Justice League:Avengers GO!

March 15, 2015:

Hawkeye and Wonder Woman the leaders of the Justice League: Avengers Initiative call a public ceremony at the Hall of Justice in Metropolis to make announcements to the world and to introduce the newest roster of members in the team: Booster Gold, Hawkgirl, Hawkeye_II, Captain America, Falcon, Ozymandias & Supergirl. Many others are present and new recruits are welcomed.

Hall of Justice - Metropolis

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The steps of the Hall of Justice have not seen motion for years and even though those known to be within its walls have been seen, the team had been quiet. Silence among such a nationally recognized team has caused whispers, rumor and speculation, but when some have made their appearances it is apparent they have not lost their support - not the belief of the people. To Metropolis the Hall of Justice is akin to sacred land and treated as such by it's residents.

The front is open, the greenery spans for the length of a football field, set up and roped in now to separate media from onlookers and give a small expanse of walk space for the combined forces of city, government, SHIELD and UN officials and representatives as well as those who will be making their path towards the building.

Just before the steps a break is caused by a monolithic fountain that casts a glow like an eternal flame. Hardly seen during the day but brilliant at night when water cascades over its surface and spills into the large pool that surrounds it a beacon and show of the the Justice League Avengers watch through the hours, days, months and years. A beacon like Gotham's now defunct Bat signal, but burning eternal.

Up the stairs and upon a platform spread, a podium stands and dropped down the front of it is a flag bearing the emblem of old but with a new addition, a new meaning for the JL:A, and now all that speculation can be laid to rest. At that podium Hawkeye and Wonder Woman stand, where behind them the up and coming members of the JL:A take their places to be seen before the public eye. But not just the locals and Americans can see them, media broadcasters from all over the world are relaying this to their own countries as well, translated into their home languages.

When the time comes and those gathered have all come to a low murmur of their own form of curiosity and wonder in what is going to be revealed is when Wonder Woman takes to the podium with Hawkeye still at her side, and those of the team lined at their backs.

It's a hell of a trip Clint Barton's on. From orphan to runaway to carnie side-show to petty thief and many, many things in between, there is nowhere else the archer would rather be at this very moment. Proof that the desire to do good at any level means there will be some success, right here, embodied in the blond.

Dressed in dark shirt, dark slacks and black tie, as Wonder Woman first takes to the dais, he lifts a hand as a gentleman would, walking beside her. Then, to the podium, his hands clasp in front of him in the occasion. When he passes Kate and Kara, however, the pair are given a quick wink. They got this!

There was some chaos at the lake house earlier, as Kate anguished over what to wear. So sue her, she's human. But in the end, she decided that being inducted into the JL:A was about what she'd do as a member, and that meant the uniform won out. The fact that it's still got a few scrapes and repairs in it from the fight with Zod just goes to show that she intends to work at this.

Purple, kevlar-reinforced leather with black and white accents, a white scarf, and finger guards. A place for a sword down her back behind her quiver, a pair of batons on one thigh. Tonight, though, she's left off the more disguising parts. Her hair is in a braid instead of down, and the purple shades - as close as she's ever come to really hiding her identity - are off.

It's time to be Kate Bishop and Hawkeye.

Kara is standing lined up with the rest of the team, looking over at her friend Kate to offer her a brief smile. She had spent almost all day preparing for this, her costume preparations only interrupted by a bit of monkey business (Literally).

Leaning over to whisper to Kate she shows off her new costume whispering to the other girl, "Do you like it? It's what Streaky stole from me earlier."

She looks over to see which other members of the team are here, feeling a swelling of pride in her chest to belong to such an admirable and courageous group of people. The young woman reached up to wipe a tear from the corner of her eye.

It is a bold step for an Atlantean to show themselves to the surface in these turbulent times, bolder yet when that Atlantean is royalty. Namor MacKenzie was advised to take steps to make himself blend but he isn't, it is not his way and as such he is standing amidst the mass of gathered faces, arms folded across his bare chest with chin uplifted and angular features set in an unreadable hard stare.
The Prince of the Atlantean Empire simply awaits the speaking as often comes with such congressions. Those near him gathered before and facing the Hall of Justice stairs have formed a loose circle around the Avenging Son all of them maintaining at least arms length distance, their mumbles and words are ignored by the mutant human/Atlantean hybrid as he watches the Justice League Avengers gather before the horde. The Sub-Mariner is here with a purpose.

Fenris is dressed as he often is. There's no need for a costume when one's idea of going 'all beast' on someone is more literal than metaphorical. That said he did take some time to make sure that he looked decent. Long coat, for the weather which is still a bit on the chill side, nice shirt. Tie. The moonsilver shard necklace he wears is hidden beneath it and he's forgone the rod this time. This is a social event so presumably he won't need to conjure hurricane force winds.

He arrived with company, having invited a friend - Barbara Gordon - to come witness the proceedings partly because she is a friend, and partly because he knows she'll probably find the whole thing interesting. He'd be watching with her but along with the others, he's up on the stage. To one side, watching the others and generally being as unobtrusive as is possible under the circumstances.

Okay, so Karen Starr was here.

How did she get here, after being rescued from a bunch of maraudering chimpanzees just minutes before? Why, that would be ~mystery~ for all times. Or not. For lurking there, beneath the smart suit-skirt that she wore, and beneath the bun she had gathered at the back of her head, beneath that slightly bookish look that the CEO sported, there lurked…

o/~ Power Girl o/~

But for now, Karen managed to get a front-row seat to all of these festivities (someone who thought her company had more money than it actually did, mostly), and when Wonder Woman takes the stand, Karen had her hands above her head, clapping vigorously for a moment. The older man in a suit that sat next to her looked at her disapprovingly (he had jowls, so that made it look +1 disapproving). Karen gives him a look, before bringing her fingers to her lips, and whistling.

Booster Gold puts forth a lot of energy to look effortlessly photogenic at all times, whether in street clothes or in his blue and gold uniform. He is in the latter at the moment, and it is actually slightly less shiny than usual; this is because less glare means better photo and video opportunities. Otherwise, he just looks cheerful standing there.

Shayera Hol was here. Tired as shit, standing up with the rest of the rag tag crew. She had no armor, showing her face as boldly as she can.. and what a sad sight it was.


Everyone received the stank eye. Mainly because she hates speeches and everything else. Give her the buckle or whatever it is she was supposed to get, so she could go back to watching 22 Jump Street, or whatever incarnation they've put out next..

Babs was very pleased that Fenris had invited her. After they arrive, she settles herself and her chair somewhere off to the side, but near the front so she can watch. It will be interesting to see what's happening with the JL:A now that Batman's no longer part of it. Ignoring some of the glances her way, the redhead quietly watches as Wonder Woman speaks occasionally glancing at the tablet she holds in her hand.

Not sure how he got invited to this shindig, but Simon Williams got a note directing him to be here. Apparently, the whole "ambassador to Atlantis" thing wasn't being held against him by the SHIELD upper-ranks, or well, maybe it had? It's hard to tell with Fury or Hill, precisely what they're thinking, sometimes. So he cleaned up, and dammit, he's still wearing the version of his 'not-really-a-costume' that Arthur Curry had made for him: blue, faintly scaled leather boots that blend seamlessly into tight pants and then into a sleeveless "tee", red abstract-W shaped chest piece, and the short red leather jacket. And the goggles with the ruby-quartz lenses, slipped down around his neck. His hair's longer than it has been, the white roots have been dyed black again, and his red-light eyes are there for everyone to see. He finds himself next to Namor, and realizes what that cryptic message was about.

Having heard about this event, Richard Grayson decided that he wanted to observe the proceedings. Getting to Metropolis was easy. Getting into the event wasn't too hard. Sliding into a seat behind Barbara, he not only watches those on stage, but makes sure he's as aware as he can be of those around him. He's here for a number of reasons, actually…one being the fact that Batman is no longer a part of it. That might not necessarily be a good thing.

