Late Night Snack

June 04, 2015:

Switch and Psylocke run into one another in the kitchen and talk of students and mentors.

Xavier Institute

The Kitchen in the late evening/early morning.


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Fade In…

Betsy, fresh back from a mission of her own, wanders through the Institute in the wee hours of the morning. Wearing comfortable white gym shorts with orange piping and a just a plain, thin cotton tee, it's clear she just got out of the shower. She scrubs her hair with a towel while she pads noiselessly through the Institute's halls towards the kitchen. Normally she wouldn't be caught dead in the halls without a bit of makeup on, but between the recent shower, pressing hunger, and the wee hours, she seems to be willing to risk it.

Zoe as usual was up late working on one of her 'projects' which was usually her doing some nonsense in an attempt to create or understand some new chemical element that'd been written about recently in a science journal. Standing in the kitchen over a table with some ingredients to make a late night sandwich dressed in a tank top and some pajama pants. Her brow furrowed slightly looking for something. "Geez wheres the butter knife?" She said to herself before grabbing a wooden spoon as it glowed a gentle blue and suddenly turned metallic and shaped into a butter knife as she grinned and resumed making her meal. Not even hearing the silent ninja of a mutant approaching.

"Please don't ruin the flatware," Betsy says, primly, walking right past Zoe towards the refridgerator. She pulls it open and stands with a hip cocked, hand resting on her hip as her flat, serious amethyst eyes traverse the fridge's contents. She bends at the hip, scanning, and reaches into the back for a plate of sliced ham and a fruit smoothie. She picks one up in each hand and with a swing of her hip, knocks the silvery door shut. "What are you working on? It's a bit late for you to still be up," the leggy Asian psychic asks, moving to a seat across from Zoe at the table and setting the ham and smoothie in front of her.

Zoe jumped actually landing so she was sitting on the edge of the table eyes wide clutching the tablet she had next to her with those chemical diagrams. "W..woah uhh Hey! I was just well a new science journal came out tonight and I couldn't wait before I scanned through it. Theres a study where they encountered a new element after this meteorite fell its like pretty exciting." The young brunette said with a grin and bit her lip slightly. "Woah aren't you Psylocke?" She said jumping off of the table and walking towards her. "Awesome I met two other x-men earlier today too. You guys are usually hidden away downstairs doing like secret stuff! Oh oh I'm Zoe, nice to meet you." She said sticking a hand out.

"Psylocke's for outside, dear," Betsy says, looking at the extended hand for a moment, as if trying to figure out what it is. Finally she reaches up and gently clasps Zoe's fingers, her hand surprisingly strong and callused despite the delicate gesture- quite at odds with the muscles visible in her arms and shoulders. "I'm Ms. Braddock. It's Zoe, isn't it?" she says, plucking at the sliced ham with a fork and cutting it into precise little bites. "I think I've seen you around the school. Weren't you taking a dance class a year or two ago?" she inquires in a pleasantly cultured English accent, her inscrutable Asian features glacially composed and almost unreadable. If Zoe was, then Betsy looks /very/ different than the Ms. Braddock who was around in previous years.

Zoe took the hand and grinned up at her one hand still holding her tablet as she shook Betsy's own with the other. "Oh yea, of course. I just see you guys on like T.V. and stuff all the time so I guess we all sorta learn your code names here. But yup I'm Zoe Vale" tilting her head to the side and cheeks reddening a little. "But you're even more impressive looking in person, Did uhh something happen though? I don't wanna be rude cause I mean were all different here but you're not really like I remember you Ms. Braddock ya know less asian and stuff. Oh but I did do some dance stuff it was mostly cause my teachers said I spent too much time in my room so I had to take that and soccer as after school activities. Even though I can't like get fat or lose muscle tone anyway."

"There was… an incident, with an extremely evil agency," Betsy hedges, her tone at odds with the cool, angular features under her still-damp hair. "I've only been back a few weeks now. I'm adjusting to my new situation here. My features have changed, but I'm still … Elizabeth Braddock," she says, stumbling a bit over the name. "I have all my memories of being at the Institute.

She takes a bite of ham and chews politely, washing it down with a sip of the smoothie. She plucks her smartphone from the rolled-down waistband of her gym shorts and glances at the screen briefly, then sets it on the counter.

Zoe tilted her head to the side. "Oh was it the hydra attack or the other guys no one will talk about?" She asked curiously looking up at her. After all she had about three inches on Zoe. "Why are you still awake though Ms. Braddock? Cause I mean I have the whole nerd thing going but I mean you're like a fashion model and stuff arn't you? Which by the way is /awesome/. I mean I'm happy with my body and everything but I don't think I could ever be a model. Thats like another world to me." She said with a slightly giddy tone to her voice.

