Speaking in Tongues

May 29, 2015:

While on patrol, Magdalena encounters a strange young lady



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After enjoying buffalo wings with a Greek demi-god…it's a long story…Magdalena is back in her 'uniform' and patrolling the streets of New York. There is something she is looking for but it has proved elusive…which is not unusual for something as deceitful as evil. Currently she is perched atop the roof of one of the train stations, her keen eyes scanning the world below for anything unusual. Or at least unusual for New York.

A dog walker she can do that, with a holding a piece of paper with an address written on it, Lynwen makes her way through the streets of New York. Her long golden hair has been braided and bound up with heavy gold clasps. She is dressed in a pair of khaki capris and a t-shirt with three quarter sleeves. Around her neck she wears a gold torque. She moves with herd of people who are crossing the street. A gentle breeze moves around her and up and down the street. That same breeze seems to gently tug on Magdalena's clothing. Nearing the station she pauses and finds a lamp post to settle against. She frowns now as she looks for a building.

Crowds are no better than solitary figures walking in the darkness. The Devil likes to hide in groups, corrupting them from the inside and appearing as innocent as they can be. Magdalena watches the group and the woman who peels off from them. The breeze makes her draw her cloak a little tighter around her shoulders but does not think much of it. The ocean is right behind her so she can expect a chill breeze every now and then.

Magdalena studies now that lone woman leaning on the lamp post. A working girl? A lost tourist? Either way she should not be standing so alone on a night like this. As the train arrives to whisk off another load of passengers, Magdalena slips down the shadows of the side of the building before sneaking towards Lynwen…constantly aware of whether someone else is out there with them.

The wind seems to follow Magdalena, the woman turns her head in the direction the woman is coming in. The breeze moves past Magdalena and it curls itself around the woman before it moves down the street. Then blonde speaks, her words are carefully chosen and heavily accented. "I see you." The woman says as she looks down at the paper again before stuffing it into her pocket. She looks in the direction of shadows and buildings that Magdalena is using for cover. There is a patient expression the blonds face as she waits.

No point in hiding then…and she doesn't want to frighten the girl. Her cloak pulled closed in front of her…to hide all those weapons…Magdalena steps from the shadows and walks slowly towards the blonde. "My apologies if I alarmed you" she states, her hood flicked down at the moment so that Lynwen can clearly see the offered smile. "I was worried for you. A young woman is far too often a target in situations like this."

The woman frowns and looks at her and then says gently, "My English is not good. I understand a little." Once again the words are carefully chosen before they are spoken. "No, worry, I am okay. I am Lynwen, how are you doing and what is your name?" The woman asks her. "You Roman? You look almost Roman." Then with ease she starts to speak very old dialect of Latin. "Nimis longus Romanum esse, et quisque ibi nihil alienum puto." She looks at the woman curiously.

Translation: "You are too tall to be a Roman, then again everything is strange here."

"English is not my first language either…or second…or third" Magdalena replies with a soft smile. If someone really listened thene they may hear an Italian accent in her words though she appears more South American Latina. "Lynwen" she bows politely in greeting, "I am the Magdalena." A warm smile at the Latin being spoken to her before she replies, "Romanus in animo sim, non corpus. It is odd to hear Latin spoken on a street in New York. Particularly that dialect. Which language would you like to speak? I want you to feel comfortable."

Translation: I am Roman in sprit, not body

"Do you speak Welsh?" That is said in that slow careful English. "Minus loquitur lingua dictum modo excedere." She says in that same dialect of Latin. "Scio plerosque linguarum Britannia." Then she tires her hand at English again. "I should speak more English. It is hard, been studying. It is a pleasure to meet you Magdalena."

Translation: I have only been speaking this language for less than a fortnight.. I know many languages from Britannia.

"I speak a little Welsh" Magdalena offers without much conviction. In her line of work she needs to be able to at least read languages that have magical or religious uses - Welsh would be one. And Welsh is in a lot more use that Sumerian, Aztec and ancient Egyptian. "Though I think that we both need to practice our English" she adds with an apologetic smile. "And if this is your skill in less than a fortnight, it does not seem that you will need much longer. You must share your method for learning so quickly." Since it can't be a natural way of learning, Lynwen certainly has the Magdalena's interest. "What brings you to this country? If I may ask."

There is confusion on her face and then figures out what is said. "I came to study English. I live with my," she pauses for a moment trying to find the right word, "Professor. There is no trick, live and learn nothing but English." Then comes the rapid Welsh, it is also a very old dialect and it rolls offer tongue with ease. "Fy Sunstone, yw fy athro ei fod yn athro. Mae hefyd yn dod o Loegr, ond yn dysgu yma." She switches back to English. His name is Joshua, professor at Uni," she pauses again and frowns. "University. Why you here?"

Translation: Sunstone, my teacher that it is my teacher. He is also from England but teaches here.

Now it is Magdalena's turn to slowly process a strange tongue though her nod of understanding suggests that she understood at least the gist of it. "You live with your professor?" That causes a quirk of an eyebrow but it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad is happening. Probably. "I am here because He has decided I am needed here" she replies, the 'He' of the capital 'H' kind. And with all the crosses on Magdalena's gear…even though her cloak covers much…it is obvious which 'He' she refers to. "I protect the innocent and combat that forces of darkness." A slight frown. "Which makes me sound like Batman but I assure you that I am much more sane." She glances up and down the road. "Perhaps we should get you home to your professor?"

"Who is Batman or What is Batman? Yes, we are both twenty and five winters old. Known him a long time," She says with a nod of head. She is frowning as she listens because she puzzling out what is being said. "You like Bede, you follow his god? I read his book Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, still learning, just learned about World War." She tries to explain. "Me Danu, Don not like Bede." She frowns again and then brightens. "Live on Stanten Island."

"Batman is not important" Magdalena replies flatly about the man in question - just don't tell him that. "Bede and I share a God but He is everyone's God, not just mine and his. He is your God too, whether you like Bede or not. Which World War?" She considers the blonde carefully. "I think you mean Staten Island…so you will need the ferry? You did not go to school when you were younger?" It is getting rather late and the streets are becoming more and more deserted. "If you would allow me…and trust me…then please let me take you home and get your off the street." She does seem rather naive…at least about history…and this concerns Magdalena.

"Not, my god, Danu or Don, Lady my teacher." Lwynen tries to explain. "You can but who get you home?" The woman points out. "Yes, not here, had Lady and others to teach me. I read and write, most where I am from do not." She explains. "Okay, I ask Joshua about Batman." She says. "have to walk on street to get to ferry." There is a look of confusion on her face again.

"I will be fine to get home" Magdalena assures the blonde, "But if you do not require my assistance then I shall not force it on you. The ferry is that way." She points northwards. "And you should get on the train to get there. Promise me that you won't stand here all night? Yes, you have to walk on the street to get to the ferry but the sooner you do, the sooner you will be off the street and then home." A frowning pause before. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lynwen and I hope that you get home safely and we will meet again one day. Good night." A bow to the Welshwoman before Magdalena backs off and disappears into the shadows. She will, of course, follow the blonde home and make sure nothing happens to her.

"Good night, pleasure to meet you. No to stand here all night make Joshua worry. He needs to worry less." She offers a bow of her head. "I can get home; the wind will show me the way." She offers the woman a charming smile before she sets off down the street.

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