Let There Be Hope

May 23, 2015:

Selina hosts a fundraiser for the displaced children of South Hook

Gotham Zoo


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Of all places, it is no wonder this was the place Selina Kyle was able to reserve. The Gotham Zoo has been one of the many facilities Selina has kept an avid eye upon, ensuring the animals have adequate housing, funding, and most of them are rehabilitation cases - inadequate for the wild and only suitable for such a facility, because in the wild only the fit survive.

This says nothing for outside the walls of the Zoo for the animals.

None the less, this is the place children tend to love and find comfort as well as get lost in the winding pathways of exhibits as well as in the eyes of the small Capuchin monkeys, or while running their hands along the bumps and ridges of a huge rotoises shell, knowing lore has it, that is how the world is carried in some cultures.

Earlier on the children left unfound, displaced, and weary from their use in South Hook were brought in, the Zoo shut off to normal visitors (sans contributors) and regular business hours to cater to the misfortunate children, some among them ones that lost their parents during the entire ordeal. Vendors cook them food, spin them cotton candy and serve them icecream, handlers inform them about the species present and even give them small classes with some smaller wildlife long tamed due to captivity at their sides.

This is not a benefit to point and stare, or give money into an auction while they sit on display, these children are running throughout the Zoo with escorts that volunteered their time to tend to them one on one if need be, all the while mottled around the perimeter men in suits with ear pieces walk, patrolling but casual. In the midst, and sitting with a small girl bearing long brown hair in a wavy mass down her back, is Selina Kyle before the leopard exibit, speaking to the girl about big cats, their habitats, and also holding a small plush version in front of her with a small smile spread upon lips.

The attire is casual, almost as if Selina herself is about to safari, cargo shorts hung low upon waist and a black tank top covering and linging to her torso, but nothing topped it off like the hat with sunglasses perched upon the rim, whisps of her shorter black hair poking out of the bottom and around the rim.

It was possibly a bad idea for Ivy.. Pamela to be seen in public. However, the two children she had stolen away from the grips of the deadly and damned seem right at home with her. She kept them because, why not? They were orphans, wayward children who were kind and brilliant to all things living that was within her household. They had the promises of becoming world leading scientists in Botany under her tutiledge. But that was beside the fact.

The boys, brothers, Michael and Alexander begged Pamela to take them out. Pamela really had no choice to comply and suffer herself with very informal clothing in the form of a pair of harem-pants (which seem to be in style), sweet boots and a blazer-like jacket which hides a tank top. A claw from a tiger hung around her neck to fit the occasion, the boys themselves in cargo shorts that flow past the knees and sneakers that were fit and comfortable.

They high-five with each other, glancing towards Pamela for permission to muck and mingle which was granted with a nod of her head, her own sun-hat tugged down to hide a generous amount of her face yet fails to keep the shock of red, tight curls contained.

"You have outdone yourself, Woman." The voice would come, the slow click of boots approaching Selina's back as she takes up upon the railing surrounding the exhibit next where the woman stood. "It's. Nice."

Fantomex is back to Gotham tonight after a weeks-long absence taking care of the mutant side of his existence. Somewhat surprised to hear about the event, because he knows this 'Selina' woman a little, he decided to drop by at the last minute.

Barely in time to procure a white tux of decent quality. But a little misdirection, and it really doesn't matter. Besides, he is just plain old Jean-Philippe Charles, a tourist from Paris with some money to burn. Of his usual outfit, only the mask remains. But since most people do not expect to see him masked, they don't see him masked. He is just a mid-twenty, brown-haired gentleman with a silly accent.

Jes isn't a fan of Zoos. She hates them in fact, but she's heard about this zoo and that it's supposed to be different, giving animals who'd have no chance at a life anywhere else a place to live. She can't help but wonder if it wouldn't be kinder to kill them. Being caged is a terrible thing, but after arriving and looking around a bit she has to admit its really not that bad. A pleasant surprise. Besides, its the children she's here for today anyway.
Jes loves children and her heart is still broken from the loss of her own and the knowledge she'll never have more. She's hoping to give these children a bit of peace and fun and soothe her own injured spirit as well. Looking around for the woman in charge, Jes guesses it must be Selena and walks towards her. The native american's face turns into a frown as she approaches. Why does this woman smell familiar to her when she's sure..Oh shit.. If Selena is looking at Jes she might notice her eyes widen in surprise before she forces her face back into a neutral expression. "Uh..Hi. I was wondering if I might help out today. There's a thing I can do, kids usually like. It's totally safe, I won't harm anyone." She has mixed feelings about this now. Not a great idea to let her identity be known to someone like this..but the children…so she'll do it of course.

Selina stills at Ivy's voice, but not out of tension, just out of unexpected circumstance, though word on the street was she had taken children from the scene and it was unknown if she still harbored them, nor their condition. The little girl bearing face paint from one of the event stands has the stuffed leopard relinquished into her grabby little hands, but at Ivy's shadow cast shies into Selina in a way that inscured her from her lap and has a single hazel brown eye perring upwarrd at her.

"It is for the children. They deserve more then to be forgotten." Selina's head tilts and her profile can be seen now from beneath the rim of the safari hat, picking the girl up to hold her on her hip as she turns to face Ivy. "This is my friend, she won't harm you." Selina assures the child bearing a stricken look, but the words seem to ease her down… She trusts Selina at the very least.

Fantomex gets the flick of jade eyes, a double take with a small smile quirking one corner of her lips. How many will be surprised? And that is answered…

Jesana gets Selina's attention with a perk of manicured brow, moreso at her look then at her question, a moment of apprehension and thought and then a small nod is given to Jesana. "And who might you be?" Inquired first before anything after, the words not unkind but bearing necessity, the small girl looking at all the people coming in and hugging her plush closer.

Of all things that would tempt Babs Gordon from her tower, it's a benefit for children, particularly the children found in South Hook.

