Let there be Darkness:Russian Invasion

June 06, 2015:

Whisper Adaire and pillars appear in that village in Russia, as well as a new method…

REDACTED --- Russia


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Fade In…

Once a small town, set to destruction 2 months ago by the actions of unknown beings but intercepted by members of the JL:A on another mission it was set to a bustle, rebuilding and burying their dead all the while hoping in one hand…

There is always that other hand, and when it comes to weights and measures of possibility and a magic 8 ball shake, 'The Outlook is bleak.' Comes in response when one day the ground unearths four pylons, the instance in South Hook a thing of non-existence to this village, their call for help with their remoteness in location unfound until it was too late.

Morse code, sirens of nuclear fallout…

A herald to deaf ears.

Not to those who are watching, though the interception point is too late. Where a remote village had been trying to flourish nothing remained, a crater flanked at four points by those omnipresent effigies of past, present, and future. If there ever once was a soul alive here, the snow has swallowed it in the hazy drifts that blow across the mountain pinned tundra, where summer seeks to come in other places of the world it is barely spring here - the perfect place.

In the middle of the four obelisks there are 3 adults, a woman, and a youth with the woman's hands upon his shoulders, tattoos cover his body of both past and recent imbedding into skin, but the language is archaic, foreign, moreso then the heirpglyphs that those 'needles' represent in their own way. Harbingers.


Wonder Woman saw the alarm, the call for aid and the location while in the Watchtower, immediately rising at a pace that left the room vacated with a spinning chair before the consoles, boarding the quintjet while calling out over the JL:A comm system to those who were able to respond. "We have an alarm at the coordinates in Russia." A readout is sent as well while Wonder Woman heads for the hangar. "Let me know if you need a ride, I am leaving now. Oracle, anything on your end?" In the backdrop the engines flare to life, an easy thing to hear before the comm goes back to communicative silence.

"Just the readings that young woman took recently in South Hook, Wonder Women" Oracle responds. "It might be worthwhile having Zoe go with you. She's seen South Hook first hand, and knows what we're looking at." beat "She'll need a lift though." If Wonder Woman agrees, Oracle will send Zoe a message telling her to be ready now.

The remoteness of the village means that she doesn't have dedicated video feeds monitoring the area. Patching into her satellite feed, the wheelchair bound redhead brings up the satellite feed of the area and starts to zoom in. The feed is sent to Wonder Woman to begin with. "Visuals gained, feeding them to you now."

A Cafe, Metropolis

"Linda, you're not being paid to look at your phone all day. There's customers to be served." The older woman working with Kara seemed quite annoyed with the young woman, hands on her hips with a stern scowl on her face as she stared at the Kryptonian girl.

"I'm sorry Marge, um, my Mom is in the hospital. I've gotta go!" It was the closest thing to an excuse Kara could come up with on such short notice after reading the message sent to her phone by her JL:A Communicator.

Before Marge can reply, Kara aka Linda is already rushing out the door before dipping into an alley and disappearing out of sight.


Kara had not been to the Watchtower since her meeting with the council and while being here, didn't exactly bring back pleasant memories of that day she was here and ready to do whatever she could to help.

Dressed in a Supergirl costume she arrived in the hangar asking Wonder Woman, "What would you have me do Wonder Woman? I can ride with you or fly on my own."

Zoe had been going over her findings of the alien landscape she'd been studying after her Encounter with Oracle, Shield Agent May, and Huntress the evening before. Hopping up and scrambling to get into some gear for a possibly harsh environment as she slung a satchel over her shoulder with some of her field instruments and her tablet where she'd installed Oracles app. Running towards the hangar boots clunking loudly onto the floor as she showed up in front of Wonder Woman with starry eyes and a bright smile as the young teen gave a little salute. "Wow this is all so awesome! I mean.. Zoe Vale reporting, Ma'am." She said with a sheepish smile afterwards. ((gear http://i.imgur.com/5NnTbiB.jpg ))

Ozymandiaswas only coming to the WatchTower to check to see when he had watched today, when the alarm comes in. He lets out a mock sigh over the communication signal and does his Dante Hicks impression, "I'm not even supposed to be here today." Ozymandias does a quick check of his gear as he makes his way to the hanger behind Wonder Woman. As he gets into his seat, he takes time to listen to Oracle's comments. He chuckles to himself "I still have hard time believing that 3,000 years have pass, and now is the time I go into battle with a Prophetess and an Amazon.

He offers a friendly wave to Kara.

Kate has been doing what she can with some of the JL:A's charitable endeavors, and today was going to be paperwork day. So when the alarm comes to hit the Watch Tower, she's quick to get into the transporter and head over, adjusting her uniform even as she's joining the others. "It's good to have goals, Ozzy," she says with a grin as she steps in to his comments. "Now you can check something off your bucket list."

