Underwater Leyline

May 24, 2015:

Hellstrom and Takeda work together to heal a tainted leyline off the coast of San Francisco.

San Francisco, CA


NPCs: Max, demons, Other-Reese


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Fade In…

Daimon walks near the harbor, fog rolling in and spilling around him as the sun slowly breaks through the cool morning air. He likes it at this time of day, when everything's damp and quiet. Sundays in San Francisco tend to be quiet - there are religious folk here, but they tend to keep it to themselves rather than shout it from the rooftops - and he can walk and think to himself. He doesn't even mind the smell of the fresh fish on the fish market, finding it all a part of the atmosphere of the city.

He pauses to light a cigarette, blowing a plume of smoke up into the air and cocking his head as he thinks he hears footsteps behind him, a smile breaking onto the corners of his mouth as his supernatural senses extend…

The quiet footsteps that he could readily hear comes on all fours, and the ones there after? Just two. Seikatsu Takeda already didn't like the smell of the place, it was dark and smelled like rain and fish, fish the more dominant of smells that touch her sensitive nose.

"It stinks. Positively stinks." Reese complains, hanging on to the dogs leash like so, Max being the leader and the supposed 'Alpha' of the ragtag crew of two. "It even smells worse than you, Max."

She stops at the end of the harbor, her nose twisting and wrinkling, the cigarette smoke soon joining in with the newfound smells. It's.. actually been a while since she took the initiative in doing something positive, and now that she was a member of the Primal Force, an attack upon Fenris meant that there was no more of a need to stay hidden and come when called. She had to do things her way, with the crew of them or no. At least Daimon was here..

"Okay.. so.. ready to go to work?"

Daimon Hellstrom smirks slightly, taking a long draw on his smoke before he answers, "Well, don't put it like that. I'm congenitally opposed to work - Sloth is one of my favorite sins. But I suppose if something needs doing, I don't mind contributing my fair share, provided I think it's worthwhile," he says. He casually walks through the fog, the natural heat of him dissipating it somewhat until he finds himself standing across from Reese, his hands pushed into the pockets of his coat.

"And, for you, Reese, I'll do more than I'd do for most. A sympathetic devil, am I, at least insofar as you're concerned."

"How else am I supposed to put it?" Reese muses. "If I say.. lets do some world saving charity, you'd… do that thing you do and get all hot. And not the good kind of hot."

She tilts her head as she listens to him move closer, Max immediately settling down at her feet as she bends down to give his body a few light pats. "Sympathetic devil?"

"I doubt it. You just want kisses for a job well done." She draws in a breath, never one to take the lead, but she was forced to do so now. "This one.. it feels a bit weird. It's under the water.. or.. in the water?" She wiggles her bare feet against the moist wood, her gaze falling downward even though everything she sees is dark. "Once I go in, they may come for you. So, be on guard? And try not to let anyone stab my body. I don't want to wake up in pain."

Daimon Hellstrom smirks, "I want kisses generally, regardless of performance of some menial task,' he says. "But, rest assured, I'll guard you better than that petty pup of yours ever could. No offense, Maximillian," he says. He walks in a slow circle around her and, in his wake, a thin line of hellfire forms, trailing as he makes a circle around her, nothing binding, just a simple basic focus for his power, that he might throw up protection around her at will, a pentagram with her at the very center.

"Perhaps after this I can take you shoe shopping. If you dont' want to be in pain, walking barefoot in a city full of junkies is hardly a wise choice."

Max was none too pleased at hearing Daimon bag on his performance, so he lifts his head to unleash a quiet little growl, then returns to his self induced slumber. Reese slowly takes a seat as she feels the first movements of his stride, her legs crossing into an indian style comfort, her fingers pressed together within her lap, her shoulders working to and frow as she closes her eyes.

As the fire of protection rises, Reese allows her mind to wander below, her eyes opening as they begin to glow a soft, shocking blue, her soul soon leaving her body as she's transported with the aid of the pendulum into the leyline below.


"Nooooo…shooooooesss…" She could hear herself say in the bubble of water, the same white ceremonial kimono she wears draping around her body at a float, everything was under water here, and yet.. she could breathe and see fine, the only thing that was terrible to her was the way her clothing and hair floated around her, giving her the look of a spectre.

