Dark Energy In Limbo

June 06, 2015:

Jericho sets up a trap for Nyx, with friends



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Fade In…

Jericho thinks he's worked out what's gone wrong with the last two attempts to deal with Nyx. Every time she's hurt past a certain threshold something kicks in and wisks her off to safety. Specifically it seems to be every time she's knocked out. Which means that dealing with her involves not knocking her out but still beating the crap out of her. Preferably not in a civilized area. Which means he's got some prep to do.

The site he's prepared is an abandoned factory complex between Gotham and New York. Used to make cars. Now it doesn't make anything. He spent a good chunk of the past couple of days outiftting it to look like its hiding a very high tech armor production facility (something he's busted on HYDRA's end more than once) and, when he was ready, started spoofing HYDRA network traffic hoping that Nyx's rider would pick up on it and come over. He's got a surprise waiting for her here.

He's also called some backup. In the form of Zatanna Zatara. He needed help moving some heavy (but fake) gear anyway. He also contacted a lawyer whom Samantha had been working with, a man named Sho, to see what he knew and if he knew anyone that could help. That had been an interesting conversation.

Anyway, everything is ready now. All he needs is the guest of honor to get here.

The man known as the Tokyo Nightmare, waits ever so patiently in a slip of shadow impossibly to small to ever actually contain him. Not that there are no hints of his presence, if you're looking that is. Theres a pole-arm here, a length of carbon composite, titanium and Japanese steel. The technical term would be, Bisento but it's hard to make out the details with the blade sheathed and the whole weapon left leaned almost haphazardly near that familar slip of shadow. Theres a particular chill in the breeze to boot on this otherwise warm evening, but well some folks may be able to recognize what all that means. It means there is a god damned Ninja laying in wait, a Ninja who tried to mentor Nyx once upon a time.

This is all Wanda's fault and she knows it. Two of her best friends in the world…the two who have been helping her since she reached these shores…she has fucked up with her 'powers'. So after checking on Bobby and then suffering abuse at the hands of Hope Summers, Wanda has been following her own power to find Nyx. If there is a way of fixing Bobby then Nyx needs to know so she can be cured. If she wants to be cured. Chaos magic is very alluring.

The witch finds herself staring at an old factory. The power had led her nearby but not it is simple fate that has drawn her here. Nyx is not here…not yet…but something to do with her definitely is. She walks towards the 'empty' buildings.

Zee was a little amused when Jericho put her to work moving the heavy gear but she's used that time to get a briefing from the demon-tainted hacker. Now the work is complete, Zee's perched on a box in the corner, waiting quietly, conserving her energy.

As Wanda draws near though, Zee's head lifts … "We've got another one incoming, Jericho… it feels like Wanda, but if Nyx has some of her power I could be mistaken there…."

Well there isn't a whole lot of time to talk. It is questionable if Samanatha riding Wanda's juice is responding to Wanda's energy at this factory making it a self-fulfilling prophecy, or if she is responding to Jericho's Hydra Trap. Whatever the case though she is coming in hot from the heavens above the building. Wicked fast on wings of Scarlet and Black energy. She is wearing some rough armor it looks like. It looks like it may have been peeled off Hydra armored troops and makeshift around her. All but where those wings spring forth.

There is an incoming energy signal and a faint whistling noise now.

"Alright so once more…" Jericho murmurs into the microburst radios he's handed out to everyone but (unfortunately) Wanda. "Don't knock her out. Zee I'll need you to ground her while The Nightmare and I keep her occupied long enough for me to position her into our surprise. Once that's done… then things get interesting. Try not to be too alarmed. Nightmare, the center of the production floor. That's where we need here. I'll go in high and come in hot, then key off of you." Man seems to know his business.

Wanda's presence is… not exactly unwelcome. But it is a wildcard. Is she here to help them? Hinder them? Or for some entirely unrelated reason? No time to adjust the plan. As Nyx comes in hot Jericho powers up his own wings and unfolds his sword, holding it in one hand with a laser-revolver in the other. Just… a little closer…

"Now Zee!" He launches into the air in an arc to carry him above Nyx's lowest approach (maybe she'll hit the building and save him the trouble) then dives down in a barrage of laser fire, before spinning in an evasive maneuver meant to avoid any return fire before making contact and, if necessary, trying to shove her to the ground where Sho can engage.