Dressed casually, in jeans and a collared T-Shirt, the wheelchair bound redhead arrives a little later than expected and moves her chair slowly towards the gathering people. Maintaining the illusion of reserve, Babs offers a small smile to the woman she recognises from Janets benefit a few weeks ago as she approaches.

The snarling engine of the special order Ferrari F12berlinetta is obnoxious, showy and only dulled by the subdued metallic Grigio Silverstone color of the vehicle itself, Bruce Wayne's newest pricey toy.
The driver side opens and the poster child of Gotham's elite steps away from the sports car. No suit just a chambray blazer worn over a white shirt and a pair of jeans. A rather casual look for one of the wealthiest men on the East Coast.
"Liz Tremayne!?" The first words to leave his mouth as he hustles over next to an attractive blue-eyed redhead, "You here doing a sequel on your Swamp Monster story?"
The woman, Liz, takes Bruce's offered elbow falling in stride beside him, "Hello, Mr.Wayne. No, not this time. A co-worker of mine had a home in South Hook, I came to be supportive."
"Ah, not a work thing then?"
"No, this is personal. No /In-Depth Magazine/ scoop to be had with this little shindig."

Kane doesn't show up to these kinds of except for work of one kind or another. Social functions are mostly a bit too high brow for him. And that's the case here. The Zoo had asked for some decorative railings to replace some of the older fixtures on near the carnivores cages. Something that's pretty and sturdy at the same time. It's with some consternation as he makes his way out from the delivery that he runs into the crowd here for the benefit. Kids and… not kids. Definitely not his usual scene. He's in the process of sliding out when he spots Babs and cants his head curiously as if to ask 'what are you doing here?'

He hasn't spotted the only other person here he would recognize yet. Which is just as well. It'd worry him.

Ivy's own seemed to be a big hit with some of the more scientific of presenters, the young boys asking questions, nodding, full of life and completely eager. With a slight lean she spies upon them and nods to herself, she is doing well as a pretender.. as much as pretenders could.

But the children were more important than petty grudges that she may or may not have made up against Selina, at least she cared for the petunias like they were her own babies, so as one of them was lefted to heft upon her hip, Ivy's green eyes lit up like christmas, one hand reaching out towards the girl to tickle beneath her chin. "You are such a gorgeous little girl!" Ivy coos. "I could just eat. You. Up." Pinch cheeks, light strokes, careful with the makeup.

Jesana's approach draws Ivy into silence, a mild glare gone to the womans direction for interrupting her spoiling of the babe, teeth clenched and shut, no need to make a scene.. everyone was watching.

Jes eyes the other woman looking at her warily. This really is sounding like a bad idea but that tends to happen a lot with her. She can't really help it, its her nature. She does what she will and what happens, happens. "I'm Jesana." She tells Selena. "I have an ability, somewhat like a mutant I suppose though I'm not one. I will become a coyote and they can pet and play with me. I'm perfectly safe, for all I seem to be a wild animal, I'm not really." It's slightly more complicated than that but she's not about to explain all the details. It'd take too long and these are strangers.

Fantomex tips his inexistent hat when Selina spots him. Of course he came to see her, more than the zoo and the kids. He didn't expect to find any other known face, so Ivy is a surprise. Uh huh. Crazy redhead plant lady. Fiiiine.

Crazy redheads have never stopped him before, so he walks closer to the women and smiles pleasantly. "Miss Kyle, a pleasure to meet you again," French accent is thick, but it sounds realistic, not the mock-French that Fantomex favors.

The Rajin Cajun does clean up nicely. He's dressed to the nines, sporting an immaculate black tuxedo in the modern style, with a clean pressed white shirt, must have a huge thread count there, and likely Egyptian cotton. There's a pattern to it, but you have to get in close to notice it. For colour, he's wearing a purple bowtie and a cummerbund to match.
His hair has been pulled back into a ponytail, there's only so much a man can do, and cutting his hair is a line that he simply will not cross. It hasn't harmed him any, if the woman on his arm is any indication.
She wears something form fitting in white silk. It has some purple accents, and there's a shimmering, shining oriental flower pattern throughout, but it's subtle, kind an off white on white. "Remind me what this for again, chere?" he asks his date, though he knows it's for a good cause. Too bad. With this crowd, he could have made a killing as a pickpocket.

It wasn't uncommon for Detective Joe West to go to events like these back in Central City. In fact, a good Detective is always involved in the community, for there may come a day when that old lady you helped across the street at the park will be sitting across from you, recounting the whereabouts of her son in the hours before his murder.

Now, Joe is an NYPD cop, but he serves as special liaison to the SRD. Thus, while his jurisdiction is clear, the scope of his activities is a bit more blurred. He's already been to Gotham once before while working on a murder case, and the terrible events taking place here recently have him feeling empathetic to the city and its citizens.

Joe is dressed in a pair of jeans, a plain collared shirt, and a blazer to conceal the shoulder holster beneath. There's nothing to identify him as a cop, exactly, except for that mannerism he carries. The watchful eyes, the disarming smile, the heavy shoulders, the manner in which he paces. Some friendly greetings are exchanged while he wanders.

Ivy's affections to the child have tension draining, and soon enough she is kicking to get down, wave the stuffed leopard up to show Ivy and then tug Selina's pocket. Selina looks down at her and smiles, stroking fingers through the length of wavy and touselled hair then nods. With that the girl runs a small distance off to Ivy;s two boys, showing off her toy and chattering away.

"I do hope you were just.. Phrasing Isley!" She grins lightly and winks, though Oracles arrival has a moment taken, one of silence and an acknowledging nod to the woman, though the moment is interrupted when Jesana speaks up, a single finger bearing pointed nail tips snaps out but manages to lightly land upon Jesana's lips to mute her introduction. Stepping up to her Selina cups her face in her hands and draws near, as if endearingly embracing the woman while whispering.

