Supernatural: s15ep4: Myxlplyx is a Douchebag

May 22, 2015:

Brinley, Eventide, Siryn and Jay all get swept up into the TV show, Supernatural. (Emits by Jean Grey)

Salem, Wisconsin

The Sticks


NPCs: Mr. Myxlplyx, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Crowley, Hawley, Keith, vampire broods, hellhounds.


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Fade In…

"I'm so bored.. so bored! SO FRICKING BORED!"

The sounds of cookware crashes to the floor, shattering upon impact. Why oh why dishware was in the room that he was in to begin with is but a mystery. "There is nothing on TV! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING! EVERYTHING IS GOING OFF THE AIR!"

"Nothing in Universe 616.."
"Nothing in 601.."

The remote was soon tossed against the surface, shattering that on impact as well. "I'LL MAKE MY OWN!"
"626 HERE I COME!"


Four heroes were chosen at random, a card pulled from a purple hat, one by one their names placed upon the brain of the one who was looking for entertainment. There he sits, in the borrowed hotel of some young family who happened to NOT be home, yet their entertainment system is what drove him to pick this place instead of the times they were away.

Speakers attached to the wall; a fantastic surround sound meant for when there was game nights with the boys, a HDTV flat screen that hung within the backdrop and a remote that looked out of place. The channels were flicked with the volume on high..

Devious Maids.. no.
Clash.. no.
Inglorius Basterds? Too bloody..

"Ahh.. much better. Here… we.. go.."


It was dark on the back road which lead to the sticks, the only sound is the roar of an Impala that seemed to be repurposed just so that the vehicle could cry in the night. It was like a warsong, the racket singing in the darkness to allow the monsters to know that the brothers were coming.

"Alright. It says to take I-94 here, and swing a left on Comway." Sam says.
"You sure about that? Last time you gave me directions Sammy we were.."
"Yeah, yeah. I'm sure. Just drive. The hive should be three lefts after Comway."

And this is where the heroes come in:

Trapped within the hive they were, all in cages beneath the floor of the barn. Some may have been hung in shackles, the others possibly tucked within dark corners, their powers? Stripped and nullified. Why? Because this was HIS world now, and he controlled the show..

"We're close. We need to pull over and gear up." Dean mutters, eyes darting left and right to make sure this was a safe place to park. "Sam. Sammy!"
"Yeah? Huh?"
"Lets go."

One minute she was helping clean up the vomit from multiple drug addicts, the next she was shackled in a cage…in darkness. And was that hay? She's gonna sbe sneezing soon. Siryn's first thought is, "Deadpool? Where the fook are you? I told you I would do handcuffs but not sure about de whole cage thing." She gives the bars a shake before peering around the room. "Deadpool? If this ain't you then I'll kill ya." A deep breath. She can get out of this anytime with her voice…right? "Anyone else here?"

Ronnie Hautzig's had a tough time. That tough time has last either two months or five years, depending on POV — hers is the 'five years' variety. But she's back from captivity in the future, she's home, she's crashing on Barry and Cisco's couch, and she can't help but take a nap…

…only to wake up to find herself in chains. "Wh" Ronnie shakes inside the chains, binding her like a mummy or something, and hung upside down from the ceiling. "Fff NO! GOD DAMMIT! NO!" It seems being kept in captivity might be a bit of a, how you say, trigger at the moment.

The cleaning woman Jay Donohue was in the middle of cleaning Mr. Stark's office to a nice not-quite sparkly sheen — he didn't like the sparkly sheen — when suddenly it was really, really dark. Like, so dark that she couldn't see. For someone who can see through most anything in the way of disguise or the like, the concept of being blind is a very terrifying thought.

A pair of manacles, latched onto her ankles holds her to the wall, though thankfully she isn't chained 'up' but rather just being kept from escaping. She tried to force the manacles once, and they stung from the silver on them… but didn't burn… like the last time she handled silver. This… gives her a bit of pause.

Something that shut down everything good… and bad? Well, she's not in Kansas, anymore…but it does give her an idea… She starts to sing…

I close my eyes
Only for a moment and the moment's gone
All my dreams
Pass before my eyes a curiosity

And then other people start waking up and making themselves known.

