Pharmaceuticals Heist

May 31, 2015:

The Joker attacks a Pharmaceutical warehouse… an unlikely combination of heroes stop him

Red Hook - Gotham


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Red Hook is one of those places in Gotham. Which is to say, it's one of those places that even hard bitten Gothamites will avoid. Most of the businesses here have some criminal connection. Some are outright criminal fronts. It's a place where the gangs have more sway than the police, not that anyone can tell since the cops in Gotham are pretty dirty. It's also the location of a couple of 'pharmesuticals' warehouses. Which are presently being emptied. By men in clown masks.

That in and of itself isn't so unusual. The Joker isn't connected to every freak in makeup that wanders around the streets. But, given the tall, pale, green haired man that's supervising the work, there's a better than average chance that these ones are. Which makes them very, very dangerous.

Melinda May arranged to meet with Scott 'offline' — away from the Triskelion and prying eyes to talk about the situation with Psylocke. Again she's chosen an Asian restaurant though it's a Thai place this time, with the clientele once again almost entirely not native English speakers. She's waiting for him to arrive, but then that's normal. She's in the habit of arriving for meetings early and making sure the place is secure.

Of course Oracle is monitoring the streets of Gotham, it's what she does and when The Joker appears on her displays, her green eyes narrow … time to try and take this one out for good. Seeing the Bats are otherwise engaged, the redhead reaches out to others. "Agent May, our friend is active in Gotham. Pharamecutials Warehouse in Redhook, being emptied by The Joker and his crew." As efficiently as she can, Oracle gives May the details and transmit the location to the womans communicator. "I'm going to send in another potential recruit, The Huntress. This will be a good test for her, I think."

As she finishes speaking to May, the app on The Huntresses phone will activate "Hello Huntress, it's Oracle. We have a distirbunace in Red Hook we'd like your assistance with." Again the details are provided with the added "You'll be meeting Agent May there, soon. I'll direct you to connect with her, when you're both onsite."

The scenario calls for civilian attire, which is why Scott Summers arrives wearing blue jeans and a black collared shirt. The forecast calls for rain, which is never unexpected in Gotham, so he's donned a long trench coat for the affair. He arrives in a sporty black two door - the red paint job had become a bit too much for him - and after locking the vehicle, he twirls the keys around his finger and stuffs them away before heading into the Chinese restaurant.

He's not worried about the sports car. This is the vehicle Mike Drakos built for him. Not only does it sport some of the most sophisticated security technology around, but it is capable of flight. Batman would be jealous.

"Hey," he greets Melinda upon joining her at the table.

It's other reasons that bring Huntress out this evening, she's nearby, having followed another lead on some mob related issue, and is currently perched on a rooftop overlooking a nearby street. The bleep of the phone activating gets her attention, and she reaches to pick it up, "Agent who?" she asks, "And.. I'm nearby. I'll be there soon." She says, transfering the audio to a bluetooth earpiece connected to her mask before she pulls out her crossbow, and a grapple-bolt and gets to swinging across the street to head towards the location provided!

"Is that everything?" The green haired man demands.

"Almost, boss." One of the clowns replies. "Just gettin' the last few crates up now."

"Good." He's in one of his 'aloof' phases. The calculating ones. Really, these are the worst. Not because he's violent (though he still is) but because he's so much more deliberative. Most of his long term plans come from these phases. "Set the bombs. With any luck the Russians will figure the Italians did it. And keep an eye out. It's getting dark and no one's seen the bats leave their belfrey yet."

Melinda May is standing as Scott arrives. "Change of plans, Summers. I just got a call from a contact here and it's not something that can wait. Do you have your fancy shades and a faster way to get across town?" She taps at the Pendulum hidden under the collar of her shirt. Regardless of the man's reaction she's heading for the door. "If not, wait for me here. The Pad Thai is excellent."

Stopping in his tracks, Scott's eyebrows rise. "I do," he answers, "on both." He turns to follow on May's heels, only partially disappointed that the Pad Thai will have to wait.

Outside, he clicks the key remote, and his car's running lights flash as the doors unlock. The keys are stuffed away, and he hops the hood and climbs into the driver's seat. There is a brief moment where he removes his glasses, eyes clamped shut, and replaces them with the tactical visor stored inside his trench.

"Buckle up," he advises while firing the engine. "And hold on to something."

The engine roars, and Scott flips a couple of switches. The steering wheel draws in and rises a bit, while a HUD display appears over the windshield. Then, a particularly different sound whines from beneath as the repulsors come online, lifting the car right off the pavement and into the air.

"USB and keyboard in the glove box. Plug in where we're headed." The information will, of course, pop up on the HUD, allowing Scott to fly the car at rapid speeds across the Gotham skyline toward their destination.

