What Hans Has to Deal With...

May 25, 2015:

The Halls of Justice is buzzing with activity, food.. new recruits.. and business..

Halls of Justice


NPCs: Hans, Jaqueline, Linda, Rachel, Jimmy, Bill, and a mess of others..


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The Hall of Justice was and is a hive of activity today. With various situations going on across the globe, recent assassinations, destruction of Sandy Hook, even small disasters that warrant the attentions of a few lesser knowns that accompany the National Guard out to restock water and food stores as well as the abled bodied to restore buildings to their former glory are dispacted as a part of a way to make amends and change the way the public views the heroes as of late.

Volunteers of every shape and size are granted proper clearance to enter into the Halls of Justice; the usual tests run and the occasional survey given and placement was a grueling process but one that helps and leaves those who choose to walk with a sense of pride.

Each console was manned, headphones placed upon their heads, random and various conversations causes a cacophony of business and commands that were sheltered out to each community requesting help. Why.. there was even a call center for those who were in need of help, the elderly and childrens homes were given special attention because that is just the way this sort of operation was called to work.

Hans was in the thick of it, this day. Passing out bottles of water and ushering in trays of snacks to keep the busy bee workers hydrated. Commands were given to the cook and soon he would return with a puffed up chest full of pride and a presentation that even Gordon Ramsay couldn't beat. His job was a significantly important one, he held the health and lifes of those he fed within his hands and with each press and turn of bun and food he made lives significantly better.

Upon walking through the massive courtyard of the Hall of Justice, Tim is dressed like a typical college student. His backpack swung over his left shoulder as he stands in line with the other people to gain admission into the Hall. He is dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and his mass of curls framing around his face. He pushes his glasses up onto his nose, as he looks down at the girl staring at him. He smiles and can see she the saddness in her eyes. He bends down and opens his palm and a swirl of colors happen. A toy Barbie doll forms into his hand, and he gives it to her. She gasps outloud as Tim walks into the Hall.

He walks over to the main security desk and waits for his turn. When he finally gets to the desk, Tim tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear and says, "Hello. I would like to speak to Wonder Woman." He adjusts his backpack before adding, "I have come to join her superhero team." The security guard's eyebrows shoot up looking over the young man like he is insane. Tim simply stares back at him and says nothing. The guard picks up a phone and makes a call.

Everyone knows that the purpose of Memorial Day is picnics. Right? Right? New York City is rife with them after parades' end, as is Metropolis. From one to the next to the next, Clint Barton's pressed so many hands, laughed at so many 'non-funny jokes', he's almost finished his allotment for the year. It's when he's listened to the veterans softly spoken stories when he's pulled to the side that gives him the best and worst feelings. Days like today are the ones where there's a renewed spirit.

All the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, mostly arrows, has taken a toll, and Hawkeye is more than happy to file into the Hall of Justice. "I'm fully expecting chili and cheese with the dogs. Just sayin'."

"Clint, it's a picnic," Kate points out. "You don't add stuff to hot dogs at a picnic. The point is to be able to just eat them without a knife and a fork." Clint may be worn out by the constant socialization, but Kate's been energized by it, walking into the Hall in cut-off jean shorts, a Captain America tank top, and a Yankees ball cap with her classic keds. The bustle gets another pleased smile as she comes in, taking stock of the area.

Along the stretch of milling bodies relics of the pas to that of the present are kept behind glass cases for viewing. New articles, plaques, effigies. All reminders in the backdrop of what was set to the forefront. The memorials of soldiers and heroes in the tri-cities localities. It seemed fitting, even fr a small message to try and coax the hatred and mistrust away and remind the people that despite everything going on, they mean the same thing. Stand for it as well.

The Hall hardly opens like this and it is a day for celebration and reverence all the same. Lost warriors or current ones always need the moment to relax ad enjoy their moments and have them celebrated.

Walking up the steps before the stretch of walkways and fountain is Wonder Woman, her attire that of the red, silver and blue. Though the attire of old is renewed to mix with that of newness, down to the diadem atop her head holding back the waves of ebony. Hearing and seeing Clint the woman smiles though there is a questionable look to her face. "I am still not desiting to try anything named after cooking a sog. I like these human companions and it seems so wrong…"

There are still some things Diana has not come to be fully incorporated with, apparently.

