Tell me About These Meta-Scanners

May 24, 2015:


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Leaving Joshua and Lynwen to their own devices, presumably with May, Oracle goes to make another cup of tea. Whilst she's waiting for the water to boil, the redhead sends an encoded message to Jericho, copied to Mays communicator.

// If you have a moment, we need to discuss the meta-human scanner. //

There had been discussion about it at Partisans house the other night, but Babs couldn't really let on that she was overly aware of it.

The text comes back almost instantly. Also copied to May. Sure. I'm available now. What's up? Jericho is at his own place, preparing for… well it's a good question what exactly he does in his spare time these days. Quite a few things really. Tonight it's going to be tending the Green, judging by the toolbox he's got out.

Melinda May waits while Oracle gets a hold of Jericho, and once she sees his text reply she types in quickly, Location? She knows the other two could 'talk' all day long like that and not care, but tiny screen, tiny on-screen keyboard, UGH. She'd really much rather avoid that, thankyouverymuch.

"Come to my apartment, if you like May." Oracle reverts to voice comms now she's interrupted Jericho. "Maybe K'nert can give you a lift, if not, transmitting co-ordinates." Oracles not sure if May had put two and two together when she helped fight off the Master Vampire in the Clocktower recently, but given how closely the two women work together, she trusts Agent May with the location. "Jericho, we've had Joshua requesting assistance. His family have joined the Amica Familis and he's been advised by his family to go into hiding. That's just a heads up for the time being. May can give you the details on how we're assisting there." beat "What can you tell me about the metahuman scanner? Seems Partisan is quite worked up over it."

Jericho does a quick google on the name Amica Familis… ah. A UK political group with the same anti-meta platform as the Friends of Humanity. Nasty stuff. "What was he requesting help with? I can give you some details. Hang on. I'm on my way." Gotham is easy. Stepping disk teleportation is not precise. But getting to the clocktower via the Starfire is. It's only a moment before there's a flash of purple light in Barbara's living room. It's a good thing none of her allies know he can do that.

Now that May has a location to head for, she imposes on a rather tall friend to get her to Gotham without having to rely on the Pendulum, but has to walk a block and then knock on the ground floor door once she's there. She'd never presume to have a possible unfamiliar quantity just appear in the middle of Oracle's sanctuary.

Babs is in kitchen, preparing tea. As she now has guests arriving, she begins to prepare three mugs. Mays arrival is greeted with the door opening automatically to the elevator, which will deposit her into the same living area where Jericho appeared. "Hello Jericho." She's mildly amused by the number of people who just appear in that living room "May will be with us soon… but cliffs notes for the bits she already knows… Joshua has sort a new place to live, somewhere safe where he and Lynwen may live. He's also concerned that his job at ESU may be under threat if political pressure is applied… I can't say I blame him."

"I'd be more worried about American groups doing that, unless he's on a work visa or something." Jericho says quietly, going over to help Babs with the mugs. "I'll wait 'till May gets here to tell you about the scanners. It's enough of a doozy that I don't want to have to tell it twice. Has Joshua recieved any threats or anything of that nature yet?"

Melinda May takes the elevator — yes, she recognizes this — and steps out into the living area to see Jericho helping Oracle fix tea. She approaches the others with enough intentionally made noise that they won't think she's being sneaky on purpose. "Joshua said he hasn't yet, but he and Lynwen are both worried that it will happen soon. I did also notice a small college within a mile of their new safehouse, so I'd say we have him transfer his employment there sooner rather than later."

"With tensions the way they are, Jericho, it wouldn't take much for the British groups to encourage the ones here…" Babs looks over her shoulder as May approaches. Her tablet, laid across her knees has told her where the woman was, but she appreciates the precautions May takes to alert them. "Hello, May. That's a good idea. I'll see who we know there and see if we can pull some strings."

Tea made with Jerichos' assistance, Babs gestures to the table and lets the others take their mugs "Shall we be slightly more comfortable as Jericho shares what he has?"

