Chinese Diinner

May 29, 2015:

Chinese dinner in New York will never be the same…

New York


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Fade In…

It's a quiet Friday night in New York City…which must mean that something is wrong. Strands of fate, destiny or just plain (bad) luck have led a disparate group of individuals into Chinatown. Not yet midnight, though close, the streets are bustling and filled with the cries of street vendors and the personal advertising of the restaurants that line the sidewalks - usually involving a young woman thrusting a menu in your face and urging you to come inside for a bite.

Wanda is there with Nighteyes. The former wide eyed and excited about the sounds and smells of this overly active place. And hungry…always hungry. "There is too much choice" she laughs. Wanda seems to be in borrowed clothes; blue jeans and a t-shirt. The only scarlet on her is the jacket she wears - just like the one she used to wander homeless in.

Ruby is in the area on a case. Some concerned parents of Chinese ancestry are convinced that their son, Roy Chan, has become involved in some illegal activites. And since Chan Senior is a major executive in a major (unnamed) bank, then he wants confirmation of this…and extraction of said son with little fuss. Her trail has led her to the 'Dragon Fire' restaurant; a large three storey place that looks quite lavish…so why is the only entrance a single wooden door down a dark back alley.

Lunair has a phone message from Wanda to thank for her presence. Since the witch is not terribly au fair with modern technology, the phone message was along the lines of 'Is this on? How do I know…oh…is it meant to be blinking red? Can't I just send her a letter? Fine…hello, Lunair. This is Wanda on the phone. Not on the phone because I am not there but I am leaving you a message. How long do I have? I want you to know I am alright and I will be in Chinatown tonight if you want to say 'hello'. Is that right? Did it leave a message? I will be at the 'Dragon Fire' restaurant'.

A similar message was sent to Zatanna. But there is something else that is drawing her here. The same thing that is perhaps drawing Constantine. There is a disturbance in the leylines. Something is drawing on their power and it will be peaking tonight. Their paths leading to the 'Dragon Fire' restaurant too.

Did Wanda also feel that tug? Knowing the witch it probably wasn't a conscious feeling yet she chose that restaurtant out of the hundreds in Chinatown and now currently stands in front of it with pursed lips and a look of trepidation. "I think this will be a very expensive meal" she whispers to Nighteyes.

John probably shouldn't be out and about. Covered head to toe in bandages and superglue, he looks like he lost a few rounds of combat with a giant pile of loose safety razors. But, he'd doggedly insisted on getting out of Shadowcrest at least for a little while to get some 'real damned food', not conjured or home-cooked at the Manor. He limps along next to Zatanna, using her arm for a bit more support than he'd properly like to cop to, but still too weak and a bit too vulnerable to be out walking by himself.

The only magic Lunair has might be magic markers. Or something. But she does worry about Wanda, even if Lunair's been sort of busy… with … uh. BOTANY CLUB. Not murder. BOTANY CLUB. For sure. But take out is calling Lunair's name, even if she's become a proficient cook. And hey, she's got a message. "Dragon Fire. That sounds kinda epic." Why not? She's of the opinion that dragons are pretty cool. So she's going to make her way over, parking her dark purple vespa nearby and stowing the helmet away. Chicks dig scooters. No, seriously, it's pretty handy when she's not being chased around by creepy Nazis.

Working for a bank job is reassuring to Ruby. It promises that she's going to get paid. In cash. Chinese food is a big bonus too, after her abortive effort at a grand feed last night.

Ruby stands out a little in Chinatown, but less than you might think. Not knowing or sensing the presence of others, directly, she makes her way towards the front door of that restaurant, occasionally glancing at a cell phone (which isn't showing much of anything, but it's all part of the look.) Though in this case, the front is really more of a back.

Zee doesn't look overly impressed. John had interrupted some study she was doing with his petulance. "There's nothing wrong with eating a wholesome meal." The young mage dressed in her, now, usual attire including the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum at her hip, let's the old wizard lean on her arm though…

Just out the front of the restaurant, Zee draws them to a standstill and cants her head slightly "Can you feel it, John? It's been bugging me for a while… there's something wrong with the leyline." Letting her senses wander a little, she gestures to the Golden Dragon with a tilt of her chin… "In there, it feels stronger that way…"

Nighteyes is wearing casual clothing, black leather pants and a midnight blue velvet halter top and a black jean jacket over that. There's a thin metal rod clipped to her belt and a pair of daggers. Glowing red eyes travel over the crowd with mild interest. The vampire wraps an arm around Wanda and smiles. "Order whatever you wish, cost is no problem." She blinks a little at the man covered in bandages and then again when she notices the woman at his side. A familiar face, the magician she met upon the roof top. Nighteyes sighs. She's going to be rather annoyed if something happens to interrupt their, well, Wanda's meal.

