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May 31, 2015:

Jericho catches up with Kitty and others

New York


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Hell's Kitchen used to be poor. And not real nice. Or safe. That's changed a lot in the last ten years or so. The place is getting a lot more expensive, which brings in a different kind of resident, and a different kind of business. Jericho doesn't mind that, so much. One thing it does mean is that there's decent places to eat near Jericho's main residence. This nice little Greek place is one of them. It's small but it's got some nice outdoor seating and a good view of the Hudson. Jericho stops there sometimes for a gyro or some salad.

He hadn't meant to stop there today though. While he has a pretty good handle on K'nert and the imp generally obeys him, some things drive the little guy absolutely wild. Like a small purple dragon swooping down and making off with his ice cream bar. Said dragon comes around the corner and makes right for the cafe. The imp is skittering along not at all far behind him. "K'NERT!" Jericho yells out and sighs, glancing over to Zee. "Goddamnit. I'd better go get him before he wrecks something." And with that he takes off at a jog.

Jes is in Hell's Kitchen tonight for a sort of business matter. Thats been concluded though and the coyote is hungry. Starving actually. She's burned up a lot of energy today. She's causes a minor disturbance as she moves down the sidewalk in search of a place to eat. She's wearing tennis shoes and jeans and a black sports bra instead of her usual shorts and tshirt and sandals. There's a massive bruise forming on the right side of her face and a cut over her eyebrow. Similar bruising is forming on her ribs and people are staring which is pissing the young woman off and her scowl and the way she stalks forward is setting other people on edge and has them scurring out of her way. She hasn't noticed Zee or seen Jericho take off running.

Inside that cafe sits Kitty Pryde. She doesn't normally let Lockheed out of the purse in public, but every once in awhile it does the dragon good to be out. Unfortunately, it means he's more likely to misbehave. One minute he's by her feet like a good little dragon and the next, for some reason she can't even fathom he swoops off and is around the corner.

The young mutant is just springing up looking for him when the mischievous creature swoops back with a cat ate the canary grin and a melting ice cream bar. "Lockheed!" she hisses as the dragon dives straight for the purse sitting on the ground and disappears into it. "You come back here! Where did you get that!" She's attempting to not attract any more attention to herself as best she can. It's New York, after all, what's a disappearing purple dragon to them? However, she does recognize the imp right on Lockheed's tail. "K'nert?" she asks questioningly, immediately looking around for Jericho.

John's actually looking much better than he has in a few days. The cuts are almost entirely healed and the bitter cup of tea steaming in his hands is pungent enough to offset any remaining pain. The powerful narcotic qualities of the gifted beverage, from Jesana, doesn't hurt, either.

"It is /so/ nice out," John remarks to absolutely no one in particular. Though, Kitty is, like, right there next to him. He's just saying things, apparently. He recognizes K'nert, two, brow furrowing as he tries to dial in his brain. "Oh, that's Jericho's buggering little demon, right?" he says, scratching his nose. He laughs as Lockheed vamooses into the bag, a look of dazed contentment on his face. John's definitely stoned.

Zee has no idea why she sought Jericho out. She's still in a bad mood after M-Town… not even Kanes offer of dinner and dancing (the Druid doesn't dance, she's sure of that) was balm for how she's feeling. As Jericho takes off, Zee follows after… walking carefully, she still hasn't healed the wound inflicted by the Angelus blade across her shoulders - maybe she wants a reminder for how badly things can go wrong.

It may have been something to the effect of 'we need to talk, lets go get something to eat, or I'll start posting photshopped pictures of your and Vorpal on the internet.' Jericho can be viry direct sometimes. Really though he'd just gotten the notion that Zee needed to get out. He could deal with some grump. He knows May, after all.

He hasn't seen Jes yet. He's too focused on watching K'nert go into the restaurant chasing a very familair looking purple dragon. "For the love of…"

Just as K'nert is about to dive into Kitty's purse after the purple dragon a rather sharp voice from the doorway says something that sounds a lot like "Darosh!" John may recognize the language and know that it means 'stop' in a rather commanding, and not horribly polite fashion. K'nert freezes and glances back over his shoulder hissing.

"Yes I know." The hacker sighs as he comes on in. "Hello Kitty, John."

