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June 08, 2015:

Zoe and Kitty discuss Zoe's training with Betsy and her time at the school.

Xavier's Institute


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Xavier's Institue is a bit quieter these days. While most of the students here are boarders, some do go home to their families over the summers. Just because it's the summer break, however, doesn't mean that the students can break the rules. It just means they have more free time. Kitty's time as a teacher has been a strange mixture of nostalgia for the young X-Man and she's both sad and relieved that this first term is over.

Though classes are done, she still lives at the Institute - much like many of the other teachers. Her room is on the faculty side and larger than the student dorms; it's a perk of being on staff. The door is open just a crack at the moment, a little purple claw grabbing at the corners in an attempt to open it more fully. The door swings just enough and Lockheed silently slips through into the hallway.

Not silently enough, apparently. "Lockheed!" Kitty calls from her room. "Don't you dare!" Then, as the dragon doesn't seem to be listening. "Gah, can someone grab him?!"

Zoe had just finished a rather tiring training session as she was walking through the hallways back towards the student side when she saw the little dragon come waddling out as she gave a little giggle. The brunette leaning over and walking towards Kitty's room dragon in tow as she closed the door behind herself and set the lil lizard down. "Hey Professor Pryde, just got done getting worked over by Betsy again." It was probably getting around between the faculty that Psylocke had taken Zoe under her wing recently training her in hopes of being on the 'team' someday. "What'cha doin?" She was dressed in a simple black tank top that exposed some of her well toned stomach. Her workout shorts a matching black and hanging loosely off her athletic form.

Kitty's room is kind of a mess. Clothes are piled up on the hamper, spilling out onto the floor. Her bed isn't made. The desk in the is dominated by both a desktop computer and a laptop. The walls are sparsely decorated: a hanging scroll depicting a temple and cherry tree, a few pictures are haphazardly tacked up depicting Kitty with various other Xers, and a well cared for katana in its sheath is carefully balanced on two wooden hooks attached to the wall. A tablet, still illuminated, rests precariously on its edge as the phasing mutant was in the process of getting up to procure the mischievous little dragon should no one be out there to help.

"He keeps trying to sneak out down to the kitchens because the kids think it's cute to feed him Milano cookies. He's going to gain 10 pounds before this summer is over and won't be able to fly." Kitty smiles at the entering Zoe, greeting, "Thanks for catching him, Zoe." The question garners a glance behind her at the tablet and she shrugs. "Nothing too exciting. Working on a bit of code to save for later." Looking back to the student, she studies the other girl. "Working with Betsy? How's that been going?"

Zoe walked over to sit down next to Kitty and gave a half-smile. "Weird? I guess. But good at the same time. We get along really well, almost too well. There's like sexual tension and stuff and shes almost ten years older and my Sensei. She's been teaching me to fight like a ninja ya know martial arts, stealth, balance, all that stuff. Its hard work and she even controls my diet now but I feel like I'm really improving with every day and strangely enough I feel like I'm getting better control of my mutations along the way. But Ms. Braddock just seems like such a conflicted woman. I don't know what to make of her half the time Professor Pryde."

Kitty tilts her head just slightly at the notion of 'sexual tension'. "Well, training can be weird, yes. But, I mean, the sexual tension stuff is a little unusual." Since there's the whole teacher/student thing and the age difference. "Just make sure you set your boundaries. She's your teacher, yes, but that doesn't mean she controls everything about you. This isn't the Jedi Temple or something." At the reference, she smirks. "I like Betsy just fine, but, yes, she's a bit conflicted at the moment. She went through quite an experience and a large change, so she may need some time to get back on her feet. Though, then again, it wasn't always easy to understand Betsy a year ago, either, so maybe that's just how she is."

With a shrug, she leans back in her chair. "My teacher was pretty much the opposite of Betsy: a big strong hairy guy. Though, they both are sarcastic."

Zoe laughed a little. "Yea well its not all her, shes very pretty and stuff." She said with a shrug. "It's been great though I've always been such a nerd here at school and its kinda awesome to train to be a hero maybe someday.I expected her to scold me recently when I went to a field trip to Gotham and kinda ended up staying an extra say and helping save the world… I thought she'd be mad when i called asking her to pick me up at the bus stop but she seemed proud and even bought me dinner. Even if Deadpool showed up and made it rain hamburgers…" She said biting her bottom lip looking to Kitty. "It can get weird playing Hero, huh? But still I've met so many cool people even got to fight along side people like Wonder Woman and Super-Girl. It was nuts." She blushed a little. "Like how is this happening to /me/?"

"I'm not saying it is. Sexual tension tends to go both ways. So do boundaries. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about." Kitty's had a few teachers and each of them had their own challenges. Even if she's not that much older than Zoe, she's been through a lot. Despite the fact she tends to be optimistic and the kid sister, she certainly can be wise when it suits her.