"Your technique is lacking."



The men that surrounded Hawkgirl looked defeated, their bodies at a hunch, hands upon knees, sweat dripping upon the ground as even one curls up upon the ground and begins to cough. But there was one man; a young promising recruit who continued to hold his own, nose blooded, eye swollen shut, but his chin held high and back straight, who slides into stance for a final bout.

He was confident, this one, even as he wavers in his stance, his bow-staff brought up, swung down to test the weight of the bamboo, cutting through the air in a swift motion as he rushes towards her in preparation to strike.

"HIEEEEY— *urp!*"

Fist to the belly catches them every time, the man curls like a new born babe around that strong fist and plops to the ground just so, rocking back and forth, even piddling himself in the interim.


It is a wonder that Hawkgirl could spar amongst the lesser knowns with a comm in the ear, listening to Wonder Woman and Oracle, a brow raised as memories flash back to being blasted to hell and back against the chest, how the armor molded and melded to the skin, became one with the person and the propriety metals forming a life of their own by her whim. Her back was to them now, wings flourished and fanned as she stops and gestures towards one of the crew.

"Clean this shit up." Towel snatched and she was out.

The halls were wide enough for Shayera to cut loose into flight, keeping towards the ceiling to move at bullet speeds, toweling the mess of herself down even though she smelled a little bit rank due to exertion. Towel was dropped upon the head of a passerby as she lands into the comm room with a skittering step, already ready, an incense gripped from one of the holders of those who often times pray for a good mission and rubbed along her neck for 'Good Smells (trademarked).' Ready as she'll ever be, she remains next to Zoe, Diana, and those gathered, ready to move out if need be.


And with a slight attitude.. and a stomach that growls and screams: MEAT.

The power of the quintjet is one of a curiousity to those not direct with it or the technology Batman delves into and creates, though this is not only one of his, this is Wonder Woman's own and just as people begin to board the cloaking blankets over the body of the jet and the engines drop to begin gearing for thrust while thr main bay doors close off to allow exit, the bay rotating for triangulation as the feeds Oracle send via satellite are used to give them direct delivery.

Kara's direct arrival has cerulean gaze flicking from panels and switches to that of the Kryptonian, the smile welcoming despite where they had last passed in this building. "I would have you fight by our side." A seat is gestured to as the others arrive upon the jet as well and take their seats with their own remarks.

"Want me to drop you off at a Starbucks on the way? I am told they offer perks." Words to Ozymandias but before he can respond they are gone from the bay and although the jet is cloaked it is a hard thing to keep an utter secret when they pick up Zoe, appearing in a forceful push of wind that has litter and loose rubble blasting away from it's place of hovering. "Zoe. Very good research, good to have you. Ozymandias?" It appears as if Wonder Woman is offering him the split-second ability to tuck and roll, but oop.


Welcome to a dull sense of humor.

One more triangulation and the feed of the visual is brought up by Oracle, the 5 bodies already moving from their central positions amongst the obelisks to go to them, one to each except for the woman with the tattoo'd teen, known well to Oracle.

Of the 5, one of the people reaches a pillar, the young man bearing glasses at ease with what he does as if it was every day at the office, stepping over rubble of what used to be a house laying amongst terrain no longer natural to this country, laying a hand upon the pylon…

The quintjet arrives, a silence and cloaking even to the engine. "People. No harm comes to them. Get them clear of the area. Oracle and Zoe have found readings that these obelisks and what is around them is foreign, unable to be detected by science of our scope." Saying that about those they have networked is profound enough. "Oracle, see if you can find their identities while we bring them in. One to each—"

Interrupted as the male contact the pillar and the ground shakes, but it is not just the earth around it, it is the very air itself that seems to split and open, from a pinhole to the diameter enough to fit a single body currents shift, sucked in, and then spit back out with the filing downpour of Parademons in a release that resounds like thunder.

The woman is indeed well known to Gothams Information Goddess. "The older woman is Whisper Adaire" The dossier of the woman is sent to the team in the jet. Searches run for the other four, Oracles systems are good, better than good, but still data mining and searches take time.

As the results start to appear on the screens, the redhead relays the details "The teen is a missing person, from about six years ago, went by the name Danny Malone, disappeared when he was Eleven." Making the tattooed young man about 17.

"The other three had less stellar reputations. Low level criminals with rap sheets as long as your arm." beat "Joseph McGintup, started with armed robbery, Elizabeth Adams is a counterfeiter and involved white collar crime and Jenny Tyler has been arrested for people smuggling. Lovely people really." As the information arrives, it's collated and sent to the group.

"Hello Ozymandia, Supergirl, Hawkeye. It's good to be working with you, again." Zoe will be getting extra surveillance from Oracle, she's untried in the field.

