Day At The Beach

May 28, 2015:

Kori, Doug and Lian spend some time at The Beach… and get some visitors

Queensland Park - Metropolis


NPCs: Lian Harper


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Queensland Park was a rather large community, but they all managed to live, thrive, and survive together. Despite being coastal, they had a pool called The Beach, and it is exactly that. Sandy shore goes from shallow to deep with bouey's platforms over the waters so deep the bottm blacked out. A natural water source that kept the depths from being crystal clear, but it ran through more natural filters as well as had heaters to acclimate the water, unlike the surrounding coast.

After Memorial Day, The Beach is bustling, vendors selling hot dogs, nachos, elephant ears, and fried food of all colors as well as nationalities, each stand baring its according national flag to boast such.

Starfire, however is standing near the claimed bench with her towel spread across it, one hand risen as two fingers pinch the bridge of her nose and teeth clenched, the icee that is in her other hand squeezed so hard the blue slush is bubbling up over the top and over tawny huen fingers.

"Ahhhh…tss…X'Hal." Brain freezes suck. Suck.

Roy Harper, clad in a simple pair of red swim shorts and flipflops, continues eating his ice cream easily enough, pausing to tsk-tsk at Kori. "That's what happens when you let the ice cream hit the top of your mouth. Either eat slower, or keep the ice cream from hitting that soft part of the roof."

Lian Harper, dressed more modestly in a one-piece flower suit, whines, however. "But daddy, it's too good!" she exclaims, pausing to lean on her father while dealing with her own ice cream headache. "It's no fair!"

There's a soft 'pop' sound and two women appear out of nowhere, near the bench when Starfire is sitting. The taller of the women, with long dark hair, is wearing a black bikini, a diamond encrusted collar and a cracked emerald pendulum hanging on her hip. Over her shoulder is a bag, probably containing a towel and other supplies for a day by the pool.

Glancing around, Zee looks to her companion "Apparently this is the place to come… What do you think, Jes, looks ok, doesn't it?"

Jes is standing next to Zee with a look of bemusement. She's wearing a bikini too although its a green that matches one of her eyes. "I still don't understand why people wear clothes to swim in.." The young native american woman's hair is in a tight french braid down her back to be out of the way. Anyone looking closely with notice a faint scattering of tiny white scars all across her back and shoulders. She also has a bag like Zee's and is wearing a collar, but its a dog collar with tags. " much food." She wanders off for a few moments and returns with hot dogs, funnel cakes, a basket of fried shrimp, french fries, strawberry daquiris and onion rings. "Zee…loook!"

When the brain freeze finally settles, the grip upon the paper cup does as well, though most of the squishy is melting in the sand and dripping from fingertips. Tilting her head she licks the rest from digits and asides with Lian, giving a curt nod as she tosses the cone shaped cup into a nearby waste bin.

"Lian is correct, it is too good to be cautious while enjoying." Though a small lean has her scooping a bit of oy's ice cream from him with a hooked digit.

Mid-taste Starfire is pausing as Zatana and Jesana -pop- into existence. No abnormal from her perspective, but they did not pop using her means, which keeps those pupilless emerald eyes trained on the two and eventually stating sidelong. "Because it seems human society deems it unnaural to go naturally…. And there's kids present." Starfire gestures to Lian with a small nod of her head and an affectionate smile.

Keeping the ice cream from melting on the cone with judicious licks, Roy starts, reacting a bit, before canting his head. "Oh, it's you. The magician, right?" he says, greeting Zatanna with a nod. It'd been a while, and he wasn't sure about the name.

Lian, however, is startled, before exclaiming, "It's magic? Not science? Really…?" A note of excitement in her voice, Lian … well, she can't tug, so she pokes Roy instead. "Daddy, you know a magician?!"

"Kinda. We met before… uh… hi again. Roy, Roy Harper…" he adds, helpfully.

"… and Lian. And this is Kori."