"Ohhellothere! Itseemswe'reinabitofabindhow'reyou?"

Brin… doesn't always sleep well, but after the near-riot in the park last night, she'd dropped into bed, battered and bruised, ribs purpleing from the beating she'd taken, and slept deeply.

Waking to find her hands chained above her head and feet barely touching the ground, the brunette metahuman lets out an unearthly scream… "No, no, not again, please… not again" She thinks she's trapped in a dream.


"Slow start, but good. Good. Gives me time to get something to eat."

The small man leaves the main room in favor of the kitchen, opening the doors ajar, tucking himself in as food begins to fly and circulate around the island..


The brothers exit the vehicle, rounding their way towards the back as the key is inserted into the trunk of the car, drawing the cover upright. There is a mess of pentagrams inside, sigil for angels and demons to keep them out and away, Dean throwing black the blanket upon the trunk INSIDE the trunk to flip the latches upright.

"We're going to go in quiet. Two to one says that the Alpha is inside and as soon as they know we're here? We're going to be up shit creek."
"Got it."
Dean reaches for the shotgun, cocking it to test it's worth, as Sam reaches for the 9 milimeters, clips soon popped, bullet pried from it's place to check the tip to make sure its inscribed. Something catches his nose, and as he leans forward to smell, he places the pistols within his holster to dig his hands through the trunk, drawing out a rotten.. old burger that was left inside..

"Really Dean?"

Dean looks innocent. "What? Can't a man save a little road food?"
"It's rotten.."
"Dude.. c'mon.. throw it out.."
"You throw it out!"
"You're touching it!"


As the victims slowly rouse themselves one by one, it would be easy to discern where they were. It looked almost like horse stocks, yet shackles and manicles built in to house the new members of the Vampire nests, hung in different directions to be bled and bitten.. and turned. One man watches over them all, a smile upon his rugged features, blonde hair cut into an odd style, pair of jeans.. boots.. plaid shirt.

"Ooh, you're awake! You're all awake!" He was nice enough, greeting his new sisters as he did, keys hanging from thick fingers which ring and sing of their freedom.

There is rustling above them, along with the sounds of screams, the first ones that were captured the night before fodder for the newborns that embraced their new path.

"Cut out with that singing.." He barks at Jay, one hand lifting to pound upon the bars which nearly sends it to bend. "If you're going to make some noise.. scream!


The small man returns with a row of food, flopping down upon the couch, cheetoes spilled upon the floor which causes him to swear, soon as he bends a bowl of popcorn litters the ground which sends the little man in a frenzy..


Okay…not Deadpool. Probably. What a shame Siryn doesn't watch a lot of television. "Hey! Leave her alone ya fookin' wanker" she calls out at the Blood Farmer before peering up at the noises above. "Ain't nuthin' wrong with a bit of singing." A pull on the manacles that hold her to the wall. "In fact, I know a pretty good tune myself." Siryn starts to 'sing', her enhanced vocal chords preparing to unleash an aria of destruction and then…nothing. The redhead rolls her eyes. "Should've seen that one coming."

"Oy! Blondie! Want to tell us what this is about? And I'm pretty sure I ain't yer sister. I think we were birthed out of different mothers AND different holes." Hopefully he's not too thick to miss that insult. "So why don't you come over here and let me go before I wipe you up like your pa should have done years ago." Siryn has to rely on her wits instead of her powers…this won't end well.

She's no Hulk or anything, but Ronnie is more muscular than the average semitic Californian, and with some swinging and struggling, she manages to break the chains that bind her. Not in any big, impressive way. A weak link snaps and the chains just kind of roll off of her in a clanky heap. No super-strength necessary, but it also means Ronnie isn't quite aware she doesn't have super-strength at the moment.

Bending up to try and undo the chains binding her ankles and keeping her hanging, Ronnie growls, "I'm not waiting for you to come over here — I'm coming to YOU, you son of a bitch!" She really sounds agitated. Like her life's been ruined, or something.