Tokyo lifts one of those distinctive Geta to knock the hilt of his Bisento, before snagging it quickly in a gloved hand and arresting entirely back into the shadows. In a blink of light, there stands a Hydra armored trooper. Exactly like the blurry photos of them you see on TV, and he's standing right in the middle of the production floor looking every bit as alarmed as you might expect. He turns, swinging his assault rifle upwards towards Nyx. It's exactly whats expected, and yeah well the illusion is incredible. "Halt, stop there! Stop or I will fire!" Talk about bait, right? It takes a skilled and experienced magician (or witch) to even pick up the hint that there is funny business afoot right? Then again, Tokyo is a god damned Ninja right?

Wanda looks up at the streak of familiar energy hurtling through the sky. "Nyx?" she asks softly before suddenly there is gunfire and another blaze of light in the air. This is not good. She starts running for the factory and where Nyx is being herded. That other flying thing looks familiar. Is it that friend of Zee's? Her voices scream warning in her head until there is one that sounds like…Zatanna? 'Zee?' reaches out Wanda's mind without much control or focus.

Zee's eyes glow bright blue at Jericho's words and the teen mage straightens from her perch as she focusses on the incoming flying woman.

~~ dnuorG xyN, t'noD teL reH ylF rO nuR ~~

Zee's no slouch when it comes to non-lethal spells and her magic lashes out to wrap the young woman and drag her down.

Wanda's reaching mind, causes Zee to falter for a moment and her eyes glow a little brighter as she splits part of the flow to touch Wanda's in greeting.

Nyx doesn't slow her descent from the heavens one bit because a Hydra guard is pointing a gun up at her through the large skylights. She is still descending like a comet. She doesn't bother to blast him through the glass though. Mostly because well.. a wild Jericho has appeared arching off from the side to intercept her. Her arm snaps up and she starts to fire blasts at him rapidly. These are not the heavy burn sweeps, but again someting new … she is firing the particle beam like a pulse laser blaster .. just to mess with Jericho and she seems to not be set to stun on the other winged figure. On the bright side though he doesn't have to try to get her on the ground in there, that is where she has set her mind to be.

The skylight will burst dramatically in a shower of glass and danger. Of course that poor Hydra agent is landed on squarely, like Nyx expects to just flatten him to paste as she hits the ground of the warehouse hard enough to crack it. Though the lack of their being anyone there is surprising and causes her to hit harder than she expected and tumble demolishing a random piece of machinery. There was no pulling up to not hurt that 'hydra' agent there. Of course then the debris she crashed into starts to hinder and drag her down in it's midst. "Magic!?" she mutters angrily from the wreckage. Not anyone she has felt before though.

Jericho aborts his attack run and swerves wide, away from the pulses of light. He learned last time that he really doesn't want to be hit by these. At all. It's bad juju, almost literally. "Zee, she's got some of my magic absorbing properties. From eating some of my traces. Don't let the power on that spell up." Once he's clear of Nyx' firing arc he loops vertically and comes back down again, hot. Laser revolver's dry, so he holsters it and goes full blade. Sho'll be on his own for a moment. He's confident the man can handle it.

"What's the status on Wanda?" Please don't attack us, he thinks.

The Hydra agent dispells the moment he's hit, erupting in a flutter of sparks like cheap fireworks. Tokyo seemingly fades into existence standing casually atop a towering hulk of machinery that once upon a time a stamping machine. The eyes of that mask erupting in otherworldly green fire, as he rests that Bisento almost casually against a shoulder. Clad in a mixture of Kimono and Samurai armor cut from seemingly pure shadow itself, even that lacquer backpack seems to do nothing but drink in the light. "Heaven has judged you Nyx, and found you wanting. My blade holds no mercy for you."His left hand a blur, as he whips several neat white glass orbs about the size of a glass ball after Nyx's face. "Such a dissapointment, you've discarded all I've taught you."The voice comes from, everywhere and nowhere as the Ninja gets into the swing of things. Dropping off that pressing machine with the familar clatter of Geta before turning the full burn of that gaze towards Nyx.
It's a simple flick of that massive pole arm, whipping the sheathe itself off to one side before ducking into a full on rush. The clatter of those wooden clogs comes out like a machinegun, as Tokyo races straight in. Those balls meanwhile, yeah those things shouldn't be brushed aside. They're repurposed lightbulbs actually, filled with glass ground into a powder so fine it behaves more like heavy smoke as well as a smattering of peppers. It's basically old skool ninja tear gas, something Nyx is indeed likely to remember presuming her noodle is all there.

