Door to Door

June 06, 2015:

Guy Foley (Taskmaster's disguise) shows up for a 2nd job with Rant and encounters Selina.

Tin Roof Club, East End, Gotham

Tin Roof Club


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Agent Guy once again finds himself in front of the Tin Roof Club. A crunch on the toothpick in his teeth and he grins. A flock of thugs stand around outside of the infamous dive, well, he has seen the inside it's not what you would expect in East End. A diamond in the rough to be cliché.
A rather unimpressive looking man standing around 5'8" balding with a paunchy gut, stubble and Chris Farley's very own salesman outfit Guy is not the most threatening looking individual. All a projected image, however.
They bar his path though, these kids, hooligans, street urchins all calling themselves Alley Cats. Always suspicious when a punk gang like this hangs out around a fancy place like the Tin. Guy knows the game though, he knows who works inside and that is exactly why he is here, "I'm here to see uh Melody. Y'all wanna move so I can meander my way in."
"Clubs closed. Get lost fatman."
A sign from Guy as he rubs the stomach with his free hand. The other is clutching a beat up suitcase. "Rude and smoking. You're a despicable human being aren'tcha. Bet you don't even work?"
"Fuck you. I'm working right now. We're security."
"Haha, what are you guarding? Your sisters virginity cause ya done failed that one already. I seen her three streets back when she tried to flag down my sedan. Fortunate for you I don't deal in cheap."
"Oh shit! Old man just dogged you about Amy! What you gonna do, bro?"
A plume of smoke exhales from the thin but very tall Alley Cat's lips and he puts his cigarette out. The butt is stashed and he turns to walk over to Guy looking down at him. Way down. Closer he gets bigger he gets, he is nearing 7' in height. "I'm going to fuck your shit up you stupid little Mormon looking cock sucker."

There's transmission and the men behind 'Jackal' straighten, not saying a word but eyes shift to the corners, periphery picking up the hazed over suns' reflection off the SUV's windshields as they round the corner, flanked by Street Demonz motorcycles that end the streets foreboding silence with their uproarious vibrating /purr/.

Marsh's jaw works and his head cocks, spitting to the side of Guy's feet, just abreast of his suitcase, spattering the sidewalk. "I recommend you leave before shit gets uglier. Bitch."

The doors to the club open and suite security stand there, off base from the thugs that wait outside, their weaponry hidden but the tee-tale creases in their suits show that they carry fair enough heat holstered where it belongs, unlike the Alley Cats who carry it tucked in bands and boots.

The SUV stops and the bikes fan out, turning right or left at the blocks T split to circle back if need be, but appearing to leave the single Cadillac to unload the occupants. The door opens and the first thing that shows are two little shoes hopping down, loafers of white, topped around the ankles with rainbow frill'd socks, a little lace trimmed skirt of denim puffed out around little legs that overalls up over her torso with a matching poofy top that almost seems circus like in its extravagant flare and puff around shoulders. Long curly hair hangs down the child's back, dark eyes alight as she clings to her stuffed 'sock kitty'. No monkeys here. Looking back though one stilettos foot is followed by the other, flared trouser pants hang loosely above the silver tipped walking weapons, until thighs and waist where the attire clings and accentuates dangerous curvature, a white blouse hanging partially unbuttoned at the neck down to plexus, shorn black hair topping it off in a messy style of sharp pointed edges - like th corner of emerald felinistic gaze.

Landing upon Marsh and Guy her hand takes the little girls, lowering down to whisper to her, Anastassia's grip on her ragamuffin kitty tightens but her chin lifts as she walks past the men and into the club to leave Selina, her men, and the visitor standing on the street in front of the club, those keen eyes snapping from toe to head of Guy. "Mel's friend, right? It's after hours."

Marsh's lips part and snap shut only to garner a small smirk from Selina.
"Cute kid." The visitor remarks seeing Anastasia stomp on by rainbow monkey in hand. "Colorful"
A helpless shrug follows from Guy, "After hours, before hours. I never know which is which with my gig and clientele." A grin around that toothpick shows off yellowed teeth. Guy is not an attractive disguise but it's a suitable one and pre-programmed in to the image inducer. Taskmaster enjoys the subterfuge at times. It's amusing and gives him a small high.
"Your friend here, Marsh, he's got no manners. I even name dropped Mel and he still didn't back off? " A once over of Selina and Guy's eyes almost twinkle, "I got this issue again." The suitcase is rattled. "Need some of your friends help, she did my right last go around and my employer was rather pleased so I figure? hell? why not right? It's some easy g's for her." He is all but ignoring Marsh and the rest of the Alley cats. More to the role than what he'd like to do to them.

Selina in heels even looks down upon Guy, one hand snapping out, those black diamond claw rings flashing their own subliminal threat, though no strike comes of it instead she is rolling up the lightly flared cuff of white blouse, followed by the other while he speaks. "It is getting far too /sticky/ out here. Come inside." Selina speaks to Guy casually, uninterested in the business he does for Rant, or so it seems.

