May 22, 2015:

Lois meets with an old friend about SHIELD.

Ace o' Clubs

The famously disreputable bar owned by the former prize boxer, Bibbo
Bibbowski in Suicide Slums is the Ace o' Clubs. This bar was purchased by
Bibbo with a winning lottery ticket and the place is used to help those
'lost' in the Slums. Bibbo prides himself as Superman's biggest fan, and if
you dare badmouth him in earshot Bibbo will escort you out, and if you
incite violence he will do so by the use of his double barrel shotgun.

The bar itself is the pictured imagery of an old tavern from the outside to
the inside, wooden flooring spans the open space for sets of tables and
chairs, coming just before the back walls stretch of a bar that is 'fenced'
off to keep the tender and the owner himself safe in case anything does
occur, as danger does not pass this place by either.


NPCs: Mr. Moore


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Fade In…

Ace o' Clubs was typically empty that particular time of day, the sun had just risen from whatever direction of which it came, Lois up bright and early much to her dismay, for her phone continued to ring and would not stop unless it was answered.

"Meet me at Ace o' Clubs, I got something you may want to see."

Lois was there bright and early, Bibbo possibly taken off for better pastures which consists of a warm bed, soft pillows and blankets to ease his slumber. His trusted employees were still there, burning the early morning oil for those who've just punched the third shift clock in need of desperate relaxation.


Lois stands to greet the man with a slight hug, one armed around the shoulder, both of them disengaging from one another, taking a seat at the lone table near the back of the bar room which keeps a steady eye upon the door. "So, what did you call me so early for? Make it fast, I have to get to work soon."

Pulling no punches. Wasting no time.

"There's something going on with SHIELD that I think the world needs to know about." The man didn't look nervous at all as he spoke, in fact, he seemed rather relaxed, which was odd concerning the subject of the matter.

"What is it?"
"Human experiments."
"Do you have proof?"
"Yes." He leans backward, drawing out a flash drive in the form of a key, which was slid across the table for Lois to take, who then holds it up towards her eye to uncap the flash drive, then recaps it.

"I trust you know what to do with this information."
"Wait a minute, Moore, last I recall.. you work for SHIELD."
"I don't anymore. Not after today." He pauses, now drawing out a sigh. "Look Lane, I've seen a lot of things in my day. Done a lot of things I said I wouldn't do, but there's a certain line that I don't cross."
"Whats on here?"
"You'll just have to find out for yourself. There's nothing nice about SHIELD. Nothing nice at all."
"The way you're talking makes me think they're terrorists.."

Moore shrugs, drawing himself up from his chair. "If you think about it, is there a difference?"

Lois looks at the flash drive as Moore departs, her hands immediately drawn to her phone as she dials the Daily Planet.

"Perry. I'm not coming in today. Going to work from home."

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