Someone Might Use It Wrong

May 26, 2015:

Some of the Titans idle at the Titans public office and people wander in….

Titans Public Office - New York


NPCs: Captain, K'nert


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The Titans Public Office is the PR front for the team. A way for people to find the team without compromising the safety of the actual HQ.

The reception desk is personed by Alfie, the office administrator. Lisa, the general manager, can be seen flitting between offices.

After speaking with Vorpal and Gar, Zee has agreed to be in the office at certain times so there is a Titan there to meet people. Today is one of those days and she's invited Rain and Jes to join her. The three are in the break room, Zee's drinking tea… and the three young women are quietly chatting.

"…ut everyone I've met was pretty awesome." The voice belongs to Conduit- HIS voice, not the computer generated version. He's on foot, dressed in comfortable, ratty clothing and leading someone else who's probably stuck to his side like glue. He pushes the door open and lets Key step past, closing the door behind. "Evening, ladies! How's everyone tonight?"

Precisely like glue. Kassandrethat'd be Keykeeps an arm wrapped unnecessarily snugly about one of Conduit's, moving shoulder-to-shoulder with the man as best she can which, given the few inches of height discrepancy, doesn't quite match up. She's casually dressed as well, a heather grey hoodie mostly zipped up over a navy blue shirt, her blue jeans faded but far from worn. When she's urged in, she doesn't pull away very far, tugging her companion along with her. Despite the way she clings, she manages a fairly relaxed demeanor, an easy smile angled toward the ladies in question as her free hand lifts to offer up a wave. Should her eyes dart about to take in this detail or that now and then, surely that's just curiosity.

Rain and Captain are indeed here. She's one of the shier, quieter members of the Titans - likely, part of it is due to her apprenticeship and part of it is Rain being Rain. The outgoing half of the duo is a handsome (aren't all kitties?) orange tabby with a rich, baritone voice and plenty of cattitude to go around. The two kept each other going when Rain was homeless. For now, Rain will try herself some tea (her own brought or what's here, she's not a tea snob). Captain is curled up and looks towards the front now and then. Otherwise, the not-so-dynamic duo are hanging out with Zee and the others.

Jes had been fiddling with a tablet, a slight frown on her face. She's only half paying attention to the things going on around her but that voice get her looking with raised brows. Ladies? She grins. Many things Jes might be but a lady isn't one of them. Ahh, its homo magi who doesn't believe in magic. Jes pulls the tablet up in front of her face to hide her incredibly amused expression. After a few moments Jes manages to contain herself and turns her gaze on the new girl. "Hello there." The coyote grins and winks.

Zee has met both Alex and Conduit and she's not sure who knows his alter ego and show doesn't. She recognises him, from the bands on his wrists.

Recognising the voice before she turns, Zee stands and looks over to the pair, smiling warmly "Alex and …. " shaking her head she looks apologetically at the young woman "I know we met in Central Park, but I can't recall your name. I'm Zee." she prompts.

"What brings you two by? Of course, you're always welcome to drop in." Zee had issued an invitation to come and meet the team… but she won't presume. "Is that your own tea, Rain? I should remember to bring some of my own too." Noticing Jes' attempt to hide a smile, Zee gives her friend an amused look.

"This is Dre," offers Conduit, smiling as he gestures to the girl on his arm. "She's the one I mentioned at the meeting, that I wanted to meet some people?" He grins, squeezing Dre's arm. "Zatanna and Jesana are Titans I met at the meeting proper. Rain, I met independently." He glances back at her and nods towards the cat. "And THAT'S Captain. Guys, I'm the new member you probably heard about." This aimed at Rain and Captain, specifically.

Zee… has a guest. A visitor. And its climbing her back right now. The little imp had spring out of seemingly nowhere and is now engaged in the process of trying to perch on her shoulder. Given that it's the size of a good sized housecat, that might be a bit distracting. So much so that the 'thump' outside might go unnoticed.

Jes is young and tends to heal quickly, not super power or magic quick, just a bit faster than the norm. So today the bruises and black eye on her face are fading. The greens and yellows are rather spectacular and hard to miss though. She grins at the imp on Zee's shoulder and fishes a foil pouch from her back pocket. It only takes her a moment to tear the pouch open and spread the contents on the table for the imp. "It's astronaut ice cream. She tells the little guy.

