frowns and sits up to look out the window. "What is that noise?"

"Yes frie…." Brin’s words to Betsy are cut off as Wanda says to duck. For whatever reason, she does, even though she's a tad slower. Peering over the edge of the table, Brin tries to make out what's going on even as she pulls her own phone out of her bag to call in reinforcements.

Betsy staggers, surprised by the blast and the thunderous detonation. Out of reflex, she brings a shimmering construct of psionic energy to life around her to protect her from debris.

~Linking in,~ her thoughts broadcast, hooking into Brinley's thoughts. ~Brinley, with me. Get civilians moving- I don't know if there are secondary blasts coming. I'm moving to investigate.~ She drops her bags and dashes into the street, surprisingly zippy in her heels, and heads right for the epicenter of the explosion. A low-power shield stays up around her face to screen out smoke and debris, keeping her from choking out being injured by any shrapnel that might come flying.

"Watchmaker" Wanda announces to the others as if that should make perfect sense to everyone. Then she is leaping over the table and heading after Psylocke. "Hey" she smiles to the woman ahead of her as they enter the clouds of dust. "You hear voices too?" Her fingers twitch as they start to write sigils in the air, scarlet energy building up around them.

A huge metal globe rises from the crater. The flames from the gas line casting an orange glow on it s bronze hued surface. It rises and rises upon articulated metal legs until it towers thirty feet in the air. Its surface also has a red glow that seems to be internal as one of its three feet rise to push it out of the hole. The globe is sheer…until a compartment opens up and the barrel of a gun emerges. A big gun.

Nighteyes mutters something unintelligible but from the tone of her voice is likely a curse. "Every damn time…how does she do it.." Wanda has a way of getting ahead of and in front of her during dangerous situations and Nighteyes is *fast*. Blurringly fast. With a resigned sigh the vampire is up and out of the window and at Wanda's side. She doesn't seem concerned about the scarlet energy. "What is the Watchmaker?" Red eyes stare at the ruined building. She stares up at the…"What.." Those eyes widen and the vampire swears again.

Brinley follows Betsy, the voice in her head doesn't surprise her. As she walks, a green and gold shield encompasses a group of bystanders, even the couple that had just left the rubble. With quiet words, Brin starts to move the group away from the thing to, what she hopes is, safety.

Betsy is a warrior, and the warrior attacks. She doesn't know what the robot is- she just knows that it's being violent and destructive. Debate's something for hindsight anyway.

She leaps forward, low to the ground. A glimmering energy construct snaps into existence around her hands, resolving itself into an amethyst katana. She hurdles the uneven terrain under the robot and slashes the intangible blade through two legs, not even slowing down as the intangible weapon crackles and releases energy into the circuits within.

The blade slams into the legs and energy slams into mystical energy. It seems to be more than just metal. The legs buckle but hold. The weapon in the sphere revolving around to let loose a few hundred rounds in a manner of seconds. The ground around Psylocke erupting with the impact of explosive bullets but the mutant herself is kept safe by her own shield and another that wraps around her, Wanda and Nighteyes. This one made from the same scarlet energy that seems to bleed from the giant machine. That has Wanda confused. Atop the sphere a panel opens and a set of rocket launchers emerge, aiming up at the sky.

"Well, she has courage at any rate." Nighteyes grunts in frustration when the amethyst sword appears. The vampire has hung back watching, wanting a sense of what it is they are fighting. She nods when the things legs buckle. "Good. First though, the gun." She ducks her head and kisses Wanda. "Be safe." And then she's across the street and misting her way up the metallic monster's side. She draws her daggers and attempts to stab holes in it as she goes before swinging around to the gun barrels and grabbing ahold. If she can twist them together and it tries to fire it might just blow itself up. If that works she's try the same on the rocket launchers.

Betsy tucks and rolls, coming up quickly. The shields hold, but it puts her in a defensive posture, forcing her to focus entirely on her telekinesis. She lunges forward again, trying to cut off the angle of fire, and rushes the robot again. Her manoeuvring is done in attempt to keep in the rear quarter of the machine gun's volley. Sensing Nighteyes going for the rockets, Betsy lunges low and under the robot again, slashing up into it with the katana and probing with a dreadfully intense expression as the psionic construct digs about inside the robot, looking for delicate components to fry.

"Stop the rockets!" Wanda yells out to anyone and everyone. There is something about them that she doesn't like…though she isn't sure why. She puts her hand to her cheek as she suddenly realises she was kissed…and even starts blushing before she remembers there are important things to be done. A quick look for Brinley to ensure she is safe before her hands start to weave a hex between them.

Nighteye's blades sink into the metal but it starts to heal the minute the knife is withdrawn. The gun barrels are not so fortunate. It takes all her strength but they twist and crack under her onslaught. They try to fire but instead they heat up and explode from their own bullets. The explosion tearing the side from the sphere.

