Light Stolen By The Dark

May 31, 2015:

The Angelus attack M-Town and a Dark Force mage appears

M-Town - New York


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Fade In…

Okay so… is anyone having Deja Vu? Jericho is. He'd been coming through M-Town on his way to chat with Lunair when he'd gotten jumped by a half dozen Angelus. Which is… well odd. Other than the fact that they've clashed recently, he doesn't really have a history with the Angelus. Mostly they kind of ignore him. These had just dropped out of the sky on a dark street in M-Town and proceeded to make with the bombastic proncouncements.


And then the swords.

At present it's a mess. Jericho is very, very, very busy fighting of six sword wielding opponents who know what they're doing. He's had to trace out, which he hates doing in public. So if anyone looks down this particular street they're going to see a demonic-werewolf-thing made of blue light fighting a half dozen bright glowing angel-women.

Given that this is M-Town, most of the people who might see that will likely wonder what was in what they just smoked.

Well, what is Wendell doing down here in M-Town? Well, that's easy. He's dressing down… so not all costumed up visibly. He's in bluejeans and a teeshirt with an obscure midwest band name on it. His bands are concealed and yet… he felt a weird ping of energy that he's been trying to narrow down. The problem is that it keeps moving… So the reservist is just.. trying to figure out what the source of that energy is. Energy isn't bad, and he wouldn't normally care, but this particular energy seems to be of a classification that could harm those around it with prolonged exposure. So… here he is. He's sipping a cup of coffee he bought in a nearby shop and right now, is staring at a couple would-be muggers. "Look guys. I have forty three cents left in cash after paying for my coffee. You are welcome to it but.. I'd suggest looking elsewhere if you want…" and then a flash of light from around the corner. He holds a hand up with the index finger pointed skyward. "Hold that thought." he states as he backs up a couple paces and peers down said alley. "Maybe you guys should…" and he looks back to see… well, the muggers are gone. "Huh. Intelligent muggers. Nobody's ever gonna believe me." he mutters.

Angels falling from the sky is the kind of thing that interests Magdalena. She was on patrol in M-Town, seeking out a cabal of demons that have been springing up recently with a major plan in mind, when she saw the light show. Immediately she was heading for angelfall, the sounds of battle getting louder and clearer as she approached. She sprints around the corner of a building and stops cold. It's that 'weredemon' again. He always attracts the best people.

Magdalena does not go charging into combat. She actually likes to make sure she is fighting on the right side before committing…something her predecessors may not have been big on. "Angels hold!" she commands over the din of clashing swords. The blood of Christ runs in her veins and if that doesn't hold sway over angels then…they're not the angels she knows.

Rain isn't the biggest fan of Angelus and friends. The last time she ran into angels involved a near accidental motorboating and the angels trying to drop a winnebago on her. And/or run her through. Freaking angels, man. They're all cutesy on your Hallmark right up until they're dropping RVs on you. And they're REAL big on the not suffering a witch to live, which is totally bad news as an actual, honest to gods and goddesses pagan spell slinger. It's not just angry Quaker Oats costume wearing witch hunters, after all.

Nevertheless, the two have been on the case. Rumor has it, there's been some gremlins and - oh holy shit, angels. "Sooooo…" Captain peers around the witch on the broomstick. "I'm guessing someone kept ringing that damned bell and they're all enjoying their wings." Rain stills, looking uneasy. "Well, let's… try negotiating." "Think they'll try to drop an RV on us this time?" "They don't HAVE an RV this time." "Great." The two approach… broomstick in hand.

Since last night, Zee's been watching out for the Angelus. Her back, where the fiery angelus blade sliced her when she was too slow, is still sore and the wound is still there. When the Angelus descend on M-Town, Zee's senses it and after putting a call out over the Leylines, collects Agent May.

With a soft 'pop' sound, the two women appear out of nowhere, the younger of the two dark haired women wearing black leather trousers, white leather corset laced at the front, black biker boots, fishnet sleeves, but not the shrug top (that's still to be replaced), all topped off with a diamond encrusted collar and a cracked emerald pendulum hanging on her hip.