Of course, this is probably NOT the route to go, especially given the whole 'creepy spooky redneck vampire gothic thing' going on, but Jay's not one known for convention or conventional thought. "Ifyoudon'tlikemysingingthenyoushouldn't'vekidnappedmeandchainedmeuplikeatotalpervo! Haveatyou!"

She squishes a bit more into the corner away from the creepy smiling man in flannel.

"Youwantmetoscream? Okay! Icandothat!"

And… then she starts belting out at the top of her lungs, not really singing so much anymore as just screaming out the words….



Okay, she probably shouldn't be doing that. Really. Especially after the nice guy warned her not to.

Finally controlling herself enough, maybe Jays singing got through to her, Brinley glances round the barn with wide eyes and blanches at what she see's. The blonde headed one draws her attention and she reaches her mind out to see what she can sense… and feels nothing… reaching to the others, Brin closes her eyes and swallows… o.k, no powers here… good thing she's good at her job. "I screamed already" her voice rasps as shes hurt her throat "would you like me to scream for you?" She'll take the attention from the guy… maybe giving the others chance to do something.


It was pure chaos, perhaps they picked the wrong batch to turn. The man, aptly named Hawley liked them quiet, but the Alpha liked them a bit more rambunctious and rowdy. The easier to control, the better in an army of his own making.

There was a press of his fingers to the bridge of his nose, his eyes snapping shut, each one of them in turn creating a racket which drowns out the sweet sounds of screaming above.

"AH FER FUCKS SAKE!" He hollars out to the lot of them, "YOU!" He points at Siryn, "I have no clue what the fuck you just said but fuck you too!"


Yeah, and this show is supposed to be on the CW.


The man's attention however was caught by Ronnie, who breaks her chains with the swing of her weight, which causes him to swear. "KEITH! KEITH! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" He didn't want to be alone with those women, and he needed someone to watch his back. He was trying to be quick, searching out the keys towards Ronnie's door, eyes cutting back towards Jay as they soon turn to slits.

"SHUT UP!" He hollars out, drawing himself into a hiss, his mouth opening wide to give birth to rows of razor sharp teeth. That was obviously going to be in Jay's future..


The Winchesters slowly creep around the barn, hearing the screams, the racket.. the obvious display of discordance from the inside as they both give each other silent looks.

Sam gestures towards the cellar entry which would bring them to the basement, Dean already in motion as he retrieves the crowbar convienantly left upon the floor to jerk and tug the lock open while there was still noise to be heard..


"Alright Alright Alright! This is about to get go.. oh no.. oh no.. Don't unlock that cage! DON'T UNLOCK THAT CAGE YOU STUPID MOTHER*BEEPBEEPBEEP*!"


The keys slowly stop jingling as he tries to breach Ronnie's cell, backing away as he hears Brinley, a wolfish.. still razor like teeth shown, his slow approach to her door draws out an aira of seduction yet, fails on every level. The dude is a horndog, for sure.. and Brinley was pretty enough..

"Now you're talkin.."




Just when Hawley finds the key, he hears a noise to his left. It was Keith, walking a few paces until he collapses upon the ground..

"HEY ASSHOLE." Dean growls out..

And as soon as he turns?


"Well you ain't the most erudite of mother-fuckas either!" Siryn yells back at Undead Country Joe…did her 'f' word get bleeped? It certainly was quiet compared to the rest. She rattles her bars. "Leave her alone!!" she yells about Brinley. And since they're showing fangs…wait…fangs? Rows of them at that. "Look at her. Scrawny as a anorexic leprechaun. If you want something to munch on, ya get yer ass back here!!"

And then there are falling vampires and cute guys…things are on the up! "Hey…you two!!" Siryn calls out to Sam and Dean. "There's more of 'em upstairs and probably more of 'em downstairs too. Would ya mind just killing that bastard and letting us out to help? Like, real quick, ya know?" Her Irish accent will hopefully not obscure /every/ word.

Ronnie is able to get her feet loose and, with surprising(?) grace, lands right-side up instead of just dropping onto her neck or whatever. It's like she's trained for that kind of thing before! Of course, she's still in a cage.