The wind changing sends Zee's scent right to Jes and she looks over from glaring at some guy who was not getting out of her way fast enough and blinks. Her eyes narrow as she takes in the way Zee is walking. Jes glances over and sees Jericho and John inside. And also…where had she seen that woman, somewhere, she's sure. Jes is a little more worried about Zee at the moment and she strolls up to her. "Zee, you aren't like me. You can't keep going or be at full strength when you're hurt. You need to heal that. If you don't I'll tell Jericho and John in there. If I didn't know you'd tell me to stop I'd just pick you up and carry you. What if we got attacked, right here, right now? It could happen. It did in Times Square. Please heal. please?" Jes moves in front of her friend and gives her best huge eyed adorable coyote look. Its not quite as effective when she's human but…"

"I should have guessed," Kitty sighs, shaking her head at the purse on the floor that Lockheed now occupies. Bending over to scoop up her purse, she wags a finger inside of it, sounding quite annoyed as she says in low tones, "You better not be getting ice cream stains in there, Lockheed, because I have absolutely no idea how to clean something like that. I'm pretty sure a Tide stick isn't going to work."

Having only me Jes the once, she doesn't quite recognize the Coyote woman, but she does see Zatanna and she certainly knows Jericho. "I'm sorry about that," she apologizes sheepishly to Jericho. "I should have known as soon as I saw the ice cream that it was Lockheed teasing K'nert. I can buy him another one, if that'll mend the fences."

A rolling of the eyes is all that is given to John's comments, though there's a bit of a smirk there. "Hi guys. Please, join us. It'll certainly be a more coherent conversation."

"Jericho," John says, sounding like he's in the middle of a pleasant sort of euphoria. He sits down across from the hacker, moving his coat out so he's not sitting on the tails, and wraps his hand around his mug of tea. Most of the cuts on his hands and face are faded to thin pink lines, almost completely healed, after only a day or so of recovery.

"And I see Zatanna and Jesana," he says, gesturing towards the two women. "You'll like Jesana," he asides to Kitty. "She's a coyote who turns into a woman sometimes. Sweetest thing you've ever met."

"It really is nice out," he says again, looking bemusedly at the sky.

"If we get attacked, I fight, Jes." Zee murmurs as she gives Jes a quick hug and then side steps her. "Or run maybe, given I'm such a liability these days" Jes doesn't know what happened in M-Town and for now, Zee's keeping it that way.

"Hello Kitty, John. Kitty, you met Jes when she was a coyote I think, when we all caught up with Rant that day…" Johns stoned state, the cup of tea in front of him has Zee raising an eyebrow at Jes.

Jericho glances over to Zee and Jes, eyes glimmering in amusement and then to John. "Yeah, it's a pretty nice day." He pulls out one of the seats and sits down in it, motioning to K'nert. The demon reluctantly comes over. Jericho leans down to whisper something in demonic and then the little guy nods and disappears out the door. He's not going far though.

"He's a demon, Kitty. He'll hold a grudge. Ice cream from you will help balance it though, I'm sure. Hello Jes."

There's another pause. "So, okay, is John stoned? And do you need help getting him anywhere?" He's got no problems just talking. In fact he'd wanted to ask Kitty about one or two not super critical things, but if John needs to go, like, home or something…

"Zee, Jes, if you want some food it's on me."

Jes accepts the hug and then sighs and follows behind Zee into the outdoor cafe. She's of the opinion her bonded needs a swift kick in the ass to get over her self pity. She can tell something happened and that it obviously didn't go well but putting herself and her team mates at risk because she feels sorry for herself and won't heal is just.. Well, Jes can't do anything about this. Zee isn't going to listen to her so she lets it go. Jericho's question draws her attention and she looks over at John then catches Zee staring at her. Oh shiiiit. Better change the subject fast. "He's fine! See, look even a lot more healed. Isn't that great?" She's close enough to scent Kitty now and that lets her place the face. "Hi kitty!" Jes says brightly. She gives Jericho a quick hug and then sits next to John and kisses his cheek. "I'm glad you're feeling better." Then she notices K'nert. "Heya little dude. Wow, who pissed in your cereal?" The demon looks pretty ticked off. "Hey lady!" Jes waves at a waitress. "Can you bring me a big bowl of all your ice creams. Like, the biggest bowl you got?" Then she looks back at Jericho and grins. "Thanks, I'm hungry. I'll pay for his Ice cream though. She didn't see the tiny dragon and has no idea what made Knert mad b ut she knows he loves ice cream.