For a moment, the woman studies Zoe. Lockheed, still upset at having been caught in his attempt for more cookies hmphs in the silence and moves to curl up under her desk. "It's happening because you've got a gift, Zoe. And I can't stop you from going out and helping people; it's good that you want to. But, you've got to be careful and you've got to make sure you're not just playing. This stuff…it all comes back to you when you don't want it to. And it can seriously hurt you and the people you care about. I know you didn't come in here for a lecture…but, I mean, I just need to make sure you know that."

Zoe nodded and then caught herself. "Oh and you're pretty too Professor Pryde.. I don't know any of my teachers that aren't just like anyone's fantasy. The be honest when I first got here you were already like fifteenth I think? I kinda looked up to you when I was a little kid. You were sorta a role model of mine. Were both nerdy you with your computers and me with chemistry." She said with a half smile and a little red in the face looking towards her. "I never imagined I'd just be in your room talking like this about being a hero and stuff. Its kinda crazy. So you think I'll make it, graduate from ninja school and everything?"

Kitty raises an eyebrow at Zoe's addition. "It's not a contest," she tells the other woman with a bit of a laugh. "I know Betsy's way prettier than I am. She's a model and I'm a computer science nerd, no need to try and butter me up. My grades are already put in." As for being someone who Zoe looked up to, the other woman smiles softly, blushing a bit. "Oh, I wasn't anyone to look up to. I was a total brat and thought I knew way too much." That may still be the case of course, but she has at least some experience to back it up now.

"Well, you should stick with the chemistry. Heroing doesn't pay." That advice is given with a bit of a smirk. "Well, if you study every night and ninja every day, I can't see why not. Though, that's really up to Betsy. It just may take awhile and it'll require a lot of work."

Zoe smiled and shook her head. "No you and the X-men were a big deal when I was growing up. It was like the worst kept best kept secret around here. Everyone was always amazed someone as young as you was training with people like Wovlerine and Jean, Cyclops. I even had a little Kitty doll when I was like twelve I think." She said with a little laugh. "I think it was made by some knock off dealer in NYC when we went on a field trip." She said with a giggle and a shrug. "But yea I'll keep it up only one year of school left and then its off to college! Hooray, right?" She said with a little shudder. "I'm both excited and terrified." She changed gears a little looking to Kitty. "Hey Professor Pryde, are you actually /with/ anyone? Cause I mean there's tons of rumors going around but I never listen to them."

"Well. I was only really training with Wolverine after Japan." As for Jean and Cyclops, it wasn't so much as training as teaching. The idea of having a little Kitty doll just makes her shake her head. "I doubt that was me. I wasn't really involved with the X-Men. I just went to school here."

As for college, she smiles. "I've heard college is a great experience. You'll love it." She didn't go. The question as to her being with someone is met with a surprised laugh and a raised eyebrow. "I'm going to have to go full confidential on that. Rumors? What are those rumors?" She should have known students talk, but she certainly has no idea who it is they might try and pair her with.

Zoe thought a moment. "Oh geez you really wanna know the rumors? Well of course some think you were with Logan which have plenty of cat on Wolverine lewd pictures. Then some thought Jean only liked you cause you had your head in her lap. Trust me you don't wanna know half the gross stuff students are coming up with. But I mean none of its personal just kids letting off steam at their teachers ya know? Deep down we all love you guys, I mean you took us in and some of us had nothing before coming here like me." she said with a half smile and a little shrug. "This place is my everything." At the confidential bit though she gave a sly expression. "There is /someone/."

Kitty wrinkles her nose at some of those rumors. "Okay, you know what? Maybe I don't want to know. I really should be limiting kids on their photoshop privileges." With a roll of her eyes, a hand reaches down underneath the desk and scoops up Lockheed. He's sulked long enough. Depositing him on the desk, he gives a grumpy rumble, a hint of smoke curling up toward the ceiling before he pads about amongst the electronics.

"Yeah, I know. This is my first year teaching, though, so it's all a bit new to me. Not used to the whole deal. Though, yeah, I know what you mean. This place is more home than any where else I've ever been." The last bit of confidential information is given with a snort. "Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. Saying anything about it one way or another, you wouldn't believe me."

Zoe narrowed her eyes a little. "Awww you can't end it with that Professor Pryde, pleeeeeease I promise I'm good with keeping secrets." She said with a bright smile looking to Kitty with a curious look in those brown eyes of hers as she sat crosslegged. Leaning forward with her elbows on her knees and her hand held in her hands. "I'll help you debug the computer lab or something!" She said with a grin and reached over to gently pat Lockheed as he sat in Kitty's lap taking a moment to look around her room. "Wow maybe someday Ms. Braddock will give me a sword too."

