April 27, 2015:

Hank and Peggy talk about mutants

SHIELD Facility


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While the examination of Odame did take a bit, Dr. McCoy wasn't completely unaware of an elephant in the room. Granted, he may be making it a much larger elephant, but before it grew anymore, whether in his mind or in reality, he wanted to take care of it before it trampled on and hurt something or someone.

When they next took a break from the examination and there didn't seem to be much going on, he approached Peggy and asked quietly, "Agent Carter, do you mind if I have a word?"

As Steve most likely needs his space at this moment, Peggy has been mostly to the side. She's worked beside Howard enough times that she knows how to be useful without getting in the way of science. It also feels as if being there is helpful just in case Odame should wake up and attempt an attack.

As she remains, she also attempts to not stare at Dr. McCoy. She's never seen a man with blue fur before. Of course, there are quite a few things lately that she hasn't seen. But, as a spy and a woman used to not giving away what she may be interested in, it's not hard for her to keep her eyes elsewhere. His approach is met with a mixture of surprise and curiosity, but she merely gives a polite nod. "Of course, Dr. McCoy. Is my being here a bother?"

"No, not at all," is offered with what might be something of a smile, or at least the start of one. Hank gestures for her to lead the way out into the hallway so they can talk semi-privately. There are still people to hear if she's frightened and screams, but with a title of 'Agent', he's fairly sure she could mop the floor with him. Maybe. At any rate, it could be a draw.

But it won't come to that.

Once they aren't within earshot of the others, he clears his throat and looks down at the floor for a moment before his glasses are removed and he cleans the frames on his shirt in a somewhat nervous gesture. "Agent Carter, I suppose you weren't warned of me before our first meeting and I apologize for that. I just…want you to be able to ask what questions you may have. To answer what is probably the first, I'm a Mutant." Education is power, after all.

Peggy follows along with Hank quite easily, not seeming to fear for her safety. She doubts that May would allow him to wander about this facility without an escort if he wasn't at least somewhat trusted. Not only that, she's a woman who can handle herself under many different circumstances.

"Warned? About your attack on Agent May? I would say it was an understandable reaction to waking up in a strange facility after being drugged." It doesn't seem as if she has connected the warning as to dealing with his appearance. She was about ready to stab him with a scalpel had the confrontation turned actually physical.

The question as to how he became furry was, actually, one of the ones she was contemplating as she waited. "Ah. I see. Doctors Fitz and Simmons mentioned the X-Gene when discussing Mr. Odame's particular talents. I have not quite had the time to research more about it."

Bushy eyebrows lift at the mention of the altercation with May, "Oh. Yes, well, I apologize for that too…" and he'd probably blush if he could. When the X-gene is brought up, Hank nods, "Did they? Well…" he could launch into a detailed explanation of it all, but, "You know of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, yes?" At least he hopes she does or this might get a bit touchy. "Basically, it's evolution in action. We're…technically…one step beyond Homo Sapiens."

"No need to apologize. Had it gone much further, I'm sure either Agent May or myself would have stopped you before it turned serious." That's said with a certain amount of off the cuff sincerity that shows her self-confidence when it comes to protecting herself and others. As to whether she knows of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, she merely raises an amused eyebrow. "I was born in 1919, not 1819," she tells him with a touch of her wry humor. "Plus, one of my closest friends is Howard Stark." That should answer the subject for him. "Interesting. Though, shouldn't this X-Gene should effect each person similarly as opposed to wildly different?"

If they could have stopped him, but that is neither here nor there. Beast's brows lift again and he looks like he might say something about that but then decides there are other things to discuss. Those brows do, however crease in confusion when she mentions her birth year, "You look pretty incredible for being ninety-six years old, I must say…and…-Howard- Stark?" What?

Seems not everyone got debriefed on everyone. Typical SHIELD. That mystery is filed away to be looked into later though as he answers her other question, "Why should it be? Do people all look the same? All humans have similar basic genetic material yet all of us look different. Even identical twins who are genetically the same have slight variances. Even if another shares, say…the genetic code for brown hair, does it mean it's the exact shade and texture?"

"Ah, yes. Well, I managed to get here by way of a shortcut. I'm not actually ninety-six. If I were I would be quite well preserved." Or frozen. Unlike Steve, who got to 2015 the long way around by popsicle, Peggy came this way via time travel. It's a strange story. "Yes, Howard Stark. I believe he made an announcement. I've heard that the Stark tendency for flamboyant entrances was passed down to his son as well. My own being here is a bit more complicated, but I don't believe level clearance is necessary to simply know I'm here. But, thank you for the compliment."

