To Join a Team

May 28, 2015:

Felicity goes to STAR Labs to figure out if she should take Harrison's offer and meets Barry.



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It's the end of the normal work day. Felicity is still dressed in her business clothes - striped skirt, pink collared shirt, nice make up and hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. In fact, she's forgotten that she still has her Queen Consolidated work badge and lanyard looped around her neck. However, she assumes that STAR Labs isn't the type to do tours on weekends and she was invited here by Dr. Wells himself! Sort of. He said he was perhaps interested in hiring her and hopefully that means he doesn't mind her wandering over to the labs to take a peek and perhaps see Barry. There's a lot to discuss there.

Nervously, she makes her way through security and then into the labs themselves. Not seeing someone to ask where to go, she sort of just starts wandering. In a few moments, she's hopelessly lost. It may just be a circle, but poor Felicity doesn't know her way around it just yet. "Crap," she mutters. "This is really not a good first impression." Peeking through the first doorway she sees, she asks, "Um, hello?"

Felicity gets nearly run over by the slight, chestnut haired young man from Central City, Missouri. Barry Allen, however, stops just in the nick of time before bowling her over. "Felicity!" he exclaims before catching that it might be surprising to see him there. "Just…working on a case," he says, looking for a save.

"Ack! Barry!" Felicity wheels around, blinking and stunned at the sudden form of Barry right in front of her. Her hands quickly toss themselves up as if bracing herself in anticipation of either being hit by him or being knocked over.

At his 'save', she just raises a knowing eyebrow. "Right. A case. I was actually just taking a look around. I thought I might see you here. I bumped into Dr. Wells the other day and he sort of offered me a job here."

"Sorry," Barry replies as he backs up half step. "Didn't see you coming," comes the absent response as he seems a bit distracted. But don't worry, this job business gets his full attention. "A job? Here? Really? That's great. Are you going to take him up on it?"

Felicity studies Barry and his response to almost running her over. "You alright?" The raised eyebrow turns into something more of a curious and almost concerned expression. It fades into something more like suppressed excitement though as she talks about the job offer. "Yeah! I ran into him at the Grand Central Dining Concourse. Some jerk knocked my tray over and he replaced my meal. You know, I also got a job offer from Oliver Queen at Big Belly Burger. What is it with me getting job offers in food places. Do you think I should eat out more?" Realizing she's seriously getting off track, she focuses, a quick shake of her head helping her with that. "Anyway, I mentioned that I went to MIT and that I knew you and he kinda just offered me a job. Crazy, right? Well, I thought I'd be crazy if I didn't at least use the opportunity to check the place out."

"That /is/ crazy," Barry says with a nod and a smile. "But I mean, I'm sure that you're just what he's looking for. I mean, you'll fit right in," The things he's carrying go behind Barry's back suavely, "I think you eat out about exactly as much as you should." This causes him to wince slightly at himself.

Barry's answer gets even more of a confused and curious expression. Felicity looks around her for a few moments, checking to make sure no one else is around. Then, she reaches out to take him by the elbow and, if he allows it, pull him a bit further down the hallway where there aren't any doors for people to listen through.

Lowering her voice till it is basically just a whisper, she adds, "Are you acting weird because I know you're the Flash? Or is it because you totally tried to hit on me when you were whammied with that Rainbow guy's light show?" Quickly dropping her hand from his, she looks to playfully peek around his back. "Or does it have to do with what you're carrying?"

Barry is pulled in and makes another wince as he's busted, "Uhm. Pick one?" He straightens and shrugs his shoulders, "Listen, I know you might be disappointed, and I should have told you. I'm sorry. I'm actually kind of glad you found out."

Felicity sighs and crosses her arms in front of her, suddenly realizing that her Queen Consolidated badge is still around her neck. Frowning she pulls it over her head and just tucks it into a side pouch on her purse. It gives her something for her hands to do. "Disappointed isn't really the right word." At least she doesn't sound angry about not knowing. "Look, I just don't want things to be weird between us. I mean, this totally makes way more sense about how you were so calm and believing about a guy making magic ice sculptures and Take on Me doors out of nowhere. When you can run around so fast you're a blur, a magic ice sculpture must be just nothing new."

She sighs and shrugs her shoulders, looking up at him. "I know you, Barry. You wouldn't have kept this from me unless it was important…I just…I wish I didn't find out 'cause you forgot to cover your identity because of some weird guy trying to attack us."

Barry's mouth twists as his head tilts away, as does his look. He shrugs and responds after a split second, "Well, it's not exactly the way I would have liked it to happen, but that's the way it goes."