"Agent May. Someone I wanted you to meet anyway, Huntress." Oracle responds. Conferencing the communicators, she speaks again "Agent May, Huntress, comms are conferenced. Huntress is approaching the location now. May is a few minutes out."

Zooming the security feeds in as much as she can, Oracle watches the clowns activities and sighs, The Joker likes to leave surprises. "Looks like they're deploying incindery devices. Approach with care."

Huntress is a lot more subtle then Cyclops flying car, but probably just as sporty! But she arrives on the scene fairly quickly, tumbling onto a roof-top across from the warehouse and moving to crouch at the edge of the building to look down. "I see about a dozen of them, but there's probably more about." She says over the impromptu networked call, "They're just finishing loading up it looks like."

Not only just finishing up loading (four unmarked vans that are getting ready to take off) but several men are just coming out of the warehouse without crates. One of them hands the Joker a detonator. "Well, I'd say we're done here boys. Lets light up the night a little." He presses the detonator. And nothing happens, at least visible from the outside. Oracle can see that he just set several fires in the building, but they'll take time to spread. Fire alarm is still online but the warehouse doesn't have a fire suppression system.

May has been a passenger when Coulson's taken Lola driving. This is nothing. She does buckle in promptly then gets out the keyboard. She'd really rather just patch Oracle into the car's systems, but Summers might not be too happy about that. So instead she quickly keys in their destination and then digs a spare comm earpiece out of an inner pocket. (And for the record, yes, she does keep extras on hand at all times.) "Oracle, I am en route with an ally. ETA," she pauses, doing a bit of dead reckoning by looking out one of the flying car's windows. "Ninety seconds." She offers the spare comm to Scott and lets him make his own introductions, not wanting to share his real name if he'd prefer to use his codename.

Just introduced, and May's already going to start bossing people around. "Huntress, May. Do NOT let those vans leave."

The comm piece goes in without question. "Eighty seconds," he drily corrects May. He doesn't drive like Coulson. "This is Cyclops, X-Men."

When the warehouse is in view, Scott kills the running lights and the engine, leaving the car to operate on repulsors and forward momentum alone. Thank goodness for those sleek, aerodynamic curves and rear spoiler, which of course has withdrawn so as not to create downward drag.

He frowns. The tactical visor is picking up heat signatures from inside the building. "Heat sigs inside the building. Looks like fire. Huntress, eyes open for incendiaries."

A sideways glance is given to May. "Zipline and harness is under the seat." Just in case she wants to bail. He could cover the situation from above.

"Gotham Fire Brigade despatched." Oracle would swear about the lack of fire suppression, but she doesn't do that. "No fire supression in the building. There are fire hydrants along the road though, we can turn them against the building." beat "Huntress, May has field lead. Follow her lead and instructions." Scotts introduction has her canting her head "Nice to finally meet you Cyclops. Thanks for the assist"

Huntress lets out a bit of an exasperated sigh, "I'll do what I can." she says after a moment, loading her crossbows with tracker bolts and goes to fire a tracer at two of the four vans. The bolts flying true and ejecting their payload forward to latch onto the vans, the shaft of the bolts falling to the ground short. She then gets up and starts to dart along the rooftops, trying to find a spot to intercept the vans at.. "You're gonna be about 80 seconds too late for the vans, though!"

The van's start to roll out. Which leaves an interesting quandry as the building behind them starts to go up in flames. How are the rest of the Joker's Gang… and the big man himself, getting out? That answer is shortly provided in the form of a pair of sportier cars. As the Joker and his men load up, producing arms from the trunks the Clown Prince spots one of the fallen bolt shafts. "Look alive boys we're not alone." His eyes snap up, scanning the roofline… and then he unleashes a hail of bullets from an AK at a random patch of deep shadow.

Melinda May tucks the keyboard away again and starts to put on that harness with the ease of practice, but then she sees the Joker and his lackeys piling in to a pair of cars and sheds the harness again. "They're going mobile. I really doubt my sidearm will be any good." She looks at Scott. "Switch places. I'll pilot." Acid test time, Cyclops. Do you trust your car with an Asian woman driver considering the typical stereotype that is bandied about all over the internet?

Muzzle flash. Scott's visor pings on it, and with a slam of his left hand, both passenger and driver's windows roll down. "On it."

Another button is pressed, this one turning bright red. The car goes into stationary mode, locking down all controls and leaving it to hover. He swings a leg over to the passenger area, resting it upon the floorboards between Melinda's knees, then presses his back right up against the windshield, so that she can slip by beneath him.

Stop what you're thinking. Cyclops is a professional.

