Promise Me

May 24, 2015:

Scott and Jean spend time together, almost everything was covered… promises made..

Jean's Office


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It had been a while since Jean was able to finally relax in her office. The mountains upon mountains of paperwork had gone down just to a few sheets and folders, nothing terribly important other than new student profiles and the interesting prospect of allowing a singular human to attend the school of the gifted. That was an interesting prospect, one that needed to be brought up behind closed doors before the rumor mill started to fly. Among other things.

Other things that involve weird dreams that she's tried to figure out on her own, but make no headway with. As well as the situation within Africa, the situation at home with the Smooth and other things. Their plate seemed full but everything has started to taper down to a dull roar.

« Mr. Summers, come into my office please. »

Was sent out through the personal link, the folder of the supposed human held aloft as she reads through the file with a slight wrinkle of her nose. Not out of disgust but.. she may just be getting the sniffles. D'aw.

It wasn't long before Scott comes into Jean's office, dressed in the professional attire he wears while teaching. He, as well, hasn't had much spare time since Friday's classes let out; the work had stacked up thanks to his time in the city.

Walking in, Scott sighs and turns to close the door. He stops halfway, glancing to Jean. "This a closed door meeting?" he asks her with an arched eyebrow.

The folder was lowered so only her eyes were seen, as well as a shock of red hair that dances along her brow. There was consideration for a moment, both eyes squinting towards the door, soon a slight shrug of her shoulders was given as she tosses the file folder down upon the desk. "I suppose it should be. Unless you want another rumor mill to start with your name attached." She was teasing, clearly. And no, it wasn't about 'tearing up the dance club' either.

"First thing.. how are you doing?" He looked.. tired. At least to her. "I know things have been .. hectic as of late and I'm sorry for running out on you always."

Turning back, Scott closes the door behind him. There is, in fact, a tired look on his face, but the terse nature drains away in the light of his trust for Jean. He comes around to her side of the desk, reaching for her.

"That's okay," he answers. "I've been spending time in the city, working on some things with the Red team. Met with Dr. Wells of STAR Labs to discuss a treatment for exgenta-diacetylmorphine addicts. Met with a couple of lawyers to discuss… some things."

The subtext is that Scott has been putting his neck out there because no one else has taken the initiative to do it, but he doesn't find it entirely comfortable exposing himself so. Every step he takes will make it easier for a clever eye to draw the line between 'School Teacher, Scott Summers' and 'Leader of the Elusive X-Men, Cyclops'.

There was a little frown as he approaches her side of the desk, her feet pressing against the ground to drag the chair outwards, immediately standing to draw her arms around his neck with a slight press of her toes that raises her from her heels. She keeps him held tight; avoiding the formerly friendly pats to his back, yet this time sinking her fingers into his hair as she buries her face into his neck.

"What things?" She murmurs quietly, drawing away from him and turning, so that he could partake of her chair and her, his lap. "You are putting yourself out there too much. Eventually, you'll have to slow down and enjoy life. Even if it's for a day." If he sat? So would she be, as close as possible. "But, is there good news that come from these meetings? I as under the assumption that SHIELD had scientists that would be able to combat the drug."

She could name two.

Scott takes his seat, smirking when she makes her own seat. He keeps an arm around her while considering his answer.

"A young woman named Charlie Adams came to DCI. Former smooth addict, mutant prostitute. She… changes gender. And she wants to help. I spoke with her about going to STAR Labs, and she wanted to speak with these lawyers first. Nelson & Murdock, Hell's Kitchen. Anyway, they say there's a chance some kind of reparations suit could be filed to keep the smooth dealers in prison, and we spoke about some kind of suit to keep the Feds on their toes with how they handle this crisis. Of course, it would X-Men Red filing the claim, not me."

He pauses, drawing in another deep breath. "As far as SHIELD goes? I've sent a request to Director Fury. Haven't heard a response yet."

Well, that was new. A mutant that could change gend.. no. There's Mystique, but she was in a league of her own. "I think that's the best course of action, it would allow Berto's team to shake their feet and get more coverage and hopefully sympathisers to our cause. And those dealers in jail." Her lips purse faintly, lost in thought for a moment as a little sad smile crosses her lips.

"I think… Ms. Adams should come to our school. I want to assume she's college aged? Everything would be a brand new start for start for her. She could take a few classes, get used to the routine, and start on a degree that would take her far in life. What do you think?"

As far as SHIELD was concerned, Jean was not. She intended to leave that subject alone, for now. "Which brings me to my other thought. There is a young couple that I've had the pleasure of meeting during my time abroad, who are planning to move to the city. It's assured that their toddler is no mutant and know of my ties to the school.." She fidgets just a little, her first time ever speaking this aloud. "Would.. would we allow normal people to attend this school as well? It.. it's just a thought."