"Dre," rhymes with Zee, her voice echoing Conduit's. Kassandre shoves her free hand in her hoodie pocket once they're on the move again given that there are no obvious promptings for handshakes. "I think we were all a bit distracted by the spontaneous ''feast'' at the park," she offers to Zatanna, referring to Timothy's impressive demonstration. As introductions are made, she nods to Jesana, Rain and Captain in turn. "He thinks I need to get out of the house more," she teases. The imp gets only a brief look before she's pressing in closer to the man who dragged her here to murmur something quietly in his ear.

Rain and Captain don't mind imps. Harvey is probably at home watching Golden Girls and eating oreos. That's just what he do. Rain smiles and waves to the two. "Pleased to meet you," She nods in greeting. "Hey," Captain lifts a paw. He is indeed, a tabbycat. "And really? I think you get out and about more than most of us," Rain considers Zee and Jes a moment. "We should bring him Dippin' dots sometime. Those things are crack." Either way, the two look back to Conduit and Dre, they nod to Conduit. "If there's anything we can do or answer, let us know."

The arrival of K'nert, perching on her shoulder, has Zee startling and angling her head away from the Imps head. Why no one else considers Henson dangerous, is beyond her… but Zee's Illyana's Kitten and she trusts that the Imp won't try to hurt her much. Squinting sideways at K'nert as Jes offers the icecream, Zee notes silently that the fact that Henson isn't skittering around and opening a stepping disc is a good sign she's not needed in Limbo. "Where's Jericho, K'nert?"

Looking back to Dre and Alex, Zee nods slowly "Dre, I remember now and it didn't help that I was in a hurry to meet someone either. It's good to see you here. Has Alex told you much about the Titans? Oh, this is K'nert… he … I guess he's a friend of sorts."

"Dippin' dots? For K'nert?" Zee grins a little mischievously "Sounds like a plan… "

"I think you need to get out and meet more -people-," amends Conduit, shaking his head with a playful sigh. "Being outside on your tablet is -not- the same thing, hon." And then imp. Blergh. And whispers? It leaves Alex blinking and glancing between the others. "You guys hear something weird?" Pause. "And who's Jericho?"

"An excellent question." Says a man as he pushes the door open. Older, clearly, or at least, older than Zee. Probably… late twenties? Hard to say. He's dressed in casual clothes and looks fairly atheltic at any rate. He glances at K'nert and there's a gleam (an actual lit up gleam) in his apparently amber eyes. "I see he found you, Zee. Hello folks. Hope I'm not interrupting."

"A little." Dre's answer is for Zatanna, but her eyes are still on Conduit for a moment. To him, she notes, "It's very nearly the same thing. Observing behavioral patterns is a… distant intimacy. Almost the same." There's a grin, at least, some suggestion that she's joking. Dre then flicks her gaze back to Zee and, peripherally, K'nert, as she elaborates, "He indicated some members had expressed reasonable reservations about our project, though I'm not sure how much detail he went into regarding the specifics of the project's scope and capabilities."

It sounds like she might be able to ramble quite a bit, but she cuts herself off, casting a smile toward Rain as she notes, "Then I'm in good company," regarding how often the rest of those gathered get out. Recluses of NYC unite! From there, her attention falls to the little ice cream dots spread across the table in offering to the imp. Had she not noticed them before, how swiftly they were summoned? Jesana earns a curious look before the new arrival commands her attention, a look cast back over her shoulder. This is the part where she's likely meant to say hello. She does not. She just stares.

"What someone is or who they are can be a pretty complex question," Rain considers that. Even the humble witch gets up to a lot, after all. Admittedly, she's been thinking a lot, too. Thankfully, the fire alarm has not gone off. Rain waves to Jericho and Captain offers a "Yo." The two blink at Conduit. "I don't hear anything odd," She admits. Or she's distracted. Hard to say.

Rain smiles to Dre. Nod. "Though, after my aunt's house landed in New York, I had a hard time," She admits. "Huh." Then a grin at Zee. Instant dippin' dots!

