June 02, 2015:

Bobby wakes up in X-Red HQ after being returned by Wanda.

X-Red HQ - New York


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Last night, Brinley had been roused from sleep by security bringing an unconscious Bobby Drake in. She'd been told that he'd been dropped off by a redheaded girl and a woman matching the description of Wanda. She'd been too preoccupied to worry about that… After getting Bobby settled in one of the rooms, Brins taken up watch.

Curled in a chair in the corner of the room, Brins nursing a cup of hot chocolate. Dressed in a pair of work out pants and a loose top which could be her sleep wear. She didn't get much sleep last night, so she's kind of dozing…

Bobby opens his eyes, blinking. "I… ugh…" He shakes his head and looks aorund. "Brinley?" He's not sure where… wait… Wanda. Out on the north shore. He'd felt woozy and just… collapsed. Yeah. How'd he get back to X-Red?

Rousing herself, Brinley pads over to Bobby's bedside, offers Bobby a glass of water, before sitting on the edge of the bed. "Yes, Brinely. In X-Red. I've been watching you all night. You were bought in, in an Uber by two women." Canting her head, she looks at Bobby "Let's start with … how are you feeling?"

"Like Jean picked up Scott and beat me with him." Bobby shakes his head again and takes a sip of that water. "Head hurts. I think I hit it pretty hard. Bit fuzzy on what happened last night. Back's a bit sore… nothing broken, I think. Bright by two women you said?"

Taking the water from Bobby, Brin puts her own mug down "Do you want me to check your back?" and then nodding "Two redheads… one sounded like Wanda. The other one might have that Tabitha we interviewed the other day."

Without really thinking, Brin puts a hand out to Bobbys forehead to check for fever…. even as she does, her mind reaches for his… it's not something she's ever really had to actively control, sensing emotion… some normals can do that…

Bobby doesn't feel right. Mentally. Physically he's okay but within? It's almost like she can feel something under his feelings. Right now he's confused and a bit in pain but underneath there's… well it's all base. Anger. Pride. Desire. Everything people struggle to moderate, pushing its way to the surface.

Brinley frowns and actually closes her eyes, leaving her hand on his forehead, focussing closely on Bobby's thoughts now. Sometimes if she focusses properly, and concentrates her wil, she can read more than just the emotion… but she knows she's tired too.

It's… selfish. A fundamental impulse for 'me' overriding everything else. Bobby has it under control right now but it's quite strong. It's a wonder he hasn't acted on it. Or… has he? He did come in dressed in uncharacteristically black leather.

Brinley gasps, her eyes flying open "Bobby, what …. has happened?" There's no way Brinleys' letting Bobby out of here. In her mind she's already cataloguing who she can get in to help and there's only two people she can think of.

"Wanda said… something about the darkness that I had to fight. Seemed convinced it was her fault." The ice nerd shakes his head. "I'd be lying if I said I understood it all. And I can't even remeber all of what it was… what do you feel?"

Bobbys in one of the guest rooms at X-Red. Brinleys currently sitting on the edge of the bed talking to him, she's just touched his mind and she's looking a little concerned.

Brin takes her hand of his forehead "Anger, Lu….um Desire, Pride…. selfish. It's so not you Bobby." The mention of Wanda has the young metahumans eyes narrowing "What she said kind of fits…. but what happened to cause it…" Growing thoughtful for a moment "The other day, during those interviews we were doing, you're eyes went ice blue, just for a moment… but enough that I noticed them. I've been meaning to catch up with you about that…. I wonder if they're related."

Bobby steadies hismelf on the bed and takes another drink. "Uh… I don't feel particularly… selfish." Naturally he doesn't now. But before? Well Wanda could say how he was acting. Definitely not normal. "Blue you say? Are they now?"

"No" answers a familiar voice from the darkness of the doorway. "Not now" Wanda adds as she steps into the light. She is dressed in jeans and t-shirt under a scarlet jacket - she still hasn't got 'home' to find some clothes. "Hello, Brinley" she offers with an attempted smile. "Thank you for looking after him." Wanda pretty much got out of there as soon as dropped him off. The guilt is strong in this one. "Bobby" she nods with a warm(ish) smile.