A cage that Ronnie tries to ram herself into the door of, shoulder first. Sure, there are the two mystery new guys in addition to all of the mystery bad guys and probably some babies or something that'll bite her legs like the doll scene in Barbarella that gave her nightmares for a week when she saw a TV edit of it when she was six, but the first step to punching all of their faces is trying to shoulder-check a metal cage open, like Hulk Hogan would probably do, if he was in a movie where someone put him in a cage.

When bodies start dropping, Jay stops singing. It looks like the cavalry is here. Her eyes and ears might be a bit of an issue for the hunting duo, what with the slitting on the eyes and the pointing of the ears.

"Heywelcomewelcomecometobreakusalloutplease? Those pervoswerekindofcreepyandI'drathernotstickaround? Andsay, Iwatchyourbackbecauseyouwatchedmine?"

Okay, she's not quite dialed in on whatever the heck is happening, but dead toothy people is good toothy people!

Brinley's not scrawny… well maybe a little, she'll roll with that… anything to confuse the poor boy. "That's right, come and make me scream…" she tries to sound confident but the words come out in a terrified, those fangs are big.

She's trying to get purchase on the manacles above her head so she can roll her legs up to her body, and tenses as Ronnie shoulder charges her cage and two cute guys show up… she'll take the short one, thank you very much.

The two vampires were downed stealthily by the Winchesters, the racket from the girls expected, which is why no one else decided to accompany Keith in checking.

The Winchesters busy themselves with opening cages, shackles, Dean himself starting with Brinley first, giving her an uneasy smile as he tosses the keys to Sam, who goes down the row.

"Dean!" Sam calls out, "This one is right.." He gestures towards Siryn. She was a mouthy one, something that either one of them could get behind.




"I checked, there's at least fifty of them up there. I'm guessing a few newly turned. We can't do this with just us."
"What? And put their lives at risk?"
"Dean.. we got no other choice!"


"Maybe one of them will die.." He rocks back and forth, obviously tense from the rescue. His hand slowly reaching for the remote, wanting to turn the channel but.. he doesn't..


"Alright, listen up ladies.. we're going to hit them hard and fast.." Dean starts, handing each one of them a stake as a weapon. The boys will keep the guns.

"Do not let them bite you.." Sam warns. "If they do, we're going to have to put you down."

Dean looks crossly at Sam, a welcome change, since Moose was usually the whiner.


"Fucking Sam. Did he just say that?"


Of course he did! It's my roleplay! I can dream!


The Winchesters give the girls one last look, then approaches the stairs which would bring them up into the main area of the hive..


The first thing that hits is the smell. The smell of rotted, day old corpses and the metalic twang of blood. There were bodies strewn about, some decrepid and decaying, some newly dead due to the feast of the young bloods that hang on to the limbs on their dinner. All in all, there were about fifty vampires, some branched off into groups to laugh and drink beer, others corraling around the newlings to cheer them on, a few of them giving encouragement and little claps of delight as they feast on.

But there was one, the obvious leader of this particular pack, sitting upon a chair made of flesh and bone, his own glass of wine cupped as he wears a ring that screams 'DOUCHE' upon his pinky finger.

He may not be the Alpha, but he was currently up there, and a point of contention for the Winchesters.

It was time to rock on.

"At last" Siryn sighs as she is freed and the handcuffs removed…though she stops them being tossed away and slips them into the back pocket of her jeans instead. "You never know when you might need a pair" she shrugs at Sam. Then she is given a piece of wood. She stares at it for a while…then to the boys…then to the other girls…then back at the wood. "O…kay…though I'll need another one if you want me to light a fire." Speaking of. "Hey, so this place is full of vamps, right? And just vamps? Any reason we don't just burn the place down and kill the ones that try to get out?" Killing is so easy on television.

Alas, Siryn's brilliant plan is ignored in favour of the three act structure requiring a climax so she heads on up with the others to find a den of iniquity and salcious sensuality. Which wouldn't be bad if there was less bloodletting. A deep breath and she tries her voice again…and this time it lets rip. A blast of sound that tears the rotting flesh off a table of vampires and then sends their bones flying into the wall before neatly piling up. "I can scream again" she grins to the others before ducking the claw of an angry vampire.