This amuses Rain and her cat somehow. Talking cat. She doesn't seem ruffled by Dre being quiet, though Rain looks to Jes. The violet-eyed witch do care, even if she's got the social skills of 10 Engineers. 10!

Jes had heard the thump and assumed from K'nerts appearance that it was Jericho so she isn't at all surprised to see him. She does stand up with and impish grin and give him a quick hug before sitting again. She frowns at the little dots all over the table. "What..the hell are these?" Jes picks one up and stares at it. Its tiny and weird and seems to be getting smaller while she holds it between finger and thumb.

"Of course he did, Jericho" The raven haired mage cants her head towards the demontainted hacker with a questioning look "I wasn't trying to hide. We're just meeting new people… you might be interested in their project, unless you had need of me?" Another sideways glance at K'nert perched on her shoulder, she's really going to have to start questioning Jericho about the Imps behaviour.

"This is Jericho" Zee answers Alex with a small smile "Jericho, meet Alex and Dre…. rhymes with Zee…." Nodding slowly to Dre, Zee continues "Yeah, we did… " Well some of them did, and explains quickly to Jericho "Alex was telling us that they have a way of predicting where trouble might be." Zee's been a little pre-occupied worrying about Darque and the threat that he presents, and is a little vague on the detail "There was some concern that the work could be dangerous, in the wrong hands."

Glancing over to Jes, Zee frowns a little before smiling "It might be a little warm in here for icecream like that." She's not saying a thing… "Rain, would you like to do the spiel for the Titans?" Zee really hopes she isn't putting the young woman on the spot… she just wants her to feel part of the team.

Conduit ends up a bit in the background, what with all the shift of talk to ice cream and such things, but Jericho's arrival at least precipitates a chance to speak up again. "Heya. And yeah, we're working on something to map out energy disturbances. Like unnatural drops or increases in temeperature, ambient electricity, stuff like that. Help pinpoint activity I might be able to deal with. My talents are kinda narrow, honestly, so we're trying to leverage it as best as we can." And then Rain might be doing a shpiel! Alex glances to Dre and turns her slightly towards Rain politely!

"Sort of reminds me when a group of someones was trying to alter the timeline to make sure key people ended up dead or on their side." Jericho says dryly as he gives Jes a hug and Rain a wave. Hey Violet Eyed Witch. And Orange Cat.

"Got something for you to look at but it can wait if you're having a meeting. I'll just wash up from my trip." And with that rather enigmatic statement Jericho ambles on down toward the restrooms.

"Right." Dre hooks in right where Conduit leaves off, her attention on Jericho as Zatanna has, whether she meant to or not, appointed him target. "''Just'' an observation and analysis of energy anomalies. No assumption of the cause. Just an alert to flag for further investigation. Alex and I did discuss the moral—" She tapers off as Conduit directs her attention elsewhere, muttering in an aside to Conduit, "I'm paying attention." As if to prove that point, her attention falls steadily upon Rain, a bright smile offered up to the woman.

Rain listens, then pauses. "Um." She turns red. "I - uh." Fidget. Ehm. "Well, it's just ice cream in dot form. And which spiel would you like?" She rubs the back of her head. "Right, right. The Titans are a newer group, and - uh." Public speaking. Might as well burst into flames. She tries not to think about it too much. Captain sighs, and takes a deep breath. "Right. Taking over. They're a newer heroic group based on older ideals. They take on projects to help those in need and for justice. A lot of us are younger, so things are a bit more chaotic and fresh. We don't really follow anyone by our noses, but everyone chips in." The cat's voice is deep, and smooth. "That's the long and thick of it, anyway." He pauses. "A part of it is forging our place, too." After all, not everyone has a place just dropped on their aunts. Owch.

Nevertheless, the two nod and Rain smiles weakly. Thank goodness for familiars. "And don't be too hard on yourself," Rain remarks to Conduit. "Everyone has days where they feel their talents narrow." She shrugs. Or maybe it's just Rain's massive inferiority complex in ACTION! She waves back to Jeri.