"Hello, Zee…John…Lunair" Wanda greets without looking at them, her focus on the building with the ornate golden dragon sculptures jutting out over the street. "We should help her" she suddenly announces, pointing at Ruby as the detective heads for the alleyway door. It's only then that she finally looks at the others. "Constantine? You have been hurt." Nothing gets past Wanda. Zatanna gets a rather sheepish look from the witch. "I owe you an apology" she sighs, "And I will apologise to you…and Bobby…when we have the time but…" A nod back at the restaurant. She doesn't need to tell Zee about the possible problems. Lunair gets a finger wave and a friendly smile. "Did my guest stay long?" she asks, though Vision probably disappeared the minute he got there.

A deep sigh before she grabs Nighteye's hand and heads for the alley and the door within. "We should not be late" she explains, the fingers of her free hand already twitching and jerking with power. "Some things should be left asleep."

When Ruby arrives at the door she has to knock before an eye bolt is slid open. She is looked at by rather unfriendly eyes for a restaurant before the door is opened to allow her access. "Welcome to 'Dragon Fire' announces a well-tailored man in his most bored voice. She will recognises that that the lump under his jacket is a holstered pistol.

"No, just lost a match with a ruddy great stormcloud of razor-bladed crows," John quips back, though he manages a flashing smile for Wanda. He looks across the street at Ruby just as she ducks into the alley, then nods at Zatanna, forcing himself to straighten up as he starts digging into grim-faced resevoirs of strength. "All right, guess we're working tonight after all, eh luv?" he grunts at Zatanna, massaging the cuts on his left arm.

Lunair waves to Wanda. There's a blink at Constantine. "Hi! Wow, you-" Pause. "… really must hate Counting Crows." Yes. Because thinking inside the box is for chumps. Lunair left the box, set the box on fire and is now joyriding in another box down the highway. "I can mend that for you if you want," She offers helpfully to John. Birds or not. But Lunair settles quiet a moment. She is relieved Wanda seems to be intact, shaking her head. "No, and it's fine. I hope they are doing well." Guests are groovy, after all. Even if Lunair sometimes has to duck away for STUFF.

Ruby has the faint feeling she's drawing some attention, but she's too far along to really pick up that she's in the eyes of Wanda Maximoff. John she might recognize, but his mummy game's too strong. He probably knows not to worry too much about Ruby's long term safety, anyway.

"Oh, thank you so much," Ruby says, slipping inside. "Is my boy Roy here yet, hmm?" Clearing her throat, she looks over her shoulder at the bored man, rather winsomely. "He's probably waiting for me. We're meeting here." As she does this she eyeballs the place and listens, having learned how to be winsome and kind of dippy-flirty while using almost zero of her actual brain.

There isn't a day or night that goes by, when Zee doesn't work… not like that! A light flickers in the depth of her eyes as she looks around. "Hello Wanda, are you doing ok?" Zee's been concerned about the woman, and with good reason. Nighteyes and Lunair gets a wave from the raven haired mage and she nods in the direction of the alley and starts to follow "Let's go John…"

Nighteyes squeezes Wanda's hand. "What happened was not you're fault, love." She discreetly unfastens the sheathes for her daggers while she talks. The vampire is getting used to the…situations that pop up around Wanda, or that she pops up near. Either way it usually invovles a good fight and Nighteyes isn't going to object to that. She does give John a dubious look. He looks like he shouldn't be standing, let alone fighting. Zee, she nods at. Lunair as well. She doesn't know that one but Wanda seems to. Red eyes narrow with warning at the doorman with the gun. If he even thinks about touching that he's going to be eating it for dinner. "I think its good we left Goliath behind.." She murmurs.

"We would have lost him" Wanda remarks about Goliath before she throws some quick introductions out. "Zee - Constantine - Lunair - Nighteyes" She looks concerned for Constantine and his mummy impersonation. "Birds are very cruel in this country" she nods sagely. "But your disguise could help us." Disguise?

Wanda nods to Zatanna. She is doing okay. A lot better than anyone who had been on that ship she blew up. "Can we talk later?" she asks her fellow magi softly and with more than a hint of shame. A smile for Lunair. She is so funny…and who are 'Counting Crows'?

The man at the door gives Ruby another once over before sniffing and shrugging. "Know a lot of Roys. You got a reservation?" And then the others arrive, including a woman with anger issues and…red eyes?

"I have a reservation" grins Wanda before nodding to Ruby. "And she is with me. Come on, everyone." The witch pushes past the guard and into the huge restaurant proper. The lower floor, where they are, is covered with tables full of people eating, chatting and laughing. A stair in one corner leads upwards to the next floor which is more of a balcony arrangement. The diners upstairs being able to look down on the floor below. Though another reason for this 'hollow' space in the upper floor is to accommodate the huge 'gold' statue of a paunchy God offering the business divine luck. It is easily thirty feet high. The top floor of the restaurant is private dining rooms.

As the odd group are shown to a table in the corner near the bathrooms, the guard at the door is talking into the cuff of his jacket while eyeing them off. They have been noticed. The mages in the room can feel the pull of power beneath their feet. The leeching of the leylines is in the basement…or even lower.

