Ghoulish Gotham

June 01, 2015:

Oracle finds some interesting activity in Gotham that she sends The Fox in to check out, with backup.

Chinatown - Gotham


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Kanes asked Oracle to be on the lookout for strange activity. She's found it alright, in a backstreet in Chinatown. "Yes Fox, I'm sure. The records that I've checked for that building show that something is going on there. Whether it's supernatural or not, I simply can't tell yet. That's why I'm asking you to check." beat "And I'm sending backup in. Agent May and Nighteyes, you know already. I've added a new contact to the roster, we'll see how she goes. Her name is Huntress and I'm sure you'll work out who she is when she gets there."

All of the others have received a communication from Oracle, asking them to be at this particular location, at this time.

"I'm on the way, just a few blocks out now." From the sounds of this, it's urgent. It could be nothing. Or something. Or… well, those are kind of the options. Either way Gotham's Neo-Druid has decided it's time to abandon subtlety. From the rooftops leaps a glowing blue elk with a masked and cloaked rider. A fairly heavily armed one. An unusual figure even by Gotham's standards. And that elk is fast. Easly reaching highway speeds as it bolts down the road and makes a sharp turn for the alley.

Huntress was just on her way back to her bike from getting some coffee when the call went out for her help.. luckily she usually keeps her getup with her, and in an akward quick-change in the parking structure between a BMW and a ford she's ready to go, and she soom is on the way over towards the chinatown address given her, "I'm on my way too, be there real soon." She says.

Melinda May arrives quickly enough thanks to travel by ley line, even if she does have to walk a few blocks to get to the meetup point. "Oracle, May. I'm…" She bites off a curse in Cantonese when a glowing blue elk nearly mows her down as it blurs past at redonkulous speeds. "… I'm approaching the coordinates." And no, she's not going to run after Kane and that stupid pet of his. They'll just have to wait as she continues walking. Along with glaring a bit now.

Nighteyes is out for a walk with Wanda. One arm wrapped around the woman's back as they stroll. The vampire sighs as they get closer to the destination. She's still feeling rather soured about this part of town after the statue and abyss pit and brain worm infection that had spoiled their first attempt at a dinner out. "Stay close to me love. I'm not sure what we will be dealing with here." The vampire had not been willing to leave Wanda behind. The others will just have to deal with it. Besides Wanda is usally very good to have around in situations like this is likely to be. "We will arive momentarily." Nighteyes chimes in as they are about to turn the corner. She spots Kane dashing past and then sees May and her body language change to that of one quite annoyed. The vampire snorts. "Glad not to be him later, I think."

Wanda nods to Nighteye's warning about what the work could entail…though she isn't exactly sure why she is. But she will keep quiet and…ooh…blue elk! She giggles at the sight before gently nudging Nighteyes to look at it too…just in case she missed it. She is dressed in her casuals tonight as she hasn't had a chance to grab her old clothes or buy some new ones; so jeans and t-shirt in the summer air. "Do you think the lightning man is back?" she asks the vampire before peering at emptiness over her shoulder. "I don't think it is" she whispers, "Doesn't feel the same."

Conferencing the team she's gathered, Oracle watches the Avatars as they approach and frowns at the guest, Nighteyes has bought. "Your guest, your responsibility, Nighteyes. If she gets in the way… " Kane might do something.

The schematics for the building are displayed on her screen. "The second floor houses the admin offices. I'm just about to get control of the security systems, Fox… give me a minute."

Kane might do something… or what he found in the alley might. There's an almighty thud from the back alley and some yelling and what sounds like a lightning strike. And then the Fox and his elk come bolting back out as fast as is reasonably safe and onto the street. Behind him, wrapped by the legs, is a ghoul. Being dragged. At about thirty miles an hour. And behind that are twenty more ghouls. Skinny, near emaciated really, but with razor sharp fangs and claws. Clearly someone disturbed something. "Ghouls Nest! Oracle! I need light!"


With the whining roar of her import motorbike, Huntress has arrived, pulling into a nearby alleyway and moving to park the bike, "Alright Oracle, I'm at the coordina.." She is saying, then there's that lightning strike and the shrieks, "What the hell is going on??"