Dressed in the attire renown to her, it has slowly been seen to take changes. Instead of red, white, and blue it has fallen to black, silver and red though the representation and heart never left, nor the Truth that hangs from her hip in a low golden glow. Cerulean eyes look out over the people and then steps out from behind the podium, not having her speech written, but in her mind, knowing to answer the many question in the eyes of the sea of people with all she could only give.

"I know it has been years of silence, and for some of you, perhaps that brought a darkness and doubt when things went wrong and what you knew, what you were raised with knowing seemed to be dwindling during times of change and great shifts. We had been seen alone but not as the group you once knew. As I have learned, even as who and what I am: Things need to start over, and sometimes what you grew up to become comfortable with has to end. But that makes lessons, and makes you stronger. It does not mean we have lost them, those faces you knew that once stood here with me have their own things to handle with the oncoming changes but are no less your heroes of old. Batman, Superman, Aquaman… They inspire still, and will continue to until their last breath."

"That is what makes us who we are. That is what makes this team. The Justice League of before has merged with the Avengers Initiative, bringing to you a team of furthering strengths and bricks to add to the foundation of this Hall. Hawkeye and I have worked together to seek those suitable to protect you, those who would join in our eternal promise of defending you and back our Initiative."

"No one should feel they cannot rest peacefully, no one should fear the following years, and if anyone ever, for one moment thinks that they can try and strip that from you - They have a not only Justice to answer to, but a team of those who will Avenge everything we live for, no matter what the cost."

With the rest of the group behind the podium, Mockingbird stands quietly, in her costume, watching everything happening in the hall with the warily trained eyes of a SHIELD agent turned Avenger.

Mimic's been a bit busy lately. He never got the opportunity to follow up on that meeting he had with Agent May in the Triskelion. But it seems SHIELD didn't forget about it and a message reached him through the Red Team since it's no secret he's part of the X-Men, just not the most public group of them. Naturally, it was just a time and location; quite fitting for a secret spy agency. A very public location as well so it didn't raise his suspicions. Just his surprise as, when he ported in, one of the guards waved him down and directed him over to a chair near the front. a large press conference was not at all what he was expecting. Nor its message.

Ozymandias is standing among the rest of the group that is being promoted to full members. Even on this occasion, he is still wearing his mask, costume, and weapons. He looks out to the crowd and thinks that this most be a Super hero version of a Pass and Review ceremony. Ozymandias takes a look among the crowd a few times before turning his attention back to Wonder Woman as she continues talking.

Clint takes a deep breath before the opening statements, and as Diana begins to speak, the archer takes a step back and those hands that had been once clasped before him now 'speak' those words even as Wonder Woman does. It is a team that encompasses all; what may look to one as a weakness is a strength, reaching further than simply words.

There is no need to lean forward to access the microphone, thankfully, as Clint begins to speak now, his hands never stilling from its translation into ASL.

"Justice. We're here for those who find themselves a victim. Fires, floods, earthquakes, and wrongs done to them by their fellow man. Nothing too small, nothing to great. It's why we are here before you; all from varied backgrounds, varied experiences. It's a call we're answering.

"Avenge. The word sounds a threat, but to us, it is a promise." Clint looks out to the gathered before he looks at those gathered behind the podium, some in uniform, others not. "Heroes. Built from the desire for right." Then, it's to Wonder Woman that he looks, and he nods once, ever so slightly.

J'onn J'onzz is a virtual unknown. For years he'd fought in the shadows. For years he'd kept his head down, uncertain what humanity would think of a Martian among them. Or rather, he knew too well. Still, the world has been changing since the fifties when he arrived. Its become more dangerous, and there are threats that he realizes can not be dealt with alone.

For now, however, J'onn J'onzz floats quietly over the crowd, invisible to all. Watching and waiting. Listening to all that is said, and some that is unsaid. Waiting to hear what the Princess of the Amazons wishes to say to this crowd. To those she, and the others in the League have sworn to protect. He is curious, but cautious. Are these the noble people he would reveal himself to? Would these people be those he could finally call friend, as J'onn J'onzz.. And not as a face and name that was not his own.

Simon is gifted with a high arched brow quirk as Namor casts the man a once over, Wonder Man is the single individual here who stepped in to the personal space bubble he has erected around himself, "I'd heard rumor of you among King Arthur's court. How very… progressive of him." The haughty just comes so naturally for the Atlantean. As Wonder Woman and Hawkeye speak his attention shifts forward once again in an attempt to be as respectful as he can manage, or for at least as long as his patience and tolerance for the air breathers around him can hold up.

*haughty tone^

Bobbi's JL:A costume is a little bit flashier than her SHIELD one. Instead of the black and deep blue, it's deep grey and white, with gold tinted goggles over her eyes which can provide night vision, but are no longer used for prescription reasons. Her blonde hair is up in a high tail, and she looks calm and collected where she stands, listening to the speech and keeping an eye on the crowd.

Fenris continues to listen and watch. As he does his mind rolls through the names of the gatherings of heroes he's known of over the centuries. There have been many like this in purpose and ideals, but none to equal this in scope or assembled power. Well, none that he knows of, anyway. And with the world currently doing what it's doing, it may well be necessary.

The ASL catches Dick's attention and he leans forward some, resting his index fingers on his lips as he listens and watches. At a pause, he offers at just the level he knows the woman in front could hear him, "What do you think?" They may not be hanging out all the time now, but her opinion is still valued.

"It looks great," Kate murmurs, flashing a grin back at Kara as she looks over the other girl's new uniform. But then Clint is talking, and she sets a hand to Kara's forearm so she can listen. There's actually the faintest hint of nerves there, in the tightening of her fingers. Derek Bishop is going to flip.

"I'm not sure it worked too well," Simon says wryly to Namor. "Arthur wanted me to be an example of what surfacers are like, but Prince Orm kept a careful bubble of his own people around me at all times, so nobody unprepared would get strange ideas like, 'We're not all completely bad'. Kind of disappointing, really."

He doesn't push the contact further. The Atlanteans he knew were very much aware of their personal space, and he stays outside the 'intimacy' radius.

His response to Diana and Hawkeye's words … he doesn't really show much emotion. He's thinking, though. Avenging? How do you combine that with Justice without becoming something dangerous? Well, clearly, you need to have people who won't go too far, but who are they?

Babs doesn't start as Dick speaks to her, the Oraclenet App on her tablet has shown her where he is. "I don't think anything at this point, Dick." the redhead murmurs. "It's an interesting group of heroes though." One section of the tablet screen is scrolling through her database. "Wonder Woman, as usual, is a force to be reckoned with. A good spokesperson for the group, I believe."

Kara may have been about to whisper more to Kate when the other woman silences her, her bright blue eyes glancing down towards her friend's hand before she remains dignified and silent.

She looks from side to side at the others members of the magnificent team of heroes standing beside her before settling on Hawkeye and Wonder Woman; their leaders.

Her attention is firmly focussed on the pair but she reached up to adjust her headband, moving a stray lock of golden blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Fret not. The Atlantean bar of expectations for Surfacers is not set very high." Namor encourages in his backhanded manner. "Under Arthur's new regime this will be a different Atlantis and as you appear to be an ambassador to teach his people through example and merit I am to teach your own. " The man's lips curl in to an awkward too wide grin, "Sounds exciting doesn't it? We're in a sense bonded in duty as such I am going to assume you will assist me in acclimating once we are done with this little seahorse and whale calf show."

Sub-Mariner's arms unfold from across his chest and in one hand he is holding Aquaman's old JLA + Trident buckle. The communications channels in it are outdated but the Prince of Atlantis hasn't seem to get that far with it yet, it is merely symbolism right now and something he will be approaching as soon as the speech dies away.

