Country Crock Soap Operas

February 07, 2015:

See the world through the eyes of Longshot.


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There is something about 'ill winds', and in this time, in this place, things are happening. Cities attacked by a terrorist force. Cities attacked from below. Skies darkening with little relief. Assassinations of political figures.

And not one thing has anything to do with Cable. (Well, not yet, anyway!) Nathan Dayspring has put boots to ground here at Xavier's more than once. Years ago and more recently, months ago. It was the stilted and awkward conversation with his— with Scott that convinced him that perhaps returning wouldn't be such a good idea.

But children always return home, even when the adage applies, 'You can't go home again'.

Nate is coming down the grand staircase from upstairs, jacket flowing behind him, and once he hits the landing, turns towards the corridor that will lead him to the cafeteria. Coffee. The lure is too great.

Cooking. That's the early morning ritual that Jean has for herself. While others lay in bed to stare at the ceiling, or smack the alarm clock off the table, or possibly even dancing to the morning radio, Jean is up cooking. Of course there was a shower, a brushing of the hair and teeth, a bit of iron taking to clothing that she was going to wear, but she was there, cooking.. not up a storm, but a little small dish just for her. Not too many people would like the way that she cooks.

Coffee though? That was a universal language that any and all could understand. Both pots brewed and steaming hot, one with flavor and the other decaffinated. All of the fixings set aside so that whomever could help themselves to whatever. Eggs and bacon soon poured upon her plate, sausage and strawberry rhubarb spread along toasted bread.

Jean was finished, and ready to settle down with a plate and her fork, that was until her eyes lift towards the door with a wrinkle of her brow. Crap. At least she made enough to give away half of her portion if asked.

'Not too many people', but to Nate, it's a bit of 'home' that he remembers from childhood. Those years he actually had something of a 'real' family, even if it was out of time. He pauses at the door to the cafeteria and spots the 'chef du jour', his 'shields' easily in place. While he's not a 'blip', he's a closed presence.

"Morning," is offered quietly, and it could sound like a grunt, given the fact that coffee is the thing to be acquired. He's more conversational, however, when he begins to cross the room. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" No one's around, and sometimes it's nice to have a moment to oneself. He can understand that. He -knows- who she is and the pressures.

Longshot isn't getting up in the morning - he's coming in from the night before. He's whistling a tune to himself - a little bit of Katy Perry -, clad, as usual, in his costume, the front unzipped to show most of his chest. His six-pack abs make for a great show, although his lack of a navel disturbs some people. His hair is a bit ruffled and out of place, sticking up here and there, the hairgel having apparently reshaped it as the vagaries of nightlife intervened. His sword clatters lightly against his back as he makes his way into the kitchen.

Seeing Jean and Cable there, he pauses, looking back and forth between them, "If a girl named Natalie calls, I do not live here," he says to them, making his way to the refrigerator and starting to peruse its contents. He's not going to steal Jean's food - it looks far too wholesome for him anyway. He finally selects what appears to be a tub of margarine, grabbing a spoon and hopping up on the counter as he pops the lid.

"What's going on here?"

"Morning." She quietly says. She didn't know who this person was, but he walked in as if he lived there, and there were no alarms so.. she was fine with it. "How are you this morning?" She asks, turning her head a little to watch his back before she focuses upon her own food, fork mashing and chopping up the eggs so that they're a little bit smaller.

Longshot's appearance gets a little smile, his mentioning of Natalie causes her to shake her head as she quietly begins to eat, forking in decent bits of egg and bacon shards, eyes glancing back and forth to the two men until the one she doesn't know takes precedence.

"I'm sorry, didn't get your name. I'm Jean. Jean Grey." She hops off of her stool to cross the way, her hand held out as she gives a quick look towards Longshot with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Wait… you gave someone the phone number to the Institute?" Nate seems a bit more annoyed at that thought than of the thought that he might be ditching someone after a fling. Or something. "At least use a burner phone." Such fatherly advice.

Nate finishes the cross to the coffee urns and pours himself a cup before he turns back around. He's having a hard time not staring, and when she does approach and extend her hand, he smiles a little sheepishly. Extending his own paw of a hand, calloused by years of fighting, he offers, "Uh.. Nate. Nathan Dayspring." That's how he'd introduced himself to Scott. "Though most call me 'Cable'." Scott had known nothing, and he's betting that Jean doesn't either. And won't.

Longshot blinks, "Why would I burn a phone? I didn't give her a phone number, it's just that sometimes girls get kind of intense and then intense leads to crazy eyes which leads to them finding satellite images of me eating cheesesteaks and then sending me DMs on Twitter asking "HOW WAS UR CHEESESTEAK?!?". So, I figure finding the phone number here isn't impossible," he says.

"Cable? I used to be on cable!" he says. He notes the kind of intense way Cable looks at Jean (Dayspring? These humans had such weird-ass names) and grins. Mutant boys seemed to have a weakness for her.

