Quite The Pair

June 03, 2015:

Seikatsu and Daimon talk about their relationship.

Coney Island

Famous as a seaside resort and amusement area, most of the major
attractions in Coney Island suffered major damage from Hurricane Sandy in
2012. Luna Park only recently reopened and the damage to the acquarium and
the other, less well known amusement parks has been slow to repair as well.
The other notable feature, aside from a lot of very nice resort housing, is
MCU Park, a minor league baseball park home to Brooklyn Cyclones.


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Fade In…

There were obvious perks to being dependant on friends. That meant that one never really had to work a job a day in her life even though she was clearly disabled. But people have made due with less, Reese has in a former life. But now she finally, at long last, takes the time to walk the earth to enjoy herself and help when needed.

Though, present company.. it may seem that she's on a path to bad instead of good.

But, he was nice to her. He helped her, he fought on the side of good even though his intentions were somewhat different than most. So it works, really. Their relationship, still undefined officially, calls them to be close enough to spend their days walking where ever she sees fit.

So it's a wonder that she has him now, her own arm looped within his, a nice waffle cone loaded with sprinkles and chocolate syrup held in her hand, occasionally drawing a lick here and there as she listens to whatever random musings he has for her today.

Daimon Hellstrom likes the boardwalk. Carnivals and the like have always been welcoming homes for demons and, while he may not be typical of the species, he nonetheless never feels quite right unless in some sort of den of iniquity, somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere less thn wholesome. Although, admittedly, having a pretty blind girl on your arm, eating an ice cream cone, is one of the more wholesome pursuits of his time. His devilish aspects are drawn away, his brand covered, horns and fangs withdrawn, able to pass easily enough for a normal, albeit somewhat sinisterly handsome, man.

"I knew a man who used to run cons here. The usual tricks - three card monte, ball and cup, the old razzle dazzle. He was kind, for a man who spent most of his days ripping off tourists. He never took too much and send them away before they lost more than twenty dollars to him, and he wouldn't take bets from kids. That's practically ethical," he smirks.

"I suppose he was kind of like me, in that way. Not exactly on the up and up, but he certainly could be worse. So, how's that ice cream treating you?"

"Hnnh." Is the only reply Seikatsu had for Daimon, she was focused on the ice cream, licking here and there, tilting it a bit to try to get a big glob from the top so that she could have herself one of those glorious headaches. Her chin and nose were quiet enough, but which would a girl trade? The cone or the arm of the man beside her? She'd probably go with neither. She was used to being messy either way, she was.. for all intents and purposes, practically homeless.

"Sounds like someone I knew too." She states quietly, then goes back towards the ice cream.

It was clear how it was treating her, so much that she at least had to share, her arm lifting up just a little in front of him, keeping her hold careful and precise to not mess up whatever snazzy outfit he decided to wear today. "Try it. I'm not a fan of the almonds, but the chocolate syrup mingling with the vanilla is giving me the warm and fuzzies."

Daimon Hellstrom laughs and leans his head in, lazily scooping up some ice cream with his tongue and smacking his lips a bit as he gets his fill, "That's…very sweet," he laughs, "I like the almonds myself, but salty-sweet has always been one of my weaknesses," he says.

He reaches into his pocket and draws out an honest-to-goodness handkerchief, reaching over and dabbing lightly at her chin and the corner of her mouth, "Just stay still for a moment…there we go. Now, you can feel free to smear it all over your face once again, only in a single layer," he smirks. "Now, would you prefer to walk on the beach, quiet and intimate, or should we go deeper into the boardwalk and try to get onto the Ferris wheel?"

She could feel the pressure that was put upon the cone, holding it tightly until it's gone, then stops to lift her chin as he begins to dab away. "Sorry.." She murmurs quietly, her gaze flitted downward into the darkness, her fingers clasping tightly against his arm. She smiles once he was done, this time being more careful with her cone. "I don't want to put you out, but you may want to keep that napkin handy."

His question was a good one, she wasn't sure of what she wanted to do tonight. But the ice cream was good, the people who mingled around them laughed, the air hit her skin just right.. "I'm barefoot already. Beach."