Melinda May stops abruptly when the shouting and the lightning and Kane and his elk RLAB back in her direction. She stares at them, rolls her eyes and actually sighs aloud, then draws her butterfly swords. And a pocket Maglite that she turns on and sets to high intensity narrow beam. And she mutters something likely very not complimentary about the elkrider in Cantonese.

Wanda hears voices again…which would be Oracle talking to Nighteyes. A frown at the thought that she would get in the way. Bring more trouble, sure, but not get in the way. "I think I will leave you to this" she smiles to Nighteyes before giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Your friends…" A nod to Huntress and May, "…will need you to focus." And then there is a blue elk barrelling out of an alley with a gaggle of ghouls chasing after him and wanting to tear the rider apart - is he in One Direction? "And he will need your help." And though her fingers start to twitch and draw their magic shapes, Wanda turns on her heels before she causes more trouble and heads off. She would love to stay but something is nagging at her mind worse than usual.

Having worked with Kane before, Oracle is prepared and at his call, the lights in the street blaze bright. "Welcome to the team, Huntress. Those are ghouls. May and Fox are skilled in combatting them." the redhead thinks "You might want to invest in some holy oil."

The Fox hadn't just been running and dragging a ghoul behind him. He'd also been reloading what looks like a sawwed off, break open, double barrel shotgun. With - if anyone had time to look - purple crystals. As the lights blaze bright the ghouls falter for a moment. It doesn't hurt them, but they don't like it. Their senses are tuned to the dark. "Okay, lightning was the wrong load for that." The druid turns in the saddle and lets both barrles go. Jets of fire stream out from them, setting the first four ghouls behind him alight. That's an improvement, right?

Either way the druid drops the shotgun, letting it hang by its sling as he goes for his sword and crossbow.

"Huntress, meetup with me. I have an idea." May's got extra holy oil on her person (what? It's been useful) AND she thinks that as annoying as he is, Kane might have the right idea with being a moving target faster than the ghouls. And she knows exactly how to manage that. Let's just hope the crosbow-wielder listens to her idea.

Nigtheyes growls. She watches Wanda moving off but can hear the others and turns intime to see the ghouls. "Oh sonofabitch!" It might be the first time the others have heard her curse. "Wanda!..Oh I am going to kill someone very slowly." She stalks forward towards the ghouls. Them first. "Then I will find Wanda and apologize. She would not have been in the way and anyone who harms her will also die. Slowly." The vampire promises. "I'll find you soon Wanda! Do not go far my love!" She has go to remember to explain about this stuff. With that the vampire charges into the group of ghouls, suddenly swinging a sword. She's started carrying one since the chinese restraunt thing. It's long and then and very very sharp.

"I'm fresh out of holy oil.. but next time I go in for confession I'll ask the priest." Huntress pipes up. She fires the bike back up and wheels it around, "Alright May, Grab my hand and let momentum do most the work." She says, "I'll be right there. And while I'm making the pickup, maybe someone can tell me just what I can do to these.. ghouls?" she says, and she's off, zoooming back down the street on her way to meet up with May, reaching a hand out on the side she intends to pass May on, fully intending to do this pickup in motion, it would seem!

There's little Oracle to do whilst the melee is joined… except crank the light brighter. It's an alley, there really isn't much light there, but she does add the lights from the street and the shopfronts….

"Fox, remember the last alley you had to fight in? When we met Dragnet… um Iron Hobo? We can set the alley alight, if you're willing…" A risky manoeuvre "Just make sure Nighteyes is out of the way."

"Moving. Get it ready." The Fox, who is, now that folks can get a look at him, a man in a leather and linen outfit with a cloak, hood and fox masquerade mask - hops off his elk and sets it running down the street. Still dragging a ghoul. Nighteyes has the first few and they're starting to turn in to circle her… so he fires a crossbow bolt at them. The crystal tipped thing detonates with a concussive blast sending several to the ground. They get up and glare at him.

"Ghouls!" The druid calls out to Huntress, backing and diplaying some rather enviable swordsmanship to keep the fast buggers off him. "Supernatural preditors. Fast, strong and durable. Superhumanly so but… not so much that you can't take them if you're careful." He ducks a swipe that tears a chunk out of a brick wall. The ones not chasing him are still after Nighteyes. May and Huntress aren't targets yet.

