Titor - From The Future

May 21, 2015:

Eventide is kidnapped by Titor and sends out a distress call. Heroes respond…

Midtown Manhattan - New York


NPCs: Titor


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Fade In…

This is the place. The location given is in New York City, at the center of a less-than-busy intersection. It's almost like it was chosen for being out of the way and spacious — maybe something about that is more ominous for coming to such a roomy crossroads, on what may or may not be a mission from the future. People who received the mysterious dream-transmission start to flow into the space, as if a signal had been given.

And then — a small point of light opens in the center of the intersection, a few feet off the ground. It's like a pin-prick in the fabric of reality, light too bright to look at directly shining out of it from any angle viewed. There's an increasingly loud humming sound, ramping up dramatically in the space of a second. Then, the light explodes, like a sun igniting.

When it's over, well, half the people who were in the square are gone, just vanished as if there was never any trace of them. In their place, at the center of the intersection, are two figures.

One is a woman — the woman from the dream. What the dream didn't show is how ripped she is — in her shimmering, iridescent dress, glowing gently in bright blues and greens, it's still obvious that she must do the world's most insane crossfit routine. She's on the ground, on her belly, prone. And standing over her is a six-foot-seven figure in a red bodysuit, all features obscured, with yellow lightning crackling over his lithe runner's form.

The woman looks up, and looks from side to side of her field of vision, as if trying to detect something and not seeing it. "F…" she rasps, then chokes out a scream: "HELP!" She tries to scramble to her feet, but the being in red grabs her by the back of her dress, perhaps to haul her off back to from whence they came!

Ruby Rowe had the signal advantage of living in New York openly, making access to a public space pretty easy. Frankly, her big annoyance is that MODOK (or should we say, Based MODOK?) smashed her Prius last week, down in Metropolis.*

She had gotten a slice of pizza in the area. Walking towards it, she has a snapple bottle in her hand, mostly empty. It's preferable to getting in trouble for smoking on the street again. Time keeps slipping nearer and nearer; Ruby bites her lip, clicks the top of the Snapple bottle…

Then there's a pinhole. Ruby squints. She squints and she steps behind a Village Voice kiosk. In fact she crouches down — and so she isn't blinded by the flash.


THAT flash, anyway.

Ruby reaches into her dress pocket and pulls out a revolver. Stepping out from behind the free paper kiosk, she raises it and pulls back the hammer with one painted thumbnail. "Freeze, turkey!" she shouts ringingly. Come on, she thinks: Look at me. Hell, shoot at me.

*- this really happened

Zee had dreamed and remembered… not something that happens often, she's not big on the whole Prophecy thing - it's too fickle. And yet still, here she is dressed in her usual black leather trousers, white leather corset laced at the front, black biker boots, fishnet sleeves and a black shrug top, all topped off with a diamond encrusted collar and a cracked emerald pendulum hanging on her hip. Something had felt ''too'' real to ignore.

Casting her gaze around, those near to her will see a light start flickering deep in her eyes - the only sign that the Mistress of Magic is drawing her power to her … and then there's the woman and the tall red-suited figure and Zee turns to face them… remaining silent for the moment as she works out what the heck is going on.

"First time I dreamed about a woman in almost a century, and she would have to be real an bringing something dangerous from the unknown with her." Ozymandias rolls his eyes from behind his mask as he peers down on to the scene from adjacent building's rooftop. When he sees Ruby make her move, he realizes that the battle is about to begin. He swings down a few yards next to Ruby, and pulls out his collapsible bow

He quickly puts in an arrow in the bow. Ozymandias calls over his Justice League communication to let them know what is going on, and to have the authorities and medical crews standing by to come in immediately after the battle is over with.

Joshua puzzled and pondered though the 48 hours after waking suddenly from the bizarre dream. After all of that thinking, he had reached no conclusions about the meaning of the message, except that the woman seemed almost frantic, and that he intended to be there, to help her if possible. His clothes appear quite average, blue jeans, sneakers, and a dark wine-colroed tee-shirt. Having only recently stumbled out of obscurity to help others in minor ways, he has no spandex or costume. Racing against time, he rounds the corner into the open area in time to see the woman. With barely a glance, he knows that this is the woman of the dream. He sees the stranger, clad in a red jumpsuit, lunging for her. Then he glances around him, looking for someone who should deb there, but is not. Instead, he spots Zee. "Do you know why we're here?" he asks her. "I don't understand, and Lynwen and I somehow became separated."

