Nightclub Assassin

May 31, 2015:

Huntress and Phobos are out at a Gotham nightclub, when an assassin strikes!

Studio 99

A high class nightclub in Gotham near Burnley and Northpoint.


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Fade In…

At the edge of Gotham City, close to Burnley and North Point, the party people converge. When going to downtown is more of a hassle than it's worth, the city's youth all seem to hammer this particular neighborhood into all hours of the night. There's a heavy thumping of bass almost constantly in the background, the steady oontz-oontz-oontz of the music letting everyone know that the night's far from over.
Down the main throughfare in the neighborhood there are a dozen clubs, all with lines, and all with folks being judged… rejected… accepted… turned away. The rule of law is the Bouncer's perview tonight and almost every night when so many people come together to get their swerve on.
Amongst those clubs, Studio 99 is the best. Where the others look like holes in the wall on the outside, Studio 99 looks like a movie opening each and every night. People wear exquisite clothes, they wander into one of the three huge dancing areas. And for those seeking some measure of celebration where the music does not intrude there are three floors and a myriad of servers flowing amongst the tumultuous crowd.
Within Studio 99, right there in the back of the first story dance floor is a VIP area. And at the back of that VIP area slouched to the side and looking almost terminally bored is the young Olympian, Alexander Aaron. Sure there are hangers on, beautiful women, men trying to be amusing… and more booze than most people can drink. But for him his expression is a touch distant. Nobody interesting. Nothing interesting. Another damn empty night amongst mortals.

Not every night can be spent hunting criminals, and Huntress has taken some time to unwind like the rest of the club goers. She's out as her current alter ego, Maggie Calbrese, clad in her little black dress, and over by the bar in the VIP section, currently ordering a drink with a hint of a smile on her lips as she waits and looks about.

She can get a sense for the crowd. These aren't the weekenders, not the tourists. There are the people for whom partying is a strong part of their lives. Sure there are some out-of-towners, but mainly they are the young, the children of the rich who have time to fill and even more money to spend.
At the bar the tender smiles at her, filling her order with a smile and a wink. He starts to step back and get what's needed, leaving her alone to look upon the crowd. It's a good crowd, but with her years of training something… just might not sit right.
It could be that subtle tension in the air. A crowd is its own beast and something has made it somewhat skittish. Then she might catch sight of it. There's a man in the crowd moving slowly across the dance floor. He's not dancing, the rhythm seems to slide off of his back and away leaving no inspiration to tap a foot or drum a fingertip. He's dressed in a long coat, black hoodie pulled up to obscure his features. And the way he walks, it leads him towards her and the VIP area. Slowly, however. Too slowly. Disturbingly so.

Huntress has her drink in hand, a glass of champagne, and has moved over towards the railing that overlooks the rest of the club, leaning against it and looking out. She does indeed have some of the best training money can buy, but she's also got that naturally intuitive only someone spawned from the Loins of Batman could have, and her gaze is almost unconsciously drawn to the fellow at first, though it soon becomes more analytical as she notes the oddness of his pressence, as well as his general demeanor and movements.

As she watches that man she'll see him move through the crowd. His frame is large, and his skin seems pale, what little of it that can be seen from afar. When he steps across the dance floor people either get out of his way or he guides them out of his path with a surprising strength. This gets him some dark looks, some scowls, even one young man in a backwards baseball hat snaps something at him that goes unheard amongst all the music.
But what might draw her attention, that from her angle she might be one of the few that could see, is the glint of steel he holds in his hand as he approaches that corner VIP lounge.

Huntress watches the progression for a few more moments, and then catches sight of the presumed weapon held in the man's hand. She glances down at her glass of champagne and lets out a little sigh before she goes to fling the stemmed glass towards him, not aiming to hit, but rather to zip past his head where it would shatter on the wall, and hopefully provoke a reaction, or cause a distraction at the least.

In the heavy music, the noise, the crowd… such a thing goes mostly unnoticed. Oh definitely some of the people standing near her look at her quizzically but then laugh it off…
But that man notices it as the glass shatters right beside him. It's enough to spook him, to cause his step to falter. He looks upwards where it came from, eyes narrowing. She can almost _feel_ his eyes sweep over her and then gets to finally see his face.
It's a sickly decayed thing, greenish eyes and thin lips that almost look like the beak of some animal. For a moment he holds up a sharp pointed blade in his hand as if seeking something… something. But it gets no reaction.

That's… odd.. Maggie's look stiffens a bit and her brows narrow as well as she moves to decend towards where the wierd looking man with the blade is, intent on moving to have a.. chat with him, or something.

