May 31, 2015:

Rowan wakes up in Atlantis and Ulani briefs him….



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Mera had shown Ulani to quarters in Atlantis, where Atlantean healers had been waiting. The Blue Envoy had carried Rowan in, placed him on the bed and waited for the prognosis. Rowan was fine, he would wake up in his own time, "have patience Envoy Ulani" the healers had said… and all she can do is wait.

After reporting in to her superiors, the Blue had checked the doors, not surprised to find two /escorts/ assigned to them. It's a precaution she would take, and good policy on the part of the Atlanteans.

Settling in a chair, the Blue female, has begun the vigil, waiting for the Dragon Blue to awake.

The dragon twitches… then stirs. He blinks, moving his head slowly to look around and then slumps again in the waters, sighing. It's a deeper voice than he normally has, but still unmistakeably his. "I feel like I got run over by a kraken…" He mumbles. Least he has his sense of humor. "How long? Did the Black get clear?"

"Several hours. And yes, the Black got clear. Blue warships arrived and forced the beings withdrawal." Ulani stands moves beside the bed looking down at the Dragon Blue "You got run over by something much larger than a a kraken." There's water in a glass near the bed and the Blue Envoy holds it out to Rowan… waiting for him recover a little more.

Rowan sits up and takes a drink, glancing at the ocean outside the room he's in. "Hours… mmm. Well… everything… went well with the Blue and Atlanteans? What was that thing? Do we know? What did it want?"

Ulani smiles faintly and rubs the back of her neck. "Exceedingly, really." Fixing her eyes on Rowan "Although Queen Mera will want to discuss the Hydraport I opened right outside Atlantis." She's not amused even though she's smiling. "There was nothing for it though, I had to bring her through and quickly." It's not a decision she regrets either.

"The Blue warships left as soon as the being started retreating. That, I'm sure, did much to reassure the Atlanteans that we mean only good." Looking at the edge of the bed, "May I sit?" beat "What do you know about The Lord Of The Deep?"

"Not much. He was a legend back on my Earth." Rowan admits. "Something about a powerful creature that lived in the depths that could bend the minds and bodies of others to his will. The Surfacers assaulted the Marianas Trench several times but… nothing ever came of it. I don't know if it was even real."

Assuming permission was given, Ulani sits on the edge of bed and regards Rowan coolly, assesingly, before nodding slowly "So too for us… a name spoken in whispers and used to bring fear to our children." She shivers slightly at the thought. "I believe that is what was attacking the Black warship." Folding her hands in her lap, the Blue envoy pauses "As the being retreated, I received a message. The Lord Of The Deep will be attending the Council of Waves and observing us… the Blues and the Atlanteans." Maintaining a stoic mein, she watches Rowan for his response.

Rowan doesn't seem to object. He'd just missed it. "The Lord of the… you mean the Black, yes?" The Lord of the Deep is a monster. He's a figure of legend. A boogey man. THat he could be real… well it terrifies Rowan. "Did they give any indication of what it… wanted?"

It was easy to miss, Ulani had just dropped the Blue boogey man on Rowan… who's also been knocked senseless… "Yes, the Black… and you should look worried, it worries us." The Blue Envoy shakes her head… "Nothing, just the message… they will be attending the Council of Waves to …. observe." Tilting her head to one side, she raises a shoulder "I believe that we shall soon be seeing the Black in our waters and I'm not sure how I feel feel about that." A personal observation… she normally speaks for the collective.

"Why's that… I'm not familair with the Black here. They were very involved in the war where I came from but… they did not have a choice. None of us did." In Rowan's world you fight, or you die. Sometimes you die anyway, so fighting all in all, good call. "Do you worry?"

"They are legends to our people here, Rowan." Ulani regards the Blue as she talks "Much like the Lord Of The Deep, we know little about them … there are stories though, more than likely those stories have grown." Another one shouldered shrug "I won't say I worry perse, but I am cautious. We want to bring peace… do they?"

"I could not say." Rowan muses. "Even at home they were… inscrutable. They have no love of the surface, I can tell you that much and if things are the same here they are much older than we. They… may have been the first inhabitants of the waves. Before Atlantis. Before the Blue."

Standing, Ulani starts pacing even as she nods "It was a rhetorical question. I don't believe any of us can answer that… only they." Stretching before she turns to pace back again "So too for us. Our legends say they are much older than the Blue… and that's really about all we know."

"I can't tell you much more other than that on my world they had very advanced genetic engineering technology." Rowan finally manages to stand and walks over to the window, looking out it. "What with Atlantis do now?"

"I have yet to speak to Her Majesty." Ulani admits "She bought us back her and went to join King Arthur." The Blue female watches as Rowan moves to the window "It was brutal, the assault by that being. Their majesties were making sure their people were safe. It wasn't the right time to ask."

Blowing out a breath, Ulani speaks quietly "It will have to be an informal chat with Her Majesty though… politics …. " she knows how much Rowan loves politics.

"The Blue still don't know if they can trust the Atlanteans." Rowan nods. "But if the Lord of the Deep is real… and is stirring… trust may be a seocndary consideration." What's the surfacer phrase these days? Ah yes. 'Winter is coming.'

"That's possible. The fact still remains that my position isn't one of Ambassador." It's a fine line for Ulani "I like Her Majesty. I believe she likes me. It's a good relationship, one I will cultivate. And impress on my superiors the need for the nations to be closer." Looking at Rowans back, nearly unblinkingly, Ulani speaks quietly "What just happened, may have been for the best."

"If it doesn't kill us all first." Rowan agrees that getting the Blue and the Atlanteans past their differences will be healthy in the long run. But The Lord of the Deep is horrifying. And… he can't imagine a way in which this ends well at all.

Ulani snorts "It's the ocean, things try to kill us. Surfacers try to kill us with their poisons. Right now, though, we need to focus." Regarding the Blue Warrior "How are you feeling? Shall we see if we can find their Majesties?"

"I'm feeling… less woozy. If you think the guards won't become distressed then yes, let us try to find their majesties." Rowan smiles to the Envoy and gestures for her to lead the way.

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