Russian Ruckus

June 03, 2015:

A Russian mafia stronghold is disturbed, violence ensues.

Gotham, Chinatown

A motel being used as a hideout by some Russian Mobsters!


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Fade In…

It's a quiet late-evening in Park Row, and the ground is cool and glistening from the rain that has slowed to a mist.
In a cheap, rundown motel window above, muffled gunshots and muzzle flashes can be heard and seen, along with shouting. A figure in a helmet comes in front of the window, holding, and fireing, what can only be a compact sub-machinegun. The window spider-webs as bullets strike and penetrate from behind it, as the figure is undoubtedly hit, and fires back again. A second figure, the other shooter, rushes at the helmeted one, slashing in an arc at his neck, which is caught by the other, who then spins his attacker around and pushes him through and out the window….

As the two fall, they can be heard screaming at each other as they plummet, "Go to HELL, you vigilante FUCK!" the one, a Russian mob member shouts.
"Only if I get to see you waiting for me!!!" shouts the helmeted one, whos appearance seems to be militarized, though there are no markings of any sort.

Shouting from the room comes still, muffled by a door.

Yeah. This isn't the sort of thing that is the purview of the 'Protector of the Universe'. I mean sure, that means he protects every single person -in- said universe, but.. Eon doesn't warn Quasar of things like.. shootouts at a cheap motel. However, one good thing about being able to get around the world super quick is that when he found a review for a little Chinese restaurant that sounded awesome, Wendell was able to get to Gotham from New York in no time to check it out. So he sat there wearing his Green Bay Packers ballcap, eating Dim Sum across the street from the motel where things are going down.
The sounds of gunfire make him almost choke on his food and he peers out the window, "What the?" he asks, face almost pressing to said window. "Seriously." he mutters as he drops a twenty on the table and gets up to walk outside. His bands are cloaked of course, and he just looks around, wondering with all the gunfire, how many civilians are now in harm's way…
Another sigh and he ripples, his civilian clothing illusion replaced with his blue, red, and gold dramatic costume. He gestures, and walls of golden energy start to grow… between bystanders and the gunfight … at least, where -he- can see said bystanders.

Spearhead says, “not big, pretty small, its the first scene I've ever 'ran', kinda testing it out”

Huntress wasn't terribly fair off. She had some low level street enforcer strung up in a back alley, dangling from a fire-escape by the rope tied around his feet, and the woman was just about to get into the fun part of interrogation when gunfire started. She sighs, "Hang out for a bit.. I gotta go see what's going on." She says, giving the man a boot to the head to daze him, at the very least before shooting a grapple-bolt towards a nearby roof, and ascending the line rapidly to start moving the block or two over towards the fight brewing!

A yellow taxi, instantly recognizable by many people around the world and from all walks of life, coughs and sputters to a halt at the intersection. Its surly driver leaps from the car and snarls, "Look! Taking a wrong turn is no crime, but I'm not risking my neck in this part of town! You two are on your own!" Without hesitation, he flees down the street. In one hand, he clutches a satchel that contains his cash and records. In the other, he wields a Saturday Night Special. "You're on your own!" he shouts over his shoulder.

The door opens and a lean young man, Joshua, cautiously emerges from the taxi. He frowns. "I don't intend to run like him, but we shouldn't stay here, Bluebird," he says to someone still in the car. Then the sounds of the rapid-fire weapon and the shattering of glass snap his attention down the street.

"Aww like" There is a pause from a blond woman in the car, her voice is heavily accented and English is slow and painfully crafted. "the slums." She manages to get out. The door from the other side opens and leggy blonde wearing heavy gold jewelry and hunter green summer dress emerges. Her hair has been braided and bound up with gold clasps. "What is that?" She asks when she hears the popping sound breaking sound. Then she switches to a language she is more comfortable with. "Gwydr torri wyf yn gwybod beth y sain yn ond yr hyn yw y sain eraill?" She has turned to see look down the street where the sound is coming from.

From the room, the shouting grows, its Russian. The sound of a door being kicked in.
The two fall onto the hood of a parked car, which crummples and blares its alarms.

It's late enough that most people are at home now, though a homeless or two were about, but they are quick to beat tracks when the firing starded.