Seeing Jericho fighting the Angelus, Zee looks to May and nods… The young mage can support from a distance, and she'll do so…. a light starts flickering in the depth of her eyes, she's getting the lay of the land before she casts anything though.

Melinda May nods back to Zee, pulls a length of black silk with weights in the ends from a pocket and races toward the things attacking Jericho, getting the length of sash spinning fast enough to whir audibly before she sends it shooting straight at the head of the closest Angelus.

The Angelus looks over at the Magdalena. Well one of them does. The others are busy with the new arrivals to the fight. May's weighted sash sends one stumbling back, buying Jericho room and distraction to lean back and kick one into a car. Hard enough to smash the hood in. He hasn't had time to notice the arrival of Rain yet.

"Blood of the Lord, aid us in purging the D-" That's as far as it gets. The light starts to stream off it and in a moment the whole thing discorporates, the energy flowing to a man just emerging from the an alley. May and Zee can both feel a very particular kind of feeling from him. He's infused with the Darkforce.

"Ah you found them. So good of you…"

Hey, that's my schtick! Wendell just shakes his head. He glowers down at his wrists. "Seriously. Eon. Is everyone in this town magic based?" he asks under his breath. But he starts walking down the alley from the end opposite the new arrival with the darkforce powers. "Hey!" he calls out, "You know, M-Town stands for Mutant Town, not Magic Town!" he calls out. His Quantum Aura is not in the visible light spectrum right now, but it -is- still present. "I dunno what any of you are doing but… WWJD?! What would Jesus do? Killing in the name of religion is a really sucky thing to do!"

May's slingshot at one of the Angelus does get a glance of annoyance from the Magdalena but that is nothing compared to the annoyance that greets the disintegration of a tainted angel. She looks over at the man from the alley and then to the others who have shown up. Everything seems related. At least she has met Zatanna before and the mage seemed reasonable. "Angelus…regroup with me" she commands…or at least attempts to. Magdalena understands that things aren't always how they see; and that is usually the mark of the Great Deceiver. Wendell's words about Jesus get him a curious look but there are greater things to concern her for now. Like the man from the alley. Magdalena finally draws the Sword of Justice and it erupts into flame from the presence of demons - though Jericho is enough for that to happen. "Who are you?" she calls over to the man who just absorbed an angel.

"Awkwaaaaaaaaaard," Captain announces as the thing disintegrates. And then Magdalena pulls a flaming sword. "So this would be a bad time to quote send in the nuns…?" Captain asks. Rain nods. "Yeah, let's - help them out." There's a guy emerging from the alley, and he doesn't seem too friendly. A deep sigh. The two hop onto the broomstick, and Rain will take flight. Time to jump off, whisper something along the lines of <remake the beast> and land near the guy who just commented about finding them. It's the intimdiation factor of a giant, white furred Siberian godbear with violet eyes. And Captain is safely sitting on the hovering broomstick above.

Assuming that the Angelus will be handled by the others, Zee calls out "We need to take him alive." He doesn't have to be in very good condition "Please…. keep him alive." The light in her eyes grows to a bright glow, she's not going to mess around…

~~ tuC siH sseccA oT ehT ecrofkraD ~~

There's no finesse about this spell, Zee's going to jam a ward between the man and the source of his power.

Melinda May is setting up to brain bash the next Angelus when one of them just disappears. She turns to look and narrows her eyes before pulling her ICER and firing it at the Darkforce-laden man with almost as much aplomb as an Old West gunslinger.

The Angelus isn't listening. Well, they are but, something's clearly wrong. The Magdalena isn't helping them kill the demon. And now there's a dark wizard here. Zee throws her power at him only to have it rebound off a well constructed. The man smirks. "Sorry Zatanna Zatara. I'm not a simpering fool like most of the Runners you've been dealing with." He raises a hand and several clouds of darkness form. Red eyes peer out from them. Wraiths. They scream into the fray.

