Lonely Together

May 25, 2015:

Nighteyes and a recovering Wanda talk life

Nighteye's Nest


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Nighteyes is only staying in the basement of the Wolf-God's butcher shop until her real home can be found and finished to her specifications but she's still put some effort into the place. She'll need things for the house anyway. Several clothes dressers and wardrobes are pressed against the four walls. All of them seem antique in nature. There's a small closet she's turned into a half bath, the door is open. The top half of the walls are covered with various hanging weapons. Swords, knives, daggers, bo staves and the like. She's crammed a large refrigerator between two of the dressers and there is a microwave on a table nearby. The floor has lots of stacked piles of books, and various electronics she's been examining. Also there is the large bed Wanda is currently asleep on. Nighteyes is lying back on the other side of it reading. Or she had been, until it got towards noon and her body shut down for the day.

Wanda has slept through the night…the sleep of the dead some may even say. The amount of energy she has expended over the last few days, much of it fighting herself, has left her exhausted. But now, finally, her eyes flicker slowly open. She is staring at a ceiling…this is odd in itself. Wanda is very rarely indoors and there is a little panic in her breathing now. She tries to push herself up and cries out loudly as sudden pain rips through her body. Her breathing heavy and hectic now as she looks around for something she recognises. There is one thing. "Nighteyes?"

Unlike his Mistress, Goliath went to bed with the dawn and so is already awake. He wiggles his way out from under Nighteyes pillow and jumps onto her face and then onto the mattress, several times. Nighteyes wakes suddenly and sits up. "What…are you doing you little..,Wanda!" She turns to check on her. "You're awake." The vampire smiles. "How do you feel? It is probably best not to move much.

"I have realised that" Wanda replies with a grimace about moving and she slowly, very slowly, lowers herself back onto the bed. And this is around the time she realises she is not in her clothes. The magi managing to blush without too much difficulty. "Where am I? How did I get here?" A pause. "What is that?" That last about Goliath.

"He likes to amuse himself by finding new and annoying ways to wake me. Usually he is up first." Nighteyes frowns. It's actually a little strange but then, she's never heard of a vampire animal before either so.. "Your clothes were…rather destroyed and you have burns. Let me see though I think.." Nighteyes rises and moves to one of the dressers. When she turns back around she has what looks like a black silk nightgown. "This is soft and thin and shouldn't cause much pain to wear." "I found you in the East river, nearly drowned. I was not sure where else it would be safe to bring you so we are here in my lair..um my temporary home." She closes her eyes and kneels to help Wanda into the gown. She doesn't really need to see to do that and she'd noticed the blush.

"Burns? There was a fire? Or was it lightning again?" Wanda asks, lifting up the sheet to look at her bandaged wounds. "I can't remember why I would be in the river" she says, brow furrowing in confusion. And then there is…lingerie? "Oh…that is pretty" she offers nervously before attempting to get into it. Since every movement hurts, this may not be very quick and Nighteyes may actually have to look. Though that means Wanda avoids her eyes as she gets dressed. "I…there were people with me. Are they okay?"

Nighteyes does a bit, with one eye. She also moves as slowly and gently as possible. "I did not think to check the news, I was concerned about you. From the looks of it a ship exploded. Or perhaps crashed. Honestly I was not very focused upon the wreck after I spotted you." She sits back on her knees. "There that is good for modesty's sake and very soft on the skin."

Wanda nods about the modesty…and the softness. "A ship exploded?" She narrows her eyes in thought. "I…I think I remember that" she whispers "But I think I did it. Or something did…" Wanda scratches at her head…hard. Her fingers digging through her hair to tear at the scalp with her broken nails. "There were people there" she whispers in a worried tone. "I…I hurt them. Nyx. Bobby. I need to find them…" She starts to get out of bed and immediately screams in pain.

"Wanda!" Nighteyes says firmly. She reaches out and takes Wanda's hand. "Hm. We need to trim these nails. It was not you who blew up the ship, of that I am certain." Or at least, if she did it wasn't her fault. "Bobby is fine. I will send word to him." She hesitates and looks around. She hadn't really had any qualms about bringing Wanda here but telling Bobby or anyone else… Vampires never trust their resting places to mortals. "I can call him for you…or take you there but not just yet. You need more rest. I'm sure he can find the Nyx for you too."

Wanda nods as she slinks back onto the bed as carefully as she can. "I am glad everyone is okay." Her blue eyes stare up at the ceiling and a tear seeps from one of them. "I was mean to Bobby…and I made Nyx very sick. I…you were on the roof. I remember now." She turns her head to look at the vampire. "You said you cared for me" she whispers, a look of confusion on her face. "Why?"

"Yes, you were sick. You didn't hurt anyone, it wasn't your fault." Nighteyes looks down for a few moments before answering. "I said so because I do. You remind me a bit of someone I once knew which is part of it but why would one not care for you? You're very wise and very strong and kind." She's about to add beautiful but then realizes after the clothing thing it might not be the right time so she goes quiet again.

"Wise?" That seems to amuse Wanda. "No…I am not wise. And if I was strong I would have not got…sick." She bites on her lower lip before adding softly, "Thank you for forgiving me." A deep…painful…breath. "I remind you of someone? Then I hope you liked that person…but no one cares for me. And I have made a fool of myself caring for others. I am dangerous, Nighteyes. It is not safe for you to care about me."