Constantine ducks into the line going into the building, falling in with the group with th attitude of a man who belongs wherever he goes. He shakes his head at Lunair, smiling briefly. "Thanks, luv, but the pain'll keep me on my toes," he assures the woman.

He fishes in his back pocket for a feather and blows it into the air, murmuring something under his breath, and waits a few beats. Strung along on invisible hands, his trenchcoat flies out of the night sky and lands in his outstretched hand. He dons it, wincing at the sensation of weight on his fresh wounds, and heads into the building, finding his favorite defensive magic cigarettes and lgihting one up.

Lunair looks skeptical at Constantine. She looks concerned, and her facial expression seems to vanish when she's concentrating, lending her an odd sort of blankness. Squint. "If you're sure…" She's not going to duct tape the guy to the ceiling fan and zap him with the mediray, but she'll go with it. She wouldn't noconsent someone. That's wrong. Lunair waves back to Zee. And there's that lady (Ruby) she saw at the occult flea market. That's what those were, right?

Fortunately, Lunair didn't go all Harry Potter (a voice in the cosmos told her someone had that covered. also lawyers). Lunair seems curious about the red-eyed lady, but there's an armed doorman. A bit odd for a Chinese restaurant. The Lo Mein must be to die for. Either way, she follows along into the restaurant. She smiles to Wanda after a moment, remembering her facial expressions.

Ruby's about to say something intelligent in reply when Wanda sweeps in and puts her marker on her. She raises an eyebrow as she's tugged inwards with the group, not really resisting this motion. "So we meet again," she murmurs to John even as he fires up a death stick.

"Listen, John, your redhead there's kind of impressive but I'm actually working here right now -" Ruby then glances at Lunair, Zatanna, Nighteyes, and then back at John with a wry expression. "So which of us is gonna be the coven leader this time, huh?"

She'd elbow him for punctuation, but that would seem rude. "Put 'er there," she says, proffering her right hand to Zee.

The light in Zee's eyes still flickers, she's lightly tapping her magic… the pull from the leyline distracting her. Ruby's introduction, or not so much introduction, draws her attention and she shakes the woman's hand "Zee…" the words are distracted. She stands at the table, not sitting yet. "We need to get into the basement… I think… "

Nighteyes is staring at the doorman still, although the trenchcoat suddenly appearing got a moments startled glance. Wanda's tone of voice when she speaks to Zee draws the vampire's attention back to her. "It will be alright, Wanda." She kisses the top of the Witch's head. The basement? Nighteyes wonders if this is going to be another battle against the undead. There are a lot of living people here, this could get difficult. She looks Ruby over. "Are you all witches then?" Her voice is soft so as not to be overheard, though the way the doorman is eyeing them..that ship has already sailed.

"The basement will come to us" Wanda whispers to Zatanna as she settles into a chair at the table. Her blues eyes…with only a hint of scarlet…are scanning the diners around them. Or, more specifically, what they are eating. She tilts her head to one side before shaking it. "I think I am seeing things again" she pouts but the other mages will see it. They will see how the noodles so eagerly beign consumed by the diners actually writhe and crawl on their plates. How they are eager to dive down the throats of the customers. How they slither their own way into mouths.

"I like your coat" Wanda smiles over to Constantine just as a little tremor runs through the floor of the restaurant. None of the other customeers seem to notice it though. "I am not a witch" Wanda giggles to Nighteyes comment before giving her a gentle 'don't be silly' nudge. Though it is getting harder for her to deny it…when she's lucid at least.

"Is everyone ready?" Wanda asks lightly before picking up a menu, "To order." She flicks hers open and starts reading through the dishes. "Oh…and also ready for that." A jerk of her head towards the center of the restaurant and another tremor shakes the earth. This one is hard to miss. Espcially when the floor around the huge statue crumbles away to reveal a gaping abyss beneath. 'Things' howl from the depths before the statue itself starts to creak and groan. It seems to be…waking up.

John flashes a wink at Ruby. "Nice to see you too, luv. But she isn't 'my' redhead, believe me. I'm just the handsome bloke they snapped up for this little escapade."

He grins at Nighteyes and Wanda, addressing the vampire first. "Witches are chicks, luv. I'm a magician. Twice as clever, but I can pee in a bottle." He tugs his coat lapel, bobbing his head at Wanda at the compliment on his cloak, and digs out his little silver flask of liquor for a few generous swigs of particularly potent bourbon, shifting his cigarette to his other hand to do so.

Well, alas. Lunair seems to lack magic senses or what have you. Lunair just sort of EYES John at the pee remark and tilts her head. "I'm not sure you should say you pee in a bottle then pull out a flask…" She offers quietly. The mutant doesn't seem to think less of John for it, but man. Phrasing. "And I see. Wait, someone is dating? Congratulations." She's trying. But relationships are complicated. Alas. Oh well. "… Man, it must be awesome to be magic." Sigh.