"Be discreet. It is not always safe, ensure no one sees your gift. I will take your word." Releasing Jesana from that embrace she smiles and parts from her with a tap to her lips before digit falls away.

Kane slides over by Babs. "Interesting little gathering." He murmurs while scanning the crowd. Actually, there's two people here he might recognize, though he hasn't seen them yet. And yes, both would worry him. Selina Kyle herself… well, that's not a name he knows. She is after all very good at what she does. And Bruce…

Well who in Gotham doesn't know Bruce Wayne. And this, right here, is probably about as close to the man as Kane's ever gotten. Must be interesting, living in a world so different.

"Anyway, so what brings you out?" The man looks a bit out of place in work clothes, true. He pulls out a phone to text his compatriots back at Lost Arts and let them know he's 'taking lunch'.

Fantomex's greeting though brings back the other mask, the one that went to seriousness now slips back to eased, casual and 'beaming'. The woman does not normally beam much lately. But for the kids…

"You came." She smiles to Fantomex and leans forward to brush lips across his cheek in a familiar manner. "And so well dressed."

When Kane approaches as well there is a lingering, a moment and then it is gone, the smile to them both giving a flash of teeth and narrowing cat-like eyes. Selina is a known debutant in her social circles and the life of the party at others. How many masks can one have?

None too many and they all fit well.

Gambit's arrival garners a moment of attention, as well as Joe, picking up on each that comes and goes, children wandering, running laughing, weaving between feet while others now stand back and watch, gunshy.

There was a little shocked look upon Ivy's face as she was shown the toy, Ivy reaching out to lightly tweak the nose and ruffle the ears of the bear, watching with glee as the girl runs off with her boys, a look gone back towards Jesana, which is soon relaxed. Ah. A sort of mutant.

"Of course not. Children taste disgusting." Bad joke, Ivy. Bad joke.

However, that lean is retained as her eyes move across the room, familiar faces of Gotham's elite were in attendance, as well as a few that she's never seen before and possible out-of-towners. You can tell just by the dress that some do not belong in Gotham at all.

Fantomex, however is another story, for as soon as he approaches the three Ivy moves from her perch, sliding down the way arms length to keep far away from the French man as possible. That accent? Annoys her. But she likes it all the same.

Try figuring that one out?

Babs casts an amused glance up at Kane "Out in general, or here?" Raising a chin to the gathering she raises a shoulder in a slight shrug "Ex Commissioner's daughter, supporting something for the local kids… and it's something that I like to do." Even if she really doesn't like being in public.

Watching Selina interact with the young Indian girl, Babs looks mildly curious "What do you make of that interaction?" she murmurs to the man at her side. She's not unobservant either, tracking the arrival of Gambit and Joe West… and then returning to the children as they wander and play…

Fantomex smiles to Seline, "I am never sure of the…" he gestures to himself. "Dress code this side of the Atlantic. But chere, when am I not well dressed?" Pause. He clears his throat. "No. Don't answer that question." There are children present. And also Ivy.

He smiles to Ivy. All friendly-like.

Bright red eyes latch onto Joe, and follow him for a while. The holster is immediately noted, but the way the man carries himself, he's a cop, and if Remy had to guess, he'd say a detective. It's always good to know who might be a problem before a situation gets out of hand. Remy may not do anything about it, it may not even come up, but for the rest of the evening, he would know where the Detective was at all times.
But then he spots Miss Kyle, and he eyes her up and down before greeting, "I say dis every time, but you take my breath away, chere." And then as if he remembers that he's here with someone, "where are my manners? Selina Kyle, this' Jessica Lawrence." Though he really shouldn't have to introduce the woman who recently starred in The Sound of Time, Miracle Man, and the M*A*S*H reboot. His date extended a hand, "it's a pleasure to meet you Selina. I love your outfit."

Bruce and Elizabeth are now inside the Zoo proper where the event is happening. Their walk a brisk yet casual stride, "Sunderland Industries actually cut me a sizable check for whoever set this up."
"Whoever? Are you a journalist Miss Tremayne?"
"Of course, maybe I'm just playing coy to see what you know about our hostess."
"What I know about Selina Kyle? Small business owner, local girl, I've met her a couple times. She seems to enjoy running these sort of things for wild animals and children."
"Aren't they the same thing?"
"Wild animals and small children. Sorry it was a joke."
"No it's fine, I just thought I seen someone I knew." Bruce did. The presence of Pamela Isley caused a hiccup in his attention, a wandering gaze and he is giving a brief once over of who else might be present: Gotham wealthy trying to make a show, political lobbyists, a handful of the genuinely concerned and then, an assorted motley of extras some he has never seen others he can pick out small slices of memory about and Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara, also Kane Reynard.
Quite the list.

That glance from Selina finally gets Kane's attention. No, he still doesn't know who she is beyond a socialite. Gotham has them. They tend to not be around folk like Kane. And there's a cop. There's just something about the way they walk. And the other redhe- "Oh hell…" Kane knows that face. Only too well. "Redhead, by the woman at the center of the group. Recognize her?" And is that… Jesana? Oy. He really hopes he's not called upon to do anything today.

"And Bruce Wayne himself… Figures." Kane wouldn't nod in his direction even if he did know who the man's alter ego was. And as it stands? Guy's just a socialite's socialite so far as he knows.