If May can handle this 'hitch a ride on the fly' with an ELK, a motorcycle is a much more familiar quantity. Maybe also part of that required SHIELD training course. As soon as she's passenging with Huntress, she pulls a ziplock bag with an oil-saturated rag inside it.

"You might have to stop for a moment. Oil your arrowheads." Okay, so she's more accustomed to normal bow archers. And if the younger brunette agrees, she'll take the time to also pull her already oiled machete-like butterfly swords. "Pass the rag off to Eyes when you're done, and then we're making strafing runs. You drive, I'll attack. Unless you want me to do the driving." Switching one of the two swords to her other hand, now it likely resembles the Hindu diety Parvati on a motorbike getting ready to weak havoc on those ghouls.

Nighteyes glares and snarls at the ghouls facing and moving to encircle her. She's not happy with this sudden change in her evening's plans. "Die pygmy cretins! DIIEEEEEEEEE!" The vampire screams her rage and leaps foward, dropping to one knee long enough to swing her sword in a tight half circle. She's hoping to cut them in half but if they have armored skin it will at least knock them into each other, violently. Then she's up and out of the range of the blast, landing in front of Kane the ghouls rising to glare at him. She catches the oiled rag May tosses her, with a startled exclamation. She's rather expecting her hand to burst into flames or something but nothing happens. That's…odd. Not something to stop to think about now though and she swipes the oiled clothes down both sides of her sword and moves out of Kane's way, swinging at the closest ghoul with an intent and murderous expression.

Huntress does indeed stop, at least for the time it takes for her to pull out a few of her bolts and smear them across the oil, tucking them away in a slot near the tank of the motorcycle for easy access. She also takes the moment to undo her cape, since it's a bit akward with a passenger in a fight. "There's an Incendiary grenade in my right thigh pouch, the front one." She exclaims as she revs up the bike again, passing the rag back for May to hand off, and she's loading her wrist-mounted crossbow with one of the oiled bolts. "I'll bring is in to intercept the pursuers, bring us through them hopefully." And she's off, guiding them on a course to let May ginsu as she will.

This is going to be re-enactment of something The Fox and Oracle has done before. The chunk of wall that has been turn away reveals a gas main… "Fox, gas main… in that chunk of wall above your head, severe it on my mark." beat "Nighteyes, I need you to bring the overhead electrical wires down… on my second mark. it's going to cause an explosion so you'll need to get out of there, real quick." beat "May, Huntress… we're going to blow the alley. Keep the ghouls contained but on my marks get out off there… the last time we did this, it was impressive."

The Fox is playing the bait here, which means he's lost his mobility. Which means it's time for a blessing. He dips into a sack at his side and comes out with a charm which he crushes in his hand. A glowing aura surrounds him and his visible skin becomes dark and rough and pebbly. The one of the ghouls lands a hit and he slams to the side but it doesn't break him in half. Nighteyes will have to get into position and he's counting on May and Huntress to heard them in.

Melinda May proves she's at least a skilled motorcycle rider as she's able to keep up with Huntress' maneuvering the bike around toward the ghouls while keeping both hands free to swing at the ravenous undead. She's not going for polite little belly wounds, either. She's aiming to decapitate as they pass by. "Try to get them all into a close group," she tell the others over the comms.

Nighteyes picks up the closest ghoul and throws it at the one who just hit Kane. Then goes to mist form and reappears crouched and balanced on the pole holding the electrical wires. She has a look of surprise on her face, she wasn't sure it'd work while holding the sword. That is a can of worms she is not ready to open so the vampire shakes her head. "I am here and ready." She focuses intently on the battle below.

"Sounds like we're going to cause a lot of property damage. Hope Chinatown's up on their fire codes." Huntress says to May as she brings them around to start their run through the ghouls, revving up the bike and rocketing down towards a head-on with The Fox, moving to pass him on his left and bring May along side the pack, hopefully fast enough, and with enough suprise to whip them right past the ghouls before they can react!

With the team in place, Oracle closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them, watching the alley where the fighting is happening. "Go Fox." When The Fox is clear, he'll give a signal… and then Nighteyes can drop the electrical wires. The timing part will be getting May and Huntress out before things happen… "May, Huntress, go now… "

The Fox leaps up and slashes with that blade of his. The gas main hisses and leaks. "Got it." And then he rolls. Ghouls are clawing at him. Some of it gets through his armored skin. Yep. That's a cracked rib. Ow. Ow. Ow.