Jes returning with bounty, Zee takes a daquiri and sips at it very slowly, whilst chuckling at Jes' fascination with food. Starfires response to the younger woman has Zee nodding "It's different where she lived… she's not used to the city." a bright show biz smile is flashed at the trio camped out on, or near, the bench "Magician, yes, call me Zee and this is Jes. Nice to meet you again Roy and nice to meet you Lian and Kori"

Looking at Lian, the showbiz smile becomes more genuine "I met your Dad once, it's true. Do you like magic, Lian or prefer science?"

Jes is looking between Lian and Kori with another baffled expression. What do children have to do with it? She glances at Zee and then shrugs. White people are weird. Really, all people off the Res are weird but whatever. At least its not a lot of clothes. Jes manages to hold all the food and her drink in one arm, cradled against her chest so she can start munching a hot dog. Her eyes widen. "Mmm thishs gfoood."

"Not everything can be equated or defined. It does not need to be, though." It took Starfire years to learn such a thing, and sometimes she does not remember it. Also, it is hard to suffer incredulity when her good ood is bolstered by a day in the suns heat and rays.

Starfire is far from /white/. Tawny flesh, blended and framed by that of the long mane of red falling down her back, ombre'ing into an orange and then yellow at the very tips, proximity would tell tales of the heat eminating from her form, subtly housed.

The introductions have Starfire flashing a smile to them, one hand rising in a small wave that bears blue stains from the squishy. Leaning towards Roy, "You never did bippity boppity boo stuff for her?" inquired with a wiggling of fingertips that brings forth a light perse glow, one she accumulates only lightly to poke Roy with.

Subtle, all subtle as possible due to the possibilities, though the people of Queensland Park have become quite accustomed to the Outsiders and their aid as well as presence.

Rain and Captain are also something of a fixture, especially since the witch's manor landed nearby. Actually, the house landed on her aunt who had a small drinking problem. Combining a centuries old witch, magic and booze is a terrible combination. The loss was especially devastating to Rain because her aunt was one of the few witches she was close to. Fatebreakers are a troublesome lot, and Rain shucked her 9-to-5 fate off by sprouting magic powers. She was never meant to be. But here she is, landing her broomstick nearby to set an orange tabby cat in a trenchcoat in the grass. They are going to get some ice cream!

And also to let Captain roll around in the grass a bit. But he would never admit to thaaaaaat. "Oh my gods, you brought catnip," Captain peerswarily at Rain. "Because… that lady is orange." "So're you." Rain points out. The cat sighs. "C'mon, let's get a snack. Wait, is that Zee?"

"It's not like I can do -magic-," Roy replies, with a smile, as he nods at Zee. Regarding Jes, Roy smirks a bit. "Well, the food's pretty danged good, I agree," he replies, hastily remembering to take a bite of the ice cream and get it down quickly before it melts.

And then he has to stop to pinch the bridge of -his- nose while Lian merrily replies, "Magic, of course! Because it can do things science can't! Daddy can't really turn into a girl, but he can with…"

"No. Daddy doesn't want to. No bippity boppity boo on -me-."

"Remember to say hello, Jes" Zee murmurs, still amused by her friends preoccupation with the food. Zee cants her head at Lians comments and smiles even more warmly "You know, Lian, I've heard it said that even science can look like magic if you don't know what it is… but… " with a sleight of hand and some murmured words, Zee pulls another ice cream cone from out of thin air and offers to the girl. "Your Dad can turn into a girl?" that's even more amusing.

Standing up again, Zee nods to Kori before her attention is caught by the approaching Rain…. "Hey Rain and Captain, come to enjoy the sun as well?"

Jes winces. She does have manners, she just gets distracted easily sometimes. Especially when there is food invovled. She burns a great deal of energy every day and is usually pretty hungry. This food is all new and good and there is sooo much of it..she shakes her head before she starts drooling and looking like and idiot. "Hi! I'm Jes. Nice to mee you." She does frown a bit then as her mind catches her up on the rest of the conversation. She doesn't even a little know all the things magic can do but she's pretty sure science can turn a man into a woman now, or vice versa. "Rain! Ca-aptin!" She had been about to say Cat but …she had no idea what kind of grudge a talking cat might have so best to be polite. "I have food!" Jes settles everything on her towel next to Zee's. "Wait, I'll be back in a minute…we need more."

