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June 01, 2015:

Iris moves to NYC.

Long Island

An Island. It is Long.


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Fade In…

8'o clock at night.

It was when Long Island was the busiest and the best time to actually see the way New York worked without the light shining down. How people mingled and reacted to one another, the various states of dress and fashion, down to the couture and the outright weird gathered and walked along. Though, it really wasn't on her mind tonight, she hadn't told her father nor Barry that she was coming to town, wanting it to be a secret and a surprise, but it was hard to catch up with the two who were the busiest people in her lives compared to her.

Even though she had that 'go go go' mentality, they were the physical manifestations of it. Those who do not sit still get work done, the devil wasn't going to be a playground in their bones. So.. why not. Phone pulled out, texted.. sent.

'Here in New York. Missed you. Where I am sitting is beautiful.' Followed by a picture captured by cell phone. Lets see if the scientist could figure out where she is! The night was still young, and she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. The cappuchino she held though? Just might.

It takes a little bit, but Barry finally is able to take a look at his phone as he's just finishing up something in his lab. He chuckles a bit and at first, has no idea where she might be. But the corner picture of a bistro leads to a Google search and once he's finished with his work he's on the move towards Long Island.

From off to her left, Barry comes out of an alleyway (he's gotta remain semi hidden given his mode of transportation, of course. "Hey!" he calls out to her, hands in his pockets and with a big smile on his face. "Joe didn't tell me you were visiting. How are you?"

Oooh, she knows that sound. She stands almost immediately as he calls out to her, her phone stuffed within her pocket, coffee held tight within her grasp as she refrains from running to avoid a spill upon her hands. "Barry!" She didn't answer until she was close, one arm immediately around his shoulders as she lifts just enough to hug him, cheek to cheek.

"Dad doesn't know I came yet. I wanted to surprise him. You both actually." She squeezes him, then finally lets go, taking a step back to get a good look. "I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just .. all too new here. There's like this.." She gestures with her one hand. "..perfect mix of everything in New York that's driving me crazy. I love it."

"Yeah, I mean, it's fantastic. It's really started to grow on me, but I gotta be honest. Every now and again I miss Central City," Barry says as he looks out across Long Island back towards the city, proper. "I'm sure he'll love it. How long are you in town for?"

"Home is where the heart is. I don't think that it's something we'll ever let go." She reaches out to touch his arm, then gives him a little tug towards the bench where she sat. As she moves in that direction, she takes a little sip of her drink. "I don't know, to be honest. My intent is to stay only for a month. Catch up with Dad, make sure he's actually eating right." She smiles a little. "To see how you were and are doing.." She looks to him now, expecting at least something in regards to his well being. "..hint hint.."

Barry takes a seat next to her and nods vigorously at her comment about his eating habits. "Listen, I've been taking good care of him. As far as eating right, well, you know how things can get on the force and out on duty. And New York has quite the selection, but he's good." Barry shrugs his shoulders, "Since I've moved here I got accused of murder and my girlfriend disappeared. Other than that, I'm doing well." He turns at her and shakes his head, not knowing what she means by 'hint hint.'

"I still can't help but worry." Iris shrugs it off however, he was in good hands after all. "All the more reason you guys need to watch it." Her cappuchino was set side now, one leg crossed over the other, hands folded neatly into her lap. She nods just a little, a frown curling her lips as she lets out a sigh. "I've heard. About the murder, not about the girlfriend tho— wait.. Disappeared?" What the hell, Barry!

That definitely took her off guard. And the way it was said was so casual. "Wha.. did you find her? I.. how long has she been missing?"

"Yeah, she's back. She got wrapped up in some supervillain stuff that I don't even really realize what all happened. The science is just mind boggling. But anyway, she's safe and sound," Barry says with a shrug. "That's the weird part about New York though, a lot of metas, both good and bad, running around."

Iris looked relieved, even a little upset. But it was just a fleeting moment which allowed her to take a deep breath, her gaze just a little bit tense. "Next time Barry? Lead with that." She shifts a little uncomfortably, turning just enough to keep him within her view as she nods, only to turn away to look out towards Long Island just as he did. "The world is just getting bigger and bigger.. and so is yours apparently. You know you have to spill the beans now." She grins then, scrunching her nose. "Barry Allen's got a girlfriend."

"It's…" Barry shakes his head, "It's nice. But it's weird. She's in my life one minute and gone the next. We go a long time in between talking sometimes. It can just be weird. She's nice, though. Really intense." Barry seems embarrassed to talk about himself and does a lot of the shrugging of the shoulders.

There was a brief little laugh through it all, her head shaking as she takes up the cup once again, drinking down the last bits of her cappuchino, afterwards, shaking the cup to see if there was more left. Random habit. "Goodness Barry, you're going to have to do better. I mean, is it that busy in New York?" It wasn't good to say if there was murder willy nilly but he gets the point. "I don't get how two people who actually like each other, or are in love.. could be weird." She lets it go though, for now anyways. But one more thing. "I'd like to meet her one day."

"Yeah, of course you can meet her. I mean, since my mom isn't here, you're kind of like the next best thing as far girlfriends looking for approval." Barry laughs nervously; it wasn't that long ago, last fall, that Barry was busy hiding his feelings for Iris. How topsy turvy things have become in his life of late.

Iris' lips part, her nose wrinkles and.. there it was. That total 'what the hell' look that she usually gives when she's walking away from him after being him awkward was finally seen full frontal. "Wha.. huh? Did you just.." Nope. Nevermind! She shakes her head quickly, "I didn't mean that.." Her hands reach up to cover her face, drawing in a bit of air to let it go with a huff, hands following suit. "No I meant.. oh nevermind." Awkward.. "I meant as a double date. Or something. Or a possible family dinner. Out."

"Well, yeah, I mean sure. New York is a heck of a place to go out. I'll ask Ronnie what she thinks the next time I talk to her," Barry says, but has no idea when that will be. He hopes he's able to get a hold of her before Iris leaves.

Iris studies him for a long moment, her head bobbing in slight agreement as she draws back enough to push herself to a stand. "Well, that settles it. Double date.. or something." She glances around. "It's getting late. I think I need to get back to my hotel." She takes a few steps towards the other side of the sidewalk to dump her cup, gesturing him over for a hug. "We should catch up some more though, okay Bar'?"

"Absolutely!" Barry says with a chipper smile. He stands up and wraps his thin arms around her, embracing her for a long time. "It's so good to see you, Iris. I've really missed you."

Iris returns the hug, her squeeze tight as she would let it to be.. without snapping him in two of course. "I've missed you too Barry." It was heartfelt in the moment that she felt faint, and immediately pulled away to grasp his arms and offer a relieved smile. "Lunch or something. No more late night meetings. People could start to talk." Though, Iris really only knows two people here, him and Joe. But she was being silly. "Call me, alright?" She pulls away, hitching her purse upon her shoulder so that she could take the walk until she could find a cab.

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