Kara smiles a bit at Wonder Woman's words, "I would be honoured, as always Wonder Woman." She settles into the back of the jet with the others offering a smile to ozymandias, kate and Shayera, "Hey you three and hi Oracle." She gives Zoe a once-over and smiles a little brighter before extending a hand, "I'm Kara."

Zoe took the time to introduce herself to everyone during the Jet ride. The young mutant a student of Xaviers Institute that heard about the strange destructive obelisks in Gotham and things went on from there. A specialist in Xeno-Chemistry and Endocrinology thanks to her super senses gained fro mom her mutation.

She hustled off of the jet with the rest of the assembled heroes reaching into her satchel to take out her tablet and make sure Oracle was getting the same feed as the things she was looking at whilst taking in the local landscape. The Mutants molecular sight allowing her to start taking things in looking for something that was different then the other zone she'd spent time studying. "Alright Oracle I'm all set up and searching. This place looks just as alien as the last site but at least I managed to catalog most of the new elements. This should go a lot faster thanks to that." Zoe took a moment looking at the heroic escort with a bit of wonder. After all this was her first time really on a 'mission as it were and she looked anxious as a result. Trying to keep her head down for now.


"Thank you, Hawkeye, but it is not a bucket list. It is a "water well" list." A smirk has remained on his face sinceWonder Woman's comment and it only grows by his own comment. He looks at the dossier and raises his right eyebrow as he reads the description of A'Daire, "An immortal snake being, some small level criminals, mystical creatures, and mystery objects. I am glad I didn't get off for that Starbucks. Ozymandias chuckles softly. "And Hello Prophetess."

By the time the plane lands, Ozymandias is back to being gravely serious. He steps out of the plan, and says. "Do you want me to help with crowd control or engaging?"

"Hey, Oracle," Kate greets the digital presence with a crooked smile, adjusting her earpiece and checking her quiver as they fly. "So do we know if this is connected to the last time? And did we call the Russian armor brigade yet?" she asks as they come closer, checking all her buckles and fasteners. Just in time to see something very bad happen. "Of course he touched it," she sighs. "Does nobody watch movies anymore? Never read out loud from the book, never go into the basement or the attic, and don't touch the weird thing."

The trip itself was spent in silence. While everyone formed their comraderie, Shayera remained within the co-pilots chair, gaze into the clouds and the sun, often times the blank sky and the canvas below, the rushing waters that held her attention for the moment and a gaze gone back towards Kara with a finger wave in reply to her greeting.

Her jaw tenses as the point was near, the visuals taken and accepted.. the man disappearing into the pillar only to reveal.. a parademon.

Kate's words? Straight from Shayera's brain.

There was an insufferable sigh as Shayera unbuckles herself, drawing to a stand as a button was punched and hit to bring the door ajar for them to exit. Silent as ever, her neck twists left and right, as if she were working out an errant kink, surfaces of her skin leaking gold.. curling around the flesh to form that body armor that snugs and loves like winter.

Her teeth grits through it all, it was still a painful transformation, one that pushes soon to be clawed feet upon the ground as both hands extend to draw a clawed grip in gold with talons that fit like razors.

Those grips soon curl as liquid drips from the palm, oozing up the forearms to solidify and uncurl. Whips. How fitting, since she was ready and prepared to beat some parademon ass.

"Less talking." The near pained voice etches out, whips soon snapping at the ground as she takes off like a bullet toward the first parademon that touches the salt of the earth, a loud *CRACK* emitted as electricity slides along the coils of the golden whips which were soon snapped within the air mid-flight.

The information feed on Whisper A'daire shows feed also on her mind controlling the children in South Hook, much like kamikaze bombers, placements and pawns in a much larger game of chess. Though once they had snapped the children from their illusions and thrall, there was the issue of placement and belonging, or reporting to the families of still missing children. Money, Corporate head of a Banking Company though where exactly funds are being filtered to has yet to be looked into. Thus far it appears to be science and research technology and advancement in multiple countries. She made the others look like the everyday upstanding citizen.

Although Kara seems to be cautious, Wonder Woman is taking the moment to treat her no different, there is no need. Diplomacy and the battlefield have places, the separation is evident here as Wonder Woman stands and heads for the exit. "Hawkeye, you cover ground control, there is where you lead, make the tactical calls and try to keep them from coming in contact with those obelisks. Ozymandias and Zoe, you are with Hawkeye, Oracle keep them covered from air assault where we may fly blind." A pause as she stands beside Zoe. "Tablet away, eyes up." The girl's youth does not deter Womder Woman in her possible potential, but this is not a test run and it is not a run intended to throw her to the wolves, a comm to link her to the other JL:A members and Oracle pressed to her palm.