"Swing around so I've got a clear shot," he tells her as she makes her move, then plops into the passenger seat as soon as it's free.

As soon as the car is in position, he reaches up to touch the firing control on the left side of his visor. A red beam shoots out from the darkness, headed toward the car being tracked by his tactical visor. In particular, the rear tires are being targeted.

Picking up the tracker signals from Huntresses bolts, Oracle makes a note to ensure the information is programmed into her systems.

The 'blips' that are the departing trucks now appear on her screen "I've got eyes on the trucks, I can track them. Sending the GCPD to intercept." Indeed the redhead is already placing the entry in the GCPD despatch system.

It's probably a good thing that she doesn't have video feeds from Mays communicator, her eyes might be a little wide at the maneouvre that Cyclops just did.

"That's just two of 'em!" Huntress says through heavy breaths as she ducks further away from the indiscriminate gunfire, "Joker's shooting wild, I can go after another of the vans or come back and give your others a hand with the Joker!" she exclaims, doing a little hop and a roll from one building to the next as she continues on after the vans as best she can!

The Joker and his remaining men climb into the sports cars (open topped, even) and take off. Pretty soon there's a regular old convoy forming up, four vans, one car up front and another in back. They're making for the free way. GCPD is responding but… this is the Joker. Surely he has something up his sleeve.

"I've dealt with this guy and highways together. Keep them off of it if you can, Su… Cyclops. Huntress, the vans are sticking close, you might be better off trying to get around and in front of this convoy. No unnecessary risks." May keeps pace with the convoy effortlessly, because compared to Lola or a quinjet, this car's controls are SIMPLE.

"Just keep them in my field of view," Cyclops answers. "I'll tear them apart." While he says this, he's grabbing that harness and fixing it to his belt.

Scott climbs out of the window then, propping his right arm between the side mirror and the car for support. His left hooks over to the roof of the car. With the wind blowing his hair every which way, he proceeds to make travel hell for Joker and his sporty cars. Optic blasts spray out all over the place, but there is a strategy to their placement. One blast tears through the road ahead, upending asphalt and forcing the cars to either crash or divert away from the freeway. Another pings the back of Joker's car, knocking the license plate off and onto the road.

The plate probably reads HA HA HA.

Another blast knocks one car's side view into oblivion, but the beam reflects off the mirror and slams the driver right in the face, busting his jaw and knocking out a few teeth.

"Trying to access the vehicles security systems." Oracle is already hacking that system "If they have them, I'll try to disable the vehicles, but that might cause other problems… " like a big pile up. There's little she can do at this point, except…. "GCPD have been advised to approach with caution."

Huntress drops down into an alley just off her path with a lot of acrobatic flair. It's a few moments later before she emerges again, atop her custom crotch rocket and starts to zooooom out to catch up to the chase-in-progress, weaving in and out of traffic and starting to close the gap with the help of the tracking device she shot, the flying sports car, and the beams of red light lighting up the evening!

The lead car swervs and crashes into the median of a busy six lane street. The van's accellerate until… Oracle. The Information Goddess manages to activate the security systems on two of the vans and they lock up, the engines dying. The remaining three vehicles work around them though and turn onto a side street. As they do the Joker produces an RPG and blasts a car into oblivion, causing it to cartwheel and wind up in a beautiful pile up in the middle of the intersection. Scott and May can keep chasing, of course, even as people now begin to shoot up at them. Huntress may need Oracle to route her around it though.

Melinda May keeps the airborne car on a pursuit of the vehicles still in motion, leaving the others for the GCPD to deal with. She's mostly concentrating on the piloting, but she does briefly take a moment to be impressed by the shots that Cyclops is taking to stop this unorthodox car chase. The one using the side mirror was particularly impressive. "We're taking fire, Cyclops. If I need to pull clear, I will. So brace yourself. Huntress, sitrep?"

Grimacing at the destruction, Scott calls into the car, "Who is this guy?"

With the car coming under fire and May's defensive 'driving', Scott is forced to hold on, his shots ceasing. The harness serves to keep him from falling to his death, but there are a few jaunts that have him grunting. Bulllets whiz past his head at one point, and he breathes a sigh of relief.

"Huntress," he reports through the comm, "We have them distracted." Understatement of the moment. "Close up and disable their rides." He casts a look back to May, reassuring her, "Just don't crash my baby."

Snapping his head back forward, he blasts a line of destruction up the road below, on the tail of Joker's entourage. Keep your eyes on the sky, clowns.

Oracle feeds an alternate route to Huntress. The benefit of having the systems she has. "That, Cyclops. Is The Joker, one Gothams finest and craziest villains." She'll let May fill in the rest of the details. She's still trying to disable the other cars through their security systems.