Jes is good at controlling her expressions if not her emotions and so she smiles saucily and nods, returning Selena's embrace and whispering a quiet "Thank you." Before turning and heading for a nearby spot shielded from view. She can't shift while dressed and even if it was safe to do so here, she's not about to strip down in front of the children. Usually she has no modesty at all but this is different. These aren't wild kids from the Res. She waits a little while, hidden behind some bushes and trees and a storage shed. Anyone who'd seen her would think her gone by the time she re-emerges in her coyote shape.
Jes had debated a few moments the wisdom of wearing the collar around her neck with dog tags proclaiming she belongs to a Zee Zatarra and the woman's phone number beneath that. She figures its more of a risk to not wear it though. It wouldn't be good for people to think her a wild animal and Selena hadn't actually seemed to have it out for Zee, or herself so far. She comes trotting out of the bushes, one green eye and one brown, a little bigger than even the largest of the coyote breeds her ears flicking about as she catches various bits of conversation. She wags her tail and trots over to sit near Selene. Lots of people and children are wandering by here and she'd rather be where she can keep an eye on the other woman just in case. Though it isn't obvious she's doing so, she seems to be doing her best to appear adorable and friendly for the kids and even a bit silly, rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue and sitting back on her haunches to wave a paw hello. She sees Kane and blinks. Oh damn. Well hey, maybe he won't look over here. Yeah..she is so not going to be that luckly…maybe she'll just sleep in a park tonight…


Ivy's boys run away, tugging the little girl that captured Selina's attention with them, immediately moving towards the coyote yet stopping just before they breach Jesana's circle, hands held out eagerly in hopes of petting the presumably wild animal..

And Ivy gives a sneer to Fantomex, who soon moves away from them all. The arrival of Gambit towards that little circle made it a little too crowded for her, and with a hand that grasps her fanned out sunhat, she tilts it downward to attempt to keep her visage hidden as she wanders away to look at the other exhibits.

There is that moment where Joe can feel the eyes on him. A few glances here and there are enough to confirm that suspicion, and a bemused smile crosses his face. Selina and Babs are met with a friendly look, but Remy goes unnoticed. That's the thing with thieves; they have impeccable copdar and know how to play it cool.

Upon Bruce Wayne's entrance, West's eyebrows rise upward. He finds himself wandering toward the woman in a wheelchair, nodding his head toward Wayne and his date once he has Barbara's attention. "They really brought out the big guns for this one, huh?"

Then there's what appears to be a coyote loose! Joe turns again, eyebrows shooting upward. "That's unexpected."

The near to lean Ivy held to Selina has her cupping Ivy's chin after her /jest/ leaning to the side to brush lips along her cheek before she seeks distance with Fantomex's arrival, glancing to where her little girl went and watching Ivy's gaze shift… Knowing. "Those the ones you - /adopted/?" Inquiry to add assurance, relief already showing though.

Fantomex's joke has Selina's lips half-cocked, her hip jutting out as a finger points his way. "If that is a challenge, mon velleur…" Slina begins until Remy's approach cuts her off, those eyes hesitant for a moment while her chin tips upward and the mall grin seeks to return at his compliment, but his date is the recipient of the glowing smile and an offer of hand. "Hello. Pleasure, and if you can keep his attention for more then 5 minutes you'll be the door prize winner." Tyrning back to Remy she flicks fingertips across his lapels as if cleaning them.

The kids' shrieks of excitement is not just Ivy's and her own, more come:

"Can we pet her?"

"What's it's name??"

"Is she yours miss?"

"My name's Anastasia!" The long haired little girl protests as she tries to close in and Selina is standing there with a coyote at her feet and gusts abound.

"Be gentle, children. She belongs to someone already, but is here just for you."

Bruce Wayne's arrival though brings pause. Then is when there is a calm, an utter placidity that gives way for nothing save that moment of a /cool/ smile to pass over lips.

"Of course, I recognise her, Kane." Babs murmurs and then her attention is caught by Joe, well some of it… she's watching the Indian girl disappear. "Of course Mr Wayne would be here." Babs is slightly amused at Kanes and Joes observation. Craning her neck around, the smile widens "And another attractive woman on his arm… " Bruce has been cultivating the 'playboy' mien, she'll help where she can.

Holding a hand out to Joe, Babs smiles warmly "Babs Gordon and this is my friend, Kane." The appearance of the coyote has her blinking and she looks sideways to Kane… had he seen what she had?

"I'm fairly sure that's just an extension of his arm at this point." Kane murmurs. "Perhaps a slightly mudolar one." Then Joe approaches and the young(ish) craftsman gives him a nod. "Hey there." Not good afternoon or anything like that. Yeah, his Gotham is showing.

"And there's a coyote. Because of course there is." Kane murmurs before adding aloud. "Down here to support the cause? I have to confess I'm not sure what the cause is. I was just making a delivery."

It's not that Remy LeBeau has a short attention span, it's that his interests are varied. But for tonight at least, the actress seems to be giving him a reason to stay nearby, though who can say what's really at play there. "Oh, you wound me, Selina. De way you say it, anybody would t'nk I was disreputable. Remy LeBau s'no scoundrel. An' we both know dat not the case." He gives her a little wink, and the way he says the last few words, well, there's a seductive tone to it and his date seems to be picking up on it. The Swamp Rat does like to live dangerously, doesn't he.
And if he needed a reason for a rapid escape, thank the gods, or the zookeeper, for Coyote blessings. "We don't get many Coyotes on the bayou," and the way he pronounces it is more like kai-outs, "come on chere, let's have a look, no?" But which girl was he talking to? Or did he secretly hope to hold the attention of both.

"Joe West, NYPD." Joe finished shaking Barbara's hand with s grin. "Don't worry, no one's in trouble and I'm not working a case. Though, if I was, I probably wouldn't tell you." A conspiratorial look is flashed to both Barbara and Kane, followed closely by a grin that suggests, yes, he's joking.

The Detective again turns a wary eye upon the coyote. One never knows how the zookeepers might handle this.

"It's been fun Mister Wayne and I appreciate your escort but I really am here for a friend, I'd rather not be seen as yet another of your ladies." A teasing yet honest smile is fired at the man.
"I quite understand, Elizabeth. Enjoy your night and please, call me Bruce." A return smile from Wayne and the two part. The man shoving his hand in to a pocket only to fish out his cell phone, thumb running over it while he feigns interest in the Ocelot cage nearby that is until the domesticated coyote? makes an appearance. Interesting piece.
Jeff Winger's school of cool - the cell phone is making him look more busy than he really is. Bruce will wait several more minutes before approaching Selina with the check from the Martha Wayne Foundation.