A warm smile comes over Scott's face. "I think that's a wonderful idea," he answers. "She's staying at the Red building for a while; the withdrawal symptoms are still pretty bad for her. But, I will mention it to her. I think she trusts me."

Now, as Jean brings up her concern, Scott sits up a bit more, being careful not to jostle her off his lap. "Well, I don't see a problem with that," he answers. "We have some staff who are homo-sapien, after all. Of course, we'll need to put this student through the same pre-qualification testing and conduct a psychological profile. Might be weird to see other kids melting pencils with their fingers."

Little known secret about Jean, as of late. She just enjoys putting together packets of information for prospective students. The more students, the more of them that are put out into the world and made useful, instead of fighting the good fight. They're given a chance. They're given hope. She wriggles just a little at the thought, hands clasping together as she gives a faint nod. "I'll get everything ready for her."

And so she does, the over-eager woman drawing a hand upright as papers and folders were soon set to fly, her hand lowering into her lap as she shifts her weight a bit more to the side so that she could watch his features.

"Well, the child will turn four soon. I'm sure at that age it'll be a lot easier for them to adapt. As of now, she's attending a headstart class in the Bronx that her parents do not thing is suitable for her."

"Can you imagine it though? There are already students who are attending schools with mutants who haven't even come into their powers yet. But to have a human attend a school full of mutants? It'll set a precedence."

"That's exactly what I like about it," Scott agrees. "We don't want to be reclusive, after all. It's not as if people don't know there's a school for the gifted up here."

The wriggling has him raising his eyebrows. Come on, Jean, you're still sitting on his lap!

"Tell me about the parents," he requests. "Where did you meet them?"

"They know, but none of them ever attempted to try."

Point goes to the Grey.

Whoops! About wiggling on his lap, the raised brow draws her to a still and another wiggle, as well as a slight adjustment on her behalf. The papers soon filter into a folder which was carefully settled upon the edge of the desk, safe from falling and in place.

"The parents. Malin and Brandt Hanson. I met them when I took my sabbatical to Italy. Friend of a friend. But then little Norma was still in her stroller." Just then, a small image of the meeting was pushed through the link, a gentle guiding.. and a notice if they are seen on the street? Be welcoming!

"There isn't much to the story, it was as normal as anyone could get. Though, they seemed excited about the prospect that I could speak 'Baby'." There was a little laugh there, and a clear relaxation, which has her melting against his chest.

"I've been having dreams lately, since the sighting of .." The Phoenix. Even thinking about it gives her chills. "Some that are all too involved and extensive.. some that may be hopes and dreams of the future or wishful thinking. Some that seem too good to be true and almost hard to wake up from.. and often times, so terrible that the need to wake up so great that it's almost paralyzing once my eyes open. What does that mean?"

"Speaking 'Baby'," Scott answers, laughing and wrapping his arms around Jean's waist. "Now, I wonder which babies actually speak in the voice of Bruce Willis? Because that would be telling."

As the conversation shifts to darker subjects, the smile slowly fades from Scott's face. He considers Jean's words, knowing all too well what it is she's really speaking of. "Well, it sounds like there may be some kind of lingering 'connection'. I've been hearing things from the Ley pendulum. Unrelated, I know, but there are whisperings of trouble in the magic realm, and the stone is cracked. I'm not sure what that means either, and it's troubling. Have you spoken with Charles about this?"

A pause, before he tightens his grip just so. "They seem nice, Malin and Brandt."

She laughs just a little, that joke was a little bit horrible but she indulges. "Actually, it sounds .. neutral. If neutral is a thing.." It's.. weird.

"A lingering connection? I saw the damned thing all the way from Africa. -Felt- it all the way from Africa. That was no lingering connection." But could she call it a taunt? Possibly.

The mention of his pendulum causes her brows to frown, what if it wasn't unrelated? She doesn't dare bring that up, it would just give him more to worry about. "Let me see?"

"Yes and no. He reassures me that everything will be alright, but often times I hear the doubt in his voice. And sometimes I think that I just do not, and possibly will not ever have a chance. At anything."

Scott may be frowning, but he kisses the back of Jean's neck anyway, and draws a hand away to run it through her hair.

"We all have doubt in our voices, Jean. This is not easy for anyone, and none of us can see the future. Our future. We're guessing. We just… need to try and make our guesses the right ones."

He kisses the back of her neck again, before shifting so that he may draw the item from his pocket. Revealed, Jean will be able to sense it's power again, though it feels weaker, somehow. Not as primal. There is a crack right down the middle of its emerald stone, though the twin lamia clutching it are undamaged.

The kisses to the back of her neck drew her eyes to a close, not once, but twice.. and the touch to her hair?

Forget about it.

But this was important, her head nodding at the advice given, her lips twisting briefly as she shifts just enough to bring the pendant into view. The power wasn't as it was before when she last saw it, which draws a small bit of alarm that remains hidden through focused gaze. The way she shifts is a way that almost seems clumsy, hands gripping the armrest to lift and straddle both legs as both hands soon lift from their position to hold over it, yet not touch.