The two roll off the sides of the hood, one on each side, dazed. They don't stay dazed for long, and The helmeted one, known as 'Spearhead' jumops up and takes cover just as a mob of Russian gangsters reach the window and spray AK-47 rounds at him and shouting in, naturally, Russian, and the name of their comrad on the street can be decerned, "Yuri!"

Spearhead launches himself under the car and drags the more-dazed Yuri through the space and to the other side. Lifting him out, he exposes himself, and bullets plunk around, metallic of the car and his body-armor, the pave ment, and the soft thudd of bullets impacting fleash, and Red blooms between Spearheads shoulders and spine.

GAME: Spearhead has set the pose order to Spearhead (emits), Wendell, Huntress, Joshua, Lynwen

"Seriously. What do you think this is? Beruit?" asks Wendell as he walks forward.. he's not worried about small arms fire really. He just gestures and a giant golden glowing arrow manifests over his head, pointing downward his way. "Seriously guys. Don't you think you should be shooting at someone else? You're not having any luck with your -current- target." he states.

"Jeeze." Huntress mutters as she comes into sight of the skirmish, the yellow arrow man, and the big forcefield amongst other things. Of course.. there's guys actually shooting.. so she whips out her crossbow and reads a couple of blunt tipped bolts, firing one off at the head of one of the mobsters before she drops down off the edge of the building she's atop to break any line of sight and return fire that might come at her!

"Arfau sy'n saethu yn gyflym," the lean man, wearing a gray suit and light green shirt, intended to coordinate with the woman's green dress, answers in the same foreign tongue. Then he switches to English, in a pronounced British accent. "This is a bad neighborhood, love," He looks down the street again. "But we're here, and we should help if we can." He heads around the back of the car to reach her side. "Stay with me, but …" He spots the upper edge of one of the glowing walls, and then that huge, blatant arrow. "We might have allies, or enemies." he warns. "So much for a quiet dinner for charity." He glances to Lynwen and suggests, "You might want to leave the shoes. We'll shop for another pair later. Those heels were a bad idea. You won't be able to run in them." As soon as she's ready, he starts to run toward the scene. When the man with the arrow over him starts to challenge the thugs, Joshua veers toward that spot. When he is close enough to recognize Wendell, he frowns. "This is becoming a habit," he mutters to Lynwen.

"Gyflymach nag eich mellt, mab goleuo?" The greeneye woman responds back to the man in the suit. She nods her head and slips off her shoes and places them into the car. She is soon moving with him. The as she does so she begins to chant. She is breathless as she does this. The wind picks up and it rushes down the ally way. She is moving quickly. Her eyes moving everywhere taking everything in. She continues to chant the wind howls and then begins to box the shooters in the windows in. It becomes stronger, containing them. Her bare feet pound on the pavement.

Spearhead and Yuri seem to be concentrated on grappling each other and being engaged in trying to kill the other with bare fists as Yuri slams an elbow into Spearheads shot shoulder. Spearhead grunts and delivers a kidney punch, then grips each of Yuri's shoulders and slams his head through the side mirror of the car.
A glowwing arrow doesn't go unnoticed, and three of the men start shooting at Wendell. One of the Russians makes a extremely brief call.

Obviously, renforcements.

After he hangs up, Huntress' bolt strikes him and he falls out the window.

Russians pour out of the ground floor entrance. It may seem that the building wasn't actually a motel after all.
A few bullets plink near Joshua as he nears Wendell, but as Lynwen's wind wall takes effect, they stop.

Headlights from around the corner of the block appear. More are coming.

"Son of a… what is this, a Russian Clown Hotel?" asks Wendel. He sighs and shakes his head. "Eon. Please translate for me into cyrrilic… I pronounced -that- right, right?" He lifts a hand and glowing cyrrilic letters start forming in the air. He is -hoping- that his cosmically aware patron is posting a glowing note telling them to lay down their weapons and surrender. Of course, bullets are ricocheting off of his energy aura, his constructs, and even some of the letters he's currently forming. If they don't listen… then he'll start picking individuals and locking them into jail cells made out of his golden energy… working his way through them. Of course… if any of them have high energy weapons, or for that matter, energy based powers. His bands might get a ping so he doesn't get blindsided.

From her perch, Huntress just sort of watches for the moment as it becomes clear she's quite outclassed by Yellowman and the gang. She shoots off another of her grapple bolts to swing out across the street to get another good vantage, while she's going she throws down a handful of tire-spikes into the path of at least some of the incoming cars.. maybe that'll slow down reinforcements a bit at least! she clambers up the last few feet to reach the rooftop once across!