Jes stares in bemusement at the dots after looking at Rain. These little things are ice cream? Seriously? She wipes off her hand where the one she'd held melted. Clearly not wanting to taste test the explantion. She finally seems to catch up to the rest of the conversation though. Jes's mind has been a bit..hard to read since her return from canada. She's been quieter and more thoughtful than usual, often seems to be day dreaming or something. "I am concerned about this. Some of the things we, or other people do aren't exactly …following the law. And this sounds like it could be used against us, like that damn mutant telling machince. By Fenris if I ever find the people who came up with that…" She growls and quiets though and sits back down to study the two new comers.

Looking at the table with the melting ice cream dots, Zee shoo's K'nert off her shoulder in that direction. The little imp hops down and turns to stare at Zee, hissing at her as he does "I'm going to learn what you're saying to me, K'nert." Zee narrows her eyes at him before gesturing to some chairs. "Why don't we all sit … Thank you Rain and Captain." The violet eyed witch gets a warm smile, Zee really did put her on the spot.

"Alright Jericho…" a thoughtful look on her face as he heads out "As soon as I'm done here, you can have me."

Taking a seat and crossing her ankles, the teen mage looks between Dre and Conduit "People are concerned for good reason. We've just had HYDRA make a play to reimagine our world…" go figure that one, if you can… "and now some group have given meta-scanners to the police… point them at anyone and they'll know what you are."

As Zee is speaking, K'nert finishes eating the icecream dots and jumps onto her lap, facing her and peering intently into her face. Top points for the young woman, who just keeps talking like this happens regularly…. oh wait, it's starting too.

Jes quieting and settling down has Zee smiling warmly "Totally, Jes." before turning to Dre and Alex "The concern is that what you're creating might end up in the wrong hands… " Zee shrugs "It's been known to happen… Whilst I'm concerned, I think it sounds fascinating and with the right precautions, it might be o.k. I … just … don't… know." Agent Melinda May could have some insight for Zee there, SHIELD has stuff like this… maybe she'll talk to her and ask some advice.

"Yeah, but- I mean, the argument "someone might use it wrong" could be applied to a lotta stuff. Cars, body armor, medicine- you can't just say "I'm not going to advance science because somebody might science mean-like." It'd halt all progress of the human race as a species." Alex offers as counterpoint, smiling encouragingly at Rain after she's successfully "spieled." He glances to Dre to see how she's taking everything, and to prod her into adding to the discussion.

Dre's done her best to ignore the repeated blip of 'talking cat' as it's pinged upon her radar, but she can't rightly continue to ignore Captain as he is addressing her in so prolonged and direct a fashion. Her face scrunches briefly as she looks to the tabby, but her expression settles into earnest interest after that initial resistance wears off. She nods to the cat to express her gratitude, but Jesana's remarks snag her interest, her attention swiftly turning that way. "Nearly all new technologies could be put to nefarious purposes by people with malicious intent. The key element in the use of any such technology is the human one." She looks to Captain to dip her head apologetically as she interjects a soft, "With all due respect," before looking back to Jesana. "You judge others' need for your assistance. You judge what justice looks like. You judge how far over the line of legality you are willing to walk to do what you judge to be good work. So, too, will those with access to our project, currently just Alex and myself, be expected to judge the merit or malice in any anomalies we find. The device does not judge. We do."

Evidently, with something so solidly holding her focus, Dre's doing just fine, though the invitation to sit seems to finally register, and she casts a look to Conduit to see if he intends to do so. That look comes with a smile, some warmth for his words, their substance in step with her own argument, and she can't help but dip her nose to his shoulder briefly as she gives his arm a little encouraging tug over toward the others. Not so overloaded as to go asocial! It's a good thing.

Rain feels a bit old, sometimes. Yes. She watches the goings on with some amusement. Rain smiles back. Public speaking is not her strong point, but she's getting better about it at least. Go go gadget witch? Rain doesn't seem bothered being put on the spot. She helps now and then. "My issue is more 'who watches the watchman'. Who's going to make sure people's info doesn't get leaked? What's being done with these things? It's too abuseable if you ask me." Of course, Rain is pretty pro-privacy. She tends not to go public short of toting Captain around.

"I don't know. I suppose that's fair enough," She offers to Alex.