At the girl change comment Starfire intercepts! "With makeup from Halloween and costume." Though the sage nod shows she is serious, all the while she glances sidelong at Roy, the reflective surface of her eyes rippling and showing the evidence of an up-down scan, not even hiding the thought of…'and as a girl he'd look like…'


Rain is yet another that gains a moment of attention, though Jes and Zee get a brief glimpse and then she looks back to Lian.

"Science just takes more thorough thought and blueprints." Moving towards the beaches edge where the water laps at the sand Kori walks along the edge, raising one leg slightly to sweep toes over the surface.

Rain's most unusual feature is probably her purple eyes. Kind of an oddity, but it's her witch's mark. She's just glad she didn't get like, an extra boob or something. That would just be weird. So weird. Nevertheless, the orange tabby is enjoying his padpadpad through the grass. His tail is up and acting like a little signal in the grass. Rain waves to Zee, and smiles. "Hi! And yeah, we figured we'd visit the park." Mostly so Captain can enjoy the grass, but who's keeping score? There's a polite smile for Jes. "Awesome," Captain replies, seeming amused by the Coyote-woman's reaction. As long as she's not trying to eat him, he's probably fine. Cat is a noble word and animal, yes?

"… huh-wah?" The two look puzzled. "I don't think we've met your friends?"

"Don't even think about it. K'tten'd probably be only too happy to make sure I'm not spreading 'cooties' or whatever the Tamaranean version is," Roy retorts, before making a face. "And food is a good idea… want anything, hon?" Pausing to regard Rain curiously, Roy scratches his chin. "And a witch… is the full moon happening tonight or something…?"

"Daddy, the cat talks!" Lian exclaims, as she darts forward, attempting to pick him up.

"I have already thought on what you would look like as a woman. My opinion of you would not change…. K'ttn knows she'd have to find much better means." A flash of a smile and a bat of lashes towards Roy is followed up by a small nod, a nod that gets interrupted by a talking feline.

No words, only a stare that has Starfire slowly stalking from the water's edge to cast an almost protective shadow over Lian and the tiny tabby. By all roots and means, Tamaranean's are considered an alien feline, and they are definitely not sharers, or pack animals. Sorry Coyote!

With brow furrowed she looks between Roy, Zee, Jes, and focuses down on Rain with her cat, but not stopping Lian from her rare find.

"I am famished, what stand has those padded noodles in tie?" Yes, not so ac'customed'.

Zee grins at Starfires interception "Ah, I see… Whilst it's technically possible to make the change via magic, it's not something I like to do." and then nods "Precisely, science really the explains the how and why. Magic is kind of unknown…" As Jes darts off for more food, Zee looks bemused "I never know where she puts it all… Who's K'tten?"

Jes returns with another armful of food. Corn dogs, shrimp for Captain, sauage rolls, deep fried pies in assorted flavors, more onion rings, kettle chip, gyros and a bag of cotton candy. She settles down beside Zee and lies everything out. "Help yourselves!" She gazes over at Captain and the girl while eating her corndog from one hand a blueberry pie from the other. Jes grins and wonders how fast he can run in that trenchcoat. Cats are more squishy with excited kids than she is.

The cat DOES talk. Captain looks up at Lian. "I do. Hiiii— oh." Uh oh. He's got a kid coming his way. His eyes widen a bit. "Uh, hey there." Yeah, he's definitely the social skills of the duo and the more outgoing of the pair. He'll allow Lian to pick him up. "Don't squeeze too much though." He's tolerant. Or amused by it all. Hard to say. Which one of them is the familiar, anyhow? And is it a coincidence he and Starfire are both orange?!

