Cutscene: Echoes in the Void

May 28, 2015:

The Vishanti receive a plea for aid and come to a decision.

The Void

The abode of that which is Eternal.


NPCs: Hoggoth, Agamotto, Oshtur



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

A howl rings across the firmament. It echoes out from a lonely blue sphere adrift in a sea of infinite darkness. It passes through the void and into realms where no mortal eye has glimpsed, through dead realms where there are no ears to hear and at last comes to the abode of the Eternal. And the great being Agamotto, the son of the Elder Goddess, turns slightly to listen.

Danger. Peril. The walls are weak. The center cannot hold. And then the howl fades away into the everlasting night.

As if summoned by his thoughts, the other two are there. Oshtur and Hoggoth. While the three often commune, it is not very frequent by anyone's measure that they come together in the same space these days.

“The Sorcerer Supreme is missing once more. The Wolf God is wounded. Crippled. He begs for aid.” The youngest of the three says, breaking the silence.

Oshtur turns her infinite gaze toward that lonely blue sphere and stares for long moments. “The world roils in chaos. The champions of magic are few and untested. They may hold back the darkness for a time…”

“… but not forever.” Hoggoth finishes. “We must intercede.”

“My return would endanger Gaea…” Oshtur shakes her head sadly. “We cannot intercede directly.” She looks at the other two and for a time no one says anything. At length, however, all three nod as one, as if a decision had been reached.

“We must find a new Sorcerer Supreme. The trials must be prepared. A new one shall be selected.” Agamotto says for the other two

“We will set a new sentinel at the ragged edge of this reality.” Hoggoth concurs.

“So mote be it.” The Elder Goddess whispers. And just like that, Agamotto is alone again.

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