Lady Sif's Landing

June 04, 2015:

Sif lands on earth in the New York State Wilderness and runs into Zoe.


A lake a few miles from the Xavier Institute




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Fade In…

Zoe was a few miles away from Xavier's Institute, the young mutant wanted to practice a little having walked all the way out to a remote small lake in the wilderness. Fairly confident she was alone she wore a black tank top and a pair of cargo pants and some hiking boots. The young brunettes hair as short as ever as she had a stack of Frisbee's next to her tossing them out into the lake hi up as she extended a hand as a bolt of chaotic looking red energy arced through the air like lighting and collided with it in a small explosion disintegrating the flying disc. "Yes, got it! I'm so gonna be better next time we train."

Above, the sky starts to darken and a sound that's similar to a rumble of thunder fills the air… Similar but different. As if thunder itself were roaring.

And then a beam of light, white yet rainbowed, shoots down from the sky. It touches down and lasts only a few seconds before it retreat again.

When the dust settles, there's a woman standing where the light had touched. She's dressed in red leathers with silver armor over it. A sword at her hip and a shield on her back as well as a winged circlet on her head.

She stands, perfectly sitll, sans her eyes which narrow and cast about to take in her surroundings.

Zoe was about to hit another disc when the sky rumbled and the lightning that carried Sif to earth struck not a few feet away from her. Stumbling backwards as that arc of energy grazed past the Asgardian warrior and made a small sapling burst as it was atomized. Landing on her rump with her hands behind her and legs sprawled the young mutant wielding that strange energy looked up at Sif with wide eyes and confusion. "W..woah are you like, a lady thor?" Of course by now the whole world knew about the Justice League: Avengers and their exploits from the television.

Sif looks down at the girl, her brow arching upwards. "A female… No. Thor is distinctly male, I assure you. I am the Lady Sif, of Asgard."

Her hand releases the hilt of sword and is offered down to help Zoe to her feet. "And you would be?"

Zoes eyes filled with awe as she introduced herself and took the hand getting to her feet easily enough as she brushed her rump off after falling. "Woah so you are from Asgard, thats awesome." She looked over Sifs armor maybe those Asgardian eyes of hers could see that Zoes were special. She could see so much more about an object than most humans. "Your gear is made of so many interesting metals I've never seen before its beautiful to look at." She finally collected herself and looked up at Sif again. "Oh sorry I'm Zoe Vale you landed pretty close to Xavier's Institute I'm a student there!"

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Zoe," Sif offers with a small half bow to the girl.

Upon straightening, she arches a brow in amused curiosity. "You can see what my armor is made from? Interesting." She idly wonders what the sword would look like, being made of uru and with the enchantments on it, if she pulled it from it's sheath.

"Xavier's Institute?"

Zoe motioned in the direction of the school. "Oh yea its a academy for mutants like me, its about five miles that way. I came out here to this lake to train a little." she grinned up at her. "I wanna be part of the X-men someday and well I wanna impress Psylocke at our next training session. So umm how come you ended up here? I hope I didn't mess up your what's it call bifrost? I was just trying to knock down these flying discs not summon a Asgardian" She said with a somewhat bashful expression looking her over obviously a little intimidated. "But yea I can see what things are made of, its a sense I gained when I was about ten I think."

Sif gives a bit of a warm chuckle. "I cannot even begin to guess why my brother chose this place in order to have the Bifrost open." She shrugs. Big brothers… go figure.

"Training is important, yes. It is impressive that you would choose, at such a young age, to focus on it. It reminds me much of myself as a young one."

Giving a look around, she turns her attention back to the girl after a moment and arches a brow once more. "Would you, by chance, know where I might Thor?"

Zoe blinked a little looking around. "Uhh well were in the middle of the wilderness of New York State. But I could invite you back to the school and maybe I could have someone there call the Halls of Justice. I mean /I/ don't have the number but I bet the X-men do." She tried to put it into words she might understand. "The X-men are powerful warriors of our realm just like the Justice League that Thors a part of!" She said with a nod. "But do you have any idea why he called you? I assume that big portal stuff doesn't happen on accident. Also wicked cool by the way, you have this whole mad ass shield-maiden thing going on. Its super sexy." She paused a moment. "If you don't know why you're here though wanna train with me?"

Sif grins at the girl. "Thor did not summon me. Odin has sent me to take my place at Thor side as his sword and shield… His Valkyrior… As I have been for centuries now." And likely much longer. "Heimdall simply chose to have a sense of humor today."

"I would happily help in your training if you wish. It is the least I can do for the help you have offered me."

Zoe grinned a little. "Awesome, hold on!" She ran over and grabbed some things taking a stick as her hand glowed blue briefly as she looked at Sif's blade and shape the stick into the same shape before transmuting it into steel or something close by appearance. Then grabbed a rock as she seemed to flatten it out and turn it into a small round shield with a grip as it too turned to metal as she stood up smiling. "I've never fought with sword and shield before. Can you show me some things? It'd be awesome to be made a honorary Valkyrie." She said with a giggle.

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