Those words left J'onn with a bad taste in his mouth. Vengeance, in his mind, does not fit well with Justice. Perhaps others would sit quiet while heroes said such things, but not the Manhunter from Mars. Above the crowd the green man appears, his cape billowing in a passing breeze. "In what world does Avenging walk hand in hand with Justice? These concepts are mutually exclusive. Justice requires impartiality and objectivity. I came here today hoping to find allies for Justice, for Truth. Those who would stand up and for concepts that would lead to a greater peace. There is no peace in Avenging. No peace in revenge, in vengeance. The concept of revenge has no place in halls dedicated to Justice." His voice is booming, carrying over the crowd with ease- a deep baritone. His stance is unaggressive, he simply flies above the crowd with that billowing cape and glowing red eyes looking towards Diana, and Clint on the dais with the other heroes. "What say you, then?" The Martian Manhunter has decided it is time. Time to be revealed.

Booster Gold looks interested when the green figure appears. He leans aside, towards Kara and Kate, to quietly remark, "I thought you guys didn't have a lot of exoTerran beings in this era. This planet needs to step it up."

Mimic looks up as J'onn speaks up out of the blue (literally, since it's a clear day). Then he glances back to the podium to see how the comment is being taken. While he can see the point, it doesn't bother him as much as it seems to bother the green guy.

If only there were a telepath in the room. Ask someone who came to understand human concepts in third century Norway whether vengeance equates to justice and the answer might be a bit off putting. The appearance of Namor, whom the Old Wolf can scent as different, and J'onn whom… is now rather obvious, is noted with a great deal of interest. "They don't. That they know of." Fenris murmurs softly to booster and the others nearby. He is, himself, technically an ExoTerran being. But shhhhhh.

At J'onns words, there was a moment where Shayera means to reach for her mace attached at the hip to give it a good whirl and twirl and bop. But she doesn't. Freedom of speech and all of that, is that what one of the Amazon's tell her? She didn't remember. A hand lifts to pinch lightly at her bottom lip, tugging it out to inspect and brush her finger against the surface. Ah.. she needed some of what these people call chapstick.. does anyone have chapstick? Ah. She's not going to ask.

Bobbi quirks her head to one side to regard the green guy floating up above. She doesn't make any moves to regard him as friend or foe, yet. She waits to see what Wonder Woman and Hawkeye do in response. It's a legitimate question, and not everyone out there will understand it's just a name, and not a life choice.

Wonder Woman returns the nod to Clint, looking back at those gathered behind them and beside them; those that are moving forward and all stand in the same regard and back the words with the true desire in actions. In the end, hat is what matters, not what is said, but what is done, and to be here and to be part of the JL:A it is your actions that will make you.

But the truth is, is people need words, people need the presence of a voice and the sight of assurance. So this moment at the Hall of Justice is to give them all just that very thing. "We are here to show you those now progressing amongst our ranks, those that believe in the promise we have aimed to keep for decades and have done so. Our silence was not to make you question or stop believing, but to wait for the right moment to bring to you who you have already seen in action, so you can /keep/ believing."

"One such man that is lacking beside us today due to duty has spoken a message as well and left it with me to convey to you all." Those words spoken Diana holds out her hand and a holo projector reveals the image of Captain America, standing in uniform and addressing the crowd.

"Hi everyone. My name is Steve Rogers and I want to thank Wonder Woman, Hawkeye, and the rest of the Justice League: Avengers Initiative for inviting me to be part of their group. I'm not sure I can really explain how honored I am, so I won't try.

"I apologize for not being able to be with all of you. I'm out on assignment, but God willing, I'll be home soon. It's probably just as well, I'm not the greatest at this sort of thing."

"Before I go, I just want to say that I've done a lot of thinking lately, about us in our times. As Americans and as human beings. I come from a time where everything seemed pretty simple. The good guys were the good guys and the bad guys weren't. Everything fit into a neat box. Today, things aren't clear at all. It seems like every day our country is under some sort of threat either economic, social, political, or just sheer violent."

"I'm not saying that the Avengers of the Justice League are going to do anything to clear up the picture. I'm not that naive. But what I do hope is that we can be something that people can point to with assurances that there are still people out there fighting for good. No matter the cost. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."

Shutting down the holo projector as the image of Captain America flicks off, Wonder Woman steps back from the podium in time to have the interruption direct her gaze upward, though her chin uplifts with that look, brows furrowing in a narrowed expression. "Though I appreciate your candor, this is not your moment to interrupt, this is a time of change and if you question such change and doubt it, then why don't you do as the rest upon this dias have… And strive to be a part of it. The philosophy behind the name of our team, can wait."

Blue eyes glance to Barbara at her response, but then Dick leans back in his seat. He didn't expect to surprise her, that's for certain. If he was going to say anything else, his thoughts are interrupted by the green man in a cape calling out questions to those on the dais and the reactions and responses. His hand gives a twitch and he quickly looks about the area as if checking to see if this is some sort of distraction for anything else.

"Yeah, well, that's new," Kate replies to Booster, looking up at J'onn's appearance. She takes a half a step forward as if to reply, then looks to Clint and Diana, brows furrowing slightly at the other woman's response. For a moment, she catches the inside of her cheek between her teeth, jaw setting. "I'll take your question, sir," she calls up after. "Once I'm up."

"Justice means nothing if one doesn't lift a hand to defend it. In history, there have been cultures that simply could not be shamed into doing what was right, and those that suffered under those rules had to be Avenged. Those who had murdered millions were brought to justice in courts of law of their times and the deaths had been Avenged. They aren't opposites. We are not 'Revengers'."

Never mind the collective gasp of the public standing and watching as some green guy in a flowing cape suddenly appears overhead. There's even a scream, two, before things quiet again. Already, some look to those heroes before them.

Clint's hands never still, even in his words, and as he repeats Diana's for those who cannot hear, he nods. Each word that rises is translated through. (He's definitely going to need those drinks tonight!)

"It is time, now, to recognize those that are stepping forward to answer the call, and bring them into Membership."

"Now that's interesting." Babs murmurs back to Dick as the green figure appears and Steve Rogers is inducted into the league. "Our green friend asks some interesting questions too." As Wonder Woman responds to J'onn, the redhead nods slowly and then settles back in mild amusement as Kate/Hawkeye calls out.

"I would disagree. You, a group of the most powerful beings on this planet, have said that your Avenging is a *promise*. Perhaps others will stand and wait to question such words, but I would question them now. For many years now I have dedicated myself to being a silent protector of the people of Earth. I have worked from the shadows, but now threats no single hero can face are rising up. Earth and her people are at an evolutionary junction that will decide the fates of billions. These people deserve to know that their sworn protectors are not out for Justice's petty cousin, revenge. You, as all heroes, must be above such thoughts and feeling." J'onn then answers Clint. "The word itself means to bring harm for an injury. To inflict harm on the behalf of another. Is it your place to bring harm to those you battle? Or is it your place, your *duty* to bring them to Justice. To answer for crimes in a court of law, judged by their peers. It is not for the police officer to judge. Only to protect, and serve Justice." J'onn, however, nods his head as the others step forward. He floats back slightly- as if 'giving the floor' to those inducted this evening. "My questions on this can wait. But, I would have them answered."

J'onn J'onzz bah. Adds 'Very well,' to the beginning of that last question.

Kate's already offered to speak, so Fenris stays silent on the matter. Though if the floating green man is curious he may seek him out later. Fenris has a rather… unique perspective on 'law' and what it means - and has meant - throughout the ages. "Never a dull moment, mmm?" He murmurs to those around him, glancing over to Babs just to see how she's taking things.

