Who Cares About the Ending, Let's Snog!

May 20, 2015:

Leo and Felicity's third date involves a pirated film, curry, macaroons, wine, and of course, snark. Oh, and snogging!

Felicity's Pad


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As promised, Felicity has obtained a (cough) illegal copy of 'The 804 Project' and invited Fitz over to her apartment to watch it. Her apartment is bright and clean and without much evidence of technology other than a regular-sized flat screen TV - perhaps surprising to those who know her as a rambling computer nerd. A large old movie poster of an old Robin Hood movie hangs on one wall.

There's a large bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and a tablet with the loaded movie plugged into the TV. There's menus to order from waiting in the small kitchen off to the side. It's clear she's thought this all through. She's also wearing a very nice red dress, her hair is - for once - free of its ponytail and slightly curled.


To say that Fitz was nervous about going over to Felicity's place is an understatement. To say that he's nervous about seeing her again? Well, that just wouldn't be true. Two dates, albeit both of them having their unique disasters, are now under the belt. He's a gentleman though, so there's nothing to worry about.

When he shows up, Leo is wearing a nice blazer, a baby blue checkered shirt, and skinny jeans. As if that last part wasn't gawk-worthy, the Scot has actually put on a bolo tie, complete with the amethyst stone that should be expected of such a Western affair. Under his arm, he's got a box. He steps up toward the door, breathes out a breath of air, then reaches up to rap upon the knocker lightly.

"MacGruber calling!"


Felicity is quick to open the door. It's possible she was pacing a bit as she waited for Fitz. She's not exactly the most serene woman under pressure. The greeting gets a bit of a smiling eye rool, but when she opens the door, though, she blinks a few times. It's made all the more pronounced as tonight she's wearing contacts instead of her glasses. This outfit is certainly not what she was expecting.

"Bolo! I mean, Hello!" That sounds right, doesn't it? Is he wearing skinny jeans? Was everything else a lie and this is the real Fitz? She's not sure how to take this. There's a brief moment where she forgets things and then opens the door wider. "Come in!"


"Hullo-" The greeting is cut short. Leo's eyes go wide, and he blinks, twice. "That's a red dress. That's a gorgeous… red… dress. And you're…"

Self-bap! Gentleman!

"Yes! Its a bolo tie. Everett McGill wore one in Twin Peaks." Fitz moves right on in, looking around for a few moments. "Wow! Your place is nice. Pristine. No unnecessary clutter. I approve!" He turns toward Felicity and offers the box. Inside of it are about… two dozen macaroons. Because macaroons are cool.


It seems like both of their wardrobe choices have made them forget their manners for a moment. Felicity blushes a little at Fitz's reaction to her outfit. "Thanks," she grins, letting him in and then shutting the door behind him.

"I like it! Not enough people wear bolo ties." The mention of Everett McGill gets a nod. "You're right! I'd forgotten that. I wonder whatever happened to that guy. With the new Twin Peaks stuff coming out, maybe he'll be showing up again." The compliments to her place are given another grin. "Thanks. I'm not here all that often, so I don't have the time to really dirty it all up. You can help with that." Then she blushes again adding quickly, "By, uh, helping order some food and, uh popcorn fights or something!"

The box is taken as a distraction. When she opens it, she grins. "Oh wow! I love macaroons! Thank you!" Putting them on the coffee table, she gestures about. "So, this is my place. I've got the 804 Project, or I'm sure I could find just about anything else."


"Oh, I think they're coming back," says Fitz. "All we need is for a chap like Stark or Rogers to rock one, and you'll see them all over the place!"

Spotting the menus, he goes on over and takes a look. It doesn't take long for him to find the Indian restaurant. Moments later, he's on the phone and placing an order. "Hi. One lamb curry, one chicken tiki masala, on paneer nan and one Kashmiri nan. Oh!And a… well, no. Nevermind. Yes. That's good. Oh." He takes the phone away and calls out, "What's your address again? I, uh, used google maps." Cue ferocious blushing here.

"What's the level? Ten. Okay, one seven, one five."

He takes the phone away and calls out, "I think we should watch that bogus movie and find out what happens to Jacob Kale!"


"Just keep wearing them around. You keep getting offers to go see Starks and THINK and you're able to call Captain America 'Rogers.' I think you'll be able to get the trend started." With the order in and her address given so they deliveryman won't get lost, Felicity beams, already grabbing a macaroon and nibbling on it. "These are delicious," she tells him.