Wonder Woman LOG NOTE: cooking a dog*

Mimic BLINKS into the Hall, high up by the ceiling where there's nothing to avoid. Disaster relief is a natural assignment for a teleporter and he's always been willing to help out even if he wasn't a member. "Situation taken care." he says as he floats down to the ground. "Supplies delivered, bodies accounted for." At least no one is missing any longer so the families can start to get closure. "Why does it always hit the fan during a holiday?"

"There is some kid who wants to join the team. I think he might be short a few sandwiches of a picnic." Tim rolls his eyes at the Guard as he turns to look out over the crowd. His eyes fall on Wonder Woman and he says, "I see her. Excuse me." Tim snaps his fingers and he disappears at the desk and seems to unfold out of thin air standing next to Wonder Woman.

Tim pushes his glasses up onto the rim of his nose and asks, "Diana of Themyscira? May I have a moment of your time?" He adjusts his backpack over his shoulder looking at her calmly.

"ARRHG!" Linda cries out as Mimic *BLINKS!* out of nowhere, the clipboard she held tossed into the air, her bluetooth headset flung to the ground and cracked as soon as she stepped back in fright. "Oh! Mister Mimic Sir! Crossing Cambodia off the list.." She was still shaken up, not too used to the way the mutant comes and goes, but it's whatever! Though, there was a slight sigh of sorrow as she realizes it was the tenth headset she's crushed since his arrival.

"Yes you do. Why shouldn't you? And you can't tell me you've been to a lot of little town picnics. They pour on the fixings there. Onions, chili, cheese…" Clint lets his voice trail off when he catches Mimic teleporting in, and then a quick teleport from a newly arrived.

"Hey, hey… can we just walk, please? I know, it's pretty basic, but it's nice?" It's Diana's comment, however, that gains a lopsided smile. He's going 'casual' as well; jeans, t-shirt, and on that shirt, it looks as if he's hit a couple of chili cheese dogs already. "No, no.. it's not really made of dogs. More, uh… pork. Chicken. And.." The more he considers it, the less appealing it sounds. "It's probably better if you don't know," Clint concedes.

"Don't ask what's in hot dogs," Kate shakes her head to Diana. "It's sausage. No one wants to know how sausage is made. But it doesn't involve actual dogs, so you're good there. You can get the kosher beef around town most times, actually, those are a little more, uh. Free of…additives. And stuff that makes them delicious."

There's blinking, and teleporting, and sudden appearances, and she pauses with a grin of her own. "Come on, Clint. You'd really never just pop places if you didn't have to walk?"

Kate also gets a flash of cerulean gaze and a smile, though the guards transmission draws her attention when eyes flick up and find the one heading her way from his flagged post. One step his way with an 'Excuse me.' murmured to the duo and then a pause at Clint and Kate's explanation. "Questionable meat product?" Diana blinks at that and slowly shakes her head. One step closer to fully vegan incoming. She likes to know what she is ingesting.

"Kosher. I have heard that term." Though in /what/ use, that is not the food definition.

Leaving them to head further within she meets Tim half way and stands before him, offering a hand backed by the wrap of vambrace that flashes against the sunlight. "And who is it that is asking?" Seeking an introduction she slowly scans the one before her but not without that unwavering expression f diplomacy setting in to mingle with the smile.

"It's just Mimic, Linda." he tells her again. "No mister, no sir." He studies her a moment then adds "How long have you been on duty? Maybe you should go for a power nap instead of having more coffee. Anyway, take me out of the queue for a bit. I need to get some food." And hot dogs are just what the doctor ordered. Sparing Linda a further adrenaline rush, he walks toward the doors spotting some others as he does so. "Hey Hawkeye. Hawkeye. Wonder Woman." And cute kid looking for an autograph. "So where'd they pile the food?" he asks Clint.

The amount of magic flowing around Diana's vambraces causes Tim to cock his head to the side. He can see the flows of magic and hmmms, "Hephaestus made these. I can see the fire magic he has been known to use." He looks up and blinks at her, "Thank you for seeing me." He extends his hand to shake her hand, "My name is Timothy Hunter." He looks around at the other heroes looking a bit out of place before he looks back at Diana, "I am The Merlin. I have graduated from the White School of Magic, and I have decided that I need to offer my talents to a team. From what I have been told within the magical community. You might be lacking magical types?" He pushes his glasses up on his nose, "Does that make sense?"