"Kara, let's greet them at the door with Shayera." A flash of gaze to each in parting and from the vambraces the swords of Hephaestus burn to life, eminating the glow and heat from the source until they meet Wonder Woman's hands when she takes flight at a roketing speed towards the opening portal.

The one that is in contact with the pylon is slowly becoming a part of it, the tattoo'd marking that werre not upon him are forming, though in a glowing arc of light that burns from the inside out the longer he keeps hold, and the longer he is in contact the wider that tear between becomes, those parademons fighting and clawing to file through and pour out into the air, circling…

Meeting foes head on with feral fanged screams, the others diving for the ground to stop the interruption of the other 3 making contact.

"Acknowledged Wonder Woman" Oracle will cover the team as best she can. Being overwatch can be a frustrating task… watching and not able to act directly, but she's good at that. Making sure she has Zoe's communicator dialled in, Oracle watches the tableau unfold….

"Sounds like a plan." Kara looked between Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman nodding her head in acknowledgement before moving to the back of the jet with a grin. She wouldn't ever admit it, but she was looking forward to cracking the heads of some ner'do wells after so much time working on serving coffee.

Speeding out of the back of the jet, her blonde hair whips behind her in the wind as her crimson cape flutters elegantly behind her; the young woman diving towards one of the Parademons to punch it right in the face with a classic Superman style punch.

Zoe mounted her table on a shoulder to give Oracle her viewpoint as she put in the communicator and followed after Hawkeye as ordered staying close as she saw the well armored creatures coming out. "Alright this is definitely the same stuff Oracle, those creatures I think they used to be human too. My eyes are telling me they're a whole mess of DNA but mostly alien at this point. Probably the poor people that used to live here. I think we guessed their intentions right, only they're not gonna kill us with the new atmosphere they're gonna transform us. No sight of the element or catalyst were looking for yet though." She blinked a little seeing Super-Girl fly into action. "Wow she just goes for it." She said with a bit of a goofy smile as if she could hardly believe she was here.

"Yes, ma'am," Kate nods to Wonder Woman, pulling out her bow and looking to Zoe. "Welcome to the crazy," she smiles ruefully. "I'm Kate, also known as Hawkeye. Archery, swords, martial arts. Ozzy here's a weapons master and pretty hard to put down. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl out there are our flying bricks," she summarizes. "Oracle over the comm there's our eyes and ears. So real quick," she says as she unbuckles herself. "What is it you do? We've got about thirty seconds here."

She's headed toward the ramp, though she's not going to step out into the air. Not until they're closer to the ground, at least. From the ramp, though, she starts shooting, a taser arrow toward first one of the people reaching for an obelisk, then another. No touching!

With Kara and Wonder Woman to the threes and nines, Shayera allowed herself to cut loose. Kara already scored the first hit of the night and was given a look of 'not bad' in approval. That was as far as Shayera would go for now, for her attention was spanned, whip flanned out to snap towards a Parademon that was close, tugged, electrocuted, and yanked down from it's perch within the air to crash towards the ground in a flurry of dust.

Whips? Mama likey.

Golden wings fan out as she touches ground, her body a slight twist and spin to avoid the flying of an arrow from Hawkeye the Second, whip tossed out in a light snap as one of the parademons attempt to head into that direction. It's shocked and stopped cold, crumpling to the ground, Shayera dropping back behind the two comrades to take up the rear.

"FAN OUT." She snaps towards the two, the whips a bright light as they begin to whirl, the omnious sound marking the occasion as the Nth Angel begins to spin.

Zoe's confirmation has Wonder Woman's brows furrowing, bridging in the thought her mind mulls over. "Oracle, are there any readouts, anything you are picking up off satellite feed?"

"We saw what they did last time, do not hold back!" The swords cleave upward, the armor of the parademon's moaning and denting but not giving, not immediately, one meeting the blows as it clings to Wonder Woman in an aerial tackle that brings its fanged maw clamping down over and over upon a vambraced forearm, her other driving repeatedly into the armor until it gives and penetrates, swinging the parademon up in a toss that ends him in Shayera's twisted whips, heading for Kara's back and closer to the tear that bears a black opening, its bowels and path currently plugging sight through with the clamor of parademon's attempting to break through.

What Shayera, Kara, and Wonder Woman fail to down is heading for the quintjet and its occupants, one already clinging to the cloaked machine,, trying to tear at what it cannot see and letting loose a scream akin to large claws across heavy stone at Kate, Zoe, and Ozy.

The one on the ground struck with a taser arrow shrieks in surprise, but unlike what occurred in Gotham this one is not under a spell, there is nothing to break. A look from terror to pain at her hand and then to hatred at the jet and Kate, that injured appendage lifted shakily and suddenly a shock blast is released, sending the being back in the abrupt expulsion, splayed upon the ground.