Hearing the others and seeing the adults looking her way Jes tilts her head back long enough for the collar and tags to be seen. Then she ignores them all in favor of the children and lies on her stomach to belly crawl towards them, wagging her tail and whining very softly, encouraging them to come pet her. She sniffs and licks their hands and faces when the let her and rolls onto her side so they can scratch her stomach. She's terribly happy to see them smiling and laughing but glad as ever she's been that no one can read her facial expression like this and that the tears thatt would be falling if she were human can't. By her god, she's missed this and whatever risk or trouble finds her later, it's worth it to see them smiling and having fun.

Ivy's glance towards Selina was knowing. Yes. They were hers. But it would be a thankful thing for her to walk away at that very moment, for rants would have flown and declarations of madness would have scared the children away from their nest. Her nest.

Fingers clutch against the cage that houses the lions, the large, beautiful beasts at rest amongst the commotion, the white knuckled grip twisting hard against the steel with the threat to leave a lasting impression upon its surface.

Happy faces. Mingling people. Random parts of grass that should have been caged off stepped upon and often snatched from it's roots to be chewed on by randoms who pretended to be farmers.

'I'm going to kill them.'
'I'm going to yell stay the fuck off my lawn with a boot so far deep in you—'

"Mama Isley?" Little Mike asks, tugging on her coat. "Are you coming to pet the coyote doggy?"

Her green gaze cuts towards him, madness clearly within her features, that soften just a little as she bends at the knees, her hand lifting to wipe a smudge of cotton candy from his chin. "Of course not. That attraction is for the children and children only. Far be it from me to steal it.. just… no. Young one." She was patting him down now, fingers dipping into his pockets. "Go make sure your brother has your cell phone. If not, I'll have to find it."

"Cross jurisdiction investigations, Mr West?" Babs raises an eyebrow "Is it the event that brings you this way, then?" On Kanes admission, Babs indicates the children "These were the children found at South Hook during the recent disturbance." Disturbance, yes… "Ms Kyle is raising funds to help them. I'm interested to find out where she intends to house them all… It's quite sad, really."

The coyote playing with the children gets a small frown, the Indian girl hasn't reappeared… but the children seem to be enjoying themselves..

Fantomex watches the comings and goings of the Gothamites with mild interest. Selina seems a bit too busy. Ivy is probably too dangerous to annoy in a zoo. But there will be a next time. He wanders off to do some sightseeing and maybe pick some pockets. A thief needs to keep the basics sharp.

Kane knows where that girl went. And watches as some of the kids interact with 'Pamela'. Which is a different kind of worrisome. Poison Ivy is not what he'd call sane. Not what anyone would call sane except for maybe certain circus ranaways who like this city a bit too much. "Ah." He says to Babs explanation as he watches. "Well it certainly has brought out the glitterati. Are you here on behalf of the NYPD then, Joe or is this a personal venture?"

Looking back toward Barbara and Kane, Joe chuckles. "Oh, nothing like that, Miss Gordon. The event, yes, but I find that it's important to be part of the community. I've already been to quite a few events such as these in New York, but often times, criminal investigations require a lot of interagency cooperation. It's good to know the cities you may be dealing with, not just the bureaucrats and the rumors. I find Gotham to be quite beautiful, in spite of its challenges."

He watches the kids now for a moment, taking notice of some others with raised eyebrows, before glancing toward Kane. "I'm a Detective. We're always representing the law, even when trying not to. Cops will be cops." A pause. "Except for the undercover types. Lucky bastards get to break all of the dress code policies."

"Wounding you would break my nails." Selina states, raising a hand and giving Remy a finger wiggling wave, one that gleans the reflection off the tips of silver coated and reinforced points, i.e., a very nice manicure!

As much as she would like to play catch up with Remy, there are other things at play here, other masks to wear, and a month of absence cannot be discussed between the placement of true attention. That which watches as Coyote(Jes) steals the show and happy squeals resound, drawing more attention and soon enough she is surrounded by a dozen children, even the silent and wary ones slowly creeping from the shadows.

Anastasia, Selina's endeared one of the evening has already smacked one child with her plush leaopard and tried to shove forward, showing her desire to be a part…

Selina watches as Ivy interacts with one of /hers/, that true smile returning, but snapping back as Remy casts an invite that has her head slowly shaking. Nothing needed to be said, that hat is now pulled off and dropped upon a bench, fingers running through that cropped dark hair to put it messily back into place, a few strands falling over one of her eyes.

This was a good turnout, the children enjoyed a day free of orphanage walls, meeting adults and quelling that fear that came with their used and abuse… And shaking hands literally with a live animal only known to them to be 'wild' and free. Ana gets her focus as the child approaches Jesana, and all the while that gaze slowly slides back to Joe, Babs, and Kane, their watchfulness seems expectant, which has one hand rising to her ear, checking the status…

When Fantomex disappears into the crowd, her brows knit. Anything stolen goes to the charity!

Joe must be from New York. Cops will be cops has a different, and very very unflattering connotation here in Gotham where the only thing more rotten than the police department are the vegetables at those really questionable roadside 'farmers markets'. "I hope I'm not keeping you from socializing Babs?" He murmurs. He can head on out if needed. He was, after all, just here to make a delivery.

And it doesn't look like Ivy's gonna murder anyone. Though maybe if she got Bruce…

Nah. That's just mean.

Moving closer to Bruce, and overhearing the exchange between him and Elizabeth, Remy says simply "ah, young love…". Evidentially, he was referring to the lady and not the gentleman. But instead of dwelling on it, he continues on towards the detective. "Gotham is beautiful. Reminds me o' Europe, wit' the architecture." And then, he introduces himself, "the name's Remy LeBeau. Pleased t'meet you." The copdar is working fine, but no sense in being impolite.