Zee keeps the flow of magic going, eyes still blazing blue. She remembers Nyx from the warehouse with Wanda and the interest the teen had shown to the two magic users. "I've let Wanda know I'm here, Jericho. Waiting for her to contact me back." Well, something like that. The raven haired mage waits for the trap to snap shut.

They're hurting Nyx…but they're her friends. Why are they hurting Nyx? Is she really that sick? Life can be very confusing for Wanda…and so is finding a door to get inside. She finally manages to push one open enough to slip inside and then it becomes following the noise…and her own energy. 'I'm coming, Zee' she manages to telepathically send out to the magi…though don't ask her to do it on purpose. She stumbles into the room where Nyx is being battered…the ninja she does not know. Wanda's fingers start to twitch and draw upon her magical energy.

Nyx remembers and well her wings are new to Sho certainly in person at least, youtube videos aside. She bends one of them with a rapid snap and those globes hit the brilliant scarlet and black energy and vaporize. Okay no touching those wings it seems. Pure particle energy laced with demonic energy. "Sho this isn't your fight." she struggles to try to get free of the spell binding her in the machinery. Two things start happening to the machinery though, one is the metal starts to absorb into Nyx and two she sweeps her wings all around her decimating the metal works in broad strokes.

The problem is… it isn't helping her get free of the spell that is being manifest with the workings. Nyx stops struggling there and flares her wings out and tries something else, she tries to start to just drink like a sponge Zee's spell…. it isn't unsuccessful either .. even if it doesn't work straight up like Nyx might want.

"Doing fine Zee, keep it up. Be ready to move with me when we spring our surprise. Won't be too much longer" Jericho comes through a door opposite Wanda, on the other side of the floor and charges in at Nyx with a yell meant to distract. The ex-soldier doesn't have the mastery of the blade that Sho does. How could he? But he has been using it in actual otherwordly warfare for more than a subjective year, so he's a lot better than most folks you're apt to find wielding one. And he knows about Nyx wings. His own fade from view, replaced by the demonic-wolf thing as he closes, to give him some protection from Samantha's powers. He comes in high, making use of his advantage in size and reach and giving Sho room to work. They just need to force her to the floor center. "Wanda, I hope you're here to help!"

Zee's moving now, in closer so she can move when Jericho does. If she misses, he'll have to send K'nert to her and that's time that they can't afford to loose.

Wanda's telepathic conversation catches her slightly by surprise… but following that trail of magic back, Zee tries to reassure her "This is for her own good, Wanda. Please help us." Zee's not telepathic…. maybe it won't work.

Tokyo isn't just fast, he's a fucking blur. "You are weaker now than when we met, you have failed yourself."The voice booms from -immediately- behind Nyx, the effect is only enhanced when brilliant plumes of glowing neon pink smoke erupt between Nyx and Tokyo. It looks so much like his teleportation spell, but well it's a ruse. Tokyo pins a geta into the Concrete, pivoting in place as he swings that Bisento up and over before bringing the mighty pole axe down like a rifle shot. Aimed directly inboard of Nyx's shoulder joint, in an attempt not just to tweek her neck and shoulder. No he's absolutely trying to shatter bone and rend tendons here, as the blade may not cut flesh it's still focusing a particularly impressive amount of energy onto a -very- small surface area.

Wanda is unsure what to do. She trusts Zatanna without question…but…this is Nyx they are attacking. And if there is something wrong with Nyx then it is her fault not that of the woman they are…trying to kill? Wanda hears Zatanna's reply…since she is sitting in the other woman's head…and she warily approaches the melee in front of her. "Don't hurt her" she asks, almost pleads, the giant werewolf and the rapidly moving samurai. "She doesn't know what she is doing. This is my fault. I can take it out of her." That last one she doesn't sound too sure about

Nyx is trying to reel in Zee's magic and she is making Zee output even more to keep it effective. It is still effective though.