"Oh.. oh right. Sure sure Si—- Mimic.." Linda was flustered. She appreciated the homely way the heroes were, but if there was one thing that she hated.. was onions.. and she could smell them coming. POWER NAP IT IS!

"V-refressshments!" Hans calls out, pushing out a rather large cart filled the great pieces of barbecue and hotdogs to match. One of his minions, Dave, happened to overhear Hawkeyes wanting of Chilli dogs, which were aptly prepared and presented as if they were a true, gourmet meal. "Zhackie! Bring me ze carbonated… stuff!" Soda. Soda was soon carried out in drones of ice coolers; there will be no drinking in the Hall of Justice today! Plus, it was still light out. Wine and other things that damage the liver would be passed out.. after hours.

"Everyones out of the queue for now!" Justin calls out to the crew of workers. "Ring the lunch bell!"

"It probably would have saved me a couple of times." A couple? Clint's not going too admit more than that, however.

One of the tables does have 'fixings', both for dogs and burgers. Cheese. Pickles. Relish. Mayo. Bacon. And, of course, there are more than a few clusters of people dotted around, so Clint has to make his way slowly. Doesn't mean he's not paying attention- he even has his hearing aids in!

Twisting about as he catches Mimic coming up on him, Clint gesture-points at one of the larger grill set-ups in the City of Metropolis. "Hey. And over there. And will you please tell Kate that the dog is only the canvas for what is to come? She thinks that you don't put stuff on it after."

Tim's introduction is heard, and Clint pauses as the chili-cheese dog is presented to him, in all it's drippy glory. "Magic? Seriously?" Obviously something he doesn't believe in. "Merlin? Isn't that the guy with King Arthur?"

Kate's much more interested in magic talk than hot dogs. So while Clint goes to drown a perfectly good hot dog in non-hot-dog things, she wanders over toward Tim and Diana, blatantly eavesdropping. "There's Fenris," she chimes in. "But we could actually use some help with a Fenris-related issue. Did you say there's a whole White School of Magic? As in, there are actual wizards who aren't all evil and trying to rule the world, and aren't borderline alcoholic or severely emotionally damaged?" Thus speaks Kate's experience with magic-users.

Hans takes an empty cart, loading it with dishes, his blue eyed gaze weighing heavily on Kate. "All ze magic users zat I 'ave run into are severly emoshenillie damazed." Hans apparently is chewing on a piece of wood or something..

He pushes the cart towards the service exit, muttering to himself.. "Zhenominal Cooooosmic power.. izzy bizzy livin' spaces.."

Calvin is not ignored in the slightest, Wonder Woman looks his way and offers a small wave, not to seem distracted form the one seeking her company. Though his words have her hand slowly withdrawing and the look returned to him momentarily stilled with the thought behind it, as well as the assessment. May things factor into his revelation, especially of her vambraces and their maker. Know the maker, find the undoer.

Brows slowly rise as well as corners of lips while he talks on and extends his offer as well as own desire, and his name. Diana's head tilts as she is sizin him up with the backdrop of Clint's own speculation.

"Merlin? Unless you can weave the fabrics of time around you, were you granted his mantle due to your affinity?" There is no doubt in her words, only the question to go with the curiousity, one that would seek to physically poke any 'veil' he may wear.

"The Justice League does indeed lack what you offer, but we do not simply bring people in for need of numbers of talents. It's what is in their heart and to stand for what we do as well. Is /that/ what you seek, too? That will have to be seen." In saying that Diana steps aside and extends a hand out towards the rest of the team gathered amongst the veritable smorgesboard.

"I will not turn down the offer to bring you within." Kate's approach and inquiry left to be responded to as Tim desired, her own standing as she waits for the response.

"She doesn't put anything on hot dogs?" Mimic asks, turning a curious look on Kate. "Then what's the point of eating them? It's not like they taste all that good by themselves." Getting into the line that immediately formed when Hans brought out the cart, he glances over at the kid. "Maybe it's true that he lives backwards and gets younger?" It's not really a question directed at anyone specifically. "But if that's the case, wouldn't he be a sperm or something and not a teenager?"