Jes is having a good time with all the children. The cop's mention of Gotham being beautiful draws her attention for a moment and she kind of stares at him with her mouth open for a few seconds before turning and gently pushing her muzzle under another questing hand. She hates this city with a passion despite living it. It doesn't help that every person she's met here aside from one has tried to kill her or been batshit insane or both. She won't even drink the water at home despite frequent reminders its safe, Jes buys her own, purified and bottled in NYC. Well, maybe the guy hasn't been here before or something. Whatever it isn't important now. Jes understands a lot more than anyone knows what its like to be a frightened abused child and helping these kids forget about that for awhile is a wonderful thing, even worth stepping outside in Gotham.

"Not particularly" Babs responds to Kane "But come, meet the hostess… Mr West, will join us?" Babs has seen the look from Selina. Of course, the redhead expects them to follow and she moves in Selina's direction. "I'm interested, Mr West, are you often in Gotham?" She wonders how her father would read that, she must ask him.

Finally approaching Selina, Babs offers a smile and tries to the gain the womans attention. Attention that is quite rightly divided between any manner of things.

"Okay, I'll go see." Mikey says to Ivy. Who then runs off to join and mingle with the rest of the children, all surrounded by the coyote.

Ivy was left unbothered, her hands shifting into her pocket as her hat was soon discarded, tucked beneath her arm as she places gaze to the floor, foot roving over surfaces to see if the phone was there.

As a passing zoo patron draws by, Ivy reaches out with a hand to grasp him by the arm, her face attempting to be kind as she poses the question to the man. "Twenty bucks, all for you, if you help me find my sons phone. It's small, black. Basic pre-paid flip phone.." He gives a slight nod as the money was traded hands, and both of them were soon, eye-balling the ground.

What did Ivy expect? He was just a kid, these things were bound to happen.. even though she wanted to break someones back over it all.

Watching Selina peel free of the crowd momentarily Bruce lets his phone drop and stops Googling Joe West. Yes, he was eavesdropping. He doesn't know Detective West nor even of him but he could have sworn he seen his face at least once in an article of importance. Maybe not, though.
With the device pocketed Bruce is intercepted in his drift towards Selina by Remy, "Hrm? Last time I was called young was at my country club. Flattering, I suppose." A curious brow quirk at the other man, "Nice to meet you, Mr. LeBeau. Bruce Wayne." A tip of his head and he looks around the Cajun only to see Barbara Gordon closing on Selina now. "I need to see the host if you care to walk and talk." A light smile is given.

Turning to Remy, Joe presents one of his signature, cockeyed grins. "Yeah, that's it exactly. I know there's a lot of trouble in this town, but when you step back and really look around, it's quite something." The detective offers a hand in greeting. "Joe West. Pleasure's all mine, Mr. LeBeau." The man's red eyes are particularly noticed, though it doesn't seem that Joe is at all troubled by it.

Babs' invitation is accepted with a smile. "Sure." He turns to follow, gesturing with a nod of his neck to suggest that Remy come with. "So, are you a Gothamite, Mr. LeBeau? Is that even the right term for it?" Gothamer seemed wrong.

"Me? Second time in my life," he answers Babs. "Well, three times if you count a layover at Gotham International, but it was after 9/11 so I was stuck in the terminal for all five hours."

Kane walks behind Babs and Joe, approaching Kyle. Interesting. Babs knows that this isn't his scene. Also he's not a guest so… but meeting the hostess is alright he supposes. He does feel (and look) a bit out of place. Especially with the likes of Bruce Wany about.

The phone was snagged from the bushes, much to Ivy's delight, her gaze falling towards the crowd that aims towards Selina, a slight frown in that direction as she tucks the phone away and takes a path less traveled. Crowds were not her fortay, even though there were handsome faces about, a slight hand lifting to give a friendly finger wave towards Bruce, should the wave itself catches the mans attention.

Billionaire, sexy, and smart. What's not to like?

Jes manages to keep an eyes on Kane, at least here and there without being obvious about it. It wouldn't do for anyone else to think she's more than what she is. She may still slightly be annoyed with the man but she does like him and she's bound with the need to protect him should anything go amiss. This really doesn't seem like his type of thing either, nor is it hers , but again, the children. She gets up and moves about them playfully pawing at the ground by their feet and twining about little legs and bodies with an easy grace. She even starts playing fetch when someone tosses a bit of branch for her.

All clear.

The communications to her men manning the Zoo grounds is an eased one, something rare these days, although heisting a ferrari…

"Fingers off, I know the owner." Pound of flesh. That hurt.

"If you find a small black flip phone, bring it to my red headed friend." The speech is all low murmurs as she is bent over the bench to tug her sunglasses from the rim of the hat, placing them on top of her head since the sun is setting now and they are no longer needed.

Smoothing hands over her bare thighs and patting the small cargo pockets upon them it is all a force of habit but in looking up she spots Bruce and his interception, as well as the others coming towards her.

Perhaps she should have prepared a speech? But there was nothing of the sort to give them, just the gratitude that shows wholly on her face as she straightens and meets the group with a disarming smile and an extended hand.

Some of the children are being plucked up and ushered off by the emplyees of the orphanages, others remain longer because their place of belonging is different, Jesana is now meetin a less overwhelming crowd of snuggles, kisses and overly zealous petting that is more like :

*slap* *Strrookkke* *SLAP* DOGGY! *strokeee* "Selina Kyle, thank you for coming and offering your help."