Suspecting that Lynwen might use her hands to direct the elements, he releases her after the next wave of goons begins to appear. "Fast and —-" The bullet pings the wall near him. "Deadly, yes!" he answers The green woman with him. "We have our tricks, too!" Raising his hands and splaying hs fingers, he jolts the car full of reinforcements with a bolt of blue-white lightning. "Fire from above!" he calls.

With her hand free now Lynwen chant changes the wind remains howling and from those tiny sparks created by the bullet hitting the wall near her companion she gathers them to her. The sparks twist dance in the air until they form three tiny balls of flame that continue to grow until they are about the size of a tennis ball. The balls of fire then spin around her and their light casts an orange glow around her that seems to grow brighter with the rise and fall of the chant. She grins when the lightening moves towards the cars and the Huntress lays her trap. Her gaze quickly moves to the yellow arrow and Wendell.

Yuri is dazed only enough for Spearhead to knee him in the gut, and slam both his fists down onto the back of Yuri's head. the man falls to the ground, but a moment later, he lashes out and sweeps Spearhead's legs from under him, sending him onto his back. Yuri scrambles for the AK from the grunt who fell out of the window, swings the barrel to Spearhead's head, and Pulls the trigger.

At the same time, the first vehicle, a large SUV, barrels toward the scene, and hits the road spikes, but keeps on going… after a moment, it becomes apperant that it can't stop and has for some odd reason, became uncontrollable, And is skidding at high speed on a colission course for Spearhead, Yuri, and the quickly degrading car.

The second, third, and a fourth vehicle, pick-ups, hav mounted Machineguns in the beds, and start firing as soon as they see their targets, which is everyone not Russian, or Huntress, who has managed to pick off Russians without being spotted yet.
The first of the pickups is hit with the lightning bolt, the gastank rupturing and igniting as it flies forward through the air, fliping front over end in a blaze, exploding a AMMO and Explosives catch. another pickup turns the corner from the other way, the turret is high-tech. A laser. large metal wings and heatsinks cover most of it. It charges up and fires at Wendell.

As the mob pours out of the ground floor, one of them makes a call. More renforcements.
Wendells Cyrrilic message goes utterly ignored

A laser. How cute. The Bands warn Quasar of the incoming energy based attack, and he just… turns his head that way. If there is one thing that should never be fired at the wielder of the Quantum Bands, it is a high energy attack. The laser's beam/pulse/whatever… strikes his field and is absorbed into the bands. He notices all of the discharges that he is -not- registering on his built in sensors, and nods a bit to himself. That means magic is in use here. If magic is in use, then.. they have this situation well in hand.
That is, so long as the laser cannon is handled. He stops trying to cage the shooters now, and holds up both hands before his body, fists pointed upwards… and the energy of the laser starts emitting more powerfully than it is designed to. The Bands reach into the batteries and suck their charge right out through its emitter… and in seconds, that Laser has zero power left. But.. yeah, these people have things handled. He just wraps that truck up in a barred cage too before saying. "Okay. That's ENOUGH!" and… he'll just stand there, arms folded over his chest with those glowing wristbands looking ominous.

GAME: Spearhead has set the pose order to Spearhead (emits), Huntress, Joshua, Lynwen

"Jeeze.. that's a lot of reinforcements.." Huntress mutters to herself, and she quickly reloads her crossbow, still using the blunted bolts and goes to fire off a quick pair of shots at the gunners, aiming for the heads to knock the mobsters out of course.. but she doesn't stick around any longer for more then the two shots lest she be shot back, moving further down the rooftop and hopefully out of sight again!

The ball of flame then shrink and when Lynwen's eyes come to rest on the Huntress. A soft smile touches her lips. She continues to chant. One of the three fireballs shrinks and then floats away from her and it attaches itself to one of the huntresses arrows the other two go to hover around the huntress waiting for her draw arrows.

Still chanting the blond comes to a halt and begins to gather more power to her. Her gaze goes to her companion making sure he is okay.

When the cars begin to pile in the street, Joshua shifts his tactic. Again raising his arms, he discharges a wall of electrical energy strong enough to withstand the bullets from the Russian mob. he glances to Lynwen, nods his head slightly, and then draws a deep breath. The blue-white wall of energy glows brightly, barring the mob's approach.