"We need a shape shifter!" Rachel calls out from her console, palming the burger from her plate to open the top of the bun to slather potato salad atop. Protein. Gotta get lean!

"We ain't got no shape shifters! I know you mean well Wonder Woman but we just ain't got no shape-shifters!" The woman bites her burger, jerking upright to avoid the mess of potato salad down her red shirt. But in hearing Mimic's words? Hamburger with potater salad.. promptly down.

As he folds his hands behind his back, "It's complicated. I am not that Merlin but I am. There are many versions of me. I happen to be this Earth's version of the Merlin. I am not perfect Mrs. Diana. However, I am doing what I can to keep myself on the path of light. I will do my best to keep myself there." Tim turns to look at Clint when he speaks and smirks softly. Another non-believer.

Tim looks up at the hall. He pushes his glasses up onto the rim of his nose and raises his hands up. "Magic flows within me. I was born as a conduit of magic." He claps his hands twice as the entire hall's decorations begin to flutter, and change into an explosion of red, white, and blue flags, streamers, oversized balloons, and a loud pop as it begins to snow confetti from high above that seems to disappear before it touches the ground in wisps of smoke. The air starting to smell like a field of sunflowers, BBQ, and the ocean. All the smells of summer. It was like a scene from Harry Potter and the changing of the colors in the Great Hall

He looks over at Clint and smirks, before blinking at Kate's questions, "The White School does not allow everyone to join. They must complete the quest of finding their true name. It was not easy. However, I am very grateful for my time at the school."

Just when Rachel picked up her burger again and takes a healthy bite, the clapping of hands and show of magic that changes the room had her choking on the bite she had just taken.

Jacqueline immediately rushes to her aid, dragging the poor woman from the chair, draping her arms around her body to PUSH.. SQUEEZE..


Food dislodged.. everyones okay! Nothing to see here folks!

"Not a damned thing," Clint laments. He doesn't worry about it overmuch, however, as he lifts the dog up to take the first bite, then the second. A little dance has to be done in order to avoid any major dripping, and for the most part, he's successful. Mostly. "Oh, this is good…" comes between chews. Chew. Swallow. Breathe. Stuff more dog.

"No, we don't need shape-shifters!" is called back, and Clint lofts a half-bun at Rachel. "Back to work!" Nothing like examples, yes? Or… oops.

"Tim… your true name. Tim the Magician?" Really?

The moment the Hall changes and shifts, the archer isn't all that happy. Kate is the enthused, 'will believe in anything' sort, and Clint? Not so much. He looks around quickly; mass hallucination could come with gas, with anything. Trick of the eyes? He's seen some high-tech, and he's not willing to rule that out. The scowl is real, however, as confetti lands in the remnants of his dog. And in the relish. And in the bowls of punch, the kind with the sherbert resting in the center. "Aww, no."

Clint may not believe in magic, but clearly Kate does. As the decorations change, she looks up with a broad grin, barely stopping herself from clapping along by reaching up to adjust her cap. "Do you know Sir Ystin?" she asks Tim. "We've been training lately, she's good. Really good. Has a winged horse? Golden armor? Big sword?" It's just Excalibur, that's not important, right?

Clint's question gets a stifled snort, though, and she scrubs a hand over her brow. "See?" she smirks back at the other archer. "If you just eat a normal hot dog, you could blow the confetti right off."

Diana listens to Tim, his words, the explaination as well as experiences. "So in learning and seeking your true name, do you also take on their personification in that. Follow their ways and teachings as well in their other lives or, Earths?" A slow tilt of head, as she knows the Arthurian legend, the gods, the monsters, and even those still lingering around, as well as that of Merlin himself and his steadfastness in allegiance.

The display is met with a smile, even the skepticism that still shows upon Clint's face even as his food is about to suffer before it dissipates. "I am not asking for perfection. No one will obtain that goal and if you seek to it is only folly. All I ask is for trith in your attempts to follow in what we stand for and to back it. We are always watched, always scrutinized with the upmost of narrowed eye sue to who and what we are. We are not infallible, but we try. It's all anyone can do."