Kara had arrived after her dream, spotting several of the others. Before she can say anything to the others, everything changes and she blinks a few times. At least she was no stranger to oddities like this or she might have panicked.

Reaching up to grasp the Ley Pendulum around her neck and sense for disturbances that might be related to it she sighed, "I really want to ask if any of you know what's going on but I guess we're all confused."


Mutant weather goddess and windrider Ororo Munroe's eyes are narrowed in concentration as she edges a '94 Geo Metro into a narrow space a ways back from the intersection proper. Some X-Man confiscated it from a bunch of rowdy, drunken teenagers after finding a purple-skinned boy and a pile of chains in the trunk, but once the Friends of Humanity logo adorning one of the doors was blasted away, it was largely forgotten about. Many of the X-Men have vehicles of their own, and the Institute maintains a communal motor pool besides.

Unfortunately, there are too goddessdamned many driving-aged people living at the Institute, so Ororo couldn't snag a more reliable and/or less tainted vehicle for her mysterious trip into the city.


Ororo throws the car into park, then takes a moment to pinch the bridge of her nose and curse her desire to conserve strength and prepare for the worst before climbing out to hustle towards the urban arena.

Just as she reaches the corner, a different breed of alarming, discordant noise pierces her ears as a bright light forces her to shield her eyes. She doesn't run - for cover or otherwise - in the moments leading up to the explosion, but that painful moment of brilliance forces her to twist her head away with a hiss of discomfort and brings a readied tension to her frame. Wind rustles the edges of her t-shirt and shorts ensemble, and by the time she is able to open her eyes and see that there are half as many people here as there were before, casual wear is gone in favor of form-fitting black and white.

She takes a couple of beats to size up those still remaining and freshly arrived, then fixes her gaze squarely to the man in red. "Release her," she says, voice calm and firm as blue eyes fade to white and begin crackling with electricity. "And we can all go on about our business— whatever it may be."

Two people pull weapons on him. Another woman sports perhaps the most recognizable super-crest of all time. Another begins to spark, just about.

The massive red entity doesn't let go of the thrashing — but clearly weakened — woman. Instead, with one hand, he reaches for his mask, and pulls it off, revealing a human face — lantern-jawed, lined with middle age, white wings forming in short black hair. His speech… vibrates. "My name is JTT-0 Titor," he says. "And I'm afraid that's not an option."

The brown-haired woman in the glowing dress thrashes ineffectively. "DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!" she barks. "LET ME GO!"

"The damage this woman will do to history… the harm she'll inflict on the legacy of the Flash… it would be catastrophic to allow her to remain here." When Titor speaks, she uses a soothing tone, appropriate for a teacher or a doctor with good bedside manner. "Please understand. This is what's best for everyone."

Titor's gaze pauses on Ruby and Ozymandias for a moment. "Please don't try it," he says. "Either of you. I'm not here for a fight."

Ruby shoots the landing Ozymandias a side-glance. Then other people come in. They also get glanced at. Biker boots, blue jeans… Ruby starts lowering the pistol slightly when Kara shows up, because anyone who flies while wearing that particular symbol is going to do better than she will in a fight. Probably.

And then, the man speaks. Ruby's eyes narrow.

Her lip curls slightly. "No, just an abduction, right? How about you let go right now, Tiny."

Ruby adds, with an inkling of memory, "You don't have a brother, do you?"

"I think that answers it, Kara and Josh" Zee's eyes narrow as Titor speaks and she steps into his view "You can't mess with the Timeline like this… Even Booster Gold doesn't do it." Zee sighs as she realises she's jumped to a conclusion "Just what is it you plan to do with this woman… and who is she, at that?"

"So I am guessing you are some sort of obsessive fan boy or something?" Ozymandias realizes that someone that has earned the name the Flash is probably not going to be hit by an arrow, but this gives him time to think of a better plan. "Why don't you do what all obsessive fan boys do? Leave the women alone, and stick to playing video games in your mom's basement. They still have video games in the future, right?

Ozymandias peers over at Zee, then back to Titor. "The woman stated that you took from this time, and you are not acting like someone who is proving her wrong. I am afraid that this is going to end in a fight.

"If you're not here for a fight, release her!" Joshua calls in a clipped of British accent to the man in red. The challenges from Ozymandias and the wary comments from Zee bring a stern frown to the man's face. "If she is from here, then she belongs here, not in another time where she will be a vulneranble stranger. We have authorities. If you need to talk to them about her, you can. For now, please, release her and avoid further trouble." While he speaks, a soft, blue glow begins enshroud his body.

