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May 02, 2015:

Fathom Five make a play for Metropolis


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The President is dead. And everyone knows it. It's been all over the airwaves, of course and his very public funeral was only a few days ago.

When people think of taking advantage of a situation like that, they're usually thinking of rival governments, on the surface. But a certain followers of the renegade At'la'tique, it presents the perfect opportuntiy to show the surfacers that the sea has neither forgotten, nor forgiven their tresspasses.

It started with a blip on the SOSUS net, underwater listening bouys that keep America informed of other nations submarines. They were tracking five objects moving toward Metropolis at great speed. They'd make St. Martin's Island in just a minute or so.

"Are you sure you have that thing under control?" Blue, finned and fanged, the Sea Leopard looks at the massive sea serpent being ridden by the Atlantean outcaste and renegade known as Dragonrider.

"The Lord of the Deep assured me it'd be fine. And so far it has been. But don't break my concentration or I'll feed you to it." She snaps.

"Hush, both of you." The figure is a blue-green skinned man with claw like fingernails and a trident wearing… mostly a speedo and boots. "We're almost there. Now we'll teach the surface what it means to experience the Fury of the Sea." Llyron smiled toothily.

Rowan has been avoiding being a dragon what with the huge backlash against heroes lately. But that doesn't mean he just hides. He'd decided to go down to Metropolis because people are a bit nicer there right now and he'd never been. Thought to have a look around. This place is nice. Definitely… what's the surfacer word? Upscale. Yes. What scales have to do with it he's not sure. He's on the boardwalk at the moment, actually wondering about his fellow sea peoples and what they're up to.

Green Lantern flies on a semi-regular patrol of Metropolis, idly weaving his way between buildings until he skims his way along the coastline. The entire kerfuffle with the President, the League and these hearings has been a big mess, one in which he's gladly been largely uninvolved. The whole thing was messy and, while he could be a slob in his own way, those kind of messes Hal Jordan could do without.

His ring alerts him, though, to the sudden presence of some very large, non-human biologicals - the kind of things that, while not extra-terrestrial, aren't exactly a school of whales either. He frowns to himself, tracing the signatures and heading for the island. The place is reeling enough without Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and/or other Pacific Rim-types getting all up in his area. His area was sensitive and prone to chapping. He was going to have to put his foot down.

Wanda is lost…and lost in a completely different city. After she left Bobby's house - aka the X-Men Red base - she just kept walking. And thinking. And mumbling to herself. And now she finds herself in an alien city with no idea how she got here. Sitting on a park bench, she stares out at the ocean and wonders how far home is away. "I know I cannot go back" she hisses to the empty space next to her on the bench. Her voice still heavily Eastern European accented. A pause. "I do not even know how to get back to New York!"

Aquaman hasn't been topside in a month, maybe two. He hasn't had time. His people keep him informed on the progression of the Metropolis water front property rebuild project and while at it's beginning few took the Atlanteans up on their offer of assitence, time has made them more open minded. And unemployment or homelessness. Whatever. Things are moving along quickly now, building above water is exponentially easier then building below it, and when your workmen can lift pallets of masonry barehanded, it makes for quick work. Still. Just off the beach Arthur hovers in the water, his gaze staring through the distance to, for the first time, see the progress. It's remarkable what can be accomplished if only the two worlds work together…

His jaw sets firmly and he turns his back on the city and allows himself to sink back down under the waves. They're not ready yet. A couple of months is to soon for his return and his people are still to afraid, to militant. He can't be away from Atlantis just yet. «It goes as you described.» he thinks to his wife, «Better then I had hoped. Soon there will be little evidence of the invasion.» she doesn't have to sift through his thoughts to feel the weariness. He used to be happier and light hearted, now he's always so stoic. «We should return home. They're recommisioning the fortress in a week and I would like to speak with the crustacean once more before the last of the armored plates are restored, just to check. Namor did a number on it and I don-» he stops thinking, hsi head swivelling, «Something's wrong.» What? Like someone's going to sneak a sea serpent past /Aquaman/?

Ulani has been scouting out the Tri-City area. She's seen the place where 'the dragon suns himself', a warehouse in Gotham with a strange green and purple being seemed to reside, a beach in New York… and that's about it..

Today, she's heading towards Metropolis, still some distance away when the disturbance has her stopping and 'listening' in the water…. something doesn't feel quite right.

Mera waits for Aquaman a little further out to sea, having accompanied him most of the way. She's been to the surface a good handful of times since Orm's attempted invasion, but this is the first time her husband has approached since then, and she's determined to make sure this visit isn't ruined. When his thoughts abruptly change track, she starts toward his location as fast as she can. It's pretty darned fast, but still nowhere near what Arthur is capable of. « Arthur? »

There's not a whole lot of time to wonder exactly what is wrong. That noise that Ulani, and then Mera and Arthur… and then Scarlet and Hal and Rowan all hear is called 'cavitation'. Which is what you get when someone puts a lot of bubbles underneath the water. From, say, making it hot by moving really fast.