"Feel free to come among us today and work with us when the need arises. We're a team, so we will all get to enjoy the company and you will see if this is what you truly desire."

Tachel's shout for a shape sifter get's it's due response from Clint, and her inhaled food!

Wonder Woman Rachel's*

As the Hall's decorations change and everyone either takes cover or stares in wonder, Mimic takes the opportunity to telekinetically fix himself a couple hot dogs since no one else is. One gets loaded with relish and sauerkraut, the other with chili and cheese. A piece of barbecue chicken is added to the plate which floats over to him. The confetti is diverted from his food even before it turns to smoke. "So are you saying you're the reincarnation of the original Merlin? Or that his power, and I'd guess his memories to whatever degree, somehow finds a new host periodically?" It might be the same thing that Diana asked but he's not entirely sure. She has a way of making the simple sound complicated. Abd really, if you're going to hang around with mythological gods, what's one fifteen hundred year old archmage wearing the body of an adorkable twink?

Hans returns to the hall, mid-conversation with Bill, holding a bottle of ketchup and mustard.. then stops. Wait.. something is different. Was.. there.. confetti.. on his.. food…

His mouth hangs open, tears slowly flit from his eyes as the bottles were raised and smashed against the ground. He turns, snatching off his chef's hat in a huff, slamming that upon the ground as well, stalking off in a full-blown tantrum that only the likes of Hans can throw.

Rachel, having calmed down from her near-death experience, gets beaned by a bun. Now she's full on sulking, giving Clint the 'Eeyore stare'.

"There is alot of power in knowing someone's true name. When I learned mine and spoke it before the gates of the school. The doors opened and I was admitted." He looks over at Clint, "My adopted name is Timothy Hunter." He waves a hand and his backpack disappears, "I am Merlin but I am not. It is suspected that I from his bloodline. However, it has been considered that the Original Merlin knew of the various Earths and their timelines. I was born to be this Earth's Merlin and that I could be his reincarination. Yet ANOTHER version is that I am magic itself and that my existance is what allows magic to remain." He sighs, "It's complicated."

"I have met the original Merlin and he was not completely forth coming with the information. He was in fact kind of cryptic. Would you perfer I look like this.." Suddenly Tim looks like Gandalf from the Movie the Hobbit. "Or…" Headmaster Dumbledore from Harry Potter. "Or…" an old man with a long beard down to the floor in a pointed hat. "Or would you like this to make you feel more comfortable?" The illusion asks with a raised bushy eyebrow.

Clint is reduced, for the moment, of pulling confetti from his dog, but the moment it's gone, he's making short shrift of the rest of it. In, chew, swallow, done. "I'm willing to suffer, Katie. Chile. Cheese. Dog. You just don't understand- who is Sir Yis.. Yeast.. Ye.. whatever?" Who? What?

"Aw, Mimic. You cheat." See, telekenesis, Clint gets. Manipulation of the air around him and stuff. Not magic.

Diana, however is echoed by Clint. "Yeah, Wonder Woman's got it right. Should probably hang out with us, see how we do things and see if it's— oh, hey! I know that one. Hobbit." There's Rachel's shapeshifting. "

"Don't think about it too hard, Clint, you'll just hurt yourself." Kate's entire philosophy about magic. Don't think about it too hard, you'll probably break it and something terrible will happen. Just go with it. "Ystin," she repeats for the other archer, heading back toward the hot dogs to put one together for herself, making a point of shaking off the confetti in demonstration. "She's a knight. With golden armor and a winged horse and a magic sword." Totally already covered this.

"Tim, how're you with godheads?" she asks. "We've got a dark wizard problem involving that sort of thing."

"All the power resides in knowing the Truth, it's why it is best left unsaid instead of lied about," Pause. "Or adopting one works."

watching as Tim goes through the forms a brow rises and she looks from him to Calvin and then back, resting a hand on the old/young mans shoulder. "Be who you are, it's not about our comfort, trust me. I've met a cerberus that is positively delightful, but you would not know by its faces, but it doesn't seek to be anything but what it is whether people like it or not."