Kara recognizes the girl being held hostage by the FLASH!? Then she looks back to Zee and nods her head, "Yep. That's answer enough for me Zee."

Kara flies into the air about twenty feet above ground level and says to Flash, "I don't know what you /think/ you are doing but you're the only one messing with the timeline. We're all good guys here and what you are doing? It doesn't look very good."

She flies a little closer and says sternly, "Let her go and we'll talk about this like civilized people. If you don't I'm afraid it will not end well for you friend."

Storm's eyes flicker around the group, widening as Ozymandias insists on the inevitability of fighting. Once that's out there, she raises her hands with her palms turned towards Titor and begins to approach the towering time traveler. He may or may not be able to break the sound barrier for a laugh, but she keeps her approach slow and non-threatening.

"This doesn't need to end in violence, even if it began there," she interjects. "You say that— " Her eyes shift to Ronnie for a moment, squinting. She looks rather different without the tracking lines and poor video quality. "— Ms. Hautzig will bring ruin to the Flash's legacy, but how do you think it might be affected by someone in his colors dragging an innocent woman from wherever you've come from to murder her in his name?"

Leather heels cease their slow, but steady clicking across the asphault as she folds her arms and arches a brow.

"Would you have been inspired to wear those colors - to go to these dsperate ends - to uphold a legacy drenched in blood?" she wonders. "Do the right thing, Mr. Titor: unhand her. If she is indeed the threat you believe she is, then as my companions say, there is no shortage of people you could speak with to find solutions for mitigating whatever influence she might have. But you're on the verge of making a terrible mistake, as it stands."

Titor at the very least doesn't look very twitchy. But then, he's superfast, and can scan the whole visible field easily, without (visibly) jerking his head or darting his eyes. He's breathing deeply, though.

"My name is EVENTIDE!" the brunette woman yells, still trying to break free — but actually, Kara can probably see that it's not that the woman is weakened, it's that wrestling against Titor, she might as well be a statue. "I'm a SUPER HERO!"

"She's a liar," Titor says, calmly. His tone stays very deliberate. "I know what this looks like. I know you have no reason to trust me. But please — have faith. This IS the right thing. She's not what she says she i—"

Titor is cut off by the nasty noise of Eventide intentionally fighting him in such a way that she dislocates her own shoulder. He lets go, and she drops to the ground, careful not to land on the flopping arm she now has. It's a gruesome moment of opportunity, that no doubt a number of people here are fast enough to seize.

Everyone's in chorus, Ruby thinks. Good, good. Though the fact that so many people are here makes her nervous. If it was just the Bow Man and Kara? That'd be one thing. This big of a mob…

I wonder if they all had that dream, Ruby thinks.

The dream did not include Eventide struggling and flopping momentarily loose. Sucking in breath through her teeth, she orients the gun back up - towards Titor's eyes.

"Buddy, when someone reaches out to me I consider them a client, and I'm not going to take the word of some double-high jumpsuited maniac that they're actually nuts. You sound like every kind of jilted husband and I'm gonna tell you, speaking as history's representative, to take five big steps back and keep your hands in the air."

She wiggles the gun even though, she thinks, there's like four different flavors going on here. Storm's stepping forwards, so she steps forwards a pace, perhaps to keep Titor's eyes on her. "You know what this is?" She wiggles the gun slightly. "Maybe they got rid of them in the future. It's a gun. You back away like I said or you're finding out what it does." All of this ringing speechification is probably in the hopes that one of the girls in fancy pants can get her clear, but hey! She took elocution classes.

As Ronnie drops, Zee's eyes flick to her and then back to Titor, eyes narrowing as she considers what see's seeing and hearing. "In a dream, she told me she'd been taken from 2015 to 10015… taken captive in fact. Was that you, Titor? And answer my question, what do you plan to do with her?" Using her Leyline pendulum, Zee sends to Kara

« He's avoided answering the direct question. Messing with timelines is dangerous. I'll try to bind him with air… you try to subdue? »

That transmitted, the Mistress of Magic draws on her power, eyes glowing bright blue

~~ riA parW dnA dniB rotiT, t'noD teL miH evoM ~~

Using this against a speedster? Maybe it will work and maybe someone will get the Eventide away.

When Eventide drops to the ground, Ozymandias springs into his action as his mystically enhanced reflexes allow him to bring his bow die, and begin use his speed to get Eventide away from the speedster. If he succeeds, he is trying to get her a good distance away from the portal and speedster.

