There's One In Every Town

May 19, 2015:

Janet Van Dorn visits Manhattan and starts to get mugged. Daredevil intervenes.

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen - Downtown of Times Square and Uptown of SoHo


NPCs: Shirl, Jimmy


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So what brings the Gotham City DA to Hell's Kitchen?

Ironically enough, it's not crime. It's not anything illicit at all. It's an evening off, something she gives herself quite rarely, and she went to a taping of The Tonight Show. It's right on the edge of the district, and she's gone further in to find a restaurant for dinner after. It's after dark, and… well, the long and the short of it is that despite this place being a grid, Janet might be a little lost. It's not her city, and while it's not hard to navigate, it's also not the place she knows best.

So here she is, ducking under an awning as it starts to rain, pulling out her phone to try to pinpoint exactly where she is. But Hell's Kitchen has been pretty well gentrified, so surely she's safe…

Sadly, that does seem to be the case with Hell's Kitchen. It's trying to be gentrified, but there are still pockets - a seedy convenience store next to a cutesy cupcake shop. A Hipster consignment shop next to the local gang's pub. Crime -has- gone down in Hell's Kitchen but, like the rest of the city, it's not absent.

Tonight seems to be no exception.

The awning is over one of those said seedy pubs (right next to a really kickass Korean barbeque restaurant) and while it seemed innocuous at first, a rather tough-looking woman swaggers her way a little too close to Janet just as she pulls out her phone. "Just what do you think your doin' here? We don't let just anyone stand on our turf."

Janet's actually strongly considering just scrapping her plans for the amazing Chinese place across from the swing club (if she can just FIND the place) and going for Korean barbecue instead. But the swing dancing is her ultimate goal to cap off the night, so she'll need to find it anyway —

Looking up, she blinks and stares at the woman over the rims of her glasses. Straightening (to her full height of three inches above five feet) and lifting her chin slightly, she shrugs. "Getting out of the rain to get some directions. I'm looking for Swing 46, if you can just point me in the right direction. And then I'll be out of your hair." She might even have smiled slightly at the last.

The woman looks over Janet very carefully and takes a casual yet intimidating stance, "Give me that phone and fancy purse and I'll think about it." Another figure steps over and stands on the other side of Janet in case she thinks to walk away. Apparently they're in cahoots. "Don't you think I'd look good with that purse, Jimmy?"

"Yeah, Shirl…I think so…you'd look good in that dress too."

There's another figure in the shadows, waiting…it seems. There's no immediate 'tell' as to which side they may be on.

Janet's eyes flick between the two and she sighs, raising her hands slightly. "I don't want any trouble," she replies with a sigh. "Christ. Does this really have to happen tonight? You know I take off something like one day a month to have a nice time, and this is what I get. I'm opening my purse," Janet adds, "to take out my wallet. The phone's no use to you." And indeed, she does appear to be opening her purse.

Whether she's actually going for her wallet is something else entirely. It all depends on how they react.

Jimmy laughs and imitates, "She don't want any trouble…that's what they all say." He takes a step closer even as Shirl does as well, "The phone, lady. And if you've got a piece in there, Jimmy'll knock you flat before you can pull it out of that fancy bag." They don't seem to be giving her much space at all and closing in for a potential attack.

The shadow in the alley moves, using their distraction to get behind Jimmy and grab an arm, wrenching it up towards the opposite elbow, "Seriously…it's not even that late."

Shirl, on the other hand, is a little quicker to react and lunges at Janet once Jimmy cries out in pain.

"I didn't want any trouble," Janet replies. Her hand really was going to close around her wallet, because losing a little money is always better than losing anything else. She could get a new phone. She could get a new purse, even, but lungs are in short supply and blood doesn't always get shipped in quickly enough. But it becomes quite clear quite quickly that they're looking for trouble, not money. So her hand closes around something else.

"I don't carry guns in New York," she begins. But then Jimmy's crying out in pain and Janet's head whirls around to see what caused that, which means Shirl's on her like a cat on a laser pointer. They're on the ground in a moment, and while Shirl's struggling for the purse, Janet's struggling for the stun gun inside it. Whipping it out takes a half-second, but then she's jamming it toward the woman's ribs.

Shirl gets the stun gun to the ribs and screams, falling back and convulsing. Jimmy twists around and plants a swift kick to the newcomer's legs and goes to throw himself on Janet. "No one hurts Shirl!" he bellows even as the newcomer regains his balance. Maybe some of his armor-like suit absorbed some of the impact, but he's very obviously not Law Enforcement; not with the deep red half-mask complete with little devil horn from the crown.

He then dives forward to try and pull Jimmy away from Janet, "Run!" is managed even as he ducks a punch and lands another blow in Jimmy's kidney.

That's not a cop. Not unless the NYPD uniform has changed up significantly in the past few weeks. Janet scrambles up and away, out of the heels she was wearing and across the sidewalk.

Run. That's the advice her dad always gave her, after all. Don't stay and fight, not unless you want to get killed. Run. Stun them with the stun gun and then get your ass out of there; that, at least, was the advice when she became the DA. When she was eleven and coming home with black eyes and split lips, the advice was just 'run'.