Dropping down onto her comfortable blue couch, she gestures for Fitz to join her. "Great! I made a lot of popcorn and there's more where this came from. I may have gone a bit overboard, but there was a sale at the store. So, feel free to chuck it at the screen if you want. I just reprogrammed my roomba and I'd love to put him to the test."


Fitz repeats the address. "Oh, and two orders of coconut soup! Cash. Awright, mate, cheers."

Once he's hung up the phone, Fitz trolls on over to the couch, eyeing it for a moment before taking his seat. Is he sitting too close? Too far away? It's not as if he's never done this before, but, well,SHIELD keeps him busy. "They're just normal blokes, you know," he points out, before backtracking. "Well, not the Starks. There's absolutely nothing normal about those two."

A blush at her thanks. "I don't even know what these things are made of," he admits, before reaching for one of the macaroons. "Is this.. is it purple? How do they do that?"


They're a respectable distance from each other, though Felicity scooches just a little more so that she's closer to Fitz. It's a small little movement, but it's something. The two of them are awkward enough for it to be a concern.

"You're saying a guy who can lift a car with his bare hands is a normal guy? I mean, you'd think that Tony Stark is a bit nuts to put on a metal suit and fly around trying to fix the world. I'd have thought his father was a bit more normal, if an eccentric rich guy."

The macaroons are studied. "…honestly? I'm not sure either. I just know they're French. And supposedly fancy. So, we have popcorn, macaroons, Indian food and a SciFi movie, I think this is a very around the world sort of date already. Oo, or around the galaxy!"


Fitz turns to look at Felicity dead in the eye, an expression of disbelief at her words, half a macaroon hanging out of his lips. He reaches up to remove it and chews, murmuring. "Howard Stark… is not a normal guy."

Swallow. Munch.

"As for Captain Rogers, yeah, so he can lift a car. But he's just a normal bloke, you know, when you talk to him. Down to Earth guy. Guess that's what you get when you're frozen for sixty years."

The macaroon is swallowed, the television peered at as the movie starts up. They've already seen this part. They can keep chatting. "Naw, if we really wanted to be adventurous, I'd have made you a haggis. But I don't make a haggis nearly as well as my mum. Mine tends to be all… well, either slobbery or overcooked. Mum's haggis is just right." He glances toward Felicity with a rueful grin.

Waitaminute. Did she scoot closer? Naaah. Fitz reaches for the popcorn, stuffing his mouth for a moment. "Mrmmrmph. Where moo moo meep murr mrrinms at?"


"Well, I guess not normal normal. I mean, he still looks like he did in the 40s, so there's gotta be something there. Just that he doesn't go out in a metal suit. Or have an incredibly patriotic metal shield that he tosses about. From what I could tell, he was just an inventor." Felicity only has what she can legally get. Her hacking days of peeking into strange things to expose government corruption or cover ups are over. "I mean, but you know them. You've met them. The only time I met Mr. Stark Sr I promised him I wouldn't pee on his lab floor. That's not exactly the sort of thing that gets you invited back to fancy science symposiums. Believe me." It's as if she's used to that sort of thing.

At the mention of haggis she attempts to not wrinkle her nose. She really does. It makes it look like she's holding back a sneeze. "Ooooooh, haggis," she says with as much enthusiasm as she can muster for a guy she likes. "I've, uh, never had it. The idea of eating a sheep stomach kinda weirded me out."

The popcorn muffled question is given a tilted head. "What?"


Swallow. "Oi, sorry. Where do you keep your drinks at?" Fitz smiles again, blushing hard. "No, but, you're right on that, but you should see some of the stuff he's developed! Way ahead of his time. Some of that stuff I'd have a hard time inventing, now, in 2015, and that's saying something."

Felicity's response to haggis has the Scot right smirking. "You've had bratwurst, haven't you?" He gestures conspiratorially. "Haggis gets a bad rap. Understandable, because when you don't make it well, it's right dreadful. Let me tell you, something that's far worse than a haggis… balut."


"Oh!" Felicity grins, standing up. "I should have offered! Sorry. I've got some wine around here. Just a sec." Moving back to the kitchen, she pulls out a bottle of red wine and two glasses. She makes quick work of opening the bottle and then heads back into the living room with the lot of them.