Kitty laughs, shaking her head. "Nope, that's all you'll get out of me. No confirmation or denial. My comment for print is 'no comment.'" With a tilt of her head, she snorts. "And if I can't debug my own computers, well, I'm not much of a computer science teacher." At that, she winks.

When Zoe's attention is drawn toward the sword on the wall, her playful expression turns a bit more serious. "Maybe she will. That was a gift given to me twice. Once by my father and once by Logan. It means a lot. I'm sure your weapon will mean a lot to you, too. You've just got to find what is right for you."

Zoe leaned back on the bed looking at the ceiling. "A weapon.. Yea i dunno I can't think of too many weapons that would be right for me.. I'm just not that violent to begin with. Not to mention my Alchemical Blast is a weapon in its own right. I was training with Lux in the Danger room and we were clearing rooms and stuff. I helped set up two hydra soldiers trapping and disabling them and she shot two right in the head.. I mean I know they're not real but I'm not sure I have it in my to kill people Professor Pryde and I got a feeling my Sensei has killed plenty."

Kitty's expression turns thoughtful. "You shouldn't think you've got it in you to kill people, Zoe," she tells the woman succinctly. "It's not something you should do. The only reason you should go for a hit to kill is because your life or someone else's life is on the line. Having a weapon isn't about killing."

The relatively new teacher sighs, resting an arm up on the back of her chair. A hand idly reaches out to rest on Lockheed's head. He grumpily accepts it. "There are people who have been through some terrible things. And they let that inform them of how they act. I've killed before, but it's not something I want to do again. But, if someone comes after this school? After you and these students? I will. My mutation is pretty defensive, so I learned how to use a sword. You've got to figure out what works for you."

Zoe sighed and pulled out a ball as she toss it into the air and it seemed to hover a moment as a blue energy in a beam shape came from her hands. Morphing it into all kinds of shapes and materials as she concentrated. "Yea I just, I worry that in that moment I won't be able to do what I need to. I tried so hard to save a man from Parademons and he just exploded in my hands because of their messed up alien crap. I felt like such a failure even though I ended up getting the element that might save the day that me and Oracle are gonna work on." The energy coming from her hands then turns to a red cackling arc as it strikes the morphing figure and makes it poof in a tiny explosion of matter as its vaporized.

"You'll do what you need to do when the time comes. That doesn't always mean killing." Kitty smiles reassuringly at Zoe. "I'd tell you not to worry, but, really, you should worry about it. I think it'll help you when the time comes." Failing when lives are on the line are something that deserves the hard work of thinking and figuring out what to do about it.

"It's good you got what you needed. It's hard, though. And you won't always do the right thing, but you've got to figure out how to learn from that and not let it rule you." Her eyes follow the ball that changes material and energy colors, it's hard to look away. "You've already got that under control," she assures the girl.

Zoe nodded and sat up again. "Well when you power can make someone or something disintegrate they tend to make it a priority when it comes to managing and learning to use it. "She said with a little laugh. "Luckily I never hurt anyone but there was a few accidents blowing holes in walls when I was little." She rolled on her stomach. "Hey Professor Pryde I'm sure you get this question all the time but.. Did you ever use your power to peep on someone?" She said with a little giggle. "Cause I gotta imagine the thought crossed your mind."

"Yeah, I can imagine," Kitty tells Zoe. She's always been pretty lucky in the fact that her power doesn't tend to hurt other people, nor does it manifest itself in an everyday outward manner. The question is met with a smirk. "Only people I was told to peep on. By the time I could control my powers enough to do anything with them, the Professor already told me that I shouldn't use them for something like that. And when he tells you something, you really tend to listen." She's always been a bit of a goody-two-shoes, too. "I mean, like you said, you never used your powers poorly except for punching holes in walls when you couldn't control yourself. I've got the same issue, except I could walk into just about anywhere. That wouldn't do anyone any good."

Zoe listened and laughed a little. "Yea I'd probably be so worried about getting caught anyhow. That would be like the most embarrassing thing ever." She said and stood up finally. "Thanks for talking with me Profess Pryde. I know it may not seem like much but letting me vent about everything really helps. Can I talk your ear off again later or maybe take ya to lunch next time?" She asked stretching out a little. "I think I need to go and take a shower and get less gross after all that Ninja fun time I've been having." Giving a little groan of soreness. "Ms. Braddock doesn't even let me use my powers either.. So I gotta feel all the pain."

"That's also something you should be worried about," Kitty laughs. "There are far too many telepaths at this school." It's likely anyone is listening. "And don't worry about it. That's what professors are here for, right?" The offer is met with a smile. "Sure. If you need to talk someone's ear off, just let me know. I know how difficult the whole process can be. No lunch required." She stands, nodding and moving toward the door. "That's good. You shouldn't rely on your powers. If they're taken away from you, then that'll just be a weakness. We'll spar sometime, I'm sure. This place loves to pit people against each other for a learning experience."

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