Sunrise Serenade

May 22, 2015:

Two heroes encounter one another in near earth orbit at dawn. Encounter ensues.

Near Earth Orbit - The Final Frontier

Below, the planet Earth dominates the view. Farther out, the Moon can be seen like a white marble in the blackness of space surrounding the planet… when its not hidden by the planet's bulk, itself. The denizens of Earth have been quite busy in the last half-century, or so, filling the skies above their planet with technological marvels — space stations and satellites orbit at various altitudes, most of them concentrating on watching life on the planet below. Some few, however, turn their gaze outward, looking for signs of life beyond this quiet backwater of the galaxy.

Obvious Exits:

  • <D> leads to American Airspace [SKY]
  • <ES> leads to Earth Space [SPC]
  • <WT> - Watchtower Station (The Final Frontier)


NPCs: None.


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

It's sunrise in North America, and in anyone in orbit above it will have the pleasure of watching the terminator roll slowly toward the west coast. One person enjoying the view is the recently famous blue alien who's taken up residence in New York City. Zen sits in the lotus position, floating in his travel bubble, watching the planet turn below. He's at peace and radiates a telepathic sense of calm all around him.

It's a morning thing, really. Dawn is the time when good airmen - and airwomen - get up and get moving. And when one can change clothes as quickly as a thought, and fly without jet fuel or flight plans, things move fast fast fast. Like Mach 6 in atmosphere. Captain Marvel shoots into near Earth orbit to scan around, just keeping an eye on things and genuinely just letting herself 'touch' the miracle that is her life and this world.

Carol doesn't stumble and fall when she wants to fly, anymore. But she still has that spirit. Indomitable.

Catching sight of someone sitting in a bubble, Captain Marvel cannot help but want to investigate. Not that she wants to disturb someone's peaceful meditation, mind. But that bubble doesn't /look/ like it has propulsion available. So they could be zoning out to preserve atmosphere, waiting for rescue. The shining heroine floats in close, and raps lightly on the surface of the bubble. She can't exactly speak aloud and be heard like this, but that ought to carry.

The bubble is a little over two meters across, and the surface when she taps on it his slightly sproingy instead of solid. Rather than be annoyed at the arrival of someone new, Zen 'smiles' when he senses the closeness of another mind up here. His smile is a bit strange given that he doesn't have a mouth, but the corners of his eyes curve up and the expression is pretty clear. He makes the ASL sign for apology, and then dips his head slightly in greeting when his mental voice projects into the visitor's mind. "<Good morning. Is telepathy ok? I usually ask permission first, but I left my cards at home.>" His voice is a warm baritone, speaking in her mind using the language and accent with which she is most familiar.

Well, that's convenient. Thankfully, Carol is not one who is greatly bothered by telepathic communication; she's friends with Xavier, after all. « Hi. Sorry to bother you. I'm not used to seeing anyone else up here like this, when they're not someone I know can move around on their own. » She gestures towards the bubble. « This didn't look like it had propulsion, and I didn't want you to be abandonned or lost up here. » Given her receptive kindness, it should be easy for Zen to realize she has already forgiven the telepathy without permission, and sees no reason to comment on it. « I'm Captain Marvel, by the way. Do you need a 'ride' down to the surface? »

Zen looks relieved at the permission, and the feeling even seeps into his telepathy. His speech is a lot more like communicating via intention than literal words. « Ah, that's kind of you! Fortunately, I'm not actually stuck. » A chuckle accompanies his mental voice, though there isn't any body language to accompany the amusement. At a small gesture, the bubble zips left, right, 'up' and 'down', before coming back to align with where Danvers is floating. There doesn't seem to be any internal inertia when he moves either. « I just like coming up here to sit and think. Nice and quiet. But it's nice to meet you Captain. My name is Zen. » He shifts forward and pokes his hand through the membranous surface of the bubble, offering to shake hands.

Carol's gloved hand returns the greeting. « Well, nice to meet you then, Zen. Neat trick with the bubble. Telekinetic? » She is clearly curious, and also at least aware of mental powers of various forms, rather than afraid of them. "I haven't met someone who creates a bubble like this before." Well, other than Magneto, but that's not a solid but an energy bubble, and very obvious in source by comparison.

Zen pulls his hand back inside after the greeting, and nods. « I'm not actually sure how it works, » Zen says, sounding a little apologetic. « It came with my ship, and both are pretty old. But it responds to telepathic commands, so I use it like a… a drop ship I guess? It's pretty handy for getting around places where they don't have a proper spaceport. Or, uh… » He looks away, a sense of embarrassment coming through on his mental carrier wave. « When you crash land in an ocean. » He chuckles again.

« Self-contained atmosphere, inertial dampener, impact resistance. Sure, that makes sense. Pretty handy, I'd say. » Captain Marvel offers, easily enough. « I'll take my own arrangement, but that's because I can. Any landing you can … float away from, still counts. But an oceanic splashdown is a tough one, especially for proper recovery and retrofit. » Yes, Carol was an astronaut. She thinks in terms of getting the ship back in flight service, even though she herself doesn't need one anymore. Though it's still better to have one than not when traveling in space. Easier to carry other people, or cargo, that way. « Guess the telepathy helps in the 'getting to know the new mudball' department. »

The hairless ridges of Zen's 'eyebrows' go up when the Captain shows how much she understands about space travel. « Yes, exactly! Not very many people here get the intricacies. It's understandable of course. Still nice to find someone who understands it though. » He shifts slightly in the bubble, stretching his legs and settling into more of a kneeling position.

The blonde woman nods. « Sure. I spent years in the Air Force here, and was working for astronaut. » She doesn't say she made it, and there's a sense she glossed over something there. « I ended up with these powers, and spent a couple of years out there in the Black. I was Binary, back then. Most of my time was through the old Kree, Skrull and Shi'ar Empires. But I know the challenges one can face in space travel, especially on a new world. » If she hadn't the facility for languages she has, she'd have had a harder time of it. Genetic imprinting of Kree helped, though. « I wish you luck around here. I should leave you to your meditation. We've both got a day to face, and I should get down there soon and do just that. »

Zen nods, thinking for a moment. « Yeah, I remember hearing that name. 'Binary' is a legend in some places. » He pauses, turning again to watch the planet below as it slowly gets brighter. « It is /especially/ nice to make your acquaintance. Thank you for the welcome, but I hope if there is anything you think I might be able to help out with, I'd be happy to get involved. I'll be here until a galactic tow truck shows up, at least. » He chuckles. « I'd like to make myself useful while I'm here. Take care, and have a good day. » He grins at the woman again, and folds his legs into lotus again.

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