"I'd love to see some of his designs. I've only read about them, to be honest. They sound completely crazy." Putting the glasses down on the coffee table by the popcorn, she pours wine for the both of them and then drops back down onto the sofa. She almost sits right on Fitz as she does so. "Ack! Sorry!" she blushes bright red, scooting over as she soon as she gathers her balance.

Eager to grasp onto something else to talk about she asks, "Balut? What's what?"


To be fair, Fitz would have likely made the same mistake! The gentleman in him had expected soda or tea, but… well, wine will do nicely. Not exactly his particular brand of poison, but who's to complain? His eyes go wide when it would appear that she's about to sit right on his lap. "Oy, Liss - Oh." He stops himself and fights back the fourth (?) splash of redness to hit him since walking through that door. "Um." Beat. "Right. Balut." Fitz leans forward, smirking, and even leans a bit closer to the woman, gesturing about with his hands. "It's served as a street food in the Phillippines. Balut… is a half-developed duck embryo, boiled in the egg after 15 days in the sun, and served with beer."


Felicity blushes a deep dark red at her faux pas, putting her hands on her face for a moment. "Sorry. I got a little disoriented. These contacts are a slight prescription behind myglasses. I'm just making a mess of things! It's been forever since I've had anyone over. Not to mention a guy."

She peeks out from her hands as Fitz leans forward to explain balut to her. "A duck embryo?" The hacker gives a wide-eyed stare at the Scotsman. "Eeeewwwww. I mean, I know I shouldn't judge other cuisines, but that just sounds like…eating a barely developed bird…" she shivers at the mention of it. "Yes, definitely worse than haggis."


"That's exactly what it is," Fitz answers mischievously. Oh, he'd never in a thousand years try one, but the thought of it clearly doesn't squick him like it does Felicity. "Oh, okay, they're back at the colony!" He turns to look at the television, which is about when the doorbell rings.


Fitz hops to his feet, nearly knocking over both glasses of wine. "Oh, damn!" He snatches them to keep them steady, then offers one to Felicity before carrying his toward the door. A bit of juggling to pay for then accept the brown bag, and he's back over to the couch, flopping down. "So much curry," he half-moans, before ripping the bag open and bringing out all of those glorious styrofoam containers.


Giving Fitz a bit of a grin at his response, Felicity actually blinks when he shouts at the doorbell ringing. She stands up to pause the movie, just so they won't miss anything they haven't seen before, taking a sip of her wine as she does so. Grabbing plates and forks and spoons, she puts them all in front of them so they'll have a little buffet of curry and samosas and popcorn before the movie starts up again.

"There'll be leftovers forever," she nods, looking at all the things they ordered. Handing over a fork and a plate to Fitz, she starts to pop open tops and scooping rice and curry onto hers.


"And that's the point," agrees Fitz. "You have no idea how hard it is to get a good meal at the Triskelion. I mean, the cafeteria's good, but it's seven levels up and a fifteen minute walk from my lab. I don't have time for that bollocks."

Leo looks over with a grin as she starts dishing out the goods, and joins in. His attention, though, is half split with the film. The heroes, having been stranded at aforementioned mining colony, engage in a bout of hustling with a game that closely resembles Blackjack. Jacob Kale is… clearly counting cards, exhibiting his superior intellect.

"Okay," he quips. "So, Rain-Man meets Khan Noonian Singh. But… heroic and not savant."


"A fifteen minute walk? That's nothing! Though, really, I mostly just order in. Though! There is an amazing Big Belly Burger a few blocks away from Queen Consolidated. If I don't stop eating there soon I will be as big as the name implies." Scooping thingsonto her plate, she finally sits back, leaning a bit on Fitz as they eat. It may not be all that conducive to the eating, but it is nice.

"But, the best part about Rain-Man was that he was a savant! Definitely. Definitely, definitely. You know, Blackjack is a great game if you're good at math. I almost got my mother fired for trying to play blackjack at the casino where she worked when I was 13. I borrowed one of her waitress dresses and put on makeup for the first time and they believed I was 18 - I have no idea how. I one 100 dollars before I got kicked out. She almost got fired. She was so mad at me, but it was also the only time she sounded proud about it, you know?"


"I doubt that," answers Fitz. An eyebrow hooks up a bit when she leans against him, but he just… doesn't say anything. Or do anything. No, there's movie to watch, and curry to eat!

"Of course," he quips, "I don't have my underwear. Definitely don't have my underwear." Beat. "I mean, I am wearing underwear. I was just quoting the movie. You know. K-Mart. 400 Oak Street."