The shout from Jericho and teleporting illusions are easily enough to get her distracted for Tokyo to get a serious hit in now. There isn't a cry of pain though. While he can't break bone, he does break something else in her shoulder and causes her arm to go limp and useless. On the other hand her body is still absorbing metal from the machinery she is standing in. "Sho.. stop it!" she sounds well demonic. Her wing snaps out hard and fast to cleave the weapon from the Ninja. Hopefully just the weapon and not Sho right.

Jericho comes in on the other side as Nyx turns to swipe at Sho, the blade coming down hard. Just one… more… step… THERE!

A stepping disk opens up on the floor. K'nert had been waiting, watching from the other side. Now the thing dumps the three combatants into Limbo, a drop of about ten feet right onto the ground in a little bowl between three hills. It's out in the wastes, rocky and barren and red. Hopefully Zee follows quickly. And Wanda… sorry. The only way this is going to work is if he hurts Nyx. In very particular ways. Jericho knows demons, you see, and he knows they respond to 'dominance conventions'. If Nyx really has been made demonic, she'll understand being beaten and having to do what she's told. She just, you know, has to be beaten first.

Jericho stands and backs away a couple paces. Blade at the ready. "Nyx! Last warning. Stand down." Or Sho will keep going and his surprise will go into effect. Yeah. This wasn't the surprise.

That pole axe is split just behind the blade, as Tokyo retreats in the face of those wings. He lifts the remaining handle of that Bisento, aiming the hilt towards Nyx before whats left of the weapon explodes with a resounding crash that's loud enough to make ears ache, sending an explosion of brilliant sparks bright enough to paint the walls of this old factory in sharp shadowed relief. Tokyo's got his next weapon into play immediately, grasping at a cord hidden in the sleeve of his left arm and giving it a hellacious pull. A pair of heavy heavy glass marbles connected by an ultra thin length of kevlar, it's a small meteor hammer in otherwords. The Terminal end of that weapon comes up to speed in a flash, and well no joke not only is that marble hard to see in good lighting but that string connecting the two ends is damned near invisible. The swing is low though, as the Ninja begins a neat rear roll. He's trying to wrap up her ankles in otherwords, with a very gnarly hard to see rope weapon. Presuming of course those wings steer clear of the thing. "or what, I'll be forced to kill you here? You question the will of heaven and surrender yourself to madness, you were always destined to fall here and I shall satisfy the whims of destiny."
Wait wait wait, everyone stop. Just, wait a moment. Tokyo's rolling around on the ground, the fuck did that big square lacquer backpack of his go? There is a ninja fighting here, equipment isn't supposed to just -poof- unless theres some master plan involved here!

Sensing that Nyx is trying to absorb her magic, Zee changes tactic slightly and mutters a spell that will have the very air around Nyx bind her. Now… the magic is working on the air, not Nyx directly, which takes the pressure off Zee a little.

Still moving closer, Zee finds herself close to Wanda and grabs the woman by the arm, as she runs to jump on the disc. Please, please K'nert hold it open….

Wanda stares as people disappear but then suddenly she is being grabbed and rushed into an abyss…or at least another dimension. Wide blue eyes stare at the landscape around her while something deep inside her feels…more at home. "Where are we?" she whispers to Zatanna before quickly refocussing on her friend being beaten down. "Why are you doing this? She isn't evil!" Or she wasn't until Wanda corrupted her.

Well on the bright side the first part of the trap worked. The whole distract Nyx and get a stepping disk portal under them to drop them all into Limbo part. The meteor hammer also tangles around her quite soundly as she is off balance by it all. She straggers and struggles against the air itself. "What have you done …." she snarls. Okay now she sounds like an angry demonic death machine from space. What a bad mix. This whole place is wrong to Nyx. Not the right demon diminsion for the magic in her. Though she does flail aroun at the air with her wings now.