And everything kind of goes to hell. Two of the Angelus lunge at the darkforce wielder. Another goes for Jericho. Another for May. One goes for Zee along with one of the Wraiths. Two wraiths claw up toward Rain. In a short order it's a three way Melee with Angelus trying to kill Jericho and the Darkforce wielder and the Primal Force 'heathens' and the wraiths, wraiths attacking both Angels and mortals of course Jericho fighting everything coming at him.

Okay, just… staring there, Wendell shakes his head, "Okay. Hell with this. This.. ends.. now." And he lifts his hands. The illusion hiding the Quantum Bands fades away, as does the one covering his costume. Now instead of just a dude in civies, he's Quasar, Protector of the Universe. Wraiths, shadow, darkness… well, let's see how this works. Energy pours out from the bands, lighting up the alleyway like it was high noon at the okay corral. The light shines down from what is in essence, visibly a sun at high noon. Sure, it's an energy construct shedding light but.. a sun on high is cooler. Wendell is just stalking forward now, glowing himself like a giant humanoid light bulb. "Seriously people. Can we -please- stop fighting and actually try to figure out what's going on here?" he calls out as he moves closer.

SIGH. Rain is at least going to use being a complete unknown and total stealthbear to her advantage. Stompstomp claw, bite, pirouette and twiiiiiirl. Okay, so it's mostly stomping and clawing at the wraiths. Whatever. It's time to do this Yogi style and it's tourist season. RAAAAAAAAAWR. Captain stays chilling on the broom up above.

Magdalena is going to have to have words with her employer…not the Vatican, the other one. Her great, great, great….great, great grandfather. "Angels! Attack the wraiths and their leader! Leave the others!" She's tried at least. And now she too charges forward, her flaming sword of divine justice burning white with the targets on offer. Giant bear…ignore. Weredemon…ignore. Sun God? Ignore. Woman with a sling…ignore. Wraiths…hack to pieces. Magdalena never fights angry. Her opponents are studied, measured, and then countered. Defence is her main attack but once she has an opening then she will strike without hesitation. A wraith's attack is parried and parried again before the blade spins around the thing's 'wrist' and Magdalena lunges forward to impale it between glowing eyes. The Divine fire burns its darkness away.

Well that was worth a try. Zee winces as the wraiths come through and her ward is repelled. She doesn't waste time speaking or giving witty retorts… instead she draws more deeply on her power. Sorry, M-Town.

~~ dnuorG ekahS yltneloiV rednU ehT snaM teeF, kconK miH oT ehT dnuorG, riA dniB dnA gaG miH ~~

Please someone have the wraiths under control… Zee's focussing on taking the mage out.

Melinda May can't tell if that first ICER round did anything to the Darkforce weilder, and now there's a Wraith and some of those Angelus things getting all up in her personal space. She hates that. Firing her ICER at one of the Angelus, she drops her sash whip and pulls an already-oiled butterfly sword from behind her back to slash at that wraith. Oh, and the oil making the newly brandished blade gleam in the sudden light supplied by Glowing Man over there? She gets it imported from Israel. There's a synagogue there that is only too happy to accept her donations in exchange for their consecrated oil. Though she does go through it rather quickly. There's at least one rabbi there wondering how many lamps she has to light at any given time.

Zee's spell makes the ground start to shake, which also shakes those around the man. Jericho stumbles and one of the wraiths claws at his fields. Then he backhands it. At least they seem to be solid. Rain's discovering that too. They're also cold enough to burn. Touching them, or bear dancing on them, is likely to be somewhat painful. Still they can be sworded or clawed. The Angel facing May backs off as does the Wraith. There's power in that Oil.

Magalena lays into the wraiths which fall before her blade quickly, one two.

The Darkforce mage begins to levitate to get away from the shaking. He glares at Zee and reaches a hand out toward Jericho, channels power and… nothing happens. "Locked Magic, mmm? Clever." And then Wendel's on the scene. "Ah, a sun spirte." The hand shifts to Wendel. The mage realises his mistake fairly quickly.