Releasing Tim's shoulder she extends a hand as well as a light tilt of her head to nod him in the direction of the vending tables and the refreshments. Pausing she looks towards Kate and blinks. "We do?" A slight roll of her shoulder and she nods to Clint, slowly making her way towards the food that is not questionable in existance.

Vegetables. They're safe, right?

"My votes for Channing Tatum." Mimic murmurs before taking a bite of his chili dog. Clint's comment about cheating gets a grin around the mouthful but fortunately, no answer while he chews. Kate's declaration gets a quizzical hmmm? Do explain.

As Diana places a hand on his shoulder, Tim tenses up just slightly and nods at her. The old man melts away from young man's figure as he looks over at Mimic. He smirks as Tim's face shifts for a second into Channing's face. Channing gives him that winning smile before he turns to face Kate turning back into Tim. "A dark wizard?" Oh no. The Other is back?

"I have come across my fair share of them. I have not met any of the Gods but this…this dark wizard? Does he look like me but older and more like a body builder?" The young man is clearly concerned at the idea of The Other here.

"We do?" It's in harmony with Wonder Woman's voice, a tenor to her alto (or soprano?). Clint's been out of the loop, but he's not too fussed about it. A team is a team, and everyone has their strengths. His own has just been on call .. differently lately. "Right. Golden armor. Winged horse." Right.

"Hey, do we get to request? Because Uma Thurman would be pretty awesome, too." Not a serious request, however.

Clint looks around to those gathered and exhales in a sigh, giving the punchbowl a baleful look before turning away. "Dark Wizard. 'Dark'. Great. Who and what is this thing, and should it be discussed over a burger?"

"Uh." Kate pauses with her hot dog in hand, looking sheepishly at the others. "Okay, I know I typed up a report, but it's possible I didn't post it in the right place," she admits. "Remember when Fenris went missing? Well, the Darque guy who had him was apparently siphoning off his power. Specifically whatever it is that makes him a god. I've got no idea what he looks like," she adds apologetically to Tim. "We didn't actually run into him, and from the sounds of things, that was a good thing. He's got some people working on it," she adds. "I mean. Like we just said, magic really isn't a forte with us right now. But you guys should talk."

The shifting of faces at request has her simply staring. the references still going way over her head as she is not truly one to sit and watch television. It has caused many a broken TV screen in her attmpt to yell tactic, strategies and common sense at the people in the thin box.

Kate's mentioning of Fenris and his disappearance as well as the circumstances gets a small lift in her brow as she looks to Tim again, waiting on his response to the matter and if it is familiar. The timing may happen for a reason.

Wonder Woman Diana ^

"If we're going up against a dark wizard, we really need some magic on our own side." Mimic adds his two cents. "I've had encounters with that sort before." Like when he was turned into a Hyborian barbarian. "And it's really difficult to counter without your own white wizard." Or failing that, a friendly demon sorceress who's only mostly evil. The slightly dubious tone he's used when talking about Merlin has disappeared, perhaps because of Kate's information or perhaps because of Channing Tatum. The kid seems to be all right.

As he listens, Tim presses his lips into a fine line, "I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to counter balance dark magic. I am not an expert like the Sorcerer Supreme…yet. But he is like an old dude who has been doing this three times longer then I have." The irony that Tim could one day replace the Sorcerer Supreme. "I would like to help in any way that I can. I would say first and foremost. I could do a ritual of protection for your base of operations so any who use are tainted by dark magic could not enter. And I can meet with…Fenris as in the Asgardian Werewolf of Lore?" He is the Merlin and is kind of a nerd even for wizard standards. He blinks at connecting those two dots.

"Hold on there," Clint puts a plastic-cupped hand up in their direction, the furthest he's gotten to the drink still behind him. "We're not going up against anyone right now. We have -zero- intel, and only one person who knows anything about it other than it's some guy syphoning off a god's power. Hell, for all we know, Loki might want a shot at the guy. You know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, sort of thing. He seems like a sort who wouldn't like to be one-upped." Lot of ways to skin a cat, right?

Another exhaled sigh comes from the archer; ritual of protection, yadda.. yadda.. and it's plain on his face his feeling on the matter. Disbelief. Hocus pocus. Mind games. "Whatever."