Eventide comes into FRP Room #2 from FRP Ready Room.

It's possible that Ronnie's skin, in its juiced-out state, is just too dense for vampire fangs to bite through. It's possible, but it's not likely, and she has no intention of testing this theory out. She doesn't say much as she and her fellow Gorgeous Ladies of Heroism are herded upstairs by Dean from Gilmore Girls and the other guy, but everything about her intentions is made clear when she grabs an exposed pipe and then rips it loose of its moorings.

As Siryn starts to clear a path with her sonic scream, Ronnie is helping her out, by braining stragglers. "Gonna CRUSH YOUR FACE!" she screams, among other borderline-incoherent expressions of brainless rage, as she whacks vampires in their heads with a pipe, like some kind of crazy person.

Jay is not very strong. In fact, Jay is almost the anti-strong. She's a toothpick of a woman that has to use leverage and pray she doesn't get caught. So when the growing adventuring party ADVENTURE!! passes a promising closet she pulls out a broom and picks it up with a gleam to her eyes, as if she's almost coming alive. She doesn't smile, though. She's happy to have a broom. Now she can Clean up this despicable pigsty!

The screaming of Siryn leaves her ears bleeding profusely for a good few moments, and then slowly, ever so slowly, hearing returns while she's in the middle of cleaning in the melee. It wasn't but a thing to her until a bloated dead body lands in her freshly cleaned and shiny area.

Dramatically and slowly she turns to regard the vampire who threw it at her — who comically shrugs at her and moves to attack. She whirls the broom around her with the ease of someone who may have used one or two in a fight before. The most terrifying hybrid of 'pudding smile' and 'redcap grin' crosses her face as she approaches the offending party, giving the leech three quick shots to the face, followed by a staccato of blows to the ribs, groin, and abdomen before flipping the broom around. The handle shoves into the chest to sit for a beat of three, long enough for the thing to collapse before pulling it out and flicking the blood to the floor as if she were a samurai cleaning her blade.

And then she stands with the broom whirling in her right hand, watching for another likely candidate, a wooden whirling wall of defense to ward her from any approach.


Brinley sighs as Dean, the only Dean as far as she's concerned, releases her and rubs her wrists as her feet finally touch the floor. She's a reserved woman naturally and when confronted by her favourite (ahem)… well, she's shy…. so she stammers a bit and then nods.

As the enter the nest proper, the brunette mutant retches and looks even more pale… turning to control the impulse, she nearly misses the Vampire lunge at her. Skipping back, with a little concentration, she's sheathed in green and gold armour that deflects the fangs just in time.

Her response? To puke on the creatures feet.

The scream causes the boys to give Siryn a weird look; ayep. They're going to have to kill her. But after.


They probably think she's a Banshee. Get it?


It was utter chaos, vampires were being flung left and right, bodies decimated, earbuds ringing due to the tune of Siryn's singing, guns were blasted until there was nothing left.

"Sammy, I'm out!"
"Me too!"

But this was easy for the boys, they have odd backup.. and a puking woman who just sent one of the vampires to retch in unison.


Awe look, they're friends!


The man cackles loudly as his feet begin to kick and flail, his arms holding his belly as he tries to contain himself.


Dean stops long enough to draw his gaze towards Brinley, his nose wrinkling..


Dean, poor Dean, gets clobbered into a nearby wall, staggering as he tries to stand, a vampire reaching for his throat to give him a helping hand a few inches off of the floor where his feet should touch.



The vampire's head goes rolling; Sam reaches out to grip and tug Dean to his feet, only to be shoved aside, a blade drawing up and down to slice another incoming vampire in two.

It was carnage.. mayhem.. and still the best was yet to come..


Supernatural Fun Fact: Both Bela and Dean's last words before they die in the episode "No Rest For The Wicked" is bitch.


"Time to kick it up a notch!"