"It sure is," Dick answers back. He continues to observe for a moment before leaning forward again to murmur, "Where does their funding come from, do you know?" Not that she would necessarily have that easily accessible but the wheels are turning. His eyes do narrow somewhat as the Membership Ceremony seems to be so very public. It's almost like they're asking for trouble to find them here and now.

Wonder Woman's focus on the Martian Manhunter does not waver, but as he states his question can wait her dips her chin in a nod to him. "My thanks. You're answers will come." A slow smile forms, though her attention drifts from him to that of the members of this team, moving to the back where the buckles are kept. One for each for her and Clint to hand to those advancing in station.

Leaning slightly towards Clint, Diana murmurs. "Well, at least now people are stepping forward and out of hiding." There is no jest in her statement, only a bit of pride as she seems unmoved by the display J'onn put out there.

Gathering metal buckles and integrated (updated) comm devices, she waits for each to take theirs from her and Clint to finalize their placement in the JL:A. Kara, Kate, Booster, Hawkgirl, and Ozymandias. For those unable to be here today, theirs will be delivered as well.

"To be honest," Simon says quietly to Namor, "I know from experience that vengeance and justice are usually two faces of the same coin, but declaring this in the open, it's more candid than what usually happens. Anyway. It'll be interesting working with you instead of fighting you. I look forward to that. Are you going to be in there too?"

Kate chiming in brings a twist of Clint's head to look at the young woman. Everything he's believed of Katherine Bishop is still in place. He'd had no doubts in her ability, her place on the team, and now from the sound of it, neither does she. He smiles and gives the other Hawkeye a quick smile and nod before turning to face front. He's not about to have a semantics argument from someone not from 'around here'. It'd be pointless.

The moment Diana leans in, Clint mutes his mic and shifts slightly in order to respond quietly, "Looking good from where I'm standing." So spoken by 'Hawkeye'.

It's time for badges, however, and he twists around again, offering in a sotto voice. "No standing us up at the altar. Come and get 'em and say something if you want."

It's a lot of crazy hub bub and Bobbi makes note to punch Clint, repeatedly, until he agrees that her eventual induction can be done quietly, in private, with maybe just a small blurb in the newspaper.

"I come from a realm where I found times simpler and such a conversation like this would not transpire, especially in public. Vengeance, Justice, Avenging, Cuddling, I care not. I have been tasked by King Arthur with a mission and for my own people I'm doing what I must as much as I detest the course I next set myself upon." A pause and Namor stares at Simon, "Interesting. Agreed."

The buckle JLA symbol is held up and the Sub-Mariner floats forward about two feet off the ground towards the dais and those gathered, "I am Namor MacKenzie, sworn Monarch of the Southern Atlantean tribes and Prince of the united Empire of Atlantis. I am declaring myself a member of your Justice League." Obviously he is going about it wrong but you tell him that.

Kara Zor-El also known as Supergirl to the world stepped forward to accept her Justice League: Avengers buckle and communicator; she was positively delighted at an addition to her costume, she was going to look so official.

Standing in front of the dais she spoke with great resolve, not a hint of nervousness or hesitation in her voice, "It is a great honor to be named as a member of the Justice League: Avengers Initiative. I hope that in time that we can all prove ourselves worthy of our roles as protectors of this great and beautiful world as the heroes of the Justice League and Avengers Initiative had proven to you prior."

"Many of our members are just ordinary people fighting to make a difference for the greater good. Every day I try to live up to their example." A smile is given in particular to Kate by Kara, she respected her above all others for her bravery and courage.

She takes a moment to look out over the crowd before continuing to speak, "Most of the world knows me as Supergirl. My name is Kara Zor-El, I came to Earth from the destroyed world of Krypton. It was members of the Justice League Avengers who took me in as family and showed me that even though my world had been lost, this was my home now. That I was not a stranger here, but I was welcome to become part of a family."

Kara raises a hand to tap the symbolic Red S on her top, "On my homeworld, this is the symbol of my family, The House of El."

A bright smile is given for those assembled, "On Krypton, it was also the symbolic representation of Hope. It was a hope my Mother and Father both symbolized, a dedication to our world and people like a King and Queen may have had. A responsibility they did not shy from. Even when others thought them wrong in their actions, they continued to do the right thing."

There is a pause from the young woman, "My world was unable to be saved, but it is my greatest dream that on Earth, this symbol may be known as one of Hope. I promise to do all I can to protect this world and her people even those below the surface from any threat, no matter the cost to myself."

She gestures to the other members of the team who had just been sworn in, "I know each of these men and women will do the same, I promise, we will not let you down. When the hour is darkest, we will be a shining beacon of hope together as the Justice League: Avengers!"

She extends a hand to Namor, "We would welcome you as a brother Prince Namor, I know of your bravery." God she hoped she wouldn't get in trouble.

The Martian Manhunter's attention, however, is on the Justice League and in particular those who have spoken as leaders: Clint and Diana. He is quiet as he hovers above the crowd- watching with those glowing red eyes. He hears what they say, he watches. Its difficult to read his emotions, his face shows nothing. He simply stands (or floats, rather) hands at his side as he watches and listens.

As the badges come out, Kate steps forward to take hers, shoulders straight and chin high. There's a little bit of excitement to it, but she's also self-possessed. There's no doubt in her. Once she has the badge, she steps forward. "Hi there," she flashes a smile to the crowd. "Thanks everyone for coming. My name is Kate Bishop. Maybe you've heard of me, maybe you haven't. But for the last six years or so, I've also gone by another name." She looks over her shoulder, flashing a smile at Clint.

"Hawkeye. Yeah, there are two of us," she adds with a grin. "Don't worry, we're pretty easy to tell apart." Namor can go shock and awe; Kate has the charming thing down. "But I wanted to address your question, sir." She looks up toward J'onn, gaze steady. "It's a good question. It's an important question. And honestly, I'm glad someone asked it. It's important that people see us. Really see us, which means thinking about what they see."

"I could tell you it's just a name. A rose by any other name, right? But that wouldn't give your question the thought it deserves. Because here's the thing. Justice is blind. Justice is about impartiality, and law, and black and white. But we don't live in that world. We live in a world that's full of gray. We live in a world where power sometimes speaks louder than truth. Avenging sounds like an ugly word, but there's something in it that's important: vengeance is personal."

"As heroes, we have to be both. We have to be just, but we have to remember that our justice affects the people around us. Our choices can make someone else's life better or worse. We can fight for an ideal of justice, but we have to also fight for the people who give those ideals meaning. It has to be personal. We have to feel it."

Kate takes a deep breath, looking out over the crowd. "We live in a world full of extraordinary people. People with powers that can break physics. Minds that would make Einstein stare. I know that can be frightening," she adds to the crowd. "Intimidating. I know, because…" Trailing off, she looks at the others around her. "Well. You see who I hang out with. I do it for a reason, though, and I believe the League shares it. Whatever our powers, whatever our skills, whatever our place in the world. It's our hearts and our souls that make it matter. And perfect, pristine justice has no place for hearts or souls, sir. If we want to find the truth, if we want to be the best protectors we can be? We need both."

Karen was clapping and cheering along with many of the murmurs in the crowd. The jowly faced man (remember him), disapproving of every bout of jubilation on Karen's part. Leaning over his way, Karen jabs him (a bit hard) with her elbow.

Kara - yeah, she knew Kara. Karen brings up her hand to make another whistle when she takes the stage, but… then the speech. Karen drops her hands from her mouth, looking dumbfounded for a handful of moments, her eyes drawing down to the crest, to Kara's face, then back down again. Karen's mouth drops open.

"…huh, excuse me," says Karen, standing up (maybe stepping on jowl-man's face with the point of her high heels). But Karen was heading briskly away from the crowd, her features pinkening just a touch.