Who knows? "Oh wow. You are serious about your snacks," Her eyes widen at Jes. "Thank you," Rain lowers her head respectfully. Captain offers a "Thanks, be with you momentarily."

Rain looks between them for a moment. "I go by Rain. No full moon tonight, thankfully." Uh oh.

"Uh… pad thai… probably not here, unless we head back to find a restaurant," Roy replies, frowning briefly at the thought of K'tten, freezing. "Wait, wait, what do you mean, you already thought about it…?" he asks to the back of Kori as she goes to protect Lian from the cat.

Lian, however, does her best impression of Elmyra as she squeezes. "Wow. You talk…! What's your name? I'm Lian," she squeezes, showing no signs of letting the talking cat go.

"Uh… name's Roy. The woman watching the cat is Kori, and my daughter Lian is making friends with your cat," Roy responds to Rain, pausing to eye Jes's food. "That -does- look- good… hey, Kori, have you tried those sausage rolls?"

Zee settles back on her heels, watching Kori, child and Cat, and casts Jes a smile when she returns with food. "Yes Rain, Jes is serious about her food… "

Jes scoots over to snuggle a bit with Zee while she eats. She is serious about it and obviously enjoying everything. She watches the others with mild interest. "Be careful you don't squeeze too hard." Jes cautions. Captain is not food, though she's still getting used to that idea. Before cats were either an annoyance or a possible meal. Since he talks he's mor elike a person and Jes doesn't eat people. Not on purpose anyway. He's also a member of her new team so she should look out for him. She holds out a funnel cake for the kid. "This is good! Would you like some?"

Rain nods, "Careful with the squeezing." Captain is trying to go with this, his eyes crossing a bit. Hoooboy, the kid's got a good hug in her. "Hng. I'm Captain. N-nice to meet you, Lian. C-could you loosen up a little?" He doesn't mean it to be mean, but he's gonna get squeezed! His tail is curled into an upside down ? while he's being carried. "Nice to meet you," Rain smiles to Roy. "And Kori, I see." She would probably be upset if her familiar got eaten, after all. Then a grin at Zee. "Gotta have priorities?" Right? "I remember being big on food. At least when I don't forget about it."

Lian eases up a bit, carrying the Captain over to Rain, as Roy moves himself into position to examine the food. Hot dogs. Nachos… those nachos looked great. Especially with the jalapenos.

Lian does, however, pause in mid-walk to look at the funnel cake. Definitely! Happily trotting up with the cat, Lian eases just enough to open her mouth to be fed, like a baby bird. Not letting go, nope!

The food is eyed, flicked to and then to Lian and the odd feline creature and then back. Starfire walks towards Roy, skirting the entire group but sticking close, the walk enough if you can read animalistic body language. A stalk, something tha leaves her footfalls soundless and has sinewed flesh shifting over the recoiling. All the while eyes show a curiousity Depalo would be proud of! She wanted to poke it…with sticks. But Lian's elmira grip kept it from happening.

Tips of that hair trail the comets tail, small whisps of flame curling around soles as she comes to crouch by the blanket of buffet.

"I have not, they look kind of similar to Orn's finger dish…" Stating as much to Roy she reaches for one, flicking her gaze to the others and just before she stuffs her face.. "Koriand'r, but Starfire might be best." Shovelface ensues.

Jes laughs and feeds Lian bits of the funnel cake after giving Captain an apologetic look. She loves children, and its an unexpected treat to be here watching one play. Probably less of a treat for poor Captain..but well. He'll be fine. Mismatched eyes flick towards Kori, watching her stalking movements with interest. Her nostrils flare as she tries to catch a bit of the woman's scent. Not likely to work so well here when she's human and the area is filled and then some with so many different and wonderful smells. Not to mention all the food. She pushes the nachos towards Roy with a smile. "I will have to come back here sometime. Good food and all outdoors."