Crowley (three seasons ago) stands outside the barn, smoking a cigarette, the ends of the coat ruffling with the erie wind that blows against him. He draws the cigarette from his lips, his eyes bleed red for but a moment, drawing in a breath to crack a whistle that the boys hear from inside.

Rows upon rows of growls are heard, but nothing is seen.. but to Crowley? He sees it all.


The hellhounds were loose, rushing the front of the doors, splintering the wood into pieces as their attack was soon mounted against the gruesome six.

"What the.."
"Lady.. if you gotta scream.. do it now!"

Siryn does a quick check of the area as she continues to duck and weave from vampire attacks. It looks like all three of the women trapped with her are warriors…they just have very odd weapons. Vomit? Now /that/ is lateral thinking. It seems that Siryn is going to have to pick up her game if she wants the spin-off show. She blocks a vampire's arm and then steps close to whisper. It must have been a good whisper as now the vampire is ripping into his own kind.

"You!!" Siryn yells at Jay Broomkiller - sweeping up crime one brush at a time. "Take care of the poof on the throne!" That would be the leader with the fancy ring. Making sure she doesn't deafen anyone else this time, Siryn lets loose another sonic blast on a group of vampires who stupidly stood next to each other. Her wooting suggests she is having a blast.

Ronnie's prowess in dodging vampire claws and teeth betrays some kind of fighting training. It's almost like hardcore training to avoid swarms of ninjas with poisoned nunchucks has other applications. But then the hellhounds with the hellbees in their hellmouths — or, well, just the normal hellhounds barge in, and Ronnie…

Suffice it to say, Ronnie seems to have zero compunctions beating dogs to death. It might just be her steroid-addled brain being driven into a place of pure rage overriding all decision-making. Or she might just be okay with hitting dogs with pipes, when push comes to shove. The ASPCA is gonna shoot her in the brain for this.

The yelling from the Winchester folks presages the warning of the incoming hounds, though… taking out a leader would be a thing, too. There's no hesitation, though.

In a leap that would leave some martial artists breathless, she leaps up, runs across the ceiling and points the broom handle downwards as she leaps upon it to ride it down into the blackened heart of filthy poof leader vampire! This time she backflips away five feet from the guy, grabbing the bristles of the broom and tugging on it after a five count to bring the whirling wall of wooden death back to bear, seeking out strange new life forms and new civilizations to clean up…. er, back to the task at hand…

Brinley colours, not even prettily when it comes down to it, at that look from Dean. Poor woman.

Now the vampires are down and she's coped with the smell, she's confronted with Hellhounds… it couldn't get any better, really. A quick look of concentration and the armour fades away to replaces with glowing green and gold wall that tries to surround and corral the hounds….

The vampire that rips into his own kind goes into a frenzy, all of them swarming against the one who turned upon him, lining up nice and neat in a row for Siryn to take them out with a single shout. They don't collapse, they sort of.. do this weird thing where bodies spray into the wall as they were disintegrated..


"Oh.. nasty..


But the Hellhounds? It was obvious that Ronnie was the first choice; she was meaty, that one, and she did nothing to hide the fact that she was stacked with muscles. Three of them howl and attack, only to be beaten back with with a metal rod, subdued and downed by the enhanced strength of the woman. If hellhounds had thoughts? They'd be like.. fuck!

Dean and Sam were cornered, one dog per, unable to see the beasts yet swinging at the air as Dean continues to hollar.

"He ain't coming Dean!"

The lead Vampire was content to watch the carnage and slip out at the last moment that he could, as soon as he stands from his 'throne', he's met with a broom wielding Jay, who.. he had seriously watched clean up the mess in his hive. He was going to keep that one too! Shock and awe is what got him, broomstick to heart.. gooey mess slopping against the ground of where the leader once stood.


He was laughing, clapping, rolling upon the couch and kicking his feet again!


The dog that nearly bit at Dean was soon corraled into a glowing green wall, each of the ones that remain gnashing teeth, banging against that wall to try to escape. Not the ones that Eventide beat, though!

But this would be all over soon, for the foundation of the barn itself begins to shake and tremble as if they were at the epicenter of a quake, a bright light soon flashing as a hand reaches out from the light to touch Siryn's shoulder.