For a moment, Remy wonders if he's ever stolen from Mr. Wayne. Given the sheer size of Wayne Enterprises, he probably has, but he can't remember any specific examples, and so he flashes a genuine smile and offers a hand to shake. Remy has a firm grasp. Though it's curious that Mr. Wayne hasn't made a comment about Remy's eyes. Today, he does nothing to hide them. But they could just be some rather eccentric and flamboyant-looking contacts. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Wayne. Have you met Jessica?" And he gestures to his companion, the woman keeping close to him so far. She offers a hand, "Jessica Lawrence."
Remy goes through the motions of introducing himself to Joe, and the lady as well. But the lady seems to be positively smitten with Bruce Wayne, not taking her eyes off of him, that jaw line, the eyes, the whole package. Oh well, another one bites the dust. Those red eyes regard Joe as he shakes his head, "I got a place up north." And his accent would suggest he's from either somewhere far more south, or on the other side of the Atlantic. It's hard to say. "An' yah, I t'nk they're called Gothamites."

The handshake is returned; Bruce Wayne is known to play a lot of tennis and climb mountains. He has a decent grip for a silverspoon fed sort.
"Can't say I've had the pleasure. " The eyes? It's not polite to just point out oddities. Alfred, Thomas and Martha didn't raise a rude man-child, just a demented one. "Jessica, hello."
The wave from Pamela is caught with a return wave, "Miss Isley, good to see you again. You're looking lovely. " A better word to use than 'well' - that would have made him sound like her psychiatrist or someone who is concerned or should be.
Where Bruce is standing he's just shy of the Barbara, Selina, Remy and Joe. The social ebb and flow continues as he makes sure to be here yet one foot is held at the doorstep. The check and gone. A person doesn't show up in a three hundred thousand dollar sports car if they don't intend to tip.

"Only twice, then. Can't really count a stopover as visiting." Babs remarks to Joe. As Selina introduces herself, Babs takes the offered hand "Babs Gordon and we help where we can." Noticing that some of the children are being moved off "I trust we have sufficient accomodation for the young ones?" beat "My friend Kane and a new acquaintance, Mr West" She can at least be that social. Remy joining the group and the loss of his 'escort' to Bruces' charms, gets a small smile. "Mr LeBeau" She'd heard that much at least… maybe she eavesdrops too.

Kane nods politely to Remy and Miss Kyle. And Pamela. Though his nod is perhaps a bit more wary than Bruce's. Yes, he's had actual nonviolent interaction with Pamela. And violent interaction with Pamela. And… yes. Well. He should be going pretty soon he thinks.

A place up north? Joe grins at Remy in one of those doubtful ways. "Huh."

Joe, however, is taken by the introductions. He turns to face Selina, smiling warmly and offering his hand. "Just call me Joe," he says. "Wonderful event you have here. Now, I'm on a cop salary, so it's not much, but I did make a donation. Tax guy says I have to do a certain number or else he'll secretly report me to the IRS. That's worse than a bullet wound."

Something draws him back to Babs. "Gordon… Gordon… why is that - oh, that's right! Former Chief of this town - well, I guess you'd call him Commissioner - he was a guy by the name of Gordon, wasn't he?"

"Why thank you Mr. Wayne. If I could have a moment of your time after.." She gestures towards Selina, though a purely flirtacious smile graces her lips which soon fades as she casts eyes upon the rest of the lot.

Namely Kane.

She does not know the man by sight, but she does know the wary nod that was cast in her direction. It wasn't a kind feeling, especially when a person who was attempting to be good for the night was already on edge due to the turnout.

"Michael, Alexander.. come come. Cotton candy and popcorn for you both!"

The two children scurry to her side, Pamela kneeling in front of them to draw a clip from her pocket, highly unlike her. The clip, that is. It looked as if it belonged to an old man.

Money was pulled from said clip and offered towards the children, the boys immediately turning and darting off towards the carts, Ivy standing and glancing towards Kane warily as she follows at their six.

Remy's 'date' is getting a glare, or a /very/ focused cut of jade in the briefest flicker when that look is discerned towards Bruce. Then her eyes snap to Remy with a brow perk. Silent speech of question on his arm piece. Playboys and their toys. The coyote definitely is not the one in need of a leash. Though women know money when they smell it, Selina cannot shut that facet of her diamondly disposition - glass cutting edge.

Ivy is checked on before the kids are given another glance, Ana having latched onto Jesana with her face buried in her ruff, the plushie still dangling from her hand.

Babs' words snap her back from that moment, a small tic uptilting one corner of her lips in a smile, though this time it reaches her eyes. "The children are being met with special accommodations due to the nature of their duress. The funding is going towards speciality doctors as well as the local orphanage that needed updates for these kinds of…cases. As well as security and their housing until suitable families are found for them, an up in staffing so that there is more one on one for all of the children in the orphanage. Once we see how this works out, hopefully it will filter to the other homes."

Joe is given a smile as well, shaking his hand. "I appreciate that. Any and all donations go to the cause, even taking a bullet or biting one." A wink to the man as she withdraws her hand and moves towards Isley but stops seeing her departure with her kids, though the flirtatious wink is returned to the woman, that moment dissolving at the look that passed between her and Kane. ever vigilant but not all knowing. She'll take that warning in shadows.

Jes looks after the leaving children with a sad sigh but doesn't seem at all bothered by the rougher handling of those remaining. She'd looked after such eager little hands many times before. From time to time the coyote glances in the direction the others went but only for a moment. It's a bit too far to hear with even her ears and staring at them long enough to read lips would seem strange. Her eyes narrow as she notices Pamela's attention focused on Kane. She's usually very good at reading people, body language and scent. Emotions have a smell though not many people would really know it. Unless she's totally off the mark that woman is a little nuts or at the least, very dangerous. There aren't a lot of children left and more going as the minutes pass. It might be a good idea to get back to her clothes and shift soon and then grab Kane and get out of here. She waits a bit longer, gives the remaining children some coyote kisses and waves of a paw and then trots off to the secluded area she'd left her things.