The katana sash hugged her waist tightly as she begins to float downward, a soft red glow at the bottom of the ocean calls itself to her..

Meanwhile.. in the real world.. something calls itself to Daimon…

Daimon Hellstrom completes the circuit, sealing Reese within the protection of his demonic influence, if such a thing can be said to be purely beneficent. He barely hears her demurring of footwear, his spiritual hearing sharp enough to pick it up and drawing a short laugh from him. Stubborn woman. He sticks his tongue out at the dog, when he suddenly feels that presence calling out to him.

"Make yourself known for your own safety - I have no hesitance to end you in your anonymity and feel bad for it later if it's unjustified," he says, his brow beginning to display a slight prominence of horns, his hand flexing as he manifests his accursed trident.


Reese continues to float downward, her arms sailing in front of her in a swim, her feet kicking against the glowy current that makes up the oceans water..

It was a beautiful sight, the animals that weren't affected by the damaged leyline nearly sparkled and glittered, even ones long dead swam by her as if she were one.. the only thing that stopped to watch her curiously was a rather large whale, who sang the song of his people in a low, droll tembre..

Reese stops, her eyes watching the animal, a loud grin appearing upon her face as she gives a slow wave…


"Daimon.. it's me. What the hell are you doing?" Other-Reese says, her cane tipping against the ground as she steps forward. It was obviously her, minus the dog as her companion, but it would be wholly hard to tell the difference. Even the voice seemed the same.

"Why is it so hot here.. what's happening.."

Daimon Hellstrom raises an eyebrow, "Really? We're going to do the doppelganger routine? Well, that's okay, I suppose. Reese is rather pleasant to look at, so having two…well, let's just say I've already had this dream," he says.

"Now, if you'll just stay put over there, I'll put you in a protective pentagram of your own and, whenever this Reese gets back, we can sort out everyone's IDs and passports, check your stamps, see if you have anything to declare, all that jazz," he says.

"Perhaps." Other-Reese started, the cane that was used to see her way through soon melding into the form of a very, long blade, drawn up upon her shoulders as she slowly begins to pace the expanse of the harbor. "Maybe I should have used the likeness of your sister. Maybe the visage of your father. That would have /really/ gotten your goat.." Black smoke pools around Other-Reese's feet, sectioning itself off to allow, small.. like gremlin demons to appear. Their skin was black, yet cracked with lines of red to mark a path upon their skin. And each of them burned equally hot as Daimon..


Reese continues to swim forth after the leyline Whale sings it's approval, who actually joins her by occasionally nudging at her feet to boost her downward faster. It understood the urgency in the matter, a quiet alliance to keep the earth safe even though that particular whale was long gone…

"Iiiiiiitsssss abbbbsuuuuuurrrrrrrrdddd doooooooowwwwnnn heeeeeerrree Daaaaaiiiimooooon… Iiiiiiiii maaaaaaaade.. a.. whaaaaaaaaaaallllllle friiiiiiiiiend…"

But so deep below, would he be able to hear her musings?

Daimon Hellstrom smirks, "I'm certain my sister would like to get my goat - she's not particularly choosy as to species. As for my father, wearing his face would likely attract his attention and, given the fact that I'm about to kick your ass myself, that probably wouldn't do any better for you," he says. "For some reason, you think it's an impressive idea to attract my ire.

Daimon Hellstrom smirks, "I'm certain my sister would like to get my goat - she's not particularly choosy as to species. As for my father, wearing his face would likely attract his attention and, given the fact that I'm about to kick your ass myself, that probably wouldn't do any better for you," he says. "For some reason, you think it's an impressive idea to attract my ire. Which either makes you ignorant or foolish, a determination I'll make once I've removed your brains from your head on the end of my trident."

He makes a dramatic flick with his weapon, twirling it about and the circle around Reese shimmers for a moment, transluscent crimson and quivering, almost like glowing, liquid blood ran invisible through the air. "At any rate, enough prattling. Either make a move or be dismissed."

Two of the demons were already taking a step aside and away from Other-Reese, while the other two move forward in guard of the phantom woman. "Oh. We don't care about invoking you're ire. You're just fodder.."

Two of the demons turn invisible, splashing into the water, disappearing from sight.. "..distraction to get to her!" That long blade was pointed towards Reese.. giving the demons directive to attack Daimon..