Daimon Hellstrom smiles, "Beach it is," he says. He leads her easily off to the side and down a pair of wooden steps, carefully supporting iher elbow so that she can find her way, leading without dragging, helping without making a great show of it. He'd have done as much for a sighted woman, simply out of manners. His upbringing may have been full of many dark and twisted things, but his mother came from old New England stock and manners had always been very prominently emphasized. Not that his sister ever paid any attention.

"Luckily, any good magician always has a surplus of handkerchiefs on hand," he smiles, leading her off into the sand, a bit away from the crowds now, that fade into the darkness, pursuing their games and their amusements. "It's pleasant to spend time with you and not have to worry about combatting the forces of darkness," he says gently.

She wasn't ready to get rid of the ice cream yet, but she was slowly becoming too full to contain one more bite. Alright, one more bite it was, lifting the cone so that she could take a nice, heaping chomp from the bottom of the waffle-cone, the part that was filled with delicious chocolate, then tosses it aside for the ants and whatever else decides to take chance and eat.

She crunches as she heads down the stairs with him, each step taken cautiously. Even if she were to fall, her injuries would heal, however.. it would still hurt like hell. "Is it now?" She asks, turning a little bit in his direction, a small smile drawing upon her lips as she pulls herself closer to cling to his arm. "But you're right. Few and far in between they have been coming. I haven't had to worry about the Oni for a while. Maybe she gave up…" Wishful thinking. "And the dragon lines are fairly quiet as of late."

Daimon Hellstrom makes a skeptical sound himself in regard to the Oni giving up. Eternal beings, or being seeking eternity, rarely surrender so easily. More likely, the beastly creature was trying to restrategize, given that its efforts so far had been miserable failures. As for the dragon lines, that was, to him, Reese's business - any attempted intervention on his part would just risk tainting the lines with his Darksoul. And, if the darker side of him got drenched in such power, he wasn't sure even he could trust what would happen.

"All we can ever ask for is respite, moments of peace. Lives such as ours are not intended to be quiet, unfortunately. We have to take joys and pleasures as we find them. A quick taste of ice cream, a moment in the moonlight, a stolen kiss on the beach…" he says and, before she can respond, he does just that, quickly cupping her chin and guiding her mouth to his in the darkness.

The skeptical sound gets a turn of her head, her brow lifting as a shrug of her shoulders was given. "It's just a thought.." She murmurs quietly, stopping within the sand to allow her bare feet to dig into the ground, his words? They rang true in almost all forms, even if they weren't who they were, their lives? It probably wouldn't have held a bit of peace until they hit their pillows at night.

But then there was the kiss, it wasn't expected, but it was a welcome surprise, just like many of their outings or times in private. From watching television to eating almost everything in sight, it was almost a feeling as if she had it all.

Her hand reaches up to lightly touch his face, then breaks the kiss ever so softly. There was a sigh that curls from her lips as her hand draws down to grasp his arm again, hugging herself against him as she continually pulls him closer to the sound of the rushing waves, only stopping one she feels the thick sand beneath her feet.

"I suppose.. we should talk about us and where we're going now.. now that we have a moment to ourselves."

Daimon Hellstrom smiles, letting her nestle a bit against him as they walk, his longcoat providing a bit of cover since the wind off the water is a bit cooler than the rest of the area. "I'd say we're going north along the beach, but I suspect you mean something a little more metaphorical," he smiles.

"Where do you want to go? That would be my question. I'm not one who makes a great deal of plans or tries to control the path I take. I have my purpose, yes, and I know my enemies, but, for the more personal aspects of my life…I've always just gone as the wind takes me. Of course, that's not precisely reassuring, I know…but I would have you know that I'm not my sister. I don't…flit about, in the way that she does," he says. A much kinder way of phrasing it than he m ight to his sister's face, oddly enough.

Alright, finally Reese laughed, her head shaking as she squeezes his arm. "You know what I mean.."

But she listens, a little frown drawing upon her features. He was very, very much different than Hal. In more ways than one. But one thing remained the same, her feelings and her need to reject or keep them quiet. Perhaps.. now? Breaking the mold would change the way things work.