"Brown now… and from what I'm sensing, you're controlling the urge to be selfish…." Brinley turns to look at the woman in doorway. "Hello Wanda, you didn't come in last night." the brunette speaks softly "I could have used your help." Of course she looked after Bobby… "So, what happened?"

"Hey Wanda." Bobby smiles warmly. And genuinely. Hey! He likes Wanda. Not her fault she's tried to kill him. Three separate times. Or, well, at least, he won't hold it against her. "Come on in."

"I am sorry" Wanda apologises sincerely to Brinley. Not that she would have been any good with the medical stuff but she would have stayed if she was wanted. She just doesn't think that many people want her at the moment. Yet there is Bobby being nice to her and she blushes in embarrassment. "Hey…are you okay?" she asks him, eyes downcast as she wanders into the room. To Brinley's last question…that requires a deep breath. "I made a mess of everything."

"He'll tell you he is" Brinley casts Bobby a look and then gestures Wanda into a chair "but he's not." Her tone is firm and then it softens when she turns to Wanda "Why don't you tell us what happened." Standing next to Bobby's bed, Brin leans her shoulders again the wall and folds her arms loosely across her chest.

Kind of hard to argue against that but at least Bobby's not trying to go anywhere. Well, he did crack his head pretty solidly so that's probably just as well, really. "I don't really remember all of it either Wanda so it might be helpful for me too."

This isn't an easy one to tell since it pretty much involves making herself look like a jealous thirteen year old who throws tantrums. Even she is unaware how much darker forces were involved. Wanda shuffles nervously in her chair before she tries to remember what happened. "Just over a week ago I came to see Bobby…to take him on a date. I didn't even know I had the courage but…something said I needed to do it before it was too late." Another deep breath. "It was too late. He had a girlfriend and I…was upset." Upset being an understatement. "Long story short, Bobby tried to stop me blowing up a tanker…" She looks confused for a moment. Did he try and stop her? Or did he tell her to do it? A shake of her head. "Anyway…some of my power hit Bobby and…well…it changes people. Not me." Wanda may actually believe that last remark. "But it hurt Bobby and it hurt Nyx. And now that power is…corrupting him."

Brinley looks to Bobby and arches an eyebrow "Do you remember any of that?" The fact that Wanda had finally asked Bobby out, doesn't really surprise the brunette. Trying to blow up a tanker… well that's a little surprising. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly "The power is corrupting him? How do we stop it, Wanda?"

Especially surprising since Wanda's involvement probably hadn't made the news. Bobby nods slowly, fatigue overcoming him. "Yeah… 's in my report, Brin." He yawns. "Don't go running off now, Wanda…" And with that Bobby kind of just… passes out again.

Well he did hit his head pretty hard.

Wanda frowns as Bobby disappears back into oblivion. "Should he sleep so much?" she asks Brinley with some concern. "I tried to stop it. I tried to take it out of Nyx but she kept wanting more. And I didn't know Bobby was infected until after it all happened." Wanda looks over at him and tilts her head. "I could try and take it out but…I don't know if I can. But I want to make things right."

"No Wanda, he shouldn't. I'm really concerned." Brin grabs the glass before it spills. Pulling the covers up over Bobby, she then curls up back in the chair in the corner, with the now cooling cup of hot chocolate. "I'll be calling in help for him in another hour or so." She considers Wanda for a long moment "I want someone to check him over and then, maybe you can try. Nyx? Oh, the Angel of New York… I've met her once." Brin sighs "Well if what I detected with Bobby is right, she would have wanted more… I guess we'll need to find her too."

"I saw on the news that Nyx fought someone over Metropolis…and I think she attacked Stark Tower…and that is all my fault. I lost control and made a mess of things because I loved Bobby" Wanda explains with hunched shoulders and soft voice. "Or thought I loved Bobby. I am too stupid to know about love." She looks over at Brinley with a curious expression. "Who will you be calling?" Wanda winces and shakes her head. "I don't know why this happened, Brinley. I don't understand these things I can do…or I think I can do. Can I do them? Or is it all in my mind?"