The whale gives Reese a final shove towards the glowing, darkened leyline, keeping guard as she releases the hold she has upon her katana, her hands reaching forward to summon the blue light that draws from the pits of her belly.

"Iiiiiimmmmm heeeeaaaaaalllinnnng.. ittttt nowwwwww…" She echoes, the light and it's warmth shooting from the palm of her hands, her eyes closing within the water as she allows that dual concentration to slip forth.. until..


The cries of the whale booms ever so loudly throughout the leyline, dark blue clouding the bright waters, Reese's eyes snapping open to look up to see the two demons that were sent from above to attack the whale, Reese's guardian..

"Ooooooooh… nooooooooo!" She cries out.. drawing the katana from the sheath as she boosts herself into flying/floating/soaring from her position..

Daimon Hellstrom snarls and unleashes a gout of hellfire at the demons remaining uptop, an explosive jet of punishing magick to send them scattering on the way. He starts to mutter under his breath, the language dank and foul and obscene in its own way, syllables cutting at reality as he enunciates words cursed from their very formation, formed to speak on forked tongues. His crimson eyes begin to glow as he keeps his body between the devils and the body of the projected woman, a demonic 'You Shall Not Pass" as he slams his trident into the ground.

Meanwhile, as his words lash at the world, tendrils of his power dive into the water after those demons, tentacles of unholy energy seeking them out like jellyfish limbs, seeking to lash and sting and grip before dragging them away from where they can do Reese harm.

Other-Reese was already chanting, drawing the blade at a whip to produce a shield that tries to beat back against Daimon's defenses. Nevermind the minions that was sent to help her, that shield kept true as she approaches Daimon with a high leap and a slashing of the blade against whatever barrier or defenses that Hellstrom erected.


Reese doesn't make it to the whale in time, but it was obviously hurt. She recognizes the tendrils when she sees it, leaving the little demon minions to them as she floats towards the whale who cries in pain. Speaking underwater was nuts, but she tries to either way, drawing her hands around and against the side of the whale, pushing her power into the large expanse of the beast to heal…


The real Reese remains still, though a furrowing of her brow as seen as her lips purse, her body shaking ever so briefly as she coughs up a small row of water..

Daimon Hellstrom sarls as the weapon impacts against his trident, flares of power, flame and magick, spark into the air around them as he blocks the assault and then counterattacks, shoving up and using leverage as he spins his weapon, bringing it up and around to swing in a violent stroke, not so different from a smack with a baseball bat. He feels the demons getting caught up in his tentacles of power, drawing deep as he starts to drain the magick out of them, his affinity with demonic energies allowing him to almost feed upon them, the shadow of his presence falling into the water in warmth that spreads through it. And, all the while, he stands strong over her body and, yes, even her dog, making sure that neither are touched by the vile assault.

The counter attack left Other-Reese wanting, promptly leaping back in time to not be sheared in two, yet suffering the effects of of a narrow miss. Thankfully, her insides were still within her belly. The long row of split-skin bleeds profusely, her free hand drawing to clutch at her chest, the blade turned downward to brace herself against a staggering blow, leaping back just enough to keep away from arm and trident's length of the Hellborne man..


It was taking too long, the glowing red pulse of the leyline.. as well as the current infection it suffers.. the demons invading and the Hellstrom strand aiding in the poisoning of the ley.. it was all too much, even the whale attempted to push Reese away to do her previous duty. For the earth was all that mattered..

"Noooooooo.." Reese utters in protest, floating away from the large beast as it pushes her downward again, her hand and blade hand reaching out to try to grasp a fin as she calls out..

"Daaaaaaiiiimoooooon…. leeeeeet… theeeeeemm… goooooooo..!"

She was about to pull a doozy.

Daimon Hellstrom growls in frustration as Reese tells him to back off, but back off he does, withdrawing his tentacles so as to remove the taint he's adding to the water. He only adds that energy into an eldritch blast he throws at the Other-Reese, however, seeing no reason to spare that one just because she's making him back off the minions.