Shayera's approach was something different from the woman that most had come to know. Her fingers wrap around the buckle that was offered, clutching it to her chest, the look upon her face was stricken with an emotion that seemed to be perplexed and nearly unreadable. Others were making their speeches, the platform itself seemingly crowded to her. She hates crowds. Crowds begets crowded spaces, and she hates crowded spaces. She hates rooms that are too small, she nearly hates the dark. But the one thing that she hates the most was giving speeches. And attending speeches.

After those who had spoken their peace cleared the way, she steps forward, intending to walk past the microphone, until her gaze takes on those waiting faces upon the crowd and..

Positively freaks her the fuck out. Whatever color Thanagarians turn, she does it in that moment, her jaw tensing and tightening as she looks down towards the belt, her wings ruffling with a huge amount of agitation on her behalf, spreading.. possibly knocking someone over, flexing again and pointing upward as if she were a frightened bird. But there was no fear there, only awkwardness.

Complete. And total. Awkwardness.

For a moment, she leans in to the mic, then away, and towards the mic again, eyes shifting left and right as she lets out a huff that sends a discordance among the loudspeakers.

And what she says.. is profound.


And she quickly scoots away from the mic and public eye all together to hide in the background.

When Booster steps up to accept the buckle from Diana, he quietly nods to her and Clint, saying to them, "Thank you, and this is an honor." Louder, because it is meant for everyone to hear, he says, "I like it when people question authority," and briefly nods up at where J'onn is floating. "Freedom and safety is something that everyone should have, not just a select group. Fighting for the oppressed is as important as facing down cosmic-level threats to the planet." Booster smiles brightly, then adds, "That means I'm happy to help you get your kitten down from a tree, too, if that's what you need." He points at the crowd in a sweeping gesture, and winks. "Booster Gold, out."

Aliens? Atlanteans are not as media sideswiped and convoluted as the surface. They've encountered such things and are aware of them, this is now awed moment for him as the crowd makes noises and cameras go off in quick shutters. Namor's irritation is at the overshadowing this Kara wished to project right now ceremony now looking small in the face of this blond girl revealing herself and his own announcement. He is royalty, who does she think she is stealing his brief moment in all of this. Also his patience is at question.

The Sub-Mariner grunts at Supergirl as he joins them upon the dais, the outstretched hand is looked upon with a look of brief disdain before he takes it, the world is watching after all and gives a light squeeze before retracting.

"That is it?" The hybrid inquires of those at the dais, those who are of the League. "I am of you now?" So much around him going on it is near sensory overload so many are being filtered out in his focus, Hawkeye and Wonder Woman are his main focal points. Unfortunate for the Prince of Atlantis, Captain America is not here, things would have been so much easier for him.

Wonder Woman stands back beside Clint, each one of them getting their moment, her eyes scanning the crowd as others step forward and revelations are made in thanks, and kitten rescuing, declarations and promises of safety, but something else is there now and more questions will come as well as a feeling of unease.

A release of breath and when Namor approaches that exhale turns into a posture that says Diana is about to throw her coal huen hair into a pony tail and throw down. Instead the slight side-shuffle that takes her around Clint and to the edge of the dias where Namor presents his buckle and his declaration gets the lofty Prince a greeting of a smile and the stiff armed reach of a hand held out for his buckle. "That is not how it is done, Prince Namor."

But the one hand that lies in wait, is also met with another vembraced limb outstretched in a signifying clasp of forearms in a greeting they have already shared (Though a bit more brutal). "But we will be glad to have you among our ranks, in time."

A flash of cerulean gaze gives Namor a quick up-down and that terse smile seems shadowed in jest. "Glad you changed your mind. Arthur's doing, I presume?"

Namor pose *no awed moment for him - FOR LOG )

"My name is Ozymandias, and I am deeply honored to be called forward with these fellow warriors to provide Justice to those that in need, and those that we cannot provide justice for, then we shall avenge. Avenging, does not mean to kill. Just as Justice does not mean the law. Justice and the law change. There are times in this world's history that justice was eye for an eye. Even now, what people call Justice and the law changed from nation to nation. Everyone's nation has current and past events where the Law and Justice have been used to oppress, murder, rape, and deny basic human rights to those that are supposed to be their citizens.

Ozymandias looks down at the crowd and says, "But, I have learned that those people that have stood against the evil of this world have proven themselves more by their works than by any words, and they have always stated they themselves would sacrifice themselves to protect Society. Those who have follow the path of evil have always blame the weak, the poor, the voiceless, and those portions of society that are ready hated to draw people to their cause.

Ozymandias clenches the podium, "We are here to protect those people. We are here to make sure that people cannot be beating in the streets for wanting to vote. We are here to make sure young mutants children cannot be kidnapped without someone coming to the aid. We are here to make sure that cities cannot be attacked super powered individuals without someone fighting against them. We will investigate, Ozymandias smirks, behind his mask, "We will protect, we will bring to justice those that we can, and we will avenge those poor souls that we cannot protect. Ozymandias winks, "And that is Avenge not Revenge.

Mockingbird watches, looking relaxed, but knowing with her new abilities she can dash in to defend anyone in need in a split second. She amends her Clint punching agenda to 'quietly, over pizza and beer with no public.' This is a lot of public for a secret agent.

Hal Jordan arrives a bit late, but heroes are wont to do that sort of thing - sometimes a plane loaded with with a heavy metal band is going down and you need a hero to guide that plane down to the ground. And, if they want to then hang out with that hero and let him play with Lars' drum kit for a while, well, nobody really needs to know about that. He comes in during speeches and blinks a little bit, "Well, this place seems to be jumping. Maybe I should've brought the band," he considers aloud. Then, raising his voice, he calls out, "Sorry I'm late, everyone. Most of you don't know me," he says. He just leaves it at that and then blends in as best he can.

He catches Diana's eye, nodding to the Amazon and then spots Hawkgirl, wandering over. Last he'd seen, the avian heroine had been streaking off in a violent mood after getting smacked around in Russia. Of course, with Shayera, a violent mood could be caused by a long line to get french fries.

"I must again, humbly, disagree. The concept you are looking for is compassion, not avenging." J'onn replies to Kate's statement, again his voice booming- easily heard as those with a microphone are. "Justice is tempered with Compassion, with Hope, with Love. It is Compassion that gives Justice its vision. It is Hope that gives Justice its foresight. It is Love that gives Justice its mercy, and makes it personal to those you would protect. Vengeance- Avenging- Revenge, all different words for the same thing. I am a Manhunter, a peace-keeper. For two hundred years of my life, I kept peace on my home planet, Mars. You would ask if I know the desire to avenge- I know it well. I know it very well for I am the last of my kind, the rest victim to a horrible genocide. As you have publicly declared your desire to protect these people, and have done the same. I trust then, that you, this Justice League will not mind my watching you. I am J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter and I will be watching. Farewell, Justice League: Avengers. I hope we shall always meet as allies in the battle for Justice.. but never shall I join you for vengeance. I take my leave. I am sure we will meet again, soon. Farewell." The Manhunter's cloak billows and seems to wrap around him as he fades from view- disappearing in plain sight into nothing. Indeed, its as if he was never there at all.

Oh… hey. Clint stares at the guy coming forward, and not for the first time is he glad that he's got a team behind him. Literally.

With each declaration of faith, essentially, it's signed for the masses, though Clint's hands are slowing. Was that sign family or did he just sign 'dog'? No doubt he'll hear about it in the papers tomorrow. Sorry, Kara! It's Kate's speech that brings that smile back. Tonight. Boat ride around NYC and drinks. With her. And man, Clint bets that by tomorrow, there will be phone calls from Kate's dad.