All Oracle can really get from the Satellites is images, but Zoe's tablet is sending data back and the redhead is running it through her systems. Patching into the data centre in Switzerland, the processing power is increased and the searches complete a little faster.

"It's a… " Oracle frowns "worm hole… the data I have says it's called a Boom Tube… it's connecting to another planet. I can't tell where yet." More reconfigurations on the fly and more searches are kicked off. "Keep the data flowing, Zoe, it's helpful."

Zoe was about to answer hawkeye but with the attacking creatures she knew she had to help. "Uhh I'll just show you!" She said and hopped for the ground hands extended as she did to ease the fall as a blue beam extended from her hands hitting the ground as it grew soft and mushy a good section of it turning into what looked like packing peanuts as Zoe landed and turned aiming this time at the Parademon clawing at the jet. weakening the sections it was holding onto as the metal seemed to seep around the demons limbs before breaking off and hardening making it fall towards the ground momentarily incapacitated until it could shake off its new metal bonds meanwhile Zoe stretched the metal on the jet to fill in the holes recently made and did her best to reinforce it. After that she started to look around the Obelisks desperately trying to find what they were after waiting to reground with Hawkeye and Oz. "I knocked one down but I don't think its out! Still searching Oracle!"

Kara whips around at the parademon heading to her back, performing a mid-air kick on the unearthly creature that sends it flying off into the distance; she takes a moment to watch the creature crash into a mountain before grinning a little wider.

At Hawkgirl's intructions she fans out and begins to use her full arsenal of powers against her enemies; giving them no quarter but clearly not killing the evil creatures.

Red laser beams shoot out of her eyes into a group of Parademons on the ground, targeting their weaponry so they will be easier for her comrades below to dispatch.

A sonic scream erupts from her lips towards a pair of heavy armored parademons closing in on her, the scream shattering their armor before she punches them away.

As a trio of Parademons are moving up on the flank of Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl she unleashes a devastating gout of freezing super breath, that sends the group crashing to the ground; out of the battle.

She's about to dive down to assist Zoe but it seems the other girl has matters firmly in hand and so she just smiles and offers her a salute from up in the air before racing back into the fight.

"If I wanted you to show me, I would've asked you to show me!" Kate snaps after Zoe, rolling her eyes and firing off an arrow at the demon once it hits the ground. The explosive tip doesn't leave much behind after it stops blinking and makes with the exploding. "I've got no fucking clue what that was, kid, so now you've killed the time we could've spent making a workable strategy."

Cranky Hawkeye fires another taser at another would be obelisk-toucher, staying on the ramp of the jet for now to get a better view of the field. "Get that guy's hand off the obelisk without touching it. Don't let anyone touch any more of them. If you can throw up a force field around them, do that. They seem to be controlling the gateway."

Picking her target, she fires off a putty arrow by another obelisk, surrounding it in sticky goop to slow down anyone who might want to touch it. "Let's leave some alive for questions, Ozy," she adds to the warrior. No need to tell him how to hit people. He's got that down.

Ozymandias gives Hawkeye a quick nod with his head and pulls down his Zulu shield in front of him. He used his superspeed to quickly ram the nearest parademon, knocking the creature off his feet. He quickly mounts the creature and drops some quick elbows to knock him out

When he sees another parademon moving towards the obelisk, he throws a concussive bomb between the demon and the obelisks. As the creature flies backward, Ozymandias tackles him in the midair, and suplexes the creature to the ground.

He holds on to the creature's neck, locking the parademon in a guillotine choke until it stops moving.

An echoing laugh crawls across the battlefield; Shayera spins like a top and loves it, right upon the clawed tip of her armored talons was whips and electricity flies. The parademon that was tossed and caught was slammed down, each of them snatched, picked, tugged and pulled, creating small little craters with their backs with the intent of breaking them upon impact.

A parademon gets too close, snagging the tail end of the whip within it's armor, shocking it to the core, his body yanking it free from her grip as she's left with one, another jumping her from behind to cause her to fall upon the ground, wings fanning out with a snap to bring her upright and back down again to crush him with the force of the downward swope. She continues that backwards-ground flying, dragging the demon with her until it lets go, rearing back up into the air, catching a view of the obelisks from above. The tactical mind was in play.

With everyone fighting, there was a sense of pride, but her eyes zero on upon the pillars as she begins to make way towards it with a razor cutting spin. Parademons drop to the ground in her wake, the motions fast enough to not be dizzying, razor ripping through armor and bone if they were comprised with a surprisingly chilling accuracy.