Tokyo pops back up to his feet before cooly stepping back a few feet, drawing that sheathed sword from his obi as his left draws into some sort of hand sign. "Ninja forbidden sacrifice technique, death of a thousand traitors."The Ninja clacks those clogs together and, immediately supreme magical power begins it's manifestation with all the preamble of a pipe bomb. It's an explosion of raw, unfettered divine power. A few feet away that lacquer backpack pops back into visibility as the front drops down to reveal a small shrine around a rough black stone at it's center. Green almost candle lights erupt in a circle around the shrine, as Tokyo? Yeah he gets it bad.
You can hear the flesh rip, the bones pop and tear as the Ninja is apparently ripped apart in an explosion of legs and chitin, spines and fangs. A million centepedes and spiders, snakes and every other creepy crawly imaginable explodes from what was once flesh and blood. They're huge, spiders as big as a man, centepedes snakes more than thirty foot long and equipped for certain with the hardware necessary to take life. There are hundreds of them, thousands maybe and every single one of them rushes Nyx straight up. Chittering and screeching and hissing as that Ninja's sword simply clatters to the ground amidst a mess of gore encrusted armor and clothing. He did call it a sacrifice technique, right?

And that's when there's an unearthly growl. A lot of them. You see, Jericho hadn't simply brought them here to Limbo because it's away from people. Or because it's the wrong flavor of demonic. He did that because this is home ground. And home ground… gives advantages.

The sides of the hills line with demons watching in fascination as Sho explodes in a cloud of insects. Nasty ones. Almost as if they'd been waiting around. And then Jericho snarls a single word in demonic and the leap down the hillsides and into the air, descending on Nyx en masse, some armed with wicked looking weapons, others with only unnatural tooth and claw.

Jerihco has, of course, issued strict instructions that she's to be beaten and left conscious so he can deal with her personally. It's an order they understand, of course. They're demons too. They know how this works. It might be kind of a shocking sight for… er… everyone, though. "Sorry Wanda. This is how it has to be. Zee, don't let her interfere."

Sorry Nyx. Jericho really does like her. That's why he hasn't simply tried to kill her yet.

Zee fought with Jericho and his demons, or perhaps they're Illyana's demons, in Limbo before. She's sort of prepared for what is happening and yet…. she still pales. Placing herself between Wanda and Jericho, Zee does something potentially stupid - she turns her back on the demons. "Wanda, listen to me… He's trying to help Nyx, and we need her subdued to do it. Please… leave the demons again."

This is not good…on many levels. Demons? Giant bugs from exploding Japanese men? Killing Nyx to cure her? Wanda shakes her head in disbelief…and worry. Is this what Cal wanted to do to Bobby? Bobby would never survive this. She looks at Zatanna, her expression pleading with the magi for understanding even as it is explained to her. Wanda peers over Zee's shoulder as Nyx disappears under piles of Hellspawn…and worse. A half a step forward, her power building around her hands and then…she too turns her back. She can't watch and she slumps to her knees with grief knowing that this is… All. Her. Fault.

Well hell. Literally hell. One arm isn't fully repaired but Nyx's other arm is fully operationally. Pure demonically and magically tainted particle beams lance out of the dog pile of demons. Three beams that seem to just be turned on now and not stopping. Oh right and the wings. Those curl in close around her as protectively as she can manage to get them. Not a shell but it really sucks for any demon or insect that makes the mistake to leap on her wings or back. A very brief mistake. "Stop!" she isn't going to be able to prevent herself from being downed not with these numbers and Zee preventing her from flying with that earlier spell.

Tokyo did not infact, just take his life nor are any of those creepy crawlies real. Not that you can tell, this is a profoundly sharp illusion made all the more effective with the crush of actual demons to muddy the waters ever further. That little portable shrine gets crankin, steaming and smoldering as what started as little candle lights grow progressively larger and larger until it's a proper towering inferno of captured divine energy. That raw magical horsepower floods, as whatever spell was cast begins to buckle under the weight. Those more magically tuned in, yeah you can watch as the thing begins to give out in bits and pieces. Then it finally does fail with a puff of flame, as that black stone in the idol shatters.
Tokyo reappears with a grunt and a waver, steam rolling off his armor as he turns to spit sickly black blood to one side. Damned crazy stunt that, he prepared a nasty fucking spell and then used his body and soul as the conduit to allow it's manifestation. People fucking -die- that way, but thats beside the point. "You shall fall by my hand, it is the will of heaven."Those creepy crawlies poof away sure, as that little shrine burns. Not that you can really tell with the crush of demons. Still nearly smoldering, he widens his stance and drops his shoulders before diving into a sprint towards Nyx and the mobs surrounding her.