Shayera's acceptance brings a pause to the archer, and for a moment, he's concerned. For her safety? Probably more the safety of the crowd, truth be told, but in the end, from what little he knows of her, that 'Thanks' is a hard win. And it actually means something to him, at the very least. Booster's acceptance gains a barked laugh from the archer, and as the belt is received, he reaches out to give the other man a warm slap on the shoulders. "You got it. You and Kara get kitten duty for the month," is murmured.

Brief speeches take Clint's time, each one that stands forward for their belt is translated, though he does glance back at Bobbi as if he can actually read her mind. Right now? Really looking forward to that drink.

Bobbi gives Clint the look. He knows the one. There will be words later. But other than that she's a silent costumed ghost behind the others, always on alert.

Shayera glances up towards Hal, she was sitting somewhere near the back, out of prying and public eyes, still holding onto the buckle with a white knuckled grip. She seemed so small too, aside from being short. She even lifts it towards Hal, a brief moment of pride before it was lowered and covered. There was no attitude there. Only.. her.

"I got a buckle." And.. that was the extent of her conversation towards the Green Lantern. Now she was watching backs. Everyones.

"In time?" Namor repeats, "My patience grows thin and I have heard enough prattle this day. If I am not yet of your ranks then contact me when that time has come I will make myself known in one of your cities. Find me when you have decided… " The Prince of Atlantis looks at each of those gathering and the speaking Ozymandius, the newly appeared Green Lantern, "It would be in your best interests to have me counted among your ranks. Not simply for my might alone but for the fact I am Atlantis as your world will see first hand." The Manhunter's continued talking gets a frown from the aquatic champion while he drifts upwards, near enough to still be spoken to before he himself flies away. Nevermind the tiny flappy wings on his ankles, do not let them detract from his macho presence and ocean taming ways.

"And, yeah." Simon grins, then covers it with one hand, then nods to whichever JL:A'er is nearby. I got this, he says silently. He begins crackling with ionic fire, and lifts off the ground, heading off to track Namor, so he can do that 'intro to the surface world' thing he's been slated to do.

Kara really wants to explain politely to Namor how this all works but this was Hawkeye and Diana's show so she slips her new belt buckle onto her skirt and smiles at the wonderful addition it makes. It would look great on any costume she had.

Leaning over towards Kate she asks, "How much longer do you think this is going to go on? I hate to say it, but we're almost asking for trouble with so many superpowered beings around."

She tilts her head towards Namor, "Like maybe someone should talk to him privately."

Hal Jordan looks at Hawkgirl with a raised eyebrow, "A buckle, huh? Did you get a big, tall black hat to wear it on? Are we doing a Thanksgiving play? Don't answer that, you don't know what I'm talking about," he says. Namor's speech gets a momentary stare at Namor's speech (and the WINGS, oh my god). Then he cocks his head, "Wait, Atlantis? Didn't Atlantis just…wait…isn't there a different…" he shakes his head, 'You know what, I don't care."

Karen Starr? No where to be seen. She vanished entirely from sight.

But at the back of the audience now? o/~ Power Girl o/~ appears. Floating into a seat there, she was obviously mad. Perhaps because of her size, perhaps because of other things - but the woman was tense, arms folded in front of herself - as she sets herself into a seat back there, her awesome little cape tight against her back.

Face scrunched up a bit, there was an intensity in her eyes as she stares towards the stands, focusing her gaze on one person alone. But it might be hard to tell from a distance so it might just look like she was glaring at everyone there.

"I have been on this planet for more than 200 years, and Justice on this planet is something that can only be truly be define by history. Ozymandias continues and says, "For years people beat and killed people because of their color, their religion, their gender in the name of Justice. Love, compassion, and even hope are emotions that are easily twisted and turned to make their "justified" evil more noble.. I have heard the words of all the great men of peace of this world. I have even heard some of them first hand as I have heard the words the great men of evil of this world too. When I hear the words of the men and women of this stage, and when I see their works I know that they are good people. Judge us by what we do, and continue to fight against the evil of this world. I am sure history we see us on the side of the light.

Ozymandias adds, "Evil only wins, when good men do nothing. We can always debate the philosophy over a good beer, wine, whiskey, or tea.

Hal Jordan.. or.. Green Lantern gets a look. A look that furrows the brows and causes those knuckles and that good throwing arm to tense up. That good throwing arm was also her best punching arm, thank Diana and her crew of women for that.

She stands now, waiting for that prime and ripe moment for him to turn away, her arm drawn back, launched towards him with a tightly curled fist aimed right towards the back of his head. She doesn't care if he ducks or not, the intention to head-punch him was there, and thankfully they were away from cameras and public eye for that to be seen..

…unless he goes flying. She's not going to stop him from flying from a hopefully well placed punch.

Cause Shayera likes watching people fly after a punch. If they lose their shoes? Bonus!

The bright orange hair was the first sign that the paramedic from Metropolis Fire and Rescue had sort of made it to the event, or perhaps the aftermath of said event. She'd managed to persuade her temporary partner — she was covering on Red's shift for someone who lost a loved one during the attacks — to swing by for the 'dinner hour' that paramedics are allotted during their shift.

And then… she saw the crowds. And the media. And the tons of powered folks… including one that just took off… Wait, was that the guy from the fight on the beach that was fighting the crab?


Some of the press corps, a bit less dignified than the rest representing the tabloids and the trashy television shows turn towards her with a bit of a murmur, microphones raised, pictures snapping as she goes pale as a sheet, taking a hopping leap up to land somewhere behind a good chunk of other heroes for cover.


She's using the other heroes for cover from *the media*?

Booster Gold seems fairly laid back about some of the tension going on, not overly concerned with the reactions from J'onn or Namor. As he quietly notes, "There's always a little drama at things like this." He waves one hand in a vague, circular gesture. He freezes for a moment when Shayera lunges at Hal, and then gestures towards the Thanagarian with that same hand. "See."

Hal Jordan always has a small degree of shielding up, the ring responding reflexively to invasions of space at the speed of…well, light. Bright, green light. Still, Shayera's punch has plenty of the mighty and the shield mostly must cushions. Instead of stumbling, then, Hal just gets walloped and stumbles forward a few steps, bent over and grabbing at the back of his neck, "Ow! Jesus, woman!" he says. He was going to have a weird, inexplicable bruise back there, "I don't know how it is where you come from, but human beings need our spines, man." he says, keeping a respectful distance from the winged warrior. "You're the one who brought up the buckle."

Hal turns back to the room at large, "Heh, who's handing out the buckles? I want one!" he calls.

Kara shrunk back a little as she noticed the costumed woman staring at her from the crowd; the woman definitely had a familiar look to her and was absolutely massive. She nudged Kate and pointed towards Power Girl, "I think that girl is trying to laser me with her eyes."

She's noting the design of the costume and cape that could almost be based on Kryptonian fashions or something and she wonders if Zod has sent someone for her.

Despite Hal Jordan and Shayera getting into it and other drama unfolding, Kara wasn't about to endanger any lives. She points at Shayera and Hal Jordan, gritting her teeth, "Take it elsewhere. You're setting a terrible example for the team." She sounded like a scolding mother.

She looked to Booster Gold, considering asking him for backup; but she decided not to involve anyone else. If this was a Kryptonian, she would only be endangering them.

Kara was now walking towards Power Girl but there was a good number of people to get past. If the other woman meets her blue eyed gaze she motions to the doors, a clear sign whatever issue she had would be dealt with outside.

Mockingbird edges towards Clint. She murmurs, "I'm going to head out. I have my last battery of tests in the morning. Nice shindig. I see you still attract the crazies." She gives him a faint smile, nods to the others, and slips out.

Diana just stares after Namor, holding the buckle in her hand and smoothing her thumb over its surface. The backing of the trident marking it as Aquaman's old medal, the one that marked him as a founder beside her and others, though two men now stand with her that knew and fought beside her mother even before the JLA.