Captain goes with it, although his tail does flick a bit. Sigh. The things a cat must deal with! His intelligence and ties to Rain keep him from doing as most cats would do. He grunts softly, "Thanks." Rain grins. She watches the two a moment. Captain looks to Starfire. Orange is - wait, he doesn't really see color, does he? Whatever the case may be, Captain isn't talking. He is a fuzzy pile of secrets. Cats(TM). He accepts his gripped fate, legs dangling almost comically. Cats are graceful in motion, a bit odd in pause.

Rain will sit down, and look to the spread. "I can bring us something to drink if you wish," She offers, looking around. "It's a pleasure to meet you, then." She rolls with it. Captain just gives Jes a resigned look. He is fuzzy and cute. It's a livin'. And he will be fine, if a bit less dignified. "It is quite nice," Rain agrees. "Yeah," The cat finally offers.

Roy notices, all right, the way Starfire was approaching, and has to comment, "You know, if you're going to stalk something, leave that cat alone and c'mere."

As she joins him at the spread, Roy offers a nacho, followed by reaching for a sausage roll for himself. "Anyway, Kori, Zee does magic shows, like, the ones where you make rabbits come out of a hat? I was just thinking, we should take Lian to one of those show."

Looking towards Rain and Jes, Lian holds up Captain. "Are you magicians too?" she asks.

Zee's been quietly observing the goings on and smiles as Lian does the baby bird impression. Roys mention of her show has her blinking "You know, I haven't done a show in forever, Roy." the raven haired mage smiles a little sadly "I'm going to set one up… make it a benefit for something." She doesn't need the funds… "As soon as I do, I'll send you all tickets, you can come as my guest."

Obviously the sunshine and fresh air is helping Zee relax, something that she hasn't been able to do in a few weeks.

"Fingers in a snuggy!" It finally dawned on Kori what Orn called them as she finishes chewing the sausage thing and then slowly leans to close the gap between herself and Roy in an animalistic crawl on all fours, a feat she manages to keep from awkward with the lithe motions that have her seated at his side but nearly upon him. Leaning over she snares that nacho from Roy's fingers between teeth, slowly pulling it back and away while still warily watching 'Captain' and Lian, in fact she's addressing the feline with her words and level stare.

"And what might you be a Captain of?" This small fluff is getting all the snuggles and maybe… /maybe/ Kori is getting a bit posessive.

"We could, she seems to enjoy the concept, seeing it might make her happier." The response to Roy is enough to hear herself and affirm her stupidity in being as she is with her posessiveness of the child. Nodding to Zee's offer. "It'd be appreciated."

Jes now gets a return glance, the moment of studiousness exchaanged before she does everything she can to look -up and over/around- Lian and the imposter!

Something seems to click for Jes and she looks between Captain and Kor with an amused expression. So thats what it is. Then she focuses on Zee for a moment and nods in approval. "I have to make sure we do more things like this." She murmurs softly. "Zee is the Magician." Jes smiles at Lian. "I'm…" She casts about for an explanation suitable for a child. "I'm a hunter, and sometimes a body guard."

Rain shakes her head, "I'm more of a witch. I am a witch, but I do detectivework and healing," She admits. Wrangling underpants gnomes is tough work. She looks quietly amused by the cat-Starfire dynamic. "Hey, orange is a good color," He offers a toothy grin to Starfire. "I'm just Captain," He admits. "I blame Rain for that one," He admits. The cat is okay with snuggles. He really is.

Rain is quiet for a moment, "If I remember things, I think teachers and trickster, too. I dunno." She just hopes never to end up on the wrong side of a Coyote grade prank. Nevertheless, the two are being pretty social. "I uh, ride a broomstick." Yup. "Way to sell the job," Captain teases. "I'm a talking cat. I help out." And am adorable.

Jes has a rather cool frown from Lian, probably because she saw Bambi fairly recently. But Rain… "Ooo, a witch! Like, Kiki…! And … ooo, are you Jiji?" Lian responds, holding up the Captain, before pondering. "Except you're orange, like Kori."

Roy coughs. "Pigs in a blanket, Kori. Though…" He prods the sausages. "I think these might be part beef too."