The AK-47 fires once, and only once. Empty. The bullet hits Spearhead's helmet, but then, what should have been a fatal shot, ricochets off. Spearhead's head jerks from the force, but he lifts his head and laughs, "Nice try Yuri." As Yuri stares in disbelief.
Spearhead grabs Yuri by the scruff of his shirt, rears back his head, then slams it into Yuri's, knocking him out. Cold.
Just then, the SUV slamms into the nose of the car, and into the leggs on Spearhead, tires just missing Yuri as he dissappears beneeth the SUV. Spearhead goes flying, the car is crumppled.
Spearhead yells out in pain and anger, and slowly tries to get back up on two feet.

The mobs from all directions has stopped growing just before Joshua places the barrier, and oddly, they are now mostly keeping their distance, save for a group that had been going directly for their boss, which has been stopped by the barrier, and commence to try a way through.
The reason for the distancing becomes clear in moments.
The whopping of a military Heli, and less that few seconds pass before a Hind slews sideways from around the corner, weapons pointed at the heros, even Huntress. First rounds from the 4-barreled chaingun rip the asphalt, leading to Spearhead as he dives for some cover. His right upper arm explodes from a large round from the 30mm mounted gun just before he reaches cover. he cries out from the hit, falling behind his cover, gripping his shredded arm.

Huntress hits her marks, knocking out gunners before they can do damage before the barriers are put in place.

And now, the Hind unleashes sprays of ripple fired unguided rockets at the wehole place, indescriminate of who they hit, including their own.

It isn't all that often that Huntress comes under attack from Military helicopters, and she just takes off sprinting across the rooftops, leaping and rolling and more running to try to outpace the machinegun fire from the vehicle. She has little time to really process the fireballs around her.. but they don't seem harmful anyway.. and she manages a snap-shot off at the helicopter with the first, aiming for where the rotors meat the hull!

Joshua freezes for a moment when he sees that the opponents have stopped. He glances to Quasar, who apparently has not budged from his defiant stand with his arms crossed over his chest. Then he lifts his eyes and squints. He grimaces and looks to Lynwen. "This is bigger than we are, love!" he shouts to her. "And our friend with the colorful outfit seems to have things under control. I believe that our curtain call has come!"

Lynwen continues to chant and the tiny ball of fire that is attached to Huntresses arrow flies towards the hull and when it hits the fire ball explodes. Swirling and dancing signing with joy as it has been released and not tamed. Two more ball of fire remain and the swirl and dance around the huntress waiting for her to choose another target. The woman grins and continues to chant. She calls out to the sky and looks over at Joshua and nods her head. "Wedi fy rhai bach eu dyletswydd i gyflawni a bydd yn aros gyda'r Huntress hyd nes y byddant yn cael eu defnyddio." She says to him, unable to wrap her mind aorund English at the moment.

Huntresses arrow hits its mark! Direct hit! But, wait…….. No, this is a /HIND/! it slows and a slight rattleing is heard, but it continues to pepper /everyone/ with its turret minigun, mounted 30mm, and rockets.
Spearhead gets up, and charges, battle cry included, at the empty turret of one of the pickups, firing it at the Hind with his usable arm, the other limp at his side, shooting at the Hind as much as he can, as he has finnally became aware of the others in the area.

Suddenly, a slight roar is heard, and a second later, it increases to peek roar, and a pair of missiles slam into the rotor and cockpit of the Hind, and it begins auto-rotation as it decends to the ground, the pilot and gunner can be seen engulfed in flaming inferno, striking at the cockpit canopy as they try primally to escape. Hitting the ground, the Hind explodes, close enough to Spearhead to throw him from the truck, and onto the ground.

The mob is gone, mostly, those who could run ran, those who died…… Died. The cloth, armor and gear on Spearheads arm are soaked slick with his blood as he staggers up, and hastilly grabs the still K/Oed Yuri, and makes off into the night, the sounds of authorities and jets screeming overhead as they respond to the apocalyptic scene. This is some mess, and there will more mess soon… So much unanswered. this will take a whiloe for everyone to figure and thresh out what just happened……..

As Spearhead staggers away as fast as he can, he looks back over his shoulder at what was mostlikely the only think that kept him alive, those who had been there. He would /have/ to find out who they were, and thank them.

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