June 08, 2015:

A game of predators and prey in the booth at Tin Roof. (NSFW/RATED R)

Tin Roof Club


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Two-Face leaves his usual entourage at the door, as a sign of respect and trust. You can't have a decent alliance if you don't at least pretend to trust. Plus, the coin went Selina's way on the way there. He didn't anticipate any particular skullduggery.

He's clad in his usual suit, his white-streaked hair on the left spiked up a bit wildly, as if he's been through a wind tunnel. He has a toothpick in his teeth, idly bitten and sticking out as he makes his way into the place.

He drinks in the reaction of the locals. The way gazes avert, the flicker of fear along the occasional spine. He takes it as his right, as tribute. Justice isn't always pretty, after all. He was living proof of that.

He finds the two ladies waiting for him comfortably, having apparently begun their tete-a-tete without him.

"Sorry to interrupt ladies' night. Seemed like it was about time for us to have a pow wow."


"Miss Ivy.." The young man that sits within the booth of the two women looked nervous. But not Ivy, Ivy was on the prowl.

"You are such a handsome young thing." Gloved hand strokes his cheek, a little sneer plays across ruby lips as she leans in. "And that cologne. Is it, Axe?" She laughs a little merrily, draping an arm around the young mans shoulder. "Of course not, you're not that foolish."

A cross of a leg over his, a twist of her hips, and the young man was set to blush, his arm curling around her waist, fingers grasping at the bone over skin, a tug closer.

"I do pride myself on smelling good for the ladies."
"And that you do.. what was your name again?"

"Oh, a good and wholesome name. Handsome, just like you. Why.. I could just gobble.. you.. up.." Gloved fingers tip-toe, crawling up the mans chest, ending with a little *boop* upon the tip of his nose. Harvey was regarded briefly, but the cat was in play and her prey was young and docile.

"I have a word for men like you.." That hand travels downward, her body leaning in, sliding against the man as she seeks to lower herself to his mercy. "No.. I have.."

And then she was gone beneath the table, the man appearing pleased, his head thumping back against the rest. "Oh.. Miss Ivy.."

And then nothing.

"Miss Ivy?"

Beneath the table, Ivy spied a crack, a crack in which allowed a small leaflet to bloom. Her eyes alight upon the small miracle within the Tin Roof, her hands cupping to hide that little treasure as she coos softly. "You're so beautiful.." She murmurs to the little plant, "..in the first stages of life.. I'll take care of you, little one.. mama's home."

The young man was highly upset, lost.. forgotten and discarded in favor of the little treasure, who then slides from the booth with a little errant attitude to fancy himself a drink at the bar.

Harvey's shoes were stared at, realized.. and soon she pops upright, only allowing the thick of her red hair and striking green eyes to be seen. "If it isn't Harvey Dent. And Two Face. You're halfway dressed to the nines, per usual."

What a bitch. That suit was perfection. Partly.


Catwoman was upon her usual perch, that table was a platform for the dead-man's curvature coated in slick synthetic. The dark sheen reflective of the lighting in the place, but it reflected back just enough to bring highlight to the utmost and shadow the indentured areas where 'catsuit' pinched and reinforced. Sprawled upon her back, one silver stilleto is planted upon the table top, her other leg propped at the back of knee over the bend of mate, showing that spire that sways to the beat, unlike the rest of her body that only /breathes/ against entrapped encasing, dark until the 'V' dip of zipper and the dangling loop of 'O'. Every contour lied about l'ov'e.

Head was lolled back, and though there was no directive to those eyes they rolled Two-Face's way when he spoke, one corner of lips quirking when Ivy spoke and came back up from below to breathe.

"Please do not tell me these words might ruin the mood. When she is done sweet talking the pants and what she wills to /grow/," Leaving that to hang, Catwoman shifts, her body moving in a languid motion to roll her to her stomach and trace a hand over the VIP boots seat. "Join us. What is it?" Play and business wrapped in smple words and tight packages.


Two-Face allows the coy edge of a sneer to pay at his lips at Ivy's joke, running a hand back through his hair to slick down the bits of wild that there were. "I prefer doubles to halves. I'm dressed to the eighteens is more like it, Ivy," he says. He eyes Ivy's playtoy disdainfully, moving only a few steps before taking a seat for himself. He does so with the imperious motion of a man who'se used to ruling over everything he sees.

"Keeping the lines of communication open, Selina. Today, I took out a contract on the life of the Nightwing. Fluttery little bastard has been irritating me for years. Seems high time he was properly exterminated. Plus, if the Batman is busy mewling over the corpse of his precious boy, he won't notice so much particularly when we turn a few neighborhoods into swiss cheese," he smiles.