Kitty raises an eyebrow at John's observations on Jesana, almost laughing as she does so. "A full compliment without snark. Either that stuff has hit full potency or she really is the nicest coyote woman." It's rare to hear anything of the like from the snarky Brit. Zatanna's proper introduction of Jes is met with a warm smile and an outstretched hand to shake. "Nice to meet you. Again, that is. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you." The sunny disposition accompanied by Jesana actually kissing John on the cheek is met with a startled grin. So, it's later rather than the former.

Jericho's comment is met with a nod. "I know and I definitely will get him a big tug of ice cream. Sorry about Lockheed, I can't really get him to come out of the bag if he doesn't want to. He's just being a brat." As for John, she looks over at the man and shrugs. "This is the most relaxed I've seen him, I think, in the entire time I've known him. I say we leave him how he is and talk. He'll think we're discussing unicorns or something and laugh inappropriately. It'll be fine."

"I'm hurt, Jericho," John says, looking beatific. "You'll buy the girls food, but a poor old man like me is left to starve to death, in the street." He exhales, but he's just… seriously, too relaxed to pull it off.

"Kitty applied some of that old Keoghtum Ointment I had laying around. Best way in the world to non-intrusively patch up something like that." John smiles at Jesana when she plops down next to him, giving her a warm hug when she gives the old Brit a kiss. "'allo luv, good to see you."

"I'm feeling like… a schoolboy with… a…" He trails off, staring across the street at something.

"It's so /nice/ out. Kitty, we should get out of the House for a bit," he says.

Zee looks at the group and shakes her head to Jericho. "No, thanks anyway, Jericho. I'm going to go for a walk." With a smile, Zee gives them all a wave "Enjoy yourselves, see you all later." and she's gone down the street, in a trice.

Jericho chuckles. "Weren't you the one who was waxing poetic about being the provider last time we met? If you want something I'll cover it." He watches Zee go and then glances to Jesana as she makes real friendly with John. Huh. Either John likes her or he's realllllly high. Interesting.

"Actually kind of coincidental to run into you today, Kitty. Was thinking about you earlier. What with everything happening elsewhere it hadn't occured to me until recently that a lot of it seems to be aimed as much at you as it does at Illyana. Which made me realize that, despite you being her closest friend, I don't think she's told me a whole lot about you." Or, really, about any of the X-ers.

Jes glances across the street when John does but doesn't see anything and covers a grin. She smiles at Kitty and nods. "Its alright. We only met the once and there was something else to focus on just then. She turns and frowns as Zee leaves but then shrugs. Nothing she can do there right now and after getting her ass kicked again tonight she's ready to relax. "I'm glad I ran into you guys." She asks the waitress for some soda and whatever the special is. Jes isn't a picky eater. At all.

As John starts trailing off, Kitty watches him, amused and shaking her head. She raises her eyebrow at Jericho and tilts her head toward the man who is supposedly going to teach her how to master such an incredibly dangerous force such as magic unable to complete a comparison. "We are out of the house," she tells him, unable to keep the amused tone out of her voice. "We're out at a cafe, remember?"

As Zatanna leaves, her head tilts just slightly to the side as she studies the slower walk of the magician. The amused expression starts to fade, but her smile to Jesana is just as welcoming as before. "That's true. It's good to meet you properly now, then. John mentioned you were a coyote? That's…it's not rude to ask that is it?" She glances over to John suddenly, then realizes what she's doing and sighs. Luckily, her attention and perhaps conversational faux pas is forgotten for the moment when Jericho brings up what may be happening. "I'm…I'm not sure anything's aimed quite at me." Though, the multiple metallic bones in Limbo cause whatever good humor she still had left to fled. "But, I mean, there's not really much. I went to school with Illyana. I'm good with computers, but you know that. I was in Japan for awhile and now I'm back here teaching." She shrugs.

"Look mate," John says, sounding a bit more irascible, waggling a finger at Jericho. "I'm the bloody Hellblazer. When the demon armies rise up to tear this world asunder, you know I'll be the one at the front of the bloody pack holding the line in the sand. Until then, don't be a wanker, and buy a bloke a decent cup of coffee and a danish."

He sits back in the chair, and looks at Kitty. Then he looks around them. "Blimey, we are, aren't we?" he remarks, looking around. "It's nice out. Jesana, 'allo luv!" he says, cheerily, realizing his arm's around the coyote's shoulders. "Nice to see you again. Loving that tea you gave me." He slurps the tea in his hands and looks at Kitty.