Remy offers his hand to Barbara, "Remy LeBau, at your service." He even gives her an elegant bow with a bit of a flourish. Of course, he probably just wants to give her wheels a spin. He also greets Kane, though that one is in a more manly fashion. The loss of his companion to Bruce does not go unnoticed, but it does go unremarked. It feels weird to be on the other end of this.
And it's looking like Jessica won't be getting the door prize Selina mentioned, though for the least expected reason. She seems to have moved on, which gives Remy the chance to hang back and consider his options. For now, he remains patient and quiet, but he goes size up the particulars, almost as if he was wondering if they had anything worth taking. Even when he wants to, he can't turn that part of him off.

Kane gives Pamela one more nod, this one a bit more relaxed and leans over to Babs. "Hey, I'm headed back to the shop. Did you have a way to get home?" Wheelchair can go in the back of the pickup with some tiedowns. It'll work. Jes also gets a nod. Yes. he saw her.

"That's a big undertaking, Ms Kyle. And commendable, too." Babs eyes wander to the remaining children with the coyote. Remy's introduction has her smiling in amusement and she turns her attention to Joe "Just so. My father" she murmurs. Kanes offer gets a faint nod in response "I've arranged a lift, thank you."

Jes gets back in time for Kane to look over nod at her. She sighs softly but continues walking towards the group. "This place is so big, I got lost." Yes, she can lie like a dog when she needs to and do it with such absolute conviction that it might as well be the truth. "Kane! I didn't expect to see you here." She moves towards Selina and fishes a check out of her pocket (for 30,000 dollars.) Jes isn't rich by any means though she does have an inheritence. If she's as frugal as she is now for the rest of her life then she could probably get by without needing to work. Probably. Her needs aren't many though and this is a cause dear to her so she's willing to part with it. "To help with the children." She smiles a bit. "I should be going." Jes winks at Selena "It was good to see you." Then she turns and moves towards Kane. "We're you offing a ride a minute ago?"

"Yes, of course. I remember your pitch to Wayne Botanical two years ago, brilliant; hopefully that is what you wanted to talk about. I mean that is of course if? " If nothing, Pamela Isley is a criminal and Wayne Enterprises refused to work with her at that point in time but Bruce and even Batman do believe firmly in rehabilitation. These words are all part of the song and dance.
an apologetic touch to Jessica's elbow and Bruce excuses himself from her company entirely so he can drift over to Selina again, a checkbook in hand and a rather fake smile worn. She knows it is fake - anyone else unaware of the man's true nature wouldn't have a clue.
"Miss Kyle, quite the turn out." A nod is given to Barbara, Kane and Joe as his path carries him past them. No lingering looks, nothing familiar, though it's not unknown that Wayne is a big supporter of former Commissioner Gordon and does know his daughter.

If at least in passing handshakes and 'How's your kid, Jim?'

Selina pauses with Jesana's approach, Ana having split ways with Michael and Alexander when Ivy called them, and losing focus once the Coyote left she is already hovering at Selina's hip when the check is handed over, watching as the grown ups talk and remaining silent, but wide eyed. Her face looked like a scared animal amongst a jungle that was the mass of her wavy hair, seeking to bury her.

"Thank you, kindly." Selina states to Jesana, the check nor it's amount looked twice at, the ggratitude honest as well as the smile she offers the woman.

Song and dance, yes. Some things opposing forces come together for… Others…

Bruce's approach has her spine straightening, the posture shift only slight and undetectable unless you know what to look for. even the slightest shudder of muscles recoiling for the ready. Though what ran up her spine eventually met lips, that smile at first quivering corners of lips and then it surfaced. It could work in tandem with deft fingers to disable alarms, sway the guards, and leave her hands full. But just as Bruce met her with that facade, she did in return.

"Mr. Wayne. The turn out speaks for itself. Thank you."

Tough her attention seems focused it is still aware, hearing Babs' name and putting the pieces together on who her father is, as well as Joe's position on NYPD and Remy's loss of a gift basket. C'est. win some lose some, always a gamble, non?

The man in the jeans nods and disengages from the group. Fortunately he doesn't think anyone will have broken into his beat up old ford. Which he drives around Gotham precisely because it is a beat up old ford. Time to head back to the shop.

Jes glances back over her shoulder once as she follows Kane. Some of these people had seemed pretty interesting, Selena and the Cajun for one. Maybe the cop. She's not that fond of cops normally. She's indian for one and was recently kidnapped by some rogue policemen for another but this man didn't seem to be that sort. Maybe she'll risk going out in the city a little more often. For now though it's time to get home and face the music.

"It does. Always found that cliché little phrase very flexible." Bruce replies as the check is handed over. He could buy himself another Ferrari with what he just donated, it's not unexpected though, around Gotham it is almost an expected thing that if Bruce shows up he has to throw money at someone.
"At any rate, thank you for having me and I'm glad to see this money go to a good cause. These children can use all the help they can get and our hearts go out to them and the rest of the families of South Hook." Another smile, a genuine one, yet not for Selina, a sympathetic one for the kids and the cause. He is human after all.
Hands shoving back in to his pockets the Wayne heir steps back and gives a formal nod.

"Well, you like both things, let's not get out of habit." Selina smiles to Bruce then, wide. It is cheshire, that grin as she takes the check much like she did Jesana's, though this one get's shoved in her pocket crisply. Ana is reached for, gently stroking fingers through the childs hair as if to soothe not one but both of them, as the child leans in and tugs at her pocket.

"Can we go get my face painted now, mo —- Sel?" The demure voice calls up.

Selina nods and glances to them all. "I will be right back, until then do enjoy the vendors as well as the animals. Once the funds are in place and things are smooth you will all be invited to the home as well to see where your investment has gone exactly."

Selina may be who and what she is, but there are a few things that are too close to the heart to play games with.

"Thank you for the invitation, Ms Kyle" Babs watches the moppet look up at Selina "I look forward to the next invitation." With a nod to the heir of Wayne Enterprises, the wheel chair bound woman appears ready to leave.

Ivy left before everyone else, really. The only remnants of her presence was an echo'ing of a family sing-a-long of the Candyman Can.

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