Looking down at that medal she tucks it away for later, the memories that come with it as well, now passing each one, and after their speeches wonder Woman offers them each a smile, one of pride. Though when Kara speaks about the publicity Diana just gestures out towards the crowd and also beyond.

"The JL:A is and has always been public. I think they would be welcoming a losing battle if they tried today." Though Ozy's words garner her attention with a growing smile and a rest of her hand upon his shoulder. "You speak well."

Hal's arrival is met with a light nod as she approaches Shayera with her protective grip upon her buckle. "Speechless? That's not you…" Though when a fist flies a brow rises. "Take it inside at least." A gesturing nod towards the slightly obscured media, shaking her head and then watching as Kara tails after a girl in the crowd.

Kate scrubs a hand over her face, taking a deep breath. "And now I'm super-nanny," she mutters to herself as personalities already start to clash. "Super. Guys, cameras, please," she tries to call to…Well. The super-powered out-of-towners portion of the league. Chaos. Sighing, she moves over to nudge Clint, fingers flying. « Close it out, Clint, we're looking dumb. »

"Terrible example!?" Shayera exclaims, raising a fist with the threat to hit Hal with it again. "You set examples that look like terran droppings!" That was called after Kara as she takes off, the look given towards Diana.. Kate.. and even Clint. Okay. Fine. She was setting a terrible example, so that fist is dropped and raised again to tuck buckle right into her top. Her over the shoulder boulder holder would have to do in place of pockets.

A finger wiggle goes towards Hal, but it was all in jest. For there was a smile upon her lips that told of fun times to be had. "You. Green man. You and I shall do battle across China. Then hear the song of their people while Pei Wei cooks us the feast of Christmas."

Well, they did spend Christmas together, at least. So she was being nice. Sort of.

"Already on it," comes in rapidly signed response to Kate's own silent request. Clint takes off his mic and sets it down on the podium. He then sidles up to the podium itself and now leans in for the microphone. "Thank you all for coming and I'm sure you'll be hearing about us in the coming days, weeks, months and years." With that, he turns off the sound and begins walking towards those who may still remain. Getting a hand from police with the cordoning, the emptying of the area begins.

"Thank you for coming," is repeated. Clint will find Bobbi later…

Power Girl rises to a stand, blue gloves clenched into fists. Karen tended towards the unsubtle at times, and this was one of them. Tossing her head to one side, she brushes her short blonde hair back with her open hand, giving her head a flick afterwards. Staring at Kara - Power Girl glances to one side, towards the door she mentioned.

And Power Girl was up in the air again. Just enough to clear the crowd of reporters and otherwise, her gaze laser-focused on Kara as she kinda floats towards the door, landing just so. Bringing up her hand, she opens the door with a BANG, pushing it open dramatically, before stepping outside. She does not hold it open for Kara.

Hal Jordan sticks his tongue out at Kara, but smooths his hair back at Diana's approach, "Why, yes, Supergirl, I'm just fine, thanks for asking," he says. "And you? Well, I'm sure we can get that stick removed sometime. Modern medicine is a wonder…Woman. Wonder Woman, hi! Uh, yeah, no problem, just a little joshing. It's just that Hawkgirl's teasing tends to involve more bone-breaking than most," he says.

He doesn't particularly care about the media or about image. He cares about getting things done. What people write about it or say about it doesn't matter to him, any more than who gets picked to get the big piece of chicken and be called 'leader'. Hal had one leader - Hal. And maybe sometimes the little blue guys in the dresses, but he tried not to get them involved.

Ozymandias eyes widen is surprise from Wonder Woman's comment and dips his head slightly, "Thank you for the compliment, and for allowing me to join the team. It is indeed a great honor for me."

Booster Gold is watching all this friction with cheerful curiosity. He has super-hearing as well when he's in costume, and gives Kate a gentle if sympathetic pat on the back when he walks past her, murmuring to her very quietly, "Team mom." Smiling brightly when he moves past Hal, he says to the Green Lantern, "You're really a hit with the ladies. Give me pointers sometime."

Upon landing, the tall statuesque woman slowly strides up to the rest of the team. Columbia's got a bit of a sheepish expression as she sees the crowd again, and the media, and a few intrepid folks take shots of punches being thrown and things getting a bit crazy. She straightens up a bit and smooths out her outfit, though her hands shake a bit as she looks towards Booster and Diana and then thank goodness that fellow shut off the mic and was starting the crowd dispersal.

"I'm sorry I was late." It's barely a whisper directed towards Diana and Booster as she starts to look for someone to talk to. She's not being too picky at the moment, but preference being given to someone that is *not* the media or the crowd….

Hal Jordan looks back at Shayera and grins, "Again? I dunno, I think we should do Japan this time. I'm kind of in the mood for sushi. Although I know there isn't as much space to battle. Maybe we could do, like, a zip in and out of the skyscrapers, laser taggy thing this time in Tokyo," he grins.

Kate grimaces at Booster's reassurance, shooting a look at the back of his head before she realizes Kara's gone after the other strange woman. "Kara, maybe-" Maybe this is not something she can actually help with. Finally, she turns back to Clint. "There's an open bar on that boat, right?"

"I know, but you two. Inside, there's suitable quarters for that there." Though how that could be taken by Hal, is all wrong, Diana does not seem to even give it a second thought. The show of team embrace no matter how outlandish is seen and what it is. Friends, comrades, and comfortable enough to show it in their own unique ways, as they are their own individuals like any other human being. Even though it was shut down, it will not stop what will show up from here on out on any and all of them, especially those who stepped up today.

Returning to Ozymandias with his thanks, Wonder Woman tilts hr head ever so slightly and lifts one corner of her lips. "You earned it all, and continue to do so. It is not given lightly, but to those deserving. As I said. Your words do lead me to believe nights of philosophical approaches will be long and eventful." Diana is not one to shut down shared knowledge and debates, enlightening moments.

Columbia gets a clap of hand on her shoulder and a small squeeze. "Now is the time to stop ducking, Columbia. Even though you're late, you're here where you belong. Own it."

Di knows some lingo! Blame Shay.

Booster brightens up when Columbia approaches, and seems genuinely pleased to see her. "Oh hey, it's good to see you." He moves to offer her a welcoming handshake. "I think you missed the excitement, but I'm sure there's plenty of video if you want to catch up. Heh, that's going to be on the 'net forever," he predicts, cheerfully.

Okay, some faces that Clint doesn't know, but he's more than happy to wait for introductions later. Not a problem. Once he's got the place emptying, he looks around and exhales in a sigh, shaking his head. A couple of steps brings him closer to Kate, and he nods first, "Yeah. You and me. At that bar. And if not, I still have a spare bracelet for the pub crawl tonight." Or, hey, both!

Taking hold of the other Hawkeye's waist, Clint's ready to leave all the fun and madness behind. Time for some down time.

Shayera punches Hal's arm. "Deal." And then she takes off. Last one there is a rotten embryo.

Mom. She's Mom. But like, from a different place.

Cameron straightens up and cracks her neck, giving Diana a nod before turning to the gathered heroes. She gives Booster a handshake — which promptly gets a few dozen pictures taken of it — Cameron's not the showboat, Booster is… but for the two of them to apparently be aligned on this team is… significant, somehow. Hell hath frozen over somewhere in the afterlife…

"You know me, Booster. You can have the press, let me do the heavy lifting and the healing. We can make that work, right?"

That smile is genuine, though she's a little bit uncertain still, watching the golden hero for any sort of insight on how to better 'own' the moment.

There's a loud, deep rumble from down the way as a familiar person approaches from the south. Once Captain America finally pulls the bike to a stop, he pulls the shield from the front of his bike and fastens it over his back. Whatever mission he was on, must have been either quick or at least successful. As he takes the steps, his eyes search for Diana, "Sorry I'm late. I tried to get here in time."