Psylocke's blade cuts into the guts of the machine. The crackling energy blade carving a hole even as mystical energy attempts to seal it back up again. But she is quicker. A section falls away revealing a hollow sphere save for one giant clockwork box in the center about ten feet above her head.

Nighteyes had been disappointed the holes closed over, and really wondering how that was possible but doesn't waste time staring. She also doesn't hang around the gun barrels after she twists them, going mist and reappearing beside the launchers. "What is this thing?!" She can lift a car with ease and that had taken all her strength. She eyes the launchers and then sighs. This is going to hurt if she's not fast enough. She starts twisting and pulling and using every bit of strength she has tear them free of the machine.

Betsy knows an opportunity when she sees one. She bends her knees and with a surge of motion leaps upwards into the sphere's interior cavity, moving like the trained ninja she is. Her legs splay out to gain purchase inside the mechanical beast. Her eyes cast around wildly, looking for the nearest thing that looks like it might control those rockets. She lunges from the bottom to the top of the automaton, her ethereal katana passing through the clockwork box as she goes, and she cuts the blade in a quick slashing arc across the top of the robot to try and neutralize the rocket launchers from /her/ end.

Wanda releases her hex upon the machine…her desire being that suddenly everything will stop working. Whether that is the case seems moot as the two warriors attack. A rocket loads into a launcher just as Nighteyes starts to rip and tear at the tube. Psylocke's blade slices through the central control. There are no chips or circuitry in this thing, just purely clockwork mechanics. Tougher than electronics but reliant on being physically intact…something that Betsy's blade makes short work of. Sparks fly. Gears spring out. Pistons collapse. The giant machine shudders and starts to collapse.

Nighteyes had heard and felt the rocket move and she tears it free and hurls it towards the hole this thing crawled out of, then going to mist and reappearing on the ground beneath it. She looks around for the woman with the amethyst sword and her witch. She's not concerned with why the machine stopped, just glad that it did. She's also considering the scarlet glow she glimpsed around it before and hoping that Wanda didn't see it. Or forgets. She's got an idea of that means.

Betsy's thorough. The blade, hardened into a solid construct of pure thought, gains substance, becoming something sharper than sharp itself. She swipes the blade lift and right, thoroughly trashing the interior of the device with the blade. Not as efficient as the purely psionic construct is on flesh, but more than adequate for the job.

Three quick slashes drop out the bottom of the robot and Betsy slips through to land neatly on the ground, sporting a few smudges and some battered scratches and wounds to her shoulders and cheek. But she holds a fair chunk of the clockwork 'brain' in one hand, crushing it with a superhuman grasp.

"I think it's quite dead," she declares, her face an inscrutable mask.

"You should move" Wanda informs Psylocke before she casts a shield around the woman. The reason being the collapsing machine that now crashes down around her and back into the crater that spawned it. The gas line flares up with fire once more before suddenly extinguishing itself. "Are you okay, Angel?" Wanda calls out to wherever Nighteyes is lurking before she offers her hand to help Psylocke up.

Nighteyes grins. "I am fine, love." She moves to Wanda's side. "Good job." To the warrior and her witch. "I think we even managed without losing any of the mortals." The vampire looks around to make sure no bodies are lying about. "I think this will not be blamed on any supernatural or mutant peoples too. Which is well because no fire is going to hide that." She gestures at the mess of building.

Wanda is staring into the crater, trying to understand…something. Scarlet energy sparks upwards every now and then and she reaches out to catch it, letting it sink back into her body. If this is hers…how did it get in the machine? She clutches at her head, wobbly on her feet all of a sudden. "Brinley!" she calls out before she topples over and slams into the earth.

Brin’s been protecting the public. A green and gold shield covering them. As the thing falls and Wanda calls out, the brunette mutant is over to her in a trice. She won't be able to catch her but she can do some preliminary checks. "What happened, I was focusing on the others." she asks of Nighteyes.

Nighteyes is looking off to the side or she'd have caught Wanda, the sudden movement and shout has her dropping to her knees and gently touching Wanda's pulsepoint while she looks her head over, hoping she hasn't hit it on the ground. The vampire frown and looks over as Brin arrives. For a moment her expression is hostile and her fangs flash. Then she snaps her mouth shut and shakes her head. "I must watch that. I apologize. She…she fell. I was looking aside." Nighteyes doesn't want to mention the scarlet magic unless she has to. Wanda might hear her.

Wanda is barely conscious. Her eyes roll back into her head even as she mutters to the women. "Watch…maker. He's coming…" The witch's hand rising to point at one of the shells that were being loaded into the rocket launcher. "Smooth." Then she slumps unconscious.

Nighteyes sighs. "I am going to find whoever sold or gave her the smooth and kill them. Very slowly and painfully." The vampire says so in a conversational voice, as if she we're discussing the weather. Which probably makes it more creepy. "This makes sense now. It is probably what allowed the darkness within her to take control. Oh, love." Nighteyes gently strokes Wanda's cheek and gathers her up into her arms. "We will stop this Watchmaker. I promise."

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