"Ah, another fake. How disappointing. No matter though. You'll do." With a horrible rip he applies more magic, trying to tear Quasar's life force out and use it to directly assault the source of Zee's power. Her soul.

Okay, lifeforce magic. That's not something Quasar's shields can help with. Good thing his constructs don't require his will to maintain them. He blinks as he feels the sensation he felt when fighting Deathurge. That damned darkforce projector almost had him… o o O O (Eon! Same power as Deathurge! What do I do?!) You can almost imagine the scene in The Last Starfighter. What do we do?!… We Die! But.. Quasar just gags on his own breath, staggered by the power and goes to one knee. Okay… tried talking, containment won't work with this… no power he can rip out. So… let's go right to the head of the class. He focuses what will and energy is left in his body, and points one hand at the mage, or… a little above him. Up there, a giant claw hammer… with a head about six feet across… has formed, and it cocks upwards superfast, before coming down at the mage with enough force to flatten heavily fortified bunkers.

Ow ow ow ow, okay. Time to shift back down and use magic. Seriously. One of Rain's little known abilities is to channel magic through her relic guns in lieu of bullets, and she's going to do that. Her wraiths are going to be blasted. "Freaking ow, that hurt." She didn't like it. It's worse than brain freeze. But once/if the minions are down, it's time to magic bullet (not the slap chop bullet) - okay, magic blast, at this OH SO DARQUE VON HOT TOPIC guy.

Wraiths Magdalena can deal with but it's not really helping the problem. And that problem is some smug floating guy who is acting all divine…and that is definitely a no-no in her book. And so is May attacking Angels with holy oil but one…wait…why wouldn't the Angelus like holy oil? The Great Deceiver is at work again and for now he looks like a floating guy…with a hammer over his head. Miracles come in any form these days. Slicing through a Wraith that was too stupid to get out of the way, Magdalena sprints for Mr Floaty…or Mr Squishy as he may possibly be soon renamed.

Maybe Zee should just stop leaving the house. The attacks against her are getting worse… and as quickly as she adapts, so do they. Alright, so she's out of sorts and being petulant - having her dark selfs' power turned against (as happened the other day) has left her in a particularly bad mood.

As the other mages assault begins, the young mage drops to her knees, it's all she can do for now to counter the attack… give her a moment and she might just rally, but for now, she's protecting her soul.

Melinda May slices and dices the Angelus and the wraith making her angry, then upon seeing Zee drop to her knees, she tucks the ICER away — it was clearly doing zero good — and pulls her other butterfly sword to give any other wraiths or Angelus in her way a few good slices as well. She's on a beeline to Zatanna and heaven (or Magdalena) help anyone that gets in her way.

Jericho has recovered now. Rain is impressively eliminating the wraiths. One of the Angelus gives way before May. It doesn't want to oppose that holy oil on her sword. Magdalena has cleared her opponents as well, leaving the Darkforce user whose assault on Zee suddenly ceases as he's flattened by large ethereal hammer. Jericho lunges at him, but a blast throws him back and onto his back. An angel stands over him ready to deliver the final blow (it can't resist, despite the Magdalena's orders)… but before it can the necromancer absorbs it and stands back up.

"You know… this is getting a bit tiresome."

Jericho has recovered now. Rain is impressively eliminating the wraiths. One of the Angelus gives way before May. It doesn't want to oppose that holy oil on her sword. Magdalena has cleared her opponents as well, leaving the Darkforce user whose assault on Zee suddenly ceases as he's flattened by large ethereal hammer. Jericho lunges at him along with the Magdalena, but a blast throws him back and onto his back. An angel stands over him ready to deliver the final blow (it can't resist, despite the Magdalena's orders)… but before it can the necromancer absorbs it and uses the power to shield himself from her attack. Holy power perverted and profaned. It burns at May, Zee and Magdalena's senses. Even Rain can feel it from where she is.

"You know… this is getting a bit tiresome."