"Jericho's got a good point, luv. You're as caught up in this bloody mess as Zatanna or anyone else, in their own way. It's a bit more /personal/ with you, granted," he admits. "Between you, Zatanna, and that little Illyana lass, you've got quite a hornet's nest brewed up." He asides to Jericho: "This is why the practice of leaving skulls on pikes came about, mate. You don't see many bloody demon princes coming around to try and settle a score with me, anymore."

"I'm new to the job." Jericho smirks. He rises for a moment to go get the cranky Brit a coffee and a danish. He must be getting more sober if he's getting cranky. He may need the food soon.

When he comes back (fresh goodness deposited in front of Connnie) he glances back to Kitty. "I know that she knew another you… when she was missing. Did you know her before that or was it… what the friendship she established with Cat that carried over the other way?"

Jes too gets a curious glance. Tea? He doesn't want to know.

Jes covers her face for a moment and then gives Jericho an apologetic look. John's situation is a little bit..her fault. But well, he'd been *hurt*. She tries hard not to laugh when she turns back and the man is asleep in his chair. "Well. He's not hurting anymore." Then she listens to the conversation between Jericho and Kitty with mild curiousity. She doesn't really know what they are talking about but isn't going to interupt to ask. Besides, the lady just came back with K'nert's big bowl of ice cream and Jes sets it down in front of him. "Here ya go." Maybe that will cheer him up.

John gets a big frown at his observations. It's not so much about him as it is about what he's saying. "I'm not about to set anyone's head on a spike outside of the Institute. For one, ew. For two, I'd get arrested. And fired." Kitty's eyes drift to the table and her mentor's tea. Maybe she should take a big old swig of it to lighten her mood. The mention of Cat is given another shrug. "I barely even knew there was a Cat. She only mentioned it once or twice. I only learned more about her when we went to Limbo. And even then, you know, the stuff about what happened to her. Not the why or what happened. I never really wanted to push." It's rare for Kitty to not push a subject when she's curious, but it would seem Illyana gets the benefit of the doubt from the woman.

Jesana is given something of a smile at the ice cream bowl being placed on the table. "You're not going to get any complaints out of me. A few minutes of him not being Grumpy is well worth it."

K'nert faceplants in the ice cream. Because he's a demon. And greedy. And not sharing. He doesn't look up at Jesana.

Jericho shakes his head. Well, at least he knows what he's getting with the little guy. "Cat was one of Illyana's mentors. I probably shouldn't go into too much detail, but they were close and Belasco did something rather horrific to her. So I imagine seeing you alive and more-or-less yourself, even if it was a different you, would have meant the world to her." It's interesting that Kitty says Illyana hasn't shared this story with Kitty. She did share it with Jericho. Ororo and Cat and the others. A gesture of trust from her, he's sure but why Kitty doesn't know he's not.

Jes has tuned them out for a moment. She looks thoughtful and they probably hear her mutter "Heads on spikes, huh?" The native american suddenly grins. This has given her some ideas. For later though. She's paused her personal war at the moment while they work to take out Darque and his minions. She pats John's shoulder and makes sure his coat is settled around him comfortabley. She had seen Kitty's glance at the tea. "Uh..he might have mixed some things so you should..be careful."

"Ah," Kitty tells him, frowning a bit to know he has the full story but she does not. It's lucky that she's much more friendly and trusting of him now than she was a year ago, otherwise she most likely would turn sullen. Instead, she just shrugs. "Maybe it's just easier to tell another person than the one involved. Or, I guess, tangentially involved as it wasn't really me. So, you think this Cat is trying to pull a Clone War or something?"

Jesana gets a half-grin and a shake of her head at the concern. "Don't worry. It was more of an idle thought. Plus, I think he'd actively swat at my hands if I tried to take any of it." The him being the blissed out Constantine.

"Well if I had to guess it's because the memory hurts… and you're her friend." Jericho says quietly. "She doesn't have many you know, and she do almost anything for the ones she does have. And it'd kill her to lose one…" He's got no idea if Illyana was afraid of telling Kitty but it's not a bad guess. "Or maybe she didn't want you too tangled up in Limbo… didn't want what happened to the other Cat to happen to you. But if… if Belasco or his minions really have arranged for… something like corrupted versions of people close to her, he may well go after you personally. Something to watch out for, to be sure." Jericho glances over to Jes. "Maybe Zee too, by the way. Don't alarm her, but keep an eye open."