At Felicity's story, he turns toward her, eyes wide. "You're joking! You, Felicity?" he laughs. "That's right clever! Don't tell me some bloke tried to sell you a drink too."

Meanwhile, Jacob Kale has won enough at Space-Blackjack to pay for their repairs, when behold! The local colony director, a total cross between 90's Goth and Seapunk, tries to sell them out to the Evil Triumvirate! Cue epic gun battle, because in the 804 Project, people still use guns. "Ugh, now they're ripping off Firefly. Guns, in space, because the Old West was cool and wasn't done with The Original Series."

Such a hater.


"P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way!" Felicity quotes other movies involving definitive repetitive dialogue with a bit of a giggle. It's not Rain-Man, but Dory comes somewhat close to the definitive Savant.

"I'm not. I was a felony offender at age 13. Is counting cards a felony? They made me think like it was. Though, gambling under the age of 18 is definitely illegal. I can't believe they actually thought I was 18. Believe me, if you think I'm a nerd now, that was nothing compared to high school." But, then her mother's wardrobe was - and still is - something else.

"I think she was more proud that I put on make up and was wearing slinky clothing more than the counting cards stuff, but yeah. I promised I wouldn't do it any more. I haven't gambled since." As they continue to watch, Felicity quickly finishes the curry she's going to eat, putting the cleaned plate down on the table in front of them and picking up her wine glass. As soon as it's clear Fitz is done, too, she'll use the angle to lean against him all the more, almost lying on him as they watch the movie. "If they say 'Shiny, let's be bad guys,' I will totally lose it. Rodent'll have to pick up the entire bowl of popcorn."


"Definitely illegal," Fitz agrees. "I don't gamble. Not with cards. With science?" Eyebrow waggle. "Sometimes."

Fitz is finished pretty quickly. It's good curry, and hot too! "Phew!" He wipes his brow with a napkin, then loosens his bolo tie just so, letting his collar hang open. "That was so good. I'll make everyone in R&D jealous tomorrow." He reaches for the glass of wine - there's no water - and guzzles a bit.

His arm just goes around Felicity, like it was no big thing. Don't worry. It'll catch up with him later. The firefight leads to an epic hoverbike chase through the mining catacombs (like Star Wars meets Temple of Doom, but this time Leo keeps his mouth shut), only to end in a bang - literally - as half the heroes are absorbed into a blinding flash of white light. One of the anomalies the miners were talking about during the gambling scene.

"Time travel," Fitz quips. "Has to be."


Of course, there is water, but that means she'd have to get up and away from Fitz to get it. Plus, water only makes the heat taste worse - that's a known fact. She's really helping him. Not just making him drink alcohol. Her own glass is placed perilously on her hip as she lays against Fitz on her couch and they watch the rest of the movie.

"Oh! He goes back in time to the point where he had amnesia. Bet me." She looks over at him very serious. They were just talking about her betting days that - admittedly started very early for growing up in Las Vegas with a cocktail waitress mom. "What'll you give me if he goes back in time and forgets his name and has to fix things?" Really, it was his suggestion, but she can use it against him.


"Well that's - no way." Fitz shakes his head. "Going forward through time is entirely possible, but backwards? That's like… like a shattered glass rising off the floor and putting itself back together again. Possible, in only the smallest of probability equations!"

Fitz guzzles some more wine. "He's not going to go back in time. He's… okay, I'll bet you… I'll bet you… I'll give you a…"

Only then does the nerdy scientist realize that, yeah, this nerdy, gorgeous woman is leaning on him. Practically laying on him. And he's got the boulders to have his arm around her!

"Hey, look. Exposition on the villains to stall us as viewers."


"No way!" Felicity laughs, pushing just slightly away from Fitz so that she can look at him properly. Her glass of wine is kept in a firm hand. "I mean, when else has this seemingly scientifically correct movie shown us anything remotely at all scientific. I already started reading the book and it is not doing it justice."

The dyed blonde woman is starting to feel a little bold, a little like she is not just the nerdy IT girl of Queen Consolidated. She gives Fitz a grin, the glass of wine certainly helping her confidence. "You never said what. Make me a bet, Leopold Fitz." They're not regular viewers. They're just dedicated scientists that they were thrown out of a movie theatre for correcting this movie.


"Well they can't change a critical plot point! Uh, not that I.. read any spoilers. Because I didn't."

What. A. Bad. Poker face.