There's a purpose, the parademon's are ruthless diversions and protection for what is upon the ground. The onslought spills outwatd, one by one what is allowed out shrieks to the skies, the Russian miliray speeding along the mountain roads towards them scene with a helicopter above, and suddenly a course for the airborne and grounded heroes is split in thrice. The military is met with two parademon's, one picking up the headway canvas covered van, the other grappling onto the helicopter, almost kamikaze as it wedges its body into the propellers, bringing them to an abrupt halt while the chopper takes a nose dive and the jammed motor smokes… "The Russian military is meeting resistance! I will go cover them Kara, keep the Boom Tube and whatever comes out covered!" Faith and trust in her, she was doing what she was meant to do with ease and pride.

Wonder Woman is spinning, the blow to another casting it towards Kara who meets it with a subarctic blast, one that send it to the ground with wings frozen solid, a crater in the snow. Behind it Wonder Woman is heading for the Armed Forces of Russia, one hand gripping the leg of the helicopter before it hits the ground, the parademon upon it dislodging itself from the propeller in time to let it do one final broken spin enough that Wonder Woman releases the landing gear and grips the propeller, a quick change to fight the momentum and bend it back, the attacking parademon wrapped in the metal that she snaps from the top of the machine and then launches it at its partner upon the ground, stopping the Spetznaz from coming to aid.

Below the few parademon's that stand guard and attack are met to dodge the aerial attack send down from Kara, scattering and sending their screeching curses towards the sky, one cut off by the grappling hold of Ozy, lashing and whipping like a wild mustang at first, only to drop beneath the duration that presses beyond the advanced physiology and cuts of necessity.

The one that Zoe trapped may have limbs hindered but that does not stop the almost wounded animal crawl and snap of fanged maw towards her in quick and abrupt lunges of hind legs that leave furrows in the ground.

Kate's placement of arrows keeps one pillar from being impacted, the tattoo'd teen and Whisper glowerin her way, the looks of serenity on their faces, all something similar even in a moment like this the humans seem nonplussed and at peace.

The one that had fired a blast at Kate rises and does so again, from peace to ire and then the eruption of an electro web to try and trap her in place and keep her there with extremely high voltage, though the blast is one that sends it closer to the pillar, that other hand extending to touch down and when it does the arching light of webworking burnt tattoos begins to meld and form up her arm, eyes cast to the sky and towards the tear in the sky.

The data being fed from Zoe's tablet is analysed and Oracles eyes narrow. "You need to break their contact with the pillars. Get them off there… " She's not sure what's happening to the humans, without full medical data she's flying blind but the redhead can see that as each human came in contact, the power output grew. "Don't hesitate."

Zoe knew she had to act fast. Taking a moment to transmute her body slightly, oxygenating blood, improving her balance, increasing muscle density and then finally altering the bottoms of her boots to allow her to slide almost frictionless against the ground as she started to dash towards the people about to be transformed. Ignoring the demon lunging for her as she shoulder checked the first human then again. Sending them sprawling out onto the ground as she stood in front of the central Obelisk. "Oracle this ones different I can tell. I'm gonna try to break though." The portal was fight above here though, this was the site of their invasion and this had to be where she'd find her answer.

Crackling red energy starting form between her hands as she focused her alchemical blast. She wasn't sure if this would do it but she had to try. She sent the arcing disintegration beam towards the central obelisk where she'd pushed the man down and out of the way. Blasting the material as she ripped apart the molecules themselves from one another trying to get to whatever it was housing inside. When and if she saw it with her enhanced vision Zoe would grab it breaking out into a spring back towards the jet. Throwing one of the survivors over her shoulder as she did. "I think I found the Catalyst! But there's so many of these things!"

"None shall pass Diana. You have my word." Kara nods solemnly to the older heroine, a great deal of respect and admiration in her eyes as she turns to fly towards the portal the demons are coming from.

Blonde hair whipping around her face, she does her best to keep true to her word as she fights against everything coming through the portal; as close as possible.

In fact, it seems like Kara's efforts are not just spent on disabling the Parademons but pushing them right back into the portal by any means nessecary.

Speaking into her communicator, she reports, "I'm doing my best to hold them off up here. There's just too many coming through though! It's like they're infinite.."

Kate fires an arrow into the electrical blast headed her way, throwing off the targeting and making the jump down to the ground to stay clear. "We're working on closing the portal down here," she calls back to Kara, only to find Zoe touching things.

"Okay, seriously, veto on this one," she mutters. That may or may not be loud enough to be picked up by the comms. It's probably audible for super hearing. There's a net arrow for whoever is flinging electrical blasts at her, and riot foam for another to immobilize them as she moves through the field.

"Hawkeye, I am using my knock out gas bombs to put the humans asleep, and then I am going everlasting vengeance on any parademons that are still around. Can you cover my back? I will owe you which I think will make us even." Since Ozymandias has worked more than a few times with Hawkeye, he knows that he doesn't have to ask her to get his back.