Jes's gaze sharpens and she looks at Jericho. "Something is wrong. Something to do with Limbo I think but I'm not sure. She won't talk about it but it's been worrying the hell out of her. She just keeps saying we gotta deal with Darque first. She told John about it though. He said it had something to do with an old enemy and he thought she'd be able to handle it. I can't ask her again, she told me she didn't want to talk about it and thats too close to a command for me." Jes sighs. "If your Lady is in trouble I'll help if I can. You too." Jes looks at Kitty.

"I assumed," Kitty tells Jericho gently. Perhaps that's why she didn't pry too much. Even her curiosity has some limits. "She's not about to lose me as a friend." There's very little that would happen that would cause that. "But, I know she's protective." She's certainly seen that before. "I fought with a Cat when we went to Limbo before," she tells Jericho, though she assumed he already knew. "So, maybe he is. Or has already." She sighs. "I'll certainly keep a look out."

Her attention shifts to Jes and she nods. "Yeah, I asked John about the sword and the history of what happened there and he said I'd have to talk to Zee about it." There's a bit of a smile at the offer of help. "Thanks."

"Well… we'll find out. Personally… I wish John'd be careful. If that sword came from who I'm fairly sure it came from, we're talking about someone who is on Illyana's level in Limbo. With a lot less scruples. Major level sorcery and a lot of demons. Why she's tangled up in this I'm not sure but Belasco always did like long games…" His face sets in a thin line as he thinks.

"Her Lady?" He glances over to Jes with a questioning look after a moment.

"Do you have any questions about me Kitty? I'm… pretty guarded but Illyana trusts you. I think I can extend that to myself."

"No, that part was for you. I meant, your woman. If she's in trouble I'll help. I owe you several times over." Jes looks at the sleep John. "He got hurt saving Zee. He jumped in front of it. So he was being careful, sort of." Jes hasn't met Illyana and doesn't quite understand her and Jericho's relationship but thinks it something like what she has with her bonded. Whatever it is she knows the woman is important to him so she'll do whatever she can to help.

"I think—" Kitty actually laughs for a moment, nodding at Jesana's answer that she meant Illyana, not whoever Kitty's lady might be. "Yes, he was quite brave to help Zee, though you'd never guess it now." After all he's been through, the least she can do is allow him to sleep in a public cafe while high on drugs. It seems like a good story for later.

As for her questions, she tilts her head, studying Jericho. "Where'd you meet Illyana?" It's one of the more innocuous questions, but she somehow doesn't know. Everything else, well, she figures she'll learn as she goes along. For now, she know Illyana fully trusts Jericho, so she's made a habit of at least mostly trusting him.

Jericho chuckles. "One might make the argument that I'm hers more than the other way 'round." Though he know, he can get kind of possessive/protective of Illyana in the right circumstances. It just doesn't often come up because she can take care of herself.

"Actually she dropped in on me. I was working at a bar playing the piano. One of several things I do to pay bills when I'm not otherwise engaged. Switch sites fairly often too because… folks have been looking for me. Seems to be less an issue now but it does happen. Anyway, I had popped up helping one of her friends, Nancy, and no one knew much about me. So she came to check me out, make sure I was on the up and up."

Jes blinks a little. He plays the piano? She tilts her head and stares at Jericho in surprise. Huh. That is not a thing she'd have guessed. The native american leans up against and reaches around John and takes one of Jericho's hands, studying his fingers. It might seem a little odd..but Jes is a little odd sometimes. She doesn't have the same boundaries as most people. If she likes someone then she touches them, a lot, and likes it when they touch her. It often seems to remind people of a puppy, or a dog. Only she's like this in her human form as well. "Yeah I can see that. You have the fingers for it. Cool." Jes grins and then lets go and sits back in her chair. She picks up a napkin and wipes the side of John's mouth. Maybe her labels were too tiny for him to read but his breathing is alright so he'll be fine. She looks him over again. Probably not until tomorrow though.

Kitty's reaction is, actually, much the same as Jesana's. Jericho plays the piano? Learning that about him actually gets a sincere smile out of her. She wants to make a quip, a wry comment, but she bites her tongue because she has asked a personal question he's answering freely and doesn't want to take advantage of it. She hold onto it, at least, for another time. All she says is, "That's actually quite a sweet 'how we met' story," she says. "I was expecting something a bit more action packed, to be honest." The mutant grins, leaning back in her chair.

As Jesana picks up Jericho's hands, an eyebrow raises, looking between the coyote woman and the hacker to see his reaction to such a thing. She's never seen anyone be that familiar with him - perhaps not even Illyana. The wiping of John's mouth also gets a good-natured smile, she can see why John likes her.

