Paint Bomb

May 20, 2015:

GoGo and Honey have an interesting experiment in mind.


THINK's lobby is more or less complete, though there's signs that the building is still under renovation. The whole thing has a sort of retro-futuristic flare, with a lot of chrome and subtle lighting, but also mid-century furnishings. Somehow it all works together without looking tacky or like something that belongs in Tomorrowland.

A young woman is seated behind the curved reception desk. She works the holographic display while switching between several different conversations, some of which are not in English. She looks more like the majordomo of an alien space station than a receptionist. Security is nearly invisible, but ever-present. There's no keypads. Everything is biometrically sealed. The building uses highly sophisticated facial recognition to determine who is authorised to be in the building.

The labs themselves are split over several floors. For the most part, the labs are separated by discipline, though there are several shared spaces for scientists who prefer to work in a cross-pollinating way. The rooftop sports a helicopter pad, hangars and a small lab space. There is a street-accessible lab that is part multidisciplinary lab, part garage. There's a heavily reinforced sub-basement that houses a firing range, munitions testing area and more…volatile scientific experiments. The one thing ever lab has is common is that it's equipped with some of the best gear money can by - and several pieces that money can't buy at all.


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Fade In…

"I knew it was a mistake, letting you watch Mythbusters." GoGo says as she ducks behind the blast shield. Last night they watched the episode where the Mythbusters tried to paint a room using an explosive device (to splatter the paint in all directions). Of course, the ever brilliant chemist Honey Lemon decided that was a challenge to try it herself - only bigger and better. Which explains why they are in the middle of an empty THINK lab, standing behind a blast shield while the bomb (constructed by GoGo) counts down, ready to release the paint (formulated by Honey Lemon for maximum spread and on-impact smoothness).

"Letting me watch MythBusters? You were the one watching it when I came in and sat down." Where else was a Honey Lemon to go, when her GoGo was on the sofa so eminently sprawlable? And besides, this is FUN! "OK. Shields in place. Closing the ceiling over the blast shield." Honey may be thin and scrawny-looking, but she can use a powered winch with the best of them, and lowers the 'cap' on their safe zone into place, then checks the seal. "All magneto telltales show green. We have good seal. Ready to initiate countdown." Because, SCIENCE!




Deep in the bowels of THINK there's an empty room. And in that empty room, GoGo and Honey Lemon stand inside of sealed box made of protective glass. Why? Because there's a bomb that's about to go off. One. Two.. BOOM!

The entire room shakes as the bomb explodes in a colorful manner.

And we mean colorful. Because purple and pink paint goes flying EVERYWHERE. As the dust clears it becomes apparent that 98.4 percent of the room's polished metal walls, floor and ceiling have been coated in paint.

For those watching via the remote cameras - before they are paint-coated - the bomb in question was right on top of the glass cage, with a small direct blast shield of metal beneath it to make sure its shockwave did not hit a broad expanse of glass directly. As it is, there are scorch marks along the glass … partially covered with splattered paint.

Most of the paint, however, ended up on the outer walls and the floor, exactly where it was supposed to end up. The bomb's clean-burning explosive powder projected the tiny beads of paint, heated to liquid, in an almost mist-like state that showered the walls and floor. According to the computers doing the scans, the percentage uncovered is pretty minimal, but there are gaps. Tiny, random - but traceable - gaps.

Scariest part? Already, Honey Lemon is running the calculations, half in her head and half in the computers, to trace back those gaps and make an improved plan for proper packing and prep of the explosive paint charge. "I'm pretty sure the gaps we're seeing are from imperfect packing and distribution in the charge prior to deployment." she comments aloud, shielded ears still ringing, causing her to shout a bit.

"Right. It couldn't be to a break down in the molecular chain of the chemicals due to exposure to high heat." GoGo says with just a touch of sarcasm. "Not at all." She looks over the data as well, using THINK's built in holographic touch interface. She swipes a few screens over. "What did hit is consistant. Pressure sensors are showing that the coating is between .01 and .03 picas across the surface. On the other hand, we wasted half the paint showering the ceiling and floor. People don't usually want those painted."