Ozymandias lets out a war cry and starts to throw knockout gas bombs around the field to knock out the humans, and possibly any parademons. He pulls out his assegai and bangs it against his shield to prepared to attack any parademons that are not brought down the knock out gas. He

Shayera was aware of the oncoming army, the Spetnaz and the forces arriving to defend their country. Wonder Woman had that handled, as well as others upon the ground who dashed into the fray with bravery. Shayera kept her spinning flight, only stopping once she touches down upon the ground, Zoe's dashing into the fray causing a slight wince and a growl..


There was just one person left upon the obelisk, and with a throw of blows Shayera fought to reach the woman, her arm curling around her neck to try to pull and twist her free, one hand reaching out to even tug upon her forearm, growling with all her might. "SHE'S STUCK! I CA…" She.. just didn't bother. Her heart sank as she continued to pull, her gaze soon shuttered out as the parademons begin to latch themselves to her golden wings to bite, tug and pull.

Thankfully, the Nth protected them from that assault, even as they try to dislodge her from the last human standing. As she could see it? She had no other choice. She could have pulled her free, she could have done something.. anything.. but as Shayera leaned her chin upon the back of the womans head…


The body hangs limp as the parademons continue to latch and fight, Shayera's body beaten, yet still remaining upon two feet with bent knees, her head slowly lowering as she mourns, her fingers curling into claws as she lashes out in pure anger. The Nth has tasted blood.

And it wanted more!

Wings nearly bent due to their thrashing fans out in a lick of pain, pressed back to the point their touching as her body bends, dragging the hanger ons as she heads towards Whisper, her hands outstretched as she takes a leap with the mean to grapple and tackle to the ground.

There was a cry there, a growl unheard from a Thanagarian, fists raised if she manages to catch hold, pounding down in every which way with unabashed brutality that would even make a true demons heart sink.

Shayera was done.

The bound and sailing parademon impacts the one that launched the Russian military's truck, sending him into the mountainside where the cliff face rumbles and stone begins to spill downward. Flying for the collapse, the collateral damage is assessed in the process, the propeller wrapped demon picked up and slammed into the mountain face, using its body to wedge into the collapse, one stone falling upon the other and keeping a stronghold upon the parademons body, the very thing keeping the avalanche from falling. Sweeping down the final tha is barring the path of the Spetznaz and heading for the next vehicle is picked up, Wonder Woman's swords severing through its wings as she picks it up, unyeilding to the bellowing cry and the follow through of its maw closing down upon her thigh. A force that could have sunken through and severed limb from body, instead a few droplets of bloodfall and several of its teeth break. Silly parademon, Amazon's aren't for Aliens. A loosed fist thrusts between its jaws, ripping them wide to an audible *pop* noting the final exertion before the beasts shriek is silenced and it falls weightless to the ground.

Hearing Kara, knowing the military is free to join them as long as they meet nor further resistance Wonder Woman heads back to her side, that golden lasso lashing forward to grab one, a sweep wide and to the side using its body as a counter weight, trying to bar the path with that golden Truth. "Shayera, we have the sky, clear a path from above to below!" A glance to Kara and a nod to assure her and proceed.

Zoe's attack towards the teen and her proximity has the woman reforming, her placidity warping as her jaw unhinges, hooked fangs dripping with a milky liquid of venom, spitting that acidic liquid at her as she seeks to pass and in turn knock the teen aside.

The man Zoe ripped from the obelisk looks content, a moment of heaven and then there was something… A blink, a loo of confusion… "No… nononono!" His body begins to suddenly emit a ping amongst trembling. One followed by a massive vibration of that sound.


If he is not released, the countdown was only a warning to the others, the other two left alive that react in kind, freezing in place and staring forward, that serenity returned as the one in Zoe's grasp begins to glow brightly, those tattoo's burning through his skin searing it as he explodes outward in a flash of light, a concussive blast, and a moment of vaccuum. Then nothing.

Whisper was about to take the teen… And Shayera is upon her, the large serpentine hiss escaping even as the impact of armor on meat sounds out, the woman spits forward into Shayera's face with that acid fluid.

Ozy's gas only confuses the ones before him, bringing them to all fours, two of them left, one on each of his sides to charge in and meet him in their final clash, one trying to pass to get to Kate who has managed to stop the final two from their goals.

The portal Wonder Woman and Kara have busied themselves with closes, even as you can see beyond the hoardes waiting to get through and hear the caucophany of the angered bellows until it is completely gone.

"Kate, sitrep. The protal closed, we're coming."

"Get as many readings as you can, Zoe. We're going to want to analyse this everyway we can." Oracle knows there are several organisations already working on this project, she'll what can to them and see what they can glean.