She tries to listen, at least. Aw. Wanda is adorable. And then things start to tremble. No, not ass blaster tremor but things are waking up and she steels herself.

"Hm-m-m," Ruby says when Zee says they have to get to the basement. John assures her this isn't another setup for group sex, and she takes him at his word.

She looks around as she sits down, trying to spot that man, that boy, Roy Chan, even as Wanda keeps speaking. "Yeah, just get me some dumplings and -" Ruby's completely surprised when the giant statue collapses, saying as she rises to her feet again, "Jesus Christ, John! What is going on here?"

She tells Nighteyes, "I'm only kind of a witch." To Lunair, she says, "No." Then to Wanda and everyone else as she digs out a printed out photo, holding it up for all to see, "Look, do you see this guy? Just point, I'll handle it fine."

"Not a witch… a mage" Zee responds to Nighteyes, the noodles on the plates make her blanch… and then the abyss opens up in the middle of the restaurant and Zee spins to face it… "Tell me you guys are seeing this?" The glow in her eyes gets brighter.

John's comment followed by Lunair's startles a laugh from the vampire but her amused expression quickly turns to a frown. "What do you…see…" She's a warrior and usually quite observent but it was the people she was watching and not the food, it holds no interest for her other than making sure Wanda has enough, she sees it now though and then the abyss and the giant horrendously ugly statue looks like its going to move and Ruby jumps up with her picture. Nighteyes kind of stares at her. "Unless that is a magic photo that can close the gates to some sort of hell, I am not sure this is the time!" She rises to her feet, red eyes searching the room intently. If this is like before then someone here is pulling its strings. "We must find the puppet master." Then.."I knew that statue was trouble." She's so going to kill whoever is behind this and if there isn't anything here beyond worms for food she's really going to kill someone.

Everyone is seeing it now. Even the customers. They starts to scream and scramble for that one exit…which now has a metal grill door obstructing it. Panic hits…but only for a moment. And then there is calm. The patrons slowling to a stop and then just standing there. In their eyes can be little worms swimming around and they are no doubt inhabiting the brain too.

The giant stature takes a hesitant step forward, striding over the collapsed section of the floor and crushing a table underfoot as it reaches the remaining floor. Its other foot soon joins the first as it seems to roll its shoulders awake. It peers at the tiny creatures around it before drawing its sculptured sword of iron from its golden scabbard.

And then there are hands on the rim of the abyss. Hands covered with bandages that pull upwards to allow the rest of the body to drag itself from the darkness and into the light. Three of them. Their entire bodies encased in dark, stained bandages as they get to their feet for the first time in centuries.

Wanda peers at Ruby's photo and then nods. "He's there" she says helpfully before pointing at a figure that is rising slowly from the abyss, riding a beam of lightning upwards. More lightning crackles from his fingertips and his white eyes.

Roy Chan was a healthy man. A perfect vessel one could say. "Free again!!" he gloats over the immobile masses before noticing that one table has not joined his army. He peers down and then points to them. "Destroy them!" As one, all the customers turn to face the 'Fantastic Five' and slowly shamble forward.

John's had a rough few days. New apprentice. Getting ginsued. A bit hungover. But this? This is what John /does/. He is who gets called when Hell literally busts forth, when the dead rise and brain maggots attack. And he's got his smokes, his flask, and his jacket.

He's ready.

John reaches into his pocket and pulls out a silver censer, sloshing with oil in the resevoir, and ignites the eleven sacred herbs and spices in the canister over the oil wick. It immediately starts disgorging a huge volume of smoke, which flows and crawls around the heroes like a living thing, a sanctified ward that blesses the righteous and harms those with malfeasance in mind.

Poor John. But Lunair doesn't seem ruffled when he doesn't respond because holy shit, weird occult thing. Lunair isn't much versed in occult stuff beyond the odd pop movie. She blinks. What in the noodles is going on? She looks around once more. There's a giant statue doing something. Then there's - bandages and shambling and some dude is telling people to destroy them.

Lunair considers it a moment. She doesn't want to die heeeere. She has so much to do. So she'll just have to pull the dubstep gun and zot some of the customers. "People get mad when I shoot them." Hey, it's sound logic…

"Yes," Ruby answers Zee. Then to Nighteyes, "You got time to backtalk me, don't you?" She sounds kind of agitated, PROBABLY BECAUSE THE RESTAURANT IS IMPLODING

Then, "Oh," as the man rises from the abyss. Exhaling she puts a hand to her hip, calling up to Roy, "Come on! Roy, baby, put all this evil ghost shit down. Your parents are worried about you, alright?!" She steps forwards - is she suicidal?!

Zee's been on edge since John bought her near this place and now she knows why. Turning her attention to the patrons… they might yet be saveable… and Lunair dubsteps them! "Lunair, they're likely to be brain controlled… you got something that can negate those worms?"

Trying to stay within Johns wards, Zee turns next to the Fantastic Five… "John, I'm going to try and cut them off from the Leyline… they have to be powered from somewhere…."

