Taken Again

May 27, 2015:

Lunair drops by to tell May about being taken

The Triskelian


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Lunair was well HYDRA-ted one weekend when they did the whole reality flip flop thing. It was pretty ugly. Not gonna lie. Though, happily thanks to alien space medicine (Dominators!) and time, as well as being loved and cared about, she snapped out of it. A healthy phobia of medicine probably helped in its own way even if she tried to kill off the team tasked to deal with the area she guarded. Irony in being smacked over the head with her own helmet by Midnighter was lost on her. But Vorpal and his tentacle talk made her think just a bit.

Okay, so she's been kinda procrastinating on it because it's incredibly unpleasant and a distinct reminder that her memories are unreliable - at /best/ and that she is someone's *creation* for a particular purpose. The 90s were weird, ya'll. Nevertheless, Lunair is polite. She's brought some tea and tea related snacks as she approaches the receptionist. "Hi! Um, I'd like to - I have to see - Agent May." Yes. She's got this. Smoooooooooth.

The receptionist simply nods blandly and picks up a phone. A few minutes later, Agent May is approaching from the direction of the elevators. "Lunair. This way, please." She gestures for the young weapons-creator to follow her to that same low- or no-clearance-needed conference room there just off of the Triskelion's lobby.

A polite smile and Lunair will follow along. "Cool, thanks." She heads towards Agent May, looking around. She's not sure about this in some ways. Were her friends right? Sigh. Well, no matter. "I brought something different for this time. I'm sorry it's becoming a habit. I lost a perfectly good pizza to one of their drones. It was sad." But hey, at least the pizza caught the dart and not Lunair. She'll wait until they are in the room to say that, at least.

May is, strangely enough, starting to get used to Lunair's … unique way of expressing things. Thus, she doesn't comment on the slightly random pizza mention. She leads the young woman into the room and closes the door, gesturing for Lunair to take a seat. "Other than lamenting the pizza, how can I help you today?" She's exactly the same deadpan as usual, so it's difficult to tell if she's being sarcastic or quippy or what.

Simmons is hurrying along the same corridor, towards May and Lunair. Recognising the young woman, she follows behind, when the door shuts she knocks and peeks her head in. Dangerous, potentially, but then… "Mind if I sit in?"

Lunair is sort of amused and intimidated by May's reaction to her stories. She on some level is and isn't aware of her oddities in relation to others. It is a gulf, a distance and a source of unease. It's also just an Is in life. Whatever it may be, she sets out the treats as usual. "Don't worry, I lamented it pretty good." Sigh. Damn dart drones. "Well, remember the weekend HYDRA pulled the old reality flip flop?"

And then there's a pause as Simmons stops by. "I … don't mind," She offers quietly.

May looks at Simmons and nods. Good. She got the message in time to meet them here. "I do, yes." She was involved in un-flip-flopping reality. "I was under the impression that there were various teams on the ground. I guess you were with one of them.

Simmons enters the room and takes a seat, quietly in teh corner, unsure of why she was asked to join. The HYDRA flip flop…. "Oh, you mean Metropolis, Lunair? I remember it."

Lunair smiles politely, waving to Simmons. "Hi. And yeah. I helped after… I was recovered. I don't remember that weekend," She goes quiet. "Okay, so. When they were ramping up, HYDRA was really, seriously making a lot of grabs for me, right?" The darts, Sigma Six, and all those things. "One evening, they succeeded." She takes a deep breath. "I was going to my car, with my phone when a sniper or someone shot my phone. Then, Zyklon popped up on my car's hood and punched the engine block to the ground and ripped the roof off. Metal said my car was pretty traumatized."

May leans forward at that. "They captured you. Then what?"

Well that is interesting and Simmons leans forward as well, remaining silent. Asking more questions may just distract Lunair … and they don't want that.

"Well, not right away. I stuffed my communicators into what was left of the car and used a portal gun to get away. By the way, I hate fighting speedster types. I really do," She sighs. Lunair shakes her head. "I made it about a block away before he was able to grab me. He started trying to be warm aura-y and tell me that others were trying to use me for murder. And then I felt a sharp prick in my arm and everything kind of went - fuzzy and out."

"I don't remember anything over - over -" Headshake.

May shakes her head at Lunair. "Trying to remember is only going to make your head hurt. I only have one question. Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" Like, perhaps when the chemicals used to do the programming would still have been in her system? Because then Simmons would have had a better chance to help. Speaking of…

"Simmons, have you done any deprogramming work before?"

"At the academy, Agent May" Simmons answers promptly "We had a few cases come through and they thought it good practice." Poor Lunair, the young woman seems so nice and to be targetted like that…

"I tried," Lunair admits. "But then I thought about it. I was afraid no one would want to be around me, no one would trust me or believe me," She looks down. "My friend found me." Her boyfriend, but Lunair is a shy young lady at times. "And brought me to a healer who isn't really human. I guess I was hailing this and that for awhile, it's all kind of fuzzy." Sigh. "But thanks to that doctor's help and time, the drugs wore off. I guess they really drugged me since - it was about Thursday, I think." Merely a day or two before she tried to murder the stuffing out of some heroes.

"I'm ashamed and scared of it." What if they do it again? Would people still trust her? "But my friends have been kind about it. It all still feels really bad. I just… It just - I know why I was created, I guess, if Zyklon was to be believed but. I can't remember a damn thing that happened that weekend. At least I recovered in time to help out. Then some weird guy comes up to me and asks me about tentacles the other day. I'm not sure WHAT was up with that." It's all confused. "Sorry."

"So when the chemicals left your system the programming didn't remain?" May looks at Simmons at that. Possibly significant. There's got to be a way to determine which substances were used, so they can possibly 'brainwash-proof' Lunair for the future.

"How does this relate to the nanites in your brain, Lunair?" Fitz had done some research but there had been other priorities to deal with. "It's possible, Agent May. Some drugs are mind altering whilst they're in the system. Without a sample of what was used…" Simmons offers a small shrug.

"I don't think so," She admits. "I was hailing this and that for awhile, I guess," Lunair considers. "But then I was helping clear HYDRA later on and deal with the people trying to off Gotham's DA. Gotham is so WEIRD. I don't even get what's up with everything being armed to the teeth and trying to kill everything else beneath the dramatic fog. I really just don't GET Gotham," Sigh.

"Eeh? I don't know. I'm not sure Baroness and Zyklon even like each other. I really couldn't tell you. I did get poked by a syringe before everything went black," She admits. "I am sorry. I wasn't in much shape right after I - think I got knocked out. My friend had found me unconscious."

May nods to Lunair. "Would you be willing to let Simmons run some tests, to see if there's any residual effect from whatever they did to you?"

Lunair is quiet at that. "I - guess so." She'll go with it, even if her phobia is kicking up a little at the idea of 'running tests'.

"Alright then." Simmons nods to May and Lunair. "I'll try to make them as quick as possible, Lunair. Maybe you can even help me work out a way to make them…. less worrisome?" Simmons glances to May, if there's nothing else, she'll take the young woman back the lab and they'll get started.

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