"I was out in the city pursuing an investigation," Betsy explains, sipping more of her smoothie. She stretches in place, the cotton shirt tight against her ribs as she twists in the chair with a sharp *pop* from her lower back. "It ended up becoming a situation."

She falls silent to take a bite of her ham, chewing, throat moving when she swallows. "Modelling isn't terribly difficult. You spend a day or two a week posing in a studio, which really is just a Pilates level workout. The rest of the time is the real job- dieting, exercising, skin care, networking…" she makes an 'and so on' gesture with a languid roll of her wrist, amethyst eyes focused on Zoe's face. "What do you mean you just have 'a nerd thing' going on?" she asks, a minute frown creasing her brow for just a moment.

Zoe listened on like she was hearing a legend of another world as Betsy went on about the modeling lifestyle. then showed her the scientific babble on her tablet. "Oh well I mean its not like going over all this stuff is a group effort really. I can see things on a molecular level that most people can't. I guess its like another sense I kinda got when I mutated. It always made me gravitate towards the study of chemistry because of it. Ya know how everything interacts and works. I've found it fascinating especially with all the new discoveries with everything crazy going on." She shrugged. "But don't get me wrong I wasn't calling myself a nerd as a put down I just sorta am, I mean there's plenty of time for fun and girlfriends later in life yea?"

"Ah." Betsy reaches for her smoothie and takes another gulp. Even in the midnight hours she sits primly upright, back straight and her hair slowly drying into a shimmering purple sheet that hangs straight to her sculpted shoulders.

She reads the tablet with an uninterested glance, something about her inscrutable features suggesting a shrug. "I don't know much about science," Betsy states, spearing another bite of ham and chewing thoughtfully. "I took a few classes for it in primary and uni, but nothing beyond those studies. Still…" she considers the table gravely, then looks at Zoe's face again. "If you'll take a little advice, one is inclined to suggest that life is best lived while you're young. Studies are important, as is learning," she agrees. "But in your later years, do you think you'll look more fondly on a youth spent in labs and books, or a life of adventure and romance?" she says, arching an eyebrow. "I have a unique perspective, having done both," she tells Zoe. "I can say that my skills are tremendously useful, but I'm glad I didn't spend a life sequestered in a monastery, passing up every girl or boy who asked me out in favor of meditation or study."

Zoe looked aside. "Well bearing getting my head atomized or something the doctors here told me I won't really /age/ much. I can kinda control how my body works and repair stuff, keep it from getting older. But I understand what you mean, I dunno I guess I have a hard time taking compliments and always turn into a stuttering goof when someones into me. Not to mention we all have our secrets Ms. Braddock." She huffed a little. "So out of the two the fun and horny life was more enjoyable?" She said with a little laugh and set her tablet side as she finished making her sandwich. "To be honest I was thinking of trying out for the X-men someday, so thats pretty adventurous right?"

One finely arched eyebrow goes up at that assertion. "That's… an impressive talent," Betsy says, finally, her cultured tones slow and thoughtful. "I can relate, though," she admits after a breath, glancing away from Zoe. "Sometimes we meet someone who makes us feel awkward and foolish. That's quite normal," she assures the younger woman. "It just takes some time and maturity to not let it turn us into a babbling fool." A flickering smile crosses her face, momentarily lighting her features up into something warm and lovely.

"It was certainly a more enjoyable life, yes," Betsy acknowledges, gesturing with her free hand agan. "But, by the same token, I'd not be in the position I am- able to help people- if I just lived for myself. I'd counsel you that you have to find your /own/ balance, between life and obligation. You can't spend your life partying, of course, but you shouldn't spend it never enjoying the fruits of the moment. Otherwise, what are we fighting for?"

Zoe sighed softly and nodded. "Yea i heard its part of that 'being an adult' thing my counselors are always talking about. Granted I don't think they usually factor in al that giant death robots and angry mutant hating humans that we also gotta deal with outside or even sometimes inside of these wall.s" she said with a half smile towards Betsy. "But I mean at least I can live vicariously a bit right now, do you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever right now? I mean there's probably people out there dating androids for all I know." She said in a thoughtful tone as if that might be an option.

"No, I'm single," Betsy tells Zoe, shaking her head with a toss of her dark hair. "Or at least, I should say I'm not in a relationship at the moment," she offers with a gesture. Her eyes flicker at he door, then back to Zoe. "I am sort of seeing a boy from Washington," she admits, forcing her back to remain stiffly straight despite her momentary confidence in the girl. "And I had a date with a girl who works at a laboratory in the area."