Now, the punch. Clint turns about to ladle some of the red, unspiked liquid into his cup, but picks up the mustard first and goes to get an arc'ed squirt onto Kate's 'dog. Dry dogs aren't acceptable!

"That's the one," Kate grins over at Tim. "Like I said, you guys should talk. You guys. Because, uh. Well. None of us are really good with the magic thing. Nooooo!" she exclaims as Clint tries to mustard her hot dog, defaulting to throwing it at the other archer. Food fight!

As Clint speaks up, Diana's eyes slide towards him, the moment of being perplexed at the issue and worried for their friend slowly passes, though it is not without saying that she is going to need to speak with fenris on his well being. Until then he gaze directs to Kate once more. "And Fenris has come from this mishap in good health?" the concern is evident but will pass at least with that much assurance, as Kate is far closer to the Lycaon in outside matters.

"I do feel if we bring loki back around," Diana asides with Clint. "We need to have backup." As last time his personification caused a bit of a tumult and confusion.

"Your offer is greatly appreciated, Tim. Merlin? Which do you prefer?" Diana inquires returning now to taking herself to the vendors and sidestepping a spatter of mustard from the flying mystery meat and dressing!

LOG NOTE BARTON'S POSE: only one person who knows anything about it doesn't know anything other than… :

It's interesting what some people refuse to believe when they believe in so many other things. It's also not something Mimic is going waste his time arguing about. Some things need to happen naturally in their own time. Having lots of experience in food fights, albeit ones usually initiated by thirteen year olds, he takes several steps to the side and raises a light telekinetic forcefield as he eats his own hot dogs.

As he cocks an eyebrow at the mention of Loki. The God of Tricks is here on Earth. He hmmms as the food begins to fly, it seems to never hit him as some of the ketcup stops inches from his head and falls to the ground. He looks over at Wonder Woman, "I prefer Tim to be honest, but I know if I am going to do this hero thing that there needs to be a codename. I will leave it up to you." Tim looks over in Kate's direction and says, "Loki has thousands of years against my knowledge. However, I am willing to help in any way I can. Yet…well being I never met him. He does have a repuation of not being the nicest magician in the world. But it sounds like you have more experience with him then I do."

Shayera enters into the foyer proper, plate ready within her hand, straight towards the carts without word or glance or hello towards the people who may mingle nearby. In fact, those poor worker-bees kind of shuffle off at her approach, and it's possibly because of the way she carries her wings, which were nearly expanded in a threatening manner.

Move. Hookers. There is meat.

Plate loaded with brats, burgers without the buns, hot dogs, a hand full of chilli mixed with confetti slapped in, relish squeezed upon the concoction and.. what is this yellow stuff? It smells vile.. mustard? Blech.

Once her plate was high with a mess that probably stunk, looked delicious, and a mess? She finally takes in the lot of them, her nose quirking, one chilli ruined hand reaching up to wipe away at her nose and sniff.

"People." That's hello in Shayera speak.

Backup! Clint catches the dog out of the air easily and sends it winging its way back towards the younger Hawkeye. "Wasn't Thor walking around as something of a failsafe?" Yeah, yeah. Gods. "Either way, it's out of my league," and he's not afraid to admit it. "Just saying that there are options out there."

Shayera's appearance and subsequent dolloping on of the condiments gains a quiet 'hoot' of approval from Clint. "See? Even -she- agrees." The hotdog has been flung back, and he's not above sending a couple of pickle spears past Kate either. "Heads up!"

Yes, yes. Clint Barton is really a thirteen year old.

"Clint Barton, if you get mustard on my hat, I am going to-" But Kate has just enough dignity not to finish that sentence or retaliate any further. "Jerk," she smirks as she steps closer to smear mustard on his face while she leans up to deliver a peck of a kiss. "I'm gonna go change. Be right back, guys!" she calls over her shoulder before heading into the more private areas of the Hall.

Standing at the table, diana about gets a faceful of wing, that is not basted in sauce. An equilibrium lean has her dodging feathers before she swats them and shoves her way into the food fray of one. "Do not get in the way of my food, Valkyrie." Though the words spoken seem harsh, there is a smirk on Diana's lips in reminisce, all the while the lobby of the Hall is being painted with garnishing ad those colors.