He knows his speed is nowhere near as fast as some people out here, but maybe the Future Speedster will have to attack him before getting to anyone that is faster that is also going to grab for Eventide.

The glow surrounding Joshua intensifies slightly while the woman struggles. When Titor releases her and she falls, Joshua lifts a hand, with fingers splayed and palm toward her. Forks of lightning-like blue-white electrical energy flash toward her and surround her in a bubble, a protective shield that glows in the same blue-white around her.

The situation deteriorates at blistering speeds. Really, Storm probably should have expected as much given the colors and the explicit Flash references and the cold-blooded zealotry, but she was hoping that several separate strains of reason might be enough to sway him.

Despite a decade of dealing with mutant children and teenagers, Storm is something of an optimist.

White eyes widen at the wet pop of Titor seemingly trying to rip his captive's arm free and both of the goddess' are thrust forward immediately afterwards, accompanied by fluttering cape segments and a rush of wind. Stray dust and bits of litter hurtle towards 'Tide and Titor, buffeting the former for a grimy, uncomfortable moment before she's plucked free and the refuse rockets straight into the air.

"Who— " she starts, eyes briefly darting before settling on the rapidly escaping Ozymandias. "No!" she blurts. He's faster than her, but what'll happen once the Flash decides to give chase? She turns, and the winds she summoned shift in time with her, rushing after Ozymandias as she seeks to pull Eventide into the air.

A crackling bubble appears around the woman with the floppy arm before she's able to catch the pair, which seems like as good a sign as any that maybe she should just turn her attention elsewhere for the moment. If Titor is still visible, she snaps her head towards him as her conjured air currents shift upwards on their way to dispersal. If he hasn't commenced becoming a blur and trying to kill Hautzig, or everyone who came to rescue her, or both, just for maximum heroism, she tries to delay the inevitable by sinking the barometic pressure around him at migraine-inducing speeds as beads of sweat begin rolling down her brow.

Seeing Future Flash paralyzed, Kara takes her chance at an opening to enter the fray and hopefully deal with this jerk once and for all (or at least today). She takes a deep breath as she flies towards the man and exhales a shivering cold gust of air that lowers the temperature around Titor and hopefully makes his vibrations less effective due to the slowing.

Swooping in she grabs him around the arms, trying to keep him pinned before flying into the air and looking around for a body of water to drop the man in.

"Listen, Flash-Wannabe. I'm not sure why you're doing what you are but you're going about this all the wrong way. We're going to take Eventide home and you can be reasonable or I can drop you in the ocean for a swim. Even you won't get back to us before we're gone."

When Ozymandias rushes in, Titor is just about to punch him. Just about! He's a half-second too fast, and because of that it's Ruby Rowe who takes the blow, an open-palm strike right to her belly, designed specifically to be non-lethal and just send her hurtling back a bit. Unfortunately this miscalculation makes Titor look like even MORE of a woman-puncher.

"NO!" Titor gasps, and then he tries to pull his hand back — and can't, because Zatanna has frozen him in place. That makes him easy prey for Ororo to give him a hell of a migraine and Kara to freeze him, or at least chill him, and then lift him into the air.

"Eeyyrrrr rraaawwwnnn," Titor slurs, his lips and tongue frozen as still as the rest of him. "Zzzhhheeez uh zzzyyy, zzzyyyunnn uhhhh eeeyyyaaa — zzzyyyunnn uhhhh eeeyyuuu. Eeelllaaaannn ooo eeeyyuu. Hooo hhheeennn."

Just then, there's another blinding flash of light. It's as instantaneous as the first, and some of the six who were whisked away earlier find themselves semi-ceremoniously dumped back to the origin point of their mysterious journey!

Titor has a single tear rolling down his frozen face — a tear that freezes to ice, thanks Kara. "Ehhhllleee ee." The tall, red-garbed speedster has been lifted into the air by Supergirl, while Ozymandias is carrying one Veronica Hautzig away in a mystical blue and white force-bubble courtesy of Joshua.

When Supergirl's super girling, Storm's lightning, a mystery bubble, and more get into play, Ruby lowers her gun, because it's kind of pointless. (She didn't even load it! Oops. She'll find THAT out later.)

Then the man who has over a foot of height on her socks her in the breadbasket. "Gh!" Ruby says, staggering back and nearly smashing into the Village Voice box she'd almost hidden behind earlier. The weapon goes back in the pocket.

And Titor starts talking.