"That happened later." Jericho laughs and then gives Jes a curious look. Here's an odd thing about him. People don't touch him. Hit him, yes, but not touch him. Illyana, mostly, is the only one. So having someone not Illyana do that is… odd. "She must have found me interesting though because she kept dropping by. You know her, Kitty, so you know how she does. While I'm sleeping. In the shower. I'm sure she was trying to make sure I wasn't armed at first. After I got used to her… well she showed up pretty much whenever she felt like it." There's more to that story. But maybe now's not the time to tell it. Certianly Kitty hasn't asked about it yet. About how he decided that he trusted her, even if her own nature made her hurt him. And about just exactly how far that trust went.

Jes just grins at him. She has noticed most people either get out of his way or try to kill him. She doesn't care. She does what she wants and just then she wanted to look at his hand. With the exception of HYDRA and people who deal with necromancy Jes doesn't care what a person is, or even what they've done. If she likes you, she likes you. Like K'nert. He did Jes a really huge favor and now she loves the little demon. Carries astronaut ice cream with her almost everywhere she goes just on the off chance she runs into him somewhere where there isn't any of the real stuff. "That is a good story. Nicer than how I met you and Zee the first time." Her face goes cold and dark for a moment and Jes visibly stiffens. "Not now." She mutters to herself and shakes, like a wet dog, or coyote would. "How did you meet John?" She looks over at Kitty, letting curiousity replace her anger.

"That sounds like Illyana." Stubborn, willful, curious. It's partially why they got along so well. The pair of them were matches for each other. Perhaps she'll ask in greater details later, but for now that satisfies her curiosity. "Thanks. For telling me," she says, knowing how guarded the hacker is.

The question from Jesana is met with a surprised laugh. "Oh, well." She glances over at the sleeping Constantine and grins. "Oh, it's a boring story, really. I was buying a newspaper and he jumped out a window onto the newsstand in front of me. I helped him get rid of some poltergeists and then took him to a hospital. You know, typical stuff." It seems some of her good humor is back.

"And thaaaaat sounds like John." Jericho shakes his head with a laugh. "We've met before a couple of times. Before he vanished that is. He was always… popping out of odd places." Beat. "And wanting to see what made me tick. Thankfully he seems to have been put off that. Made me damn uncomfortable."

Jes laughs. "I don't think he means any harm with that, he just, is ornery." She shakes her head laughs again. "I can so him just jumping out of a window like that. This is actually only the third time I've seen him." Jes continues. "The first time was in central park. He was there with Zee and I was in a bad mood and went looking for her and I find her and he's standing all close to her and I don't like it when strange people stand next to Zee." Jes looks slightly chagrined. She can't really help that. "So I kinda wanted to bite him ya know? Zee didn't seem upset though so I figured it was okay and went over to hug her." What Jes had actually done was walk over and wrap her arms around the mage and sniff her hair, but they don't need to know that. Or that she'd been glaring at John. "Then I went to ask who her friend was and all of a sudden he started talking to me, in my language. Not Blackfoot but the language of wild canines. It was great. No one's ever done that before, people can't really. And he totally knew what I was without saying." John had kinda made a friend for life that day.

"Yes, the more I learn about him, the more I realize how much that is like him." Kitty grins at Jericho. "Well, you shouldn't let your clock tick so loudly, Jericho," she tells him with a laugh. "Though, I'm pretty sure he'd try to do the same for me if I wasn't his apprentice now. Or, maybe that's exactly why he's taking me on to teach."

Jesana's story gets an amused and surprised chuckle from the brunette. "I'll have to ask him to teach me, then. If it's something that can be taught." There seems to be quite a few things she shouldn't ask or talk about - which his certainly hard for someone as inquisitive as Kitty Pryde.

A purple dragon head peeks out of Kitty's purse on the floor, snorting and then vanishing back inside. "Whup. I think Lockheed's reminding me that I should be a good apprentice and get John back to the House before I head to Westchester so I can teach." And possibly hurrying her so that once they leave he can get out of her purse without fear of K'nert repercussions. "It was good seeing you again, Jericho. And it was nice talking to you, Jesana. I hope I'll see both of you again soon!"

And then, it's over to John in an attempt to yank him up and out of the chair. "Though, if you guys want to walk as far as the front door, I certainly wouldn't say no to the company. Or the help." She grins, realizing that the three of them would make it all the easier to get him home without her dropping him onto the pavement.

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