Moving past guy she pauses by Marsh, one hand clasping him on the shoulder. "I do not put manners on my resume when I keep people in my employ. They do what needs to be done."

With those words Marsh puffs up in display, straightening so that even Selina's hand has to come off the giant man's shoulder.

Glancing back she tips her head for Guy to join her, though once she crosses the threshold more buttons of that blouse are undone with an exhale of relief despite Rodaga in the background, apparently with the child.

"Oh, no girlfriend, sweetiepie Barbies face ain't perfect, nor are those rags. Let me show you.."

Child occupied and Selina is sliding atop the bar, seating herself on the lacquered surface to cross legs and lean back, grabbing bottled water from behind in a languid arch and lean. "Who is your employer, Guy? And what do you or /they/ want from Rant?" Pause. "Me."

A smile and a wink to Marsh and Guy saunters past in a puffed up stride of his own after Selina pausing only to re-adjust his belt. Once again it screams of something familiar. "Guy Foley. A pleasure to meet you again, I think we met once before. Memory isn't so great these days." A grin, a special kinda grin, not quite the same he'd given to Marsh. Yes, Mr.Foley is on the side of creepy but that's part and parcel.
"I'm in the business of getting legal things done for uh the not so legal sorts. I'm not a lawyer mind you, just a middle man and well, I figure I can be open about this sort of thing since it's obvious you're my clients kinda people buttt there is things I cannot be open about since your name isn't Rant or Melody? Missus?" Let it hang there in question. The kid is given a wide birth, maybe they make him uncomfortable. Guy only looks at the child warily before fixing his attention back on the Tin's hostess.

Tossing Guy a bottle of iced water, Selina uncaps her own and takes a long drink while Guy talks, but those eyes gleam in the darkness and back-lit atmosphere of the 'closed' club. Not a casual glance, she does not buy it and there is no need for her to things have not necessarily been on that level, especially in seeing how he skirts the child before she disappears into he back with Rodaga, the little girl even mimicking his sashay and flourish behind the drawn curtains and closed door. Fanfare.

Rocking forward, elbows rest to fold arms across utmost knee, water bottle dangling from clawed fingertips, one tapping over plastic surface. "What kind of /legal/ things? I could use said services, though I am more in business to require," Reaching forward she grips Guy's tie and tugs him in, that assessment one more slow, scathing and yet /something else/, that tug not ending even in the -sliding- release that leaves light clawed lines over the smooth cloth surface. "Spry employees. Risky business."

"Heh well? contract work, acquisitions, rule enforcement, self-defense training, security, counter-security, high end stuff? its costly." Guy's hand rises up and straightens out his tie then he proceeds to push the wisp of hair on his bald head off to the other side.
"Very costly." He repeats that word again while accepting the water. "Thank ya, doll. I tell ya, this place gets nicer each time I come in. Well, aside from the loiterers you got out front. " His gaze flicks over the rest of the inside of the Tin. "You look like you're preparing for war. Maybe you do need someone like my client."

"It's after hours, like I said." Selina states to the array of weaponry that is laid out upon tables, laptops, networks that are tracking… A dismissive wave and she nonchalantly sips her water, leaning back to prop her figure up with the brace of one hand planted upon the bar top.

"Marsh, you and your boys. Come in." Selina states into an unseen comm device, a wave about her place with the bottle ridden hand as a showy gesture that ens in a small smirk, not necessarily touching her eyes with anything all too friendly. Sly.

"Self defense, enforcement, you talk a big game. Are you just the 'witness' or delivery?" The inquiry is backed by Marsh and the other two thugs making their way through the door and waiting at the top of the entry platform.

"I'm a girl who tries before she buys."
"Uhm, I'm the medium. I try and stay out of the business end of things I just hook you up with him and vice versa. I don't get in to the hands on. I kinda explained that to Melody once before, this extra? interrogation just you curious or you being protective of one of your people?" The water is sipped at and he looks from it towards the bar. Guy doesn't seem too bothered by the display of armaments and munitions, it's sizable for an outfit like this but not something he'd call major league. A gang or several, yeah, it's bad news for the GCPD. Probably also whoever they intend on hitting but it isn't SHIELD or even HYDRA caliber. "So, no, I ain't a sample tray. Unless you got somethin' else in mind. "

"Pity, I was hoping to see you be more then a salesman preaching his own religion on my doorstep without the /faith/." Selina scans over Guy and then tilts her head and the excitement in Marsh's gaze dies, but as they move back outside it is apparent the exchange is noted. He'll take a piece of the fat man later.