The Blue warrior is on alert in an instant, bounding down to the beach as he whips out his spear and summons and energy shield into existance on his arm. And then a sea serpent begins to rise out of the ocean. And keeps going. And going. And going… "I'm gonna need a bigger stick…" The dragon-blue mutters to himself realizing that yes, this is not the weapon for this job. Well… there's always Plan B.

As the serpent and it's rider emerge from the water (eight stories and still climbing), an odd assortment of more human figures make themselves known. Sea Leopard - odd and blue and with a tail -, Manowar… who… is apparently a minivan sized mutated Jellyfish, a shockingly normal looking blonde and the man with the trident. "Tremble Surfacers!" That last one shouts. "And witness the Sea's Fury"

Green Lantern descends from the sky, a streak of emerald light wrapped around him, landing on the beach just in front of the surf. He hears the outcry and sees the motley crew of sea creatures, sea people and sea weirdos emerging. These guys again. Great. Bad enough to have to fight super-villains, but you fight these guys and you'll smell like tuna salad for a week.

There's a flash of green around him and, right there at the surf, a wall of green bricks erects itself, flickering into existence like Tetris blocks falling into place at level 100 *blink blink blink blink blink* until a good quarter mile is sealed off with a thirty foot high barricade. Standing atop that barricade, the Green Lantern shouts back at the blonde with the trident, "NO THANK YOU! PLEASE PUT YOUR FISHY ASS IN PARK AND YOUR BOX OF ASSKICKING WILL BE BROUGHT TO YOUR WINDOW!"

Wanda is at least distracted from her melancholy now…giant sea creatures will do that. "A sea park!" she exclaims, eyes wide with excitement as she's never been to one before. How nice of them to put on a show with so few people watching. Clapping at the strange beasties she sucks on her lower lip as she tries to guess what they are. "Blue whale! Sardine!" Then her eyes narrow as she looks out into the sea once more, her fingers starting to twitch and spasm, drawing arcane shapes in the air. Mystical scarlet energy glowing in the air where her fingers travel. "I can feel it too" she whispers to her 'friends'…just before some killjoy is building a wall so Wanda can't see the animal show properly anymore. She should have known it was just a free sample and she has to pay now. "How much!?!" she calls up to the leprechaun on the top of the wall. Not that she could afford it.

Aquaman can feel the sea serpent and he closes his eyes for just a second, «Of course.» he thinks to himself, the word heavy with meaning. When his eyes snap open his face is a hard angry thing. Mera will have to catch up. Cavitation? A hundred feet or so behind Arthur in his wake an explosive rooster tail of mingled steam and water forms a fountaining wall. It would appear the Souverign of the Seas is not feeling up to being stealthful today. He pours the speed on as his teeth grind. «Not again.» he thinks softly and his arm comes forward, the trident in his grip leading his way.

Ulani isn't as fast as the Atlantean couple, but she can hydraport…. and she does …. arriving a little way out, but close enough to see the tetrix bricks falling. Still not quite sure … these Surfacers can be strange, the Blue Envoy moves closer and starts to shape water….

Mera has zero chance of catching up with Arthur, but she follows at full speed, following to one side of the cavitation trail he's left. Once she can tell she's getting close to shore, she angles to surface a small distance from the waterline, having every intention of startling whomever has made her husband THIS angry. Unacceptable, and when Aquaman is angry guaranteed Aquawoman is LIVID.

Aquaman's descent drives his spear into the sea serpent, a deep gashing cut that sends it's blood spilling and spreading into the water. The creature thrashes and roars… mostly at Hal since Hal's up there. And that thing's breath. It's got ha- well… er, really bad breath.

The strike doesn't put it down though and as others arrive near the scene the Fathom Five scatters. Not to run, though, to attack.

Mera as she arrives finds herself under psychic attack that's meant to distract while Sea Leopard closes in at an immense speed and lays into her with claws.

The man with the trident hauls himself into the air and… flies! He flies! Like Namor. "SEA KING!" The Llyron shouts and goes after Atlantis' sovreign, diving down, Trident at the ready.

The blonde dips into the water… sensing… ah yes… She thought she felt something. As Ulani shapes, someone begins to shape the water near her into a hard ball which drives right at her. "Little Blue! You thought you could best Bloodtide at her own game!" She seems rather offended by this as she floats about fifty feet off.

Hal is atop this wall and unreachable… well, by arm. The huge jellyfish-mutant-thing snarls at him. "Come down here Airling!" And just like that lightning lances up in his direction, striking the wall in several places but also scorching in Hal's vecinity as well.