"I like her. She's honest about herself and how she feels. And her intentions." She smiles a little. "In a perfect world, you two would be proper siblings." She sighs a little, stopping and withdrawing from his arm.

"I'm.. I suppose you can, no. I can say that I'm too old for this. This.." She gestures around a little. "Especially when my tomorrow, our tomorrows aren't guaranteed or are a sure thing. I could get stuck in the dragon lines and I could never find a way out. You.. I don't know what could happen with you but it could. I just.." She tries to think of how to word it. "Would like to have something sure. Real. And if I cannot have that with you, then this has got to stop. All of it."

Daimon Hellstrom consider for a moment, walking her, "Sure is something I can only speak for myself, in regard. I am sure of my intent, sure of my instincts, sure of my feelings. I enjoy you, I care about you, I wish to spend time with you. I'm not some child who runs around chasing infatuation. The only uncertainty, from me, comes, as you said, from the lives we live, from tomorrows full of dragons and oni and devils and dark sorcery. That, to me, is all the more reason to cling to what we have, what we can get. To do otherwise would be to deprive both of us of what we want," he says.

He turns and faces her more fully, hand coming up and caressing, cupping her cheek, "And I know you want it. You spend a great deal of time trying to convince yourself that you do not deserve what you desire. That others would be better off if you kept to yourself, that you're not worth the effort of being shared. I am here to tell you that you are wrong. You are very worth the effort. And you are very much desired in return," he says.

"Just because you're a healer doesn't mean you have to be a martyr. Allow yourself to be happy, Seikatsu."

Reese lets out a small huff of a laugh, almost as if she didn't believe the words that drew from his lips. The gaze she hold cuts a little sideways, drawing her cheek from his hand, her own reaching up to clasp at his to hold it to her heart. She squeezes his fingers gently, her cheeks tinting a faint color of pink against a slightly darkened backdrop, her lips pursing tightly as she slowly nods.

"I'm not trying to be a martyr.." She confesses quietly, drawing his fingers upright to lightly kiss his knuckles. "..but the people around me make it so by dying." His hand drops now, settling upon the ground right at his feet with a starting knee, "I suppose with you I don't have to worry about this." She reaches out to grasp his pantleg, giving him a slight tug.

"Despite you being a devil, you're wanted too."

Daimon Hellstrom laughs softly, "I know," he says, "I can feel it. Reading people has always been one of my strong points. I just needed you to come to admit it to yourself," he says, "As for other people…we do what we can," he says.

He slides down to sit dowdn with her, legs folding underneath him until he takes her hands with his, fingers intertwining together, pulling them up and kissing her knuckles for a moment, 'I cannot undo what has been done or change the past. But you need not worry about a future with me. Death holds no fear for the Son of Satan…as a man in a movie once said, strike me down and you only make me stronger," he smirks.

"What are you? My therapist?" She lets out an insufferable sigh, moving just a little as he slides down next to her, crawling to settle upon his lap so easily, even curling a bit against him. Her head rests against his shoulder, as her hand reaches up to lightly stroke his neck after her knuckles were kissed.

"My past is too long and too forgotten to try to erase or change.." The matter of death? It was comforting.. really. "..I don't think anything could strike you down. Though if something strikes me down I'm afraid I'd grow two heads. Or something.." She was still sporting the scar from where she was stabbed. It was new to her.

Daimon Hellstrom kisses the top of her head, stroking her back and letting her settle in against his chest, his shoulder. "Your therapist? Well, there are plenty of psychiatrists in hell," he smiles. "No, I simply know the burdens that come with holding onto things for too long. I've seen it poison people, good people. I don't want you to suffer in that way. I care for you, silly woman," he teases.

"And you are wise to think nothing could strike me down. I am mighty as all hell, as you may have noticed," he smiles. "And yes, I suspect striking you down might be just as difficult. So, aren't we a pair, hmmmmmmmmm?"

She felt a sense of comfort there, so much that she draws her arms around him to be wrapped up within his light coat. Her eyes close, and a slight laugh rocks her body, her head shaking. "You're three hundred years too late.." Yeah, she was sure he was remarkably older than she. Time passes in different spaces..

"We're quite the pair, Daimon Hellstrom." Quite the pair indeed.

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