Jericho grins as Sho reappears and advances as well, though at a walk. This is what Illyana calls the 'Doritos army'. Crunch all you like, there's more. And there do seem to be more. Twenty or so must be dead by now but they're still all over her. He raises his blade as the ninja rushes in, sparing a glance for Zee and Wanda briefly. No, they're not going to kill Nyx. Or even knock her out. But she does have to know who's in charge. Hopefully… show's blow will drop her. If not, he's got one behind it.

"Zee…" Jericho calls out. "If she's not going to be trouble, we could use a hand."

Zee's…. not exactly busy…. but she is tending to Wanda, bending on the ground and wrapping her arms around the woman. "I'm sorry Wanda, it has to be this way. Nyx is…. " Jericho calls to her "If you don't want to help me, please… stay here."

Drawing her power to her as she stands and faces the pile, eyes glowing bright blue although, in Limbo, the blue seems to be a little darker…

~~ dniB xyN nI riA oS ehS tonnaC evoM, elbasiD reH snopaeW sA lleW ~~

The air around Nyx should start to bind her, including those wings… and Zee's magic should disable the weapons…. if it works at all.

Wanda has had a rough day…week…year…and this is what it takes to make things better. An awful lot of bad. She slowly gets to her feet, turns and places a hand on Zatanna's shoulder. And then she starts to mumble in an ancient language and her own power courses through the magi and into her spell. Not into Zatanna…that would be very dangerous…but adding to the power of the magic that binds Nyx.

Life just isn't fair. All Samantha wanted was to take everything she ever wanted. Maybe rule over a small country. Okay Demonic Samantha. God knows what Nyx wants other than to not be locked out by the Demonic influence. There are several more flails and flying demon parts before the confluence of events come to fruition. Her weapons all cut out, which includes her wings since they are just for show and entirely weapons not flight. Then she gets struck by Sho soundly which sends her spinning a bit out of the demon pile… and then she gets struck by Jericho. Not like she is moving much with the Wanda/Zatanna spell holding her in place for the massive pounding. Well in place of her own moving about, not from the pummelling. That oddly still seems to be knocking her around. Then she is buried in demons again.

Safe to say she is barely conscious which is bad if Jericho is right.

Tokyo comes to a stop with a roll of the shoulders, frozen for a moment post swordstrike. Then slowly the Ninja straightens and resheathes that wicked blade with an artful snap of the wrist, before looking back towards Nyx. "If I strike her again, she will slumber."is all he has to say on the matter, before tucking his hands behind his chestplate and strolling just as casual as can be towards Zee and Wanda. Yaknow, just in case one of the demons gets some smart idea or whatever right? Also, he's fucking beat so theres that. "I think I'm going to make tea, is anyone hungry?"What better way to signal to Nyx that she just got her ass kicked, right?

After that display the demons seem quite willing to give Sho a wide berth. Or maybe they can smell Lord Fujin on him. Jericho rolls Nyx onto her back as the demons pile off of her, puts a huge holographic 'foot' (paw) on her chest and puts the sword tip right at her throat. "So, you get where we stand now, I hope. I don't want to be doing this again." IE, I'm in charge here, right? Right?

He nods to Zee and Wanda and Sho, silently thanking them for the help. He can't acutally say thanks until they get out of Limbo. Still gotta be the dominant demon war leader here if Nyx is to be contained. Hopefully at some point soon she can have all the energy yanked out of her.

"Tea and food sounds good Sho, if you don't mind."

Wanda removes her hand from Zatanna as she watches what has become of Nyx. Should she help? Draw her own power out of the woman…or would she just try to eat it once more? Grow stronger again and make all of this a waste of time. The witch isn't bothered about being in 'Hell' and surounded by demons in the slightest. Whenever anything sniffs in her direction it quickly draws back…and Wanda doesn't even notice. Tea? Someone mentioned tea? "Thank you" she nods to Tokyo's question; he better have a lot of food if Wanda is eating.