"Yeah, Joker's real bad news!" Huntress echoes, the sort of confidence of someone with a history with the man.. of course she's never met /this/ Joker before! "And you've left a hell of a mess back here, high-beams, but.. I'll be there in a minute!" she says. And it isn't long before the Huntress-Cycle is landing infront of the chase, having zipped down an alley, and jumped a retaining wall to cut off the crew, twisting about and bringing her wrist crossbow.. now mounted on her wrist to bear on the lead vehicle of the convoy and shooting off a bolt with a gadget on the tip that you'd expect to find in Batman's Utility belt, not some underdressed vigilante, and that would be an EMP device, sending a shock through the vehicle to disable it's electronic systems.. and hopefully bring it to a screeching halt!

The device goes off and the lead van locks up. The engine siezes and the whole thing skids to a halt. The one right behind it doesn't have time to stop and plows into it. The Joker's car only narrowly manages to avoid the same, skidding and swerving around before continuing on. Lost the shipment it seems. Which just means he'll have to try again later.

But if they think they're getting any clues out of this…

The Joker aims a second RPG, but this one not at Scott and his flying car. Now it's aimed at the two car pilup behind him. The warhead flies and both vans go up in flames. Along with the people in them.

Melinda May sees the vans explode and curses faintly. Typical Joker. "I'm taking the kid gloves off, Oracle. Cyclops, hang on." And no, she's not going to crash precious baby here. She pushes the flying car to accelerate while pulling a custom-built 1911 pistol out of her jacket and pressing the button to open the driver's side window. If she gets a chance to take a shot at Joker herself, she's going to take it.

Bracing himself, Cyclops plants one boot against the floorboard, the other back between the passenger seat and door. His left hand ducks in to pull a clasp on the harness, causing it to tighten up. Now, he won't need his right arm to stabilize himself.

Leaning out of the car again, he grimaces at the exploding vans. "Jesus," he curses, before gauging the space between Huntress and Joker's car. "Don't flinch, Huntress."

Optic blasts begin peppering the to the left and right of the Huntress-cycle, gradually making their way back toward Joker's car. He's no longer shooting to hit, he's shooting to distract. Let May and Huntress deliver the real blows.

The woman on the motorcycle doesn't seem to bothered by the light show around her, and she continues zooming along infront of the Joker's car, her attention split between him and the traffic ahead, ready to joke and weave if she comes under fire next.. it is a little akward afterall to reload in a high speed chase!

The Joker jerks back and falls over in the car, though where he's hit and how bad isn't clear. The (very nice) car accellerates, takes a sudden turn and crashes through a sewer gate, vanishing. May and Scott and Huntress can try following him in there, if they want but… Oracle knows she'll loose sight of the Joker pretty quick.

Melinda May pulls the car into an abrupt mid-air stop, intentionally tilting it at the same time to keep from launching Cyclops out of the vehicle's window. "DAMNIT! Oracle, he's gone into the sewers. Again. How soon do you think we can put to gether a group to go down there and chase the rat out of his nest once and for all?"

Scott can feel it coming. Both hands grab hold of whatever they can; the right grabs the side view mirror, the left clenches down on the roof of the car.

Phew. Good thing he braced himself.

Cyclops pulls back into the car, mouth still somewhat ajar. "Son of a bitch," he murmurs, mostly on the fact that they lost the target, not the fact that his groin hurts like hell.

"I'm not sure we want to try the sewers, May" Oracles' grim. They will get The Joker eventually… and when they do… May won't send him to Arkham, of that the redhead is sure. "But let's plan this out a bit… with the resources we've got available now… I have a few ideas."

"Cyclops and Huntress, good work. Thanks for the assist." Now the Gotham PD are approaching, the team will hear the sirens growing nearer. "Time to depart, May." Gothams Information Goddess makes that a recommendation.

Melinda May gets the black car moving again and adds a bit more altitude so hopefully they won't be obvious unless someone really looks up and tries to find them. She'll do that for a few blocks on an angle then set down in a quiet street to let Scott take his car back. She glances over at Scott as she does so to see how he's faring. She knows he's seen combat before, but for her at least, any time the Joker is involved it's just so much more PERSONAL. "Cyclops, are you okay?"

"Copy that, Oracle." Scott's words are dry, and following that, the ear comm comes out. He remains silent for the journey, but when May asks if he's alright, he looks toward her with a smug grin. It wasn't long ago that he rode a nuclear missile into the sky while disarming it.

"I'm fine."

The harness is undone, letting it recoil under the seat on its own spring action. "Could go for some Pad Thai."

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