"Well," Ruby snaps off, tightly, when Supergirl hoists him up. "Why didn't you just say." She leans over fractionally so she throws up on the New York Post's box.

Ozymandias continues to carry Eventide away from the area. He starts throwing down smoke bombs to disguise his movements as he continues to flee the area with her. "Hopefully, the others can keep him busy long enough for us to get away."

When Eventide is safely away Kara returns to the others with Titor the Wannabe Flash and sets him down, looking at him with some measure of pity, "I'm not sure what we should do with him. He seems, I don't know 'sad'?"

"Say what?" Storm asks, turning what has become a bemused squint from Titor to Ruby.

Since Titor is being grappled by Kara and Eventide's being run to safety, Storm turns her attention towards calling back a little of the wind she'd whipped up earlier to nudge any wafting vomit smells away from herself.

Everyone else can get their own mutant weather abilities.

Time dickery. Fortunately, Lunair is not an asshole with a time machine. She's just returning from where the platform dropped them off. She seems kind of startled, blinking. She looks around her. "Um. Hi. Hi everyone!" What in the world is going on? Why are they grappling that guy? Who is that guy? And why does it smell like - oh dear. "Er…" Right.

The flash of light and then they appear. Falling hard to the ground Lynwen is dizzy for a moment. Sitting on the ground she feels her magic increasing. In her right hand she grips a spear of ice. Her long golden blond hair has been braided and bound up with heavy gold clasps. She is dressed in blue jeans and pink t-shirt. The clasps in her hair are glowing as bright as the sun. The gold torque around her neck and her gold arm bands around her biceps are also glowing brightly. She takes a deep breath to get her bearings. She blinks and then manages to take everything in. Any and all panic she had has slipped away now that her bottom is on solid ground and the elements here know here better than the elements there. A gust of wind comes to and wraps itself around the Druid as if greeting her. She rubs a hand over her face, then gets to her feet.

Booster is floating in the air when he and the others appear in a flash of light. His eyes are glowing because he is crackling with temporal energy, which is a thing that tends to happen to him when someone else pushes him back and forth through the time stream. He extends his arm and points at the grappled Titor, saying, "That dude. He needs to go back where he came from." Then, he is flying forward, although he does not look as if he is trying to attack Titor. He is just trying to grab at the man.

Someone actually went and got themselves some weather powers. Non-mutant, but still.

Still tense, Storm scans the new arrivals as her arms fall to her sides. The blonde woman who's tugging strands of the energy patterns underlying the city's climate systems draws a particularly long, studious look before the windrider manages to tear her eyes away.

Her gaze eventually settles on Booster. "W— " she begins to ask, only for him to take off after Titor.

"Why?!" she cups her hands around her mouth as she shouts after the soap star. "How?"

"The man just hit me in the kishkes, lady," Ruby says - wheezes really - to Storm; "I'm picking fun of him because I can't exactly do more than that." She pulls herself back up to her feet, swallowing dryly several tmes.

"He's from the future. Also he's on TV. Some guys, huh?" she tells Storm.

Kara did set Titor back down, so he's actually easy to catch — with Zatanna maintaining her spell, he's motionless. All the speed in the universe can't outrun magic, for good or for ill. And yeah, he is kinda sad.

Not sad: Ronnie. She holds her arm and then thumps herself against the magic bubble from the inside, popping her shoulder back into place in the crudest possible way. "OW! FUCK," she blurts.

"Thanks," Ronnie finally rasps to Ozymandias as he carries her. "That guy… he's nuts. Totally nuts. Hey — where are we even going? I mean… not to be mean… but I've kind of had some bad experiences with strange men taking me places lately…"

Now that Booster is there, Zee let's the threads of her spell go.

«Nice job, Kara!»

She'll find Booster later and ask about Titor. Right now, she wants to get back to Shadowcrest and the bubble bath she knows will be waiting …. the house does that for her sometimes.

Kara thumbs up in Zee's direction and smiles at Booster, "Take him home Booster and make sure he doesn't try anything like this again." She lets out a soft sigh of relief and asks Ronnie, "Are you okay?"

The energy field around Eventide gradually dissipates with distance from its creator. Joshua eyes the Flash-cicle warily but does nothing, seeing that others seem to have the man under control. Having arrived too late to see the first flash of light, he now flinches when the second one. He shakes his head as if the blinding light stunned him. Then his eyes flick over the newcomers. He sees the blonde and steps toward her. "Sut wyt ti, aderyn glas?" he asks her, speaking a strange language and offering his hand to her.