~~ tuC riehT noitcennoC oT ehT enilyeL ~~

Eyes blazing blue, Zee's going to try and drop a ward on the leyline to restrict the Fives access to the power.

The look Nighteyes turns on Ruby suggests she's considering giving her a slight shove in the direction of the abyssal pit but the woman seems to be making a nice giant target of herself to everything so she discards the thought. Besides, the woman isn't the source of her annoyance. Looks like its the photograph man. Of course it is. Nighteyes sighs. "With the amount of heads I have needed to remove of late, I should perhaps start carrying a sword once more." Not so easy to hide as her knives but a hell of a lot handier in these situations. Tearing a man's head from his body takes a moment, even with her speed. She doubts the infected humans can be saved and has no idea how she's going to cover up the mess this time, setting fire to a busy restruant isn't going to be easy and the buildings here are all close together. As she thinks the vampire grabs ducks and pulls her boot daggers, aiming her throws towards one of the bandaged covered faces and the one shouting commands for their destruction.

Ruby's plea to the man that was once Roy Chan is met with…nothing. The floating figure doesn't even acknowledge the words as he floats down towards the back of the giant statue. It seems he will be riding his giant guardian. The first of the stumbling patrons smack into Constantine's shield and bounce away before steadying themselves and trying again.

The 'mummies' crouch and growl at the barrier between them and the Fantastic Five. Their sharp, decaying teeth jutting through the old bandages. Then they leap upwards…high. One latches onto the roof before scuttling across it to get behind the group. Another attaches itself to a wall and lobs a ball of fire at Constantine's wall. The mystical energy fizzing and sputtering…and weakening his magic a touch. The third lands from its leap with a thud that sends floorboards splintering and it disappears from view. They can hear it running along a floor below them.

Nighteye's dagger slams into the magic casting mummy and slips through the center of the skull. The creature lets out an inhuman squeal before ripping it from its decaying flesh and hurling it back. The one that was thrown at Roy simply disintegrates in the air around him as the giant statue raises its sword and slams it downwards - eight feet of gold covered stone slicing through the air and about to split Constantine in two…until the statue shivers and sways. A momentary lack of energy thanks to Zatanna? Wanda raises her hands and starts to speak in some ancient tongue, her eyes blank as energy builds around her…and reality starts to warp.

Constantine leaps sideways, the censer still smoking in a steady trail as it disgorges a huge cloud of protective smog around the group, trickling fingers of smoke grabbing at the zombies and mummies as if a living thing. He reaches into his pocket again and comes up with a phial of saltwater, hurling it at the monstrous golemn with a sharp and accurate toss. Filled with enchanted saltwater, it's a Nightmare of Rust, a powerful cursed potion meant expressly to ruin and savage any metal it contacts.

That's not good. Lunair looks worried as the floating guy starts riding the statue. Hopefully he doesn't try to squish Ruby. She nods at Zee. Why not the bug gun she used to clear stuff from the guy Shift tried to beetlejuice to death? Bugs in the lungs freaks Lunair the hell out, though she totally has to get the victims doing the Thriller dance and commence bug zapping. "I hope this works." Die bugs, die!

Ruby exhales with force. Sweeping a hand through her bangs, she scowls.

Having no better ideas, she lunges forwards, gritting her teeth and taking only a fraction of a second to shed her purse onto the ground before vaulting up onto - or at least, at - that floating statue!

With the power Zee is channeling, she maintains the ward on the Leyline. If it's not been detected yet, all the better. Seeing John and Ruby take the Golem… Zee turns her attention to Roy, perhaps he's the puppet master here. Splitting the flow on her magic, so the ward on the Leyline is a little weaker….

~~riA kconK yoR nahC wnoD oT ehT dnuorG dnA dniB miH thgiT ~~

For now, the Mistress of Magic is trying to disrupt him… if that affects the others, she'll try something else.

Nighteyes isn't surprised the second throw misses Roy. It's never that easy. She is caught off guard when the mummy doesn't fall and actually throws her dagger back at her. She's fast enough to dodge it though and even catch it by the hilt. "That is…new." New and not good. Her gaze flicks aside for a moment. Some of the zombies seem to be dancing? "What..?" Nighteyes grabs the nearest one and tosses it towards a few that are still moving towards them. The others seem to have a better handle on this than her and it is making the vampire feel somewhat inadequete which is making her cross. She flips the table over to make a shield in front of Wanda and piles a few of the chairs on it. She can at least guard her Witch.

Constantine's vial of saltwater smashes on the skin of the statue and the contents spatter over the golden hide. Almost immediately the metal starts to rot and crack. The gold quickly turns green before peeling of in melting chunks that smash into the ground below. Underneath is stone. Stone that ignores the water but thankfully the statue was distracted enough to not swat Ruby out of the air as she leaps onto its hide.