Kara heard Hal Jordan's remark but she wasn't about to respond to it at the moment. Moving through the crowd intently towards the woman staring at her she put the new earpiece she had gotten into her ear.

As she stepped out the door, opening it gently in contrast to the others woman's dramatic exit she says into her earpiece, "This is Kara to all Avengers, I'm going to get that angry possibly Kryptonian woman away from the city. Try to save me some drinks at the party, kay?"

The door closed behind her and she was gone.

"I like the way you think, Barton," Kate agrees with Clint, turning one more long, wary look on the more fractious parts of the group. "Hey, Cap. We got your speech," she adds with a small smile for Steve. "We're out, though. Later, guys," she waves before starting down off the podium. Open bar. Stat.

"You're days of trying to hide face are over, Columbia. Shine like you are supposed to and don't be anything but who you are." Wonder Woman gives that genuine smile the red heads way, nodding to Booster. "If I can't get through to her maybe closer familiarity can."

The rumbling of Captain America's arrival gets the return bustle of media, ay attempt to disburse them shattered as America's 'golden boy' makes it and not in a holo projected image - but in the flesh.

"It's better late then never. Your speech was heard, your sentiment felt, and now your presence where it belongs for the moment." The greeting to him ends with her standing by his side and pulling out the old buckle Namor presented. "Your friend showed himself and gave me this." Holding Aquaman's old JLA buckle out for inspection, he should know who she refers to.

"Trust me, if I could have all the press, all the time, I'd be happy," Booster tells Cameron, and although he is laughing as he says this, he is serious. He also knows how reticent the woman is when it comes to attention, and adds in a quieter voice, "Wonder Woman is right. And… if you play 'hard to get' with the press, they'll think you have something to hide and will come after you even more aggressively. Acknowledge them and move on." He turns and nods to those departing, then lifts a hand in greeting to Captain America.

Steve reaches up to unbuckle his helmet and pulls it off his head; some of the blond hair sticks to it just a bit, leaving it a bit messy. He strings the chinstrap through his belt loop and fastens it there on his hip.

He handles the buckle and raises his eyebrow. "My friend? Namor was here?" Steve gets a sly grin on his face. "I'm sure he made a great impression."

The taller woman appraises Steve appreciatively. Now there's someone… talk about the face that launched a thousand ships… Huh.

She straightens up a bit more as she listens to Booster and Diana.

"Alright. So I'm here, what do you need me to do, and do you have a phone or something for me to remain in touch?"

Cameron gives the media a smile, a wave, and a nod… and the flashbulbs that remain (that haven't been herded away!) take pictures in gross.

Could it be that one of Metropolis' own has finally grown up some?

Hal Jordan grins at Shayera, although he winces a bit at her choice of metaphor, "Yes. Yes, they are," is all he'll say about rotten embryos. At Kara's message about the Kryptonian, he just shakes his head "Jesus, Kryptonians fighting amongst each other, what a surprise," he says, but he's not getting in the middle of it this time. He was already hanging with one arrogant alien species, but this one at least would let him get some wasabi afterwards. To Wonder Woman, he says, "Hawks and I are gonna bolt, spare you guys any potential embarrassment or…y'know, fun," he grins. "I'll find out what I missed on CNN later."

Ozymandias just checks his head at all the antic and looks around for a refreshment, before making his way away from the crowd

Diana nods to Steve, that slow approaching and knowing smile passed his way. "He and I met briefly prior, though impressions last a lifetime," Pause. "And follow through. Perhaps you will join me to approach him and confirm his express majestic desire to mingle amongst us 'breathers'."

Cameron gets a nod and Diana hands her a communicator, her own medal will come later, but the smile in response to Cameron's reighting posture grows, that pride in the team and its members never faltering.

Hal's expression though does cause it to fade a touch. "I do not know how showing and expressing our closeness and trust in one another would embarrass me, or anyone. Nowhere does it state in the sign up sheet fun is disallowed, we breathe too."

"Oh, uh… this isn't a great time to really discuss this," Booster Gold remarks, as if a thought had just occurred to him, when he turns to Steve. "But hopefully soon, Captain. About those incidents. You know, the last one involved that elephant?" He waves one hand, vaguely. "You were there for both. It's a time-thing, just doing some fact checking, you know."

Captain America nods and smiles to Cameron, having no idea what the woman is thinking of course. It's probably for the best, considering how bashful Steve can be regarding that sort of thing. "Hello, there," he says to her cheerfully.

Diana gets a nod, "He will be alright. He just takes some getting used to. People say the same thing about New Yorkers."

He looks at Booster Gold gravely, "I was there, indeed. One of the beings had a watch of some people who are close to me. I tried to get information out of Stark and I got nowhere."

Columbia gladly accepts the comm unit from Diana, even as some more pictures are taken. She affixes it to the collar of her duty jumpsuit carefully, locking it down tightly before placing the earpiece onto her right ear. She gives another smile to the diminishing crowd, and another wave. Medals? Badges? That sort of thing can wait for a bit anyways, her new outfit should be just about done and that kind of thing should go with a durable garment, not the stuff that disintegrates every time she fights.

"Hey!" is offered cheerfully in return. Okay, so the terse wording probably needs some work, and she laughs a bit at Steve's comment about New Yorkers. "Don't sell the Big Apple folks short. They've got spirit."

The conversation gets her attention, though, and she tries to listen without looming too much. It sounds mysterious and interesting. Probably make a good plot for a story, even!

"I look forward to philosophical conversation about the world. There are so many people that forget that some of greatest warriors were some of the greatest thinks." Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug, "I recall the times when people spent a lot more time discussing the world, and debating important factors of life. Now, people make fun of each other on the internet and paste words of photoes to show their wit."

Booster Gold's well practiced composure falters and he actually sputters a bit, before getting ahold of himself. "You… a what?" He just intended to get some information from Captain America about what he witnessed in those incidents. Turning to face Steve, he quietly says, "Are you serious? Man, of course you're serious, sorry, I'm not questioning your word. Dude…" He lifts his hands with a little shake. "Someone you knew from the past?"

Steve looks up from his conversation with Booster to Cameron and gives her a cheerful smile, "Hey, I'm one of them. I've been from Brooklyn for 94 years."

Back to Booster, "I don't really know, Booster. I'm getting all sorts of doors shut in my face. Everywhere I go, it gets worse. You gotten anymore info?"

Ah, an amazing juxtaposition of roles! The talk of time weirdness, well, it's part of Cameron's family history. So talk of it actually… kind of puts her at ease. She gives a winning grin to the Captain and then listens intently to the discussion thoughtfully.

She's on board, if needed!

"Dude. I have hella data," Booster tells Steve, his manner and tone very grave. "I'm sorry I'm being so vague, there's still …" He gestures around. "Press types lurking. Sorry," he adds, to Columbia, pulling himself together and looking more like his usual friendly and somewhat shallow self. "I was kind of caught off guard."

"Namor has a mean right hook that takes some more getting used to as well. A worthy foe that would be better by our sides, once he gets out of the loft." Diaa states to Cap in regards to Namor, stepping away then slowly, looking between Booster, Cap, and Columbia.

"I have to go for the time being though…" She says as the loud ringing comes into her comm followed by a very angry, yelling voice. If any know Fury when they her it (him) it is evident. "Hold please."

Yes, Diana just put the yelling SHIELD lead on hold. "Thank you. All of you." Diana states as she turns on heel and pauses when Ozy speaks, nodding. "That is what my people still do, as do I, and if you do as well; I welcome it."

But putting Fury on hold does not happen as the yelling comes through after an audible digital scramble and screech that has Diana wincing. "If you couldn't tell by watching I am in the middle of an important… Yes I know…"

And into the Hall of Justice she goes to get reamed.

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