The collar Zee wears affords her some protection and yet the young mage doesn't let her guard down, noticing the interest the demons display in her. "Tea sounds lovely, please Sho."

Casting a glance at Wanda, Zee offers a wan smile, the assistance with that spell was appreciated, before turning back to watch Jericho and Nyx. Crossing her arms loosely over her chest and settling back on her heels.

Tokyo turns, to settle down right there. Taking great care in setting those swords in his lap, before proceeding to root around behind his chest plate before finally producing neat little spell scripts. You don't see "written" magic very often, but even here with a few whispers and a silent prayer the papery slips erupt in a curl of flame. In trade a low table fades into existance, set with rice balls, red bean cake and a neat little tea service. Everyone's favorite ninja immediately gets to work, pouring a small cup to the rim before offering it and a small saucer up to Wanda.
"I am a servant of the Honorable Lord Fujin, the god of Wind. I will not allow you to come to harm, however I would indeed suggest in paying such course creatures any more attention than is strictly necessary. Quite literally, many may indeed potentially feed on attention. Please, do sit down and be at ease. You are safe as long as I am here."says the Ninja wearing a decidedly animalistic mask, with glowing eyes and swords and everything else.

Well of course Samantha is barely conscious. If Zee hadn't disabled her weapons, well eye particle beams and Jericho would be missing precious bits that make his demon queen presumably happy. At least the way she is squinting up at him. There is a supremely frustrated noise as she twists under Jericho's pressure on her chest. The spells are what is keeping her down, not his strength. Her nostrils flare as she sucks in several breaths. Then she slumps just glaring up at him now.

Jericho is, of course, aware that it's Zee and Wanda that are preventing this from turning into more of a fight. There is, of course, also a sword at her throat. And a holo-wolf-armor. "Well?" He gets the sullen glaring, he does, really. He also knows that Nyx is likely absorbing more and more energy from Limbo as they sit here. "Wanda if you can do anything now's the time." If he has to fight Wanda over the matter after the fact… this is also the place.

Wanda looks over at Jericho and looks concerned. "I could try and take it out of her but…she consumed it when I tried that last time. If she just drains it from me again…" She looks between the offered cup and saucer and then at Nyx…or something that look like her. An apologetic shake of her head to Tokyo before she is walking over to Nyx. "Zee. If things go wrong and I lose control…sned me to another dimension. One that you don't even know." With a deep breath she crouches next to Nyx and looks at her with sadness and guilt. "You are not evil, Nyx. You do not want to be evil. This is my burden to bear. Fight it and let it go." With that Wanda places her hand on the woman's forehead and starts to whisper strange words, drawing back the magic that infected Nyx…and herself.

Zee's eyes widen at Wanda's words… there's no way she'll be banishing a friend, but Wanda doesn't need to know that. Standing close to Wanda, Zee holds the spell that disables Nyx, and offers an apologetic smile to Tokyo. Maybe in a minute or two…

Sho is thankfully, not so easily insulted. No he just enjoys his tea and watches, because at this point there isn't much else he -can- do right? Well, watch and consider how difficult it might be for him to root up some magic swords or something. Crazy demon bullshit, wrecking all his favorite toys.

Well… Samantha squints and her eyes flick down and then up to the wolf monster pressing on her chest. She just doesn't fight yet mentally stablizing herself as best she can for Wanda's spellwork. She knows it is coming she isn't stupid. She isn't fighting yet.

Jericho keeps the blade where it is. He really hopes there's some of that tea left when Wanda's done. He'll happily take a cup. And then send Nyx and Wanda and Zee back while he cleans up here. Right now his part in this is 'paperweight'. "Zee, Sho, you two okay? Injuries or such?"

"Tired, a little upset my brand new Bisento lasted me exactly one fight. Otherwise I am uninjured and otherwise unbothered, however thank you for the concern Jericho."Well shit if everyone's just going to use his name, he might as well right? Lifting a hand to gently untie his mask, and set the thing aside. Not that he's liable to surprise anyone here, right?