Castiel made his appearance, eyes a-glow with blue angel light, damaged and tattered wings a reflection upon the walls, stretching out far and wide to encompass the barn itself as he smiles just a touch.

"Hold your heads."

Dean and Sam didn't have to think twice. They immediately curl and shield their ears, eyes squeezed shut as Castiel opens his mouth wide..



Think of it as someone playing the first note of the Inception horns, full blast, non stop. Annoying, right?

Castiel almost loses a hand with its rather forward placement on Siryn's shoulder - she's a good Catholic girl! But that means she also recognises an angel when she sees it. "Okay" she shrugs to his wrning. Thankfully Siryn is used to annoying noises…she has to listen to Deadpool on a frequent basis…but the warning also gives her a chance to create a sound buffer around anyone she can reach. Everything goes quiet…but Siryn will close her eyes anyway.

No doubt when she opens them they will be all safe, sound and determined to give up drinking for at least a day. That's what it all was, right? An alcohol fuelled dream? Not as good as the one with the three muscled cabana boys and the overturned massage oil tanker but it'll do.

Ronnie, meanwhile, falls to her knees at the super-sound, her eyes squeezing shut and her hands taking a second to reach her ears — she's so combat-wired that there's that hesitation to drop the pipe, as if in that moment the hellhounds would redouble their efforts and bite her forever.

When she wakes up on Barry's couch, whenever she wakes up, she'll sit for a while, disquieted. After a bit, her instinct is to watch some TV until she can get back to sleep — but for whatever reason, watching TV is the last thing she wants to do right now.

Castiel appears.

Jay Sees him for EXACTLY what he is in the grand scheme of things, and her eyes narrow a bit. It doesn't take much for Jay to pick up on the body language of the two helpful men and when they start to move to cover their eyes and their ears she's VERY quick to follow suit. She just might have had this sort of training at school. Or… she might have seen Dogma. At any rate, ears and eyes covered with the possible protection of Siryn's additional protection it is all good.

And when she's back in Mister Stark's office… and no time has passed? This is good, because the door is opening up to the private room off the office and Jay is proud to have not been caught cleaning the office directly by Mister Stark… so she zips on out… for now.

And there's a Cas! Of course there is…

As Brinley covers her head, the glowing green and gold wall fades… she does have to concentrate to maintain her constructs…

Rolling to her side, Brin lets out a groan… she knew she would pay for the fight yesterday… her ribs hurt. Maybe she shouldn't have tried that new pain killer, her dreams were just weird.

But alas. This was no dream. The sounds, the smells, the way their stomachs turned from it all, the dirt, the dust, the scratches they obtained were real. But all it took was a touch of the Holy to break the walls down to reveal what this really was..


The smaller man stood, mouth agape at the television that was fried to hell and back, sparks flying to the point where the power chord that the electronics were connected to sparks aflame. He screams, he yells, he throws a fit.. not because his little program was bested but..



Everything would be just as they had left it, given that an hour or two had passed. There would be no memory wipe for this one, they would have to deal with this all in their own way. Especially Brinley, who got the wrinkled nose look from Dean, and Siryn, the Catholic girl who was touched by an Angel. Jay, who had seen a real, live angel.. and Eventide.. who.. if anyone saw this, would probably be arrested because the struggle against dog abusers was real!


The howling of the horn stopped, drawing Cass, Sam, and Dean together to survey the room and the damage done. Parts of the barn itself was cleaned due to Jay's efforts, but there were bodies, and a missing Crowley..

"Thanks, Cass."
"Do not thank me. And do not call me again."

He disappears with a blink, leaving Sam and Dean alone.

Old Megadeth plays in the background as the boys wordlessly collects their weaponry left behind, both of them not saying a word, it was almost like a game. One waiting for the other to crack under the pressure, occasionally staring off into space.. the girls they rescued? What a funky.. funky bunch.

"Yeah Dean.."
"What.. the fuck just happened?"

Eventide, Syrin, Jay, and Brinley did. That's what.

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