"Any time now."

Melinda May changes tactic slightly as Huntress starts their run through the ghouls, smacking them with the flats of her blades instead of slicing them outright. She wants them all following straight toward Kane's trap and really hopes this'll work as planned. "Gun it, Huntress."

Nighteyes cuts through the wires with her sword the moment after Kane breaks the gas main and rolls clear. Or at least she hopes. He seems to have slowed down. She'd better grab him on the way. She goes to mist right as the wires fall and reappears behind Kane, throwing herself forward to cover him just in case. She'll not die if any of the blast or debris hits her though it might delay her plans for later tonight.

Huntress does gun it! Revving the engine up and going forward with an extra loud Vroooooom! and takes them forward with alacrity, turning back towards the street with a rather sketchy break followed by a quick turn that will take them out of the alley.

It does the trick… well what Oracle wanted anyway… as the electrical cables drop and arc, the gas is ignited.

Watching from the vantage of the Clocktower, Oracle can see each member of the team moving…. she waits… just a moment longer.

The fireball consumes the ghouls. And nearly gets Kane too but Nighteyes snatches him out of the way. The druid blinks and nods his thanks to the vampire. There's the clip-clop of hooves as his elk returns. Dragging a thoroughly unconscious ghoul behind it. The Fox smirks. That one will get a rather pointed talking to. "Thanks for the help folks." Meaning everyone. Including Oracle.

Melinda May waits for Huntress to stop her motorcycle and disembarks promptly, nodding to the masked woman. That's probably closer to a positive acknowledgement than the Batman's ever offered, isn't it? Shifting to hold both swords in one hand, she walks over toward Nighteyes and Kane, studying the man with an alert eye before addressing… the Elk. Yes, the Elk. "Two busted ribs, or three?"

Nighteyes stretches and shakes off her leather jacket, waving it about to make sure it hadn't caught fire. The back looks a little singed and she sighs then nods at Kane. "You are welcome." She watches May with one eye while examining her coat. Good thing she's planning a huge shopping trip soon. The busted rib's remark draws a startled laugh from the vampire and she shakes her head and puts her jacket back on before looking over at the woman on the motorcycle. "I do not think we have met. I am Nighteyes."

Huntress brings the bike to a stop nearby the man and the elk, stretching a bit but not bothering putting her cape back on yet as she sits astride the high octane racing bike and she cracks a bit of a grin, "You're welcome." She says, "Though maybe I ought to get a list of things to add to my utility belt from Oracle if we're gonna be dealing with this sort of stuff, leaning back on the bike now, with her hands planted behind her.

Oracle had already despatched the Fire Brigade. They can hear the sirens in the background. "Nighteyes, this is Huntress… I've been watching her for a while." beat "Good work team, and thank you. Huntress, I'll get May and you together, soon… and I'll send you a list of recommended tools… you might be surprised at some." The comment about broken ribs has the redhead shaking her head "Where are you headed, Fox? You need to get them seen to"

"Open ground. Some place private where I can draw a circle." Yeah… the Fox said that. Of course, he just fought ghouls. With a vampire. And a secret agent. With a crossbow. And a shotgun that shoots fire. None of this makes sense. "Huntress, blessed Holly bolts. Couple other things. I think Oracle knows a shop where you can get them."

Melinda May looks at the others, then takes a moment to clean her swords, locate the oiled rag and re-coat them with oil, and then return them to their concealed place under her jacket. "Let's go, then." If it were up to her, she'd send the man to Medical. But it's not.

Nighteyes sighs a little and puts her own sword away. "I have been learning some healing arts but really all I can do is tell you they are broken and give you pain medicine. I have some still from when Wanda was hurt, but not with me. I can help you get to..whereever if you need." She offers. "If not, I need to go find my lady. I worry some fresh new horror has found her." That might give the others pause, because how bad must something be that a vampire considers it a horror.

"That so Oracle?" Huntress asks with a bit of a grin as she remains astride her bike in that semi-relaxed state, "I'll have to have her tell me." She adds, "And yeah, we can get you to wherever you need to go." She adds with a bit more of a grin towards The Fox. "Just say where. I'd offer you a ride, but well, looks like you've got one." She says, reaching to pull her cape back up over her shoulders, and resecure it once more.

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