"You are not obligated to show us who you really are, nor give us your real name. You tell us what you want to be called by and known as. We base our team on trust." Which is a weight in and of itself, a friendly swat that may seem more brutal between the Thanagarian and Amazon has her finishing off the toppings of her salad and turning to face Tim. "Which with the way thins have been going lately, you will have plenty of opportunity to show us."

Looking up now to Clint and Kate, Diana offers him a half smile. "And when you get a moment, Clint, we have catching up to do as well."

"Call me if you need me." Mimic tells the others as he heads back toward the coordinator. "There're still things left to do today." And he's well suited to do at least some of them.

As he nods slowly, "You can call me, Merlin in the field. Yet, I prefer Tim when I am not throwing fireballs at demons." He makes an attempt to chuckle as he pushes his glasses up onto the rim of his nose. He looks down at the table he is standing next too. He waves a hand in a wide arc like Vanna White as a line of ruby colored gems appear around the entire edge of the table. "If you take one of the gems and hold it. You say, "Merlin". And I will fill your pull. I will arrive as soon as I can." He looks down at his watch, "I need to get to class. May I return to meet others later on?" Tim asks with a raised eyebrow.

From mischievous pain in the butt to lopsided-smiling fool in only a couple of seconds. Clint stands there with mustard war-paint on his face, watching Kate depart before his head drops and moves to the side, focussing on Diana. "Hmmm? Oh, yeah, we really do. Some things I need to get up to speed on. In time, and there's always something happening." In an effort to not seem too much of a jerk, Clint cleans up his little mess and finally gets some of that punch into a cup.

"Merlin. Gotcha. I'm Hawkeye in the field, Barton when I'm not. Hell, I'm pretty much both whenever, actually. Kate's the same. Hawkeye and Kate." Clint does palm a gem, two of them, pocketing them quickly. One for him, one for Kate. "Sure. I'm sure there'll be more ribs resting and ready for the taking."

Mimic's offer of getting back to work gains a nod from the archer. "You take it easy."

There was a light hiss tossed towards Diana's way, and as soon as she turns, a bean from the chili was soon dropped upon the top of the salad, capping it like a crown of food glory. She's nudged, and soon falling out of the way to avoid the backlash of assaulting the plate of a delicious looking treat.. if the bean is noticed or not.

The newcomer was stared at, brow raised, yet once the ruby was produced she snagged one up. "I look forward to meeting with you on the fields of battle, young friend." Shayera states, but does not give a name herself. Ruby tucked within the over the shoulder boulder holder and soon, she turns and walks off. Saying goodbye to a group of people you'll see again is for suckers.

Pausing Diana nods to Tim and smiles. "It was a great pleasure to meet you. This-Worlds-Merlin. You know where to find us, and now," Pausing and balancing her plate she takes up a gem and inspects it. "We can reach you as well. Return whenever you like."

Calvin is also waved to, whom she will have to catch up with as soon as possible to know where the search and rescue is standing as well as if anything further is needed in different areas. "Be safe." She states with a smile that only broadens.

"There is always something to keep us busy. I would hate to see what occurs when the hands idle." Diana states to Clint, though now brows ae furrowed as she stares at the bean atop her salad.

"I did not pu this here! This taint does not even smell right against the vinegarette!" And with that Diana is flicking that bean off with a force towards Shayera that will likely mash it and sting… A little.

Mimic looks up from the live satellite feed he's studying and one of the gems wings it's way into his hand. That could come in useful some day. He looks back to the feed to get a jump spot and then BLINKs out.

Calvin Rankin heads to the Quiet Room.

Tim Hunter bows his head slightly, "It was a pleasure to meet you." He gives everyone an akward wave and then snaps his fingers. Tim is gone!

"See ya, Merlin—" and he's gone. Clint twists around in time to see the bean fly across the room very much like a little bullet. "Oof," is muttered and he brings the drink up. "I'll remember that for later." Bean. Taint. "You know, baked beans is pretty good?" It's a try! "Or…. I think I'll go check to make sure Kate's not raiding my t-shirts…"

*SPLAT!* Bean aimed, marked, planted.

"GODDAMNED AMAZONS!" Is heard from the distance.

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