"Awright." Fitz turns to face Felicity as well, downing the glass. "If you win, I will actually go to a proper dance club with you." Because she goes dancing, right? He sure doesn't.


"You are such a cheater! Fitz!" Felicity pushes herself up off of leaning on him all the way. Her face is a complete mixture of laughing and disbelief. "You read all the plot points on the movie before you got here, didn't you! You spoiler fest!"

She smirks, looking at him and finishing her own wine glass, setting it aside. "Okay, cheater. I already made a bet and I don't go back on my word. What do you get if you win."


A mischievous grin enters Leo's face. "To win," Fitz explains, "Jacob Kale goes into the future, finds out what terrible things happen when SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER, so he has to find a way to SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER and stop SPOILER from happening."

His grin broadens.

"If I win, you have to kiss me."

Third date, it's totally fair!


"You are such a cheater!" Felicity repeats punching Fitz in the shoulder just slightly in retaliation. "You totally read what happens." However, she did make a promise and she certainly does not mind the outcomes of either end of the wager.

"Y'know, I might've kissed you either way," she tells him flippantly, though blushing madly. But, she settles down again next to him, draping an arm across him. She's pretty sure now that she'll lose, but that doesn't matter to her.


Well, that makes two. Fitz is blushing fiercely, but he's surprisingly comfortable! He reaches for the bottle of wine, pouring two more glasses. "To Jacob Kale and the Freedom Coalition," he says sarcastically.

The film carries on as it would, establishing the villains and their twisted, utopian culture, while Jacob and the heroes encounter their post-apocalyptic future. The movie takes a few surprising twists, which captures Leo's attention and silences him for a while, and eventually leads into an epic encounter where Jacob is forced to meet his arch rival in a fit of space borne fisticuffs. But the twist… now that wasn't expected.

At the end, Fitz reaches for Felicity's hand, pulling her close. "I didn't read that far ahead," he whispers.


Felicity easily clinks her glass against his and takes a drink at his toast. As the movie ends and it is clear that they do not return to the past, the former hacker beams at Fitz. The second glass of wine has made her bold.

She easily pulls closer to him as she intertwines her hand with his and moves closer, almost moving over him on the couch as he pulls her closer. "You are such a liar," she tells him with an amused whisper and laugh. A bet is a bet, and it seems almost clear that it wouldn't have taken such an contrivance to get her to kiss him at the end of the movie. It just helped. Propping herself up just enough, she leans forward and pulls Fitz closer to her to give him a proper and very unlady-like kiss.


"I'm a SH-"

IELD agent? We are good at deception? Who knows what he'd have said, for Leo's eyebrows shoot up and without warning, he and Felicity are straight up snogging on her couch.

When he's finally broken for air, the credits are rolling. "Uh…" he murmurs. "Hey." And there. There's that smile. All awkward and earnest.


To her defense, a SHIELD Agent can often be a liar. And good at deception and earnest. Once she pulls back after the snogging on the couch, Felicity puts a hand up on her face again, embarrassed. "Oh. Hi. God, I'm sorry. I just…" she waves a hand. "The endorphins from things blowing up on screen and the wine and things!"

She's just as embarrassed now. Maybe this was not how he thought this evening would go. Maybe he really did just want to watch a movie at her apartment. She pulls back just slightly, putting a hand over her face as it turns bright red, almost matching her dress. "If…I didn't mean to move to fast or! Anything! God. I am such a mess."


"No, well, I mean, yes. But, I, that was, that was nice."

Fitz, similarly mollified, finds his blushing slightly dimming. He reaches for Felicity's hands, smiling. "I mean, I liked that. I liked you. I mean, I like you, not…" A pause, before the scientist becomes suddenly serious. "You're not a mess, Liss."

Leo moves to stand, pulling her up with him. "Come on. Let's go for a walk?" He smiles, but whilehe was definitely into that, he is a gentleman, and he's in her house. It would be good to cool things down a little; it's only their third date!


"It was," Felicity agrees. She allows herself to be led up to a standing position by Fitz. While his own blush is slowly fading, hers remains exactly where it is. Now that they are on a somewhat equal level, the hacker allows the credits to roll to black behind them as she leans forward again.

She's had enough wine and enough dates with Fitz that she is not beyond kissing him again now that the original akwardness has been diluted.

"I am a mess, but hopefully you won't find out till way too late. But, yes, if you want to go for a walk, let's go for a walk."

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