Rowan shifts. His form becomes much larger and moments later he's soaring over the wall on leathern wings. As the serpent and it's rider recover from the first blow, a second, this one a bolt of fire from the sky, lands, sending it reeling again. "Save your snake-tricks. I'm better at that game." The now Fire Dragon snarls.

And behind the wall… near Wanda, a woman appears. She smirks and looks at the red-clad Gypsy. "Oh no, you'll not do at all. Mistress Nagula has other plans that don't involve surfacer sorcerors…" She starts to draw power, preparing a blast especially for Wanda.

Hal was momentarily distracted by the trident-a-trident gladiator action going on out in the surface, raising an eyebrow at it. These guys definitely are not short on the drama or the ego. Which…well, okay, Hal has a lot of ego, so he can't really talk about that, but he at least wears a shirt.

Then the lightning sparks near him, the jellyfish getting his attention as the bricks hit with the lightning fade and reform for a moment. "Allright, that's it, you friggin' sack, you're askin' for it."

And then, along the top of the wall, in opening doors in the length of the wall, murderholes popping up along the way - crossbowmen, archers, suddenly come into existence and, having no need to wait to reload, begin to just unleash a barrage of energy arrows down at the jellyfish and along the front wave of the invaders, a hard rain of pointy green light coming down like the backside of a gigantic porcupine (or, for their purposes, a sea anemone) on the Fauxlanteans.

"Do I know you?" Wanda asks the appearing woman while her subconscious kicks into action to protect the gypsy. Without Wanda even realising it, arcane words spill quietly from her lips, distorting reality around the lungbreather to bring a whole lot of bad luck her way. And a blast of scarlet energy that slams into the other woman. "I don't want to be in your plan anyway!"

Mera openly snarls at the Sea Leopard, snagging her opponent's arms at the wrists and pulling them both under the surface of the water again. There's a moment of churning water where they disappeared, then things go still. Mera will answer Aquaman if he calls to her, though. She's just busy teaching this truly unintelligent individual why Arthur chose her to marry over all of the eligible Atlantean women at the time.

Aquaman's expression is just shy of enraged as he turns his head upward to see the diving man, letting the current of his passing suck the serpents blood from his vision.. Aquaman explodes from the water like a bullet, a rising spinnerete of water following after him. He meets the trident carrying man head on in a thunderous crash, the tridents locking together. Which is fine by Arthur. He wasn't aiming for the trident anyway. His other hand snaps out and closes on the man's throat as they begin to plummet back towards the water, "Fury of the sea? It's not the sea's fury you should be conserned with." he snarls, keeping his grip on the man, "It's that of her King!" the pair splash down in a small gyser. Aquaman is tired of your shit.

Ulani dives under the water, avoiding the ball that was driving right at her, shapes a sword from water and rises right in front of Bloodtide… driving her sword at the other woman…. No quarter given.

And now there's blood in the water metaphorically instead of literally. The Fathom Five and this… odd mage… were simply not prepared for a response of this magnitude. Showing inferior surfacers what's what is one thing. Actually having to fight people on (or above!) their level is another. Manowar sinks beneath the waves bleeidng heavily as he's peppered with energy arrows and the sea serpent rocks back hard enough to crash into the water and throw up waves. Ulani cuts Bloodtide across the stomach. Not deep, no, but painful. And it bleeds a lot. Llyron is caught by the throat and the odd mage, Nagula, she staggers back at the blast.

"Fools!" The mage snarls. "You only delay the inevitable. The Lord of the Deep will drown your lands and crush your beloved Atlantis beneath his majesty!" She gestures twice and arcane energies swirl around the reeling terrorists. And then in an eyeblink, they're gone.

Except the serpent. It gets to run the eff away now devoid of Dragonrider's influence.

Green Lantern watches the sea-psychos recede back into the ocean, the wall's energy's dissipating and drawing back to the ring-wielder as he's left standing on empty air, floating high above. And then, suddenly, they're truly gone, the mage whipping them away by some form of magick.

"Well…isn't that special?" he says.

So not even the sea can give her peace now? Wanda is certainly glad that the crazy woman is gone but her attempt to have quiet think…or enjoy the sea park show…have now been ruined. She peers up at the floating Green Lantern and offers him a wave before realising that the authorities will soon be on their way. And that's not a good thing for an illegal immigrant.

Aquaman's fingers suddenly snap closed into a fist, the throat they were gripping vanishing from beneath them. He growls his frustration and turns, looking for another target and finding… none. Dammit. «Do a quick cirquet love, see if you can pick up their trail.» he's faster, but she has the training for this sort of thing. Tracking people is the work of an assassin after all. Less so that of a fisherman's son. «I'll check the beach.» and he heads off for the sand, at a far more sedate pace then he's been moving about.

Ulani watches as Bloodtide swims off and she glances around…. to see Mera swim off. Given her peoples aversion to getting involved with the Surface, the Blue Envoy ducks below the water and heads back out to sea. She'll catch up with Rowan, later.

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