"Strange? Well, that sucks. I was going for mysterious." Ozymandias pulls out his grappling hook and fires it to a nearby roof. The hook pulls them both up on the roof and says, "I think the smoke bombs disguise our escape, and we are now on the roof so should buy us some more time if he somehow escapes free of the others.

Ozymandias speaks reassuringly behind his mask, "I am member of the Justice League Avenger. You have nothing to fear from me. He keeps his name to himself just in case his is still alive in the future and has lost his way.

Lynwen taps her spear on the ground and it disappears, the gold jewelry she is wearing stops glowing. It is the wind that brings the Druid's attention to the Wind Rider and she offers her a bow of her head. Despite the jewelry not glowing the wind still warps itself around her as if greeting her. She chuckles and then mutters something under her breath in an archaic tongue. The wind moves away from her. Her green eyes squint as she is looking for someone or something. She turns towards Joshua when he speaks and she does not take his hand instead she wraps her arms around him and gives him a hug. "Carreg haul, yr oeddwn yn poeni ac y mae mor dda eich clywed yn siarad a'r tafod arian o eiddo." She lets go of him and then takes his hand he had offered.

Booster is not flying very fast when his hand makes contact with Titor's chest, but the moment his fingertips touch the frozen speedster, both men flash with pale blue light. There is a sensation of rapid movement while they stay in the same place, and then they seem to snap into non-existance, leaving nothing but a fading after-image.

A half-second later, Booster re-appears alone, about two meters away, and it looks as if frost is crystalizing over the metallic surface of his golden power-suit. It fades rapidly, turning into vapor, and he drops to stand on the ground.

Titor is indeed gone, no doubt murdered by Booster Gold, outside of any given era's jurisdiction. Okay, that probably didn't really happen, but — well, maybe in the darkest possible timeline.

Which isn't this one.

Not yet.

"Eventide," Ronnie replies to Ozymandias as the bubble fades and she's grappling-hooked up to a roof. She rubs the shoulder that she popped out of place, and looks down at her glowing 101st-century dress. "Not that I feel like much of a superhero at the moment, wearing this…"

Ruby looks at Booster Gold as he returns with the sudden appreciation that comes from seeing a made man. She's also fishing out cigarettes because she just had to throw up after getting punched by a guy.

She lights one, in defiance to Bloomberg. After a hissing drag and a sharp exhale she steps towards Booster… gingerly. "You know that guy? I never got an answer from him, you know."

Joshua hugs Lynwen in return and nods to her, smiling warmly when she speaks to him in her soft voice. "Dwi yma ac rwy'n dda. Rydych yn yma ac rydych yn ymddangos yn dda." He glances at the others, and asks her, "Oeddech chi'n cyflwyno'ch hun?" He opines, "This was an … odd meeting. Perhaps introductions are in order for some." He looks uncertainly from face to face.

Lynwen gets a respectful head bow, but the blue flash from Booster is rather distracting. Her head and eyes inevitably snap that way as the light fades.

"— ah," Storm exhales when Booster returns Titor-less. She also moves towards him, but it's mostly so that she can get get close enough to quickly check on Ruby, the only person who both got injured and didn't get whisked away by a speedster or time-traveler. Or time-traveling speedster.

Storm's nose wrinkles just a little before she presses, "You found a jail, I assume?" She then glances back to Ruby and asks, "Are you— better, now?"

And then, back to Booster as she slides a hand into a well-concealed hip pocket.

"You did not give up even when you were being held by someone from the future. I am not most people would have enough wits and courage to try to escape for such situation. I think that makes you a superhero, regardless of what clothes you found yourself in." Ozymandias calls on to his communications for the authorities to come in.

"Oh yeah," Booster assures Storm. "Actually, we ended up at one, and then came back here, so I snapped him back there and after a few hours… well, it's complicated," He vaguely waves one hand. "That guy was supposed to be a hero, too." He just shakes his head at this.

"I'll be good as new in a little while," Ruby says, giving Storm a slightly ashen smile.

Back to Booster: "I was going to ask if he was looking for IBM, but I'm the only one who listened to that show, I think. Was that Ronnie lady from the future or the past or something?"

"Good," Storm replies to Booster and Ruby alike.

Her hand leaves her pocket. There is an MTA card and a pen in it; both are extended towards Booster, now that the spectre of permanent injury and/or time felony is gone.

"If you don't mind…?" Her lips curl upwards, just a little.

"I'm a bit of a fan…"

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