"…are you going to take up Dr. Wells on his offer?" he asks, suddenly remembering how much he really likes Take On Me by Aha.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Felicity frowns, shrugging her shoulders and studying Barry for a moment. The question is given another shrug. "I don't know. I haven't really dealt with the science side of computers since college. I don't know why Dr. Wells would think I'd have anything helpful to offer a laboratory. I'm basically just an IT girl; I'm not really on their level."

"Did you ask him? I mean, he's a pretty upfront guy." Barry folds his arms over his chest and leans against the wall in a sort of angular way. "I for one think you should take it, but then again I'm pretty biased. You'd get to work with Cisco and Caitlin and Dr. Wells; and I think the pay would be pretty good too."

"I did. He said that my going to MIT and meeting me showed him I was qualified." Felicity doesn't exactly sound convinced. "I mean, I had soda in my salad. It was not exactly a dignified first meeting. "I thought I'd ask him what I'd be doing here. He didn't really explain that. We only talked pretty briefly. Which makes me think it's even more insane that he just invited me onto this elite team of scientists when my resume is basically just a string of dead end jobs. I mean, it would be great to use a computer in a way that was more than just 'find out how to undelete all my files'. But, I don't know if I'm ready for something like this."

"Of course you are," Barry said. "Dr. Wells wouldn't have offered you the job if he didn't believe in you. And I know I believe in you. You're a talented person, Felicity, you just need someone to give you a chance. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?"

"But…he doesn't even know me," Felicity says, slightly frustrated. "I met him because someone knocked my drink over and I talked to him for about give minutes. How can he believe in me when he doesn't even know me?" The fact that Barry, though, does relieves some of the tension from her shoulders and she leans against the wall next to him. "I mean, what if he finds out about," she waves her hand behind her in an attempt to indicate her past. Barry might be the only person in New York City that she's actively told about it.

"Felicity, he may not have met you, but he knew about you plenty. Dr. Wells is my mentor; I've talked to him quite a bit about you. He knows how talented you are," Barry says. "And we'd be lucky to have you with us."

The idea that Dr. Wells had heard about her from Barry does actually mollify her. That makes some sort of sense. "You don't think I'd just make a fool of myself, resign in shame, change my name, stop dying my hair blonde, move to Starling City and never talk to anyone from New York ever again?" To answer his question, that's possibly the worst that could happen for her. "Or, you know, blow a hole in reality and Manhattan. That might be worse." A word catches her ear and she tilts her head upward to look him in the eye again. "Us? You'd be here, too?"

"Yeah, I mean, this is sort of my headquarters, Felicity. This is where I do business out of, so to speak, when I'm wearing the suit." Barry says, tilting his head. "And I think the worst thing that could happen would be you didn't like the job, quit, and had a really good bit of experience on your resume."

"Your headquarters." The wheels don't have to turn very far for Felicity to realize what that means. "Y-you mean, I'd help you? I mean, the Flash you. Or you you, I mean, I'd be glad to do that, too. But, you mean, help you help other people? Does that mean Dr. Wells knows? Of course he knows, he's a genius? And Cisco and Dr. Snow? Does everyone here know?"

Barry makes the 'eek' face, as it begins, probably, to dawn upon Felicity that there are a ton of people who know. "Uhm, a lot of people do, yeah." He changes the subject back quickly, "And we really need all the help we can get. It's pretty busy out there."

The fact that there are so many people that know about Barry's identity as the Flash, causes Felicity to raise her eyebrows just so. "Am I the last person to know?" It's not often that she'll allow the subject to change so easily, but the prospect of helping a superhero is one that is distracting. "I mean, if you think I wouldn't just slow you down, then, yeah. I think I may just tell Dr. Wells that I'm all for it. Do I put on the application that I know who you are?"

"He knows you know who I am, I'm pretty sure," Barry says. "We don't really keep secrets around here." There's a brief pause before Barry adds, "Well, I mean, Iris doesn't know."

Felicity isn't exactly glad that she's not the last person to know who he is, but there's a slight feeling of relief there. "Ah. Well, I won't tell anyone. I promise. Though, it does mean you'll have to tell me what you've been hiding behind your back this whole conversation."

"Latest speed readouts from the treadmill," Barry says offhandedly as he pulls it out and shows her. "Got a new p.r. and everything." It's called a treadmill and, technically, it is one, but it is probably the most advanced treadmill the planet has every known.

"Oh cool!" Felicity moves forward to try and take a look, even though she probably won't understand all the science that's involved with it. "You can run on a treadmill? I'd think even if it got cranked up to 11 you'd melt it away." She looks up from the read out to Barry again. "It must be one special treadmill." She smiles, more relaxed than she was when she came in here. "Maybe we should go find Dr. Wells, then?"

"I think that's a good idea, come on." Barry tilts his head off down the hall and beckons Felicity to follow him; to find Dr. Wells and see what other secrets this building has.

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