Another angel consumed to power corruption? This is not something you do in front of Magdalena. She grits her teeth at the perverted power that rots the very air they breathe and steps forward "Yes, it is" she agrees with the necromancer…not as flat as he should be. Her free hand reaches into her cloak and then crucifix knives fly towards the Beast; each of them blessed and coated with holy water. Following directly behind those blades is the Magdalena herself. Her flaming sword white with divine justice and an eagerness to burn the unholy creature before it.

Rain is doing her best to eliminate things as she can. Everything is wrong when it comes to that perverted holy power. She feels kind of bad for the angel for a moment. Almost.

Rain is distinctly pagan and highly allergic to fire, but she'll do her best to take a potshot or two.

Zee's not going to bother standing, less distance to fall really, hands on the ground in front of her, her eyes blaze blue as the attack abates… now… can she distract him long enough for the others?

dniW dniB miH thgiT, kconK ehT egaM tuO fO ehT ykS, tuC siH sseccA oT ehT ecrofkraD ~~

Bracing herself against the pavement, Zee lets her spell loose, splitting the flows to confuse and distract, whilst she tries to bring that ward down again.

Melinda May stops so she's standing over Zee, shifting to hold both butterfly swords in the same hand and put her now free hand on the still kneeling spellcaster's shoulder. She thinks she's figured this out. She tries to channel her Pendulum's energy to Zee to bolster her spellcasting. But she's still alert to their surroundings, and those swords held together will be used against anyone who approaches them with ill intent.

In the past Zee has been able to cut off the practitioners access to the darkforce. This time the darkforce pushes back. This necromancer is at least on Zee's level. He's not so simply disposed of. He is down though, and has expended power both attacking and defending himself and as Zee's power pushes against his, something in his defenses cracks. Not enough to cut him off, but enough to let the holy light from the Magdalena's blade flood into his magic. He screams in pain and discorporates into a murder of crows which flock past Magdalena (briefly) and around Zee and May and then fly off.

Jericho picks himself up and his traces fade. "Ow… the hell was that?"

Magdalena ducks under the crows before watching them fly into the distance. "Is everyone okay?" she asks the assemblage of witches, demons, magi and angel-killers. If there are any Angelus left around she will be making sure that they leave…quickly and orderly…before any more trouble starts. Sheathing her sword she walks over to Zatanna and May. "Are you well, Ms Zatanna? Is there anything I can help you with?" May is not on Magdalena's Christmas Card list at the moment but she still gets a polite nod of appreciation for her non-angel killing work.

Mays hand on Zee's shoulder is comforting but it hurts. The gash from yesterday has torn open, and Zee is in pain, magically and physically. And she's frustrated…

Keeping her head down as the crows flock past her and May, Zee takes a moment to breathe before trying to stand taking her time in doing so "I'm alright, Magdalena." she lies through her teeth "Agent May, this is Magadelena" Jericho's question has Zee snorting slightly "That, Jericho… was a darkforce user… and they're now attacking Angelus for power." All she really wants is to go home and lick her wounds. Zee's not in a great place right now.

Melinda May actually slashes at the crows as they fly around and away from them, then realizes something and looks down at Zee. She almost immediately mutters a curse in Mandarin and reaches into a different pocket in her jacket, brandishing one of the more compact military grade field bandage things. She promptly rips it open and presses it to Zee's shoulder probably a bit harshly. "Next time speak up, Zatara." She looks at Magdalena and gives her a simple nod before focusing on Jericho. "Trent, status." She is going to the quartermaster first thing tomorrow morning and glaring at him until he fills that requisition she put in for body armor for Zee.

"Well there's no more angles trying to murder me." Jericho says dryly as he glances around. "I'm headed for safer ground, though. May you and Zee come with me. I have supplies there. And food." He eyes Rain and the Magdalena and the collapsed Quasar for a moment. "I'll get the big shiny guy there. Magdalena you can come if you want. You too Rain." They'll be making for one of his safe houses not too far from here. One he'll have to burn when he's done with this but that's what happens.

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