Peggy takes in the information and frowns. "There's a difference, however, in the color of one's hair and an entire cellular make up. I'm not a scientist, but I would think that being able to allow a vase to pass entirely through one's head is a bit more complicated than the 'red hair or brown' switch, yes?"

Beast chuckles at the explanation and he holds up a hand as if in surrender, "Despite my intense curiosity about your arrival to this time and place, I won't press further. SHIELD and their clearance, of course." He thought Howard Stark died as well. Definitely something to look into.

"I never said that our entire cellular makeup was different. We aren't of alien biology and most of us had parents who were just as human as anyone else. But as humanity has had to adapt to survive…we're merely the next step in that." At this point, he does go into a more in-depth scientific explanation as to what the X-gene is and how it changes the more known homo sapiens genetic makeup to be something different, allowing different abilities to come forward and either show themselves as fully as his have, or merely reveal themselves in less flamboyant ways.

"I have known," he concludes, "Some mutants to have very similar, if not exact duplicate powers and we've even see that some genetic 'gifts', as you will, can pass down from parent to child once they have emerged."

Peggy lets the subject of how she arrived here drop. She's said as much as she will about it for the moment. If Hank looks into it further, he certainly can do so, though there will most likely be many SHIELD informational barriers.

"I didn't mean to imply everyone was. However, it's my understanding that quite a bit of cellular change would have to happen for a person to be able to allow solid objects to pass through their vital organs." She listens to the scientific explanation of the X-gene and the history thereof politely and asking a few direct questions for clarification. Working on Project Rebirth and having one of her closest friends as a genius scientist helps tremendously with comprehending larger scientific ideas.

"It's certainly good to have a more working knowledge of the concept. When the vase passed through Mr. Odame's head, I wasn't exactly think of the scientific ramifications." She cared more about finding a way to stop him and his attack.

Beast nods, "Oh, understood. I know another mutant who has similar abilities and when she chooses to go incorporeal, it's quite difficult to take her down, so to speak. While others might be easier in a fight, but their ability to speak every single language ever known…or they have horns growing from their head…" which sort of comes back to why he wanted to speak with her in the first place, "Not all of us want to cause harm. I'm not sure even Mr. Odame wanted to cause harm until he was taken by that…entity." Spirit? Demon? "We're like everyone else…some are good, some are not so much. But while some of us may look unsettling, we aren't always looking to attack or harm anyone."

"Yes, it was quite a challenge. I don't think I even really managed to make much of a dent. Without Doctors Fitz and Simmons' remarkable gun, he might still be out there." Peggy smirks at the list of powers he gives. "The ability to speak every language fluently would be rather handy." Especially in her line of work.

Studying Hank a few moments, she answers in a steady and sincere tone, "Of course not. I hope I didn't give the impression that I thought that. I've encountered quite a few strange things in my life, Dr. McCoy, and my own fair share of discrimination due to the way that I look and who I am. I judge a person on their actions and little else." There's a reason she championed Steve Rogers before the serum.

His glasses are adjusted again before Dr. McCoy gives what seems to be a smile, "Of course no, Agent Carter, but while I realize most of SHIELD already knows who and what I am and you seemed surprised, I just wanted to clarify things and give you an opportunity to ask questions. I'd rather have them asked and have the opportunity to answer than to have people make up answers in their head. Between you and me, they're usually incorrect assumptions."

"I also try to not work from assumptions unless absolutely necessary," Peggy gives Hank a good natured smirk. "I've found that bad intel will lead to unpleasant and often deadly surprises in the field." One of those assumptions led to her being nearly killed by a woman she thought was merely another woman lodger. "I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, however. I was merely surprised as I had not seen anyone with blue fur before. I assure you, I will still be doing my research."

Beast manages a slight chuckle, "I can assure you, Agent Carter, I had never seen anyone with blue fur before until I was the one who was growing it." Now he can almost laugh at it. Almost. It depends on the situation, it seems. "I appreciate you giving me your time and attention. I don't want to hold you up from any of your other responsibilities." He should also probably get back to the other scientists.

Peggy smiles at Hank. "Of course. Thank you for your time. I wouldn't wish to hold you back on what you need to do." Her own responsibilities at the moment are mostly all related to making sure Shift doesn't escape or wake up and try to attack the other scientists.

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