Captain and his trenchcoat are totally charming, right? "Who says we act like judges?" The cat asks. "Helping doesn't always involve storming in Robocop style," He remarks. The feline doesn't seem too ruffles. "And it's cool. Working machines without thumbs is tricky. That's what I have a witch for," He remarks wryly. Which one of them is the familiar again?

Yeah, I can see your point kiddos." Jes could very well be the youngest person in the room in terms of years. Age though, is different. Her life has been one struggle after another and she's already survived more things than most people suffer in their entire lives. "But there is also the fact that just because you can do or make thing doesn't mean that you should and in this case its the judgment thing thats the problem. Plently of corrupt people out there, including the police. I was just arrested, and locked in a room without food and water for two days and then sold to HYDRA not so long ago. And all because one of them had a big hateon for mutants and he thought I was one." She shrugs a bit. "I'm not in charge though, this is just how I see it. Zee maybe you should have them run this by May. She'd know for sure what should be done here."

"Well, keep in mind that if the DEVICE proves too dangerous, it can always be secured or dismantled. The research that goes into it can still progress science as a whole. I don't think it's really in question whether the research should be done, the debate is whether the technology it supports should be put to use in law/justice enforcement, right?" Though even with the argument, when Jes talks about being imprisioned for multiple days sans sustenance, his expression hardens and he glances around the room. "Were the cops involved dealt with? Are you -okay?-"

"I agree, Alex and Dre" Zee speaks quietly "If all we did were worry, nothing would get invented." Or possibly only invented by psycopaths who don't worry… go figure. "It's not just new techology either that can be twisted. It's your project, and you've listened to our concerns …. I would think that's all we could ask." Zee would hate to be told what she could and couldn't do…

"I was going to ask May how her organisation dealt with the issue in general, Jes. Not mentioning anything specific" Zee nods to the coyote and then to Rain "Yeah, that too Rain." Looking thoughtfully at Alex and Dre, Zee makes a decision "We have a … colleague" May might even be a friend "who works for an agency that has similar types of tech. I would like to introduce you to them… maybe they have some ideas on safeguarding what your building." She shrugs a shoulder "It's up to you." but a SHIELD connection for the pair might be valuable too.

Letting Jes address her kidnapping, Zee settles back to listen. K'nert still peering intently at the young mage.

"I do," Dre offers directly to Captain, unashamed of that earnest answer. "How else do you determine who needs help, how to help them, what that help entails without using your judgment?" Looking to Jsana, she adds, "You fear others' judgment but value your own," in the same even, gentle tone. "A product of your experience. Entirely understandable. We are unknown. Why should you trust us?" She offers no answer to that question, only looks to Zatanna to make clear, her voice still soft, "There's nothing to run by anyone. This is not a Titans project. This is not a law enforcement project. While I appreciate the intention, I don't believe it would be appropriate." Alex might disagree, but that's an argument they can have elsewhere. With a faint frown, she murmurs, "I hadn't meant to initiate a debate or touch upon sore subjects. I apologize." With that, however, she turns her head toward Conduit and whispers something softly.

Jericho emerges from the washroom after a bit. He's just rolling his sleeve back up, but flashes of a burn can be seen at the edge of his wrist. "You know your bathrooms aren't really that well insulated." He mentions by way of, oh, noting that he might have heard quite a bit while in there. "Zee I'd like to talk to you in more discreet company. When you've the time." He casts a quick look at Conduit and Key then motions to K'nert. The little imp hops off and heads out with him as he exits the building. "You know how to find me." And then he's gone and down the street.

Rain listens, and offers, "Everyone has to make their own calls sometimes," She remarks. "I'm going to get some more tea. Did you guys want any?" She asks.

"I'm good, thanks Rain." Jes frowns after Jericho. She'd seen the burn. Her eyes go to the backpack in the corner. Despite the hassle and risk of losing it and its contents, she's started carrying the damn thing with her when she goes out. At least when she's in human form. Then her attention moves back to Conduit and Dre. "I'm fine. Jericho and the little guy rescued me once HYDRA came and was transporting me." Then she looks angry for a moment before sighing and letting it go. "I had something good planned for those cops but HYDRA was pissed with them is my guess. I really doubt their squad car naturally became stuck on those train tracks and that their door locks broke at the same time." She rolls her eyes. Whatever, those bastards are out of the picture. "Besides, you two seem pretty smart." Her lips quirk a b it but she keeps the added thought "most of the time." to her self. "Having a contact in SHIELD could be good for you. They have some real geniuses over there I've heard."