Wanda's closed eyes squint tighter as tendrils of her magic reach into Nyx's mind…and soul. She seeks out the darkness. A darkness that she shares. A darkness born before there was even time. "Let it go, Nyx" she whispers. "Remember when we first met? How you were so proud to be a hero? It's what you have always wanted to be and it is why people love the Angel of Metropolis. Don't you want that back? Is it really so easy to control and corrupt Nyx? Is my friend /that/ weak?"

Zee's standing by, not letting the spell drop. Jericho gets a tight nod. "I'm alright… just… using a bit of energy." It's not nearly as tiring as it used to be, but it is still tiring in general.

The flattened young woman's eyes flick over to Wanda as her spell starts to sink into her. All her weapons offline still thanks to Zatana. Wanda can find her energy inside Nyx. The Cthonian magic and taint is like a moth to the flame after all. The darkness does not hide from the source. Though there is other magical darkness leaching into the girl from Limbo now.

Still Wanda can get a handle on the energy in Nyx and could rip it back out. The question is doing it safely.

Jericho eases up a little as Wanda draws. He nods to K'nert to go get something open to take his guests back. People… really shouldn't stay here longer than they have to. He has to protect them (even if they can protect themselves) or there'll be trouble and he's got other worries right now. Soon as it looks safe he'll let Nyx up and get them all out.

"I've found it" Wanda whispers as her magic finds its child. The tendrils of her power wrapping around the darkness and gently shifting it…trying to free the roots from deep inside Nyx's soul. "There is so much darkness here" the witch frowns, "She continues to draw it into her…other power. She is so willing to become lost." Wanda concentrates, sweat beading on her forehead, her breathing growing faster and faster. The Cthonian magic starts to return home and it gives Wanda a jolt as it does so. "Remember, Zee…if it takes me over…" Then she grits her teeth as she slowly draws her taint from her oldest friend.

Hey Samantha isn't eager to draw in magic, she can't do much about it ever since the incident with Jericho and his Promethean traces. Nyx isn't at all eager for more magic or darkness to be drawn into the young woman either for that matter. Of course when Wanda draws out the Cthonic magic there is a vacume and a bit of a mystal bang as limbo starts to rush into the empty promethean traces… right not good but not as bad as that Cthonic elder horror.

Zee should have been ready for that. She can only blame herself and focussing on holding the spell that disables Nyx. Murmuring quickly, she tries to shield the young woman from the Limbo magic, but it's too late…

She seems to be coming out of it though. Jericho eases up on Nyx and lets her up. "Alright. Back to earth with you." K'nerts got a disk open now. Gotham, it seems. "I'll come find you later." That's mostly to Zee. He eyes Wanda… she going to be okay?

Wanda isn't sure what she is right now. The sudden influx of the chaos magic is quite…exhilarating…but she also knows now how dangerous it is. Particularly when she gets emotional. So instead she is dulling her senses…her emotions…at least until it is fully under control. There are no red eyes or black hair so far. Removing her hand from Nyx she swallows heavily before nodding to the others. "It is done" she whispers before staggering to her feet. "I need to get home."

Well Samantha looks pretty dazed and confused sprawled there on the ground. Clawed and mauled and beaten up pretty severely. Not to mention the double loop triple curve express magick rollercoast. She manages a very clear "ugn… I think I'm going to throw up." though.

Linking her arm through Wanda's, Zee helps her onto the disc, standing beside her. Zee's wiped… but she knows better than to show it in Limbo. "Come home with me for a bit, Wanda. Then we'll get home, ok?" beat "You'll see to Nyx, Jericho? And you know where to find me."

"See to her, mmm, I'm sending her home with you and Sho. Here is not the place for her to be." For several reasons. Once the spell's cancelled he'll be ushering them on out. For now though he does help her up and over to the portal where Wanda no doubt is.

Wanda is thankful for Zatanna's assistance and she nods to the idea of staying with her. Hopefully Wanda remembers Nighteye's phone number. And then she is helping Nyx. "Thank you, Jericho" she smiles to the demon werewolf. "I know where to come to now." Then it is time to go home…or at least someone's home.

Guh… Nyx accepts the help out of Limbo.. wobbly and more than a touch staggering. She may not have been lying about needing to lose her lunch… wonder what she even eats these days.. but she is hustled through the portal to Gotham.

Problem mitigated some. Defcon 2 to 3 sort of win.

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