The descending woman is noted, but it's not clear if she threw the glass… or even if it was truly aimed at him. But he presses on, closing the distance. A few more steps, another push to the side of a dancer, and the hooded man reaches the VIP area.
One of the bouncers there looks over, "Step away from the talent, sir." The words coming from him on autopilot, clearly not seeing the palmed blade that the man has. Though Alexander's attention is gained at those words. He glances over at the two bouncers and the man in the hoodie, quirking an eyebrow curiously.

Huntress uses that momentary distraction with the bouncer to close the rest of the way on the blade wielding man, heels clicking with her steps and as she approaches she reaches to touch the man in such a way that were he to actually whirl on her he'd be in a position to put himself off balance, at least for a moment, "Excuse me." She adds.

The man in the hood had been about to say something, but then he turns and when he espies Huntress… his gaze narrows. Too much of a coincidence, the thrown glass, her looking out over, descending and now speaking with him.
She can read in his sickly eyes the intent the moment before it happens as suddenly there's a tensing in his arms, his stance. It's a bare moment of a warning but perhaps it is enough for then he abruptly lashes out with a wickedly curved and thin dagger, seeking to slash it across her throat with no hint of remorse.

Huntress's free hand darts up to try and deflect the dagger by hitting the man's wrist, her other moves to take that abrupt momentum and use it to send him tumbling to the ground. "Asshole!" She exclaims as she reacts to the quick attack from him, regardless, she moves to take a quick step back should he pop up faster then she anticipates!

At the eruption of violence, a quick area clears around the man, Huntress, and those two bouncers. The blade clatters to the ground with a clang that's absorbed by the steady thump thump thump of the dance floor. But then the bouncer steps forward in her way even as the sickly creature starts to get to his feet.
"Knife! We got a knife!" The other bouncer snaps into his wrist microphone even as the other reaches to grab the fallen man and restrain him…
Only for him to take a heavy _crushing_ punch to the mid-section that sends him rocketing back and landing heavily upon the floor amongst several other people.
The hooded man gets his feet and glowers at Huntress even as the other Bouncer tries to intervene. "Don't push it, buddy!" And suddenly that man is /smacked/ hard across the face, already unconscious before he hits the ground.
It leaves just Helena standing there between the VIP lounge and the hooded sickly man. And all the while Alexander is sitting up with a wry smile upon his features as if this was a so terribly lovely gift.

Huntress watches the sickly man and his interactions with the bouncers, taking those moments to step out of her heels and adopt a more defensive stance, "What? Afraid to fight a girl without your knife, ugly?" she asks, shifting back and forth just a bit.

And suddenly it focuses entirely on Huntress. Its arms come up, talons clear at the ends of its fingers as it makes a sort of trilling roar that is muted by the OOONTZ of the music, giving a perfect rhythm to the brawl that is to come. The crowd's already curling back, people are watching and pointing at this weird fight. Some are even trying to film it with their phones.

When it comes to a bar fight, there certainly are perks to having been raised, and trained to fight by Batman.. of course this isn't your ordinary hooligan. Luckily, there are ways to turn the raw strength of an attacker against them, techniques 'Maggie' is well versed in, and when the 'man' lunges at her, she once again returns him to the ground, with a swift followup kick to the midsection.. the fight continues for a bit, with Maggie demonstrating a variety of techniques, and an incredible amount of flexibility, though she doesn't come out of it entirely unscathed.. there will probably be a couple of bruises here and there, and her dress recieves a nasty rip where the claws caught it a couple times… but in the end she puts the creature down, as she leans into and under a swip, bending at the waist, while one of her legs comes up, in line with the other to deliver her heel straight to his nose, sending him collapsing to the ground motionless after that.. probably just unconscious, of course.

It was a quick affair, a blur of movement and the clash between the two. And then just as quickly as it started… it's over. To which she actually receives some applause from the crowd as they all give her a bit of a 'woo' and some cheers here and there.
The bouncers get to their feet and one asks her, "Are you alright, ma'am?" And if she answers she is he sets about his task. While the other scoops up the unconscious form of the attacker and starts to pull him through the crowd and towards the exit, one of them looks around for the bladed weapon and finds nothing.
Any further discourse, however, is curtailed when Alexander steps to stand beside her, turning his head just so and looking at her with curiously glowing crimson eyes. His smile is easy, given with a certain measure of aplomb, and the line of his features are almost beatific in their precision. He tilts his head the other way as if trying to look at her from another angle and asks, "May I buy you a drink?" He steps back, uncurling a hand and gesturing towards the now mostly empty VIP area, offering for her to join him.