"Beyond that, I was curious to see if you had any thoughts in regard to the fat avian and his particular roadblocking. I didn't anticipate Ivy being here, but I have no objections to the good doctor playing along, so long as she no longer holds any grudges for my sending her away. Nothing personal, I assure you, Pamela."


With her little boytoy disappointed, out of the picture, and gone. The only point of contention to bring height to the night was Harvey. Two-Face. The asshole who locked her up, threw away the key, with the help of the nefarious Dark Knight.

Fuck both of those guys. Seriously.

Gloved hands brace against the table, clenching hard enough to cause slight grooves within their pitch, a smooth languid motion to bring herself to a rise just in time for Harvey to settle down upon his perch. One hand reaches out to lightly trail a finger up the leather clad arm of Selina, only stopping to curl fingers to flick the middle to pop against fabric with a quiet *SNAP*.

"I did not know you were in cahoots with Half-Face.. Catwoman.." If Ivy could purr, she so would. Though, the nature of Two-Face's business was none of her concern, she was here for the entertainment, and eye-candy, if it were. With that said, the only male that stalked the womens orbit was immediately closed in on.

The press of her hand against the seat of the booth..

The slow drag of herself across the way..

Which brings her to her knee, one arm draped against the back of the booth again, a lean in again towards the 'clean' side of Dent. "Oh.. oh no. This won't do. Let me get on your bad side." In which she crawls over his lap, a deep arch in her back as a hand presses against his leg, shuffling over with fluidity of a snake. A bounce upon her bottom occurs and a turn, now close to the ruined side of her nemesis.. friend.. whatever.

All of that to say.. "Water off a ducks back."


The use of her name by Dent has her upper lip drawing back. In here she still casts shadows over features where the patronage is concerned. Catwoman or Leonne. Selina's place is ascending and these faces only support the funding as well as networking. Precious few know the similarities or ties. A slight tic passes when tongue presses into and away from the back of exposed teeth, a hiss un-ushered but it was only a gestured warning and hint. Not many could get close to this space unless called upon and with the rattling throb of bass undertone to the music, hearing would require /more/ then just the average ear.

"Nightwing? You do have a hard on for the Bats. Whatever tickles your pickle, but don't drag your fetishes to my doorstep, at least… Not those." Catwoman's words and gaze slide from Two-Face at Ivy's words and that tone, a slight narrowing of her gaze, one that would speak of that low purr as she stretched, the flick of finger returned with a hiking rise of hips in a felinesque /push/ that drives her to sit back upon heels and watch as Ivy makes her own moves.

"Flightless birds are easy prey. Recall that tape we got from him. Hugo has been a /bad/ -bad- boy and if we play our cards right, we may just have a better distraction." A small quirk upon Catwoman's lips and she rocks forward, palms planting and legs swinging between the press of arms permitting legs to slide through and spread, one heeled boot placed on the side of Harvey, the other beside Ivy.


Two-Face keeps his visage still as Ivy crawls around him, even more so when the Catwoman joins in. Gangster, crime boss and psycho he might be, he's a mortal man and certainly far from immune to the charms of the women around him. Of course, he's also far too aware of the dangers associated with them - especially Ivy. He keeps himself still, though, betraying neither pleasure or unease, both of which he experiences in rather equal degrees. Honestly, he rather likes it that way - two feelings are always better than one.

"That's my good side, Ivy," he says, his lidless eye turning somewhat to stare at her, "Don't let appearances fool you," he says.

"What happens between the Bat and me is more personal than business. He betrayed me - I trusted him, once upon a time. When I hear his bones snap, it makes my blood sing and I'll hear it again and again as long as I can," he says. "Taking away one of his precious little underlings is only the start of what I have in mind for him. But don't worry, it's all in my name…Catwoman," he says. "Your paws are clean. I just wanted you to be informed."

"As for Penguin, I'll believe he's properly neutered when I have his balls hanging on my mantel."


Nightwing. Perhaps it was Ivy not wanting to hear the words that were spoken between the two. Perhaps her focus was split by the tens with everything going on. Nightwing. Exterminated. That would not fare well for the boys at home. And Two-Face is hardly fitting to assist in raising those two with her at the side. There goes her leverage. Here's to you, new and ex-friend.

She leans forward away from Harvey for just the briefest moments, snagging up the small glass filled with absinthe, drawing it to press against the plush pillows of her lips were a quick sip was taken, then downed.