"Ahhh," Brinley had seen that news report, just something else to pass on. "I can understand liking Bobby, a lot. I know I do… he's a nice guy." smiling sadly "I can also understand loosing control because you love someone that much." Brin looks down into her mug, blinking slowly before looking back to Wanda. "I've seen you do things, Wanda. You can do them, it's not just all in your mind."

Confirmation she is strange is probably not the best thing to hear but it is getting harder and harder for Wanda to ignore it. "You love Bobby too?" she asks softly before sucking on her lower lip. "You are his girlfriend?" A nod to herself…it's obvious now. "And you have lost control over him too?" It would amuse her if it didn't have such serious repurcussions. "Do you know Nighteyes? She is a vampire…a good vampire. She found me in the river and has taken care of me. I…I think she likes me…a lot. And I have never had anyone like me like she does. Never. I thought Bobby did but I was wrong."

"I like Bobby and I'm not his girlfriend. I loved someone else… " Brin's only talking about it to make sure Wanda understands "They …. Something happened and I wasn't happy for a long time." PTSD after the attack on the Paragons, and most of her team had been killed. "No I don't know Nighteyes. But it's good that she likes you. I like you too, Wanda. And Bobby sees you as a friend, not a girlfriend or lover."

"I have lots of 'friends', Brinley" Wanda shrugs, "But I needed more. I know there is a lot wrong with me but…is it wrong to hope? I guess it takes a vampire to really like a witch. Do you know that is what people call me? A witch. I do not think they mean it as a compliment." Forgetting about her own problems for a moment she tries to offer a warm smile to the 'Doc'. "I am sorry you lost the person you loved. And I understand how sad that can make you…how angry. If I can help…"

Yeah, Brinley gets that. "I'm sorry, Wanda. I know what you mean by wanting, and needing, more." Looking over to Wanda, Brin gives a little smile "They call me a mutant. Neither Witch or Mutant isn't nice… they do it because we're different … " Seeing how it seems to upset Wanda, Brinley tilts her head "I'm sorry that people aren't nice to you, Wanda. But I'm glad you've found Nighteyes… it isn't wrong to hope, not at all."

Blowing out a breath, Brin shrugs this time, in resignation not dismisal "We all loose people that we love and I'm learning to deal with it. There really isn't anyone can do."

"Nighteyes found me" Wanda corrects before looking over at the sleeping Bobby. There is still feeling there. It doesn't disappear in a week…especially after the way she reacted. "I miss Pietro" she almost whispers, "He would look after me but…he has better things to do now. He understood that I was…" She taps at the side of her forehead with her finger. "He kept me safe but now he…he has moved on. They tell me he can't remember me but I think he just has a better life now. It is wrong for me to drag him back." A quick wiping of her eyes before she looks over at Brinley and her own pain. "I could say something like 'there will be someone else' but I know how foolish that is to hear. Bobby told me the same but he actually said '/maybe/ there will be someone else'." Wanda snorts in amusement. "Even Bobby thought it would only be a 'maybe' for me."

"I'm sorry, Wanda. About Bobby, about your brother" Brinley looks a little tired. "From what I've heard, your brother really can't remember, there's something blocking him. If you like, I can see if can get more information?" another slight shrug "Maybe there will and maybe there won't… and maybe I'm not ready for there to be someone." As for Bobby's /maybe/, Brin smiles faintly "I think Bobby would tell me the same thing… that /maybe/ there's someone for me."

"He is a rude creep when he doesn't realise it" Wanda laughs about Bobby's maybes before jerking her head towards the doorway. "Go get some sleep, Brinley. I will stay up and care for Bobby. You have done enough for now. Rest. Then come back when you wake, okay?" Then a shake of her head. "No…let Pietro have his life. I think the 'block' is a good thing." And she's had some odd dreams about that memory block lately. Dreams she doesn't understand or want to relate. "Get to bed, Brinley" she insists.

Glancing between Wanda and Bobby, Brinley nods slowly "Thank you, Wanda… I appreciate it." Uncurling from the chair, the brunette metahuman walks over to Wanda and gives the other woman a quick hug. "I'll see you in a couple of hours, and then we'll get Bobby some help." Smiling over her shoulder as she walks out.

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