Alive and Kicking

February 27, 2015:

Bobbi tracks down Hunter to let him know she's alive and beyond well. He's happy about the first part, but so disturbed by the second he asks for some space and time to think.

Safe House - NYC

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It's been 6 days since Bobbi was given an injection of experimental serums. It's been longer since anyone in SHIELD has seen Hunter. His ban from the Med Lab was enforced, and a, he left the building and hasn't been back.

Bobbi would have sought him out earlier, but there were tests, so many tests, she had to go through, to ensure she wasn't still going to drop dead, and that the serum only had positive effects on her. Positive is an understatement. She is finally able to leave the Triskelion, and her first order of business is finding ex-husband #1 and letting him know things are all right. Well sort of all right. She's kind of an ageless super soldier now. But that's better than dead.

She heads out to his various places he tends to go to ground in, wearing jeans, boots, and a sweater under a parka because it's effing cold in NY. She doesn't feel it as much anymore, but she doesn't want to stand out.


Once he left Jericho and sobered up, he had taken a number of difficult, dangerous jobs, diving fully into work, into risking his own life, believing her to be completed dead. Now, he is prepping for another, settling in the fifth place she goes to. The house is an old one, apparently in need of repair, and inside it looks like a bear with furniture lives here, furnished with ancient furniture. The trap door is open, the locking mechanism open, and downstairs he is refilling his ammunition cases. He looks like shit, with ten days of stubble covering his chin, his hair dusty, and there is just this look on his face, hard and angry. He shoves a few items into a backpack, dropping it next to the duffle bag on the floor. Ready for the next contract.


"Lancelot," Bobbi calls softly from above. She knows better than to try and climb down a hole when he's in prep mode. She might get shot. Again. "It's me. They said you were banned from Med Lab. Sorry it took me so long to get out here but they hade a pile of tests they had to run before they'd let me go," she explains, leaning against a wall since everything else looks too nasty to touch.


She'd hear the sound of a gun being picked up very quietly. The sound of knives being slid into sheaths. Lance preparing for just in cases…

"Whoever you are, using her name, her words earned you no mercy. A whole world of pain."

That tone is not one she ever heard before. Grin. Angry. Hard.


"Would anyone but me possibly know about that night we spent sleeping in a drainage pipe and fighting off a nine foot alligator in the Louisiana bayou?" Bobbi asks. She smirks at the sounds. Stop being paranoid and come up here. I'm all right. Better than all right actually, but that's something I'd like to talk to you about face to face."


"Thing is, I saw her dead. So by my figuring, you have to be some complete bloody bastard who had dug into my personal life. But just on the off chance she did a Lazarus, I'm going to give you…" And then he is up, coming out of a cupboard to the other side of the room, one that would have given him the advantage on anyone watching the front entrance. Then the gun drops on the floor, a bullet shooting up into the roof, as he stares at her. The colour drains from his face, and his mouth falls open.


It's Bobbi all right. Someone might have copied her hair or her mole or her long legs, but no one could replicate that glimmer in her eyes. She still has a cast on one wrist but looks otherwise healed up.

Her eyes follow the path of the shot and the dribble of drywall that comes down from it. "You really thought I was dead? I don't know if I find that terribly disappointing or adorably sweet." She smiles at him. "But to be honest, I was dead, technically, 3 times at least. Once in the ambulance, once in the ER, then once in the Triskelion before Hill arrived with the meds that saved me. Can't tell you too much about them, they're even beyond my clearance, but I did most of the modern research on part of it." That clearly means the super soldier serum.


Hunter is definitely just staring at her, his expression blank, and her words get a response, delayed, and a blink before he speaks, "Uh. What?" That is confused, and he shakes his head, keeping that stare on her. "What?" Again, apparently his brain is slowly rebooting. And then, all words shoved aside, in two steps he is across the room, reaching to pick her up, to hug her and kiss her. Definitely kissing, and when that finally finishes, if she allows, he lifts his head and stares at her again. "Did you say something?"


Bobbi kisses him back happily, but just a tiny bit tentatively, when he pulls back she looks serious for a moment. "Whoa there tiger, we need to take things a little slower than normal. I don't really know my own strength yet, and I could accidentally hurt you." She does stroke his cheek lightly with her cast-free hand. "I'm happy to see you too, though."

She chews on her lower lip. "So, I guess basically, after what they gave me to keep me alive, I'm sort of Captain America. With boobs."


Hunter frowns, going straight from threatening to kill her to a protective expression, "They did what to you? Run that all by me again, luv, there was a buzzing noise in here for a moment." A growl, affection and humour all managing to surface in the mer…Independent Military Contractor within minutes, his ability to adapt one of the things that works so well for him.

"The boobs are good but if you start acting like him, you and me might have words."


"Thankfully, it's just physical changes, not mental," Bobbi quips. "I can't even imagine being that much of a girl scout." She shakes her head a little and pulls Hunter over to a sofa, sitting him down while standing still.

"So, you know that when I got out of college I worked with Doctor Wilma Calvin on recreating the super soldier serum that made Captain America. We only had partial notes from Doctor Erksine's work. We made good strides in the regeneration and amplification of physical attribute bits of it, but we never got full results. A month ago I got new blood samples from Cap and resumed some of my work. I had it working, but it had one major flaw. It was causing rapid aging. Where Steve seems to age very slowly, my serum was causing a thirty to one aging problem. A day on the serum resulted in a month of aging in the test rats."

Bobbi grimaces a little and shrugs. "So using my serum on me would heal my wounds but in a year I'd go from 31 to 61, and probably be dead before a second year passed. Whatever Hill found, it countered the aging issue. In fact, it obliterated it. It's more of a one to 30 rate now. So in thirty years I'll have aged one. A little scary, but I'm trying not to think too hard about that at the moment because…"

She crouches down and picks up the entire sofa, with Lance ON IT. Like it weighs nothing. "The lab clocked my upper range at 800 pounds. Over my head. I was able to run at 45 miles an hour," not impossible, "for an hour," ok that's crazy.


Lance leaps off the sofa, giving her a look, clearly completed freaked by the whole situation. "Bobbi…" He stares at her, falling silent before he shakes his head, "Bobbi, I can't handle this. I'm sorry, I can't. I need some time. Just to process, to figure this whole thing out. First you are dead, then you aren't but you are some sort of super that you've been pissed about. I need to think."


Bobbi looks wounded by the reaction, but she mods slowly, setting the sofa down. "I understand, Lance. Take the time you need," she comments. She turns, and she leaves, giving him his space.

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