And it burns.

A flush covers Ivy's cheeks as she leans back again, the mention of Hugo stealing her breath, her eyes rolled into the back of her head at the memory of the involvement of the game they played. Here's to hoping that /she/ wasn't seen on those tapes as well.

The gears were turning and rolling, a triple cross may be in effect. But it all boils down to saving her own skin, and all bets were soon to be off. "Tapes? What tapes.." Interest, mild as it was. Play it close to the chest.. speaking of..

"I never said that bad was ugly." There was a lean, lips brushing against the skin where the ear would be, tongue playing against teeth, the soft clicking noise mimicks the winding of a gear in tune to the lift of a shapely thigh to rest across his legs in a half mount, intertwined with the calf of Selina to keep and bridge the contact betwixt the three.

"Everyone of us has a hard on for the Batman and would love to see him suffer in many ways. We all could claim personal, yes.." She draws away, fingers lifting to caress the leathery jaw. "But we all know the truth that this part of you remembers the scream of a man when his flesh is peeled asunder."


Teeth snap deliberately near his jaw, and then a bold nuzzle was set to play, the motion of it all nearly venomous though her skin lacks the property. This time? Looking and touching is a luxury, take chance while still unarmed.

"It seems as if I missed out on a good ride as of late. Pity.."


"The tape shows him with a government official. He denies nothing. In fact. Affirms it be even manipulating the official. The man is puppeting the SRD." Catwoman's lean gets closer as she speaks, the smile upon painted lips one that comes off as half cocked, all the while the facets upon emerald eyes shift and dance, an emphasis to the green as Ivy twines her way around, between, and within - looping them.

Does she deny it? No. The herald of synthetic fabric moaning over the ripple of figure beneath its capture resounds, perhaps dulled to th music around them, or deafening to already altered senses in the proximity. Ivy has her glass of Absinthe, Catwoman now sweeps another from the tray, the slotted spoon leveled across the rim, sugar cube balanced and then lit to have the dancing blue and green faerie flame reflect in her eyes. eyes set upon Two-Face and Ivy on opposing side. "Bad is simply how the cards are /drawn/, Harv. I don't recall asking to be dealt any other way." Asiding with Ivy her leg shifts in the twine, drawing closer in a slide that has stilleto heel burrowing a path across seat and rest flush against Havey's side.

"I don't want a trophy. I want fond memories of unforgettable nights. I've had my fill where Penguin is concerned." Claws danced over the glass, diamond tips etching mars into the surface where the flame dances low and a flick of digit drops the spoon within.

"No, Ivy, this ride has a ways to go." Leaning in that glass is hovered before Two-faces lips as her own rest just over the cascade of red hair where Ivy's ear would rest beneath. "You arrived just…"

A nuzzle of her nose to delve into the curtain of red. "..in.."

A click of her own teeth and those eyes rest on Harvey. "Time. we have more then a night to conquer."


Two-Face takes the glass of absinthe carefully. He feels the power of the tension in the air, the sense of being locked between a pair of predators. Not that he's without teeth himself - far from it. But there's history here, between Ivy and Catwoman, more than he knows, and he can tell there are ripples and undercurrents he can't quite see.

He takes a slow sip of the drink, feeling it hit his tongue. He tends to favor the classics, whiskey and gin and Scotch, but the devil's brew has its own particular appeal and he's been known to partake himself on an occasion. The feeling of Ivy's breath on the ruined side of his face makes him hiss a breath for a moment - that flesh will always be sensitive, a flicker of near-pain that reminds him of the day. But, then, doesn't everything remind him of the day in the end?

"Don't disparage trophies - they can be worthwhile reminders. I personally intend to decorate with the heads of my enemies for many years to come," he says. "And I promise you, Ivy, every part of me remembers that noise. If I ever feel I'm close to forgetting, it's easy enough to find someone to peel for a reminder."

To the last, he flicks his gaze to look directly at Catwoman, Ivy's closeness making him flex his hand on the other, his scarred fingers digging into his palm for a moment, "Just in time, huh? And just what am I in time for exactly, Catwoman?"


"Oh." Well, Ivy was in the clear. No losing a friend tonight, that was for sure. Though, it was a cats game and anyone could go home a winner. Though, the focus was gone from Hugo in that instant, fingers still toying against the flesh where an ear used to be, a soft spot for some, but the tension that rises in the air that leaks like water from Harvey draws a curve to the spine to press herself further into his arm. Another breath.. a beat.