Nighteyes smiles. "I am dangerous too. There are many kinds of strength Wanda. Being sick does not make you weak, or less. It just makes you sick. I have seen and watched you and your still do your best to go on and to help others. There was also nothing you have done that needs forgiving." She frowns a little. "People do care for you. That magi girl on the roof, Bobby, the ice mutant. And me as well. Your illness might make your powers hard to control at times but that is a thing not your fault either and if I were hurt by it, you mustn't blame yourself. I understand the risk and am quite willing to face it. You are worth it." She sits back a bit and tilts her head to one side with a thoughtful expression. "This place is only where I am staying for now. I am either buying or having a home built somewhere in the city. The basement will be much like this for me, and only able to be opened from the inside. The house its self will be more normal, save for windows that show the day while keeping out the sun. It will be a strong and sturdy place with good security. I am having a room made just for you. You can lock it from the inside as well to keep anyone out and come and go as you please. I do not think it's so safe for you on the street and this would be a place of your own."

When Wanda hears the depth of concern that Nighteyes has for her she stares at the vampire for a long moment, her eyes moistening, until…ignoring the pain…she leans over to hug the undead creature. "Thank you" she whispers in Nighteye's ear before placing a soft kiss on the cold cheek of her hostess. When she pulls back she quickly wipes her eyes. "There have been a few people who want me to stay with them but I am not sure. There are people after me. I think there are /many/ people after me now and I do not want to put others in danger." A soft smile. "The street may be the safest place there is."

Nighteyes looks very startled by the sudden hug and kiss but also very pleased. "I know. Though I think the HYDRA had no idea who you really were. It seemed to me they were after another. I am a lot harder to kill most." She grins with a bit of fang showing. "I mean to set this house up well security wise, partly because it is what vampires do with their dwellings but also so it will be safe for you. Should anyone discover where you are, you'll be able to be long gone before they can gain entrance, that way it will be safe during the day. At night.." She grins again. At night anyone attempting to break into her home will be in for a very unpleasant surprise. "I am also arranging for magical wards. To keep others away and to protect the house should your magic get away from you. You don't have to stay there, not at all but I desired for you to have the option." Nighteyes grin fades then and she looks concerned. "I had thought, that here in the tricities I wouldn't find any of my kind. It is the God-Wolf's territory after all and my kind should know it. However this has not been the case..I have fought one and frightened off another. There could be more. Your magic..would be a thing very tempting to them. Not youre blood, that is very unwise and forbidden and only one mad would do so, but there are other ways of control and vampires love power."

"I do not think you should set up your house just for me" Wanda smiles faintly, her dry lips cracking after the exertion of a small kiss. "Do you have some water? You will meet someone who you like-like and you would not want me around. And you would not want them to keep walking into warded rooms and hurting themselves. I have met a werewolf here but he was very nice. Not like in Transia."

Nighteyes stands and moves towards the refrigerator, getting a couple of cold bottles of water and returning to give them to Wanda. "It is also just good sense, I am very strong. If I were to fight in my home I would rather I not bring down the walls and ceilings." She smiles but then looks serious, taking the mention of meeting some she cares for as meaning she might find a romantic interest. "I haven't had a lover since I became vampire. If I did when was human, well, I remember nothing of that. I have never met one of my kind I felt drawn to, or trusted enough and I think it is too much to be with a mortal. Such emotions are very strong in vampires and very similar and often even tied into the thirst. My control is very good but…I am not certain in a moment of passion I wouldn't lose myself." Now being exiled from her kind as well, Nighteyes has been leading a rather lonely existence. Her brows raise in surprise though after a few moments. "This werewolf…was his name Nick?"

"I understand loneliness" Wanda nods as she nods thanks for the water and takes a swig. Even that hurts; both her lips and throat burn. "So you will /never/ have a lover again? That is sad…but I think I should make the same vow. I am too dangerous but because I am mad." She reaches out to take Nighteye's hand and give it a consoling squeeze. "We can be lonely together" she smirks before smiling at the last question. "Yes…he is a doctor. Or drives an ambulance or something like that. Do you know, Nick?"

Nighteyes smiles and gives her a tender look. "I think I will not. I would not risk turning someone or hurting them by mistake and if any of my kind recognize me by name it is very likely they will have come looking to slay me. Lonely together? Yes, I like that." She frowns a bit at Wanda's pained expression. "I have more of the pain medicine if you need it. And yes, I know Nick. I am going to be working for him soon. I need some documents and such. Mainly I will be security but able to help with the medical things some as well. His work is rather dangerous from what I have seen. Dangerous and strange and for a vampire to think so.." She grins. "He is a good man and has been kind to me as well, even though Goliath and I frighten him some I think."

"No more medicine" Wanda replies, wishing she had used her mind rather than her voice. "I cannot be asleep…in my mind." Another sip of her water before she places it carefully on the bed next to her. "I will sleep now and I will be better soon. I promise." She gives the vampire's hand a squeeze as she settles as best she can on the bed. "I am glad that you have a job and, yes, Nick is nice. So is Brinley. If you are protecting them then they will be able to do good."

Nighteyes smiles. "I will do my best. You rest. I will leave a message for Bobby and ask Nick to bring food here for when you awake." She's okay with telling the werewolf of this place, she thinks. She's fought at his side and spoken to him enough now to have a good measure of him. "I will also protect you." Nighteyes squeezes her hand back, very gently. She'll sit and wait til she's sure Wanda is asleep again before finding where she last left her phone and having her own 'meal'.

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