There's a hole in the air. It happens, sometimes, when the Cheshire Cait is around. And, it's spitting out people. Odd colored ones. Green and (soon) Purple.

These would be Garfield Logan, aka Changeling, and well, Vorpal can introduce himself.

"Hey Zee. I got a ping from Alfie that we might come by to meet some people… Huh." Gar grins at Alex. "Decided to uncover, huh?"

No, it isn't the bracers. It's the scent that gives away the secret for him.

And purple follows right after green. This is a universal constant everywhere- so much so that the Joker has immortalized it in his rather classic look- although Vorpal will say that it looks better on him. Nobody would be surprised by the claim, cats being what they are.

"Sorry for the delay," the cheshire says, "They had a blueberry slurpee at the gas station nearby and I just had to try it." slurp. Sluuuuurrrrpp. Grin.

Nodding to Dre and Alex, Zee looks thoughtful "I'm sorry if I implied, in anyway, that it was a Titans project." She didn't think she had and seems upset to think that's how her offer was taken "I was offering up a contact that may be able to assist. But you seem to have that handled."

Looking up as Jericho enters the room again, Zee frowns at the burns and at his words. As K'nert scampers off after Jericho, the teen mage uncrosses her ankles and stands. "Thanks Rain, but duty calls. Please forgive me for rushing off, but Jericho doesn't make light in his requests." beat "Good luck with your project."

As Gar and Vorpal enter, Zee gives them a quick hug "Good timing! Jericho needs some assistance, I'll catch you later." And she follows the path that Jericho took.

Conduit takes a deep breath as Vorpal cheats himself and Changeling into the picture, releasing it slowly. Magic. ARGH. "Hey, guys. You two doing good?" He snorts and shakes his head at the idea of going public. "Not yet. I just figured less dangerous for Dre if she shows up with some unknown instead of with Conduit, y'know?" He grins, glancing to the girl in question as he gives her a little squeeze. "The green one's Changeling. And that's Vorpal. This's Dre, guys." It rhymes with tree.

"I'm glad you're alright, Jes. Really. I wish I'd known, I'd have helped. I've been outta comission afew days, though. And they're with SHIELD?" It's at least thought provoking, and he nods slowly. "We'll see. Can't promise anything."

Dre tips a nod first to Jesana then to Zatanna, the latter getting a quiet, "It's alright," and an uncertain, "Sorry," as well. With a new pair popping in ever so literally, her hold upon Conduit's arm seems only to tighten, the brunette pressing closer to her companion as her ease starts to taper off. A little violet light blinks into existence beneath her hair on the left side of her head where an earpiece might hide. It's there for a second or two then gone. Her free hand comes from her pocket so that she can offer a wave to Gar and Vorpal, her gaze then zipping over to Rain as she shakes her head. "No, thank you. I expect I won't be staying much longer." That comes with a look toward Conduit, studying the man for what might be an awkward span of seconds before she asks, "Will you be alright on your own?"

Rain listens, to hear their answers as far as tea goes. "Hey," She smiles to the newcomers. "I'm fetching some tea. Did you want some? I was about to put the hot water on. And really? Well, it was nice to meet you." She nods. She doesn't think anything odd as far as what Dre may have, glowing or not. Nevertheless, Captain sits and watches in lieu of Rain while she goes to get water.

Jes had watched Jer and then Zee leave with a slight frown. She wants to follow but her mind and spirit have been considerably calmer since her return from the wilderness and while the urge is there, she can control it. She owes Jericho a lifedebt many times over now and he would call on her if he needed her. And as hard as it is to admit, Zee can take care of herself and she's just going to talk to Jer, not fight a war. So Jes turns her attention back towards the others. "Hi!" She greets Vorpal and Gar and stands to give them both a hug if they'll let her. Touch is important to Jes and all the more so there are so few people she trusts enough to get that close to her. Then she looks over at Conduit and smiles. "Thank you. It was about a month or two ago. I appreciate the sentiment though." To Dre she smiles more and says. "Don't worry, you aren't in any danger here. It's alright to relax, no need to run off."