Roy's eyes fall on Zatanna. She is responsible for the lack of power! He raises his hands to strike her down when the air itself strikes him. Thumped off the back of the statue he falls to the floor with a crash through a table, the air itself seems to hold him down. "Attack the witch!" he screams at the mummies but they seem to have a couple of options. Particularly when Wanda blasts one with a ball of energy that not only knocks it flying through the air but ignites its dry old bandages.

The floor erupts behind Zatanna as the underground mummy bursts upwards to grab the magi. Its brown, decaying nails digging into her clothes and seeking out flesh. "Angel!" screams Wanda at Nighteyes, "Protect Zee!!"

The statue, having lost its rider, starts swatting at Ruby. Its stone hand smashing into its stone body. The customers who 'suffer' from Lunair's ray start to jerk and twitch as if they are dancing…though hardly in a Thriller manner. More of an 'uncool Dad tries to hip hop' manner. But it probably means that some mind worms are dying.

John's greatest strength in a fight is that he can be /smart/ while he's being attacked. The censer's job done, he flings the smoking sphere at the zombies and mummies and backs up a pace, staring at the situation with a dispassionate examination of the situation as it devolves.

John rummages in his pockets again and comes up with another phial. "Ruby!" he whistles sharply, hurling it underhand at her. "Winter in a bottle!" Who says wizards don't need a good understanding of physics? John reaches down and slaps both hands on the ground, fingers sinking into the stone, and twists his wrists. The dirt and rock under the statute abruptly breaks, twists, and crackles into a slippery pool of gravel sliding towards the abyssal crack in the ground.

Well. So much for the Thriller montage. It was worth a shot, at least. Lunair will keep out of the magic people's way. She has no idea what's up with all of it, but she's going to keep her bug ray and dubstep party going. WUBWUBWUBWUB ZZZZZZZT.

The stone hand slaps at Ruby.

This would be a great chance for her to reveal her hidden power, the secret strength within her, some unholy magic or protection!

The stone hand hits the side of Ruby with a wet crunch. Blood squirts out of Ruby's mouth. She looks momentarily and utterly agonized, especially since Roy's now giving orders elsewhere. Letting go, she topples back, kicking off weakly to hopefully land on actual flooring.

She inchworms towards Roy.

It's good thing that Zee's been training with Fenris, getting clawed at by a Zombie would normally have her in trouble. A nail snags on her shrug top and Zee is dragged backwards but the light in her eyes glows steadily.

~~ eriF nruB ehT eibmoZ ~~

As she's dragged, Zee tries to get out of the top… yeah, she hasn't practiced that one… she's now entangled in the sleeves, being dragged towards a Zombie that may soon be fire.

Nighteyes springs forward at Wanda's command, she grabs the mummy in one hand and Zee in the other and pulls them apart. She isn't really worried about the woman's shirt. It can be replaced, she cannot and mortals are very fragile. She's careful setting Zee aside but lifts the Mummy and then throws it straigt at Roy. It will at least distract him for a moment. She hopes. Maybe he'll disentigrate it. Nighteyes frowns. That had been a good dagger. She snarls and her fangs flash in anger. Turning to keep one eye on her lover she grabs the one thats already on fire and throws it in Roy's direction too. She might get a little bit…burnt on that hand but it will heal fast enough.

The statue, having disposed of Ruby in a loud bone-crunching manner, turns to do the same with Constantine…at least until the ground beneath its feet starts to shift and tilt. It is not the most graceful of creatures. Nor the most steady as its link to the leyline is also being attacked. It drives its sword into the ground to balance it but still the tilting ground is causing it trouble. It starts to slide towards the dark pit, its feet crunching and slipping on the gravel.

More and more of the customers start falling to the ground as Lunair's ray does it work. They drool and spasm on the floor as the strange worms start to slither out of their bodies…through any exit they can find. The creatures wriggle for a few feet before shriveeling up into dry husks.

Roy glares at the approaching Ruby with his white lightning eyes, preparing to blast the woman into oblivion. At least until not one, but two, mummies thud into his body. One of them afire and burning his flesh. The second one also ignites at Zatanna's spell takes hold and Roy is trapped under blazing mummies. This was supposed to be so easy. Why was there a party of mages and superheroes at the restaurant today of all days. This is more than just bad luck!

Wanda watches over all the hectic action around her and giggles. Good to see that sanity is still a stranger. There is still one mummy though and Wanda blasts it from the roof to then watch it become a fireball as it drops…onto Roy. He is not having a good day.

Constantine gasps when Ruby goes down, the phial smashing harmlessly against the back wall and sending snowflakes cascading over the entire back sectional area. John dodges through the crackle of thunder and lightning and fire and skids to a stop next to Ruby. A hand goes to her throat, gleaming with a healing white light- a modest spell to stabilize the injured woman before he grabs her arm and tries to drag her back to the safety of the team by one arm, leather shoes scrabbling on the ground.

Well, she's got to help beyond her attempts to recreate Thriller. Lunair lacks magic aptitude. She's worm wrangling, and Ruby - Ruby totally needs power armor, so she'll soon be covered in it. "Man, I just wanted some take out." Sigh. And she was hanging out with Wanda, too! Life is hard.