Huntress has just recovered her shoes when the man approaches her, and she gives a bit of a look at him, brow raising, "I dunno. Do you normally sit around and nurse your drink while some creep attacks a girl with a knife?" she asks, "Though this is Gotham.. so probably yeah.." She says, answering her own question with a bit of a smile.

A wry grin is given to her in return, "I could see you had it under control." He steps back and if she should follow him he'll pull out a seat for her and then retake his own, settling down before the glassy tabletop and reaching for the tray before him. Upon it is a bottle of vodka and a myriad of shot glasses. He takes up the bottle, turning it on its side and offering her a glass should she wish by simply inclining his eyebrow at her.
Once the drinks are settled he eases back into his chair, holding the glass in one hand and smiling. "That last technique you used, was it Northern style kung fu?" It seemed like it might be, with the athleticism and the fluidity of her movement.

"Ahh. Someone else was handling it, so I don't need to get involved." Maggie echoes with a nod of her head, but she follows along after him back to the table, sitting down then slipping her shoes back on, "And yeah, something like that." She agrees with a nod of her head.

A small sip of his vodka is taken and he considers her from across the table. "Well, I was terribly frightened. Luckily you saved me." He gives a solemn nod to her even as he downs the rest of the vodka. He reaches for the bottle again, turning it on its side to fill his glass again. "But if you are terribly mispleased I can only but apologize."

"Oh, I was just thinking about that quote about good men doing nothing is all." Maggie says, taking her glass and taking a sip from it, "But you don't have anything to apologize for, not to me anyway. Just be who you are, I suppose, that's what's important."

Alexander seems mildly amused, then tilts back his vodka. A small flush touches his features as the alcohol finally seems to have some small effect on him, but not much. "In the interest of full disclosure, however. I was more concerened with this."
And at that he tosses that blade from the attacker upon the tabletop with a resounding metallic clink. It's a long curved blade, looking somewhat Middle-Eastern in design. The blade itself is yellowish but along its edge is a brackish brownish crust of dried blood. "It was an assassination attempt it seems."

"I'm sure there's a lot of important people sitting around who would have made wonderful targets for his knife." Maggie agrees with a nod, leaning in to look at the knife a little, "Good thing he didn't cut me with it, huh."

"Well," Alexander spins it around slowly on the tabletop, considering it for a time. "To you it's a knife, but to me it's a bit more. That's Hind's blood I believe." He slides it back towards himself slowly, and then pockets it into his jacket before he pushes himself to his feet. "In any case, I have much to think on."
A nod is given towards her, "Thank you for your assistance." And with that said he starts to step away from the table.

Huntress stands up as well and raises her brow just a bit, "Hind's blood?" she asks, walking along beside the man slowly, "That's an odd thing to coat a dagger in, unless it's some designer poison I've never heard about before." she adds with a bit of a look.

Through the crowd they walk, footsteps even and their departure noted with a few waves and some people even clapping for Helena. But Alexander's attention is a touch distanced, eyes glowing faintly red as he moves and his thoughts far off.
When she catches up with him and walks along at his side he looks at her and cocks an eyebrow before speaking, as if weighing how much to tell her, or how little. "Old story. A great deer, sacred to Artemis. It's blood is supposedly one of the few ways one can kill a god."
He reaches the doors leading outside and they're opened for him by the bouncers. The night's air is brisk and he continues walking down the sidewalk with her, stepping past the line of people waiting to get in.

"That's quite the fancy old story." Maggie says with a hint of a grin, "Someone's worried you're a god, huh? They must have quite the inflated opinion of you, or maybe you have a high opinion of yourself." She says as she follows outside, letting her gaze drift up and down the street.

Looking askance at her his lip curls, "What, you don't think I'm godly?" Alexander takes a moment to look her over, dark red eyes drifting down and then up. He grins to himself and shakes his head before turning back to walk down the sidewalk again. "But long story short, I sorta have to worry about that sort of thing. Family issues."
At that he turns to her and extends his hand, "By the way, my name is Alex. Alexander if you're feeling formal. A pleasure."

"Not as much as you do, appearantly!" Maggie exclaims at that, "Have fun with your little knife though, Alex. It was nice meeting you. I'm Maggie." She adds, accepting the hand as it's offered.

A firm shake is given, "And luck to you, Maggie." That having been said he steps off and heads towards the parking lot.

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