There's a lot of Janet that's still the scrappy kid from the rough side of Gotham, though. She knows she should get out of here. Instead, she twists the stun gun in her hand again. A spark flashes between the two electrodes. "You want the same?" she snaps, glaring at Jimmy. "Cut your losses and get your girl out of here. Use that brain of yours for something more than ballast."

Daredevil looks up briefly at the woman and manages an, "I got this…get out of here!" before he nearly takes another swing to the head. He manages to duck by dropping an swinging a leg to take out one of Jimmy's knees. Jimmy staggers back with a howl and seems to have a hard time standing. He does look between the vigilante and the woman with the taser…and the still convulsing Shirl before he scoops her up and sort of limps away.

"What part of 'run' didn't you get?" is asked as the vigilante gets to his feet. He doesn't seem the worse for wear…after all, Jimmy was just a thug and not a very trained thug.

Janet breathes deeply as she watches the two run off, straightening again and taking a sharp breath. She's more angry than anything else. Her head snaps over to the vigilante and she strides closer, picking up her fallen purse and starting to shovel its contents back into it. That was… messy.

"The part where I follow the orders of…" She's only now getting a really good look at the man's outfit. Pausing to look him up and down, the corner of her mouth crooks up. "…the Devil, apparently. The guy in Gotham, his horns are longer. But you don't have a cape, so the fashion points are on your side."

Her heart rate barely went up. There was some from exertion, from the struggle, but she never was really afraid. Nor is she now.

"Not that I don't appreciate it," she adds. "Apparently not a lot of police patrols down this street."

"Capes get in the way," is stated simply. He seems almost bemused by her berating but he does ask, "Are you all right? I'm sorry they singled you out…they don't seem to learn. I've busted some of their attempted muggings three times now. Sadly, the managers of the bar get kickbacks." Daredevil then turns his head slightly as the sounds of the city continue as if nothing just happened. "Did you get everything that fell out?"

"I think I broke a heel," Janet replies, glancing around the pavement to ensure — nope, there's a lipstick that fell out; she snags that, tucking the stun gun back into her purse as well. Picking up her shoes, she leans against the wall and fishes in her purse again to find a small tube of Superglue. "Step in out of the rain. Unless they have more jerks in there who want round two," she adds. "Why do you do this? Run around in a devil costume punching jerks? Again, not that I don't appreciate it, but we have this problem in Gotham, too. I really wish I could count the number of times I've had a gun waved in my face."

"I'm not really one to hang around and chat," is offered with another hint of a smile, "But to answer your question, because who else is going to do it? The cops can't be everywhere and not all of them can be trusted. There's also more bad guys than good guys. How's that answer for you? And you're from Gotham? Hell, you probably didn't need me then." And he thought Hell's Kitchen was bad…

That actually makes Janet grin and let out a small snort of laughter. "Some other damsel might be in distress," she replies. "No, I get it. And I'm not just from Gotham. I'm a cop's daughter and a politician, and I'm only not packing because it's my day off and I thought I could be halfway safe in New York." She shakes her head a little. "Look. There's other ways you can help people in this city. There's ways to be a community organizer that don't involve putting on masks and becoming a criminal yourself. Somehow, I get the impression you like punching jerks. You seem like a decent guy. …Which I just said to a fella wearing devil horns, so there you go. Just. Consider another road, okay?"

"Being a cop's daughter, great. Although, I'm not too sure I should take advice from a Politician." Daredevil does actually grin at that. "Not saying you should be packing in New York, but definitely should be aware of your surroundings. Just…consider that." He then points off up the street, "Go up three blocks and then turn left onto 46th Street. It's between 8th and 9th. You might want to call a cab though because of the rain…and the shoe."

"And he even gave me directions," Janet replies, her own smile broadening. "See, you're a step up from most of the costumed nutbars in Gotham. It must be that genial charm they raise you with in… where are we? Oh yeah. Hell's Kitchen." Her smiles are generally wry when they come. This one's no different. "I'm not a fan of you guys as a general rule. Seems to me that people who walk around their neighborhoods beating people up are committing 'assault' — " This with finger quotes. "And should be 'in jail'. But I'll let it slide this once. …Thank you."

"When it's self-defense, it's not a crime," is pointed out before he offers, "There's a cab turning the corner. I don't think it has a fare." And with that, he heads off into the rain and disappears into the shadows…probably similar to a certain Gotham vigilante. Daredevil doesn't leave though…he's going to make sure that she gets to where she's going before he takes off to attack other mooks.

At least he didn't sneak up behind her. Or growl. The growl is really annoying. Nor did he seem to have ridiculous toys or anything like that. A scrapper. Janet's eyes follow him into the dark, but she steps forward from the awning and flags the cab down. When she looks back up, she can't find the shape of him in the shadows, try as she might. Shaking her head a little, she climbs into the back of the cab and gives her directions.

"Crazy neighborhood you have here," she adds.

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