Ruby swats at John without much effect. She attempts to say something but it doesn't really work. She looked pained but not afraid. Hoisting herself up, and is then sheathed in - Power armor?

Ruby has no idea what this is. "The shit?" she managed to gurgle out. Roy is left alone for now in the moment of utter bafflement. One advantage of her recent fallings-in will be that she'll probably get completely inured /to/ this sort of thing. Well, if it wasn't for all that blood in her mouth. John is able to haul her to some extent, at least…

"I'm fine!" she insists, wheezing. "Get him! Don't worry about me! Is this some of that Iron Man shit??"

As Zee is bodily extracted from the Zombies grip, she finally manages to disentangle herself and then turns her attention to Roy and the burning Mummies then at the Golem that sinking into the ground.

~~ kaerB ehT lacigaM sdnoB tahT eiT esehT serutaerC oT efiL ~~

The words might not be quite right, but the intent is there, the teen mage intends to render Roy and the Golem inert.

Nighteyes kneels to check Ruby over. This looks beyond her medical skills and she isn't quite sure how the woman is still moving. John seems to have healing magic or..something. So the vampire moves back to Wanda's side. After taking a moment to eye what Zee is doing she decides to help by throwing tables and chairs at what's left of the Golem and the pile of zombie/mummies atop Roy. Her eyes narrow as she recalls the commands the man gave. He doesn't seem to be as under the sway of dark influenes as the people she's fought recently. More like he invited whatever the hell this is into himself. "That one has upset our dinner plans…" Nighteyes begins stalking towards him menacingly, shoving and kicking anything in her way that isn't one of her battling companions.

Wanda leaves Ruby in Constantine's and Lunair's hands…she doesn't know healing spells. Or any spells. So if everyone could look the other way while she mutters ancient words and draws magical symbols in the air then she can continue this facade. The purpose of her own spell seems to be to back up Zatanna's. Her own chaos energy added to the other magi as the Golem reels back from the onslaught. It has no hope of keeping its footing now. It slips and slides…even looks like it is moonwalking at one point…and then it falls off the edge and into the abyss.

Roy…or the thing that inhabits his body…is not so easy to get rid of. Though with the advancing vampire and its body in flames, 'Roy' may decide to leave of its own accord. It is better to live to fight another day after all. "You will all pay for this!!" he hisses before lightning zaps from the burning body and disappears into the blackness after the statue.

So now the Fantastic Five stand in a large room filled with unconscious customers and staff, burning mummies and a portal to who knows where that seals as quickly as it opened. Wanda purses her lips in thought. "Do you think they will give us a discount?"

John falls on his arse when Ruby's ensconced in the Lunair Armor, blinking in surprise. "Blimey, that's a handy trick," he mutters. Waved off by the noir woman, he pats her pauldron reassuringly and gets to his feet, leaving a hand where she can reach it for assistance getting up.

"Anyone injured? Sing you if you're dead," the Brit calls, casting a ball of magical illumination into the air and dismissing the lingering dust and smoke from the censer.

And Lunair is dual wielding. She'll turn on Ruby with the MediGun from TF2. It's a cute blue healing ray! … why does it always aim at their butts? She really doesn't know. But between bugs, mediguns and such, Lunair is a bit busy. Pewpew. "Your FACE. Wait, I'm banned from combat dialogue. Scratch that." Lunair looks to John. "You're okay?" Pause. "Only my childlike optimism and joy." That was - startlingly astute humor from Lunair. Nevertheless, she beams at Wanda. "Maybe." Mmm, Lo Mein of the Damned.

Lunair shines that light on Ruby.

Who is difficult. "POint that at him! Him!!" She urgently points at Roy. "I'm fine, I'm gonna be good as new in half an hour, /he won't/!"

Her ribcage snaps. Wait, no. She exhales, apparently somewhat eased. "Does this happen to you often?" she asks Wanda.

That's a lot of energy Zee's expended… as the onslaught stops, she sags against a wall, the shock of nearly being zombified finally setting in. "I'm … I'm…" taking a deep breath "I'm fine John…" just give her a minute "Next time I say we eat in, we eat in…."

"Thanks you guys… are you all alright?" To the others in general and she'll answer for Wanda…. "More than you'd expect…" She still hasn't go Ruby's name yet.

Nighteyes snarls at the suddenly lifeless body of her foe. She didn't kill him and he escaped and now the pit is gone..The vampire glares at the floor in frustration. Wanda's voice pulls her away from the anger of the man's escape and she looks around the restraunt and sighs. "I do not see a way to hide this but I think it is so they will not blame it upon the mutants." She moves to Wanda's side and checks her over carefully. "Were you hurt?" "We will go somewhere else for dinner, do not worry." The expression on her face is unexpectedly tender. Not an emotion one would usually think to see on a vampire's face.