Kate has adjusted to working with people who don't suffer from human limitations. Which is why she's got a mask on hand, clapping it onto her face when Ozy goes for the gas. "Couple down, no one's touching the obelisks anymore," she reports back to Wonder Woman. "New kid pulled something out of one of them, and now they're beeping like they're about to-" Which is when the sound of the explosion comes across the comms.

Kate hits the ground, taking shelter where she can and trusting in her uniform to keep her safe from shrapnel. "Sound off!" she calls when the ringing in her ears starts to fade.

Zoe's eyes went wide as the man she'd tried so hard to save in her arms nearly imploded in a flash of light. Sending her spinning around the air as she landed on her side with a groan. The concussive blast sending her mind feeling as those brown eyes were unconfused a moment a she laid on the floor. Then slowly and with the utmost determination she stood up. She'd been holding on so hard she had a handful of the persons skin and hair burned into her gloves as she grit her teeth. "Oracle I had the sample.. I'll bring it to the lab."

She said and started to run back to the jet. A broken arm, a few broken ribs. She focused and enhanced the tension of the muscle in her legs and jumped over that crawled Parademon and into the Jet panting as her legs were certainly injured from pushing them so hard with her ability as she sat up and opened her satchel bagging the sample she managed to get before falling onto her back rather spent. Then speaking over coms. "Still alive, I got the material, objective complete.."

Ozymandias furrows his brow behind his masks as the parademons do not go down. As he sees that one of them is trying to flank him, and get towards Kate. He backs goes after that one first. He buries his assegai into the creatures, and continues to stab into the creature.

This leaves him open to be rake across the back by the other parademon. He spins around to face the parademon. His body already healing the wounds as he shoves his assegai down the mouth of the parademon and through the back of his head. He falls to the ground just as the explosion happens.

After the explosion, he mumbles on his coms, "Oz, *cough* here."

Kara lets out a long sigh of relief after the portal closes, giving a thumbs up to Shayera and Wonder Woman for their aerial teamwork before diving down to help assist with cleaning up any demons left on the ground.

Arriving near Zoe after she dispatches a few enemies that had been left to be mopped up she offers the other girl a hand, asking, "Are you alright?"

The acid catches her, she knew nothing about Whisper, but she was sure to not make that same mistake twice. She screams in pain, her hands immediately clasping and clawing at her face, her body leaning back to launch and propel herself away from the woman entirely. And then the blast happens, knocking her forth and back, body rolling in a mess of wings until she skids to a stop with the help of a parademon who had fallen in the midst of their battle.

"Here, Hawkeye." She calls out, scarification already settling in, adrenaline pushing back the pain as she stands with a slow struggle to her feet. There was damage everywhere, but eyes went to the sky to see the clearing, smoke.. haze.. and a glimpse of the stars. The portals were closed.

Wonder Woman lands amongst the smoke and the fallen, bringing a parademon down with her, the lasso lashed and whipped over head so that her hard landing slams the alien into the ground, cratering it around them. When the earth settles around her and the smoke clears enough the Spetznaz is moving in, checking what is left, if anything moves the herald of hunfire reigns in the backdrop, sounding like war. Some yelling as they enter into a tussel with Whisper, thankfully geared for this in armor resembling Wolf Brigade's own, melting but not quick enough to havetheir comrades close in on the fight…

Hawkgirl is passed, but not without a pause, that look in cerulean gaze one of pride despite the end of it all, the maiming upon Wonder Woman's thigh having almost already completely healed to that of dull scars. A once over and hand to help her to her feet while the placement of Ozy and Kate is found as well, offering Ozy a hand up first and then finding Kate half buried beneath some uprroted earth, dusting it off of her and giving a hand if acceepted as well. Taken or not, each left upon the battlefield is accounted for visually while Kate gathers the vocal confirmations. Watching as Kara and Zoe board the jet, her jaw working with a slight tension.

"Oracle, Zoe needs medical attention, if the Watchtower facilities are needed ensure the jet allows her to the coordiantes. She has clearance until mended and then she is to exit." Now that tone alters as she addresses Zoe directly. "You did well. For a soloist. We operate with a chain of command here, if you get the directive, you get it, if not, your comrades come first, your mission is nothing without them. Kate was your commander on field, you put her and Ozymandias at risk as well as yourself. Please, seek training. For your bravery, I commend you, you'll be a useful asset once you understand."

The words though reprimanding were said with a softness, one of caring, for her teammates, her /family/, and the girl herself. It is a quick way to end up dead and today was no exception. Zoe was lucky. "I am going to stay with the Troops, help, see if there are answers as well. Any can stay if they wish, otherwise I will see you all for a counsel on this in 24 hours."

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