"Right so. The Meta-Scanners. They're new detection tech that's been provided in some numbers to the Metro SRD under the guise of a new Joint Task Force called the K-Squad. They're being set up to be able to police metahuman threats and apparently this means being able to point a scanner at one and tell what he or she is. Doesn't sit well with a lot of my friends, Partisan among them." May might well understand why.

"So I did some digging. Acquired an example for my friends to analyze. Don't ask how." Yes, he did just tell them he got his hands on a highly classified, very expensive scanner. "Turns out the heart of the scanner is alien tech. Reverse engineered and government built. Don't know where the order originated yet though. Still looking into that."

Melinda May claims her mug of tea and settles at the table. "So you're saying that those scanners are…" She stops herself and hides a frown in her mug of tea. "If you find SHIELD's name on there anywhere, tell me immediately." She will take that straight to Fury and give him a serious piece of her mind. "How do you plan on getting that thing out of circulation?"

Taking up the position that is obviously hers, the place with no chair at it, Babs frowns deeply at Jericho's news "How on earth…." shaking her head "what you are doesn't make a blind bit of difference… oh, these people." Wrapping her hands around her mug, watching the steam rise for a long moment, Babs then looks at Jericho "Yes, how?" The rest of her questions, can wait.

"These things went into large scale production six months ago based on the best records I have at the moment. I am not entirely certain, short of convincing congress to ban them, that they can be taken out of circulation. What I'm focusing on right now is trying to figure out where the tech came from and who gave the order to make them. This is all a little too convenient, the timing." Jericho explains as he also takes a seat and sips at his tea.

"I could actually use some help on that score."

Melinda May nods to Jericho. "What kind of help? I don't know that SHIELD would be able to do much more to track the origin of that tech. But if we can, I'll get it done under Fury's nose if I have to." And she really hopes she doesn't have to. She knows the Director well enough to know that he is likely just as offended by these scanner things as she and Trent and Oracle and Partisan are.

Well, that was one of Babs questions answered. She sips her tea slowly as she thinks about the implications "What do you need, Jericho?" She'll bring her resources to bear to help them out. She'll also let the Bat know…

"More eyes and ears and hands." Jericho says simply. "The leads are too many for me to track down quickly. Parts of this thing were outsourced to corporations all over the globe. If you want to help me figure out what was going on, help me chase the data." May might be able to use SHIELD resources… or perhaps not.

Melinda May gives Oracle a considering look. "Maybe we could offer this challenge to our new intel recruit? It sounds like his kind of challenge. And, I think this also sounds like the kind of information he'd disseminate to people that would want those scanners banned just as much as we do."

Babs smiles at May's suggestion and nods slowly "I like that idea. It would be a good test, at the very least." she considers a little further "And he may well be affected by the technology as not." It's obvious the red head likes the idea.

"Anyone in particular I should know?" Jericho leans back and sips his tea again. "At any rate, right now it can only detect certain kinds of technology and mutants. But I promise you someone will look at refining it until it can detect anyone unusual." People like, say, him.

Melinda May glances at Babs questioningly, as if asking whether or not she should mention the name of this newest Birds recruit. "All the more reason to get rid of it now." She finishes her tea. "I need to be getting back to Manhattan." And if she has to take an Amtrak or something, it's going to take a while.

"Not sure if you should know him, but he goes by the moniker The Question." Babs looks thoughtful "Seems to know what questions to ask to get to the truth. It will be interesting to see how he goes on this."

Shaking her head, the redhead looks worried "Unusual, different… why is it such a bad thing… " She understands of course that people are scared, but still…. "Thanks for coming by, May. Don't be a stranger, mmm? There are few who's company I enjoy, but I enjoy yours."

Jericho waves a communicator in May's direction. "Need a lift? I can have them send you back." Or she can do it. He doesn't know what kind of limitations there are but he's seen her do it before. The hacker himself doesn't make to move. At least, not unless Babs indicates he should.

Melinda May carries her mug back to the sink and washes it out quickly. "I'll remember that, Oracle." Especially now that her home in Staten Island has been repurposed to protect Joshua and Lynwen. "And that would be appreciated, Trent." Because the ley lines can be handy, but for whatever reason, the one that goes closest by the Triskelion is nearly a half a mile away.

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