"I am fine" Wanda informs both John and Nighteyes. She's still trying to comprehend the tender vampire herself but it's nice that someone cares for her like that. An innocent shrug to go with Zatanna's answer to Ruby's question before Wanda moves to help her fellow magi. She knows all about the energy this kind of thing takes. "You did great, Zatanna" she smiles before addressing the whole group. "You all did." Then a look on her face that asks herself why anyone would care if she thought they did well and to just shut up.

Roy's corpse burns as the customers start to wake. The mummies are almost ash by now so this will have to go down as 'spontaneous combustion'…including the giant statue that is no longer there. "We should leave" Wanda offers with a wan smile before nodding to Nighteyes. "Food is good anywhere" she grins. The thin Wanda does like her food. She offers a steadying hand and arm to Zatanna and assumes that she will be okay with Constantine. Though that stranger who leapt on the statue doesn't look well. "Oh…I am Wanda" she remembers to introduce herself. "Do you know my brother? He knows all the pretty women."

"I'd like to get the bloody hell out of here," Constantine agrees. He makes a face at Zatanna- very mature- offers Ruby a hand up from the floor, and starts shuffling out, making sure to stoop and pick up the holy censer, snuffing out the flame and smoke and tucking it into his coat. He groans and touches his chest, fingers bloody where his wounds had broken open again, and starts leading the cat herd to the stairs.

"… I think he's a little dead for help. I mean, I'm not a doctor," She admits. Lunair really isn't. Whoops. She looks guilty. "Aw, thanks." She looks to Wanda. "I appreciate it." Hey, why not? At least Lunair seems to have a fondness for food and keeps a spare debit card and stocked fridge at hand for Wanda when she stays at Lunairhaus. She pauses, turns the ray on Constantine for a moment then stops. "Are you sure you don't need at least a bandaid…? Also I should get out of here." She will follow the others along.

Ruby sucks in a breath. She answers Wanda by proffering her hand. "Ruby Rowe. I don't think I do - not as your brother, anyway." She smiles, with some effort, at the implicit complement.

"John," she says to Constantine as they limp towards the exit, "let me jump on the bombs going forwards. Did you get into a fight with an alligator or something? You look like ground meat." Over her shoulder to Lunair, "Do you need the… suit thing back?"

"Thanks, Wanda." Zee takes the offered arm for a moment before pulling herself up straight and looking between Nighteyes and the Scarlet Witch "Do you have somewhere to stay?" As John starts to leave, Zee follows him out "I'll tend to him back at Shadowcrest, Lunair… healing John, is complex." Ruby's question has Zee wincing, Johns like that because of Zee (twice over)… "Nice to meet, Ruby." and she'll leave it at that.

Nighteyes frowns a bit at Zee's question and puts herself between the homi magi and Wanda and wraps a protective arm around her. "She does have a place a to stay." Then she blinks a bit at her possessiveness. This is still rather….completely new to her actually. She decides to pretend its a normal reaction. Glowing red eyes travel over Ruby and her expression turns puzzled. "How are you still alive?" She gives John the same sort of look but then nods. "You fought well. Better than I this round."

"I have a place to stay" Wanda nods to Zatanna in a less aggressive manner than Nighteyes…and she even smiles shyly about it. "But I need to talk to you soon" she adds, "About everything that happened and the mess that I made." Though it is doubtful she knows the full extent of the damage she has caused during her little tantrum. But right now it's time to leave. Some of the staff are putting out the fire with extinguishers and grimacing as they discover a burned and cracked body lying there. Soon there will be police and all those horrible questions and immigration authorities and…yeah…time to leave. Wanda leaves a tip on the table and the rushes out after the others.

Lunair also tips! "Okay." Lunair pauses. "Oooh, I see." Maybe she likes him and has one of those nurse complex things. Awww. That's kind of cute! It is! It's like those dating sims. Awww. (Disclaimer: Lunair and her player do like Zee, even if at least one of them are clueless). "Okay, good luck. And don't worry," Lunair dismisses the armor and it simply vanishes. She'll wander off with the others.

John waves Lunair off when she turns the healing ray on him- the energy just scatters harmlessly off of his coat. "It's okay, luv. Thanks for trying," he thanks the weapon-making mutant. "Not the sort of thing that you can help with."

He fishes in his pocket for a flask and takes a nip, passing it to Ruby when she draws up next to him. "Magical interference accident. Professional hazard," he assures Ruby with a dismissive shake of the head. He flashes a grin at Nighteyes and toasts the vampire from afar. "Likewise, luv." And the blond magician schleps up the stairs, dragging ass and waiting for Zatanna to pull up to haul him back to Shadowcrest.

Nighteyes blinks at Wanda and Lunair leaving a tip. This had so not been their fault but…she eyes the damage and sighs. "I'll send them a check later." The vampire gives Wanda a reassuring smile. She's going to keep reminding her that what she did was not her fault. She also hugs her a little closer thinking about it. Finding her in the river almost dead had really upset Nighteyes.

She nods to the others and murmurs softly. "Let's find you something else to eat..preferably in a place without statues."

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