Honey turns and looks (mild) daggers at GoGo. "I factored in product loss due to excessive heat and vaporization." And she also specially manufactored the paint so that it would be highly resistant to vaporization due to heat and pressure. Just not utterly immune to it.

"Well, we'll need to change the shaping of the charge and distribution of the paint pellets to reduce coverage to ceiling and floors. Usually folks want different colors for the ceilings, if painted. Rarely painted floors." Yes, Honey Lemon is aware of all of that. But hey! First time bomb-painting a room. AWESOME!

And the video footage available to share with MythBusters is already being assembled for transfer. Because SCIENCE!

"And I worked out distribution when I machined the pieces for the bomb." GoGo points out. "Neither of us figured in air particles, though." She peers around the room. "This isn't a clean room. We should have used one of those but none of them have sensors built into the walls." She shrugs her shoulders. "We'll need to run the numbers to see if time and money saved by insta-painting a room is more than the money spent on materials wasted when paint hits the floor and ceiling. We can't shape charges that precisely."

"We can't completely avoid paint splatter on the ceilings and floors. But we can greatly reduce splatter there, and we may be able to use broad rollers, or pushbrooms, to lay down a seal we can peel up after the paint distribution." Honey Lemon opines.

Sure, they'll need to review once they've refined their process to a reasonable degree, to check on whether it can be made cost efficient or not. But first, there's just the sheer FUN value. Because SCIENCE!

After all, Honey Lemon is the woman who assembled the expense of an experiment to turn a ginormous, multi-ton sphere of tungsten carbide into exploding pink dust. Just because: chemical metal embrittlement.

"A tarp will do." GoGo points out. "Figuring out a way to remove the paint once it is on isn't an issue. I just don't like the waste." She has a very simple design asthetic. Everything should be used. No extra. "I'll forward the specs to Stark. He'll want to go over them. I think this'll work best for large industrial spaces. Maybe ships. Battleships. Aircraft carriers. We'll need to work in an anti-rusting agent and a bigger explosive device…"

"Mmm. Tarps. Sure, that'd work." Honey was thinking of something that could be peeled up and disposed of, because she thinks in chemicals. But a physical solution could be re-usable, and thusly a better approach. She can - and does - accept that. "It's also darned fun. Videos are compressed and uploaded. I'm sending the link to MythBusters now."

Also, a cloth tarp is a lot cheaper than a chemical formula that has to be sprayed on. "Low tech solution first." GoGo says, bumping Honey Lemon's thigh with her hip. Because hip bumping Honey Lemon is next to impossible unless you play for the WNBA or something. "Good. We'll have to see what they say. Maybe they'll give us a guest shot or something."

Crouched down inside the reinforced glass cage, though, it may have been more possible to hip-to-hip-bump Honey than otherwise. But till, the tall blonde turns and gazes at the shorter woman with a goofy smile on her face. "This was fun." she admits, with a shy quality as she sidles up to GoGo, looking at what the other woman is working on in the holograms. "Thanks, for helping me work it out." Together. The two of them together is an amazing thing. And yes, Honey is about to start leaning her chin on the top of GoGo's head and her arms around her shoulders.

"Cameras." GoGo points out, putting a hand between her and Honey Lemon. Then she socks her lover in the arm like buddies. Because sometimes GoGo's a dork about PDAs like that. "Come on. We need to clean up. That means the second bomb." The one filled with paint thinner.

Honey pouts a little. The cage is covered in paint, and who cares if they're filmed? It's not like they're making out or anything naughty. "I still don't think the second bomb is a good idea. We should just load up the alternate line to the sprinklers." After all, paint thinner by definition is highly, HIGHLY combustible. Virtually impossible for this not to become a gigantic roiling fireball. She has done her best; but she's betting it won't be good enough. But the cage should hold up, regardless. It'll be quite a show.

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