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June 07, 2015:

Jemma speaks to Jericho about Project Prometheus

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Jericho loves crepes. Little known fact. And lucky him, there's a Crepe Bistro a couple of blocks from his prime safehouse. Which he is presently at. Enjyoing a chicken florentine crepe while he waits for company. He's expecting maybe two. One of which he hopes is Lunair, who has been rather suspiciously silent of late. He was relieved when he checked in with K'tten and she told him that the young woman hadn't been kidnapped this month.

Ack, that's how you get jinxed! Though, it's not for want of HYDRA trying. They seem to have eased off a bit post-Zykloning at least. That is a small blessing. But every blessing is weighted with a curse, and her best friend is jimmies deep in HYDRA or something. Whatever happened, it's upsetting and Lunair's a bit more proactive about HYDRA bothering. Nevertheless, crepes are pretty rad and Lunair would be glad to visit Jericho anyway.

She makes her way over, waving when she spots Jericho and heads over. "Hey. How are you?" Pause. "And did you want a second crepe or drink because I am so going to get some?"

Having received a rather cryptic message from Jericho, Jemma Simmons has decided to accept the implied invitation in it. She's wanted to speak to him directly for about a week, and this is a good opportunity.

Recognising Lunair as the young woman enters ahead of her. "Hello Lunair. Mr Trent, thank you for the invitation."

"Hello Doctor Simmons." Jericho's eyes glimmer in amusement as Lunair comes up. "I'll take a drink, Lunair, if you're getting one. Nice to see you alive and well. Get some food and then get comfortable. I'm just hanging out at the moment." He turns back to Simmons. "Care for anything?"

Lunair waits, she is polite. She smiles to Jemma. "Hello there." And then she nods to Jericho. "Yeah, I am. I'm grabbing, if you wanted to sit," She explains to Jemma. She does seem happy to see both of them. "And thanks. It's-" She shrugs. "Well, it is."

"Simmons, please Mr Trent. Or Jemma is this a social occasion" Simmons smiles "I'll order a crepe, thanks Lunair" she'll pay of course "and I won't order tea… just some water, please." Taking a seat, Simmons tries to relax and waits for the young woman to come back.

"Jemma, then." Jericho takes another few bites of his crepe and chews. Mmmm. This is… so very good. "Alright so I get the impression that you both had wanted to talk to me? Is everything okay? No fires to put out or Hydra people to go deal with?"

"Sure," Lunair will go file into line and place their orders once she knows what people want. She respects requests to pay, but she'll get Jeri's drink if he wants. It is easier and she is all about the easiness. Either way, she makes her way back because waiting in poses gets kind of old. Lunair pauses, she looks to Jemma. "I can wait. HYDRA shenanigans are kind of-" … not unusual for Lunair.

"No fires, Mr Trent." Simmons smiles at Lunair as she pulls out a datapad "Thank you, Lunair. I was wondering, Mr Trent" Jemma continues "if you've heard of Aetheric energy." As she's talking, she pulls up a report, with an image attached, but she's not going to show that just yet.

"Not particularly…" Jericho considers. "Where'd you hear the term?" He's only had brief looks at some of the research documents related to his project and… well… he's not a scientist. "Hopefully, Lunair, HYDRA shennanigans are over right?"

Lunair looks pained by Jericho's question. "… no." Sadface. "But you're welcome, and Aetheric energy? Ummm… there was stuff in the past with ether and uh, things got kind of weird…" Super intelligence only goes so far when you're socially impaired.

"A report that came across my desk, Mr Trent." Simmons looks a little bemused at Lunairs comment "Not Ether, Lunair, Bio-Etheric Energy, to be correct. Bio-E isn't detectable on any conventional equipment and appears to be only present in living beings." She starts to explain "Typically, from what I've read, those with a high will to live and survive." The biochemist shows Jericho the photo she has on her tablet "This image accompanied the reports I received, I thought he looked a little familiar."

"What HYDRA Shennanigans, Lunair?" Simmons is genuinely interested, given she's seen the young woman a few times in the recent past.

Jericho looks at it again. He's seen this… ah, May sent it to him. "Yeah that looks kind of like me a few years back but its hard to say. Bio-Etheric Energy, mmm? What does it do? And where'd you get the report?" He knows SHIELD's into a lot of stuff. SOme of it pretty damn odd.

And then Lunair drops the bomb. "No? What's going on Lunair?"

"The timing of that image then would match the reports I have." Simmons starts eating. Neatly although she obviously enjoys the food. After a mouthful or two, she continues "The report was sent to myself and some colleagues, out of the blue. We weren't really aware of the study. I suspect someones trying to upset or derail something. That's why I'm asking you. As to what it does… the project brief was to give soldiers portable arsenals in the field" Simmons has seen some of what Jericho is capable of.

Canting her head and regarding Jericho "There are two project names Aetherblade was the pilot, which graduated to Project Prometheus."

"Poject Prometheus?" That makes Jericho's eyebrows raise. "Project Prometheus was the program I was involved in during my service time." He's not sure if Jemma's familiar with the fact that he did quite a bit of time in the army, some of it - apparently - in an experimental weapons program. "And you say it's connected to this study in Bio-Etheric energy?" Hrm. "Interesting. I wonder who sent it to you… and why. Might be worth investigating."

Jemma had suspected something like that. She hadn't pulled Jerichos' SHIELD file just yet. "Not just connected, Jericho. Because of the project the study was conducted." Finishing the crepe, the biochemist regards the demon-tainted hacker with a wry smile on her face "Why do you think I'm talking to you. I'm investigating it already."

Sipping her water and blowing out a deep breathe "The email I received was anonymous. Not even Fitz could trace it back. But someone wants us to know about this." She hasn't mentioned his traces yet.

"Mmmm. Clearly. Question is why. And how they got the information to begin with. And, comes to that, how they knew to get it to you." The hacker drums his fingers on the table as he thinks. "Which is a lot of unanswered questions… are you and Fitz going to make a study of… whatever this is?"

"We are, yes." Jemma clarifies for Jericho "I'm sure it wasn't just us that received it, either. Fitz and I are reasonably well known in the community." It doesn't surprise her she received it. "We're working on a Bio-E detector at the moment."

Jericho nods slowly. "Alright. I'll look into it on my end. Be careful but for now I trust you to know what you're doing. After all I know about as much about that kind of science as I do about magic so…" Well actually he knows a bit more about magic.

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