Gar tilts his head slightly. Huh. Purple LED on the bluetooth earphone? Awesome.

"So, did we miss anything? What's actually happening today, Conduit?"

He returns the hug — Gar's not at all physically shy, most of the time — and then perches on a chair, watching, trying to take the 'measure' of the room.

"She knows she's safe. It's just all a bit much at once. Tons of new people, extended conversation-" Conduit shrugs, smiling towards the others and glancing towards the door. "I'll get her home and we'll stare at the TV or something for a while. She'll be totally okay, don't fret it." He throws a wave to the collective! "Keep me informed of whatever's going on, okay? I'll be in touch!"

Vorpal hugs back, and once all the pleasanties are done, he says, "Nah, I've got my slurpee, no need for tea-" he trails off at the added information, and then nods, "Roger, Conduit… have a safe trip, aye?"

"I'm not," Dre begins, but Conduit handles the explaining for her. Something in his word choice has her face scrunching with what might be disagreement, but she offers up no correction. That would only prolong the conversation, after all. Instead, she says only, "Yes," before flashing an apologetic smile toward Jesana. She gives a nod to Captain and asks, "Please let Rain know it was a pleasure meeting her as well." Even if the woman's still within earshot, she doesn't see her and isn't quite sure where the tea-maker's dipped off to. To Gar and Vorpal, she offers, "Apologies for the brevity. I'm sure our paths will cross again at a more opportune time." With that, she turns with Conduit and leans into him as if remaining upright at all were suddenly becoming burdensome, heading out the door and back to the very quiet controlled environment of her own apartment.

Rain brings her tea out, and looks around. "Oh. See you guys!" She waves to them. The cat nods at Dre. "They said it was nice to meet you," He offers. "Thanks, Captain." She pats her familiar. "Hi you two. Some new folks came by. We gave them the spiel and uh…" Rain is thinking. "Chatted a bit." Nod.

Jes watches them leave and laughs softly. "She looked like me after I first got to the city. It's an entirely different world from the farm in the wilds on the Res. Poor kid." She grins. "So much fun we can have with that guy. How can he be what he is and not believe in magic?"

Gar looks over to Captain. "So, what do you think of her? I assume that's the girl who invented the Minority Report Device?"

He grins back at Jes. "Oh, he'll figure it out, or his head will explode, either way it'll be fun. We don't want to make him go evil though, so we need to be careful."

He checks to see if Rain has a spare teacup, and if not, he pops into the kitchenette area to quickly make a cup of cocoa. Because it ALWAYS distracts him when he's looking for tea with its aggressive cocoa-ness.

"She seemed a little… fragile?" Vorpal says, after they have left. "Or was it just my impression? She seemed like she was overwhelmed with just us. Then again, I have been told I am an impressive sight." The cheshire grins.

Rain offers, "She seems like the quiet type. Kinda like me," She notes. "And there's a spare cup by the water," She offers. Rain has heated up water, and there's bound to be tasty cocoa for the Gar. "It is a bit baffling that eyelasers are a-o-good, but magic? Well, maybe I should send their apartment an owl with a letter," Rain winks. "I'm kidding. Just because I ride a broomstick…" Ain't no one going to Hogwarts. And there are far better, less cat tasty ways to send letters. "I like owls," Captain offers helpfully. Sigh.

"I suspect she's sensitive, takes in a lot and shy."

Jes nods and grins at Vorpal's remark. "You are impressive. Both of you." Her expression changes, becoming almost predatory..or at least, something similar. Then she frowns and shakes her head as if to clear it. "What were we….oh yeah. Yeah for sure. We don't need any more assholes running around right now. There's more than enough as it is.

"Is it just me, or was there a similarity to … nah. That's too nerdy for words," Gar says, not willing to speak of his familiarity with the Dragonlance oeuvre enough to cite characters by name.