"Music to my ears, Cat. Music to my ears." There was a slight catering there, fingers brushing beneath the lip of Two-Face to wipe away an errant drop, gloved fingers soon sucked upon as lips plume around her digits. Her eyes remain pressed, chin shifted as she feels the cool kiss and snap of Catwoman within her ear.

Her green eyes slant, head tilted ever so briefly, rolling skin off of skin, a quietly little nuzzle as eyes narrow upon their prey. "That noise, it is unnatural." Ivy affirms, drawing further in towards the man, the ruined side of him still treasured, covetted. Focused upon to make toes curl and fingers twitch. And yet, time takes her attention as eyes shift towards the clock, there and back again towards that wandering, lidless eye. "You already know the answer to that, Harvey."

There was confidence there, the lean.. the press of her nose to his cheek bone, a slight shift backwards so that words could caress the phantom ear so soundly. "Its time for a small lesson." She inhales, the motion deliberate. "A lesson in showing you how to truly seek homage and scream to your God." And with that? An unusually long tongue curls from ruby red lips, drawing the tip from jawline to temple.


While profile rests just along that of Ivy's her hand flicks outward, that vinyl clad appendage drawing the backs of fingers from the scarred and maimed to the past, and once the edge is reached fingertips unfurl to place along that jawline, those claws barely dancing over his skins suface after her partook of the /green/.

"I deliver my trophies as lasting memories. I tend not to keep them in tracable forms." Though as she speaks her tone is one of a purr, a single clawed digit tracing from jaw to Two-Face's chin, dropping off after a come-hither curl. Departed? No, not quite.

Leaning back from Ivy it is minute, just enough to graze pale and foreshadowed faade along the red to Ivy's own, though her darkness not one of painted and coated, but shadows cast. Lips peel away from teeth that reveal achshire grin and the click of teeth in a *snap* of threats play.

"If we could stretch this city wide and sink inside, all while eyes are turned to yet anothers fall - everyones eyes…" A draw back as that finger returns to the rim of Harvey's glass, sweeping along the edge to capture a drop as well and bring the bladed appendage to lips, tongue rolling forth to capture.

"You know how to make others sing and dance, but have you ever? Have you /ever/," Drawing back the leg upon Ivy's side withdraws, but not without brushing from thigh to calf along her side, parting with a sharp draw of that silver heel along Ivy's own thigh in taunt and play.

"Had them do so for you without knowing it?" The heel is drawn to the table before her seated form, only withdrawing enough to rest cheek upon knee in a stroke of adoration that has heavy lidded gaze shifting from them to the dancefloor. "Preach to a new choir, because at the ends of these nights, we all will name a new God." In finality her eyes are upon the two of them, her leg having slid along Harvey's torso to plant booted foot between thighs, hooking along Ivy's stretched and twined appendage that slung across.


Two-Face looks back and forth between the two women and a slow smile breaks over his lips, "What magnificent creatures you two are. Between your bodies, your lips, your voices…many a man, I'm sure, has lain here, little more than a throbbing organ, a pulsing vein connected to a slave's heart. You want to speak of gods? Let me introduce you to mine," he says.

His hand lifts up and slides into his jacket, slowly drawing out a coin of silver. Double-headed, of course, a remnant of his childhood. How it used to sparkle in the air when his father would flip it, shining in his eye like a mote before the belt would come down and drive the vision out of Harvey's gaze. He fondles it lovingly, his thumb tracing over the scarred surface of one side, remembering how he'd carved it himself, shivering to himself as he used the same knife he'd driven into his father's throat so long ago.

"If you want, ladies, we can play your little game of seduction, of teasing, and you can show me the heavens you promise. But, at the end of it, this," he says, "will have the final say. Only that will say if I am pleased or displeased. If I am filled with joy or filled with rage. If I am sated with pleasure…or if I need to open my appetite to pain," he says.

"So you need to ask yourselves…do you really want to play this game -with me-? Because I am not like other men - whatever darkness you think you've danced, whatever devils you think dwell in your pretty little guts…you would do very well to remember who I am."

His hand moves quickly, latching onto Ivy's jaw and gripping it hard as he tilts himself to face her fully and this time he snaps -his- teeth, the rotted remnant of his half-savaged face inches from hers, "And no, I never make them dance without my knowing, Catwoman. Having them know is, for me, very much part of the point. That way, they know what name to gurgle when my foot caves in their throat."


Abused from both sides, Ivy appears to enjoy herself, the game was on. Coin produced and shown, thigh scratch and jaw snatched. Someone was going to get jostled tonight.

"Bring it on. Scarface."

Challenge accepted.

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