"Did you feel the crack when it happened?" She murmurs, her eyes a dim glow as she works her mouth in a way that allows her tongue to touch her teeth. She could taste it, but not as much as she had before.

Eyebrows rise at the question. "I… no, I did not. I suppose I might have reached out to the other bearers, had I not been so tied up in everything that's going on." He hasn't even breached the subject of Partisan or Red team's leadership.

There was a slight tilt of her head as she looks towards Scott, the green eyes almost menacingly.. kind! "I suppose it's only right you fix your own before someone elses.." She comments idly. Still, she draws her gaze down towards the pendulum, her hands soon cupping just beneath it, not touching just yet.. but wanting to.

"May I?"

Jean's remark draws a rueful grin. He can think of at least one Red Team member who might've argued with her on that point, but he'll leave it be. Being a member of Primal Force was still a bit odd to him, at times, but he's come to understand the importance of being 'chosen' by the pendulum.

It's only his growing comfort with the role that brings him to nod his head approvingly. He's felt a certain connection to the item for a couple of weeks now, and a simple gesture of his hands puts the item into the palm of Jean's.

She could feel it before the pendulum drops into her hand. The heat of the power that resides within, the touch of earth and something so natural that her other hand soon clamps down upon his to share the connection, and keep it tight. Perhaps he had felt it when he touched the pendulum himself, but he would likely take on every property that she felt when she first held it.. and now.

Including the nasty taste that it leaves in her mouth, like earth, stone, smoothness of rubies. Each chemical compound that could be found within creates that taste, he could probably feel the molecular structure down to his finger tips.. and more importantly…

Old magic. Magic filled with thoughts, memories and dreams.. some of them from things that weren't even human. Some that were alien to the world yet passes them by upon the daily. Touches of another world right at his fingertips but hidden and unseen.. experienced through the briefest of travels..

..and whispers from dead things that crawl in the dark…

Thankfully it wasn't a total shock to Jean's system, but it does bother her, that was felt within the connection too and yet quickly tucked away, tight and hidden. Her hand removes from his as she tries to pry the other away to allow the pendulum to fall where it may lay. "…that…" She says nothing afterwards.

Lips part when Scott is given a deeper look into the heart of that which he is chosen to guard. His Alaska-born brain simply isn't built for this kind of thing, and it has him wanting to snatch the item back, only to put it out of sight once more.

Instead, his hand moves to catch the chain when it's dropped, letting the stone dangle for a few moments. "… was … the heart of it," he surmises. Scott lifts the pendulum until the stone is before him, inspecting it with a frown. "It's seen more than either of us could have imagined."

"..Yeah.." Is all she could say, her eyes watering immediately at the sight, her hands drawing up towards her face to wipe away the tears that threaten to fall, and promptly smearing her well crafted eyeliner. "Your reaction.. it seems that you never felt that before?" Her hand reaches up to grasp his, easing it away from his eyes so that he could tuck it away into hiding..

She certainly didn't want to feel that again. It felt so familiar.. it was frightening. "I'm so afraid for you.." She was trying not to cry, she really hated it. Especially in front of him. But she wasn't going to tell him to not protect the world. It was asking him to stop breathing, or loving her.

The ley pendulum is soon tucked back into his pocket. Out of sight, out of mind, and out of telepathic reach. His hand then finds itself closing around hers, alongside his other hand. Seeing her so distraught troubles him deeply, and his head angles to the side just so.

"Oh, Jean…" He shakes his head. "There's nothing to be afraid of. As much as I'm chosen to protect it? I think it was also chosen to protect me." He shakes his head from side to side, trying to encourage her. "It's… nothing bad is going to happen."

Her eyes drop down towards his hands as they clasp her own, which is soon lifted to her lips to brush them against her knuckles, one hand soon drawing up to wipe away at her eyes to allow a gentle sniff..

"Promise me."

It was a loaded demand, one that no one could ever fulfill. But she asks him of it either way, just to ease her troubled mind. She soon leans forward from the straddle upon her lap to sink her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly to her, her chin resting upon his shoulders as her fingers draw light lines through his dark hair.

"Do you remember.. in the movie Serenity where River says that 'nothing in the verse can stop her'? If.. if something happens to you.." Open ended threat. To whomever.

It wasn't often that such a thing was asked of him. Scott was usually more interested in protecting the ones he loves and cares about. He'd even take a bullet for Logan, if such a thing we're capable of hurting the man. To be asked to protect himself? He'd never even considered it in such light.

Not much of a science fiction fan, it takes Scott a moment to remember the movie Jean references. Another moment to remember the character she speaks of. When it registers, though, a shadow crosses his face. He cranes his neck down just so, lips drawn tightly to echo the knot forming in his chest.

"I promise."

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