"If she was overwhelmed by us to the point of falling over, I would hate to see how she deals with, say, the Royal Flush Gang or the Fatal Five. I wouldn't mind having her around a bit more so we can see what makes her and Conduit tick. But that whole 'magic isn't real' bit will not fly. And I'm not sure what you mean by 'asshole' — did we get here too late for the full foot in mouth?"

He sips carefully at the cocoa, because nobody likes that thing where your hard palate is slightly burned.

"Wow, it sounds like we missed a story. Can we get a story? Pretty please? I want cocoa, if I am going to have a story. Dish!" the Cheshire leans on Gar. And he may attempt to get a sip out of the cocoa.

Rain is quiet a moment, looking to them. "To be fair, I get overwhelmed sometimes. And yeah, I wonder how they'll react to the manor. She seemed okay with Captain," Rain looks to her cat, who scoffs. "Of course she was. Cats are great." A big, toothy grin. No bias there, right? Right. "There's not too much story. I met Conduit when the basement pulled him in. Told me to beware of Merlin or some other such." She shrugs. "But he still doesn't seem hip on this magic business. His friend seems like the very quiet, retiring type. She looked more techy than anything," Rain considers.

"I just meant, ya know, badguys. Assholes sounds less lame. And most of them are. I'd much rather have that guy on our side. It's just, hilarious. I mean…seriously." She shakes her head, looking very amused. "Not sure what the girl is. I wasn't close enough to get a scent and it looked like she'd freak if anyone got up in her personal space."

Gar will share cocoa. He'll also warn, "hot, slurp don't swig."

The Changeling thinks about what Rain's said. And yeah, she does get overwhelmed, but not to the point of it being a handicap. It might be an aberration, though. Or an illness. She smelled stressed.

"Your basement is a menace to navigation," Gar says semi-seriously. OK, well, none of this is helping too much. He'll have to chat with Zee when she gets back from helping Jericho, if she hasn't picked up more goth bondage jewelry … if she has, he's gonna have to BITE that man. As one of several very mean animals.

But first, time to finish cocoa. Fortunately he doesn't have to drink the whole thing.

"I take it she expressed interest in joining the team, then?" Vorpal asks… and slurps, does not gulp. He's not interested in having his larynx melt down and pass through him… burning cocoa is nasty.

"I think so, she was kind of roundabout about it. Conduit seemed more interested of the two," Rain considers it. Rain looks to Captain. Then a soft sigh at Gar. "Maybe. I'd ask Zee for her insight. In the meantime, it might be wise to help them out and socialize with them. I'll try to be there for them, too."

"The girl seemed smart enough to need watching at the least. The kind of "we should always do and create stuff no matter how dangerous it is because we can do it and learn things." "Not the worst mindset to have but…it makes me uneasy." Jes shrugs. "They both seem earnest enough and polite."

"Yeah, it's not customary for science-minded people to think of the context or consequences of their work, but that's been getting a little better lately. Part of it is the reduction-to-basics approach that makes the work of science actually work," Gar answers. "And I agree, they seem earnest and polite. Well, there's need for more observation then."

He drops a few mini-marshmallows on the remaining third-cup of cocoa and offers it to Vorpal.

The cheshire greedily accepts and seizes the cup, "Well then, shall we adjourn to have some food? I'm full of liquid, but I'm still in need of some sustenance…" Vorpal grins at Gar, Jes and Rain. And Captain. "And this time it'll be my treat."

Jes smiles and waves at them. "You guys go ahead. I have somewhere I need to be soon. I'll see you all soon I'm sure." Jes rises and gives them all another quick hug and then she's outside and heading for the train to Gotham. She's been using the ley lines less lately. No good relying on such things so much.

"I vote for Szechuan, in Manhattan," Gar says. "Chinatowns always have the best atmosphere."

Not necessarily the best food but the atmosphere is impeccable. If you need magic or mastery of Chinese to read the hand-written, 100 page menu, then you're in the right place. They'll even try to remember to bring some boxes of take-away for the other Titans. Or, y'know, later.

Rain watches the group. "Sure, that'd be fine. Then I might go do some witch stuff," She murmurs. She and Captain seem in. "It was nice to see you." She returns the hug and waves to Jes.

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