"Call it a bit of both. Legal bases covered is always a plus when you are in the business of sex, scandal, and war. Funny how intrigue evolves over time, hm?" Sliding down off the bar it is almost a serpentine motion, pouring over the edge with a supple ripple of her body over the eave to bring her to feet and upon Guy with a loving stroke of clawed hand along his bald head and down his cheek. "I'd have something else in mind, but I would not leave much for your employer upon your delivery. Bad for business." That clawed tip now touches just before his face and ticks back and forth with the tsk sound passing lips in clicks. "And right now business is /good/."

A few steps back and she is skimming her place as well as the shadows that shift with telltale signs of her security, Keith in the open though with hands folded at the end of the bar. "Bring me a sample try, and if it tastes better then the shit Gotham's finest has to offer in the department of fish eggs, you have a sale Jehova."

"Well, fine and well, I wasn't honestly here to market or sell you a thing. I came for Melody. Client needs a thing fixed up nice and she does good work? I will tell you this though, my client doesn't have to seek, they find him and what he does sell tends to sell itself, if you catch me." A handkerchief comes up out of a pocket from somewhere and rubs the forehead of the man - though there is no visible sweat. That would be too much added extra detail for the Image Inducer and long term use only gives you the basics. "And good business can always become better business." A shared smile in that. A lingering once over and his eyes drift towards one of the pistols laid out upon a table, "Bulgarian weapons? Interestin' choice. I dunno why I expected Italian or Russian. Those two seem to have a lot of stock and trade here in Gotham. Someone convince you to go for Browning Hi-Power knock offs?"

Watching Guy, one brow perks as he speaks, passing the weapons to claim a seat in the booth that is typically gates off by velvet rope for VIP at the end of the stages runway. "If your client wants to keep his business in Gotham, he will find me. If you catch me." Boldly stated, but there is not hitch in her voice, no sign of bluff, just the steadfast belief in what she is doing as well as the metal buffet of backing laid out between them now.

"These are not my preference. I trust my people to make the right choice, the one that will cover their asses and save their lives. When made accountable it tends to make them choose what they feel is best and comforts them at night." Pausing though, there is that light glimmer of surprise at his revelation of knowledge, arms folding across her chest.

"And you would suggest, what?" Now /this/ is interesting. "Or should I wait for word from your employer?"

"Gotham is risky business, risky and usually ugly. Too much underground laws and codes not to mention y'all got a serious pest issue, bats and birds. I know he has been looking for a good pitch here? you're curious about my client just Google Taskmaster. That should do plenty for ya. Then we can talk. I'm only dropping his name because you were nice enough to get me some water." Mr.Foley smiles again, "They'll work the Arcus 9's ain't too shabby. Point, shoot, bang, dead. Rather simple. " Lifting his wrist up Guy takes a long studying look at the device there, a very large watch that looks high-tech, more expensive than the clothes he wears.

"I don't need Google. I have what you seek." Selina states, meaning Mel. Her fence.

Listening her eyes shift to the weapons and then back. "I am not asking for him to partake outside of my walls. This is not your employers business, it's mine." A lofty rise of her chin, nonplussed and yet regarding him with a hard study that shows the obvious debate. "If you know only part of what he does and can consult with tact and ultimately make me gain…. Then so will he." A rise of hand and fingertips rub together.

From him to his device and back she turns then and heads towards the back where Rodaga and the child went. "You seem pressed for time and I will let Mel know you came, though you may stay and wait. I can provide more then water." Pausing at the draw of curtain Selina gestures behind, and two women emerge, one brunette and one black haired, both dressed in a manner t leave nothing to the imagination, nor do their smiles.
"Whoah whoah, wait up. You're turning this around to 'your' business? Mel is what I seek for an all together different thing, shes done work in the past for us. I'm confused here, you're holding her ransom until my employer shows up and gives you a sample?" A click of his tongue and the water is downed, "Nah water is fine. Anything else anymore gives me heartburn." Guy stands up and tugs the briefcase in against his chest, clutching it there while stepping away from the bar. "Time, time is something I'm always pressed for." Also the image inducer only lasts x amount of minutes before it starts to glitch out. "Lets clear this though, cause, I can take my business elsewhere and maybe I just ain't understanding what you're sayin'? too sober or somethin'. " Yeah, that's it.

"No, you silly Jehova. I have her to do more then Google can supply in regards to your Taskmaster. Your employer's business with her is your own, I was just offering you some other luxuries while you wait for her. But since you are declining," A hand rises and the swirls turn, going back the way they came with a light pout of play upon faces. No blow to their egos, they had more prepping to do before tonight anyway. "Perhaps another time." Heart attack risk more like it than heartburn. The play of a smirk over her lips though does not go away as she skim him from toe to head and disappears behind the curtain as well.

"Oh well, I suppose that makes sense. I don't really know all that girl is capable of beyond what been passed along and fixin' things was it." A tap on the briefcase and he sets it down near Selina. "She'll know what this is, same type as last time just a little older. She gets that, I'll be back or maybe next time the bossman himself will just show." A bounce of shoulders from the

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