Jean was really amused. She knew that Longshot was a star, but.. going that far to give someone the institutes number, knowing full well that people would lie and say he wasn't around? Smart. "Oh, it's fine…" She didn't say the man's name, she didn't know it just yet. "I'm sure whomever he gave it to will probably have forgotten. One of those drunken embarrassing things that most women do."

As Nathan takes her hand and makes introductions, her head tilts a little to the side, her grip firm and strong, yet remaining lady-like as a smile is soon offered. "Cable!"

She was happy to hear that name, really. "Oh! Someone here knows you! I mean, I know 'of' you but not know you know you, I.." She was flustered now, taking a slight step back with a release of her hand, waving it through the air as she settles upon the stool, her back to her food yet facing the two men.

"The new visitors. His name is Nate as well. He asked about you.. and Rachel." Strange, that causes her eyes to grow vacant until her gaze focuses on Longshot.

"Burner phones. You know, those cellular phones you buy from a 7-11 that are prepaid with minutes you get from a credit card. Those are burner phones."

Cable turns crystal blue eyes towards Longshot and stares at him for a long moment. Will he rise? Will he? "Uh huh." Nope. "And, yeah. It's a phone you can throw away. One of those.." and as Jean explains it all, Nate is thankful he doesn't have to.

It's the greeting that actually takes him by surprise, and it's undoubtedly easily felt by Jean; telepathically as well as by the look on his face. No one is ever glad to see him. The explanation comes soon after, and he stands.. trying to work out the information. "Nate…" that name isn't quite so important as the next, "Rachel? Is Rachel here?" He pauses, and he looks towards the door as if expecting her to walk through. His Rachel? He doesn't feel her.

Longshot eats a heaping spoonful of margarine, watching the pair at the table. There's something going on here. He knows the feeling: it's like when you start a new soap opera. You don't know the characters yet, or everyone's name, or who's related to who, but you know there's some crazy-ass drama going down and it's going to be fun to watch. So long as nobody gets killed. Rachel? He didn't know a Rachel, unless the guy meant Ross and Rachel. Now that was a show.

Oh yeah, they talked to him. "Oh. I just thought those were for poor people."

Jean could feel the shock and surprise, yes, but she assumes that it was the mentioning of Rachel. The girl seemingly had a huge impact on people, and she was sad that she missed it. She places her hands upon her knees for a little bit, then gives a slight shake of her head. "No." Is all she'd really say on the matter, then turns half way to pick apart her food with her fork. "But.. there's plans to go and look for her eventually.."

Now, she was quiet as ever, her lips pursing a little as her hand reaches up to pick at the lower, pulling her lip out so that it could pop back into place with a slight thought.

"For poor people, yes. But also for people who don't want to be found." Is what she says to Longshot, now, forcing out a little smile and a shrug of her shoulders.

"Plans to go look for her?" Cable is confused. Puzzled. "Why? If she's not here, then…" There is decided disappointment that she isn't there, but she really wasn't 'here', 'there' any more than he was. His big sister.

"I don't know if that's a good idea," Cable begins again. "As much as I love her." To bring her here just wasn't on his radar.

Twisting around, Nate sets the coffee mug down and takes a deep breath before exhaling in a quiet sigh. "I'd better go. It's good to see you," again. but it's unspoken. "Jean." Mother. Turning about, he gives a long look at Longshot before leaving. "My advice- don't do it."

Longshot is very deep into his tub of margarine now, the salt and oil alike making him quietly happy. The interplay between the two was definitely fraught with…something. Sex? Family? Hatred? Dyspepsia? He couldn't be sure. BUt it was definitely not boring, that's for sure. And this Rachel girl, this mystery, how intriguing! Missing, but not to be looked for, despite being loved, by this person who just got here and is apparently a stranger, but is known to that Nate kid with teh funny hair who…come to hink of it, he kind of looked like. The one who said his name was Grey, like Jean.

Wow. This soap opera was AWESOME.

When Cable addresses him, he blinks, birdlike, "I will. I mean, I won't. I mean - yes." he nods sagely. No idea what the guy's talking about.

"Because.." She didn't want to blurt out the truth, or.. the truth as Scott told it and as she believed it. She didn't finish her sentence until Cable's questioning words left her dumbfounded. "As much as you.. what?" Jean stood then, fork dropped to the table, her brows raised and head tilted, ready to confront the beast of the conversation head on with a step taken forward.. then back again. He was leaving.

"Why?" It was the only question she had and blurted out at his back, her hand reaching up to caress her temples as she gives a glance towards Longshot. The heck? She resists the urge to chase after Cable, but there was a step taken in his direction, then back.. and forward again until she lets out a little huff of air with a sharp turn towards Longshot.

"This… is seriously bananas."

Longshot looks down at the tub in his hand, 'Nope. It's Country Crock." He extends the spoon, "Want some?"

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