Plus, quite frankly, he's more than irritated at the way the thing felt comfortable enough to taunt him. As if he weren't the Prince of Lies, Son of Satan, but another common demonologist. Sometimes, one has to remind the commoners of just who they're dealing with…

Other-Reese laughs, the blade drawing up again as she points towards the Prince of Lies. "YOU FAILED!" She howls out, drawing the blade upright as it alights with fire, slamming it down towards the grown in a harsh movement that collides with the eldritch blast.. and backfires…

The remaining minions and Other-Reese were disentegrated.. along with the remaining parts of the harbor that allowed them to remain a connection to the land..


Reese curls herself into a ball as she focuses all of her healing into her center, allowing it to build.. build.. build..

Until she expends all of her energy at once, throwing out that healing magics in all directions.. wrapping every unclean thing below within her warmth..


The harbor itself.. the one that's disconnected from the land begins to rock and shake, Reese's soon starting to cough and struggle with breath, her body soon slumping against Max who barks in urgance towards Daimon. In doggy speak? Stop screwing around and pay attention!

Daimon Hellstrom turns away from where the demon once stood, dismissing its taunt as the deluded ranting of a thing that knows its time has come. When he hears Reese coughing, however, he turns and quickly moves to her, stepping easily into the protection he's set up and kneeling down next to her. He ignores the dog, as he usually does, as he reaches out and cups her cheek, lifting her face up.

"Reese, pull yourself together now, enough with this nonsense," he says, firmly. even as he uses his mystick senses to inspect her both body and soul, the horns on his brow slowly retreating a bit as he removes himself from battle mode, his Darksoul's taint slipping back a bit…

There were no more demons to battle, they were separated from the world.. just a floating harbor that's slowly drifting into the ocean. Nothing terrible about that, they're on a boat. Max was a little angered at being dismissed, drawing away so that Reese could be held within his arms, the tail wagging as he barks and tries to sniff at Reese's cheek.


Amist the glow, Reese was left floating.. she wasn't unconscious, in fact.. she was thrilled. The whale swam in quick circles, leaving a trail of glow behind him, singing out his praises as the other animals and beasts of the sea join in the parade.. even the ones that were tainted by the dark magic of the infection seemed to retain their glow.. the redness seeping from scales to be replaced with a fresh, blue light..

"Thiiiiiiiiiiiis iiiiiiiiiiis soooooooooooo aaaadoooorraaabbblllleee!" She calls out, as they all rally around her to push her to the surface…


Reese releases a shrill grap, sitting upright, coughing heavily as a fist curls to pound hard against her chest. She was sure to avoid smashing the pendulum against her as she does so, her other hand reaching out to grasp Daimon's shirt to brace herself.

Max yips, his tail waggily happily, paws pounding against the wood of the broken, happy that his Mistress is finally awake. It's a wonder.. the dog doesn't have grey hairs yet. But it was obvious that Reese was getting better at her little trick.

Daimon Hellstrom gives a slight sigh of…was it relief? Wouldn't that involve actual caring? Is he allowed to do that? At any rate, he seems to show signs of being pleased at her return, patting her on the back and letting her lean into his chest and shoulders for support, "Peace, you've done your bit and you're safe," he says. "Perhaps you'll linger less on the flora and fauna next time," he smiles.

He dismisses his trident and allows the circle to fall, the faint ash-mark of a pentagram on the ground the only sign that he had been present - that and the hint of sulfur in the air, mingled with the fish from the market to make it smell like someone was having a fish barbecue today…

Reese heaves just a little, her eyes closing tightlly as she's finally able to draw out a good breath. "It was.. different.." She manages to breathe out, her eyes slowly opening as the glow had faded, her entire body a shiver even though the heat was near. "You should have seen it.."

But, there was the smell, one that causes her nose to wrinkle ever so slightly. "Christ.." And the motions of floating, she could tell that they were detached and moving away from any sembliance of land.. "Do we have to swim back to shore? Cause.. I'm really tired and I rather eat something.. burnt."

Daimon Hellstrom comes into FRP Room #2 from FRP Ready Room.

Daimon Hellstrom laugsh and shakes his head, "We can eat where you like. One of the benefits of being able to summon a portal," he says, helping to pull her to her feet, "And let's not bring Christ into it. He and I aren't exactly on speaking terms. Come, let's find you something charred bloodless…perhaps some sort of chain steakhouse, one of those places where the waitresses either cover th emselves with buttons or have their bosoms threatening to burst their t-shirts…" he says.

"…let's make it the latter, something to help make the food more tolerable," he smiles.

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