Flashing a grin at Zee, Roy nods. "I heard a lot about your shows… I didn't realize you stopped doing them. If you're doing them for a charity, though, that would be great…"

Jes gets a grin. "Yeah, Kori loves it out here, and well… I love watching the girls here enjoying themselves." Pause. "Though I have to get a lot of suntan lotion just so I don't crispy-fry easily."

Zee shrugs a little towards Roy "I've been a little busy… my work has taken me in a different direction." Fighting HYDRA and now Darques minions has certainly refoccused the mage "But I like doing shows for charity."

The sun is doing it's job for the young woman…. she's starting to get sleepy…. but she seems quite happy to just be…

Jes smiles, glad to see Zee so relaxed. She considers shifting for a moment and making a nice furry backrest for her bonded but…Jes's eyes flick towards Captian and Lian. Yeah no. Better him than her. Besides Roy might be alarmed if she shifts out of the blue and Kori..likely wouldn't be very amused either. Jes sighs softly. Laying her head in Zee's lap might look weird as well. So just gives her a one armed hug instead. "I'll help if you need it." To Roy she laughs and grins a little. "I've never needed sunscreen. It's great.

"Charity for what?" Kori inquires as she is now sampling one, or two of everything, holding up a piece of fried pickle, swinging around to point it at Roy after she snuffs at it.

"This is offensive smelling and bears odd shaping. What is it and who is trying to poison us?" A quick flick of wrist and it is /flung/! up and over her shoulder…

Somewhere in the milling people a man yells out.

Jes though, in her proclamation and study is still getting glances from those emerald eyes that tells of suspicion, though, hell, even the tabby was getting it.

"K'ttn did research and said it was because you have red hair and pale skin. I'd burn you to a crisp. It's your ultimate weakness." K'ttn's been playing too many console games lately as well. Fatality?

"She lies." Right?

Captain though has a look from Kori that is one of narrowed reproach when he responds, but it softens seeing the tolerance and acceptance of Lian's grasp upon him. "do you captain her broomstick?"

Rain listens. She is being pretty social for Rain. "The sun is my mortal enemy," She admits, making a bit of a joke. She's pale. The dreaded engineering tan. Rain blinks and tries not to giggle at the man who got beaned with a flying fried pickle. Oh dear. "Well, it depends on pigments and stuff like melatonin," Rain admits. Captain pauses, "Totally." Which one of them is the familiar again…?

"… she wishes," Roy smirks, flashing a grin at Zee. "K'tten's her lieutenant. She's sort of… well, protective of Kori. Besides, there's something called a 'sunscreen' that keeps me from getting burned. And -her- too," Roy calls out, indicating his daughter. "Lian! Give the lady back her cat… we need to get you some lotion!"

Nodding to Jes, Roy grins. "Thank you for the food."

Jes smiles and nods at them all before stretching out to catch some more sun. She's a bit sleepy herself after all the food. "It was nice meeting you all."

"Oh, most likely the displaced children in Gotham. There's been something happening there and now some kids have been brainwashed and are homeless." Zee shrugs "If not that, something similar. I like helping kids… I've done a number of appearances for charities." And she has. As Roy goes to leave, Zee realises she's been fading and watches as Jes stretches … she's going to join her and enjoy the last rays of the afternoon. "Been nice meeting you… "

Rain and Captain pause, then smile. "Yeah, we should get some shade. I'm starting to turn pink," Even witches get sunburns. Or at least, this pale one does. Rain is an oddity. Violet eyes, dark hair and pale skin. Eat your heart out, Bela Lugosi. "It was fun. Nice to meet you guys," Captain offers. "Be well," The cat adds. The witch and cat will depart once Lian is done petting/squeezing/lets Captain go.

Lian coming back gets a radiant smile from Kori, especially since she is sans the tabby. Though with everyone's parting of ways she offers a small wave, even to Captain Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

"what is that about brainwashed kids?" Kori asks then as they walk off to coat Lian in several more layers of white and have a final dip in The Beaches water.

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