She swallows her smoothie convulsively, in an attempt to disguise a momentary lapse in her icelike composure, then focuses on Zoe again. "And yourself? Is there a girl you've been seeing?" she asks, politely. "Or have been thinking of frequently?"

Zoe shuffled her feet a little bit looking at the floor as she shrugged. "Nah I don't have anyone in my life right now. I mean I just got done with the school year and summers starting so I feel like I should /try/ to find someone but that stuff can get so complicated especially for me. I mean I'd look like a total dork if I didn't have someone to take to Prom come senior year." She took a moment. "Oh gosh I don't even wanna tell you about my crushes It's always been the strong women of the X-men like yourself of course. I mean what better role models for a young mutant." She said finally taking a bite of her sandwich as if in an attempt to get herself to stop talking.

Betsy blinks when Zoe outs her as a crush. "I…. well. Thank you," Betsy says, her elegant tones and regal features concealing the welter of confusing emotions at that admission. She covers by digging into her sliced ham with several quick bites, then finds herself absorbed by the label of her smoothie.

"If… I'm sure you'll find /someone/ to take to Prom," Betsy hedges, wracking her brain for the right words. What Would Jean Do? /She/ was the people person! "There are lots of home-schooled students who will be there, mutants and not. I'm sure if you got on Facebook or Twitter you can find a girl who you'd want to have. As your date," she hastily amends.

Zoe looked up towards Betsy as if some startling revelation just came out her as she stepped a little closer. "Umm Ms. Braddock are you, do you find me to be 'cute'? Cause I don't mean to be rude but uhh you're kinda acting like I do when someone I like is into me." She said with a bit of a playful smile at the edge of her lips as if she'd never been on this side of the attraction equation before. Holding her sandwich and taking another bite. "You know I kinda need a sponsor to help me with training and stuff if I'm ever going to get my abilities to a level I could join a team.. I've read a lot about Japanese history and isn't the mentor student relationship a sacred and intimate one?"

"Zoe…" Betsy forces herself to take a breath, looking back at the younger girl, turning on her stool to face her as she approaches. "Yes, you're very cute, but I'm a teacher. You're a student." She raises an eyebrow at the younger woman, the expression an arch one. "To say a relationship of any kind would be grossly inappropriate would be…" she exhales. "an understatement. Besides, you hardly want to date someone ten years your senior," Betsy tells the other woman wryly, reaching for her smoothie. "But if you only, genuinely need a training tutor, I might be able to accomodate you," she says, trying to temper any sting of rejection. "Aside from Logan, not many residents here are as versed in martial arts as I am."

Zoe shrugged her shoulders. "Don't worry Ms. Braddock I'll try to keep myself form getting on a knee and proposing." She said seeming to take everything in stride but strangely not seeming discouraged. "But yea if I could get you to be my mentor I bet I could be super bad ass mutant hero in no time! I even got a code name picked out!" She said giddy at the idea. At the comment about Betsy's age she arched her brow. "I dunno when I realized I might be stuck looking like this for year and years the concept to 'age' kinda got a little weird in my head. You're not anywhere near 'old' Ms. Braddock!"

"You're very kind, but there's a big different between looking eighteen forever, and being twenty-eight." She holds a hand up to forestall Zoe, slender, slightly callused fingers together. "I haven't agreed to anything yet," she reminds Zoe, her face and voice unreadable once again. "Mentorship /is/ a sacred exchange. Particularly to me. I'd feel more comfortable committing to something once we've spent some time training together and seeing if we have sympathetic personalities and training styles. You might find me to be a very demanding instructor."

Zoe listened and at the seriousness to her voice she straightened up and nodded. "Of course Ma'am I'd take it super seriously and work hard don't worry! You'll not find a more dedicated student." She said and beamed with excitement towards her those soft brown eyes looking to Betsy. "I'll just be happy that you gave me the chance but I promise I wont disappoint you either!" They looked perhaps a little silly, Betsy fresh from the shower, Zoe in pajama pants and a black tank top. But still beneath all that they were both powerful mutants with plenty to prove to one another.

"That's quite a commitment. I'll hold you to it." Betsy slips out of her chair and stretches up on her toes, the lines of muscle in her leg drawing taut for a moment. "I need to sleep now. Ask me tomorrow. Sleep on it," she suggests, gathering the detritus of her meal and padding towards the trash can. She throws it away and puts the plate in the dishwasher. "I don't want you to rush into something. But if you feel like I can teach you something useful, we'll look into it." She pauses at the door, recapping her smoothie, and turns amethyst eyes onto Zoe. Another flickering smile crosses her face. "Good night, Zoe. It was nice talking to you again."

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